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Episode Discussion: Stopping the Rage of Legends (Part 2)

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    [1]May 5, 2012
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    Uh, stuff happens. Pokemon beat each other up. Team Rocket accomplishes nothing. Gym battle next ep.

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    [2]May 5, 2012
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    It's was great episode!

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    [3]May 6, 2012
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    I'm glad things eventually worked out between the Kami trio and the island was restored again. Maybe now, Ash can finally have his long-awaited gym battle.

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    [4]May 6, 2012
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    Awesome episode! Another Team Rocket plot is thwarted, the Kami Trio resolve their differences, and Ash can now finally have his long-awaited Gym Battle with Clay.

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    [5]May 7, 2012
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    What is Clay so scared of anyway? In the anime, Ash has to get Revival Herbs before he can battle. In the game, the protagonist has to track down Team Plasma. And of course, Team Rocket is stupid as usual. They didn't bother to re-enforce their chopper since that was the main target.

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    [6]May 10, 2012
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    A good episode and a nice wrap up to this two parter. Ash & co. have successfully summoned Landorus to stop Tornadus and Thundurus from destroying Milos Island. But as they fight it causes some debris to his Ash & co. (+ Lewis) which injures Axew and Gothorita though Lewis reveals he had been keeping an emergency Revival Herb. Getting back to the battle, Landorus looked to have gained the upperhand until they get trapped in laser cube cages by Team Rocket. Can Ash & co. (+ Lewis) defeat Team Rocket and free the Legendary Kami? Once freed will Landorus be able to quell Tornadus and Thundurus once more? Will the island be restored and capable of growing Revival Herbs after this ordeal? And what's dumber: Not aiming for the obvious target or not re-enforcing the obvious target? The last one you have to decide on your own, but the others have definite answers:

    A Dodge And A Miss:
    Continuing from the last episode, Ash & co. (+ Lewis) were successful in summoning Landorus (little did they know the ritual they did now means Iris has to be sacrificed...) which pleases the Rocket Trio as they call Dr. Zager to start Phase 3. Landorus floats down to face Ash & co. (+ Lewis) and... WOW is it small, it's about adult human size... I mean Lewis tells Landorus that Tornadus and Thundurus are on Milos Island fighting and asks it to stop them. Landorus agrees and seeing a lightning bolt it flies to it and vanishes in a lightning flash as Ash & co. can't believe Landorus heard them and Iris thanks Gothorita.

    Iris: So now, will Landorus be able to stop those two from fighting with each other?
    Lewis: If the Legend is true.
    Comment: Um, didn't Landorus get beaten up by Tornadus and Thundurus in the Legend and had to be healed before it could defeat them? That more sounds like it has a 50/50 chance of winning.

    The three Kami then fly out from the clouds and Landorus starts pleading with Tornadus and Thundurus as Ash & co. get to a better spot to see that negotiations aren't going so well. Tornadus attacks with Hurricane which Landorus blocks with a Protect and does so again when Thundurus uses Focus Blast (Not a Charge Beam as I said in the last part, after I post this I'm going to fix that). Landorus counterattacks with Extrasensory as Ash & co. (+ Lewis) cheer it on while it dodges a Hammer Arm from Tornadus but is sent flying into a mountain by a Hammer Arm from Thundurus. Tornadus and Thundurus attack with Air Slash and Focus Blast, respectively, and seem to hit the pinned Landorus but Landorus had used a Protect just in time and frees itself from the mountain before using a Hyper Beam which hit Tornadus and Thundurus.

    Meanwhile with the Rocket Trio, Jessie inform Dr. Zager they've entered into Phase 3 and asks for his location which he gives and James pulls out a map revealing Dr. Zager is on his way to Milos Island. Dr. Zager tells the Rocket Trio he'll be their any moment and that they're in for an air battle spectacle the likes they've never seen before (they've seen Arceus fight Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, that's going to be pretty hard to top).

    Thundurus and Tornadus attack with Wild Charge (might as well just ram Landorus, not like the extra electricity is going to do anything) and Energy Ball which Landorus tries blocking with Protect but has to dodge both attacks when Thundurus breaks through the Protect. The dodged Energy Balls hit the mountain causing rocks to fly out and land near where Ash & co. (+ Lewis) are standing and when the smoke clears it reveals that Gothorita tried to protect Axew but both wound up getting injured. Lewis suggests they take Axew and Gothorita to his cabin as Landorus uses Stone Edge on Tornadus and Thundurus chasing them off buying Ash & co. (+ Lewis) the time they needed to escape before Landorus goes after the two.

    In Lewis's Cabin, Iris starts looking through her bag for medicine but Lewis says there is too much damage and takes out a bottled Revival Herb he had hidden away. They grind the Revival Herb into medicine and give it to Axew and Gothorita, healing them (also Lilligant seemed to have healed from its fever offscreen), and Iris tells Axew that Gothirita protected it which Axew thanks it before Lewis suggested they get back to watching Landorus.

    Ready, Fire, Then Aim:
    Arriving back to where they were, Ash wonders where they went but Lewis says they're battling in the clouds, however Landorus must have heard they were back so it leads Tornadus and Thundurus back down below the clouds. Thundurus sneaks behind Landorus however Gothorita uses a Psyshock to force it back in front of Landorus. Landorus uses another Hyper Beam finally putting some injuring marks on Tornadus and Thundurus before pleading with them once more.

    But before anything else could happen 4 orange beams surround Landorus and pulling out shows Tornadus and Thundurus too have been surrounded by green and blue beams, respectively. The beams vanish creating 8 balls which form into a cube which the Kami are not able to escape from. Lewis asks who's doing this and the Rocket Trio appear and recite their motto telling Ash & co. (+ Lewis) they've been waiting for the Legendary Kami to gather which makes Lewis realize they were the ones to break the wedges. James explains they knew if they broke the wedges it would attract Tornadus and Thundurus and they would have to summon Landorus to stop them, Jessie then explains they let the Kami battle until they were exhausted before they launched their plan to capture them saying they now belong to Team Rocket.

    Lewis: Our entire island is suffering... all for their selfish ends!
    Comment: Yes, they're the bad guys, it's what they do.
    Iris: How could they!
    Ash: Team Rocket... STOP THIS NOW!
    Comment: Please let Team Rocket laugh in his face...

    Team Rocket remain silent as Ash sends out Roggenrola to use Flash Cannon on the cube cages but no luck as Iris and Cilan tries with Emolga's Hidden Power and Pansage's SolarBeam but also to no avail. Lewis tries Gothorita Shadow Ball which creates a lot of smoke but no damage to the cube cage as Team Rocket's Helicopter flies down from the clouds as Ash & co. (+ Lewis) look on helplessly (bonus points if you spotted a scene used in the Opener ). Who's That Pokemon later (oh come, Gothorita? You could have tried using one of the Kami being they all look alike), Team Rocket's Helicopter sends out a beam which draws the cube cages to attach to the bottom. As Team Rocket flies off Ash has Roggenrola use Flash Cannon on the cube cages (why not aim for the helicopter's rotors?) to still do nothing to it.

    Iris: Hitting the cages do nothing.
    Comment: Well they were made to contain Legendaries so...
    Cilan: That's it! Let's try something else, like aiming for the laser's source. Which means we attack the helicopter!
    Comment: ... excuse me *Pikachu315111 leaves the room where you hear loud screaming and objects breaking before coming back in* Okay, now with that done... NO F*****' S*** SHERLOCK!

    Now with a fury of attacks made up of Roggenrola's Flash Cannon, Emolga's Hidden Power, Pansage's SolarBeam, Pikachu's Thunderbolt, and Axew's Dragon Rage (why weren't you two helping when they were attacking the cages?) aimed at the helicopter, it hits causing the helicopter's systems to malfunction.

    Dr. Zager: They hit the Laser Container! On no, the entire container will explode! And the helicopter too!
    Comment: ... so let me get this straight, your helicopter isn't protected from Pokemon attacks despite Ash & co. having previously attacked the helicopter in the previous Team Rocket scheme to steal Nimbasa City's Pokemon?... You deserve to lose.

    Dr. Zager released the Laser Container which later explodes freeing the Kami as Dr. Zager theorizes the Kami might attack them (YOU THINK?!) and plans their escape route as the Rocket Trio do their best "those pesky twerps!" line and Jessie saying they'll come back to capture them later (now raise your hand if you think Team Rocket never mentions this event again *raises hand*).

    Re-enacting The Legend:
    However, while Tornadus and Thundurus were able to get free in time, Landorus got caught under the Laser Container wreckage and though it climbed, Tornadus attacks it with a Hurricane sending it flying. Iris notes Landorus is injured as it's holding its shoulder which Ash asks how is it going to fight though Iris reminds Lewis of the Revival Herb they used on Axew and Gothorita. Landorus takes some Energy Balls from Tornadus as Lewis fetches what remains of the Revival Herb and we scenes of Landorus being hit by Thundurus's Wild Charge and Tornadus's Hammer Arm. With Landorus now in a crater and Tornadus and Thundurus looming over it, Lewis yells out for Landorus and throws the Revival Herb into the air telling Gothorita to deliver it to Landorus which is does using Telekinesis. Of course Tornadus and Thundurus take no time in attacking Landorus with Hurricane and Focus Blast, respectively (why not aim to obliterate the slow moving Revival Herb which is Landorus's only hope of winning?).

    When the smoke clears the bottle containing the Revival Herb falls empty and Landorus is okay using a Protect now that it's fully healed. Ash & co. (+ Lewis) remind us this is just like the legend as Landorus attacks Tornadus and Thundurus with an Extrasensory and Hyper Beam, exhausting them. Landorus flies over to Tornadus and Thundurus and puts its a hand on their chests and all of them start to glow purple which Cilan explains that Landorus is conveying its thoughts with Gothorita also helping.

    When they stop glowing it seems that Tornadus and Thundurus finally understand what they have been doing and the Legnedary Kami fly over to Lewis who asks Landorus to heal the island. Tornadus begins by summoning rain to water the land followed by sunlight, then Landorus releases an energy blast which glitter "seeds" all over causing Revival Herbs to start rapidly growing, then Tornadus creates a gust of wind to carry the seeds all over the island causing the Revival Herbs to wither. Thundurus sends out lightning bolts to destroy the withered Revival Herbs which alarms Ash but Cilan tells him the burned Revival Herbs will be turned into fertilizer. Lewis says that it takes all three Kami to heal the island as Tornadus summons another rain followed by sunlight and Landorus finally creating another crop of freshly fertilized Revival Herbs. Lewis then sees his Lilligant dancing around as well as all the other island's Pokemon starting to come back now that Milos Island has been healed and is calm once more. Tornadus and Thundurus fly away as Landorus flies down to Lewis who thanks it before it too flies off and vanish with the other Kami in a flash of light as Ash & co. (+ Lewis) thank all three of them.

    Later that noon, Ash & co. are on a boat with a bag of Revival Herbs thanking Lewis for getting them Revival Herbs and he thanks them for helping to save Milos Island. The boat sets sail as Ash & co. wave goodbye to Lewis who wishes Ash good luck with his Gym Battle as the narrator comes in finishing up this episode and two parter.

    Now with this two part over, Pokemon USA, I got a question: WHERE WAS THE TORNADUS AND THUNDURUS EVENT! What, you didn't want to have two Legendary Pokemon giveaways going on at the same time? Oh wait, that can't be it, because the Arceus and Mewtwo Events were at one point occurring at the same time! Yell

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