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Episode Discussion: Crisis at Chargestone Cave!

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    [1]May 19, 2012
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    Joltik's are adorable. That is all.

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    [2]May 19, 2012
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    Awesome episode! And @Shiny Missingno, don't forget that Cilan's Dwebble evolved into Crustle in this episode!

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    [3]May 19, 2012
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    Yay! Dwebble finally evolved.

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    [4]May 25, 2012
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    A good episode with the next episode hinting of something interesting will also happen . Ash & co. are on their way to Chargestone Cave when their Electric-type Pokemon are drained of their electricity by Joltics. They visit the Pokemon Center and recharge their Pokemon when they run into Bianca (or should I say she runs into them?) who's Xtransceiver's batteries have died. While at the Pokemon Center, Bianca calls Professor Juniper to reveal she's at the Chargestone Cave doing research and also waiting for Bianca to trade her Karrablast for Bianca's Shelmet. However as their talking the Pokemon Center's power goes out because of a group of Galvantulas and at Professor Juniper's base camp a scientist tells her something odd is going on in one of the passages in the caves. Why are Joltics and Galvantulas attacking and draining electricity? What is going on in Chargestone Cave? Are the two events connected in anyway (Hint: This is Pokemon, of course they are!)? And does Bianca's cruelty toward trees know no bounds? I'm sure that last question is making you scratch your head so read on to figure out the, get ready for it, SHOCKING truth. Hahahahaha *gets smacked with a brick*:

    Electric Drained Zombies:
    We start the episode with Ash & co. heading to Chargestone Cave which Ash says is a strange name and Iris asks why while also calling him a kid. An annoyed Ash asks Iris why it's called Chargestone Cave which stumps her which confuses Ash as she asks Cilan why and he explains because it's a gave with electrified rocks that has a "mysterious, other worldly-flavor". Impressed, Ash says Pikachu will like it an... GAH! PIKACHU IS A ZOMBIE!!!

    The zombified Pikachu falls over and Ash runs over and picks it up to find that Pikachu has a Joltic on its back and is feeding off its electricity. Ash tries pulling the Joltic off (Ash, you can't pull a tick off, you have to make it want to come off. Try covering it with vaseline) but he's unable which then Oshawott pops out and gives it a try only for all of them to get shocked. However the annoyance of being pulled off was enough to get the Joltic to let go and run off. Iris and Cilan ask if Ash is okay which he says he is but Pikachu needs help so Cilan and Iris decide to recharge Pikachu with Stunfisk and Emolga... when they find Joltics on their Pokeballs! The Joltics run off and Stunfiks and Emolga pop out of their Pokeballs looking as much as zombies as Pikachu does which freaks out Cilan and Iris.

    At a Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy have healed Pikachu, Stunfisk, Emolga, and Oshawott... wait, is Oshawott flirting with Emolga?

    Anyway they return their Pokemon and Nurse Joy mentions it's odd for their to be Joltics as they don't live around here (huh? They're the most common Pokemon found in Chargestone cave! Do you mean it's strange to see them OUTSIDE of Chargestone Cave?) when everyone's favorite blonde, daddy-issues, rival rushes in: Bianca. As with Bianca's usual crash-in hellos, she knocks Ash into the nearest body of water (this time a fountain) which Bianca apologizes and Ash asks what she's in a hurry for this time. Bianca thinks for a quick second and then remembers the "emergancy" she was yelling "GET OUT OF THE WAY" was for: her Xtransceiver stopped working. Nurse Joy checks it and says the batteries are just dead and goes to the back to recharge it so she waits Bianca decides she'll call Professor Juniper

    Bianca gets Professor Juniper on the video phone and tells her she got Shelmet when Ash rudely interrupts her to say hi to the Professor (what, they couldn't have Ash stand in the background where Professr Juniper will then notice him and give a quick hi?). Professor Juniper says hello to Ash, Iris, and Cilan as they push Bianca into the back and we see Professer Juniper is talking to them on her Xtransceiver and is in Chargestone Cave and shows them it through her Xtransceiver as she explains her and her team are their to research the electric stones and Pokemon there. Professor Juniper tells them they set base in Area 1 and should give her a call when thye get there when suddenly the Pokemon Center's power goes out and they see Galvantula's crawling outside (Professor Juniper and her team set up camp in the Joltic's and Galvantula's territory which chased them out of the cave and since they fed on the eletric charged stones they're hungry... tell me I'm wrong). Professor Juniper notes the line has gone dead when one of the scientists tells her that the electricity currant in Area 4 has become eratic and says that someone had blocked off the passage. Professor Juniper asks why anyone would block it but the scientist says he doesn't know but if they want to check it out they'll have to travel back outside and head around to Area 4's entrance (okay, I was wrong, that's probably the problem. My money on it's Team Rocket in Area 4, guessing absorbing the cave's electricity?).

    Back at the Pokemon Center, Ash & co. force the doors open (shouldn't there be a fail-safe that unlocked the doors in case the power goes out?) and sees the group of Galvantula outsid...

    Ash: Who are those Pokemon?
    Comment: ... you did not just say that. After being attacked by a Galvantula several times already, you did not just ask what those Pokemon are.
    *Ash takes out his Pokedex*

    Iris asks if the Galvantula caused the blackout which Nurse Joy said they did and she has activated the back-up generator so everything should be working again. Nurse Joy says it's strange to see the Galvantula act like this as they usually get their energy from the electricity in Chargestone Cave which Cilan suggests that maybe their Electric-type Pokemon getting their electricity drained by Joltic and now the Galvantula attacking isn't a coincidence. Nurse Joy suggests that the Joltic and Galvantula aren't able to use the cave anymore thus had to resort to draining their Electric-type Pokemon as they watch the Galvantula crawl back into the forest.

    Inside Chargestone Cave, most likely Area 4, we see that it is indeed Team Rocket causing this problem (Ah, I win the bet again, if only I remembered to actually offer an amount) as they're excavating the electric stones. Jessie says they should be done by today which James comment that they'll have gathered more stones then Dr. Zager requested.

    Meowth: These electric stones can be used as a source of energy like nothing I've ever seen.
    Comment: You mean electricity? Did you forget all the times pre-Unova that Pikachu shocked you? I can understand why, it only rarely happened EVERY EPISODE!
    Meowth: And this energy has something to do with a Pokemon's evolution to boot.
    Comment: That's the only time the fact that you can evolve Nosepass and Magneton into Probopass and Magnezone here, isn't it?

    A Joltic walks into the area from a hole in the wall which James is surprised to see saying he thought all the Joltic and Galvantula left while Jessie tells it that she warned it about coming back and sends out Woobat. Joltic tries running away (did it open that giant metal door?) but Woobat chases and attacks it with Air Slashes which it dodges for a short while before being hit and Jessie returns Woobat telling it not to come back, closing the giant metal door behind her.

    Chargebark Tree:
    Back to Ash & co. (+ Bianca), they're walking through the forest as Bianca says it must have been a Joltic which drained her Xtransceiver's batteries but Ash & co. aren't so sure. Cilan tells her in order for that to happen Bianca would had to have a Joltic attached to her arm which he sure she would have noticed (wanna to bet?) and Iris whispers to Axew "someone didn't charge their Xtransceiver and I know who" (but Ash doesn't have a Xtransceiver). Bianca says that if she sees the Joltic again she'll use Minccino against it and tell Minccino if they see a Joltic for it to use a Thunderbolt to distract it so that they can run.

    Meanwhile, back at the cave, the Galvantula which I presumed attacked the Pokemon Center find the Joltic which Team Rocket chased away and recharged it and upon Joltic seeing the Galvantula it starts jumping happily.

    Now back to Ash & co. (+ Bianca) after that short detour, we discover that Bianca is going to trade her Shelmet for Professor Juniper's Karrablast using a trading device Professor Juniper made (oh, they're going to show us the Shelmet/Karrablast Trade Evolution, didn't expect that). Cilan points this out saying it's called an "Evolution Exchange" explaining Shelmet and Karrablast evolve into Accelgor and Escavalier while being traded (though forgot to mention the important "with each other" part). Iris says that'll mean Bianca will be getting an Escavalier (or an Accelgor if she decides to trade back, I don't think Professor Juniper is picky) and Ash says he wishes he could see that (all of you are heading to Chargestone Cave and Bianca said that Professor Juniper has a trading device there, seeing the trade and evolution should only take a few minutes). Just then two Galvantula appear from the bushes right in front of them and stare right at Pikachu but Bianca and Minccino are hear to save the day by using Thunderbolt on a nearby tree (hey, what did that tree ever do to you?). Seeing the poor tree getting fried, the Galvantula crawl over to it to absorb the brutal shocks while getting a bonus of being recharged but Bianca's cruelty against tree know no bounds and she has Minccino use Swift on the tree's unprotected branches causing the oddly colored blue apples the tree worked hard to produce to fall and hit the Galvantula for protecting the tree (well, at least that's how I'm telling it ).

    Possibly confused by why the apples are blue, the two Galvantula are stunned giving Ash & co. (+ Bianca) the chance to run... into two more Galvantula! Even more Galvantula appear and start shocking Ash & co. as two Galvantula above in the trees grab Pikachu and Minccino with a String Shot and throw them over to the other Galvantula who carry them away. Ash & co. (+ Bianca) try to chase them but two Galvantula (probably the two in the tree) jump down in front of them and create a spider web, which Ash gets caught in, and sends electricity through it shocking him (so is this another version of Electroweb or them using Spider Web and then Thunderbolt?). Iris sends out Excadrill who uses Metal Claw to destroy the web as Ash & co. (+ Bianca) continue chasing after the Galvantula as Excadrill destroys every spider web they make with Metal Claw. However the chase gets cut short when Ash and Bianca are led off a cliff and start sliding down it while Iris and Cilan remain above yelling down to them.

    Meanwhile in some place deep in the forest, the Galvantula free Pikachu and Minccino from their String Shot binds only for them to see the glowing eyes of many Joltic and lean against each other in fear. However when Pikachu and Minccino see that it's just Joltic staring at them they calm dwon though start feeling uncomfortable when the Joltic start crawling onto them (which makes sense for Pikachu considering what they did to it, but Minccino only knows an Electric-type attack, it doesn't store electricity in it's body like Pikachu so why is it worried?).

    Ash slides down in front of a pool of water and, since there is a body of water and Bianca is right behind, Bianca slams right into Ash sending him into the water.

    Ash: Does this always have to happen?
    Comment: Why do you think it's called a running gag?

    Bianca mentions they lost Iris and Cilan but Ash says they should first find Pikachu and Minccino but he wishes they have something to go on which Bianca says they do and points to her Xtransceiver. Bianca says Galvantula love electricity so she turns the Xtransceiver on and like clockwork a Galvantula appears which Bianca then throws her Xtransceiver into the air which the Galvantula catches and crawls away and with Ash and Bianca following.

    Back at the pool of water Ash and Bianca were at, Iris and Cilan made their way down to it looking for Ash and Bianca while Cilan says he can't understand why the Joltic and Galvantula want the Pokemon and Pokemon Center's electricity. Just then Iris hears Professor Juniper's voice and sees her the other scientist walking over to Area 4 and calls over to her. A surprised Professor Juniper asks what they are doing here and they explain they got separated from Bianca and Ash.

    Following the Galvantula, Ash and Bianca hear Pikachu's yells up ahead and looking from the bushes they see Pikachu and Minccino shocking the whole group of Joltics. Bianca thinks their Pokemon are being attacked and walks out but Pikachu says something and Ash stops her and points to the Joltic who are enjoying the electricity being given to them. Bianca asks what's going on and Ash says Pikachu and Minccino are feeding the Joltic as we see all around them Galvantula are feeding other Joltics either with their own electricity or Bianca's Xtransceiver.

    Speaking of Xtransceiver, Professor Juniper tries contacting Bianca's Xtransceiver with hers however she obviously can't get through. Professor Juniper explains they think whatever is happening in Area 4 is effecting the Joltic's and Galvantula's behavior. Iris asks what's Area 4 and the other scientist explains it's an area inside Chargestone Cave where the Joltic and Galvantula live while Professor Juniper explains the currant in it has become eratic and they're investigating what's causing it. Iris, Cilan, Professor Juniper, and the other scientist reach the giant metal door where the other scientist asks why it's here and what's going on inside which Professor Juniper says they'll see when they get inside.

    Not The Evolution That Was Talked About:
    Team Rocket are done gathering the electric stones and extra data and start packing up and moving out. Outside Cilan, Iris, Professor Juniper, and the other scientist try opening the door but Iris stops them saying she hears something and tells them to get out of the way as something coming. The doors open and Team Rocket's tank truck drives out which the other scientist asks what's that which Team Rocket of course have to stop and recite their motto in response. Professor Juniper says it was Team Rocket who chased away Joltic and Galvantula and Team Rocket said they "politely asked" them away so they can mine electric stone. Iris says that's why the Joltic and Galvantula attacked the Pokemon and Pokemon Center and Cilan says they won't be getting away with this and sends out Dwebble, meanwhile a Galvantula was watching from behind a bush and leaves (guess where it's probably going and who is there).

    Pikachu and Minccino are playing with the Joltic as Ash wonders why the Joltic and Galvantula are outside Chargestone Cave when the Galvantula that we saw watching Team Rocket come back and report what it saw. All the Galvantula and Joltic rush toward Chargestone Cave with Pikachu and Minccino right after with Ash saying something bad must have happened and he and Bianca start following.

    Team Rocket's tank truck drives forward as Dwebble uses X-Scissor but isn't able to make a dent as Iris sends out Excadrill who uses Dig which gets the tank truck stuck in a hole. Team Rocket are about ready to counterattack when the Galvantulas, Joltics, Ash, and Bianca arrive to the relief of Iris and Cilan. The Galvantulas and Joltics attack Team Rocket's tank truck with Thunderbolt which activate the electric stones causing the tank truck to rise into the air. The Galvantulas and Joltics stop using Thunderbolt which causes the tank truck to fall but Team Rocket jumps out of the open roof before it hits the ground. The tank truck hits the ground and released all the electric stones which gets everyone angry as Team Rocket lands in front of them and send out Yamask and Woobat to use Nightshade and Gust which hit Pikachu, Dwebble, Excadrill, and Minccino. Pikachu and Minccino counter with Thunderbolt and Swift which hit Yamask and send it flying back.

    Excadrill and Dwebble are dealing with Woobat's Gust but Dwebble starts being pushed back. However Dwebble starts to claw its way back forward... when it starts to evolve! Dwebble evolves into Crustle as Woobat uses an Air Slash however with evolution comes a new move and Crustle uses Rock Wrecker to destroy the Air Slash, much to Cilan's excitement. Woobat and Yamask use Air Slash and Shadow Ball but Crustle uses Rock Wrecker once more along with Pikachu's Electro Ball which blast through Team Rocket's attacks and hits the tank truck, destroying it. However a small box containing some electric rocks flies up, gains a pair of wings and a propeller, and start flying off just as Team Rocket fly off on their jetpacks saying though they lost they still got what they needed to accomplish their mission.

    In Chargestone Cave, the Galvantulas start bringing the remaining electric stones back in as Cilan says the Joltics and the Galvantulas can once again feed in peace. The other scientist comes in telling Professor Juniper that he has cleared out the passage and they can now head back to base camp and she tells Ash & co. (+ Bianca) to follow. They get to the base camp and I guess next episode we'll be seeing the "Evolution Exchange", I'm sure no problem will come from the trade (I mean I'm sure Bianca is experienced enough to have a traded Pokemon listen to her, right?).

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    It was a cool episode, with the Joltik and Galvantula (spelling?) and Dwebble's evolution, but the start felt rather sudden. I mean, how did it come to Ash falling off the cliff?

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