Season 11 Episode 33

Fighting Fear With Fear!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 13, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Ash continues his training with Gligar, but finds out it has become scared of battling since the battle against Paul's Gliscor. The group runs into Gary again, and Gary offers to help him solve the problem with Gligar. Gary offers Ash a Razor Fang, which would let Gligar evolve. However, Team Rocket show up and Ash and Gligar are separated from everyone. Gligar must now conquered all its fears if they want to make it back to their friends.moreless

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  • Ash tries to train Gligar in this episode but has problems....

    Great episode! In this episode I get to see one of my favourite Pokemon which is Gligar have an episode of his own! See, Ash and the gang was having lunch together with their Pokemon then Gligar was missing and showed up to Ash in well a painful way.....Soon, Ash finds out that Gligar wants to get stronger and tries to train him hard but there's a few problems with training Gligar and one of them is well having a fear of fighting with other Pokemon after losing to Paul with his Gliscor in a battle. Soon, Gligar and Ash gets kidnapped by Team Rocket and they have to try and escape as soon as they can. Will they be able to and will Gligar be able to evolve in the end? It was also nice to see Gary in this episode and Dawn who admires him for his poetic side then! Gary tries to help Ash train Gligar as well and giving Ash a Razor Fang to help Gligar evolve too. That was nice of him and although he kinda teased Ash a bit but hey they are good friends now instead of rivals like last time right? Finally it was also funny to see how Gligar acted his goofy and cute side in this episode as well then, my favourite is where Ash does not want to give up the Razor Fang to Gligar but he still wants it and the scene where Ash tries to get Gligar to come back with him after Gary finds him! Ha ha!

    Final rating: 8.- to 8.5

    Final Grade: Amoreless
  • The Return of Gary & some character development between Ash & his Gligar/Gliscor.

    So Ash finally decides to train Gligar more but it now has a fear of battling due to the battle against Paul's Gliscor in "Chim-Charred!". After Ash gets TOO into training Gligar, it runs away. Ash & Co. Chase after Gligar & find it with Gary! After their little reunion, Gary gives Ash the Razor Fang. This hold item evolves Gligar into Gliscor during the nighttime. Gligar wants the Razor Fang but Ash wants Gligar to to overcome its fear first. After a battle against Team Rocket, Ash throws Gligar from Team Rocket & then Ash falls from their Gliscor-Mecha. Then Ash falls faster than Gligar & Ash throws the Razor Fang & Gligar evolves into Gliscor. Gliscor shows off its new power & defeats Team Rocket with X-Scissor! Ash introduces his Gliscor to the others. Then Gary says a little peom for Dawn & leaves. Now Ash & Co. continue to Hearthome City.moreless
  • An awesome episode with the return of Gary and a Gligar evolution!

    This was definitely a great episode, with the comeback of Ash's old rival, Gary, and the character development of Gligar, and of course, it's evolution into Gliscor in the end! Although, I'm glad that Gliscor kept some of it's personality from when it was a Gligar, after evolving.

    As our heroes are continuing on to Hearthome City, and Ash's next Gym Battle, they've stopped for a break to eat another one of Brock's famous lunches. Everyone and their pokemon are enjoying themselves, but then, Ash notices that Gligar isn't eating with the other pokemon, and soon discovers that it wants to do some special training to get stronger, especially after getting getting pulverized by Paul's Gliscor in it's previous battle. So after lunch, Ash has Gligar battle both Buizel and Turtwig, but Gligar gets extremely frightened whenever it's opponent puts on a determined face, or uses one of it's moves, and the end result each time: it crashes right into Ash. Ash tries to get Gligar to toughen up, but it just gets scared and cries every time, until finally, it runs away.

    Meanwhile, Team Rocket saw the whole thing, and come up with yet another crazy idea, that Giovanni would like Gligar as something to sit on his face to cover his eyes, so that he can keep on having good dreams without the morning sunlight disturbing him. So they go off, and start planning how they'll steal Gligar.

    Ash, Dawn, and Brock run off searching for Gligar, until they finally find it, with Ash's old rival, Gary, of all people, who tells them he was sent by Professor Rowan to find the legendary pokemon in Lake Valor that Ash saw. Gary finds out about the situation with Gligar, and offers Ash his help. After refusing, and trying unsuccessfully to drag Gligar back to what they were doing, he finally accepts. A practice battle starts with Ash's Gligar against Gary's Umbreon. After Ash has Gligar use Steel Wing, Gary has Umbreon counter with Shadow Ball, which immediately sends Gligar reeling around, and crashing into Ash with fright. To try to get rid of Gligar's fear of battling, Gary suggests to have Gligar use it's tail as a spring to jump really high when using Steel Wing, in order to boost it's confidence. When that only brings out Gligar's fear of heights, and sends it crashing into Ash again, Gary then pulls out a Razor Fang, and suggests evolving it, to bring out more of it's strength and ability. Gligar enthusiastically tries to grab the Razor Fang, but Ash stops it, saying it can evolve after it gets over it's fear.

    Suddenly, a huge Gliscor balloon appears, with Team Rocket in tow. After reciting their usual moto, they use a remote to have the Gliscor balloon's tail make a grab for Gligar! Ash manages to jump and grab onto the tail as well, and sends out Staravia to attack Team Rocket. Jessie, however, sends out Seviper and Yanmaga, and has them pull off a Haze/Silver Wind combo, which hits Staravia head on, launching it right into Dawn, Brock, Gary, Pikachu, Piplup, and Umbreon.

    Later on, Team Rocket is celebrating their victory with a pile of canned fruit, having Ash and Gligar trapped in a cage. Dawn, Brock, Gary, Pikachu, and Piplup are searching for them, having Staravia act as lookout. When nighttime falls, and Team Rocket is asleep, Ash realizes their chance for escaping, and has Gligar use X-Scissor on the bars. After multiple failed attempts at breaking them, and making Gligar cry over it's sore claws, Ash then tries to break through the bars himself, throwing his weight into them as hard as he can, making him cry out in pain, although he never gives up! Seeing this gives Gligar admiration for it's trainer, and confidence. After the bars get lose, both Ash and Gligar give it everything they have, and finally break free! Ash and Gligar then make a run for it, arriving at an old, crumbling bridge, going across a deep chasm. Meanwhile, James wakes up to find Ash and Gligar gone, and immediately wakes up Jessie and Meowth.

    Since they have to get across the chasm, Ash bravely starts across, with Gligar gripping his waist fearfully. Suddenly, the ropes holding the bridge snap, but Ash manages to hold on as the half of the bridge they're on crashes against the wall, and pull himself and Gligar safely to the top. Ash then suggests getting across the chasm by having Gligar use Steel Wing to chop down a nearby tree. Gligar uses it's tail to bounce high, and bravely charges at the tree. After the first attempt fails, Gligar still doesn't give up, and tries once more, sending the tree down! Ash congratulates Gligar for it's hard work, and says it can use the Razor Fang to evolve now if it wants to. There's no time for celebrating, though, as Team Rocket catches up to them with their Gliscor balloon, and knocks down the tree bridge.

    Using the Gliscor balloon's tail, Team Rocket makes a grab at Gligar, getting both it and Ash. Ash tells Gligar that it has to escape and throws it into the chasm, trusting it to fly, but Gligar falls instead. Ash then slips and falls himself, hurtling past Gligar. Gligar goes after Ash to try to save him, then Ash throws Gligar the Razor Fang. Gligar grabs it and evolves into Gliscor right away! Ash then panics and continues falling, but Gliscor grabs Ash and saves him just in time before he becomes a human pancake at the bottom of the chasm. Team Rocket still won't quit, though, and shoots out the Gliscor balloon's tail again. Ash tells Gliscor to use X-Scissor, which knocks the tail back. Finally, Gary and the others arrive, finding Gligar evolved. Team Rocket angrily have their Gliscor balloon use X-Scissor by shooting it's claws out, but Ash's Gliscor's X-Scissor blows the claws apart. Ash then has Gliscor use Steel Wing, and Team Rocket has their balloon use Steel Wing right back! The two collide, and Gliscor's Steel Wing prevails, slicing the balloon in two. Gliscor then happily crashes into Ash, apparently having kept some of it's traits after evolving! At last, Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, blasting off Team Rocket far away for the remainder of the episode!

    As the sun is rising, Ash and the other are saying farewell to Gary. As Gary leaves after reciting a couple of poems, which brings a far off look to Dawn's face, Ash tells Gliscor that the training and getting stronger has just begun! And it's off once again, to Hearthome City!moreless

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