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Episode Discussion: The Lonely Deino!

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    [1]Apr 7, 2012
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    Iris should have stolen it.

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    [2]Apr 7, 2012
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    Awesome episode! But what would have made it even better, as the last person said, is if Iris had captured the Deino.

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    Good riddance.

    The less share types on a main character's team, the better.

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    [4]Apr 8, 2012
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    It was a cute episode, and I did think Iris was going to keep the Deino. I could have sworn that this episode was going to be similar to when Ash and his friends came across the lone Charmander, but I was glad to know that the Deino's trainer wasn't trying to abandon his Pokemon at all.

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    nicknameless101 wrote:

    It was a cute episode, and I did think Iris was going to keep the Deino. I could have sworn that this episode was going to be similar to when Ash and his friends came across the lone Charmander, but I was glad to know that the Deino's trainer wasn't trying to abandon his Pokemon at all.

    The manga was different. Damian didn't abandon Charmander. He ended up in an accident, and fell into a coma at the hospital. He came to the Hidden Village since he knew it would be there. I was thinking that with Deino after it's trainer showed up. Him trying to catch a Tynamo would make sense since those are rare.

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    [6]Apr 9, 2012
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    Good episode.

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    [7]Apr 14, 2012
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    Today's episode was nice, though like everyone said it's too bad Iris didn't get a Deino (maybe this is setting things up for her to get one?). Ash & co. are having a practice battle to get Ash ready for his next Gym Battle in Driftveil City when they're attacked by a pair of Deino. After battling the Deino an attempt to capture, they're unable to and a Daycare Worker named Bobby runs up to them telling the Deino have trainers and ran away from him. Ash & co. go to Bobby's Daycare and Bobby explains he never took care of Dragon-type's before so Ash & co. volunteer to help. They then find out there is one more Deino that's shy which Iris decides she wants to help. Can Iris help the shy Deino overcome its shyness? How much work does it take care of a Dragon-type? And how much free labor will Bobby try milking out of Ash & co.? Well you know how to find out:

    More Dark Than Dragon:
    The episode starts with Ash and Swadloon have a practice battle with Cilan and Stunfisk. Swadloon tries using String Shot but the rock Pikachu, Iris, and Axew are sitting on EXPLODES (oh no, they hired Michael Bay to handle the special effects!). Actually, after Ash catches Pikachu and Iris hops down from wherever height she jumped up to, something climbs out of the pile or rubble that used to be a big rock to reveal itself to be a Deino, naturally exciting Iris. Ash scans Deino as it runs over to another rock and smashes it. Iris offers to handle Deino pointing out it's a Dragon-type (and Dark-type) and she jumps over to it only to get Headbutted (and that's why I mentioned it was a Dark-type) and knocked back landing right on top of Axew. Ash hears Cilan scream and looks over to see that there's one more Deino and now both are eating their food which gets Ash and Pikachu kind of angry...

    Comment: ... some Deino are going to die... O_o

    Or not, Pikachu jumps at the Deino eating their food though they jump out of the way causing Pikachu to hit the ground and one Deino jumps on top of Pikachu. Ash orders Swadloon to do a String Shot but once again the Deino dodge and one Headbutts Ash while Cilan tries catching the other but it dodges and runs over Stunfisk causing it to cry. The Deino hide behind a bush and start giggling and Iris decides she's going to catch them though Ash runs in front of her telling her not to be selfish as he wants to also catch one.

    Iris: Come on, this was my idea!
    Comment: ... THERE'S TWO!
    Iris: What a kid.
    Comment: No, you're the kid for wanting both of them! Selfish b****.

    Ash decides he wants to catch the one on the left (does it matter? Work together to knock both of them out and then throw your Pokeball at the one closest to you) and Pikachu starts using Electro Ball while Axew does Dragon Rage both hitting and knocking down the Deino. Ash and Iris throw their Pokeballs and they hit the Deino... however they do nothing and return back to their hands confusing them which has Ash asking "if that means..." before being interrupted by a man screaming to stop. The man tells them that the Deino have trainers already and he's looking after them which has Cilan ask if he's a Daycare Provider.

    Bobby: Expert! Bobby powers up Pokemon! Bobby loves the Pokemon in his care! And guess what? I'm Bobby!
    Comment: I have an inkling that this man's "breeding preference" is one of his own gender... BTW, can you guess his speaking quirk yet?

    Bobby explains the Deino ran away saying their naughty which Ash & co. now from first hand experience (and minus some food).

    Deino, The Shy Dragon:
    At what I assume is Bobby's Daycare we several Pokemon like Darumaka, Swanna, Cottonee, Blitzle, Minccino, and Ducklett while Cilan says the habitats are made to match Pokemon types and Bobby has an "exquisite taste" for daycare providing. Bobby explains the Deino are first time drop offs and became disoriented and ran off to look for their trainers (or their Dark-types and they ran off to cause trouble because their trainers aren't there to tell them "no") and this isn't the first time. Cilan asks isn't that a problem but Bobby says they'll settle down however he admits he has never taken care of Dragon-type before (I don't think it's the Dragon half you have to worry about) and says Dragon-types are sensitive and not easy to raise.

    Iris hears this and says she can help which Bobby asks if she's up to it and Iris says she is and that she's from the Village of Dragons which Bobby is happily surprised to hear. Ash and Cilan also volunteer to help and Bobby accepts saying that since there's three of them they're is one for each of them which confuses Ash & co.. Pikachu and Axew start running off past the two Deino to a nearby bush and go behind it which forces a third Deino to come out from hiding. Bobby explains that Deino is shy and though it was dropped off three days ago it still hasn't settled down (so are the Deino all from different trainers? What, was there a Deino convention nearby?). Iris says it must miss its trainer and is feeling lonely as she tries to pet it though it goes back to hiding while Ash asks if it has been eating which Bobby says not like the other two. Cilan says Dragon-types need Pokemon food which provide a lot of extra energy and he read Deino need to keep constantly eating to be at peak performance as Iris, Pikachu, and Axew try to get the Deino out from behind the bush. Cilan finishes saying it not eating could be a big problem and Iris asks when its trainer coming back which Bobby says a day after tomorrow and if he can't keep Deino healthy his reputation could be ruined. Iris gets fired up and tells them to leave this to her as the flames vanish and she turns around to the shy Deino saying she'll have it eating in no time which would make its trainer happy.

    Scene transition later we see a cart with containers and Ash asks what it is which Bobby says it's Pokemon food surprising Ash & co. with Cilan saying they're just taking care of the three Deino. Bobby tells them they have to think big and experience as a daycare worker is great for becoming a Pokemon Trainer (yeah right, you just want some free labor) and gives them a list of Pokemon to feed what color lid Pokemon food to. They go around and feed all the Pokemon until sunset having emptied the containers and tiring Ash and Cilan. Cilan asks if Bobby does this everyday and Bobby says he does pulling up his sleeve to reveal massive muscles and brings up their spirits by saying tonights dinner is on him and you may spot a certain scene from the Opener.

    However the shy Deino hasn't eaten its food yet as Iris tells it its yummy though just when it was about to come out of the bush to eat, Ash, Cilan, an Bobby walk up scaring it back to hiding. Iris shushes them and seeing Deino is still hiding and not eating Bobby gets worried with Ash saying Deino must miss its trainer a lot. Iris asks about the other two Deino and they're doing perfectly fine demonstrated by them running about and destroying rocks.

    Now for something completely different, we see the Team Rocket trio flying Dr. Zager over to an island called "Milos Island". Dr. Zager tells them to make sure not to get noticed by the islanders and starts explaining no one has seen these Legendary Pokemon bringing up silhouettes of the Kami Trio (if they haven't been seen then how do you know about them?) on his touchpad saying they must belong to Team Rocket.

    Talking And Eating Your Way To Friendship:
    Night falls (and apparently there are Lampents under Bobby's care) and Ash and Cilan are sleeping however Pikachu wakes up and sees that Iris is not in her bed and wakes up Ash and Cilan with Ash asking where she went. We find Iris is with the shy Deino saying she'll stay with it until its trainer comes back and starts telling it about the Village of Dragons as Ash and Cilan watch from behind a rock. Iris starts telling it a story involving a Druddigon as we head into a flashback and she explains that Druddigon wandered into the village and refused to open up to any of the Dragon-types and people (and when I say "refused to open up" I mean it lunged at anything that came near it). Druddigon refused to come out of the cave it was hiding in for days until the Villages Elder (or her name is actually "Elder" from the way Iris said it) that gave Iris her Axew sat in the cave and waited for Druddigon to come out talking to it as Iris is talking to Deino. Finally Druddigon did open up and came out of the cave with the Elder and Iris explains that talking to it was the thing that helped. Coming out of the flashback Iris remembers saying to herself that being thoughtful like that would help her become a Dragon Master so she'll wait with Deino and talk to it.

    Morning has come and Bobby, Ash, and Cilan are pulling the food cart out once more despite Cilan's backache and Iris asks for Deino's food which Bobby asked if Deino opened up yet though Iris sadly shakes her head no. Ash, Cilan, and Bobby feed the Pokemon while Iris waits alongside the shy Deino but turns around when she hears clashing to see one of the Deino fighting Headbutting with Ash's Scraggy and another knocking Cilan's Dwebble around making him worried when Deino sends knocks it away (what did you expect Deino was going to do, talk calmly with it?). Bobby walks over to Iris and sees that the shy Deino hasn't come out yet but Iris says she's not giving up and her and Deino are going to be friends.

    It's night again and Iris had fallen asleep waiting with Deino though she wakes up when she hears leaves rustling and the shy Deino coming out to eat. They see each other and Iris offers it some Pokemon food though it backs up so Iris tastes the Pokemon food saying it's really good before offering it to Deino again. Deino finally eats some of the Pokemon food and likes it (and it shows this by getting up on its hind legs) and Iris hands it more which it eats as Iris pets it saying it doesn't have to feel lonely anymore.

    Morning yet again and Ash and Cilan are happily surprised that the shy Deino had eaten with Cilan saying that's a good first step. Booby suddenly calls them over which Ash & co. (+ the other two Deino) rush over and we see that the Deino's trainers have come back. Ash and Cilan explain to the trainers they've trained with their Deino a bit and the trainers thank them which Bobby exclaims he loves moments like this when trainer and Pokemon reunite. Bobby gives the trainers back their Pokeballs and they return their Deino and leave with Iris watching before getting her sleeve tugged by the shy Deino and tells it she's sure its trainer will be back soon and picks it up. Cilan says it's kind of sad to see them go which Bobby explains it's part of the job and having them leave stronger then they were means you did your job right.

    Getting New Team Members Is Never That Easy:
    Iris runs up to Ash, Cilan, and Bobby who are happy to see Deino has stopped hiding in the bush and asks them about Deino's trainer though Bobby tells Deino its trainer will be hear soon and Iris suggests they wait for him/her together. Night falls and Deino's trainer still hadn't arrive which Bobby says is strange as he should have been there that evening. A clap of thunder alerts them rain is coming and bobby says they need to get all the Pokemon inside which Ash and Cilan say they'll help though Ash tells Iris to stay with Deino. Iris tells Deino they'll stay with it until its trainer arrives but by next morning Deino's trainer is still no where to be seen.

    Iris tells Ash and Cilan to go on Driftveil City without her surprising them as she explains she know Ash want to do his Gym Battle but Deino needs her. Ash and Cilan says they'll stay too surprising Iris and Ash says if Deino's her friend then its their friend too and Iris explains her petting it like Elder does makes Deino feel a little more comfortable. Ash, Cilan, and Bobby go around to feed the other Pokemon while Iris hangs out with Deino until sunset with still no signs of Deino and Cilan asks if maybe Deino's trainer forgot about it making Deino sad (well I guess this is one way to give Iris another Dragon-type). Bobby asks if Deino's trainer still hasn't arrived until a trainer that sort of looks like the Dancer trainer class comes up and says he's ready to pick up his Pokemon. Iris starts yelling at him for being late and that Deino has been waiting however the trainer tells Iris he's not Deino's trainer and he's here to pick up his Foongus (then why were you talking to Iris and Deino? Shouldn't you talk with Bobby, you know, the person who OWNS the Daycare thus the person you gave Foongus too?).

    A while more later, Iris tells Ash and Cilan she's going to wait two or three more days and if Deino's trainer still hasn't come she offered Deino to join her on their journey. However soon after saying this Deino's trainer finally appears dragging himself along on a walking stick and Deino immediately rushes over and they hug. After getting the poor guy a drink, Deino's trainer apologizes for being late and explains he was practicing his catching technique (you weaken the Pokemon and throw a Pokeball at it, what technique is there?) in Chargestone Cave and was after a Tynamo but got lost for two days. Bobby says they're glad he's safe and Deino's trainer says that he's glad he left Deino there and tells Deino that he had caught a lot of Pokemon that Deino can be friends with. Deino's trainer starts returning Deino but before it was beamed into its Pokeball Deino turned to Iris and got on its hind legs in thanks before finally going into its Pokeball and its trainer walks off. Cilan asks why didn't Iris want to say goodbye to Deino and Iris says Deino's smile at seeing its trainer was all she needed to see and helps her realize she needs to connect with Dragon-types a whole lot more to become a Dragon Master (maybe you should actually get a few more Dragon-types then).

    Bobby says he has more "tinsy" job for them today: Another feeding! (getting in that one last free labor task done, huh Bobby?) Ash & co. greet the job with a disappointed sigh and Cilan complaining about his back as the narrator chimes in to finish the episode... or does he! We get one last scene with the Rocket Trio in front of a shrine which James says is dedicated to Landorus as Jessie points out it was made between two smaller islands as if watching over them and Meowth suggests they go to those islands next.

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