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Episode Discussion: Explorer's of the Hero's Ruin!

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    [1]Jun 2, 2012
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    Welp, old man Juniper was somewhat entertaining. Him and his adventure rules.

    And oh look a Krokorok, what's with the writers and their cliffhangers lately?

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    [2]Jun 2, 2012
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    Awesome episode! It was so cool to finally meet Professor Juniper's father!

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    [3]Jun 2, 2012
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    My god Ash is sucha brown noser

    "I think it's great Mr Juniper did this, let us do this is so smart that he did that"

    What a kiss***

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    [4]Jun 3, 2012
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    This episode was pretty good.

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    [5]Jun 27, 2012
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    Today's episode was actually a bit humorous, but more so because I'm convinced Cedric is trying to kill everyone. Starting from last episode Professor Juniper's father, Cedric Juniper, limped out of Chargestone Cave and collapsed in front of Ash & co. and Professor Juniper. After helping him and introducing himself to Ash & co., he explains that he was on his way to a recently discovered ruin when he got lost in Chargestone Cave. He tells them the ruin is related to the "Legend of the Hero" and Zekrom and upon hearing this Ash & co. ask if they could go with Cedric which he agreed to take them with him. But upon getting to the ruin they soon discover that it won't be their step that they may have to watch out for. What kind of secrets and surprises does the ruin hold? Will Ash & co. and Cedric discover what the connection is between the ruin, the "Hero", and Zekrom is? What is this "Legend of the Hero" and what does it have to do with Zekrom? And being this is more then a month old here is a drinking game for you: take a shot every time Ash & co. almost meet their demise because of Cedric.

    The Cave Just Appeared Right In My Path:
    We start the episode right where we left off with Cedric Juniper, father of Professor Juniper, coming out of Chargestone Cave to the Base Camp and collapsing. Quick cut to them in a tent and Cedric Juniper is eating a sandwich as Professor Juniper introduces Ash & co. to her father. Professor Juniper tells Ash & co. that her father is a researcher who specializes in Legendary Pokemon (so he's a cryptozoologist?).

    Iris: Wow, do you mean like Zekrom and Reshiram?
    Comment: No, like Pidove and Patrat.

    Professor Juniper asks her father why he's here and Cedric Juniper (I'm just going to call him Cedric for now on) explains that recently ruins linked to the "Legend of the Hero" has been discovered. Cedric goes onto say that the ruins are believed to be where the "Hero" established a connection with Zekrom which gets Ash excited. Cedric says he was on his way to the ruins but "Chargestone Cave got in his way" and gives a laugh though Professor Juniper tells him it's not funny and asks if the pen that got stuck in Klinklank is his. Cedric says it is and asks how Professor Juniper got it and she explains it was stuck in a gears of a Klinklank and tells him to be more careful. Cedric takes back the pen and says he got to go which Professor Juniper asks why (did you not hear the part about the ruins?) and he says seeing her has inspired him to see the ruins as soon as possible (you just don't want to get in trouble for losing your pen). While this goes on Ash & co. nod to each other.

    Ash: Professor Juniper.
    Both Junipers: Huh?
    Comment: Saw that joke coming a mile away.

    Ash asks Cedric to also take him, Iris, & Cilan to the ruins (I mean how else is Ash suppose to save the world at the end of the series if he doesn't bond with Zekrom?) and then after the opener and title screen asking as a group.

    Cedric: Why I never...
    *Ash & co. gasp*
    Comment: An adult that may actually not want to take kids to a fragile and possibly dangerous location! GASP!
    Cilan: We're very sorry if we upset you with our request...
    Cedric: ... refuse bright young folks.
    Professor Juniper: My father has a habit of stopping in a middle of a sentence when he has important things on his mind.
    Comment: It's not like this show is already filled with character quirks, let's add one more!

    Cedric agrees to take them and Professor Juniper tell him to take care of them as we go through a montage of Ash & co. following Cedric through Chargestone Cave, a forest, and climbing a mountain before stopping in another forest for the night. Around a campfire eating, Ash asks Cedric to tell them the Legend of the Hero which Iris and Cilan say they want to hear also.

    Cedric: No way... would I ever refuse you.
    Comment: Two jokes in and already it's getting old. I might just decide to skip these from now on.

    Cedric opens an old book with unreadable text (well, all text in the show in unreadable, but this even more so) to the "Chapter of Darkness":

    Cedric: When the hero turns the darkness into light, and the hero's heart becomes one with the Pokemon.
    Comment: Darkness, light, heart, connection, this is getting way to close to Kingdom Hearts territory.
    Cedric: Zekrom shall descend and lend the hero its power.
    Comment: You sure it says Zekrom and not "Keyblade".
    Ash: Zekrom! Oh man!
    Comment: Why are you surprise? Cedric told you that the ruins are where the hero supposedly made contact with Zekrom.

    And just as I say that Cedric also reminds Ash of this though Ash & co. get excited about possibly meeting Zekrom. Cedric says he wants them to learn a lot from their venture but have a lot of fun in the process (sounds like what a permission slip for a school field trip to a museum would say, except in reality you go because it gets you out of school for most of the day).

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    [6]Jun 27, 2012
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    Yu-Gi-Oh Had Less Traps Activated:
    The next morning Ash & co. (+ Cedric) get to the entrance of the ruin and go in. Walking down a corridor, Cedric warns them to watch out for traps as they reach black stone wall. Ash says it's a dead end but Iris sees a small statue of a venipede resting on an indent in the wall and Cedric tells them they've reached the first trap. Cedric finds some more "ancient text" and explains it's a code which only the ancients could understand (so is this even their language?). Cedric uses the old book to translate "the code":

    Cedric: Turning the Venipede Statue to he left...
    Cilan: You mean like this.
    *turns Venipede Statue to he left*
    Cedric: IS A BAD IDEA!
    Comment: You know I always figured that it was going to be a stupid quirk that gets Ash & co. killed.

    The black stone wall slides down revealing... a boulder (hold on *goes to play Indiana Jones music*). So the boulder does its "Raiders of the Lost Ark" thing as Ash & co. (+ Cedric) start running and Cilan sends out Pansage to use Dig to create a hole (aren't you glad you brought kids so that they could damage the ruin?) which everyone jumps down into (how do you know that doesn't lead into another trap, like a spike pit?). Actually it just created a small ditch as the boulder rolls by (no doubt too big to pass through the entrance thus blocking them in) and Cedric says he "loves a close call" (what, does he also like the smell of napalm in the morning?).

    Ash: Talking like that can get us in a "hole" lot of trouble.
    Comment: *plays rimshot*
    Cedric: Rule #1: Act after I finish my thought.
    Comment: Because the first thing he says is always a bad thing.
    Iris: OH, NOW HE TELLS US!
    Comment: And he's probably not going to tell you the rest of the rules until after you need them too.

    Cedric says now that the boulder is gone they can continue (but, as I said, the boulder is now blocking their way out) and Cilan asks if Cedric knew the passage was there all along and goes on to say the thrill of adventure and solving puzzles makes his research "double the fun" before laughing. They get to trap #2 which has two bridges hanging over a gorge and Cedric reads "the code" which says taking the bridge to the right.

    Iris: Is a no-no, right Professor?
    Cedric: Is wrong.
    Ash: That means...
    Cedric: Crossing the bridge on the left...
    Cilan: Has to be it!
    Comment: I hope they're as good at jumping gorges as they are at jumping to conclusions...
    Ash: Okay, let's use the left bridge.
    *Ash and Cilan takes the left bridge*
    Cedric: Is wrong, too.
    *Ash and Cilan fall*
    Iris: Ash, Cilan, are you all right?
    *Ash and Cilan are holding onto the broken bridge*
    Ash: Yeah, we're "hanging" out down here.
    Comment: And then the plank of wood Ash is holding on breaks for that terrible joke...
    *fade to next scene where Ash and Cilan are back up*
    Cedric: Adventure Rule 2: Do not assume.
    Comment: Or you make an @$$ out of me and you.

    Iris asks if both birdges are traps how are they suppose to get to the other side and Cilan suggests that the cave on the other side might also be a trap (WHAT DID CEDRIC JUST SAY ABOUT ASSUMING!). Ash asks if that means they're at a dead end but Cilan suggests that their might be another way and, wouldn't you know it, Axew found that other way!

    At trap #3...

    Ash: It looks like another trap.
    Comment: Thank you Ash, we wouldn't have been able to guess that...

    Ash & co. (+ Cedric) are in front of three entrances carved in the shape of a Golett (technically 4 since both of Golett's eyes are entrances), a Krokorok, and a Darumaka (the last two's entrances are their mouths). Iris asks Cedric if there's any ancient text but Cedric says he doesn't see any so Cilan says they might have to try all the entrances (how have they survived for this long?). They try the Darumaka Cave first and someway in a wall of fire rises up in front of them and as they try going back another fire wall blocks their escape. Cilan sends out Stunfisk (yes Ash, just stand there and do nothing, it's not like you have a Water-type that can help...) who uses Mud Bomb which puts out the fire wall blocking their escape and they run out while they still can.

    Next cave is the Krokorok Cave and... oh I'll just tell you the trap and how they escape: crushing wall trap, Excadrill uses Metal Claws to hold the walls open. So final cave is the Golett Cave but before they go in Cedric reveals that he knew it was the RIGHT CAVE ALL ALONG (if I was Ash & co. I would turn around and leave... oh wait, the boulder is blocking the exit. Cedric is an evil genius...)! Cilan asks Cedric why didn't he tell them and Cedric explains that other ruins like this one have the same trap and the Golett one was the right one for them too (... that didn't answer Cilan's question...).

    Cedric: I thought it'd be much better to simply keep my mouth shut so you can get the full enjoyment out of the exploration.
    Comment: YOU ALL ALMOST GOT KILLED! Cedric is sadistic! No wonder why Professor Juniper laughed when she saw Escavalier try to impale Bianca, she got it from her father!

    Ash: Well I think Professor Juniper is awesome for giving us the chance to really have fun.
    Comment: Easy for you to say, you've been dead like a dozen times already...

    Though the Golett Cave, they enter a room filled with 4 Cof@grigus (darn censor) coffins. Cilan asks what they are (um, don't you remember seeing the replica Cof@grigus coffin in the Nacrene Museum?) and Cedric says he isn't sure. Ash asks if there's a trap in here too (... no, now why don't you just go and open one of those coffins...) and Axew points to someplace and everyone rushes over to there... as one of the coffin lids behind them opens slightly and then closes again.

    They reach what Cedric says is a revolving door and he says if they all push together they might be able to get it open though Iris says she thinks it's a trap which Cilan agrees but Ash is, of course, ready to dive into danger.

    Iris: What a dumb choice, what a kid.
    Comment: That's about to be dead.

    Ash & co. (+ Cedric) open the door and as soon as there's a crack a bright light shines out and blinds them... into a Who's That Pokemon (Sigilyph? Hmm... I wonder if this Pokemon who is said to be guardians of an ancient city...). Getting through the door and blinding light, Ash & co. (+ Cedric) enter a room which Cedric says is shaped like a volcanic crater and Iris points to the bottom center of it which has a circle of crystal spikes surrounding a red circle. Going down the stairs and into the right of crystal spikes (yes, because it's not like you've encountered traps in this place yet...), Ash asks if this is where the hero met Zekrom which Cedric says in other ruins they've found crystal spikes just like these so it might be. Ash & co. get excited though Pikachu draws their attention to the center red circle which has a yellow right with ancient text written all around it and a glowing yellow orb in the center of the red circle. Ash is about to grab the glowing orb before Cedric stops him saying that it's the "Golden Dark Stone" and if this is the stone used to contact Zekrom then it's most likely booby trapped (you say this yet you're still standing in the center of crystal spikes...). Iris says they've been through the traps before (and barely made it out alive) but Cedric says this trap could be far more dangerous then what they've been through as we get images of a falling mashy spike plate, an explosion, and spike pit. Ash seems to have finally realized that these traps are made to KILL them and we get this rather amusing image:

    (Apparently Pikachu is just a balloon which "deflates" when it dies)

    Making It Up As It Was Planned All Along:
    Cedric tells them Adventure Rule #3: Daydream in moderation... which Cedric quickly explains that it means this is as far as they go which disappoints Ash and Iris though Cilan says the adventure was thrilling (and deadly). But before Ash & co. (+ Cedric) could leave a Sigilyph flies in from the above hole in the ceiling and starts attacking them with Psybeam. Ash tries having Pikachu use Thunberbolt but Sigilyph dodges and uses Mirror Move which copies Thunderbolt and shocks Ash & co. (+ Cedric). Sigilyph isn't through yet as it uses Hypnosis on Pikachu putting it to sleep as Cedric tells everyone to run (or hop in Iris case... why is she hopping up the stairs one step at a time?) as Sigilyph attacks them from behind with Psybeam.

    Ash & co. (+ Cedric) are blasted into the Cof@grigus coffin room and see some of the coffins tipped over and realize they're empty. Ash & co. (+ Cedric) hide inside the coffins as Sigilyph does a quick search around the room before going back into the "Golden Dark Stone" room. Cedric, Ash, and Cilan get out of the coffins glad to see Sigilyph gone and Pikachu awake but Cedric notices Iris isn't out and when they open the coffin they find a REAL Cof@grigus! Cof@grigus pushes them out of the way with one of its shadow hands and starts crawling around as Ash scans it with his Pokedex and hearing the line "People who approach Cof@grigus are swallowed and turned into mummies" realize what must of happened to Iris. Cilan demands Cof@grigus frees Iris but instead it uses Telekinesis to lift Ash and Pikachu up. Cedric tells Cilan that it's all up to him (what Cedric, you don't have any Pokemon? Or do you just want them to "get the full enjoyment out of the exploration") so Cilan sends out Pansage who uses Dig and hits Cof@grigus. Cof@grigus spins back and uses Will-O-Wisp but Pansage dodges and uses SolarBeam (how did it charge it up that quickly in a DARK room?) which knocks it back into its "coffin form" freeing Ash and Pikachu from the Telekinesis and having Iris and Axew reappear wrapped up like a, well, mummy.

    (Ash is a skeleton, Iris is a mummy, come on Cilan, why don't you get into the Halloween spirit )

    Iris breaks free and says she quits but the Cof@grigus starts floating back up as Cilan tries pushing the door open but he says it won't budge. Just then another door opens and Ash & co. (+ Cedric) run through only to find another room filled with even more Cof@grigus coffins which turn out to all be real Cof@grigus (or is that Cof@grigus They run past and into a larger room where Sigilyph finds them and attacks with Psybeam and chases them around the room.

    Cilan: Why don't they realize we didn't lay a hand on the Golden Dark Stone.
    Comment: Because they're suppose to be guarding the plac...
    Cedric: Because we did lay a hand on it, see?

    Comment: ... Ash, Iris, Cilan, you all now have permission to trip Cedric and sacrifice him as you run away. Just don't tell Professor Juniper that...

    Cilan asks Cedric why does he have the "Golden Dark Stone" which Iris reminds him that HE told them not to touch it but Cedric said that for a researcher like him the things you aren't suppose to touch are the most irresistible of all and then gives out a laugh (... all you need to do is bump legs...). Cedric stops and turns around saying he'll give it back but Sigilyph attacks them with Psybeam. The smoke clears with everyone okay and Cedric says that Sigilyph is blind with anger and won't calm down until they return the "Golden Dark Stone" to its proper place. Just then the Cof@grigus float in and use Telekinesis to lift Ash & co. (+ Cedric) and fling them into a wall which reveals to be a hidden door which slides them down far below into a pool of water.

    Ash asks where are they and Cedric says they're deep inside the ruin where intruders are held. Iris asks if that means they'll never get out but Cedric says he deliberately took the Golden Dark Stone to get down there (is that the excuse he's going with?). Iris agrees with me but Cedric insists its true saying he though he would have to take drastic measure to get down there. As they wade their way along, Cilan asks if this is a special place and Cedric says it's where the hero encountered Zekrom, lifting the Golden Dark Stone to cause a wall carving of Zekrom on the ceiling to glow yellow. There's actually several murals on the ceiling and Cedric tells them the hero, feeling defeated and in despair, waited underground to accept his fate until Zekrom appeared to help the hero escape the darkness. Ash says that means they're going to escape too which Cilan asks how not seeing anyway to escape.

    Cedric: Adventure rule #4: don't give up until the very end.
    Comment: You're at a bottom of a ruin where prisoners are suppose to be kept, I would call this the very end.

    Cedric tells them their must be a way out and after a montage of searching Cedric finds a door which leads back into the crater room where they find the "Golden Dark Stone". Cedric places the "Golden Dark Stone" back into the center of the room when Sigilyph and Cof@grigus rush in. Cof@grigus uses Telekinesis to lift Ash & co. (+ Cedric) up, through the hole in the roof, and high into the sky before letting go and leaving Ash & co. (+ Cedric) to fall to their deaths. Ash & co. start to panic but Cedric tells them adventure rule #5: The answer to escape from mortal danger lies within the legends core. Cilan says Zekrom lent its power to the hero as soon as the hero's heart became one with the Pokemon and Ash gives out a cry that they really love Pokemon.

    We're given quick flashbacks of Ash & co. interacting with all the Pokemon they've met so far on their Unova adventure (ah-ha! so the true nature of this episode is revealed: it's a clip show!). When we come out of the clip show segment, Ash & co. (+ Cedric) have Telekinesis being used on them and are gently brought down in front of Sigilyph and Cof@grigus. Cedric saying Sigilyph and Cof@grigus saving them shows that Ash & co.'s heart have become one with Pokemon and the two Pokemon go back to where they were before as Ash & co. wave them goodbye. Cedric says that he has no doubt this ruin is related to the legend as when he drew an outline of the ruin's path it's in the outline of Zekrom.

    Cedric: Adventure rule #6: Making strong and unbelievable assumptions may leave to new discoveries.
    Comment: Doesn't that go against rule #2?

    Outside the ruin, Cedric asked if their adventure was as much fun to them as it was for him with Ash saying it was a blast (I don't remember an explosion trap), Iris saying that's a stretch, and Cilan saying it was an exciting experience. Cedric says he'll be staying for awhile to do some research though he looks forward to seeing Ash & co. again with them saying the samething and maybe they'll explore another ruin which Cedric says will be his pleasure (he may have failed to kill you this time, but the next...). Ash & co. give their goodbyes and walk down the path through the forest, and with the narrator talking I guess this is the end of the episode... OR IS IT! Suddenly a tunnel is dug toward Ash & co. and the Sunglasses Krokorok jumps up from it! Sunglasses Krokorok gives a sinister smile as we end the episode...

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