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Episode Discussion: Evolution Exchange Excitement!

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    [1]May 26, 2012
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    A pretty nice episode. But otherwise not very exciting.

    Yay, we finally get to see Trade Evolution, 15 years after the show first started....

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    [2]May 26, 2012
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    There was that one episode with the Clamperl's! Oh wait that was a cop out....
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    [3]May 26, 2012
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    Awesome episode! It was so cool to see a trade between Bianca and Professor Juniper resulting in evolution!

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    [4]May 27, 2012
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    This was a great episode!

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    [5]May 27, 2012
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    It was a cool episode; I like that Bianca seems to be developing a better relationship with her Pokemon. I don't get how it is that the trade resulted in evolution of the two Pokemon, though.

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    [6]May 28, 2012
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    nicknameless101 wrote:

    It was a cool episode; I like that Bianca seems to be developing a better relationship with her Pokemon. I don't get how it is that the trade resulted in evolution of the two Pokemon, though.

    Something about one of them stealing the armor of the other, trading evolution makes no real sense anyway

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    [7]May 28, 2012
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    Hooray for evolutions that make not even one iota of sense, tag battles, and the usual Biancaness.

    Ok maybe not that last one. Least she got an Escavalier.

    Oh and cheesy cliffhanger endings are a plusle. See what I didz there?
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    [8]May 29, 2012
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    Nice episode!! Like to see more of Ash's pokemon evolve, just guess I will have to wait.

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    [9]May 31, 2012
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    This episode was okay, though what's interesting is the ending . Ash & co. (+ Bianca) come back to Professor's Juniper's Base Camp where Professor Juniper shows them the Trade Machine that her and Bianca will use to trade Shelmet and Karrablast. But before they do Professor Juniper says they first need to gather pre-evolution data so they have Shelmet and Karrablast battle. However their battle is cut short when the equipment gathering the data and the Trade Machine start to short circuit due to a sudden interference which everyone goes to investigate. What is causing the interference? Will Bianca and Professor Juniper be able to trade Shelmet and Karrablast to evolve them? Will Bianca's battling sill increase by using an Escavalier instead of a Shelmet? And will I correctly predict a line I think they're going to say about Escavalier? You don't need to trade to find out, just read below:

    Trade Interference:
    Ash & co. (+ Bianca, Professor Juniper, and male scientist) have finally arrived to Professor Juniper's Base Camp and Bianca gets excited about her and Professor Juniper's Trade Evolution.

    Ash: Wonder what they'll evolve into?

    Inside a tent, Professor Juniper shows Ash & co. (+ Bianca) the trade machine she brought with her and explains the reason she brought it with her is because she wanted to see the effects of Chargestone Cave on Trade Evolutions (um, it should have no effect, Shelmet and Karrablast both evolve when traded with each other because that's how they evolve...). Ash & co. start getting excited and Bianca begs Professor Juniper to start the trade however Professor Juniper says she wants to collect pre-evolution data first and suggests they do so with a battle.

    Outside, one of the other scientists (don't know if it's the same that's been with her last episode, but does it really matter? If this was Star Trek they would be wearing red shirts...) says they're ready to collect the data but Professor Juniper says they need a judge which Cilan volunteers to do. Bianca sends out Shelmet... DAMMIT ASH! YOU ALREADY SCANNED SHELMET!!... which Axew then decides to sneak behind and scream at Shelmet which scares it to closing its shell (little jerk, Axew should have gotten some acid sprayed in its face for that). Iris grabs Axew and apologizes to Shelmet as Professor Juniper sends out Karrablast which scares Shelmet even mores.

    Pokedex: Karrablast, the Clamping Pokémon. Karrablast live in forests and fields, and often hide in trees or grass when threatend. They can also defend themselves by spitting acid.
    Comment: You may also want to mention the part about it HUNTING SHELMET to explain why shelmet is so scared. The poor thing isn't being drawn in a very good light in this episode.

    The battle starts and Professor Juniper lets Bianca have the first move... unfortunately Shelmet is too terrified of being eaten by it's natural predator to come out of its shell so Bianca says it'll probably be better for Professor Juniper to go first. Karrablast starts with a Peck however Shelmet uses a Protect which stops Karrablast initial attempt but it keeps on Pecking on that Protect. Karrablast uses a Take Down but Shelmet's Protect once again stops it however it does push Shelmet back to Bianca's feet almost. Ash tells Bianca that she has to attack but Bianca says that her Shelmet is really shy (or afraid of being EATEN) so Professor Juniper says she's just going to have to attack again.

    However one of the scientists yells for Professor Juniper as we see the computer gathering the battle data starts short circuiting and Cilan declares a time out. Professor Juniper goes over to the computer and asks what's wrong and one of the scientists explains they're picking up a lot of strange electrical readings and are getting even more from the caves (maybe trying to analyze things in a cave that has a strong electromagnetic field with electronic equipment probably wasn't the brightest of ideas). Later in the Trade Machine Tent, one of the scientists say the strange electric current is coming from Area 7 and, seeing that the Trade Machine itself is also short circuiting, Professor Juniper says her and Bianca won't be able to trade (you probably also lost any data you collected from the battle).

    Bianca: AHHH! But why? WHY?
    Comment: Do you not see the eletrical jolts that are covering the Trade Machine in front of you?

    Professor Juniper tells her the interference is effecting the Trade Machine and Bianca starts panicing asking "What am I going to do?" (wait until the interference stops?) which Ash & co. tell her to calm down. Ash says this could be Team Rocket's work (that's your scapegoat for everything (at least it should be)) but Professor Juniper says they can't be sure it's Team Rocket but decides to investigate Area 7 anyway (and if did think it was Team Rocket you wouldn't investigate Area 7?).

    At the entrance of Area 7, Professor Juniper asks what's going on in there as they here a shallow cry which one of the scientists said they've been hearing off and on. Ash & co. (+ Bianca, Professor Juniper, and the other two scientists) go into the cave and eventually find a group of Klink which one of the scientists ask if they could be creating the interference but Professor Juniper says they can't be as the sensor tracking the interference points further into the cave. In further, they find a Klinklang which gears aren't spinning and Professor Juniper says it's the source of the interference and where the sound is coming from. Ash walks closer to Klinklang to scan it with his Pokedex when Klinklang starts shooting out Charge Beams which Ash starts dodging and then Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper then starts cranking a gear noisemaker which one of the scientists says makes soundwaves which gear Pokemon love and it calms down Klinklang. Professor Juniper notices something shining between Klinklang's gears and bends down to help it which results in Klinklang's gears to start spinning again the stablizing the electrical waves. Bianca asks Professor Juniper what she did and Professor Juniper shows Bianca a pen and explains it was stuck between Klinklang's gears resulting its gears to stop moving and it to release excess electricity which cause the interference. Professor Juniper asks the other scientists if they detect other people but the one of other scientist says they detect only themselves which Professor Juniper says "They must be gone" in an odd way which Ash & co. don't miss and ask about but she shrugs it off and suggests to Bianca they go back and start the trade.

    One Shell Of A Battle:
    Back the the Trade Machine Tent, Professor Juniper recalls Karrablast as Bianca tells Shelmet that it's time for Professor Juniper to take care of it (you know you could just trade back, Professor Juniper is interested in the trading evolution process itself, not in the Pokemon themselves, I'm sure she would be perfectly fine with keeping the Escavalier) and recalls it and gives it to Professor Juniper to place both Pokeballs onto the Trade Machine. After a few button presses, flashy lights, and a screen showing the two Pokemon going from on side to another, Professor Juniper gives Bianca her new "Karrablast".

    Back to the spot where they battled, Professor Juniper sends out Shelmet (who should not have its shell...) which immediately evolves into an Accelgor (and apparently learns a whole new set of moves). Bianca sends out Karrablast which too immediately evolves into an Escavalier (somehow growing a shell...).

    Bianca: So Escavalier inherited Shelmet's beautiful shell.
    Comment: How? Shelmet still had its shell when Professor Juniper sent it out and it evolved and we never saw anything go off from it and over to Karrablast. Now if they had maybe showed Shelmet and Karrablast evolve on the Trade Machine's screen when they passed each other and when they sent them out they would have already been an Accelgor and Escavalier it would have made better sense.

    And of course, Escavalier too has gained a whole new move set (maybe this is the effect of Chargestone Cave on Trade Evolution that Professor Juniper wanted to see?). Anyway, Ash says that Escavalier looks angry but Bianca says it isn't so cue Escavalier's eye glowing red, it giving out a scream, and start attacking Bianca.

    Professor Juniper: I guess that leaves me with no choice.
    Comment: Can you try not sounding playful when there's a Pokemon trying to impale its trainer?

    Accelgor uses Substitute which draws Escavalier's attention to attack "Accelgor" but once it does the Substitute vanishes as Professor Juniper tells Bianca to return Escavalier into its Pokeball which Bianca does and she asks why it's angry. Professor Juniper says Escavalier may have Shelmet's shell but has Karrablasts' aggresiveness and Ash & co. show some concern about Bianca controlling Escavalier. Bianca asks Professor Juniper if there's anything she can do (trade back...) and Professor Juniper suggests that they have a tag battle to get rid of that "excess" energy they witnessed (... you know, the problem could be be Escavalier considered Bianca an inexperienced trainer, I highly doubt "excess energy" is the problem). Professor Juniper asks Ash & co. (though I'm not to sure which two) to be there opponents and Ash agrees (and since Cilan also spoke up I guess he's Ash's tag team, though isn't he suppose to be judging the battle?).

    Oh, turns out one of the other scientists is judging the battle (then why wasn't he before?), so it's Professor Juniper & Bianca vs. Ash & Cilan. Ash sends out Boldore...

    Cilan: It's truely rocking-and-rolling tag team time. *Cilan is also doing a strange dance while saying this*
    Comment: Boldore, please "rock" Cilan's head and "roll" it away.

    ... and Cilan sends out Crustle while Professor Juniper sends out Accelgor and Bianca sends out Escavalier who gives Bianca a glare upsetting her that it doesn't like her. Boldore attacks first with Rock Smash which knocks back both Accelgor and Escavalier into and smashing a rock and Crustle follows with an X-Scissor which Accelgor and Escavalier both jump away from. Accelgor attacks back with a Quick Attack which knocks back Crustle and Iris then tell Bianca its her turn however Escavalier ignores Bianca and uses Fury Attack trying to attack both Boldore and Crustle but they grab its lance arms and push it back as they side step for it to "speed" past them.

    Ash: Escavalier is fast too.
    Comment: I knew they were going to say that. For those who don't know, Escavalier's base speed stat is 20. Thirteen other Pokemon has a Speed stat of 20 and only fourteen other Pokemon have a Speed stat lower than 20. But if you want to go by fully evolved/single family Pokemon, than Escavalier is the 2nd slowest tied with Torkoal and Ferrothorn. What I'm trying to say here is that Escavalier is not fast, it's not even average, it's SLOW.

    Iris: Wow Bianca, that was great! You and Escavalier are in total sync!
    Comment: Did you not notice Escavalier completely ignoring her? Did you hear Bianca tell Escavalier to use Fury Attack?

    Professor Juniper also congratulates Bianca on Escavalier's Fury Attack however Bianca says she hasn't given Escavalier a command yet which surprises Professor Juniper as Escavalier turns it back on Bianca who says it's tougher to deal with than Shelmet. Iris tells Bianca to "get it together" as Ash and Cilan plan on targeting Escavalier first with Crustle using Rock Slide which Escavalier dodges however Boldore's Rock Blast hits it several times knocking it down. Accelgor comes to the rescue using a Substitute to take a Rock Blast hit for Escavalier surprising Ash and Cilan when it vanishes.

    Cilan: I think that one was a fake. Not sure where the real one is.
    Comment: Why not try the one that didn't get hit and didn't vanish...

    Iris cheers for Accelgor as Accelgor slowly jumps over to Escavalier and Bianca tells Escavalier that Accelgor protected it with Substitute though it had taken a toll on Accelgor. Boldore starts up a Flash Cannon which Iris says Accelgor won't be able to take another attack (which Pikachu then gives a little cheer about, lol) but Escavalier moves in front of Accelgor and blocks the attack. Crustle uses Rock Slide which Escavalier defends against by using Iron Defense as Bianca instructed it too, finally listening to her. Accelfor uses Recover healing from the Substitute use and uses Quick Attack while Escavalier uses Fury Attack. Crustle takes the Quick Attack and is knocked back while Boldore dodges the Fury Attacks though is too eventually knocked back because of Escavalier's "amazing" speed (to top it all off, let's remember that Rock-types resist Normal-type attacks... DO THE WRITER'S EVEN PLAY THE GAME?). Accelgor and Escavalier tries to finish the battle with a double Hyper Beam however Boldore takes the hit and is knocked out leaving a possible Ash and Cilan victory up to Crustle.

    Accelgor and Escavalier try another double Hyper Beam however Crustle uses Shell Smash and leaps out of its shell having it take the hit as its body glows white before red cracks appear and smashes the white shell away to reveal a red glowing body. Crustle uses Rock Wrecker with the first one hitting Accelgor and firmly implanting it into the side of the cave while the second one (um, where's the recharge for the first Rock Wrecker?) is pierced through by Accelgor and Escavalier however the force of the attack still caused Accelgor and Escavalier to be launched back and dug into the ground, knocking both out and giving the win to Cilan & Ash.

    Bianca is sad they didn't win the battle being they were so close however Professor Juniper said that wasn't the reason they had a tag battle saying it was to help Bianca and Accelgor and Escavalier to get in sync. Bianca thanks Professor Juniper and Iris reiterates that battling is as much about endurance as it is about attacking. Ash and Cilan walk up to them saying it was an good battle and Bianca goes up to Escavalier thanking it and it seems to have lighten up a bit in its agressiveness. Small while later, Bianca says that Escavalier is starting to listen to her while one of the scientists show Professor Juniper the battle results and she says that it's quite the power increase and impressive they got so far against a Gym Leader like Cilan (well Cilan had a handicap (this is not an insult to Boldore, please direct this insult to the trainer standing behind Boldore) ). This excites Bianca and says that the next time she'll be able to win and recalls Escavalier before telling Professor Juniper that with Escavalier's help she'll be able to catch more Pokemon.

    Bianca runs off and the Narrator comes in to end the episode, however Pikachu and Axew hears something as we see a hand come out of the cave. An elderly man you should recognize from the games comes staggering out as Professor Juniper turns around and yells our "Papa". That's right, it's Professor Juniper's father Cedric Juniper (for those wondering, Professor Juniper's first name is "Aurea"), who soon after collapses in front of them as we end the episode here.

    NOTE: Due to upcoming circumstances, for the next few weeks I'll be busy so I'll only be able to post a short message of what I generally thought of the next three episodes. I'll try to include noteworthy quotes if I hear any but other then that it'll just be my general thoughts. So for BW064 "Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!", BW065 "Battling the Bully!", and probably BW066 "Baffling the Bouffalant!" there won't be my full review. However either BW066 or BW067 "Cilan Takes Flight!" I'll return to my full review styles. Thank you.

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