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Official Movie 15: Kyurem VS The Sword of Justice Discussion

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    The 15th movie is premiering in the US and Canada today, and so here is where you can discuss the movie. DO NOT use this thread as a Twitter page.

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    SPDShadowRanger wrote:

    The 15th movie is premiering in the US and Canada today, and so here is where you can discuss the movie. DO NOT use this thread as a Twitter page.

    But a review like I do with the episodes is alright, right?

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    I loved this movie. It was cool to see five new Pokemon; I even wondered whether the three Swords of Justice Pokemon and Keldeo were related species. I was afraid that Team Rocket would be involved in the movie, so I was glad when I saw that they weren't. Of course, I would've liked Keldeo to win its battle against Kyurem, but I guess it's even better that Keldeo admitted its mistakes.

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    SPDShadowRanger wrote:

    The 15th movie is premiering in the US and Canada today, and so here is where you can discuss the movie. DO NOT use this thread as a Twitter page.

    can you explain the twitter pagecomment I don't use twitter

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    As in, don't post a message every time you think something cool happens.
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    It was pretty good movie.

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    I saw that new Pokemon movie two weeks ago and it was amazing.
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    Okay, I know I'm a bit late, however I've finally watched the 15th Pokemon Movie! To give my thoughts on it, I thought it was pretty good. Plenty of action which I quite liked and a Kyurem makes for a very menacing antagonist (even if they say about it doesn't match what the games say about it). Keldeo made for a good protagonist, skilled though obviously naive though considering his role this seemed appropriate. I also liked the other Swords of Justice, each one serving their purpose though Cobalon could smile a bit more (though he does at the end). I also liked that, even though they weren't in the movie, you did see quick glimpses of Team Rocket here and there (don't worry, I point out every single instance of them ). I also want to remind everyone I watched the TV version which moved around and cut a few scenes, though overall the movie remained unaffected by this (unlike the 13th movie which had its very beginning scene cut despite it having an important plot point...). Also I like how throughout the story Ash & co. were involved with what was going on, unlike the 14th movie where Ash & co. only really did anything at the very end. If I had any complaints it'll be with what exactly is Kyurem's relation with the Swords of Justice? They never really established by to become a Sword of Justice do you need to fight Kyurem? Thankfully it doesn't take that much away so aside from that mystery it was a good movie and I'd rate it actually higher than the 14th Movie.

    So with that said, seeya!

    NAH! Just kidding (as if you couldn't tell), here's the review:

    Sword Vs. Dragon, With A Pokemon Twist:
    We begin the movie with our usual "Welcome to the World of Pokemon" intro (and look, it's Porygon2 and Porygon-Z!:

    All Gen II and Gen IV Pokemon have no officially appeared in the anime!).

    We start the movie proper with Keldeo in a middle of a grassy field (if you've seen the "Keldeo training" trailer, you can pretty much skip this beginning part). We also see Virizion in some tall grass which Keldeo (who, by the way, can speak english, most likely by telepathy being it's a Legnedary) attacks with a Hydro Pump(?) shot from its hind legs (apparently Keldeo's legs are tubes). Virizion dodges by jumping out and tells Keldeo (btw, all the "Swords of Justice" can speak via telepathy) and congratulates Keldeo for detecting her(?) and Keldeo says he listened to the grass saying him and the grass are now friends. Virizion tells Keldeo to catch her and runs off into the tall grass, Keldeo chasing behind and shooting off a Focus Blast but missing. They get to a lake where Keldeo sees Virizion on a bare tree but she soon jumps into the air and fires a Magical Leaf which Keldeo braces against. After Virizion lands, she prepares a a Sacred Sword (which summons a giant blade from the middle of her head) which Keldeo tries stopping with a Focus Blast but Virizion cuts it in half with the Sacred Sword. Keldeo declares sword vs. sword and tries summoning his own Sacred Sword, Terrakion and Cobalion watching from a nearby cliff, however Keldeo isn't able to use Sacred Sword. Virizion teases if something's wrong and Keldeo announces his sword is his horn (yeah, Keldeo's flimsy looking horn vs. Virizion's energy beam sword, I think Virizion wins) and charges forward, him and Virizion colliding "swords".

    We cut to Keldeo in a valley with giant stone pillars and Keldeo yells for Terrakion to battle with him, Terrakion appearing and asking if Keldeo is "ready to go again?". Keldeo jumps onto a rock pillar saying he'll battle any time and Terrakion starts using Hyper Beam which Keldeo starts jumping around rock pillar to rock pillar to dodge, Virizion and Cobalion watching nearby. Terrakion jumps down and uses Stone Edge while Keldeo continues to jump from rock pillar to rock pillar, using Double Team to create after images of himself which Stone Edge hits, also destroying a bit of the rock pillars and creating a dust cloud. Keldeo kicks Terrakion while it's in the dust cloud and knocks it into a rock pillar, causing it to fall on top of Terrakion (good work Keldeo, you cheap tactic just squashed one of your mentors!). Actually it's all good as Terrakion lifts the giant rock pillar and summons a Sacred Sword, throwing the rock pillar behind and both him and Keldeo collide "swords".

    Cut to a forest during a storm, Keldeo is running along with Cobalion and asks him to battle, Cobalion saying the storm is going to get worse though Keldeo says he doesn't care (easy for you to say, you're a Water-type, Cobalion is a Steel-type, he'll rust in the rain!). They get to part of the forest where the trees are bare as lighting strikes the trees and light them on fire and cause them to fall. Keldeo runs through one of the burning trees and cut another in half, Cobalion calling Keldeo reckless though Keldeo says he isn't and he won't let anything defeat him, putting out the burning tree and attacking Cobalion with a Focus Blast. Cobalion dodges and uses Sacred Sword, Virizion and Terrakion watching nearby, as Keldeo starts charging around and at Cobalion. Keldeo asks when will Cobalion let it fight Kyurem, saying he wants to be a Sword of Justice as they collide "swords".

    Another cut and out of Swords of Justice members, Keldeo hops along rocks in a stream as the Swords of Justice discuss whether they should let him battle Kyurem, Cobalion saying he shouldn't as he can't use his sword yet. Virizion agrees as Cobalion goes on to say only when the weight of Keldeo's sword is learned and used may he become a sword of justice, Terrakion commenting on him always being cautious. Keldeo says he heard everything they said and asks what he means by "weight of my sword" which Terrakion was about to explain but Cobalion stops him and Virizion explains Keldeo must think for himself, getting Keldeo annoyed as Terrakion jokes that he doesn't really know either. Keldeo run in front of Cobalion and says he's going to battle Kyurem, Cobalion telling him "no" but Keldeo says it's why he's been training all this time and can take on the strongest Pokemon. Cobalion tells Keldeo he's not ready which Virizion agrees with as Terrakion suggests they train a little more, though Keldeo is obviously upset about this.

    That night, as the other members of the Sword of Justice sleep, Keldeo gets up and leaves because, well, he's stupid and wants to get killed. The next morning the Swords of Justice find him gone and worry that he went to battle Kyurem, meanwhile we see Keldeo running to where Kyurem is whining about how he's ready and that's why he trained so hard. Keldoe reaches what looks to be an old mine... in a rather creepy looking mountain:

    Okay, what person saw that mountain and thought "Hey! I bet we could mine some useful stuff from in there!"?

    Keldeo walks into the mine and gets surrounded and followed by a group of Cryogonal as Keldeo goes down lower into the mine and calls out Kyurem for a battle. Outside, the Sword of Justice and running to stop Keldeo from killing himself as Terrakion gives out a yell which Keldeo hears from deep within the mine, however soon a cold mist starts pouring into the mine from a crevice* Kyurem's voice (guess what, he's also telepathic!) asks Keldeo if he thinks he's worthy to battle him (so, what, is Kyurem the boss of the Swords of Justice? Is Kyurem an evil Pokemon which the Swords of Justice are suppose to keep sealed away? What is Kyurem's and the Swords of Justice's relation because honestly, right now, it seems like the Swords of Justice are attacking Kyurem for no reason). Keldeo stutters however gets it together and says he's a Sword of Justice, something which Kyurem chuckles at though agrees to the battle, starting to walk out. As Kyurem walsk out, two giants pillars of ice crystals form and arc, creating a gate which Kyurem tells Keldeo to pas through:


    Keldeo passes through the gate, upon getting to the otherside Kyurem creats more ice crystals to form an ice arena which the Cryogonal float above. Keldeo starts the battle by using Hydro Pump (the spinning version of it) but Kyurem uses an Ice Beam which freezes and shatters it, knocking Keldeo down (and to think Water is resistant to Ice). Keldeo tries a Focus Blast next but Kyurem annihilates it with a Dragon Pulse before charging up to Keldeo and hitting him with a Shadow Claw and knocking him back. Keldeo slides under Kyurem and kicks it into the air, using Hydro Pump to lift it further up though it lands on a platform above and uses Dragon Pulse which knocks Keldeo away.

    Kyurem jumps down as the other Swords of Justice run in and see Keldeo and Kyurem fighting, at the moment both charging at each other and doing a kick though Kyurem does it faster and kicks Keldeo into an ice pillar. Cobalion says that Keldeo has already passed the gate which I guess means they can't do anything to help (you know, honor and all that). Kyurem asks Keldeo if that's all he got, calling him a Sword of Justice which surprises the actual Swords of Justice (oh boy, if Keldeo gets out of this alive you know that the Swords of Justice are going to chew him out and ground him... pretty much forever). Keldeo uses Focus Blast but Kyurem destroys it with a Dragon Pulse and knocks Keldeo back who's starting to struggle to stand up. Kyurem asks if Keldeo is giving up which Keldeo says he isn't, declaring himself a Sword of Justice though the actual Swords of Justice say that isn't true with Cobalion asking what is Keldeo thinking. Keldeo realizes the Swords of Justice are watching him and charges at Kyurem who swipes him away with a Shadow Claw... AND BREAKS KELDEO'S HORN!

    I don't think duct tape or super glue is going to fix that...

    Keldeo realizes that Kyurem is too strong and starts panicking as Kyurem walks toward it, Virizion saying that Keldeo has given into fear and Terrakion wanting to help but Cobalion says this isn't their battle (I wonder exactly how mant possible members of the Swords of Justice they lost this way...) but Terrakion says he can't stand around and do nothing. Terrakion jumps down and tells Kyurem that's enough, Kyurem using Dragon Pulse telling them not to interfere though Cobalion counters it with a Flash Cannon which Terrakion thanks him for as he uses a Hyper Beam but Kyurem dodges. Kyurem then does something which the entirety of Black 2 & White 2 was about trying to prevent: he changes into White Kyurem (yup, in the anime, Kyurem just change formes whenever it wants, no need for some silly DNA Splicers, one of the other Tao Dragons, or Absofusion...). White Kyurem says that no one shall interfere and enters its wings spikes into its turbines, powering up and then using Ice Burn to FREEZE THE SWORDS OF JUSTICE:

    Okay, so there goes the idea that the Swords of Justice are fighting Kyurem because he's evil... so is Kyurem there boss? Someone who agreed to test possible members of the Swords of Justices? WHAT IS THERE RELATION?!

    Keldeo freaks out and runs away, passing the ice gate which causes it to blacken and fall apart as Keldeo falls down a gap between a broken set of cart rails which causing him to slide down through a tunnel which exits out of inside the mountain and down the mountain's side. White Kyurem transform back into its normal forme though says the the battle is not yet over...

    Oh Yeah, Our Main Protagonists Are In This Movie:
    I'm assuming that midday, we switch over to clear skies and on a train as we see Ash & co. (oh yeah, I totally forgot they were in those movie considering we're SIXTEEN MINUTES IN and only seen them in the opening. I mean they're only the PROTAGONISTS) looking out a window as a full length version of the Rival Destinies opening theme is played. Their Pokemon are messing around (why aren't they in there Pokeballs?) and eventually annoy Iris who yells them to go out into the hallway (yes, because I'm sure the train's staff would love to deal with Pokemon messing around with their stuff).

    We get a quick glimpse of the Rocket Trio, specifically James making a phone call on a pay phone.

    Ash & co.'s Pokemon enter SOMEONE ELSE'S room (a mother and her and her 3 kids, I'm sure the mother will enjoy that) and start playing around confusing the mother though exciting the kids. Back in their room, Cilan shows Ash and Cilan something in a magazine which gets them excited, then to Ash and Iris looking out the window, then over to their Pokemon who leave the mother and 3 children's room as the 3 kids wave goodbye (if you can't tell yet, this is the traveling montage/comedy section of the movie). Back to Ash & co., Ash stands up as the train jumps causing him to fall on Iris who then pushes him onto Cilan and yells at him (no doubt calling Ash a kid, though the music is playing so we can't hear her).

    Though with that said, the song ends as the narrator says Ash & co. have arrived to Windy Station (we also get another glimpse of Team Rocket, this time Jessie on a mobile phone:

    are you guys going to do anything this movie or not?)

    We find out they're going to Roshan City as Cilan tells Ash and Iris they're only stopping for 3 minutes (3 minutes? That's kind of quick, isn't it?) and also to follow his instructions since he's a "Box Lunched Connoisseur" (what does that even mean?). The train finally stops (why were Ash & co. waiting by the train doors? Are they that hungry?) and Ash & co. rush out:

    Hello mother and daughter we've seen cameo in every movie since Rise of Darkrai.

    Ash & co. meet up with a woman selling Darumaka lunch boxes (her name is Malin... no, she doesn't appear in the rest of the movie nor has her name ever spoken, she's only in this one scene yet for some reason she's given a name) which can then be shown off as statues or made into wind chimes as she asks how many they want and Cilan orders... FIFTEEN? Cilan also orders 3 Oran Berry Ices and some water though the conductor starts ringing the bell saying they're leaving as Ash (who's carrying ALL the Darumaka lunches while Cilan has the water and Iris the ices, jerks) trips over Scraggy causing him to toss a batch of the Darumaka lunches into the air. Thankfully all their Pokemon are out and catch them, except for Scraggy who headbutts the one heading for it though it flies into Iris's hand. Over to a cliff on the other side of the station, we see Keldeo slide down and jump onto the train as it starts to move.

    Malin: Best wishes!
    Comment: Oh writers, you think you're so clever, don't you?

    As they wave goodbye to Malin from the train, Ash & co. then notice that Scraggy hasn't gotten on the train so Ash gets up and runs to the back of the train (or you can, you know, RETURN SCRAGGY INTO ITS POKEBALL!). Ash tells Scraggy to make a jump which it does though it isn't going to make it so Ash tells Snivy to use Vine Whip and Snivy brings Scraggy back onto the train (or you could have, you know, RETURN SCRAGGY INTO ITS POKEBALL!). Ash apologizes to Scraggy, but Pikachu then hears Keldeo groans on top of the train and climbs up with Ash following, both finding the injured Keldeo lying on the top of the train.

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    A Chilling Dragon Tale:
    Cilan and Iris say they've never seen that Pokemon before and Ash says it's hurt, but Keldeo then wakes up and kicks Ash, knocking him and Iris almost off the train though they grab onto the side as Cilan and their Pokemon go to help. Keldeo tells them that Kyurem is coming, surprising Ash & co., and tells them Kyurem is coming once more before trying to leave however Ash runs over and grabs Keldeo who faints soon after. Iris says she head the name Kyurem before as Ash tries to wake Keldeo up, however Kyurem flies on top of the train and starts to send an icy chill over to Ash & co. (+ Keldeo), freezing the top of the train as they start running away from it. Kyurem uses Ice Beam but Ash & co. (+ Keldeo) jump into an empty gondola (yes, that's what those railroad cars are called) and Ash asks why Kyurem is attacking them. Kyurem prepares an Ice Beam however the train enters into a tunnel causing Kyurem to jump off.

    Now safe, Ash & co. check on Keldeo though Ash says that once they're in the city they'll get help as Iris remembers that the Elder told her about Kyurem once. FLASHBACK TIME! In the Village of Dragons on a snowy day (you'd think a place which hates the cold would be in a warmer climate where it doesn't snow), Iris asks the Elder who's the strongest Dragon-type though the Elder says Iris may not like it. Iris says she loves all Dragon-types but the Elder says this Dragon-type is different as it came into existence along with Zekrom and Reshiram (because we haven't followed the games mythology about the Tao Trio yet, so why start now?). Elder says Kyurem was given incredible power (which is why in Normal Forme it's 20 Base Stat weaker then Zekrom/Reshiram and it only gets one Signature Move that isn't as powerful as either of Zekrom/Reshiram's, TRULY THE MOST FEARSOME OF THE TAO TRIO!) and is constantly giving off a harsh freezing wind. Iris says that sounds a bit too cold for her though we end the flashback with the Elder saying that Kyurem in the most powerful Dragon-type (IF it's in its Black Kyurem or White Kyurem forme AND Arceus is not holding the Draco Plate... kind of the sad that the "most powerful Dragon-type" is only that under certain conditions). The train comes out of the tunnel as it enters Roshan City as we cut to the Pokemon Center.

    BTW, that's Team Rocket's yellow truck... thought I'd just mention it.

    Inside the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy examines Keldeo and says that it's horn was recently broken and asks what happened, though Ash says they don't know though it could have been Kyurem which done it. Nurse Joy is surprised they met Kyurem, explaining it lives in an abandoned mine and it's always there. Iris says it came and attack them so Nurse Joy says that must mean Kyurem came for Keldeo, surprising Ash & co. and Nurse Joy tells them about the Swords of Justices (even showing them video of them) saying they're a group of Pokemon which travel around the world training and protecting people and Pokemon. Nurse Joy then tells them Keldeo is being trained to become the newest member of the Swords of Justice.

    Nurse Joy: Or so I've been told.
    Comment: By who? And if by another person, how did they find out? I doubt the Swords of Justice would talk to people. Also if Keldeo is a very new member that people remember when it first showed up then where did it come from?

    Ash & co. are amazed by this and by the afternoon they're walking around with Keldeo in the Pokemon Center's garden and finally introduce themselves and ask what happened.

    Hey, barely see those two kids in the background? Their names are Kanata and Misaki. Their suppose to have a small battle scene here but it was cut for TV time... and no, just like with Malin, they're never seen again after this scene...

    Keldeo explains it challenged Kyurem to a battle to become a Sword of Justice, however while battling it got scared as we one again for FLASHBACK TIME! We see the scene of White Kyurem freezing the Swords of Justice with Ice Burn as Keldeo explains the Swords of Justice were frozen and upon seeing that it ran away. We leave the flashback and see Keldeo go over to a water spout and puts its head into it and explains the other Swords of Justice are still frozen in ice and Kyurem must be furious for it running away (because it's your boss? because he agreed to be a test? WHAT IS THE RELATION?). Ash asks if Keldeo is still scared, saying it can't keep running away because it got beat and reminding it want to be a Sword of Justice, Keldeo saying that he isn't scare of anything stomping his hoof down. Keldeo says he's going to save the other Swords of Justice and Ash tells him that's the spirits then volunteering to come along to help along, Cilan and Iris saying they'll also help. Keldeo is thankful for their help and their about to run off but Cilan stops them and suggests they have supper/dinner first, taking out all the Darumaka Box Lunches (I'm debating whether to ask where they had stored them). Keldeo tries one and likes it as we then get a scene of him and Ash eating so fast they start choking on it (yup, if couldn't have tell, Keldeo is a Pokemon version of Ash... no wonder why Cobalion says that Keldeo wasn't ready).

    Hello Meowth. For now on I'm just going to point out your cameos and assume this is the Team Rocket's only contribution to the movie.

    Over the sea next to Roshan City, the frozen wind comes over it and FREEZES THE ENTIRE SEA as Cryogonals start circling above and finally Kyurem bursts out from under the ice (why was Kyurem underwater?) and they head toward Roshan City, Kyurem turning into White Kyurem.

    Streets, Subways, And Blimps:
    We scene transition into a picture of White Kyurem as we're back in Iris's flashback and the Elder tells her about Kyurem's two formes, White Kyurem and Black Kyurem, and explains it can transform and that is how Kyurem obtains the power of both Reshiram and Zekrom.

    Iris: Amazing, that's why Kyurem is the strongest Pokemon in the world.
    Comment: Arceus begs to differ.

    Suddenly the fountain next to them freezes as the Cryogonals surround Ash & co. (+ Keldeo) and Keldeo explains they're friends of Kyurem. One Cryogonal uses Ice Beam at Ash & co. though they dodge and Ash asks what they're doing, Keldeo then attacking that Cryogonal with a Focus Blast telling it to leave Ash & co. alone. Ash & co. (+ Keldeo) start running away and cross a bridge, though soon see White Kyurem flying next to them. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on White Kyurem though that just makes it transform into Black Kyurem and it attacks with Dragon Pulse. Black Kyurem flies up to a tall tower in the middle of Roshan City while Ash & co. (+ Keldeo) run through the streets, Iris and Cilan start heading down a flight of stairs though Iris sees Ash and Keldeo heading another way and calls out to them. Ash and Keldeo turn around though see the Cryogonals chasing after them so Pikachu attacks with an Iron Tail knocking them all back but another group comes up from above them though Keldeo knocks them back by tackling them (not the move, it just jumps up at them). More come so Ash and Keldeo start running as Pikachu launches an Electro Ball behind it to knock that group down though soon they get surrounded by more Cryogonal. Keldeo tells Ash & co. to hand onto it as Keldeo uses Hydro Pump to fly through the air and through the city, almost hitting everything on their way, though soon lands and they start running again with the Cryogonals close behind.

    Iris and Cilan calls Ash and Keldeo over to a nearby bridge though the Cryogonals use Ice Beam to try and freeze them though miss so they freeze the river. Keldeo jumps onto the ice and attacks with Focus Blast as Ash sends out Boldore who Ash and Pikachu then use as a sled (yeah, don't have it use Rock Blast to help out) to get to Keldeo who gets surrounded by Cryogonals. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to clear the way as Keldeo jump onto Boldore and uses Focus Blast to knock away some Cryogonals. They get to the other side of the river where Iris and Cilan meet them and Ash returns Boldore.

    Ash & co. (+ Keldeo) enter into the subway, Cilan thinking they can travel through the un-used train tracks but surprisingly the doors are lock (it's as if they don't want people walking through the train tunnels in fear they may hurt themselves of the equipment down there...). However Keldeo just kicks the door open as above ground we see the Cryogonal split up around the city, two specifically going into the subways. Back to Ash & co. (+ Keldeo), they encounter another door but this one is opens up into a train museum (Cilan msut be squealing in his head right now) and says the exit should take them outside of the city (why would the museum lead outside of the city? Shouldn't the museum be in the city?). However, Iris has another plan:

    Iris: Yup, I bet we can still use it.
    Comment: Oh let's list this one, shall we?
    1. Being it's in a MUSEUM, it probably has its engine removed therefore it doesn't work.
    2. Do you even know how to fly a blimp?
    3. How do you plan on getting it out and preparing it without being spotted by either the Cryogonals or Kyurem?
    4. Blimps are slow and are in air, the Cryogonals and Kyurem can fly and are fast.

    But, because of plot convenience, it works:

    Comment: SO what part of being a Dragon Master involves learning to pilot a blimp?

    However, the Cryogonals soon catch up to them because, well, blimps are slow and soon the Cryogonal are swarming around her. BUT WAIT! As it turns out only Iris (and her Pokemon) are on the blimp as Ash, Cilan, and Keldeo escaped via the train tracks (why when the Cryogonals and/or Kyurem discover they wasted their time they'll freeze Iris to death and continue searching for Keldeo, BEST PLAN EVER!). The Cryogonals soon discover they've been tricked and fly away leaving Iris unharmed... but Kyurem isn't so merciful:

    Time to die, b****!

    A week later they found Iris's frozen, lifeless body in the blimp's wreckage...

    It's now Cilan's turn to be the distraction as the Cryogonals soon spot Cilan in a train car driving away and follow as Ash and Keldeo run into the forest.

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    Facing The Truth:
    Keldeo remembers Iris and Cilan offering to be distractions and then into a FLASHBACK of the Swords of Justice doing their Musketeer "All for one, and one for all" motto (they pretty much say when friends come together that's when true power is created). Ash asks Keldeo what the Swords of Justice are like and Keldeo says Terrakion is the strongest Pokemon we know, going into a FLASHBACK of Terrakion teaching Keldeo to be patient by "fishing", eventually throwing a Basculin into the though it sprays Terrakion with a Water Gun upon coming back down (which should hurt since Terrakion is part Rock-type), both laughing about it. Keldeo says Virizion is fast, smart, and cool, FLASHBACK to Virizion showing Keldeo how to jump from rock pillars high up a mountain and saying it must conquer the fear in its heart. Finally Keldeo says Cobalion is an inspiration to them all, FLASHBACK to Keldeo and Cobalion battling as Cobalion knocks Keldeo aside with a Sacred Sword and tells him it's what he learns from defeat is what is important, this being a time for Keldeo to learn until it understands the weight of the sword. Keldeo says he sometimes doesn't understand what Cobalion says though Ash says he hopes Keldeo will become a Sword of Justice, surprising Keldeo.

    Back to Cilan, the Cryogonals use Ice Beam to try and stop him so Cilan sends out Crustle to use Rock Wrecker, launching it as they go into a tunnel which hits the Cryogonals. However Cilan's victory is cut short as the cold mist fills the tunnel and freezes the train, stopping them... right in front of Black Kyurem (well, Cilan's dead too). Black Kyurem roars which breaks the windows as see Keldeo isn't with there, making Black Kyurem give off an angry roar and fly up into the clouds, turning into White Kyurem.

    Back in the forest, Keldeo asks Ash why he's doing this for him and Ash says it's because they're friends, surprising Keldeo though eventually he smiles. Finally Ash and Keldeo get to Kyurem's mine as they see the Cryogonals and White Kyurem fly by. Inside the mine, White Kyurem transforms back to normal Kyurem and gives out a roar, giving Keldeo a vision of its broken horn. Ash tells Keldeo it's time to finish this however Keldeo starts shaking in fear, saying he lied by telling Kyurem that he's a Sword of Justice and that must be why Kyurem is so angry (that, or it could be because in order for someone to be a Sword of Justice they have to beat up Kyurem, if I was Kyurem I'd be kind of annoyed that was a requirement... unless it agreed to it. I don't know because WE'RE NEVER TOLD!).

    Ash: Don't worry, we'll handle it ourselves.
    Comment: ... I do hope you mean freeing the Swords of Justices and not battling Kyurem... oh who am I kidding? This is Ash, of course he means he's going to battle Kyurem.

    Keldeo thinks back to when Kyurem broke its horn off and start slowly moving forward, shaking in fear along the way.

    Cilan: Hey, down here!

    Comment: TAUROS MULCH! The blimp's MOTOR was frozen, it should have fell out of the sky!

    Inside the mine, Ash looks around for the Swords of Justice and as the sun rises he sees them still frozen as he sends out Boldore and Pignite to use Rock Smash and Flamethrower on the ice. Pikachu joins in with Iron Tail as Ash hits the ice with a pipe but as he does the cold mist rolls in along with the Cryogonals and Kyurem. Kyurem tells them this is no place for a human and orders them to leave however Ash say they have something to do first and they go back to freeing the Swords of Justice. Kyurem uses a Dragon Pulse but before it can hit Ash and his Pokemon a Focus Blast stops it and Ash turns around to see it's Keldeo who runs down to face Kyurem. Ash says he knew Keldeo would come as Keldeo tells Kyurem he's not a Sword of Justice, just training to be one, but he wanted to battle Kyurem anyway. Kyurem says he knew Keldeo wasn't a Sword of Justice (probably because in order to become a Sword of Justice you first need to defeat Kyurem, didn't really think that one though, did you Keldeo?) and recreates the ice pillar gate and arena.

    Beating The Dragon Is Not What You Expect:
    Kyurem tells Keldeo to pass through the gate once more so that they can finish their battle, Keldeo starts shaking in fear however Ash tells Keldeo it can do it. With Ash's support and FLASHBACKS to it spending time with the other Swords of Justice, Keldeo realizes it was never alone as he start to glow blue and transform into his Resolute Forme! Iris and Cilan also arrive and join Ash (hey, why don't you guys help Pignite and Boldore break the Swords of Justice free?) as Keldeo charges Kyurem and uses a Focus Blast that Kyurem swipes away with a Shadow Claw and then hits Keldeo. Keldeo jumps up and across the ice pillars and then uses Double Team to surround Kyurem and uses Focus Blast but Kyurem flies up to a higher platform to dodge. Kyurem then uses Ice Beam but Keldeo dodges so Kyurem tries a Dragon Pulse which Keldeo uses to get into the air to shoot a Focus Blast which hits Kyurem causing it to slide back. Ash roots Keldeo on as him, Iris, and Cilan finally get to work on freeing the the Swords of Justice (hey, Iris and Cilan, why not send out Crustle and Excadrill to help?) and the ice finally begins to crack.

    Keldeo charges at Kyurem who catches Keldeo with its wing and tosses him, saying that Keldeo will never defeat it with that sword. Kyurem starts using Dragon Pulses as Keldeo does its best to dodge though still gets grazed along with the Dragon Pulse hitting a piece of large mining equipment. While Keldeo is injured, Kyurem uses Ice Beam which Keldeo tries to dodge but gets his foot caught. Kyurem transforms into Black Kyurem and starts a Freeze Shock as Ash tells Kyurem the battle is over and Pikachu to use a Thunderbolt, however Keldeo shoots a weak Focus Blast at them. Keldeo smiles at them saying this battle is far from over, freeing his foot by using Hydro Pump and then jumps at Black Kyurem using Double Team and Focus Blast (um, writers, you do know Double Team doesn't increase the damage of attacks, right? It just makes it harder for the opponent to hit the user). The shockwave caused by the Focus Blast hitting Freeze Shock causes the Cryogonals to flee and the ice around the Swords of Justice to break, freeing them.

    Virizion thanks Ash (what, are Ash's Pokemon, Iris, and Cilan chopped liver?) and Ash asks how do they know his name, Cobalion explaining they heard it through the ice (they also saw the various time he stopped working to free them to watch the battle, but now that they're free they'll let that slide).

    Terrakion: Thank you for saving Keldeo.
    Comment: Okay, how do you know they saved Keldeo? Just because they're the ones here helping Keldeo doesn't mean they're also the ones who found it (they did, but they don't know that).

    Ash returns Boldore and Pignite as Ash & co. (+ the Swords of Justice) watch the battle, just as Kyurem throws Keldeo against an ice pillar with Shadow Claw. Cilan says that Keldeo can't take anymore and Iris asks the Swords of Justice to end the battle but Virizion tells them this isn't their battle and Cobalion says only Keldeo can end this. Keldeo gets back on its feet, dodging Kyurem's Dragon Pulse as Terrakion's words of patience goes through his head. Keldeo hears Virizion's words of conquering fear and runs up an ice pillar and uses Hydro Pump which Kyurem counters with an Ice Beam, freezing it. As Keldeo jumps down, he hears Cobalion's words of learning from defeat and dodges another of Kyurem's Ice Beam as Ash & co. cheer him on and the Swords of Justice watch. Keldeo dodges some Dragon Pulses by climbing an ice pillar until launching a Focus Blast which he then uses Hydro Pump to go into a Focus Blast tackles Kyurem, sending it flying. Terrakion says that Keldeo is doing well though Virizion says Keldeo still needs to use his sword, Ash & co. cheering Keldeo on.

    Kyurem however comes back as Black Kyurem and uses Freeze Shock, Keldeo unable to dodge and gets frozen! Terrakion is about ready to enter the battle (because that worked so well last time...) but Cobalion stops him as Keldeo starts glowing yellow and breaks out of the ice with Secret Sword! Keldeo says he can still battle as Ash cheer him on, Keldeo charging at Black Kyurem and knocking it back with Terrakion saying that Keldeo can do this. Black Kyurem uses Dragon Pulse but Keldeo blocks it with Secret Sword and starts walking forward, pushing Black Kyurem back. Black Kyurem says he was waiting for Keldeo to show his true power as the Dragon Pulse explodes and knocks Keldeo back, Black Kyurem saying this is now a real battle.

    Black Kyurem's wing spikes goes into his tail turbine and prepares another Freeze Shock, Keldeo firing at it with Focus Blast which knocks it away but toward Ash & co., however Keldeo jumps in and cuts the Freeze Shock in half with a Secret Sword (BTW, writers, you do know Freeze Shock is a physical move, right?). The power released from cutting Freeze Shock in half causes a spike of electricity to shoot out from the mines and a massive amount of smoke. When the smoke clears, Keldeo is all bruised up and falls over, Black Kyurem then stepping on his horn so Keldeo does the only thing it can do: admits defeat. Black Kyurem steps off Keldeo's horn and transforms back into normal Kyurem, saying that Keldeo chose to protect its friends instead of trying to win. Kyurem tells Keldeo it has a fine sword and goes back to its crevice as Keldeo smiles and transforms back to its Ordinary Forme.

    Cutting To A Cut:
    Ash & co. and the Swords of Justice run down to Keldeo, Ash saying it was an amazing battle and Iris pointing out the obvious that its horn grew back. Cobalion tells Keldeo that now it knows the weight of the sword and agrees, but celebrations are cut short when the mine equipment hit by the Dragon Pulse starts falling down and breaking apart the mine. Cobalion tells Ash & co. to grab on as Ash & co. ride the Swords of Justice (Ash on Cobalion, Cilan on Terrakion, and Iris on Virizion, I wonder if there's any significance to that ) out of the collasping mine (at one point Pikachu falls off Ash's shoulder but Keldeo grabs it). Kyurem transforms into White Kyurem ans uses Ice Burn to freeze the falling debry, making a forboding lair of ice. White Kyurem transforms back into normal Kyurem and enters into its crevice until the time comes when the next Sword of Justice challenges it.

    Outside, Cobalion tells Keldeo it's now a true Sword of Justice which Virizion agrees with and Terrakion says they should train more together. Ash & co. congratulate Keldeo, Cobalion telling Keldeo it's time to do the Sword of Justice Oath and wants Ash & co. to be their witnesses. Keldeo turns into his Resolute Forme as Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion prepare their Sacred Swords and Keldeo his Secret Sword, combining their swords and doing the oath with Keldeo adding in his line.

    And with that the movie is over! Now being this is the TV version I'm watching they cut the scenes which happen after the credits, though I'll tell what basically happens in them: (though you can see them HERE and HERE).

    1. Ash & co. fly the blimp back, waving goodbye to Keldeo and the Swords of Justice.
    2. Ash & co. return the blimp to the Museum (and then probably fined a few million dollars)
    3. Some scenes of Ash & co. camping.
    4. Some scenes of the four Swords of Justice walking about and looking over a mountain,
    5. We get our last glimpse of Team Rocket who are seen pushing their yellow truck which broke down.
    6. Then we see the drawings of Kyurem the Village of Dragons Elder had along with what looks to be pictures drawn by kids.

    Seeya next movie! I heard it's about a bug that can go really, really fast...

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