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Episode Discussion: Dreams By The Yard Full!

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    [1]Mar 12, 2011
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    Hmm...this episode seemed to go by quicker than the subbed version lol. Still a pretty good episode though.

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    [2]Mar 12, 2011
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    Good ep. Jason i mean Cilan joins the team and It looks like Iris has a sercet. So which version will the 8th gym follow: Black or White?
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    [3]Mar 12, 2011
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    Good episode.

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    [4]Mar 12, 2011
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    Interesting episode and now Cilan is along for the ride

    I'm certainly looking forward to Opelucid City in any case

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    [5]Mar 12, 2011
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    Why is Team Rocket so smarter than ever before? Was this ever explained?
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    [6]Mar 12, 2011
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    ^^ By no means have Team Rocket gotten smarter, they've just gotten more serious. This is explained by the last episode of DP and the first episode of BW.

    Ash beats Cilan and gets the Trio Badge! Team Rocket causes trouble at the Dreamyard. Munna and Musharna have always irritated me. There is something just odd about them. I wonder who voices Dr. Fennel? OMG, is Unova Officer Jenny's voice REALLY Dawn's VA? Her voice is all over the place in Black and White! I guess it's not a big deal, but I liked the old VA for Jenny better. However, I do like the Unova Nurse Joy VA loads better than the old one. Audino is another odd Pokemon.

    This is a nice episode, with action happening swiftly and many characters debuting. Team Rocket is successful in their mission and escape, soon contacting Giovanni. They are now on stand-by. Also, the story of Musharna, Fennel, and the research facility was nice. Cilan joins Ash on his Unova journey, and it is finally set in stone that Iris is accompanying them... But for what purpose? The trio sets off to their next stop, which is the Nacrene Gym in Nacrene City.

    "Dreams By the Yard Full!" receives a 9.0!

    PS - Did you guys catch when Chili bade farewell to Cilan? I thought it was neat that the dub threw in "best wishes."

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    [7]Mar 13, 2011
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    References for the win!

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    [8]Mar 13, 2011
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    Nice episode, finally things are looking like they're becoming steady. Ash continues his Gym Battle with his Oshawott up against Cilan's Pansage who looks to have the upper hand, and not only in type advantage. Meanwhile Team Rocket reach the Dreamyard and start searching for the "future energy", unknowingly awakening something which has lowered a pink mist around the city which cause any Pokemon who come in contact with it to fall asleep. Will Ash get his Gym Badge? Will Team Rocket get the "future energy"? Can they discover the mystery of the pink mist? How many people were already supporting NegaiShipping before this episode? Answers to these questions (except the last one) and more below:

    You Can Take Those Type Advantage And Scalchop It:
    We start the episode with the narrator giving us a recap of the previous episode, nothing out of the ordinary though I will like to comment on one thing:

    Narrator: However, Cilan and his Pokemon Pansage are proving to be formidable opponents indeed.
    Comment: No they aren't, Ash is just proving despite having travelled to 4 other regions he has learned nothing of type advantage... oh, and the writer hate Flying-types.

    We end the recap and begin the episode with Pansage having fired its SolarBeam at Oshawott. Ash tells Oshawott to deflect it which it does by using the shell on its stomach to send the SolarBeam through the ceiling windows (you have to wonder what kind of insurance Gyms have). Oh, and despite that being an energy beam which if it hit Oshawott would have finished it off, it somehow passed through the window without breaking it... Ash compliments Oshawott as the Triplet Gym Leaders and their fangirls look on in shock with Iris also throwing in a compliment to Oshawott. Oshawott begins to celebrate and Cilan compliments the maneuver (also mentioning the shell which Oshawott uses is a "scalchop") and has Pansage use Bullet Seed which Oshawott uses its scalchop to deflect. Oshawott then tries a Razor Shell but this leaves it wide upon for Pansage to use another Bullet Seed on it causing it to panic in midair and getting hit, dropping its scalchop. Iris mentions this is what happens when you get too confident as Ash tells Oshawott to get its scalchop but Pansage uses Bullet Seed to keep it away and hitting it (by one seed) causing it to become dazed.

    Cilan: Alright let's begin. The time for the battle to be served is here!
    *Fangirls begin to squeal*
    Iris: Whoa, what's going on?
    Fangirl: What? Cilan the Pokemon Connoisseur just said it's "time for the battle to be served"!
    Iris: "Time for the battle to be served"?
    Comment: I'm guessing it's his catchphrase? Actually what does that even mean? Is he going to feed the Pokemon battling?

    Cilan mocks Ash's battling skills saying they're "bland" and a "let down" which gets Ash annoyed as Cilan goes on comparing the dazed Oshawott to the eager Pansage until he declares Pansage as the "most brilliant battler" as his fangirls cheer and Iris says that this is a bit much (it's okay Iris, you can say this guy is having a bit of an ego trip). Ending is mockery by pointing out the type disadvantage Ash is in, Ash says there is more to battling then type advantage which Cilan puts down as Ash just being desperate. Ash tells Oshawott to use Water Gun on the wall confusing everyone but it does so and after the Water Gun bounces off the wall and rocks it hits the scalshop sending it flying towards Oshawott (... Did Ash just use geometry?). Oshawott then grabs its scalchop and uses a Razor Shell hitting Pansage. Pansage goes in for a Bite but Oshawott does another Razor Shell and after running past each other they stop at a standoff, though being it's doubtful that Pansage could bite Oshawott that quickly it falls leaving Oshawott the victor and bringing Ash's victory to 2 to 1, meaning he won the Gym Battle! Everyone is surprised by this, especially Iris, as the Triplet Gym Leaders hand Ash his first Unova Badge: the Trio Badge.

    Ash: What you think Iris, I won you know.
    Comment: She knows Ash, she was watching the battle.
    Iris: You didn't have to battle all three Gym Leaders. Do you have the foggiest idea how uncool it would have looked if you've been defeated after you chose to make it more difficult?
    Ash: Man of man, you coulda' just said something nice you know.
    Iris: You're very lucky that even though your Pokemon have a type disadvantage you still came through. Maybe you should forget luck, and put a little thought into strategy and better moves.
    Comment: Note that when Ash did use type advantage with Pikachu vs. Panpour he lost. Also what do you call Ash telling Oshawott to aim at the wall which ricochet around the rocks and got its scalchop back?

    Ash gets annoyed at Iris (as we all are) and he challenges her to a battle which she agree too but Cilan tells them to calm down and, oh, would you look at what time it is:

    Cilan: Although the combination of the two of you does conjure up a certain bouquet.
    Comment: Ladies and gentlemen, a ship is created! Okay, while the ship has existed I didn't want to mention it until someone in the show hinted at it. So what is the Ash & Iris ship called *drumroll*: NegaiShipping! Congratulation on your creation NegaiShipping, now here is your warn banner for your eventual battles with Pokeshippers, Advanceshippers, and Pearlshippers.

    Ash is confused on what bouguet means and Iris calls him a kid explaining it means aroma saying she's leaving. Cilan asked her in confusion that he thought Ash and her were travelling together and Iris gets annoyed and tells him they aren't and runs off leaving Ash with a "what a wrong with her?" look on his face and Cilan giving a quick smile in amusement.

    Pikachu's Level Isn't The Only Thing That Resets:
    We go over to Team Rocket who have arrived at the Dreamyard and they quickly get to work with James building a machine with a lot of satellite dishes in a few seconds (who would have thought Team Rocket would be the leader in build-it-yourself technology) and begin scanning the area for the "future energy". The machine immediately responds and the area is covered by a pink glow and somewhere in a pink ethereal plain a Pokemon hidden in shadow awakens. This awakening doesn't go unnoticed as somewhere else inside a house a Munna seemed to have sense all this as a long black haired women hears Munna and goes up to hold it asking it what's wrong.

    With the Gym Battle over Ash goes to the Pokemon Center to heal his Pokemon and...

    Nurse Joy *comes walking up*: Hi!
    Ash: We met in Accumula Town, didn't we?
    Comment: Surprised... Writers... WHAT THE F***? Are you serious? Di... did you really have Ash ask a Nurse Joy didn't he meet her in the town before?... I... I... let's move on...

    Nurse Joy comments about Pikachu (must... hold back... urge... to kill...) and asks if he's getting ready for a Gym Battle which Cilan says they have already done. Ash says hi to Cilan a bit surprised to see him so soon as Cilan asked if he could have a few words with Ash (Hmm, the first Gym Leader of a region and Ash does need a Brock replacement, do you think Cilan wants to ask Ash if he could travel with him ).

    Quick thing to mention, "Who's That Pokemon" got an upgrade as now when they reveal that episode's Pokemon is actually says its name!

    Back to the show, Cilan begins asking Ash several question in a rather creepily excited way which probably has Ash's "RUN AWAY!" bells ringing in his head. Ash says he hadn't quite thought about those questions (all mostly referring to how he trains his Pokemon) and the loudspeaker calls for Ash to collect his Pokemon (to his relief). Ash goes down the stairs to get them seeing them on a cart being pushed by an Audino which Cilan explains help all the Nurse Joys in Unova (in other words they're Chansey expy). But all this is interrupted as Iris comes running in with her Axew glowing pink and says that this happened when a pink light hit from the sky and that the city has a lot more pink lights outside. Just then the black haired women (though now we see her face) comes running in with her Munna and seeing Axew she says it's just as she feared and tells Munna to wake Axew up which it does so by inhaling in the pink glow. After Ash checks his Pokedex, Munna releases dream smoke which begins showing Axew's dream which is about it evolving into a Fraxure and then a Haxorus.

    With Axew now awake, the woman introduces herself as Dr. Fennel and says she studies Pokemon dreams and their other mysterious powers. We get a shot of the city and it's covered in a pink mist as Ash & co. and Dr. Fennel come out of the Pokemon Center. Dr. Fennel explains that this is Musharna's doing and a police car then pulls up and we're introduced to Unova Officer Jenny which doesn't look too bad, wearing black and tan traditional police uniforms and have a shorter haircut. She tells everyone to return their Pokemon into their Pokeballs as Pokemon all over the city are falling asleep. Ash explains that Pikachu doesn't like being in its Pokeball which surprises Iris and Cilan (though I don't know why Iris is surprised, I mean we've never seen Axew in its Pokeball so I guess it must not like it either) though Dr. Fennel takes Ash's hat and puts it on Pikachu which protects it from the pink light. Cilan asks about Munna and Dr. Fennel says Munna and Musharna's Dream Mist is attracted to each other and says that the answer to this mystery might be in the Dreamyard. Meanwhile Nurse Joy declares a state of emergency telling everyone to keep their Pokemon indoors (or return them into their Pokeballs...).

    Cilan explains to the audience that there was an explosion a few years ago at the Dreamyard. Dr. Fennel explains that the Dreamyard was built to study Musharna's Dream Mist and turn it into energy, she being part of it. However a batch of men came and wanted to use the Dream Mist for their own but Musharna sensed their bad ambitious dreams and got so overwhelmed it caused an explosion which destroyed the whole facility yet didn't harm the scientists or Munna. Officer Jenny asks about the research and Dr. Fennel says she gave up after Musharna vanished and got fed up with it and left the city but has come back now because Munna had sensed something and with the Dream Mist around she thinks Musharna must be around somewhere.

    Gym Leader Has Joined Your Party:
    They pull up to the Dreamyard and confront Team Rocket with Officer Jenny asking them what they're doing. They explain their looking for residual energy and Dr. Fennel says that the machine must be elevating the energy level. Officer Jenny asks who they are and Team Rocket reveals themselves and does their motto. Officer Jenny asks what a Kanto region organization is doing in Unova and Team Rocket says they're taking over. Dr. Fennel is still surprised that people would still want to use the dream energy for evil and Cilan asks if Musharna was using Munna to warn her which Dr. Fennel said she didn't think of. The are begins shaking and glowing pink and they hear Musharna's cry. Team Rocket figures that being Musharna created the energy they'll need to catch it. Dr. Fennel and then Ash & co. begin calling for Musharna (which is kind of stupid as, even if they didn't hear Team Rocket, at least Ash must know as soon as it appears Team Rocket are probably going to go after it) and it appears in front of them. As Dr. Fennel tries running up to it but Team Rocket's machine begins firing lasers at them and then captures Musharna in an energy net.

    Taking his hat back, Ash tells Pikachu to use a Volt Tackle but the machine fires its lasers at Pikachu who's being dodging them. Dr. Fennel tells Munna to use Psychic which bends the machine stopping it from firing it lasers, letting Pikachu destroy it and freeing Musharna which has the area stop glowing pink. Jessie sends out Woobat to use Gust to create clouds of dust and when it clears they're gone, but they say the more important thing is that Dr. Fennel and Musharna are back together and after promising it they'll never be apart again she thanks Ash & co. for helping and Officer Jenny declare the case closed (um, not really Officer Jenny, the criminals got away and you should probably report to the other police forces around Unova that a foreign criminal organization has appeared claiming they're going to take over).

    We get one last scene with Team Rocket as they get a call from Giovanni who tells them they completed their mission and they got the data they scanned back to HQ. Jessie asks about the energy but Giovanni said they're currently studying it and tells them to remain in standby until they get their next mission. They should probably consider themselves lucky Giovanni didn't ask about what happened to the machine as they must have noticed it suddenly stopped transmitting.

    Back at the Straiton Gym... *facepalms* Oh my Arceus, they're actually doing it:

    Chili: You're going on a journey?
    Cress: Are you serious?
    Cilan: I'm as serious as can be. *turns to Ash* After Ash and I had our battle our talks convinced me I couldn't resist the urge anymore!
    Comment: What talks? You asked Ash a bunch of questions he never answered because you creeped him out.
    Cilan: It's so clear, there is more to the pairing of Pokemon and trainer then I originall thought, much more! I know this would help me become an even better Pokemon Connoisseur!
    Chili: In that case, we won't stop you!
    Comment: The fangirls on the other hand...
    Cress: We want you to be the best Pokemon Connoisseur.
    Comment: Um, aren't you two Pokemon Connoisseurs too? So am I to take this as you admitting you're perfectly fine being considered 2nd rate?

    Cilan thanks his brothers as they said they'll take care of the Gym and give him their Best Wishes (good one, though does this consider a title drop even though this isn't the title for the dub?). Awhile later Ash asked where Cilan was heading and he says wherever Ash is going (Okay, Cilan, I didn't mention it before as it wasn't quite so obvious, though now you're beginning to sound like a pedo...). Ash agrees to travel together as Cilan pulls out a Town Map (first time we saw one in the anime) to find where the next Gym is saying its Nacrene City. Cilan then asks where Iris with Ash saying he doesn't know, and right on cue she hangs upside-down from the tree scaring them (Was she in this tree waiting for them this whole entire time?). Teasing about scaring them, Cilan suggest that all three should travel together as they complement one another. Ash agrees saying together he can become a Pokemon Master, Cilan can become the best Pokemon Connoisseur, and as for Iris... she says what she wants to be is a secret and runs off with Ash and Cilan following behind. We end with the narrator confirming that Ash has formed his Unova region's power trio.

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    Actually Pikachu, only Cilan was ever referred to as a connoisseur.

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    Awesome episode! Ash defeats Cilan and gets the Trio Badge, and Cilan joins Ash and Iris on their journey!

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    Haven't posted in here in awhile. ;p

    But I still think this was a great episode. I think they're going to follow Iris as the "big thing" (:

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