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Episode Discussion: Where Did You Go, Audino?

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    [1]Oct 1, 2011
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    Nothing special to talk about.

    But nice reference with Doyle and Christie's names, TCPi.

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    [2]Oct 1, 2011
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    Okay episode.

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    [3]Oct 1, 2011
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    Oh yea, decent episode, especially because Ash and Co were using their brains a bit. Detective Cilan is awesome, and it was nice to see Roggenrola out to help take down Team Rocket for the 2nd episode in a row.
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    [4]Oct 1, 2011
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    Audino: Not so good for battling, better as a support wall, but KOing wild ones in game means a lot of experience.

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    [5]Oct 1, 2011
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    when i first herd the english voices for the boy & the girl in this episode i was like oh wow it's fuyuki & angol moa from sgt.frog, love that sometimes thay would get the voice actors from funimation to dub some of the characters voices, dont know why but i just thought it was really cool to hear them sound like angol moa & fuyuki i kept thinking ok this has to be sgt.keroro & the armpit platoon doing this, but i know it was team rocket but still it kinda seems like something the armpit platoon would try to do in order to take over pekopon (earth), guess i was thinking of sgt.frog when i herd there voices is becouse i just bought sgt.frog season 3 parts 1&2 on dvd and i love that anime mutch as i love this anime along with bleach digimon & dbz, maybe someday thay will get someone to dub other characters in the show maybe some ppl who do the voice overs for characters from bleach & naruto, ok what ever iny ways yeah this episode was ok not to bad.
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    [6]Oct 2, 2011
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    Decent episode. I liked detective Cilan, but like Iris stated it can get annoying at times lol. Still don't like Roggenrolla's voice, but hey it'll grow on me. I liked the reference to Sherlock Holmes with the name "Doyle" I felt awesome for catching that .

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    [7]Oct 2, 2011
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    Cool to see yet another side of Cilan. ^^

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    [8]Oct 3, 2011
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    Awesome episode! I thought Cilan looked so cool as a detective, and I too caught the names "Doyle" and "Christie", references to mystery writers Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, respectively.

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    [9]Oct 7, 2011
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    Good episode, though honestly nothing that interesting happens and is just another filler to fill out the season. Traveling lost through a foggy forest, Ash & co. encounter an Audino who's acting strange and vanishes in fog which also disappears. They're then arrested by an Officer Jenny and a boy and a girl named Doyle and Christie who later, after Ash & co. prove their innocent, explain Audino have been vanishing and they get a call that a Pokemon Center's Audino had just vanished! Why are all the Audino vanishing? Where could they be going? Why do they act so odd before they vanish? And why is there a town with 7 Audino with only two being from different Pokemon Centers? As you can imagine they don't really address the last question, though the other questions do get answered right below:

    A Fog Of Mystery:
    We start off this episode with Ash & co. doing their usual favorite thing: getting completely lost in a forest, this time with fog! Ash wishes the fog will clear up but that would ruin the identity of what is obviously an Audino's silhouette they spot coming toward them through the mist. Think it's a person they start asking for directions but soon Audino steps close enough for them to see it's an Audino though it looks hypnotized and... Ash scans it with his Pokedex again (well at least this time the Pokedex gave him a different description unlike with Palpitoad). Iris points out that Audino is acting weird which Cilan agrees with as the Audino starts walking off and they ask if where it's going before it vanishes into the fog which Iris says is weird.

    The fog starts to clear up all of a sudden when an Officer Jenny runs out and tells Ash & co. that their under arrest though she's not alone and has a boy and girl with her who have a Solosis and Gothita, respectively. Ash asks what they're talking about but Officer Jenny tells them to freeze and the boy has his Solosis use Psychic which picks Ash & co. up but soon drops. This apparently now means they're arrested as Officer Jenny reports the arresting (you know all you did was drop them, if Psychic did, say, take away their Pokemon and Pokeballs then I would say that's more of an arrest) which shocks Ash & co. but now it's the time for opening and the title. Coming back Ash explains they didn't do anything wrong as Iris yells at them (something you shouldn't really do to an officer, especially if your being accused of something) the only thing they did was get lost in the fog, however Cilan tells her he's one of the Striaton Gym Leaders and she can call Striaton Gym to prove it. A phone call later Officer Jenny tells him everything checks out so I guess that means their off the hook (behold, how Giovanni keeps getting away with everything, he just tells them he's a Gym Leader) and Ash says they weren't lying and Officer Jenny apologizes and she's been a bit flustered lately.

    Ash asks if there was something wrong and Officer Jenny tells them several Audino have been vanishing from town (how many Audino does one town have, do they all work at the Pokemon Center?) for three days. Officer Jenny continues to explain they were following the "dazed" Audino when they say Ash & co. talking to it and jumped to the conclusion they had something to do with the disappearances (instead of continuing to following the "dazed" Audino which you now lost? I'm going to also guess you didn't put a tracking device on it either). The boy apologizes for attacking them and Officer Jenny says the boy and girl are named Doyle and Christie (cute, PUSA) and Ash & co. introduce themselves as they get introduced to Solosis and Gothita. Doyle explains he's helping because his grandpa's Audino is missing and Christie says there's an Audino she knows that's missing as well and both start begin to argue who will solve the case first (my bet is on Professor Layton) but Officer Jenny tries to break them up. However Officer Jenny's phone begins to... beep... and we found out that the Pokemon Center's Audion is gone (you mean out out of all the Audino which vanished, the Pokemon Center's Audino just now did? Shouldn't it had been one of the first?).

    At the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy says she just came to work and Audino was gone (with all the Audino disappearances lately you would think the Pokemon Center would have been keeping an eye on its Audino) and Officer Jenny says she'll find it. As Officer Jenny, Doyle, and Christie are walking away Ash says they'll like to help too and Officer Jenny thanks them...

    *Cilan takes out a deerstalker and a magnifying glass*
    Cilan: It's Detective Time!
    Comment: Here we go... well while you're doing this you might as well give Doyle a deerstalker, it's only fitting.
    Cilan: Detective connoisseur Cilan at your service.
    Comment: Cilan just because you add "connoisseur" in the front of everything doesn't mean you're an expert on the subject now.
    Cilan: When it comes to unravelling mysteries, I'm your number one chef!
    Comment: Just as long as there are no ghosts involved.

    Iris shows the audience how we should be feeling about this as Cilan asks Officer Jenny for all the details and we find out the order of Audino disappearances: Doyle's grandfather's, Christie's which is from another Pokemon Center, a nursery school's, and now this Pokemon Center's. Doyle thinks it's an evil organization taking the Audino (kid, never enter a Phantom Tollbooth, you'll never get off the Island of Conclusions) though Christie asks what would an evil organization use all the Audino for which Doyle nervously comes up with creating a nursing center which Christie yells at him for. Christie says she thinks a Psychic-type Pokemon is involved and it's using Hypnosis to lure the Audino away which Cilan thinks might be plausible as the Audino they saw was acting strange as if it was hypnotized and Christie gloats about being right which annoys Doyle. Officer Jenny says it's still too early to assume and says there are three more Audino in town and suggests they split up and guard them. The first one is living with an elderly couple which Doyle says he'll take and Ash says he'll go with him and Doyle thanks him while telling Christie he'll prove his Solosis is the best with Christie says her Gothita is (since when did that become a contest, I thought this was about who will solve the case first?). Officer Jenny asks if Christie can look after the Audino someone named Mimi is raising and Iris says she'll go too leaving Officer Jenny and Cilan taking care of the last Audino. Officer Jenny hands Ash a... TRACKING DEVICE! If you had a tracking device with you then why wasn't one attached to the Audino which you were tracking at the beginning of the episode (which I assume is the Pokemon Center's you all just them)? Anyway Officer Jenny tells them to attack the tracking device on the Audino so that even if they do lose them they can still track it and that'll hopefully lead to the other missing Audino. They're also given a messaging device and are told to stay close to Audino which Doyle whispers to Ash saying it feels like a investigation which Officer Jenny tells him this is a real investigation which snaps him back to place.

    Listening For For The Solution:
    Everyone goes to the Audino they're sent to guard and place the tracking device on them. However peace doesn't last for long as the Audino which Ash and Doyle were sent to guard starts acting odd and despite the elderly man returning it to its Pokeball Audino pops back out and continues out the door which Ash and Doyle take pursuit following it despite all the obstacles which are placed in their way... okay, just kidding, Ash and Doyle just let the Audino walk out and watch where it goes with the tracking device. Iris and Christie get a call from Ash and Doyle about their Audino being on the move and soon Mimi's Audino jumps out the window and starts walking away too. Nurse Joy and Cilan get the call from Iris and Christie and Cilan says their Audino is the only one left, though not for long as they see it walking away and start following it. Now everyone is following their Audino and being informed the other Audino are on the move with Ash saying Christie might be right about a Psychic-type Pokemon hypnotizing the Audino. Iris wonders where Audino is going as it takes a turn and soon all the Audino have come together as Officer Jenny says they all are heading to the same location (was there any doubt they wouldn't be?). The tracking device soon starts to malfunction as the Audino turn a corner and Cilan suggest they stop and rescue the Audino which Officer Jenny agrees and Doyle and Christie have their Solosis and Gothita use Psychic and Telekinesis, respectively. However they only manage to grab two of the Audino and when Ash runs to find the other he find it had vanished and Officer Jenny find its tracker on the ground (maybe if you, I don't know, FOLLOWED It, you might not have lost it. Seriously it doesn't seem to mind people following it so just handcuff yourself to one and see where it goes). Cilan says whoever is doing this must know about them which surprises everyone (what, you think they wouldn't see the trackers? You put it on their chest in plain sight, you should have hidden it like behind the ear or tail).

    Cilan asks Officer Jenny how the tracking device works and she says it picks up sound waves created by the trackers and Cilan says whoever is doing this could be using sound waves and he explains Audino have highly sensitive hearing and could be being drawn by a sound they can't hear. Officer Jenny asks how are they going to track the sound wave then and Cilan tells Ash to use Roggenrola who also has sensitive hearing and Ash sends Roggenrola out (hm, wonder which Pokemon that Ash deposited, I say it's Swadloon). Cilan says whoever is doing this will probably try to get the Audino they rescued again and as soon as he says it the Audino start walking again but Roggenrola is able to follow the sound and they start to follow the Audino. They follow the Audino all the way out to farmlands and before you start thinking that them sending out Roggenrola was completely useless as they did just follow the Audino with no problem they get to a cliff which has a ladder the Audino climb and then pull up to that Ash & co. (+ Officer Jenny, Doyle, and Christie) can't follow despite Ash's best efforts to scale the cliff before sliding down. Cilan asks Officer Jenny if there was another way to get up there and she says there is but it'll take awhile however Doyle says he has a much quicker way and has his Solosis use Psychic to pick them all up and over the the cliff... what, you think I'm kidding? No, this time they actually use their heads and the Pokemon at their disposal, shocking I know! They find the Audino crossing the bridge but as Ash tries to run across the Audino destroy the bridge with Psychic and though Officer Jenny says their is another bridge further upstream Doyle is about to have Solosis use Psychic again however Christie comes in and has her Gothita use Telekinesis to float them all over.

    Finally it looks like they lost the Audino meaning Roggenrola can be put to work as it leads Ash & co. to a wind farm which has been out of commission however with a loudspeaker on one of the windmills Cilan says he senses some suspicion. Cilan says he suspects there are multiple culprits (hey, don't spoil it's obviously Team Rocket, that's my job) and suggest they do a raid which Officer Jenny agrees with.

    As I just revealed, Doyle was actually sort of right that an evil organization was behind the Audino pokenappings and we see Team Rocket with the other caged Audino (though being last episode they sort of tried gathering a whole batch of Roggenrola to make a giant Flash Cannon machine this shouldn't be too surprising, at all). James says Dr. Zager made a machine which attract Audino using special sound waves and Jessie says it also jams any tracking device that might be being used. Meowth asks what Dr. Zager is planning to do with the Audino and James says he wants to use the Audino's sensitive hearing to create a powerful radar which for some reason Jessie says is a dream come true (okay, question, why do you need a powerful radar?). The last two Audino walk in and James put them in the cage with the other Audino and Jessie tells him to call Dr. Zager though before they could Cilan tells them to freeze and as long as he's on the case evil is doomed and good will win.

    Officer Jenny says they're under arrest and Ash says he should of known it was Team Rocket (yes, you should, why didn't you?) and Team Rocket recite their motto even making fun on how Ash should have known it was them. Doyle sees the other Audino and recognizes the one belonging to his grandfather (don't ask me to tell you which one, the only ones I can tell apart is the one with the nurse caps from the Pokemon Center which Christie notices) and they demand Team Rocket to release them which they answer with Jessie throwing out Woobat to use Air Slash. Everyone dodged and Solosis uses Confuse Ray which confuses Woobat though Gothita comes in and knocks Woobat back with a Psyshock. James sends out Yamask who uses Shadow Ball but Solosis dodges it and hits back with a Night Shade which seems to drain Yamask and Roggenrola tries using Sandstorm though Woobat blows it back with a Gust. Roggenrola uses Stone Edge which Woobat may have dodged but Team Rocket's machine couldn't and gets destroyed which free the Audino from their trance.

    As Team Rocket panic, the Audino show off something a bit unique about them is that they can actually learn a large amount of strong moves of various types (too bad their stats stinks) and the 7 Audinos attack with:

    Going clockwise from top center: SolarBeam, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Charge Beam, Thunderbolt, and Hyper Beam

    Team Rocket dodge the attacks as Cilan tells Ash pretty much what I said about Audino knowing a lot of moves while the dust clears showing Team Rocket have put on their jet packs. Officer Jenny runs toward them telling them not to move however they fly off and she angrily says they got away.

    Ash: Don't feel bad.
    Comment: They get away from us all the time, many times being our fault for blasting them off with usually a Thunderbolt.

    Cilan says they got all the Audino are safe and sound and he declares it a mystery solved as Doyle and Christie ask Officer Jenny who's Pokemon helped out more with her picking the third option saying Ash's Roggenrola was the most helpful as we end with everyone laughing and the narrator summing the episode up.

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    Almost caught up, almost.

    An alright episode; the only thing that really caught my eye was Detective Cilan and the references to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. Very awesome and appropriate references for a mystery-based episode of sorts.

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