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Pokemon The Series: XY Discussion

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    Use this thread to discuss the English dubbed episodes.

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    Didn't realise the L's in Vivillon are silent. Learn something new everyday

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    It's been good so far.

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    Kwando7 wrote:

    Didn't realise the L's in Vivillon are silent. Learn something new everyday

    I seriously don't understand this. Why did they bother changing the spelling if they kept the pronunciation.
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    Hmm, this board is missing something... oh, I know, my overly long reviews that no one reads! That's right, after waiting for a while because I'm lazy I was waiting for the right time, I think that time is NOW! I'd like to remind everyone how my (current) review style goes:

    1. Title of Episode
    2. Quick opinion of episode
    3. Story Summary

    And now that you know, let's practice with the first episode of the XY series!

    XY001 "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!"

    Pretty good episode to start the Kalos saga on! Upon arriving to the Kalos Region we're seeing plenty of new Pokemon to learn about, plenty of old Pokemon to familiarize with, we get our first glimpse of a Mega Evolution to add some mystery, learn of a few obstacles Ash will need to overcome, have a pretty impressive first battle, and Team Rocket still provide a new danger now that Jessie learned how to use Wobbuffet! We're also shown Ash's new "party" and we end on a interesting cliffhanger. Kalos is starting out pretty good, then again so did Unova so I think we'll need to keep watching a bit more before making any definite opinions. Say... until the end of the Kalos saga? I think that's enough time.

    We start the episode in Vaniville Town where Grace (the playable character's mother in the games) tells her Fletchling to wake up Serena (better known as the female playable character or the male playable character's main rival). Fletching goes to Serena's room and wakes her up by pecking at her head, much to Serena's annoyance as she told it not to do that. Grace tells Serena its time for "morning training" and Serena sighs as she opens the window to her room and says good morning to Grace's Rhyhorn, also hoping today would be interesting. The narrator starts up and tells us about the Kalos region and how people and Pokemon work and play together etc..
    We cut to a plane where we start the episode proper with Ash and Alexa, Ash excited to arrive to Kalos. The plane lands in Lumiose City and Ash gets out yelling a big welcome to Kalos, Alexa asking Ash what that was about and Ash says he's just excited. Ash then sees some Spritzee flying above him... which causes him to trip and fall down the stairs leading off the plane. As Alexa checks to see if he's alright, Team Rocket always see that the "twerp" has arrived and start making plans. Ash recovers and wants to go to challenge Alexa's sister, Viola, to a gym battle but Alexa says her sister is the Gym Leader of Santalune City, not Lumiose City. Alexa says she'll give her sister a call and once Ash is alone a Mega Blaziken suddenly appears, jumps down in front of Ash, and leaps away out of sight. Ash goes inside the terminal to tell Alexa what he saw when he's told that Viola isn't going to be at her Gym for a while, but recommends Ash to challenge the Lumiose Gym in the meantime. Alexa points to where Lumiose Gym, inside Prism Tower, is on a map and says she can't come with him, but Ash says he'll be alright and is fully set loose on Lumiose City and of Kalos as a whole.
    Ash runs around Lumiose City like a maniac, being amazed at all the new Pokemon as well as seeing there are old Pokemon as well before finally reaching Prism Tower, entering it as Clemont and Bonnie, two characters who those who played the game know well about, watch him as he does. In the Gym, Ash is asked if he has 4 Badges but he says he doesn't, causing him to be zapped and ejected out of the Gym at about a hundred feet! Clemont and Bonnie see him falling and Clemont throws his backpack releasing a cushion for Ash to land on while Bonnie catches Pikachu. Ash thanks Clemont and after everyone gets shocked because Bonnie hugged Pikachu too hard, Bonnie apologizes though Ash says its alright and thanks her for catching Pikachu. Ash says he was ejected from the Gym and Bonnie says the Gym Leader is really tough and asks if it asked how many Badges he had. Ash says he did and says he has none, having just arrived to Kalos from Pallet Town.
    At a park, Clemont and Bonnie introduce themselves, Ash asking if they're on a journey though they act a bit vague. Ash says he wished he had a sibling to be on a journey with but Bonnie says Ash at least has Pikachu which Ash agrees revealing Pikachu was his first Pokemon. Its explained Bonnie is too young to have a Pokemon but Clemont recently caught a new Pokemon so Ash challenges him to a battle, saying if his first battle in Kalos can't be a Gym Battle he'll battle Clemont instead. Clemont sends out a Bunnelby so its Ash's Pikachu vs. Clemont's Bunnelby. The battle goes on with Pikachu having a hard time landing a hit on Bunnelby due to it using its ears as hands to dig up dirt and using Ground-type moves like Dig, however eventually Ash manages to get Bunnelby to grab Pikachu's Iron Tail with its ears, leaving it wide open to an Electro Ball.
    However the battle is suddenly interrupted by a net and Team Rocket reveal themselves, Ash explaining to Clemont and Bonnie who Team Rocket are. Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt but Wobbuffet uses Mirror Coat to reflect the attack back at Pikachu. Bunnelby and Pikachu attack at the same time but Wobbuffet dodges Bunnelby's Mud Shots and Mirror Coats back Pikachu's Electro Ball but before Pikachu hits a Froake, who was watching Ash and Clemont battle, jumps in and takes the hit. Clemont explains to Ash that Froakie is a Water-type starter as it hops up to Team Rocket and Meowth translates that Froakie says it doesn't like bad guys. Froakie throws its "frubbles" at Team Rocket which Wobbuffet tries to Mirror Coat but since they aren't an attack it can't and Team Rocket get hit with the sticky foam bubbles. Bunnelby uses Dig to send Team Rocket up into the air as Pikachu and Froakie combine their attacks to send Team Rocket blasting off. However Froakie collapses to its injuries so Clemont and Bonnie suggest they take it to Professor Sycamore's Lab which is closer than the Pokemon Center, ending the episode there.

    PHEW! That was a lot, but it's a start of a new saga and season so that's to be expected. BUT I'M NOT DONE TALKING YET! I still have some comments to make:

    1. Consider yourself lucky that you only got a peck, Serena; In the games Fletchling slams into you either at full force!

    2. Is Serena wearing Sylveon bow pajamas?

    Girls wear pink even to bed.

    3. Huh, was the Opener just a jingle?

    4. OUR HEROES LADY AND GENTLEMEN! Can't walk down stairs!

    And he wants to win the Kalos League to become a Pokemon Master.

    5. Wow, Team Rocket got here pretty fast, they got here before Ash.

    6. Oh, they're already bringing out the Mega Evolutions! I guess being Kalos doesn't have a lot of Legendaries we needed a replacement for the "mysterious powerful Pokemon for Ash to encounter" that a Legendary usually fills (then again, during the Unova Saga they had Zekrom do it so I guess they could have had Yveltal, Xerneas, or Zygarde).

    7. You know there are other Gyms that Ash can challenge, sure he was expecting to battle Viola but this wouldn't be the first time Ash was made to skip a Gym because the Gym Leader was away.

    8. And with Ash being shown where the Gym, Alexa leaves Ash's party. However by now you should be used to her doing that.

    9. With all the new Pokemon you'd think Ash would first find out how to upgrade his Pokedex to start scanning all of them.

    10. Did the screen monitor just physically emote?

    Ash's incompetency can even be felt by inanimate objects.

    11. GEEZ! So if you don't have 4 Badges the Gym SHOCKS YOU AND EJECTS YOU OUT OF THE TOWER AT 100 FEET! Apparently in Kalos you got to be BAD@$$ in order to challenge the Gyms or else THEY'LL KILL YOU!

    12. All the girls loves Pikachu... too bad Pikachu doesn't love all the girls...

    13. Froakie, that mask isn't really hiding you that well.

    14. And our first "Who's That Pokemon" is Spritzee, you'd think it would be Bunnelby being it battled Pikachu.

    15. So what makes Bonnie too young to have a Pokemon compared to children who we've seen before just as young as Bonnie who did own Pokemon?

    16. *Ash challenges Clemont to a battle*
    Ash: If I can't have a Gym Battle, I would like to have my first battle in the Kalos Region with you. What do ya say Clemont?
    Comment: OH the irony!

    17. Wait, what's going on with all the special effects... OH! A "verses" screen! That's new!

    18. *An energy net was thrown at Pikachu*
    Ash: Alright, why would you do such a thing?
    Comment: Ash, think, who do you know would try to be catching Pikachu an have followed you to EVERY region you've been too?
    *Team Rocket does their motto*
    Comment: Actually being Ash was looking at them, you'd think his response would have been...
    Ash: Team Rocket! You would follow us here.
    Comment: Yeah, that! Is this some character development for Ash!

    19. Uh oh, Jessie finally learned how to use Wobbuffet! Quick, we need something in the Uber tier to fight back!

    20. "Frubbles"? Really? That's what we're calling them? Okay, fine, as long as they work and take down Wobbuffet.

    21. And the property damage continues as Bunnely digs through the tiled floor and stairs.

    Insurance companies must hear plenty of odd stories in the Pokemon world.

    22. Isn't Professor Sycamore's Lab just across from a Pokemon Center? I think you even see it as soon as you get out of his lab.

    23. Did Bunnelby's Pokeball just nod?

    And that's all I have to say! I have 4 more episodes to catch up with before returning to a weekly schedule to expect more coming soon!

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    Man, so much repetition. Serena, aside from her backstory, is largely just following the same routine as Dawn and May before her. So here we are yet AGAIN, for the third time, watching another beginning girly female trainer join Ash with the same traits as the girls who came before her.

    I remember when DP started people already found Dawn too similar to May with doing the whole rookie coordinator thing all over again, but at least Dawn had a story and developed differently. With no Contests I don't see what Serena can offer.

    And as a whole, the group dynamics this gen are a throwback to Hoenn. So far I like Bonnie more than Max, but that could easily change if Bonnie gets annoying later in the saga. Clemont is better than Brock though, because let's face, almost everyone hated Brock in DP and wanted him gone.

    It's just hard to get excited for yet another saga when everything has been done before and AG and especially DP felt like the pinnacle of the anime, at least story and battle-wise. Best Wishes felt like an experiment gone totally wrong, (although I liked Cilan), and XY just feels like AG and DP combined.

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    Precita wrote:

    Man, so much repetition. Serena, aside from her backstory, is largely just following the same routine as Dawn and May before her. So here we are yet AGAIN, for the third time, watching another beginning girly female trainer join Ash with the same traits as the girls who came before her.

    I remember when DP started people already found Dawn too similar to May with doing the whole rookie coordinator thing all over again, but at least Dawn had a story and developed differently. With no Contests I don't see what Serena can offer.

    And as a whole, the group dynamics this gen are a throwback to Hoenn. So far I like Bonnie more than Max, but that could easily change if Bonnie gets annoying later in the saga. Clemont is better than Brock though, because let's face, almost everyone hated Brock in DP and wanted him gone.

    It's just hard to get excited for yet another saga when everything has been done before and AG and especially DP felt like the pinnacle of the anime, at least story and battle-wise. Best Wishes felt like an experiment gone totally wrong, (although I liked Cilan), and XY just feels like AG and DP combined.

    With no contests I don't see how you could compare Serena with May and Dawn in terms of her goal. I will say her attitude is probably similar to there's, being more "girl" than Misty or Iris.

    As for what she has to offer, let's be honest, aside from May or Dawn what did Ash's other companions have to offer? Misty was said to be a Water-type master and likes collecting Water-type Pokemon, though she rarely had a chance to show us this skill and rarely caught any Pokemon. Brock was a Pokemon Breeder which is so vague that at the end of DP they switched him to being a doctor, he was just there to make sure Ash and the female companion didn't get lost or starve to death. Max was literally a tag along kid, the only time he battled was when he borrowed some of Ash's Pokemon. Iris wanted to be a Dragon Master but, like Misty, rarely had a chance to show that no didn't get many Dragon-type Pokemon. Cilan was just filling Brock's role of making sure Ash and the female companion didn't get lost or starve, his goal was to become a S-Rank Connoisseur but we have no idea how one would do that, he just did what he always did.

    I don't think the problem with the companion characters is that they don't have anything to offer, the problem is they can't really do what they have to offer because they're traveling around with Ash who's on a specific route for trainers who want to collect the badges and enter the Pokemon League. And being the anime is about Ash's journey, when they do finally leave to focus on their goals that means they also leave the show, maybe getting a Special episode just to catch up with what they've been doing since their departure from the party. Really the companions are just there to help and provide company for Ash, as well as add new elements to the show so that it can theoretically keep itself fresh, even if it is copying a previous idea. So Serena is acting a bit like May or Dawn, well last saga we had Iris who wasn't girly in the slightest so comparing with what we just came off of Serena is doing something different. Also if the episode I just watched is any indication of Serena's "goals", she doesn't have any (except meeting up with Ash, but even then that's a short term goal). Her mother wants her to be a Rhyhorn Racer, it looks like Serena doesn't want to be or at least doesn't want to put in the hard work to be, so her story could be either her trying to find what she wants to be or learning that in life you're going have to work hard and buckles down on her Rhyhorn Racer training. I would actually complain more about the anime ruining an interesting story opportunity for Clemont and Bonnie. Clemont makes a robot to handle his Gym Leader duty, it goes nuts and overthrows Clemont since he doesn't have 4 badges, so now he needs to travel with Ash so he can get 4 badges and challenge the Gym, and in the process Clemont (and Bonnie) have to find a way to take it back. That would have been an interesting story to see play out but they cut it short, solved the problem, and now Clemont and Bonnie are traveling around with Ash and Serena for just because. Obviously they still would have done that in my scenario, but at that point they would have become good friends with Ash and Serena. However ending it early just makes it seem odd that they chose to still travel around with two people they barely know.

    Bonnie is a bit better than Max, though that's only because Bonnie doesn't try to act like he knew more than she does like Max did. Otherwise they're about the same for me, and honestly I doubt the group dynamic would change if you would remove her just like Max. That's the problem with tag along kids, ESPECIALLY if they don't have any Pokemon of their own meaning when the group is in trouble and need to use Pokemon they have no way of helping. I suppose her being a child thus small could help them get out of some situations or let her more easily hide/get away, but I don't recall that happening too often when they had Max with them.

    I understand its hard getting into a new saga, especially after getting off one that didn't go so well, but a new region means new opportunities and their chance to learn from the mistakes they've made last saga. However XY have a much simpler story than Black & White, especially with Team Flare, so we shouldn't have story problems like they did with Team Plasma who were heavily involved in the games storyline so removing them badly hurt but they couldn't just shove them in anywhere. Team Flare only appears a few times within the game, they're very one note, and you defeat before the Pokemon League. Villains like that is something which the writers can easily handled, unlike Team Plasma who were everywhere, had a complex story with a lot of gray morality, and their story interrupts you challenging the Pokemon League in the games.

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    XY002 "Lumiose City Pursuit!"

    We end the first two-parter with a daring recue mission on Prism Tower. It wasn't that action packed since there wasn't any battles, but there were some thrills as Ash deals with a rampaging Pokemon on tower they could easily fall off of... and did! And we continue the mysteries with showing Mega Blaziken belongs to a Blaziken-themed super hero and Serena has met someone who looks like Ash before. However the most important thing in this episode is, of course, Ash getting his Pokedex!... oh, and he also captured Froakie.

    Like last episode, we start with checking in with Grace and Serena. Grace is giving Rhyhorn Riding advice to Serena, but Serena's eventually thrown off and yells she doesn't like this.
    Over to Ash & co. (that is now being Clemont and Bonnie), we get a recap of last episode as they take Froakie to Professor Sycamore's Lab, though Team Rocket had landed in a tree nearby and plan on stealing the Pokemon in the lab. Inside they meet Professor Sycamore who recognizes Froakie and calls in an assistant to take Froakie to heal. Professor Sycamore explains that though Froakie is a starter and has been given to many trainers, it for some reason doesn't listen to them and try to run away, resulting the trainer returning this Froakie. As Froakie heals a Garchomp friend of its who lives in the lab watches over, everyone assuring Garchomp that Froakie will be fine. Professor Sycamore goes to show Ash & co. all the Pokemon at the lab, though Ash stay behind for a few minutes to thank Froakie and say that any trainer who would give it up are making a mistake. Ash catches up to everyone as Professor Sycamore explains he's researching an evolution method called "Mega Evolution", saying that Garchomp is possibly one of the Pokemon who can Mega Evolve. Team Rocket overhear this so put on researcher disguises and enter Professor Sycamore's lab telling his assistants, who have Garchomp with them, they're here to help research Mega Evolutions. One assistant goes to ask Professor Sycamore if was expecting them, but Froakie sees Team Rocket on a monitor and rushes to confront them, telling Garchomp about them. Team Rocket decide to attack Froakie and throw a cube on it but Garchomp jumps in front of it, the cube turning into a collar which takes control of Garchomp. Professor Sycamore and Ash & co. here the commotion and come out to see what's going on, Team Rocket revealing themselves though Garchomp soon enters a rage and sends them blasting off with a Hyper Beam.
    Garchomp escapes Professor Sycamore's Lab, Ash & co. chasing after it, and goes on a rampage which eventually leads it to climbing Prism Tower. Clemont uses his backpack's robotic "Aipom Arm" to get into Lumiose Tower but, before Clemont and Bonnie could enter, Garchomp fires a Hyper Beam causing rubble to block the entrance. Clemont says they're alright and tells Ash (and Froakie) to go on ahead, Ash and Froakie climbing up to where Garchomp is and calm it down. However Garchomp attacks them with Hyper Beam and flies up to the top of the tower, Ash finding a ladder and climbing up after it. Clemont sees Ash's bravery and decides to get in and help, using his "Aipom Arm" to remove enough rubble for him and Bonnie to get in.
    On the top of the tower, Ash tries calming Garchomp but it attacks and stumbles back to the ledge of the tower. Froakie throws "frubbles" are Garchomp's feet to stop it from moving as Ash leaps onto Garchomp and tells Pikachu to his the collar with an Iron Tail, breaking the collar and freeing Garchomp who calms down. However the part of the ledge Pikachu is on crumbles and starts to fall, Ash jumping off the tower to grab Pikachu. Everyone watches in terror until a fireball flies to them and catches them, the fireball being the Mega Blaziken they saw in the first episode. The Mega Blaziken lands on the streets and puts them down before leaping away, Professor Sycamore checking to see if Ash is safe and then saying that was a Mega Blaziken. Mega Blaziken returns to its trainer, a person who's dressed like a Blaziken-themed super hero, as it turns back to a normal Blaziken and they disappear into the night, Ash thanking Mega Blaziken.
    Next day, as Ash & co. are getting ready to set off, Professor Sycamore gives Ash a Kalos Pokedex. Suddenly Ash is hit with a "frubble" and Froakie is in front of him with a Pokeball. Froakie rolls the ball over to Ash, showing it wants to travel with him. Ash happily agrees and Froakie enters the Pokeball, Ash caught his first Kalos Pokemon: Froakie! Back to Serena, her and her mother having watched the entire Prism Tower fiasco on TV, she feeds Rhyhorn and says something interesting is going to happen, us seeing a flashback of hers where she saw a young boy who looks like Ash, ending the episode.

    Though a lot happened I actually don't really have that many comments, which is to say I do have some comments:

    1. Ah, I can already sees Serena's story unfolding right in front of me. Grace is a famous Rhyhorn Racer and wants her daughter to follow in her footsteps, but Serena doesn't seem to be quite into it. So I'm guessing Serena's story will be about her figuring out what she wants to do, sort of like Bianca in Black & White... and no, I'm not implying she'll be joining Ash & co., what gave you that idea *shifty eyes*... NEXT COMMENT!

    2. Okay, I sort of made a mistake last episode. There is an opener for this season just the version I watch cuts it out. The opener is a remix of the first theme, they even bring back the "Gotta Catch 'Em All" slogan (which they got rid off since Ash wasn't catching them all)! Its sounds pretty good, obviously its shorter then the original but it have a nice beat and they don't mess with the lyrics, though it does end suddenly and sound like there was more to the song.

    3. Ah Clemont, I see you're going to hold up the tradition of the Brock/Cilan role of being slow and late to the action.

    4. *Team Rocket sees Ash & co. enter Professor Sycamore's Lab*
    Jessie: Sycamore's Pokemon Lab?
    James: It must be for studying Pokemon.
    Comment: NO, really? Next you'll be telling me the Pokemon Center is for healing Pokemon!

    5. Froakie was abandoned by his trainer, but its not a Fire-type! Either way you might as well just put Ash's name on Froakie's Pokeball.

    6. Speaking of the starters, it's odd we're not shown them aside from Froakie. Normally once we get to the lab the professor shows Ash and whoever else is with him all the starters. Odd.

    7. HOLD IT! Okay, SPOILER ALERT, Clemont is the Lumiose City Gym Leader. Yet Professor Sycamore doesn't know who he is?

    8. Oh, no chip in Garchomp's back fin means that Garchomp is female. No reason why I pointed it out, just something I noticed (though it makes me wonder whether they did that to intentionally make it a female of the animators were too lazy to remove a chip ).

    9. *GASP* FROAKIE RECOGNIZED TEAM ROCKET THROUGH THEIR DISGUISE! Hmm, now I'm not to sure about Froakie's position on Ash's team, I mean Froakie revealing Team Rocket early would be cutting many episodes running time in half. I suppose it can't out them while in its Pokeball, but from what it sounds like Froakie is one of those Pokemon who comes out of its Pokeball whenever it feels like it.

    10. Did they use a machine gun sound for Garchomp's... Hyper Beam? Odd, wonder why they changed Hyper Beam's color from white/yellow to black (I know in the Black 2 & White 2 animated trailer it was black, though that confused me there too).

    11. And the reveal of the new Officer Jenny design (well, at least in the show, promotional artwork revealed it before hand a few months ago):

    Original | BW | XY

    She went back to wearing blue and having long hair, though now she wars boots, tights, and a vest over a shirt. And though her hair is long its tied into a ponytail. Overall its nice design, its bright and eye catching. Brock would be happy.

    12. I know the Pokedex says Garchomp can fly at top speeds, however I don't think when they thought that they meant it flapped its fins...

    13. *Garchomp attacks Ash (and Froakie) and Pikachu starts to spark up*
    Ash: NO PIKACHU! Wait, I don't want you to attack Garchomp.
    Comment: Garchomp it part Ground-type, it won't be hurt from Pikachu's electrical attack. Actually, an Electric attack might malfunction and destroy the collar on Garchomp while causing no harm to it!

    14. So do you think that by now Ash has formed a plan whenever he jumps to save Pikachu at a great height? I mean he's done it so many times you'd think after one of those Ash would think of some sort of idea or plan... looks who I'm talking about...

    15. Now that Ash had a good look as Mega Blaziken I wonder if he's going to notice it looks like a Blaziken... oh, nevermind, Professor Sycamore told him it was a Mega Blaziken.

    16. Blaziken-themed Super Hero? Got to admit, pretty awesome.

    Up in the sky! Its a Fletchling! Its a Latias! No, it's BLAZIKEN MAN! Faster with a Speed Boost, has more powerful Hi Jump Kicks... okay, I'll stop.

    17. Ah, so now Ash gets his Pokedex, now he can freak out seeing all the new Kalos Pokemon in Lumiose City AND get their Pokedex entry at the same time!

    18. Are Pokemon nodding via their Pokeball going to be a running gag throughout this season?

    19. Dun dun DUN! Serena knows Ash from somewhere! Or at least knew a boy who looked like Ash, there tends to be a lot of those.

    And that's all for this episode. Next episode we should start getting the ball rolling!

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    XY003 "A Battle of Aerial Mobility!"

    An interesting battle between Froakie and Fletchling in this episode, though with that said nothing else much happened. Pretty much you can some up this episode with its key points and no one would be missing much I'm afraid to say, though if someone was to cut out the fight between Froakie and Fletchling I would recommend to watch that. However I'm not here to recommend to tell you what part of the episode to watch, I'm here to tell summarize it (aka, tell you the key points).

    Over to Serena, she's getting dressed when Grace comes in and Serena asks her to pick a hat. Grace picks one hat, so obviously Serena picks the other saying she knew her mother would pick the less cute hat. Grace asks Serena where's she going and Serena says to Lumiose City to get her starter Pokemon.
    To Ash & co., they're heading to the Pokemon Center for Ash to register for the Kalos League, Clemont saying he's impressed with Ash's bravery yesterday and why Froakie chose him to be its trainer. Inside the Pokemon Center, Ash asks Nurse Joy where he can register for the Pokemon League and she points him to a panel where Ash puts his Pokedex which enters him into the Kalos League. For entering the Kalos League, Nurse Joy says every trainer receives a badge case which is carried out by a Wigglytuff which Nurse Joy explains is the Pokemon which helps Pokemon Centers in Kalos. Meanwhile Jessie and James calls Giovanni to tell him they've arrived to the Kalso region and are planning on catching all the rare Pokemon, giving his approval which causes them to celebrate. But while they talked to Giovanni, an Inkay had sneakily stolen some of their food.
    Ash quickly calls Professor Oak to tell him he's registered into the Pokemon League and that he caught a Froakie. Outside Ash meets Clemont and Bonnie, Clemont telling him the quickest way to Santalune City is by Route 4. Clemont and Bonnie then ask if they could join Ash on his journey saying they want to get stronger, Ash more then happy to let them saying its always better to travel with friends. Over to Serena, she says goodbye to their Rhyhorn and sets off and Grace asks if she knows which starter she wants, Serena saying she does but says its a secret. Serena sets off and Grace tells her to practice her Rhyhorn Racing which she says she will, though Grace doubts it.
    Guessing on Route 4, Pikachu and Froakie sense something above them causing Ash & co. stop when a berry falls down between them. Pikachu examines the berry but its zapped with electricity and hits Bonnie in the face. Bonnie picks up a berry as a Dedenne, the one who dropped the berry, comes out of the grass and it and Pikachu spark at each other. Bonnie asks Clemont if he can keep it for her until she's old enough to have Pokemon and Clemont agrees. Ash offers to catch Dedenne for her but Bonnie tries giving the berry back to Dedenne, however a Fletchling swoops down and eats the berry, causing Dedenne to cry and run off which upsets Bonnie. Ash decides he wants to catch Fletchling but Froakie is angry that Fleltchling upset Bonnie and starts attacking, but Fletchling out maneuvers Froakie and knocks it into a tree. Meanwhile James complains he's hungry (Inkay stole his breakfast) and so Meowth suggest they have lunch early. However a strong wound causes Meowth to drop a sandwich which is snatched by Inkay though Team Rocket saw it that time. Inkay comes up behind Team Rocket and sprays ink in their face.
    Ask tries calming down Froakie, saying he understands it's fighting for Bonnie who also thanks it. Clemont tries an invention of his to attract the Fletchling but instead if attracts a whole swarm of Beedrill, chasing them through the forest and into a canyon before it explodes. Fletchling has followed them and starts laughing at them. Back to Team Rocket, they decide to catch Inkay and James does so by offering it a sandwich, much to the other's horror.
    Seeing that the canyon is filled with tall rocks, Ash decides this will be the perfect place to battle Fletching as Froakie can use the rocks to jump off of. The battles goes on and after one failed capture attempt, Ash second capture attempt succeeds and Ash catches Fletchling! Froakie is exhausted but alright as Ash sends out Fletchling, welcoming it to the team and Bonnie tells it the next time its hungry to say so as stealing isn't right. Fletchling feels bad and Bonnie accepts its apology, Clemont giving all the Pokemon an Oran Berry. As they walk away, Dedenne is seen following them in the shadows. Over at Professor Sycamore's Lab, Serena has arrived and asks Professor Sycamore about Ash, Professor Sycamore saying his name and Serena recognizing it. Serena asks if she could have a starter Pokemon and Professor Sycamore calls for a Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie, the episode ending there.

    This episode is pretty much just to either get the characters Pokemon or to set up the characters getting Pokemon, because in a show titled Pokemon its kind of essential for the characters to have Pokemon in order to do thing involving Pokemon. Pokemon. Here are the comments about the just watched episode of Pokemon (okay, I'll stop):

    1. Girls and their fashions, am I right? Also chalk up kids being rebellious against their parents, does Serena secretly spite her mother or something? You know, if I was the writer and was going to make Serena as girly as we've seen so far, I would at least try to run with it by having her dress differently every few episodes or so to sort of advertise the new customization feature. The girls have a lot more clothing then the boys do in the game, I think its possible for them to do. They don't even need to make each outfit look unique, have her change change some clothing and accessories around.

    2. Wait, how does Grace not know where Serena is going? Wouldn't Serena need her own mother's permission to go out on a Pokemon journey?

    3. *Ash thanks Clemont for showing him around Lumiose City*
    Clemont: Please think nothing of it, Ash. I confess, I'm a little in awe of you.
    Ash: In awe?
    Comment: Lol, that look on Ash's face, he remember the last time someone said that was Cilan and, well, we knew how odd that discussion went.

    You're not going to try to assault me by crawling over a table, are you?

    4. Last episode we saw the new Officer Jenny design, so this episode shows off the new Nurse Joy design:

    Original | BW | XY

    Unlike Officer Jenny, the new Nurse Joy stays with with the new style Black & White introduced. Actually XY only has very slight differences between the Black & White. A significant difference is also that the XY Nurse Joy no longer wears a health cross, probably to avoid complaints from the Red Cross, instead now each Nurse Joy has a different color button. Can't really say much else, kind of disappointed they didn't change that much, but I'm sure Brock will approve their decisions. (And yes, I know the "original" image is a drawn picture, I couldn't fine a full body drawing of a Nurse Joy (hint: if you're ever going to search for images of Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, or any female Pokemon characters... or any female anime characters period... you might want to keep Safe Search on)).

    5. *Ash registers for the Kalos League*
    Pokedex: Number of badges currently in your possession: 0.
    Commen: Well of course Ash has zero badges, why would he have any badges BEFORE registering for the Kalos League?

    6. Kalos uses Wigglytuff as their nurses? Odd, I mean Audino are still available in the wild so its not like they needed to stop using it. I guess you could say they use Wigglytuff because it has the new Fairy-type typing, but in that case why not use a Kalos Pokemon like an Aromatisse?

    7. Interesting fact here, they edited the badge case. For some reason the dub added color to the logo in the middle of the badge case where in the original it was gray like the cover. Interesting edit, don't see the point, but whatever.

    I admit the logo is a bit hard to see in the original, but its such a minor detail to spend money on.

    8. Yes, yell out your evil plans as loud as possible. I'm sure no one will notice.

    Except those people.

    9. *Ash meets up with Clemont and Bonnie outside of the Pokemon Center*
    Ash: Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Gym Leader should be back by now.
    Comment: It's been only, what, a day since Alexa called her? I don't think she'll be back yet.
    Clemont: I think the best way to get to Santalune City is by traveling Route 4 all the way there.
    Comment: Correction, traveling Route 4 is the ONLY way to get to Santalune City from Lumiose City.

    10. Ash, are you really surprised that Clemont and Bonnie are joining you? This happens when you start every new region, you might as well start making some sort of companion buttons or jackets for new companions.

    11. *Serena sets off to Lumiose City to get her starter*
    Grace: Don't forget to practic your Rhyhorn Racing!
    Comment: How? She doesn't have a Rhyhorn.

    12. *Clemont says Dedenne is an Electric-type*
    Ash: Oh, so that's an Electric-type.
    Comment: You couldn't tell? IT LOOKS LIKE A MINI RAICHU (except it has red cheeks... like a Pikachu!)!

    13. Clemont could keep Dedenne for Bonnie, or you could, you know, let Bonnie carry the Pokeball.

    14. Wow, Fletchling is a little huge jerk. It ate the berry right in front of Dedenne as if it was routine.

    15. Oh, the Meowth Balloon has paws now, interesting yet useless addition. At least those rockets on the bottom probably propel the balloon faster.

    16. First Dedenne shooting electrical sparks at Ash & co., then Fletchling stealing Dedenne's berry, and now Inkay spraying ink in Team Rocket's face, wild Kalos Pokemon are all jerks.

    17. "The future is now thanks to science" is the new "It's (something) Time", isn't it?

    18. *Clemont's machine explodes and the Beedrill fly away*
    Ash: Clemont, that was great! You attracted all those Beedrill!
    Comment: Since when was attracting Beedrill a good thing, It's not like you caught any of them? Also last time I checked it wasn't that hard to attract Beedrill.

    19. And now Fletchling is laughing at them, Ash are you sure you want a Pokemon like that?

    20. *James uses a device to find out what about Inkay*
    James: Huh, Inkay.
    Jessie: Huh?
    James: No, not huh, its its name.
    Meowth: Whatever its name, let's make it ours.
    Comment: Okay, there's a joke that didn't translate well here. Inkay's Japanese name is Maaiika. It comes from "ma" which means demon & "ika" which means cuttlefish/squid. It could also be from "maika" which is the name for a squid called the "Japanese flying squid". HOWEVER it's also a pun on the phrase "Ma, iika" which translates to "well, whatever/oh well". As you can probably guess, the original joke here revolved Jessie thinking James said "Ma, iika" which is why she got confused and he had to correct her, Meowth then saying his line.

    21. Good ol' James, catching a Pokemon the kindest way possible (much to Jessie's, Meowth's, and Wobbuffet's starvation). Also, this is Team Rocket's first Dark-type Pokemon. You'd think they would have had one sooner being Dark-type's Japanese name is "Evil-type".

    22. *GASP* ASH IS USING STRATEGY! Yeah, unlike last saga where Ash suffered amnesia and forgot you needed to weaken a Pokemon to catch it, now Ash if pulling out pro catching and battling skills right off the bat!

    23. Oh, a "frubble" decoy, very tricky Froakie. Its as almost as if you're a ninja...

    24. *Ash prepares to try to catch Fletchling for a second time*
    Ash: This time for sure.
    Comment: Well of course it'll be this time, you turned your cap backwards to enter serious mode!

    25. So let's take bets, how long will Dedenned follow Ash & co. until it gets captured?

    26. Huh, Serena is already in Lumiose City? But, she would have to pass by Ash & co. in order to do that! Did the Beedrill chase them off the route so far that Serena zipped right by them?

    27. The mystery of Serena's relation to Ash continues. Not only was the boy we saw in her flashback look like Ash, he was also named Ash. Hmm...

    28. Oh, NOW we're being shown the starters? You'd think out of all the Pokemon that Sycamore showed Ash & co., the starters would be 3 of them.

    And that's all I have to say for now! Right now we're building up the team though it shouldn't take Ash & co. that long to get to Santalune City. I mean if Serena can get to Lumiose from Vaniville Town in a matter of hours, it should take Ash & co. a few minutes!

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    Perhaps Sycamore didn't show Ash the starter pokemon because they were all gone we he got there and the Fennekin Serena got was from a new batch.

    I'd really like to know how the gyms function because it seems as tho none of them communicate between each other. Which is a shame because it's at least implied the elite four all know one another

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    Kwando7 wrote:

    Perhaps Sycamore didn't show Ash the starter pokemon because they were all gone we he got there and the Fennekin Serena got was from a new batch.

    I'd really like to know how the gyms function because it seems as tho none of them communicate between each other. Which is a shame because it's at least implied the elite four all know one another

    So he got a new batch in just as Ash & co. left? I suppose its possible, and in the long run it doesn't matter as we know Ash & co. get all the starters as part of their party anyway.

    As for the Gym Leaders not communicating with each other, being there seems to be dozens of more Gyms then the eight in the games, I think its understandable for the Gym Leaders not to know each other. What I didn't understand was how Professor Sycamore, who's an important person that lives and works in Lumiose City, didn't know the other important person in Lumiose City: The Gym Leader! The Gym is even in Prism Tower, the biggest landmark in Lumiose City.

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    XY004 "A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!"

    Well, it didn't take long for Dedenne to join Ash & co., infact they might as well have it happened last episode. Unlike last episode which at least had a decent battle, this episode really has nothing to it. I can sum it up in one sentence: Serena chooses Fennekin and Bonnie gets a Dedenne. There, that's all you need to know about the episode, on to the next!... after I give a summary and my comments for this episode.

    At Professor Sycamore's Lab, Professor Sycamore gives Serena a Pokedex as she chooses her starter: Fennekin.
    Over to Ash & co., they're finishing up eating lunch as Bonnie cleans and pet Ash's Pokemon. Bonnie tries giving Pikachu a treat when Dedenne dashes through, grabbing the treat and quickly eating it. Ash & co. realize it was the Dedenne from before and Bonnie tells Clemont to capture it, but it starts running away so they chase after it. They get to a spot where Dedenne has dug a lot of hole to hide in and, after a few rounds of find-a-Dedenne, Pikachu runs into Dedenne in a connecting tunnel. Pikachu tackles it but that causes them to fall out of a hole on a side of the cliff, landing unharmed at the bottom but have no way of getting back to Ash & co.. As Ash sends out Fletchling to look for Pikachu and Dedenne from the air & Pikachu makes friends with Dedenne, Team Rocket sees Pikachu and Dedenne are alone and attack. Pikachu and Dedenne run away, Pikachu unable to shock them as Wobbuffet uses Mirror Coat to reflect back its attacks, but get to a jagged cliff they're able to climb. However James sends out Inkay who uses Psybeam to knock Pikachu and Dedenne into the river, Team Rocket following in a rubber raft but soon snag a rock and are sent Basting Off. Pikachu pulls Dedenne out of the river but its exhausted, but just then Fletchling finds them and Pikachu calls up to it.
    Ash & co. soon arrive and Clemont brings out/makes a machine which stores up static electricity and uses it to recharge Dedenne, and though it explodes afterwards Dedenne got away unharmed and thanks Clemont. Bonnie tells Clemont to capture Dedenne but Team Rocket float over in the Meowth Balloon and James sends out Inkay to attack. Dedenne hits Inkay with a Tackle and Nuzzle, the latter paralyzing Inkay, and they finish Inkay with a Pikachu Thunderbolt and Dedenne Thundershock combo, sending Inkay into the Meowth Balloon which causes an explosion which causes Team Rocket to Blast Off a second time.
    After the battle, Dedenne decides it wants to come with Ash & co. so Clemont catches Dedenne. Clemont lets Dedenne out for Bonnie to hold and, after shocking her with Nuzzle, it falls asleep so Bonnie puts Dedenne in her bag and they set off.
    Back to Serena, she's travelling through the woods, carrying her Fennekin, and the sun is about to set. She doesn't want to sleep outside, especially after seeing some Venipede, so go asks what she thinks is a person for where the closest Pokemon Center is. The "person" turns out to be a Vespiquen who attacks her out of surprise, but Fennekin blocks the attack with Ember which chases the Vespiquen away. Just then a Nurse Joy and Wigglytuff comes running to check if everything's alright. Serena says they're find and asks them where the Pokemon Center is, Nurse Joy saying its up ahead as we end the episode with Serena racing Fennekin to the Pokemon Center.

    See, we're already done and haven't even begun. Maybe these comments can fill a bit more of this post out:

    1. Bonnie, stop treating Pikachu like a doll.

    2. I thought Pikachu was sensitive about people touching its tail, it certainly doesn't like people grabbing it.

    3. Ash, how do you know what Fletchling likes, you just caught it?

    4. I think if you offered Dedenne some food it'll come running up to you, no need to chase after it.

    5. Scooby-Dooby Doors, hole version.

    6. Everyone keeps saying Dedenne is just an Electric-type even though its Electric/Fairy. If you aren't ready to introduce the Fairy-type yet, DON'T USE A FIARY-TYPE POKEMON. And if you must have Bonnie have a Dedenne, introduce the Fairy-type quickly via a Flabebe, give Bonnie Dedenne, and then you can go more indepth on it later when you reach Laverre City.

    7. *Dedenne has been exhausted and Ash & co. try to figure out what to do next*
    Clemont: I think we should treat Dedenne right here, let's give it some electricity.
    Bonnie: Electricity?
    Ash: How do we do that?
    Comment: How do you do... HELLO! PIKACHU?!

    8. What's powering the machine? Surely it can't be creating enough electrical charge to power itself plus extra.

    9. How do Ash & co. know Team Rocket was the cause of Dedenne being exhasuted? I mean its easy to piece together, but they just skipped over it and went to getting vengeance on Team Rocket.

    10. *Dedenne has been caught and Bonnie introduces it to the group*
    Bonnie: That's my brother Clemont, that's Pikachu and Ash.
    Comment: Once again its enforced Pikachu's presence is much more important than Ash's.

    11. *Bonnie pets Dedenne on its tail just like Pikachu*
    Bonnie: You two are just like twins.
    Comment: Close, Pikaclones, there's a whole batch of them.

    12. Bonnie: Nuzzle, nuzzle, nuzzle!
    *Dedenne uses Nuzzle and shocks Bonnie*
    Comment: And that's why little kids shouldn't have Pokemon.

    13. Sleeping to conserve energy isn't exactly a thing only Dedenne does, infact I think all living things have a state of rest where they conserve or regain energy, even humans.

    14. Well it's a good thing Serena had Fennekin out of its Pokeball for some reason otherwise she'd be in a world of hurt.

    15. A wild Nurse Joy appears! How convenient, they wanted to find a Pokemon Center and a Nurse Joy who works at a Pokemon Center comes running up to them.

    And I think that's enough filler. Now that we wrapped up the whole Dedenne story, next time we'll actually get to see some more action, and as well as some frustration. You'll see what I mean as we finally get to Santalune City next episode...

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    XY005 "A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!"

    The first Gym Battle of the region... and ALREADY the writers are pulling out the Tauros Mulch. Here I thought the writer's may have actually learned from their mistakes in Unova, but already we're slipping back into bad habits. We'll get into that, though its sad the most interesting thing about the episode was the last few seconds when Serena, who has caught up with Ash & co., ask if he remembers her. However that's at the very end and we have a whole episode to summarize before it:

    We start with Serena and Fennekin finishing drinking at a cafe and excited they're almost to Santalune City where Ash is.
    Speaking of whom, Ash & co. have reached Santalune and Ash is running to the Santalune Gym... even though he doesn't know where it is. After making a adventurous pose, a woman with a camera takes his picture and thanks him for posing by telling him where the Santalune Gym is. At the Santalune Gym, Clemont says it specializes in Bug-types though the door opens and Ash is jumped onto by a Helioptile. Alexa comes out and welcomes Ash, saying she got her report done so decided to head to the Santalune Gym to see him. Clemont asks if Alexa was the Gym Leader but Ash says she isn't but rather its her sister Viola. Cue the woman who took Ash's picture to reveal that she's Viola as they enter the Gym and look at the photographs of Bug-types she's taken. Bonnie does her running gag for this season, asking pretty woman to marry her brother, as Clemont finishes the gag by using his Aipom Arm to drag Bonnie away. Everyone shrugs it off and Viola asks if Ash is ready for his Gym Battle which he says he is.
    Serena has also gotten to Santalune City and heads for the Gym. Ash's and Viola's Gym Battle start with Pikachu vs. Surskit and things don't go so well for Pikachu, especially after Surskit uses Ice Beam on the floor making the battlefield icy. Surskit beats the slipping Pikachu with a Signal Beam as Ash takes back Pikachu and Viola says they have a long way to go before beating Surskit.
    Serena finally arrives in the Gym just after Ash sends out his next Pokemon: Fletchling. Serena asks if she could watch the battle and Alexa, Clemont, and Bonnie happily says she can watch with them. Fletchling quickly beats Surskit via Double Team and a Razor Wind, despite Surskit's best attempt to trap it in a Sticky Web. Viola sends out her next Pokemon, a Vivillon, and it throws Fletchling around like a ragdoll. First with Psychic, then it uses Gust to launch it into one of Surskit's remaining Sticky Web, and finally defeating it with a Solar Beam. Ash pick up Fletchling and prepares to head to the Pokemon Center, first asking if he could come back later for a rematch which Viola agrees to. Serena holds back "introducing" herself to Ash, but sees that Ash left his backpack behind as he rushed out.
    As Ash heals his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, Viola looks over the picture she took of Ash and Pikachu at the beginning of the episode and said they weren't great battlers, though Alexa says she shouldn't be so sure and thinks next battle will be different, leaving the Gym and a confused Viola. At the Pokemon Center, Ash goes through the battle in his head and wonders how he's going to beat Viola when Serena gives back his backpack and introduces herself. Before Serena could ask if Ash remembers her, the healing chime rings and everyone goes inside to see Ash's Pokemon are fully healed. Serena gets the whole Nurse Joy family thing explained to her as she gives Fennekin to Nurse Joy to check.
    Alexa then comes into the Pokemon Center and offers to help Ash train, saying her Noivern also knows Gust and Ash starts training Pikachu and Fletchling to handle moving against Gust. However they keep being blown back and Ash wonders whether he'll ever be ready to challenge Viola as he also has Ice Beam and Sticky Web to deal with. Just then Serena decides to ask Ash if he remembers her, ending the episode there.

    Oh boy, while I don't have that many comments, the comments I do have are a mindful:

    1. Shouldn't Alexa know who Clemont and Bonnie are? Once again, Alexa works in Lumiose City and she's a journalist!

    2. *Bonnie is impressed by Viola*
    Bonnie: I KNOW! Viola you're a keeper!
    Comment: Viola doesn't look like a Drowzee... I mean... what?
    Bonnie: I mean, please take care of my brother.
    Comment: Oh come on, I know Clemont is a kid but in the Pokemon World once you're 10 you might as well be an adult. Being you're younger than Clemont its you who would need a babysitter.
    Viola: Uhh...
    Alexa: We're a little bit confused.
    Clemont: Bonnie I told youto stop this a million times.
    Comment: Calm down Clemont, little kids always think they know best.
    Bonnie: You know you need someone to take care of you. I think Viola would make a nice wife.
    Comment: ... wait, WHAT?! WIFE?! So yeah, as it turns out Bonnie sort of has a reverse Brock running gag where she asks pretty woman to become her brother's wife, much to Clemont's embarrassment who then drags her away with his Aipom Arm. Odd, yes, and at this moment very awkward as there's an obvious age difference between Clemont and Viola. At least Brock was a late teen/young adult, but Clemont can't be any more older than Ash who, may I remind you, is still technically 10. I can only imagine that there will be more awkward scenes like this in the future and I'm not looking forward to them.

    3. Serena, if Ash is truly the boy that your remember meeting, then I wouldn't be expecting much. You expect Ash to remember something that happened what seems to be when they were kids when he can't remember to pick up his Pidgeot that's only a forest over of Pallet Town? You'd think after getting back his Charizard and remembering about his Butterfree that would jog Ash's memory.

    4. Ash scanning Surskit... is actually alright because when Surskit made its debut it was May who scanned it. You get away with it this time writers, this time...

    5. *Ash scans Surskit with his Pokedex*
    Pokedex: Surskit can walk on water as if it was skating.
    Comment: And apparently it can do the same thing on dirt, though I don't know how.

    6. Pikachu, you battled on an icy battlefield before. You defeated a REGICE by skating on the ice.

    7. Pikachu, gets defeated, by Surskit. Let me hold my rant until the end of the Gym Battle. SPOILERZ, Ash is going to lose.

    8. *Ash picks up Pikachu*
    Viola: You trained Pikachu quite well, but it still has a long way to go before it can beat my Surskit.

    9. Good thing Fletchling hasn't evolved yet or Surskit's Water-type attacks would be a big problem... what what I would be saying if Surskit even knew a Water-type attack. For some reason it decided to opt out for Ice Beam which means its a bad thing Fletchling isn't evolved yet as it's still weak to Ice-type attacks.

    10. Of course that all means nothing as Fletchling wins. And since Fletchling, a Ge VI Pokemon, defeated Surskit where Pikachu couldn't, that OBVIOUSLY means that Gen VI Pokemon are SUPER AWESOME POWERFUL!... yeah, we'll get to my rant soon.

    11. Its kind of weird that Bonnie is giving Serena double high fives even though they don't even know each other, you'd think at least someone would be wondering why Serena is suddenly rooting for Ash out of the blue.

    12. Ah, so we're going for the double "l" making the "y" sound pronunciation with Vivillon's name. And for those who are pointing out that's a bit odd, part of Vivillon's name comes from "papillon" which is French for "butterfly" which is pronounced as "papiyon". So, though its Japanese name more matches the way you're suppose to say it, the English spelling is actually more correct to its root word.

    13. Who's that Pokemon? Why it's Game Freaks newest way of making collectors SUFFER.

    14. And Ash loses his first Gym Battle, here we go:

    REALLY? We're doing this AGAIN? Actually no, Ash at least won his Gym Battle in the Striaton Gym, but we'll get to why I brought that up in a few. For now, let's focus you made Ash lose to a Gym which is actually quite easy to beat in the games. Ash losing a Gym Battle should be something significant, there's a reason he lost and he has to learn or create a new strategy to overcome that challenge. However Viola didn't really do anything which Ash hasn't had to face against before. Battling on an ice battlefield? As mentioned above, done plenty of times and one of those times Pikachu used the ice to help BEAT A REGICE. But wait, let's confound this further by having Pikachu LOSE to a battle it should have won in 5 seconds. At least Panpour had the excuse of having used Mud Sport, but Surskit did nothing thatshould have hindered Pikachu if it wasn't for the writers MAKING it lose. And why did Pikachu lose? Why to make the Gen VI Pokemon look better... yeah, NOT BUYING IT! NO ONE IS BUYING IT! It was Tauros Mulch when you did it with Panpour, and its still Tauros Mulch now.

    Cut it out with making Pikachu lose to battles it should obviously be losing, because all you're doing is making the show look like it doesn't have any rules, something which Pokemon clearly is suppose to have. Second, now that Ash lost against Viola you sort of used up a chance for another Gym Leader to beat Ash. As I said, Ash losing to a Gym Leader should be saved for a big challenge, like I would have saved it for when Ash faced Valerie so he would have to think of ways to battle the new Fairy-type. But no, instead you chose Ash to lose to the first Gym, which has SO many ways to beat it even if you have a type advantage. ACTUALLY, now thinking about it, one of the ways they made to get around any type weaknesses you'll have in the Gym (Fennekin being weak to Surskit, Chespin being weak to both her Pokemon's Bug-type Moves) was them providing a PIKACHU just before Santalune City!

    Oh, and I how can I think the Gen VI Pokemon as being SUPER AWESOME POWERFUL... when NO Gen VI Pokemon get a Mega Evolution. Korrina's, Lysandre's, and Diantha's signature Pokemon aren't Gen VI Pokemon, they're previous generation Pokemon because only previous generation Pokemon can Mega Evolve. Not to mention many Gym Leader's party are either half or mostly older generation Pokemon, I think only Grant having a party of Gen VI only Pokemon. I mean, let's take this Gym Battle, I don't think Vivillon is strong, I think SURSKIT is strong because its the one who beat Pikachu. I mean, I'm not saying not to advertise the new Pokemon, but do it more intelligent. Like Vivillon's attacks just show it can learn powerful attacks, so what, ALL Pokemon can learn strong attacks. How about having its Abilities come into play like Compound Eyes. Or using an example for Surskit, instead of it becoming quicker with Ice Beam it instead uses Rain Dance to activate Swift Swim. There are plenty of ways to make the Pokemon look not only strong, but also interesting and may want to make players try it out.

    I think I ramble on enough, onto the rest of my comments.

    15. *Ash is thinking about the battle at the Pokemon Center*
    Ash: Viola totally beat me, man is she strong.
    Comment: My Fennekin beat her solo, no she isn't. Stop doing that writers.

    16. *Nurse Joy shows Ash & co. (+ Serena) a picture of a family gathering of Nurse Joys*
    Ash: I knew it.
    Comment: Well you better have, or I would have another rant.

    17. *Ash scans Serena's Fennekin*
    Pokedex: Fennekin expels hot air that can reach nearly 400 degrees.
    *Sneezes in Bonnie's face*
    Comment: That should have melted her face off, even if it wasn't directly in it...

    18. *Thinking about what went wrong in the battle*
    Ash: One of out problems with Viola is that we couldn't get past Vivillon's Gust.
    Comment: Yes, "Gust" was your biggest problem, not its Psychic which completely stopped your Pokemon and SLAMMED IT into the floor. Actually it was a combination of Gust and Surskit's leftover Sticky Web that was the problem. Also why is Pikachu "Gust" training? It was knocked out before it could face Vivillon.

    19. Why are Pikachu and Fletchling wearing balloons? It can't be to try and mimic ice making you "light on your feet" as the balloons aren't big enough nor does Fletchling need that since it's flying above the ice.

    20. *Ash gets upset about failing "Gust" training*
    Ash: Vivillon's Gust isn't the only thing we got to deal with, there's Surskit's Ice Beam and Sticky Web too.
    Comment: I see you still haven't mention the biggest problem (other than the writers): Vivillon's "I'll stop you in midair and slam you into the ground HARD" Psychic.

    21. *Serena checks on Ash and finally decides to ask him*
    Serena: Ash, do you remember me?
    Comment: Ash remembering things, that's almost as funny as the writers trying to make Viola look challenging.

    So does Ash remember Serena? Will Ash be able to figure out how to deal with Viola's tricks and win the badge? Will Bonnie find a girl to marry her brother or will Clemont always drag her away in failure? Well it wouldn't be a running gag if it did work, but for the other two, stay tuned for next time!

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    Yeah considering that more of the gyms could have a full team or even most of their team being new gen it's sort of a shame. Although the anime couldn't even "grant" us that simple game reference for Grant...

    He owns an Onix in the anime

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    Edited 2 total times.
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    Kwando7 wrote:

    Yeah considering that more of the gyms could have a full team or even most of their team being new gen it's sort of a shame. Although the anime couldn't even "grant" us that simple game reference for Grant...

    He owns an Onix in the anime

    I don't think Gym Leaders need full teams, maybe an option for a "hard mode" but not for normal play, but having more new Pokemon would be much appreciated.

    As for Grant having a Onix, well, Gym Leaders can have extra Pokemon (for example, Korrina has a Lucario but she doesn't use it in the Gym Battle), so him having an Onix doesn't mean he'll use it when he battles Ash. I see no reason for him to use different Pokemon, they already have an episode for Amaura planned so they can have Ash's battle with him be the sole debut of Tyrunt.

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    XY006 "Battling on Thin Ice!"

    An okay episode, the battle was action-packed and fun to watch though I do see certain flaws at some points. And certain aspects of Ash's training didn't really come into play, which if this was "real life" that's actually a possibility of happening but in sense of a fictional story you do like things the character does to come into play later. Let's summarize the story and gets to these points:

    After a recap of last episode, we begin this episode with Ash answering Serena's question of him remembering her. Serena reveals that when they were younger, her and Ash attended a Pokemon Summer Camp hosted by Professor Oak. Ash remembers the Pokemon Summer Camp... but doesn't remember Serena. Serena, disappointed but sure he'll eventually remember, says Ash should focus on training as Ash told her back then to never give up. Ash gets back to training and Pikachu and Fletchling manage to withstand Gust by Pikachu anchoring its tail into the ground and Fletchling adjusting its body to have the air flow around it in the air. They eat supper (?) where the figure out what Ash should train for next, Ash saying he has a plan for the ice battlefield, so Clemont says he'll help with training with Sticky Web.
    After supper(?), Clemont reveals he made a cannon which shoots out Sticky Webs and they train with it a bit, but when Clemont increases its power it malfunctions which lead to it blowing up. However Ash then uses Froakie to use its sticky "frubbles" as a substitute for Sticky Web, Pikachu and Fletchling mastering their dodging of it. Bonnie gets drowsy so Clemont takes her inside to tuck her into bed while Ash and Serena talk about Serena's plans. Ash asks if she's going around to get badges but Serena isn't sure what she wants to do, but Ash tells her to take her time and she'll find something.
    Next day is Ash's rematch with Viola, first up is Pikachu vs. Surskit. For awhile the battle goes fine, Pikachu dodging Sticky Web and getting a hit in with Iron Tail, but despite their best efforts Surskit was still able to use Ice Beam on the battlefield. However Pikachu manages to anchor its tail into the ground to stabilize itself on the ice as it and Surskit have a Thunderbolt vs. Signal Beam beam struggle, Pikachu's Thunderbolt revealed being the strongest and blast through, knocking out Surskit.
    Ash recalls Pikachu and sends in Fletchling as Viola sends out her Vivillon for the second battle: Fletchling vs. Vivillon. The battle starts fine with Fletchling revealing it has learned Steel Wing which its able to hit with, but Vivillon uses Psychic to push it back and uses Gust to keep it away. Fletchling fights back against it with a Razor Wind so Vivillon uses its last Move not used in the last battle: Sleep Powder. Fletchling falls asleep as Vivillon uses Solar Beam and knocks it out.
    Third battle is Pikachu vs. Vivillon and Vivillon starts with the Gust however Pikachu firmly anchors itself using Iron Tail on the field. Vivillon use a Solar Beam but Pikachu nullifies it with a Thunderbolt. Vivillon uses Sleep Powder and hits Pikachu, Vivillon starting another Solar Beam when Serena reminds Ash about hit training and Ash tells Pikachu to use Electro Ball on itself. Pikachu throws the Electro Ball into the air and it lands on itself, clearing the Sleep Powder and waking itself up. Vivillon releases the Solar Beam but Pikachu puts everything into its next Electro Ball which goes through the Solar Beam and hits Vivillon, slamming it into the frozen hanging lamps which puts ice on Vivillon wings making it difficult to fly. A final Thunderbolt knocks out Vivillon, winning Ash the Gym Battle. Ash thanks Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena for their help, Clemont saying they didn't do much though Ash says they helped in their training and Clemont's machine exploding gave him the idea for waking Pikachu up. Viola gives Ash the Bug Badge which he puts into his Badge Case.
    Ash & co. leaves the Santalune Gym saying goodbye to Viola and Alexa, but the episodes ends on Ash asking where Serena plans on going next.

    This episode had plenty of twists and turns, so let's look at some of those curves and comment on them:

    1. Oh boy, asking if Ash remembers what is probably a sensitive subject. Even Pikachu and Fletchling get out of there, they don't want to feel a possible wrath of a scorned girl.

    2. *Ash says he doesn't remember Serena*
    Serena: That's okay Ash, for now you need to concentrate on training, you can remember me later.
    Comment: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!... Oh, you're being serious... I feel so sorry for you...

    3. *Serena says Ash hasn't changed since she last seen him*
    Ash: I haven't changed, have I?
    Comment: As far as I can remember you've always been 10, so yes, you never changed, EVER.

    4. *Ash & co. are eating supper(?) and discussing Ash's training*
    Bonnie: So that means, uhh, now you need to figure out the ice battlefiled and Sticky Web and Psychic.
    Comment: Hey, they actually mentioned the BIG problem of Psychic... AND this is the last time they mention it. But don't worry, as it turns out, Viola is just as forgetful with Psychic as you'll soon see.

    5. Why isn't Bonnie wearing any shoes?

    Sure they're inside, but its in the Pokemon Center, a public building, who knows what trainers could have left on the floor or those seats.

    6. *Clemont reveals his new Sticky Web invention*
    Clemont: I've analyzed Sticky Web's composition at the DNA level and this device is able to replicate its stickyness, color, aroma, and nutritional value to a T.
    Comment: So (1.) Clemont figured out how to make webbing for Spiderman's web shooters, (2.), I don't think webbing has DNA, its not alive, it has a molecular structure if that's what you meant, and (3.) nutritional value? What, did you actually taste/eat Sticky Web? Actually, where did you get a sample of Sticky Web? And unless Ash's Pokemon is going to eat it, what does nutritional value have to do with battling?

    7. *Clemont's invention malfunctions*
    Clemont: Something's not right.
    Comment: That's right Clemont, look DIRECTLY DOWN THE BARREL CHAMBER...

    Clemont, having a sense of survival equal to that of a dodo...

    8. Wait, NOW we're mentioning type match-ups? And for all type match-ups, its for Steel-type Moves not being effective against Water-types (not that they actually say that, they just say Iron Tail isn't super effective against Surskit and if you didn't know the type chart you'll have no idea to what of Surskit's type is Steel not very effective against since this is a rather an odd type match-up you need to stretch to justify)?

    9. And Vivillon uses Psychic to toss Fletchling... AND that's the last we ever see of Psychic. That's right, possibly one of Vivillon's strongest Moves, able to not only stop its opponent DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS but also DO DAMAGE TO THEM, yet Vivillon only uses it this once. As it turns out Vivillon also has another dangerous Move, Sleep Powder, but you'd think instead of Gust it would use Psychic instead. Also, just realized that Vivillon doesn't know any Bug-type Moves, brilliant. WORST yet, Vivillon has a Signature Move called "Powder" which causes damage to the opponent if they use a Fire-type attack, also preventing them from attacking that turn. "Well, Ash doesn't have any Fire-types that Vivillon could have used Powder against". True... HOWEVER Fletchling can learn Flame Charge. "Well, Fletchling is probably low level so is no where near of learning Flame Charge". Well the problem with that is Fletchling learns Flame Charge at Level 34... it also learns Steel Wing at LEVEL 48! And considering one of Fletchling's advertising points was that it can learn Flame Charge (way before we knew it evolved into a Fire/Flying-type), you'd think the writers would have it learn that Move as soon as possible. It would have been actually a much more interesting way for Fletchling to be knocked out then just falling asleep to Sleep Powder (and would explain why Viola didn't pull out Sleep Powder to begin with).

    10. Well, guess while I'm complaining I'll go on and say they missed a few more opportunities. First off, Fletchling learning to dodge Sticky Web was a non-issue as it never faced Surskit and none of Surskit's Sticky Web stayed for this battle. Second, Vivillon's Sleep Powder was what I was sort of talking about with making Vivillon an actual threat. One of Vivillon's main Abilities is Compound Eyes which increases a Move's Accuracy by 30%. While Vivillon doesn't have a lot of Moves it can use this Ability with, it does have some. It has Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, and Stun Spore with nearly perfect Accuracy, and Hurricane with a very good Accuracy. Now it used Sleep Powder which is good, but instead of Gust use Hurricane. Also why is it using Solar Beam? Only at one point in the battle did it needing to charge up came up, though it wasn't mentioned and most other times it fired as soon as used so they might as well just given it Bug Buzz instead. So in other words I think Vivillon's moveset should have been Hurricane, Sleep Powder, Bug Buzz, and Powder. Makes a bit more sense then what it actually had.

    11. Why show Vivillon getting hit with a Razor Wind if its not going to contribute anything to the battle? Its a "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" moment, Vivillon didn't really respond to it, and it was never pointed out by the characters. I thought when Vivillon was having difficulty flying that was when it would be pointed out that Razor Wind slashed Vivillon's wing and after a shock its now taking its toll, but as it turns out the wing problem was due to ice.

    12. *Ash is telling Pikachu to stay awake*
    Serena: Remember your training from yesterday!
    Comment: You mean the training that didn't involve what they should do about Sleep Powder since none of you knew about it?

    13. I think they could of foreshadowed Pikachu waking itself up by zapping itself a bit better. I don't get how Clemont's machine exploding gave Ash the idea, what could have given Ash the idea was when Bonnie was drowsy. They could have Bonnie not wanting to go to sleep, had her order Dedenne to use Nuzzle on her to wake her up, and though that would result her getting so shocked that she had to sent to bed anyway, it would have been a nice foreshadow to how Ash would think to wake Pikachu up with an electrical attack. But eitherway, its a clever maneuver though I do question if an electrical shock would really effect an Electric-type that much it could wake them up. I'd imagine they would just absorb the shock.

    14. Hey, the logo on Ash's Badge Case isn't colored here. WHY COLOR IT WHEN IT WAS FIRST SHOWN IF YOU WEREN'T GOING TO KEEP IT COLORED!

    15. Though I'm guessing we'll be seeing Alexa sometime later in Lumiose City, I'm surprised they didn't have Gogoat make an appearance this episode. Sure it wouldn't contribute much, but Helioptile didn't do anything either.

    16. Oh don't pretend Serena isn't joining the party. That's just insulting to your viewer's intelligence.

    AND done, I have caught up to all episodes I've missed! Of course, at the time of typing this, tomorrow will be Saturday so a new episode will be up, BUT that's then and this is now! So until whenever I can view that episode, I'll seeya next time!

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    XY007 "Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!"

    An interesting episode though its only important point was at the very beginning and at the very end, both confirming that, yes, Serena is joining Ash & co.'s party. Reason I said its interesting as its about an aspect in the games only references and hardly seen: Rhyhorn Races. Though not much of it is shown, being how they're developing Serena's character (and her saying there more Rhyhorn Race's racetracks, some more complicated) I suspect there's more Rhyhorn Races in the future. So what part of Rhyhorn Race's did we learn about? Well a summary of the episode will answer that:

    Starting where we left off last episode, Ash has just asked Serena where she plans on going next and, after she hesitates, Ash asked her if she'll like to join them which she says she'll like to. Knowing they're going to Cyllage City next, Serena takes out her Town Map and shows to get there they'll need to go back to Lumiose City. They set off and soon Ash is wondering if he should try to get a Gym Battle though Clemont nervously says that being Ash is new to Kalos he might want to catch another Pokemon. As Ash starts to look, Clemont asks Serena why she went on a journey which is when she decides to give something back to Ash he gave her: a handkerchief. Serena start to explain to Ash & co. while we go into a flashback that at the Professor's Oak Pokemon Summer Camp, Serena got lost and injured her leg. After a Poliwag jumped out of some bushes and scared her, Ash came along looking for the Poliwag but seeing Serena was hurt and lost decided to help her. He used the handkerchief to wrap up Serena's leg, helped her up, and took hand to show her back to the camp. We go out of the flashback with Ash remembering Serena was "the girl with the straw hat". Serena says she wanted to see Ash again but annoying said she found out he had forgotten about her, Ash apologizes and everyone shares a group laugh. Suddenly the ground starts to shake and a whole group of Rhyhorns with riders on their back ride through, followed by an Officer Jenny who tells them they shouldn't be here as this is a Rhyhorn racing track.
    Officer Jenny takes them to where the race track begins as Serena explains there are other Rhyhorn racing tracks but this is a basic one and a Rhyhorn race consists of 6 racers, Officer Jenny then saying if Ash would like he could join in a special race tomorrow where anyone is allowed to enter. Ash says he's in and we cut to a pen filled with Rhyhorn for Ash to choose which one to ride. After telling Ash how to approach a Rhyhorn and helps him pick out one to ride, Serena tells them her mother, Grace, is a Rhyhorn Racer hence her knowledge or Rhyhorn racing. They ask her if she's going to become a Rhyhorn Racer but Serena isn't sure, Clemont saying it sounds like she wants to find her own path. Ash asks Serena to help him learn how to Rhyhorn race and she agrees to, though somewhere close by Team Rocket are spying on Ash & co. and decide to steal all the Rhyhorn. Ash and Serena get into racing clothes and Ash tries getting onto a Rhyhorn, failing miserably. Ash asked Serena to show him how and she does along with how to make it walk. However Rhyhorn starts bucking and throws Serena off. All the Rhyhorn in the pen gather around her and start licking her, Serena realizing the Rhyhorn must have been playing. Later Ash is on the bucking Rhyhorn and Serena is shouting out Rhyhorn Racing tips, realizing its the same tips as her mother was telling her when he was training back at home. After Ash had "tamed" his Rhyhorn they all go to bed, except for Serena who starts baking something.
    Next day Ash is entered into the Rhyhorn Race, but as they head into the forest, Team Rocket sets forth their plan and uses Inkay to blind the camera's with ink. Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie get worried about Ash and go check out what's going on. In the forest, an energy net knocks Ash off Rhyhorn as a cage forms around Rhyhorn and Pikachu, Team Rocket revealing themselves. Before Team Rocket could drive off with the Rhyhorn, they're hit by Mud Shots and falls into holes created by Clemont's Bunnelby. Serena and Bonnie run to Ash, quickly joined by Clemont who help Ash out of the net as Fennekin attacks Team Rocket with an Ember. James drops the remote to the cages and Clemont smashes it with a rock, releasing all the Rhyhorn who charge Team Rocket and send them blasting off. Officer Jenny then comes riding up and starts helping the other racers and getting their reports on what happened.
    That evening, Ash & co. introduce themselves to Grace and Serena tells her she's going to travel with Ash & co., Grace wishing her luck and for Ash & co. to keep her safe. Once outside, Serena says she's coming with them and gives Ash a gift, a bag of cookies, to thank him for when they were younger but Ash was too busy eating to hear her. Clemont scolds Ash for eating too fast, resulting in Ash choking, and Bonnie says she wants cookies, which Serena reveals she made a bag for everyone, ending the episode there.

    While nothing that important may have happened, there were other things that happened. And here are a few comments on them:

    1. *Ash asks Serena where she's going next and she hesitates a bit*
    Ash: Why don't you just come along with us.
    Comment: Even Ash knows Serena is going to join there party so decided to speed things up by just inviting her.

    2. And so Serena's contribution to the group is the Town Map user, her's being customized:

    Do you think Serena likes pink and bows? I'm not quite sure yet...

    3. *Traveling back to Lumiose City to get to Cyllage City*
    Ash: Long we're going to Lumiose City I'd really like to take a shot at a Lumiose Gym Battle.
    Comment: Ash, do you not remember that unless you have four badges the Gym is just going to shoot you out 100 FEET ABOVE THE GROUND?! Heck, even if I had 4 badges I wouldn't go back to that Gym as I don't want to see what they do to trainers who lose!

    4. Serena, stop trying to remind Ash of things, your overestimating his memory capacity. Actually, Ash does remember Serena (and rather earlier then I thought, being we're only 7 episodes into the series), though he only remembers her as "the girl with the straw hat". As you can see Serena really made an impact on Ash...

    5. *Serena said one reason she wanted to see Ash again is to return his handkerchief*
    Serena: Not just that, you see I also really wanted to see you again, but I never guessed you wouldn't remember me at all.
    Comment: Serena, did you ever think your "love at first sight" was only one-sided?


    7. GET OFF THE DIRT ROAD! After the first wave of Rhyorn you'd think Ash & co. would jump onto the elevated forest area.

    8. We were bound to show off the Rhyhorn Races eventually in the anime, which is kind of funny as they only got mentioned and slightly shown in the games. I'm wondering if there were suppose to be actual Rhyhorn races in the games but they just ran out of time. Maybe it's something for them to include in the "third version" or whatever they plan on doing.

    9. Serena, when did you have time to saw the patches on?

    WE GET IT! YOU ARE A GIRL! I made your speaking parts pink, WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT!?

    10. Ash, you've rode plenty of Pokemon before, think how you rode those Pokemon, IT'S THE SAME WAY YOU RIDE A RHYHORN.

    11. Looks like the Rhyhorn decided to make Serena their queen.


    12. *Next day Ash has entered the Rhyhorn Races*
    Announcer: Folks, welcome to the Rhyhorn Race's final day! The day where any racer can join in!
    Comment: Shouldn't the final day be reserved for, you know, the race of the finalists?

    13. Oops, looks like Ash pressed the gas too early and pun out at the line. His only hope of winning now is a Blue Shell.

    14. Let me guess, it's only going to be Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie who are going to investigate what's going on with the cameras, not any of the maintenance crew.

    15. *Ash asks what Team Rocket are going to do with the Rhyhorn*
    Jessie: It's such a bore if you have to ask, they'll help us conquer the world, silly.
    Comment: How will Rhyhorn who were raised to race help you conquer the world?

    16. You guys don't have to shove your faces into the videophone's camera...

    17. *Serena finishes talking with her mom and meets Ash & co. outside*
    Serena: Sorry I took so long, I'm going with you, isn't that great?
    Comment: I thought we decided that at the beginning of the episode?

    18. Serena, Lesson #1 about Ash: While he's eating he's not listening or paying attention to anything else. It's also suggested to keep your hand and feet away.

    AND that's all for today's episode! Next episode is about Furfrou and all their trimmings!

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    XY008 "Grooming Furfrou!"

    A filler episode but a good one. It introduced us to Furfrou and its trimming concept, even though they didn't show all its trims. In addition to that, we also got a really good battle between Ash and Team Rocket that you wouldn't have seen anywhere last season!

    We start the episode with a Pokemon Groomer named Jessica trying to groom a Furfrou when it runs away from her. Ash & co. are nearby and, after seeing another Furfrou who has a Star Trim, Jessica's Furfrou accidentally runs into Bonnie. Jessica apologizes and explains she's been having trouble bonding with Furfrou and takes them to where she works. Jessica works for a famous Pokemon Groomer named Sherman who says Jessica should show them around, Jessica agreeing and starts telling them about Pokemon Grooming for Furfrou. Sherman suggests that since Ash & co. are new in town that Jessica should show them around on her lunch break.
    On said lunch break, Ash & co. (+ Jessica) are walking around town when Team Rocket, disguised as a "famous" Pokemon Groomer, call them over and offer to style Pikachu. After showing off Wobbuffet's "styles" Ash says Pikachu look fine but Bonnie convinces Serena to let Fennekin be styled. Jessie gets annoyed as they want Pikacu but James says this is there chance to get another Kalos Pokemon so agreed, telling Ash & co. (+ Jessica) to come back in an hour. But on their way through a park, they meet an Officer Jenny who tells them about three Pokemon thieves pretending to be Pokemon Groomers and it's the disguised Team Rocket! They run back to the grooming parlor only to found that Team Rocket are gone, but Furfrou picks up their scent and finds them in a park.
    Team Rocket takes off the disguise and the battle starts, Officer Jenny sending out her Manectric but it gets put out of commission by Confusion caused by Inkay's Psybeam. Ash sends out Pikachu next who Inkay blinds with ink but Ash instructs Pikachu what to do and is able to fight off both Inkay and Wobbuffet. However Jessie decides to use the battle to capture Jessica's Furfrou, Furfrou knocking Jessica out of the way upon seeing the electric trap and getting stuck in an electric cage. Clemont tries freeing it with Bunnelby but it has to start battling Wobbuffet, so Jessica decides to free Furfrou herself, eventually doing so by hitting Team Rocket's gadget with a stick. Pikachu and Bunnelby finish their battles and Jessica has Furfrou blast off Team Rocket with a Charge Beam, Bonnie pointing out that Furfrou is now listening to Jessica. They also get back Fennekin and all the other Pokemon which Team Rocket stole.
    Back at Sherman's grooming parlor, Jessica is finally able to groom her Furfrou and give it a Heart Trim, thanking Ash & co. for helping her bond with Furfrou. Ash & co. say their goodbyes and are off to Lumiose City, Serena saying to herself it must be nice being passionate about somthing.

    But just like how Furfrou's Pokedex entry only tells you about the trims but not go into details, there are details to this episode so let's focus on a few notable ones:

    1. Well Sherman just looks FABULOUS!

    Pokemon, using stereotypes since 1990.

    2. Her name is Jessica? You'd think they would try to ignore giving characters similar names as the main characters unless that was the point which it isn't here. And yes, I know her Japanese name is also Jessica, but that's alright as Jessie's Japanese name is Musashi thus no where neat sounding to Jessica. And considering Jessie's tendency to use disguise names which sounds like her name (like she did for this episode), I'm surprised she hasn't used Jessica as a disguise name yet (though according to EP016 "Pokemon Whipwreck", Jessie's full name is Jessica and Jessie is just a nickname).

    3. I'm going to admit, the gag is only a few episodes old and the whole "Bonnie asking girls to marry Clemont" gag is getting uncomfortable. Think the main problem is that Bonnie is mostly asking older woman to marry Clemont who can't be more than a year older than Ash. At least Brock was at least an older teen/young adult, honestly this is just creepy. But at least this time Jessica wasn't an adult unlike Viola.

    4. How more intelligent is Furfrou compared to another Pokemon? To me it sounds like Furfrou's are just very picky.

    5. *Jessica starts explaining about how they use Berries to groom the Furfrou*
    Ash: Uhh... I feel like my head is going to explode.
    Comment: Guess this is why Ash doesn't use Berries, because from what I heard, SHE DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING DIFFERENT FROM WHAT A TRAINER SHOULD ALREADY KNOW ABOUT BERRIES!

    6. I'm surprised they aren't telling us the names of the trims or not showing us all the trims. In this episode we only see Star, Diamond, La Reine, Kabuki, and Heart.

    7. *Ash scans the two new Furfrou*
    Ash: So they're both Furfrou as well?
    Comment: ... YES! What made you think otherwise? You saw two differently styled Furfrou, what is so hard about this to understand?
    Bonnie: They don't look like the same kind of Pokemon at all.
    Comment: Yes they do. At MOST they look like alternate forms.

    8. Her lunch break? You mean Jessica took Furfrou on a walk during work hours?

    9. Did I hear a bit of the French anthem when Wobbuffet was dressed like Napoleon Bonaparte? Well I guess its appropriate, they're in PokeFrance.

    10. *A disguised Team Rocket shows off Wobuffet's "styles"*
    Serena: They're all kind of boring.
    Comment: And yet the Furfrou weren't because? Now if you complained that Wobbuffet only put on different clothes then that's a valid complaint, but concept wise they were just as varied as the Furfrou styles. And, come on, how can you complain about Napoleon Bonaparte and Mona Lisa Wobbuffet?

    How is this boring compared to them just coloring Furfrou's fur?

    11. Team Rocket, Pikachu is a male, I don't think it's that much into style and grooming.

    12. Does it seem weird that Fennekin's styles involve grooming its ear fur?

    I always thought the ear fur was needed for something important thus shouldn't be messed with.

    13. *Officer Jenny shows a picture of her graduating class, all Officer Jenny*
    Ash: I knew it.
    Comment: Then why did you look surprised when she showed you the photo?

    Maybe Ash is counting all the Officer Jenny's he ever met and wondering how a family can be so big.

    14. So Team Rocket had done this grooming scheme a few times now? Why did James act this was there chance of getting a Kalos Pokemon then, if they've done this a few times they should have at least a few of the new Gen VI Pokemon, probably even a batch of Furfrou.

    15. Oh, Manectric, guess that's the Kalos Jenny's Growlithe/Herdier police dog. Being there's no new Gen VI dog Pokemon (well, aside from Furfrou but it doesn't really fit for being a police dog) I guess that's okay. Better yet, it was Serena who scanned it meaning now she has old Pokemon scanning duty!

    16. You know Confusion is cured upon returning your Pokemon, right? You can send Manectric back out after returning it to keep on battling it.

    17. WOW! Never thought I'd see this battle! Usually they consider a blinded Pokemon out of commission but this is the type of battling I expect to see Ash and Pikachu be doing by now! It's a pretty good battle too, especially tricking Wobbuffet in Mirror Coating Thunderbolt back at Inkay. Hopefully they continue this level of battling for now on!

    18. Wait, you can turn off Team Rocket's gadget by hitting it with a STICK?! It even explodes after!

    19. Hey, Fennekin, was that bag fireproof? Did you try using an Ember to burn through the bag? Actually why was Fennekin the only one not in its Pokeball, wouldn't Team Rocket not want a Pokemon that spew fire be free? One small mistake means Fennekin would have a clear shot of using Ember to burn them!

    20. GET IT! Jessica had to connect with Furfrou's heart and the trim she gave her Furfrou was a Heart Trim!

    Well I hope you got it because I'm ending things here. Come back next episode where Ash & co. get back to Lumiose City where Clemont's possible storyline for this saga goes down the drain... Seeya then!

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    Serena is just jealous. Wobbuffet is fab-u-lous
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    So what exactly is Serena's personality supposed to be? I can't get a fix on her. She just seems to be a more quiet or subdued version of May. Then the other aspects of her character like her appearance and interest in fashion is very similar to Dawn.

    I'm starting to think the writers have run out of personalities to give the main girls, because it seems like every main girl after Misty and May has just been a re-tread of their characters. Iris was basically Misty re-skinned as a dragon trainer, and both Dawn and Serena feel like they were modeled after May. It's kind of why I feel we haven't had any truly unique main girls since the first two, because after Misty and May they just started re-using the same type of personality traits for the new girls just with slight alterations. Don't get me wrong, I liked Dawn for the most part...but it just feels like Misty and May were the only truly unique characters before they all felt the same.

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