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Episode Discussion: Battle for the Underground!

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    [1]Jan 7, 2012
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    And now Team Rocket fails in awesome style. Loving the new Team Rocket.

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    [2]Jan 8, 2012
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    I really enjoed this one. Team Rocket's defeat really felt like an actual defeat this time, mainly because they were so close to winning this time around. I sure hope they have plans like this in the future.

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    [3]Jan 10, 2012
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    This was an awesome episode!

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    [4]Jan 11, 2012
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    This is the episode where Ash, his traveling companions, and Ingo and Emmett defeat Team Rocket at the surface tracks, right?

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    [5]Jan 13, 2012
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    Awesome episode! Another Team Rocket plot that nearly succeeds, but ultimately fails, thanks to Ash, his friends, and Ingo and Emmett.

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    [6]Jan 13, 2012
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    An exciting episode to end an exciting two-parter. With Team Rocket's plan at full swing Ash & co. and the Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet are having a difficult time trying to stop them now that there are a dozen decoy "Ghost Trains" riding around in the subway. However after chatting for a bit Cilan comes up with an idea and suggests it to Ingo and Emmet who agree to go with it. Meanwhile on the train Pikachu does it part to try and stop Team Rocket and gets an idea after spotting a Pokeball it recognizes. What is Cilan's plan? Who's Pokeball did Pikachu see and how will it help them stop Team Rocket? Could all these plans be in vain as Team Rocket get closer to where Dr. Zager will pick them up? While I try coming up with a silly question to put in you can go on and read ahead:

    What Enter In Must Escape Out:
    After a quick summary of last episode and the opener and title, we see Ingo and Emmet watching all the decoys go down different tracks as we switch over to Team Rocket and see how they're deploying the decoys. Ingo calls Cilan and tells him about the decoys and they don't know which one is real so Ash says this means they'll just have to go after them all which Iris says is impossible but Ash says they don't have any other choice. A train comes by and as it passes Ash notices the windows aren't transparent and the "R" is written differently meaning it's a decoy which Cilan calls it in and Iris asks if they have to check all the trains this way which Ash says they have to and Cilan says this is what Team Rocket wants (especially since I doubt Team Rocket are going to go down that same track again knowing Ash & co. are there).

    Outside a Team Rocket helicopter rises up and we see it's being driven by Dr. Zager who gets a call from Meowth and tells them Operation Decoy is a success and asks about the Pokemon which Meowth says none are going anywhere. In the back of Team Rocket's train, Pikachu tries using an Iron Tail but just ends up causing a dent in the door and rolling around knocking into one of the bins cuasing a Pokeball to fall down (hey, Pikachu, here's an idea, release that Pokemon, tell it that it and all the other Pokemon are being kidnap, and have it start releasing all the other Pokemon so that you can start planning a counterattack).

    Back to Ash & co., they run down the tracks (okay, at least they're moving around) and see another train go by but don't know whether it was a decoy or not and Cilan suggests that maybe Team Rocket are out of the system loop by now and is above ground. Ash and Iris are surprised to hear that trains in the subway do go above ground with Iris always wondering how the trains got underground which gives Cilan an idea saying they just need to find where the "Ghost Train" entered and that'll be the exit. Ingo tells them all trains enter into the subway through the Anville Town trainyard so that must be where Team Rocket's came in from and that is where Team Rocket is heading (what, did you think Team Rocket was going to ride around in circles? As soon as this happened you should have sent someone to Anville Town if that's the only entry/exit point into the subway) and tells Ash & co. him and Emmet are coming to them. Ash asks Cilan where Anville Town is and Cilan says it's northwest of Nimbasa City and it's the "center of the Metro Connoisseur universe" in excitement (Cilan, not now) as Ingo and Emmet head to their crew car with Emmet asking if it'll be able to catch up to Team Rocket which Ingo says not as it is but he has an idea on how to speed it up.

    Run Away On Its Way:
    Dr. Zager flies over to the rendezvous point while in the back Axew starts to cry and Pikachu calms it down but then sees a Pokeball it recognizes and hits it with Electro Ball which releases Snivy and it finds Escadrill (how did Snivy know where Escadrill's Pokeball was?) who uses Metal Claw to break Pikachu and Axew out of their cages. Pikachu uses Iron Tail on the door again buFt it doesn't work as well as Axew's Dragon Rage, Pansage's (Snivy got it out) Bullet Seed, and Escadrill tackling it. Pikachu starts thinking of Pokemon that could help dismissing Oshawott, Scraggy, and Tepig however remembers about Dwebble's corrosive liquid which Snivy gets out and it gets to work melting the door. Ash & co. are running down the track but soon hear something coming to them and it's Ingo and Emmet who are using Emmet's Eelektross to power-up their crew car and they got on as Eelektross uses another Discharge to speed on ahead.

    Back over to the Pokemon, Dwebble has made a hole in the door but Team Rocket hears what's going on and Meowth goes to check to see what has happened but tells them their too late as the train heads out of the tunnel and outside (gee, it's not like Ash & co.'s Pokemon could charge the control room, take out Team Rocket, and either destroy the controls or press buttons). Meowth tells Pikachu they can't jump as they're going too fast (if they want to escape all they have to do is wait till you stop the train so Dr. Zager can pick it up, also I doubt a Pokeball would get damaged so if they wanted to they can just begin grabbing Pokeballs and throwing them to the forest area the train is inbetween) and it's too late for Ash & co. to help them (meanwhile Pikachu is charged up with Meowth only a feet or two away from him, Pikachu can attack anytime it wants and I doubt Meowth will have time to close the door before getting shocked). Oh, nevermind, apparently Meowth does have enough time to close the door to stop Pikachu's Thunderbolt (hey Dwebble, mind melting a hole in that door too? Even if Meowth tries to stop you by moving the door Pikachu can just Thunberbolt the crack and it'll most likely get Meowth). Meowth uses an intercom to tell Jessie and James that Pikachu and Ash & co.'s other Pokemon have freed themselves which James tell him to keep an eye on them as they'll be in Anville Town soon.

    Dr. Zager flies in saying he's going to get them out of their and starts flying the helicopter over the train (so they are going to lift the train while it's moving? Well it still doesn't stop what I said about the Pokeballs. Also Ash & co.'s Pokemon could probably start attacking the helicopter to at least make it more difficult to lift them), however Ash & co's Pokemon get Tepig and Roggenrola out and they use a group attack to attack the coupler which Meowth opens the door to see before getting blasted back and seeing the storage car start moving apart. Meowth tells Jessie and James this and they tell Dr. Zager to secure them as Team Rocket slow down however Pikachu sees a split and has Snivy switch their tracks though they still have Dr. Zager tracking them. Team Rocket backup and goes down the other track as Dr. Zager goes to secure the car but Pikachu and the other Pokemon jump on the roof at the ready while back at the tunnel Ash & co. (+ Ingo and Emmet) speed on through.

    Dr. Zager lowers a claw to grab the car but Ash & co. (+ Ingo and Emmet) finally catch up and see what's going on asking Eelektross to move the crew car faster which it does as they switch over to the parallel track. Ash & co's Pokemon attack the claw but stop upon seeing Ash & co. (+ Ingo and Emmet) giving Dr. Zager enough time to start grabing onto the car. Ash says he wants to get over there which Ingo and Emmet says is too dangerous however Ash, Iris, and Cilan says it's their Pokemon and they have to help them which convinces the Subway Bosses and Ingo says he can help out and sends out Chandelure. Chandelure uses Psychic and gets Ash & co. over to the other train and they're re-united with their Pokemon and after they make sure they're okay Ash has Tepig and Roggenrola use Ember and Flash Cannon to speed the train up and away from Team Rocket with Axew joining in with Dragon Rage.

    When The Plan Gets Tough The Rockets Get Flying:
    Dr. Zager catches up to them but seeing a split up ahead Cilan has Pansage use Bullet Seed to switch the tracks escaping from Dr. Zager though it's not too long before he's right behind them again. They speed up the train however Cilan says eventually they're going to catch up which Ash tells them they find a way to speed up the train and he'll take care of the helicopter. Snivy uses Leaf Storm on the helicopter's roters to slow it down and Pikachu uses Electro Ball on the claw destroying it (wait, why didn't Pikachu use Electro Ball on the claw when it first came out if it's powerful enough to destroy it?) causing Dr. Zager to retreat as Team Rocket speeds ahead (what does Team Rocket plan to do? The helicopter was their only means of escaping with the Pokemon? At this point they pretty much failed the mission and the only thing they can do is retreat). Ash & co. try speeding up the train which is helped by Tepig who has just learned Flamethrower! Ingo remembers he has Chandelure out and has it attack Team Rocket with Will-O-Wisp causing their train to malfunction and smoke and they finally decide to abort the mission and Team Rocket get on the roof with their jetpacks on.

    Ash sees Meowth and says he may have fooled them however they got the Pokemon back so they won, then Ash smiles and says it was still fun travelling with Meowth to Nimbasa City (oh come on Ash, really? He betrayed you!). Meowth pretty much has the same reaction as me and they tell Ash & co. they'll give them a break today however Giovanni still has his eye on Pikachu (does Giovanni know about Pikachu even though the Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma episodes didn't air?) as they explode the train to cover-up them getting into the helicopter and fly off. Pikachu is angry it couldn't shock them however Ash tells him to calm down as Cilan says Team Rocket came up with an amazing scheme and Iris wondered what would have happened if she caught Meowth (I guess you would probably now have a "weapon" against Team Rocket as everytime you would meet up Meowth would have to worry about you taking out his Pokeball to recall him (actually if that happened an interesting episode would be Team Rocket planning a mission to get Meowth's Pokeball)). In the helicopter Dr. Zager complains they were so close as Jessie and James say you have to know when to stop and Meowth finishes saying they'll come up with another plan.

    In Anville Town some time later, Cilan is squeeling over the trains as Ingo and Emmet tell Ash and Iris that the subway system has been fully restored and they've returned the Pokemon to the Pokemon Center. Ash gets excited as he can now challenge the Nimbasa Gym which Ingo and Emmet wish him luck telling him the Gym Leader is named Elesa.

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