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Episode Discussion: Battling the Bully!

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    [1]Jun 11, 2012
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    This was decent episode! I'm happy Ash caught Krokorok.

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    At first, I thought the bully that the episode title referred to was the Krokorok, but I was glad to see that it probably refered to Mick's acquaintance Glenn, instead. I liked how Ash and his friends taught the three young boys; I was glad Glenn even began to change his ways. Last, but not least, I was happy when Ash finally caught the Krokorok. For some reason, I've been waiting for it to happen.

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    [3]Jun 12, 2012
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    Awesome episode! Ash finally catches the Krokorok!

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    Well ain't it about time.
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    An interesting episode with a very important thing occurring at the end . Continuing from last episode, Ash & co. realize the Krokorok that has confronted them in the Sunglasses Krokorok who has been wanting to have its battle with Pikachu. The battle starts however an collision explosion soon blasts off both Krokorok and Pikachu. Pikachu lands in the arms of a boy named Mick in a nearby town who's convinced Pikachu is the pre-evolution of Zekrom and shows Pikachu to his two friends Glenn, who's bossy and acts like a bully, and Sean, who let's him and Glenn battle with his father's Pokemon but not Mick. After Sean reveals what Pikachu actually is, Glenn wants to have a battle with it but Mick isn't so sure and runs off to figure out what moves Pikachu knows. Will Ash & co. be able to find Pikachu? Can Mick figure out what moves Pikachu knows to battle Glenn and Sean? What happened to Krokorok? And how many expression will Pikachu make that I agree with? If that last one gave you an odd expression yourself then keep on reading to find out what I mean:

    Digging Around For A Battle:
    We start where we last left off, Ash & co. have been confronted with the Sunglasses Krokorok. Ash asks what's going on as Pikachu jumps and Krokorok leaps forward at Pikachu using Crunch but Pikachu jumps back in the nick of time.

    Cilan: Why would a Krokorok appear out of nowhere and launch an attack like that?
    Comment: ... Do none of you see the sunglasses? Also how many other Krokoroks do you know?

    Iris eventually remembers and Ash asks what Krokorok is doing here (how many times have it challenged Pikachu to a battle only for the battle to be interrupted?). Cilan asks if Krokorok has been following them and it nods its head yes as we see it was there watching:

    1. Ash and Iris battle in the Club Battle in BW042 "Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome!". (No one saw a 3 foot tan crocodile watching from the entrance?)
    2. Ash and Iris helping Erina's Axew in the Nimbasa Subway in BW051 "Lost at the Stamp Rally!") (No one saw a 3 foot tan crocodile running down the stairs?)
    3. Ash & co. entering the Driftevil Gym in BW061 "Battling the King of the Mines!" (No one saw a 3 foot tan crocodile in front of a Gym's entrance pathway?)
    4. Ash & co. (+ Bianca) watching the Joltic and Galvantula in the Chargestone Cave in BW062 "Crisis at Chargestone Cave!" (Ah, so its Krokorok's fault that Cedric Juniper's pen got stuck in the Klinklank. Glad we got that cleared, now Cedric is only guilty of trying to kill 3 children.)

    Iris asks what Krokorok want from them (how many times have it challenged Pikachu to a battle only for the battle to be... wait, I already said that) but now it's Ash's turn to remember something and figures that Krokorok wants a battle with Pikachu.

    The battle takes no time to start with Pikachu using Iron Tail but Krokorok dodges by using Dig. Krokorok resurfaces with a Crunch ready but Pikachu jumps back to dodge so Krokorok tries a Stone Edge which Pikachu counters with an Electro Ball causing an explosion which blasts off both Krokorok and Pikachu.

    The Many Faces Of Pikachu:
    Pikachu starts landing near a town as we cut to a sad boy walking down the street who hears a rustling in the tree and out falls Pikachu which he catches but soon gets shocked by the stunned Pikachu. Scene transition and the boy starts examining Pikachu.

    Boy: Are you a Pokemon?
    Comment: No, it's a Digimon.
    Boy: I've never seen one like you before.
    Comment: GET IT! BECAUSE PIKACHU IS A NON-UNOVA POKEMON! UNOVA ONLY HAS NEW POKEMON *coughexceptwhereitdoesn'tcough*

    The boy gets excited thinking he discovered a new species despite Pikachu's effort to tell him he didn't. Because Pikachu fell from the sky "like a lightning bolt", the boy thinks Pikachu is a pre-evolved form of Zekrom and I believe Pikachu's expression says it all.

    (Confused Pikachu is confused)

    The boy picks up Pikachu and asks it to be his friend though changes it to Pikachu HAVING to be his friend (do you not remember Pikachu SHOCKING you earlier? It doesn't have to do anything you say) and we then cut to him showing two other boys Pikachu. The boy tells the other two boys, Glenn and Sean, that Pikachu is his dad's Pokemon and it's the pre-evolved form of Zekrom (okay, I know Pikachu don't live in Unova so a little boy probably wouldn't know about them but still that's a pretty large conclusion jump you did there). Glenn gets excited and grabs Pikachu from the first boy (are we going to get a name for him?) though Sean seems to be the brains of group (odd since its the first boy who has glasses) and remembers seeing it from somewhere and realizes that Pikachu is a, well, Pikachu. Sean explains he saw a Pikachu when his family went to Saffron City (well the kid is dressed like a rich kid would) and he asks the first boy if Pikachu really is his dad's and what moves does it know. The first boy stutters but Glenn says it doesn't matter and FINALLY we get a name for the first boy, Mick, who Glenn gives Pikachu back to and suggest they have a battle (you say what moves it knows doesn't matter but then suggest having a battle with Pikachu?) Mick isn't sure he should but Glenn says it's just one battle as he grabs some Pokeballs from Sean (thank Arceus "Poke" was in front of "balls") who says those Pokemon are his father's (why do you have your father's Pokemon?) but Glenn intimidates Sean to backing down (hmm, I think we've found our title "bully"). Mick says he has to do some errands for his mother and runs off saying he'll battle them next time leaving Glenn and Sean just standing there blinking.

    Back over to Ash & co., they've reached the outskirt of the town which Cilan says he saw Pikachu flying toward and Ash starts calling for Pikachu when they Krokorok walking up some stairs from the town. Ash asks Krokorok if it's also looking for Pikachu which is nods yes to but seems to have sensed something and starts running off as Ash & co. follow thinking it knows where Pikachu went.

    On a hill next to a river, Mick talks with Pikachu asking if Pikachu is a caught or wild Pokemon though says it doesn't matter and asks besides Thunderbolt (if you knew Pikachu could use Thunderbolt then why did you stutter when Sean asked?) what other moves Pikachu knows.

    Mick: SolarBeam? Flamethrower or Aqua Jet?
    Comment: ... What part of Pikachu being an Electric-type are you having a hard time grasping?

    Ash says Pikachu knows Quick Attack, Iron Tail, and Electro Ball (it also knew Volt Tackle but the writers decided to replace its SPECIES SIGNATURE MOVE with Electro Ball) as Mick turns around to see Ash & co. (+ Krokorok). Pikachu jumps into Ash's arms relieving both of them as Mick asks if Pikachu is Ash's Pokemon which Ash says it is and after introductions Mick asks if he could borrow Pikachu. Mick explains he wants to beat Glenn and Sean in a battle (might want to first tell Ash & co. who those two are) which Iris says that's why he was asking Pikachu about its moves. Cilan asks Mick to explain what's going on though we go into a flashback of Glenn and Sean having a battle using a Patrat and a Blitzle, respectively. Patrat uses Tackle which Blitzle dodges however Glenn stops the battle and tells Sean only losers run though when Sean says they would have lost if they didn't Glenn says it's because Sean can't beat him and says to watch him win before laughing. Mick starts explaining that Glenn likes to start things up saying what's on his mind without thinking about anyone else.

    Iris: But aren't all you guys still too young to become Pokemon Trainers or have battles? That doesn't make any sense.
    Comment: Tell that to the Preschooler Trainer Class...

    Cilan says even if their not real battles they can still battle for fun which Mick says he's right as we go to a flashback that happened before the battle where Sean tells Glenn and Mick he borrowed his dad's Patrat and Blitzle. Glenn grabs one of the Pokeballs and says Patrat is his, Blitzle is Seans, and they should battle. Mick says he wants a Pokemon but:

    Sean: No way, my dad's Pokemon are much too valuable.
    Comment: Excuse me *Pikachu31511 leaves the room and loud laughing can be heard outside before it stop and Pikachu315111 comes back in* Okay then, let's continue.

    Glenn tells Mick if he wants to battle then to bring his own Pokemon giving Mick and push back which causes Mick to say he'll bring back a super rare Pokemon, you can probably guessed what happened next . Iris says they understand now and Ash says that Mick can use Pikachu to battle Glenn and Sean but Cilan says before he battles he should first learn the basics of battling so Ash says they should train. As Ash decides what Pokemon to use, Krokorok volunteers and a scene transition later the training battle starts.

    Ash tells Krokorok this is Mick's first battle so he should go easy on him (but Mick is using Pikachu, I'm pretty sure it can take a few hits) as Mick tries to remember Pikachu's moves which Iris helps him do. The battle starts with Mick telling Pikachu to use Thunderbolt which Pikachu gives Mick a disappointed expression.

    (Pikachu is beginning to re-think this whole deal)

    Mick asks what's wrong though Pikachu decides showing is better then telling so uses Thunderbolt on Krokorok which of course doesn't even phase Krokorok. Ash tells Mick that Krokorok is a Ground/Dark-type so Electric-type attacks won't do anything (well that never stopped Pikachu before) and Cilan tells Mick that when battling he has to remember how types match-up. With this in Mick tells Pikachu to use Quick Attack which Pikachu does and hits Krokorok which gets Mick excited though Iris tells him the battle isn't over yet. Mick starts to forget Pikachu's other moves though Pikachu shakes its tail which reminds him and tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail which Pikachu starts but Krokorok uses Dig surprising Mick. Iris tells Mick that Krokorok can appear anywhere to keep a sharp eye which Mick does but Krokorok resurfaces right in front of Mick knocking him down (that's real cheap, Krokorok) and uses a Crunch (cut to Who's That Pokemon... Scolipede? Where's that Pokemon going to show up?). Iris tells Mick to give Pikachu a move quick and Mick tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail which Pikachu does and hits Krokorok on the head causing its sunglasses to fly off. Krokorok starts to panic and look for its sunglasses as Ash explains to Mick that Krokorok gets scared without its Sunglasses which it soon finds, puts back on, and starts attacking Pikachu for making it lose its sunglasses. Ash tries holding Krokorok back telling it to calm down and sends out Tepig.

    Over to Glenn and Sean, poor Patrat and Blitzle are exhausted on the floor as Glenn gloats about winning and Sean returns his father's Pokemon worried about what he'll say (probably just tell you to watch their energy levels a little more closely next time, he can't get too angry for you using Pokemon for that they are used for). Glenn wonders what Mick is up to and Sean suggests his story about Pikachu is false (gee, you think?) though Glenn says he'll find them and is going to battle Pikachu no matter what. Sean is surprised Glenn is still ready to battle which Glenn says of course he is and tells Sean to ask his father for more Pokemon that are stronger which Sean says is impossible (you can only go up from a Patrat...) but Glenn intimidates Sean into doing so as he goes looking for Mick.

    Back to Ash & co. (+ Mick and Krokorok), Pikachu and Tepig are now battling (guess Krokorok decided it doesn't want to risk losing its sunglasses) though declares the battle over and tells Mick that if he keeps training he'll become a great trainer one day with Iris and Ash agree with. Mick gets excited but Ash tells Mick to remember that the most important thing is for Mick to listen to his heart. Just then Glenn appears and asks what Mick is doing and who are Ash & co. which Ash introduces himself explaining he's Pikachu's trainer. Glenn asks Mick if they're going to battle which Mick says they are as we scene transition to inside the town.

    And You Probably Thought This Was Filler:
    Sean tells Glenn his dad gave him two more Pokemon sending out a Scolipede and Seismitoad (Patrat and Blitzle to Scolipede and Seismitoad, Sean's father has a strange sense in Pokemon) and... ASH YOU ALREADY SCANNED A SCOLIPEDE (though to be fair, Ash also scans Seismitoad)! Glenn gets excited and says he'll use both Scolipede and Seismitoad which Sean says isn't fair as it's two against one so Glenn says they should have a Double Battle. Mick says he only has Pikachu (you're already borrowing one Pokemon, what's another?) but Krokorok runs onto the field which Ash says it wants to teammate with Pikachu and asks Mick if it's okay which Mick says it is (like he's going to say no?). Cilan says he'll referee the battle and explains that normally the winner is decided when one side has all their Pokemon fainted but in this battle Cilan will decide when it ends and who's the winner.

    The battle starts with Pikachu using Thunderbolt and Glenn says they have to attack but Sean tells him they'll block instead sending Seismitoad out who takes the Thunderbolt and absorbs it as Sean explains that Seismitoad is a Ground-type Pokemon.

    Glenn: Sounds like gibberish to me.
    Comment: That's what Pikachu said when the writer's told it they've decided to start actually following the game's rules.

    Scolipede uses Poison Tail and Ash tell Mick to do something though without knowing/forgetting any of Krokorok's moves Mick just tells Krokorok to do something and Krokorok uses Stone Edge but Scolipede and Pikachu jump back to dodge. Sean tells Glenn that Scolipede could have used Protect instead of dodging though Glenn says attack moves are all that he needs (then what was with that "dodge" command you gave?) and poor Scolipede sweatdrops. Mick tells Pikachu to use Electro Ball on Scolipede and Krokorok to use Bite on Seismitoad which Glenn counters telling Scolipede use Sludge Bomb on Pikachu and Seismitoad use Drain Punch on Krokorok though Sean tells Glenn they should have Seismitoad battle Pikachu but Glenn tells him to be quite. The Pokemon launch their attacks with Pikachu's Electro Ball beating Scolipede's Sludge Bomb and shocking Scolipede while Krokorok's Bite chomps down on Seismitoad's Drain Punch and throws it into Scolipede creating a dust cloud which goes away to show Scolipede and Seismitoad tired out. Cilan declares the match over and Mick the winner.

    Glenn angrily tells Mick that he didn't ask him to beat him and gets ready to punch Mick but Ash stops Glenn telling him to that's enough and Sean finally stands up for himself saying he doesn't want to hang out with Glenn because his Pokemon are hurt. Cilan tells Sean to feed his father's Pokemon some Pokemon Food that are made from berries and healing herbs which Iris says will heal Scolipede and Seismitoad in no time. Probably realizing how much a jerk he's been, Glenn walks over, takes the Pokemon feed, and gives some to Scolipede and Seismitoad before admitting he lost and saying the battle was still a lot of fun. Mick, Glenn, and Sean put their hands together and Glenn apologizes which Mick says is okay and next time maybe all three of them can battle which they all agree to. Cilan says this ended with no "bitter after tastes" and was happy to be involved even if it was a make-believe battle (what part of it was make-believe? No Pokemon fainted? They still attacked each other ).

    Just then Krokorok bites Pikachu and as Ash tries pulling it off Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt which pretty much only shocks Ash though Ash then manages to pull off Krokorok figuring it wants to finally settle things with Pikachu. Mick asks what does Ash mean and Cilan and Iris explain Krokorok is a wild Pokemon and it's Pikachu's rival (... is this episode going to end with, after finally having their battle, Krokorok deciding to stay with the Mick, Glenn, and Sean?).

    Scene transition later the battle starts, Krokorok uses Crunch but Pikachu counters with Quick Attack knocking both of them back. Krokorok then uses a Stone Edge which Pikachu dodges but finds that it's trapped in a circle of stones (that are about 2 foot tall which Pikachu can jump easily...) as Krokorok uses Dig. Krokorok appears within the stone circle and hits Pikachu with its tail knocking it into the air though Pikachu straightens itself out and lands outside the stone circle. Krokorok breaks through some stones and charges in with a Bite and Pikachu attacks with a Thunderbolt and, just as Mick points out it won't have any effect on Krokorok, Ash tells Pikachu to aim for the ground. The Thunderbolt creates a ditch in the floor (great work Ash, you've just damaged public property) which trips Krokorok surprising Mick, Glenn, and Sean as Cilan explains even if it's not a favorable match-up there is still a way to change things around. Pikachu uses a Quick Attack which hits but sends Krokorok's sunglasses flying, leaving Krokorok panicing though when Mick sees Ash not doing anything he tells Ash it's his chance to win the battle.

    Ash: Maybe, but for me that's not what battling is about. I battle fair and square.
    Comment: Yes, destroying the floor in front of Krokorok causing it to trip is completely fair.

    Krokorok finds its sunglasses and puts them back on before charging in with a Crunch but Pikachu counters with Iron Tail which causes a standoff... leaving Pikachu the only one standing as Krokorok falls. Mick, Glenn, and Sean are excited about seeing an actual full battle as Ash & co. check on Krokorok who gets up and starts walking away defeated. Cilan says losing is sometimes bitter and Ash stops Krokorok asking what is it going to do now.. AND THEN ASKING KROKOROK TO JOIN THEM! Krokorok nods its head in agreement and Ash throws the Pokeball which catches Krokorok (and since Ash has a full party the button glows red)!

    (About time!)

    And with that we end the episode (when was it the last time we ended an episode with a cliffhanger?).

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