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Episode Discussion: Baffling the Bouffalant!

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    For some reason, the word afro is apparently banned.

    You may now commence with the Madagascar 3 jokes.

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    It was silly how curly wigs made everyone immune to the Bouffalents' aggression, but in the end, they did help save Ash and his friends. Of course, Iris helping that one injured Bouffalant didn't hurt either.

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    An okay episode.

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    [4]Jun 21, 2012
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    Awesome episode! I personally loved seeing the Pokemon wear Afros!

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    This episode was like a circus. An afro circus.

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    A rather silly episode but it was filler so no harm, no foul. Ash & co. are about to arrive to Mistralton City when they take a lunch break. After a small fight with Oshawott and Tepig occur, a group of Bouffalant charge at them and after some running around Ash and Cilan get separated from Iris, Axew, Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig. Iris eventually meets up with a Nurse Joy who tells her that they're in Bouffalant territory and the Bouffalant only attack people who don't have an afro (they say curly hair, but they mean afro). Nurse Joy gives them afro wigs to help travel around to find Ash, Cilan, and the other Pokemon who are also searching for them. Can the two groups find each other and get out of the Bouffalant's territory? Will Ash, Cilan, and their group of Pokemon be safe without knowing this information? Does wearing wigs really baffle the Bouffalant? And how many colors do afro wigs come in? I know you definitely want an answer to that last question so let's get to the review:

    A "Curly Hairy" Situation:
    Just a mountain away from Mistralton City, Ash & co. stop for lunch break. Oshawott scarfs down its bowl of Pokemon Food though is still hungry and seeing that Tepig has plenty of food left grabs a handful (or is that pawful?) which doesn't go unnoticed by Tepig. Tepig complains to Oshawott but Oshawott ignores Tepig as it eats the food that it has stolen which causes Tepig to tackle Oshawott. Oshawott gets back up and smacks Tepig away with its tail and tries to take Tepig's bowl but Tepig tackles it back. Tepig and Oshawott get face-to-face ready to fight but Ash stops them and tells them they need to cooperate and it doesn't matter who started it (and if they don't stop he'll turn this journey right back around!).

    Off in the distance they hear a rumbling sound and soon see two Bouffalant charging at them! Ash & co. grab their backpacks and them and their Pokemon start running into the forest behind them and luckily the Bouffalant get stuck on the rocks they were sitting on. However another Bouffalant finds them and charges and we cut to an aerial view of the forest where we see a dirt cloud rise from presumably where Ash & co. were. We come back to Ash and Cilan though no Iris and in addition they only have Pikachu, Scraggy, Pansage, Excadrill, and Emolga with them. Ash notices Iris is missing and Cilan says he thinks she ran in the other direction and Ash says they should find her quick. Over to Iris, she's with Axew, Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig and she soon realizes that Ash and Cilan aren't with them.

    Iris: You mean we're alone?!
    Comment: No, there's five of you there, just one human... Iris you are a human right?

    Opener, title card, back to Ash and Cilan, they wonder why the Bouffalant attacked them and, after Ash checks his Pokedex on Bouffalant, Cilan predicts they've must have wondered onto the Bouffalant's territory. Ash says they need to find Iris and get out of there as we go over to Iris who is looking for Ash and Cilan though her and Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig get no response. Ash, Cilan, and their group of Pokemon search and call out Iris's name except for Emolga who founds an apple tree and starts eating an apple (Oshawott and now Emolga, why are Ash & co.'s Pokemon full of jerks this time around?). Cilan tells Emolga not to wonder off and tries making it promise though Emolga refuses to listen as Ash calls out for Iris once more.

    Back to Iris (yeah, it's one of these episode), Tepig trips on a stone which causes Oshawott to trip over it causing another face-to-face between them but Axew gets in the middle of them as Iris tells them this isn't the time to fight. Just then a Nurse Joy walks up to them with an Audinooooo... and for some reason they're wearing blue and green clown wigs. Nurse Joy asks Iris what are they doing here though she takes notice of the wigs but explains to her that they got attacked by a herd of Bouffalant and have been separated from her friends. Nurse Joy explains that they're on the Bouffalant's territory and they think they're trespassing so they attack. Nurse Joy says there are signs posted all over the place though Iris says she hasn't seen any and Nurse Joy says it's possible the Bouffalant could have broken them all again (if you know they keep breaking the signs then maybe you should build a fence?). Iris finally asks about the wigs and Nurse Joy shows her they are wigs because for some reason Iris thought they were real (though being Iris has the most ridiculous hair here I can see what that's possible) and puts the wigs back on.

    Iris: Why, it totally sets you apart.
    Comment: ... how? You have to be blind as a Zubat...
    Nurse Joy: We wear them to keep the Bouffalant away.
    Comment: ... or a Bouffalant... this is going to be stupid, isn't it?

    Iris asks if that's true and Nurse Joy explains that yesterday and group of strangers wondered through and got attacked by the Bouffalant except for one (who sort of looks like Sinnoh Elite Four's Flint) who has "incredibly curly hair" (you mean a afro?). Nurse Joy explains that they thought they would try wearing curly wigs (their afros...) and since then the Bouffalant haven't bothered them.

    Iris: They couldn't be jealous, right?
    Comment: Jealous, what? Who's jealous and what does that have anything to do with what you were told?

    Nurse Joy tells Iris that if they're smart (do I really need to make a joke there?) they would wear wigs too but Iris nervously says they don't have any though Nurse Joy says she and Audino have extras just in case much to Iris's horror (WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO WHERE THE WIGS? Yes, they look stupid, but between looking silly or being gored and trampled, I'd take looking silly). Nurse Joy also says they have small wigs for Axew, Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig and a quick cut later Iris is wearing a red afro and Axew a yellow afro which Iris ask if it isn't a bit much. Nurse Joy tells her not when you're being save (you know Iris has plenty of hair, you could have probably bundled it into an afro) as we see Oshawott has a purple afro and Tepig a blue afro who both laugh at each other. Nurse Joy tries giving Snivy an orange afro but Snivy tries pushing it back with Vine Whip as Nurse Joy tells Snivy it has to wear the wig for its own safety (I guess even the smart Pokemon of the group has their limit of stupid). Just then a Bouffalant starts charging at them, or more specifically Snivy, and with everyone stunned Nurse Joy dives forward and puts the wig on Snivy... which causes Bouffalant to stop charging. Bouffalant looks at everyone and, seeing that they all have afros, calms down and goes back to grazing (... WHAT? Okay, I'm assuming what they're trying to tell us that the Bouffalant don't attack people with afros is because Bouffalant have afros... except they're not the same size, shape, or color of a Bouffalant so IT STILL SHOULDN'T MATTER TO A BOUFFALANT PROTECTING IT'S TERRITORY! And even if it does, Bouffalant saw they put the wig on Snivy!) Iris is shocked to see Nurse Joy was right (as am I) as Snivy uses Vine Whip to correct the wig and Iris asks Nurse Joy why she's out there.

    Nurse Joy: Bouffalant do a good bit of their training by headbutting each other and in the process they can accidently get hurt.
    Comment: Hurt of brain damaged? I'm leaning more toward the latter considering this whole afro wig situation.

    Nurse Joy says she comes out a few times a week to check on the Bouffalant and starts to leave telling Iris to leave the area as soon as she finds her friends. Once Nurse Joy is gone, Oshawott and Tepig look and laugh each other though this gets them face-to-face again and this time they start attacking with Tepig using Flamethrower. The Flamethrower barely misses Oshawott who attacks back with a Water Gun which misses Tepig but hits Axew sending it flying into the sky, losing its wig, and into the afro the Bouffalant which had charged at them, scaring it and causing it to run off. Iris and Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig start running after as Axew gets out of the afro to see it's riding on a Bouffalant. Iris remembers what Nurse Joy says about Bouffalant training but headbutting each other and imagines Axew being launched into the air if that happens.

    Wigging Out:
    At the Bouffalant herd, the Bouffalant that Axew is on stops short causing Axew to fly out and land in front of a sleeping Bouffalant who wakes up and starts getting up. Axew panics and runs into a bush but trips coming out the other side with an afro made of shrubbery. The woken up Bouffalant sees the wig and leaves and wanders off as Axew realizes it has the "wig" and ties sneaking pass another Bouffalant who wakes up, sees the "wig", and goes back to sleep. Another Bouffalant then walks up to Axew though sees the "wig" and leaves after which Axew then looks forward and sees that it's in the thick of the Bouffalant herd.

    Going back to Ash and Cilan, they have also run into Nurse Joy who tells them she has seen Iris and points them to where she was. Ash and Cilan notice the wig and thankfully we skip the explanation via scene transition and Ash and Cilan are surprised the Bouffalant don't attack if you're wearing a wig and Cilan theorizes it might be because it resembles the Bouffalant's fur (except in color and it's on a body that looks nothing like a Bouffalant's... so no, it doesn't actually). Nurse Joy says she has extra wigs and Ash gets an orange-yellow, Pikachu a lavender, Cilan an orange-red, Scraggy a green (Ash, you may want to return Scraggy), Excadrill a purple, and Emolga a pink. Nurse Joy sees Pansage and decides to simply bush up its tuft of hair as Nurse Joy leaves telling them to leave the area as soon as they find Iris.

    Back to Axew, it has gotten away from the Bouffalant herd and is now in the forest again when suddenly a Sewaddle hands down from a tree. Axew pokes the Sewaddle making it laugh when a Pidove lands Axew's head and suddenly both rise up taking Axew's shrub wig and just right in front of a Bouffalant. Bouffalant starts charging at Axew who runs out of the forest and onto the plains (you know, where the BOUFFALANT HERD is) as the Bouffalant charges after it.

    Who's That Pokemon (if you can't figure out what Pokemon is, where have you been the first half of the episode?), Iris and Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig are also on the plains looking for Axew and Iris starts yelling at Oshawott and Tepig for fighting. Tepig and Oshawott start pointing fingers (or what they have in place of fingers) but Iris tells them to stop and better hope Axew is okay as Snivy also scolds them making them feel bad. Just then Axew and the Bouffalant charging after it (though shouldn't there be a whole herd after it?) heads toward them and Snivy uses Vine Whip to grab a batch of shrubbery and place it on Axew's head which causes the Bouffalant to stop and then go away. Snivy uses its vines to tether in Axew back into Iris's arms and Iris thanks Snivy and says they should go find Ash and Cilan.

    Speaking of which, Ash & co. walk out onto the plains still searching for Iris when a Bouffalant walks up to them and Ash says they should go back into the forest but Cilan says it might be better to stay still. As you expect, the Bouffalant looks the over, see their "afros", and walks off (so when is a Bouffalant going to challenge one of them to a headbutting contest?) with Ash telling Cilan that Nurse Joy was right about the wigs.

    Over to Iris, they're still searching when they find a Bouffalant with an injured leg (well, only one thing to do... BRING OUT THE GRILL!) and Iris wonders what's wrong when she remembers Nurse Joy also mentioning while headbutting they sometimes get hurt. Iris walks up to the Bouffalant and tells it to stay still and sees that its leg is injured and says she needs to go look for some healing herbs (I suppose we can add some garnish with the steaks). Said herbs are on a cliff side and Iris starts climbing it but loses her gripping and falls onto a tree branch (which probably should have snapped the branch even if the top of the tree slowed her down) though both her and Axew lost their wigs. Iris jumps down and asks if Snivy can reach it but it's a few feet short (gee, too bad there isn't a tall tree you can climb that'll make you reach) and Oshawott tries to see if a Water Gun can knock it loose but also comes out short. Tepig starts up a Flamethrower but for once Oshawott does a smart thing and stops Tepig though it does so by knocking it down so they get face-to-face again though are stopped by Snivy who calls them over and starts giving them directions. Iris asks what they are up to when Snivy grabs Oshawott and Tepig with its vines, winds them up, and first throws Oshawott up at the herbs making it lose its wig, then throws Tepig making them both lose their wigs but puts Tepig butt-to-butt with Oshawott. Tepig then uses Flamethrower to propel both them up but soon Tepig falls but Oshawott still heads toward the herbs which it reaches and uses a Razor Shell to cut and grab the herbs and then falls into Iris's arm. Iris thanks Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig and says there's no better team then them (and you can have you very own Oshawott, Snivy, or Tepig! Just buy Black & White now and coming soon Black 2 & White 2! *coughyoucanonlyselectoneoncepergamecough*) which gets Oshawott and Tepig forgiving each other.

    Iris uses the herbs to cover the Bouffalant's wounds and ties it up with a red cloth and also giving it water and an Oran Berry telling it to not worry and saying goodbye as she has to find her friends. Of course now that they're afro-less (why didn't they go pick up the wigs?), they're soon spotted by a Bouffalant and when they try to run away they spot another Bouffalant and are chased to the side of the cliff.

    *Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig walk forward to battle*
    Iris: No, stay back, I'll take care of this.
    Comment: Yes, elemental monsters of fire, water, and plants, stay back and let me, a little girl with no abilities or powers what-so-ever, deal with the big, angry, horned monsters.

    Iris tries explaining to the Bouffalants that they got lost on their territory and are sorry and surprisingly it works and the two Bouffalants walk off, Iris finds Ash and Cilan, and they leave without getting harmed... Oh, alright, you caught me, actually one of the Bouffalant uses Wild Charge and charges toward Iris. Iris leaps frog over the Bouffalant but since it's covered in ELECTRICITY at the moment she gets shocked (you can tell she's the genius of the group) though this does puff her hair up so while stunned she's at least safe from Bouffalants. However Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig aren't as the two Bouffalants face them and charge but as Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig prepare to attack the Bouffalant that Iris helped appears and stop the other two Bouffalants. The Bouffalants talk with each other and the other two Bouffalants leave as Iris walks up to the helping Bouffalant and thanked it for saving them as it tells them to follow it and eventually leads them to Ash and Cilan (so wait, does that mean the Bouffalant DO KNOW the difference between Bouffalant and non-Bouffalant? THEN WHY DO THE WIGS WORK! What, is this a club the Bouffalant made? The Secret Order of the Afro (TSOOTA)?). Ash points out that Iris has a Bouffalant next to her and she explains the Bouffalant is her friend as Ash realizes that Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig aren't wearing wigs which Iris says they have a secret (you helped heal it's leg and now it's paying you back, what secret?).

    Bouffalant takes Ash & co. to a bridge and Iris asks if they'll be save on the other side which it nods and soon Ash & co. are crossing the bridge waving goodbye to Bouffalant. On the other side of the bridge they find the Bouffalant warning signs that Nurse Joy talked about and, speaking of whom, Nurse Joy appears saying she glad they found each other. Cilan thanks Nurse Joy for the wigs and they start taking them off though Emolga and Scraggy seem disappointed they have to take them off and Cilan was about ready to tear Pansage's off before remembering it's actually attached and fixes it up (though it would be funny to have seen Cilan try taking it off and then suddenly remembering). Ash asks about Iris's wig (really Ash, you can't tell it's just her hair puffed up?) and Iris realizes her hair is puffy and quickly straightens it out. Iris gives the wigs back to Nurse Joy and apologizes for losing a few but Nurse Joy says it's alright as they have many more back at the Pokemon Center (though you just know some poor Bouffalant is going to find those lost wigs and freak out thinking it just found a head's scalp). They say their goodbyes to Nurse Joy and Ash asks Iris if Oshawott and Tepig caused her any trouble though Iris covers for them saying they were good which is where the narrator comes in thus ending the episode.

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