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Episode Discussion: The Mighty Accelgaurd to the Rescue!

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    Yay for Super Sentai....I mean Pokemon!

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    Awesome episode!

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    SPDShadowRanger wrote:

    Yay for Super Sentai....I mean Pokemon!

    Cough Kamen Rider Cough.

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    This is the episode in which Ash and his friends meet Charles, the Pokemon hero of Driftveil City, right?

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    nicknameless101 wrote:

    This is the episode in which Ash and his friends meet Charles, the Pokemon hero of Driftveil City, right?

    You could call him that, and he's also the originator of Rotation Battles (Black) and Triple Battles (White). Plus if they're called "Casteliacones", how come you can get them anywhere in the anime? You can only buy one every Tuesday except Winter in the game.

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    Shiny_missingno wrote:

    SPDShadowRanger wrote:

    Yay for Super Sentai....I mean Pokemon!

    Cough Kamen Rider Cough.

    I don't watch Kamen Rider so it reminds me more of Super Sentai. It's better anyway.
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    A great episode.

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    Today's episode was filled with all sorts of silly fun and face palming moments that by the end you should be chuckling with a sore face . Ash & co. have just arrived to Driftveil City and immediately head for the gym only to find the Gym Leader, Clay, is leaving due to problems with his mining business and tells Ash he'll battle him later. With no Gym Battle, Ash & co. decide to head to Driftveil Market but before they do they meet up with a well known person from Driftveil that you'll know if you played the games who tours them around Driftveil Market. However while there a crime is being committed and as Ash & co. go to stop the thief a super hero appears named "The Mighty Accelgaurd" to stop the thief. Who is this "The Mighty Accelgaurd"; and will he be able to stop the thief? Can Ash & co. possibly find anyway to help "The Mighty Accelgaurd"? Why is the Japanese-based super hero appearing in Unova while an American-based super hero appear in Johto? And finally if there's a super hero, shouldn't there also be a super villain? I can't say turn on the TV to watch or turn the page to keep on reading but I can say scroll down to keep on reading for this super hero adventure... sorta:

    It's Silly Posing Time:
    We start the episode with a truck driving out of tunnel on a mountain side road with a picture of an angry Vanillite in a "no sign" (I guess the Village of Dragon's has a trucking industry) on its side and front. Ash & co. are on the pathway next to the road as they stop to see they're in sight of Driftveil City (though I would have thought Iris would be happy to see a company with the same hate as her) and no sooner does Ash say he's ready for his Gym Badge that we cut to them in front of the Driftveil Gym. Ash starts to run in but the doors open up and Ash runs into a person built like a brick wall, or maybe I should say a clay brick wall? That's right, Ash has run into Clay and, in an expected Texan accent, Clay asks who are they and Ash & co. introduce themselves with Ash mentioning he's here to challenge the Gym. Clay smiles saying he's happy to see he has challenges which clues Ash & co. in that he's the Gym Leader but Clay says he's busy and can't battle right now. Ash asks why can't they battle now and Clay says it's because their looking for a new vain which Cilan ask for what and Clay tells him for the mine he owns outside of town.

    Clay: Do you have any idea what I'm even talking about?
    Comment: Well maybe Iris and Cilan, though Ash is a more of a "visual" person... though more in a sense of "out of sight, out of mind".

    Clay leaves annoyed so Ash tells him that he'll wait at the Pokemon Center and once he's done to contact him at the Pokemon Center (Ash, you're the challenger, that's not how it works, YOU'RE the one that's going to have ot check back in). Ash is disappointed while Iris is more annoyed with Clay's attitude however Cilan says not to let it bother them and instead going over to the Driftveil Market which a stranger on a motorcycle (could... could it be?) says if they're going to the market he can show them around.

    Opener, title card, and Ash & co. ask for the stranger's name and he tells them... OMG! IT IS! IT'S CHARLES! Wow, I didn't think they were going to have him in the anime (Hm, they already showed Triple Battles, maybe this time they'll show Rotational Battles? In the games he's the inventor of one of them)! Though more surprising is that he's voiced by DAN GREEN (if you know what recently happened in Dan Green's family life you'll know why I'm surprised to hear that he's gone back to work already)! Right, back to the show, Charles says motorcycle riding is his life and introduces to his partner Accelgor and (after mentioning how cool it is to see a Pikachu, thought since no one pointed it out in awhile I'm okay with it) we cut to the Driftveil Market. Charles takes them on a tour of the market and it seems that everyone in the market knows Charles (including one guy who just got Moo Moo Milk which only come from Miltanks so he either transported it from the Japan regions or there are Miltanks in Unova somewhere). Cilan is excited to hear all the gourment food (pretty much everyone that greeted Charles said to come by later for some free food like Moo Moo Milk and Casteliacones) and Charles says he was born in Driftveil City and loves it here.

    Just then they hear someone cry out thief and we see that someone chasing after a sunglasses wearing Ducklett (uh oh, Ducklett Trio?), with a basket of apples on its back. Ash & co. start running out to catch the Ducklett however Charles quietly whispers to Accelgor "it's time". Outside the Driftveil Market, Ash tells the Ducklett to stop but it responds with a Scald to Ash's face (but don't worry, Pikachu jumped off Ash's shoulder just in time ). Just then a shady guy in similar sunglasses Ducklett is wearring drives up in a car and tells Ducklett "good job" and opens a door for it to jump in (um, your car has no roof and Ducklett can fly, that wasn't really needed. Also I guess that means this isn't a member of the Ducklett Trio). Suddenly a voice calls out for them to stop and everyone looks up onto the roof to see a... Power Ranger... with an Accelgor (good work hiding your identity, Charles)... they made Charles a Power Ranger, that's an interesting change.

    Charles "Ranger": The sky calls, the people call, the Pokemon call.
    Comment: The Power Rangers call: they want their silly back.
    Charles "Ranger": They call on me to take you down, I'm known as the hero of Driftveil City, The Mighty Accelguard!
    Comment: And in true Power Ranger fashion every time he said a phrase he made a pose.

    "The Mighty Accelguard" and his Accelgor performs a rolled up backflip before folding out into an "Accelgor Kick" (wait, a kick attack, rides a motorcycle, has a bug-type, *facepalm* he's not a Power Ranger, he's a Kamen Rider (for those who don't know, Kamen Rider is a live action Japanese show much like Power Rangers (infact the Power Ragner's japanese counterpart, Super Sentei, sometimes have crossovers). Only difference between the two shows is that Kamen Rider's usually only hero is the titled "Kamen Rider" who, though each have their own theme, each share a theme of riding a motorcycle, costume based off a cricket/grasshopper (too bad Kricketot & Kricketune were last generation), and signature attacks are kicks. If you never heard of it don't feel bad, they tried to make an American version several times but all have been cancelled (infact one called "Mask Rider" did a crossover with 3rd season of "Might Morphin' Power Rangers" which served as their pilot episode). Anyway while I was saying all this the thief has driven away before "The Mighty Accelguard" and Accelgor landed their kick and they crash into the ground ("The Mighty Accelguard" and Accelgor used Hi Jump Kick. The foe avoided the attack! "The Mighty Accelguard" and Accelgor kept going and crashed! BTW, like the Power Rangers, Kamen Rider's usually are powered up by a mystical force. Guess who isn't powered up by a mystical force ). "The Mighty Accelguard" gets up and tells Accelgor to catch them and it's speeds pass the thief which Cilan says it's using its Agility (don't see why, Accelgors are very fast on their own). Accelgor uses Double Team and surrounds the thief confusing him and causing him to stop as "The Mighty Accelguard" gets on an Accelgor-themed motorcycle and gets ready to drive after the thief... until the motorcycle shuts off because its out of gas which causes Ash & co. to face fault (I finally found the right term! Thank you TVTropes). The thief puts the pedal to the metal but is stopped by a Timburr's log causing the care's front to fold in as a young woman in a frilly top, short skirt, pink bandana, and pink boots walks out from the alley and tells the thief to stop (Charles girlfriend? Guessing based off the mentioned girl the Charles in the games was trying to impress?) as we hear police sirens in the background.

    The thief is arrested and Officer Jenny thanks the women and drives off as an out of costumed Charles walks up saying he thinks it's "The Mighty Accelguard" that should have been thanked (don't worry Charles, the comedy relief is respected by people laughing at him). Ash & co. are surprised to see Charles (Ash can't see though Team Rocket's paper thin disguises, you think he can put two and two together?) and Charles asks the girl who's name is Linda what she thinks and she teases Charles saying "The Mighty Accelguard" didn't finish the job and goes on to mock "The Mighty Accelguard" saying he's a good and is a stretch to call a "hero" (we also get a scene of Officer Jenny berating "The Mighty Accelguard" even though she should be arresting him for vigilantism). Iris asks if Linda doesn't like the "The Mighty Accelguard" (no, she's just the love interest, she has to keep the hero's ego in check even if he's an incompetent one) though Ash says he thought Accelgor was awesome (which gets Charles smiling, before he was about ready to "choke a b****"). Charles says Accelgor was good but "The Mighty Accelguard" was "AWESOME" when Linda teases him about being a fan of "The Mighty Accelguard" and wonders why (let me guess, Charles thinks no one knows who he is but in actuality everyone in Driftveil City knows who he is but like him because, though he's a goofball, he is trying to protect a city that he loves. Hmm, I wonder why that story sounds so familiar). Linda goes on to tease him that he's mysteriously never around when "The Mighty Accelguard" appears so how has he seen "The Mighty Accelguard" in action?

    *Iris', Axew's, Cilan's, and Pikachu's face mellow down*
    Iris: I get it.
    Cilan: That clears it up for me.
    Pikachu: Pika.
    Ash: Hey that sure doesn't clear it up for me.
    Comment: Ash can't see though Team Rocket's paper thin disguises, do you think he can... wait, I think I already said that.

    Linda says she has work to do and leaves with her Timburr as Charles says she likes to make fun of him but Cilan says it has a playful flavor to it so they must be friends which Charles says they're friends since childhood which gives her the "right" to be a smarta** (okay, he didn't say that exactly).

    The truck we saw at the beginning of the episode drives by and Charles takes notice of it as Ash asks if something is wrong and Charles says it's nothing. Linda also notices the truck and we get a split shot of her and Charles saying "there's that truck again" meaning this isn't the first time they saw it.

    What Will Be This Title's Pun? The Ice Age:
    We get an "angry Vanillite" face transition and see the truck stopping at what I think is suppose to be Cold Storage and the two men in silly looking Vanillite minion costumes get out and walk into the frozen warehouse.

    Henchmen: *does a silly pose* Vanillite!
    Comment: Worse super villain hail (heh, hail, and they're based on an Ice-type) ever. Actually add their costumes onto the "worst ever" list also, the Putties from Power Rangers looked more intimidating then these guys!

    An old man dressed in a white suit, cape, and carrying a staff asks if things are going as they should be and the henchmen tell him, revealing his name to be Doctor Ferrara, that they secured all the frozen goods from area F and will be bringing them to the storage warehouse now (*facepalm* don't tell me their big scheme is to steal ice cream).

    Doctor Ferrara: Our plan to gain control of all Unova's frozen goods is working well.
    Comment: *double facepalm* That is their scheme...
    Doctor Ferrara: Soon everyone in the Unova region will bow down to the majesty of Team Vanillite.
    Comment: I think we've just moved from Kamen Rider to Adam West's Batman.
    *Crossed out angry Vanillite face's eye start clinking red*
    Henchmen: Vanillite!
    Comment: Doesn't matter how menacing you make the force or give it red eyes, you can't make Vanillite scary, especially with the henchmen yelling "Vanillite" over it. Also if your team is called "Team Vanillite" then why is your logo of a crossed out Vanillite?

    At the Pokemon Center, Ash & co. are thanking Charles for giving them a tour around Driftveil City and Ash says he would like to meet the "The Mighty Accelguard's" Accelgor again. Charles thinks Ash is a fan of "The Mighty Accelguard" (you can tell he's desperately trying to find fans) and so gives him an Aceelgor badge. Ash asks what type of badge is it and Charles says it's the badge for the official "Accelguard Youth Group" and if they join now they get a matching "TMA" scarf (you made merchandise? Are you sure you're doing this out of your love for Driftveil or you're trying to sell stuff?). Ash & co. give a nervous face and say they'll join up another time (like, never) when Ash turns his attention to Accelgor saying it's the same species and asks if it's friends with the "The Mighty Accelguard's" Accelgor (that's a bit of a racist thought) but Accelgor nervously and quickly shakes its head no. Charles tells Ash that if they go to the Harborside Warehouse District tonight they might see the "The Mighty Accelguard" (did you just put a batch of kids in harm's way?) and drives off on his motorcycle as Ash tells everyone that tonight they'll be going to the Harborside Warehouse District with Iris and Cilan giving an agreeing smile.

    Over to a team that is probably hatching an evil scheme, the Team Rocket trio have arrived to the island with the Tornadus Monument and James sees an ornament sticking out of it can calls it the "Lightning Wedge" which Meowth says they should get on with their plan and they all share a sinister chuckle.

    It's night now and we check in on Linda who's doing some research on the truck and finds that everytime it has appeared the Cold Storage warehouses (oh, it is Cold Storage) have been broken into and since "The Mighty Accelguard" is "on the dense side" she decides to check it out (*claps* congratulations, you're going to become a damsel in distress ). Meanwhile Ash happily marches through Driftveil City at night but Cilan and Iris are a bit worried (then why didn't you raise any objection until now? You had a few hours while waiting at the Pokemon Center, didn't you?) and Iris tells Ash if he wants to see Accelgor he should just see Charles. Ash says he wants to see "The Mighty Accelguard's" Accelgor but before Iris can debate, Charles rides up (what are the odds? ) and greets them.

    At Cold Storage (I'm calling it Cold Storage even if it really isn't. ), Linda finds the stolen goods but gets caught by Doctor Ferrara who asks her what she think she's doing (doing an impression of April O'Neil from the 1987's TMNT cartoon?). Linda says Doctor Ferrara is the one who's been stealing the frozen goods which Doctor Ferrara says it's the "brilliant" plan of Team Vanillite. Linda responds by sending out her Timburr and says it's time to bring them to Officer Jenny and Timburr tries using Focus Punch however the henchmen's Vanillite use Blizzard and freezes Timburr. Linda then gets pinned to the goods boxes by webs from Doctor Ferrara's staff (um, isn't that more of a Bug-type themed villain's tool?) and Doctor Ferrara tells his henchment to tie them up as Linda whispers for Charles to help her.

    Charles seems to have gotten the message somehow as he notices something wrong and Ash asks if something is wrong which Charles says is nothing. Ash asks why Charles is down here and Charles says he's down here to see something and then says Linda's office is nearby and they should first go see her but upon getting there they see Linda is gone and Charles says it's too early for her to have gone home (it's midnight, most businesses close at 7, what is Linda's job that she works through the night?). Iris asks if it's okay for them to have just come in and Charles says says of course it is (if you're okay being charged with "breaking and entering") and checks Linda's computer seeing she's been doing research on the truck and realizes she might have gone down to Cold Storage. Cilan asks if something is wrong and Charles tells them a large scale crime is being committed in Driftveil City which surprise Ash & co. and Charles says that if he's right then that means Linda is in danger (is Linda known to be kidnapped when this happens? She really is 1987's TMNT cartoon's April O'Neil! Just can't let go of that scoop (heh, scoop, and the villain are called Team Vanillite)).

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    (Hehe, the review is running a bit long...)

    Naming What You Don't Have:
    Back to Cold Storage, Linda asks Team Vanillite if they think they're going to get away with this and to release her and surprisingly they do and give up, thus ending the main conflict in the story... oh wait, the henchmen just laugh and tells her that they'll soon have control over the warehouse district and Doctor Ferrara says as soon as he activates a Vanillite-shaped controller he will have control over the security in the warehouse district. Linda asks what they will accomplish and since we've gone into Adam West's Batman, Doctor Ferrara of course monologues his plan:

    Doctor Ferrara: Team Vanillite will make this warehouse district our headquarters.
    Comment: It's not like the people who own the obviously in-use warehouses will realize they lost control of their warehouse security and call upon the police to investigate what's happening.
    Doctor Ferrara: We will confiscate all the frozen goods in the Unova region where they will be held right here.
    Comment: So you're going to assume that every market will ACCEPT AND NOT QUESTION the fact that EVERY frozen food product company, which no doubt there are probably MANY OF, suddenly decided ALL AT THE SAME TIME to take back ALL their stock?
    Doctor Ferrara: Then we will give them to every wild Pokemon we can find, winning their loyalty, one taste of these delicious frozen goods and they'll happily do whatever we command.
    Comment: It's not like these wild Pokemon will just accept the food, eat it, and leave without giving anything in return because their, you know, wild and thus don't have to listen to you. And that's not mentioning the more cruel or devious Pokemon who might attack you for entering their territory or attack/manipulate you in someway to get all the food you have on you.
    Doctor Ferrara: Their power will allow us to take over all of Unova!
    Comment: IT'S THE PERFECT PLAN! @u@

    Charles appears behind Team Vanillite and yells at them to stop with Ash & co. right beside him.

    Iris: It sounds like a silly scheme tailor made for a little kid.
    Comment: You know your scheme is doomed to fail when the show points out how stupid it is.

    Doctor Ferrara orders his henchmen to stop them and they have their Vanillite's use Ice Beam which freaks out Iris (what did you think the Vanillite's were there for?) as the floor freezes causing Charles and Accelgor to start slipping. Ash sends out Tepig to use Flamethrower which melts the icy floor getting Charles and Accelgor back on even footing (though the should be standing on a pile of water which is also slippery) but Doctor Ferrara declares the warehouse district his holding out the Vanillite-shaped remote. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt (hopefully we would have gotten a long due blast off) but Oshawott pops out charges at Team Vanillite but slips on some icy floor and slides right into them causing them to fall and Doctor Ferrara to drop the remote and break it (you lost to someone tripping... you're truly are worthy of being "The Mighty Accelguard's" arch enemy, your both equally incompetent). Team Vanillite decide to escape via smoke bomb (isn't that more of a ninja/Poison-type tool?) and Charles runs over to untie Linda and Timburr.

    Outside Team Vanillite are trying to escape on their truck as Ash & co. (+ Charles and Linda) run out but Charles says it's too late. Linda tells Charles it's his big chance reminding him about "The Mighty Accelguard" and Charles is surprised Linda knows he's "The Might Accelguard" which Linda gives a pity face too while Iris explains to a surprised Ash that Charles is "The Mighty Accelguard". Charles shows off his transformation sequence which I'll admit is kind of cool with having his Accelgor use Double Team and speed past him which adds a piece of his costume on and "The Mighty Accelguard" gets on his bike and, remembering to fill it up, rides on after Team Vanillite with Ash & co (+ Linda) following behind.

    "The Mighty Accelguard" uses a ramp to jumps over Team Vanillite's truck and stops them as Doctor Ferrara gets out and demands to know who he is which "The Mighty Accelguard" tells him (posing of course). On a red pick-up truck, Linda is driving Ash & co. to where "The Mighty Accelguard" is having just phoned Officer Jenny about what's happening when Iris points out they're where "The Mighty Accelguard" is. Ash blows Charles' secret identity (like he had one...) and Doctor Ferrara laughs and then says he's not the only one that can transform himself and Doctor Ferrara reveals his "true identity" as... Cryogonal Man!

    "Cryogonal Man": And now, my Pokemon!
    Linda: I wonder if that Pokemon is a Cryogonal?
    Comment: Well now that you mentioned it it probably isn't, woudln't be surprised if it was just another Vanillite.

    Iris freaks out and hides behind Cilan with the idea of another Ice-type and, well, it is another Ice-type: Vanillish (well it keeps to the theme of his team, though why call himself Cryogonal Man then? Actually you might as well just skipped the middle evolution and called yourself "Vanilluxe Man" and use a Vanilluxe (Brycen uses a Vanillish (at least in the games he does) so no worry of Ash & co. miss seeing a Vanillish). This surprises everyone but after a Pokedex scan Linda sends out Timburr to help "The Mighty Accelguard" with Ash sending out Pikachu (Iris, Cilan, do you want to help in anyway?). "Cryogonal Man's" henchmen send their Vanillites to fight with Pikachu and Timburr as "Cryogonal Man" has his Vanillish use Icy Wind though Accelgor uses Double Team and Agility to dodge around the Icy Wind. Vanillish uses Icicle Spear (how come "Cryogonal Man's" Vanillish has weaker attacks then his two henchmen's Vanillites?) but Accelgor dodges them... but not Charles (meh, I'm sure he'll be okay).

    The Vanillites use Blizzard but Timburr protects itself and Pikachu with a Protect so they switch over to an Ice Beam however Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt which beats back the Ice Beam and hit the Vanillites as Timburr knocks them out with a Focus Punch and send them flying at the henchmen knocking them out as well. Vanillish finally uses a powerful Ice-type attack with Sheer Cold as Accelgor uses Struggle Bug just as the Sheer Cold is launched but before it hits Accelgor releases the Struggle Bug creating a red barrier that protects it (... that's not how those attacks work). Accelgor uses Swift and knocks out Vanillish as Charles tells "Cryogonal Man" it's over and they do a rolled up backflip and unfold into a "Accelgor Kick" and kick "Cryogonal Man" right in his face (that's right, they kicked an old man in the face, our heroes!) knocking him out but not before he declares revenge and yells out "LONG LIVE TEAM VANILLITE!" (and so ends the evil organization that formed in Unova, wait, Team Vanillite was the evil organization in the 5th Gen games, right?)

    Ash & co. (+ Linda) run up to Charles and Linda congratulates him but Charles wonders why "Cryogonal Man" would use a Vanillish which the almost unconscious "Cryogonal Man" says he wanted one but couldn't catch it before fully going unconscious (to be fair, Cryogonal is a pain to catch as it only appears in Twist Mountain with a 1% encounter rate (which goes up to a whopping 5% in Winter)... you'd think with an encounter rate like that'll it'll be strong but to tell you the truth, it isn't, use Vanilluxe if you need to use an Ice-type). Hearing sirens, Charles decides to ride off as Ash & co. (+ Linda) stay behind to watch and even the Narrator gets into a "super hero announcer" voice before returning to normal to tell us tune in next time for Ash's Gym Battle (hopefully). But before we fully close out, on the island with Tornadus' monument we see that Team Rocket have broke off the ornament and taken the "Lightning Wedge".

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