Season 16 Episode 19

Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jun 08, 2013 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not just a wonderful and outstanding episode; its an episode that brought me to my feet!!

    I'll admit I love Charizard and have since, well, Ash, meet him when he was just a Charmander! Maybe it was how Ash found him left by his trainer on that rock and found by Ash in the rainstorm. I'll admit Charizard disappointed me when he refused to battle in the tournament, but later they came together. Ash showed how much of a wonderful and great trainer he is to his Pokemon, no, not just a wonderful and great; it's more than that. Ash has true and unbinding love for his Pokemon and more for them than he has for himself. OK, maybe this review is sounding like a Cilan evaluation than a review, but its all true. It's one reason I've wanted to see a stronger Ash throughout the seasons. (I keep hoping to see Ash win not just one but several regional

    This episode turns out to be an reintroduction of Charizard to all the new Pokemon fans and the writers do a wonderful job! Charizard is just as loyal and powerful as ever to Ash! Finally Iris will see Ash for he is and hopefully "little kid" him into growing up and YES, I feel, no I know, the series can not just survive but will grow even stronger and bigger with a grown up Ash! (Maybe not in body, but in spirit and

    If you're new to Pokemon, this is one episode you need to find the time to watch. If you've been around a long time (as I have), you'll find this a wonderful walk down memory lane. Bottom line: This episode is a must see episode for everyone.