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    *GASP* That's right, I'm finally watching through Season 16 "Pokemon Black & White: Adventures in Unova!". A filler arc as Gen VI & Pokemon XY were getting ready to be released, its about Ash, Iris, & Cilan heading to Kanto on a cruise ship which is also visiting the various islands of the Decolore Islands. I decided to try yet another new review style which, funny enough, is probably like an actual review instead of me just recapping the episode. Oh, but don't worry, I make sure to note anything I feel is important to mention so you won't be missing too much of my opinions. So let's get started with:

    BW123 "Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!"

    This episode marks several things: The beginning of season 16 of the dub, the final season of the Unova saga (though it takes place in a series of islands between Unova and Kanto called the Decolore Island), and also a reset of Team Rocket back to the way they were before Black & White (always trying to catch Pikachu, putting on disguises, and blasting off). This episode pretty much is setting things back to status quo. Being the first episode I don't know whether the amount of comments I'll be making is longer, smaller, or about the same size for every episode. Eitherway, here's the comments for the first episode:

    1. This is the only time we're fully seeing Zekrom in the anime, and it was a dream. I already went on length how they messed up with the Team Plasma arc, especially with having only Reshiram be the focus. And yeah, we technically saw Zekrom at the beginning where it accidentally took Pikachu's electrical power and then returning it, but it was shrouded in clouds. Aside from the movies, the Team Plasma Plot was pretty much their time to use Zekrom alongside Reshiram (especially after having Ash mention to N about seeing Zekrom, you'd think they were setting up that Zekrom had sensed something in Ash and was going to help battle Reshiram and Team Plasma)... but they didn't. What a complete waste.

    2. I'm both happy and sad to see that the Rocket Trio are going to be reset back to the way they were. I'm happy because, since they were on missions all the time, they weren't really that much in the show outside of the episodes when they begin their missions, only getting quick glimpses of them setting up for their mission outside of those episodes. But at the same time those Team Rocket-central episodes were great and it was also great to see the Rocket Trio acting competent and be an actual threat. Though this is just the start of the new arc, already they're beginning to slip back into being complete mess ups. I like goofy Team Rocket, but I think they can be both goofy and menacing.

    3. As if Professor Oak teleporting Charizard directly to Ash (in exchange for Unfezant) wasn't frustrating enough, when Ash was telling Oak about them coming back on boat Professor Juniper says she'll teleport Ash's extra Pokemon she had over to him. THIS COMPLETELY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF SEPERATING ASH FROM HIS RESERVES! Why, WHY did Ash not use his reserves during the Unova League if he had access to them? He used them during the Sinnoh League, what makes the Unova League different? Maybe he wouln't have lost to a trainer that ONLY BROUGHT FIVE POKEMON TO A FULL BATTLE if he had all his stronger Pokemon with him. I know I ranted about this before, but this just cements the point. Oh, and it also means that we'll only be seeing 4 of the Pokemon Ash caught in Unova during this arc since there's no way for him to swap out any (and remember he has Pikachu and Charizard with him).

    4. Why did Professor Juniper go and get Ash & co. their tickets? I understand driving the and maybe accompanying them as they went to get their tickets, but instead they stayed in her jeep as she went off. Just seems odd to me. And before you say anything, they could still have James bump into them and swap out their tickets.

    5. *Ash and co. were just told their tickets weren't correct*
    Ash: Big bummer, I thought we were going to be able to ride that big ship.
    Comment: Odd reaction, I would be more confused why the tickets Professor Juniper gave me aren't valid. I would have at least asked why they weren't valid to the ticket checker or gone to the ticket counter to get them checked.
    Cilan: That's some disappointment, but if we're not on this ship...
    Iris: Which one of them is ours?
    Comment: Well what does the ticket say? Are you telling me Team Rocket directly copied the ticket but didn't change the dock number to lead to their ship? What if Ash & co. got security called on them for having fake tickets?

    6. *A disguised Jessie tells them that the tickets they have are for their ship and leads them to it*
    Ash: It's a little smaller than the other one but looks pretty cool too!
    Comment: "Looks pretty cool"... here's pictures of the ship:

    Its a junker!

    7. What was up with Oshawott rushing into the room after hearing Team Rocket's plan and then looking surprised it did that? It didn't look like it leaned in too much and fell in, Oshawott clearly rushed through the door intentionally.

    8. Yes Iris, have Excadrill use Dig ON A BOAT (though to be fair it's no worse using it and possibly worse Moves on the Battle Subway in the games as far as logic goes). Let's also not mention how Excadrill should have been injured from the water geyser being its part Ground-type. Actually WHY did the water come up as a geyser? Actually, why did Excadrill keep digging through the ship until it punctured the bottom, shouldn't it had stopped after getting below deck? THIS SCENE DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!

    9. So Porter calls himself the Chief Purser, that's a bit odd since, according to what I read about a purser, they're job on board is to handle money and the ship's supplies. A purser doesn't really interact with the guests and it's definitely not their job to attend to the guests needs. Heck, I even question him checking tickets; shouldn't he be in the backroom checking stock? I think the Japanese version just has him as a guide which would make much more sense.

    10. *Porter introduces himself*
    Ash: That's really nice of your Parker.
    Comment: Lol, script flub, Parker is Porter's Japanese name.

    And that's all I have to say for this episode. Hopefully I'll be able to get more of these quick reviews done. I actually quite like this style as I get my main thoughts across without really having to retell you an episode you already watched. Well, until next review which hopefully will be soon!

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    BW124 "Danger, Sweet as Honey!"

    A meh episodes, it more sets up how half this season is going to work: The ship docks at an island, Ash & co. get off, ship leaves, Ash & co. have an adventure on the island, next ship arrives and they're on it by end of episode/next episode. But as I said, that's only how half the season is going to work, for how the other half will work you're going to have to wait till next episode.

    Anyway, first Decolore Island that Ash & co. visit is Honey Island which is known for their honey desserts. However upon arriving they get tricked by Team Rocket and led into a trap to capture Pikachu. However Ash & co. fight back which causes a batch of Beedrill in a nearby tree to attack the, separating Ash & co. and Team Rocket from the Pokemon that were out at the time: Pikachu, Meowth, Axew, and Oshawott. The four Pokemon are with each other and Meowth leads them to where Jessie and James can find them. Hijinks ensue and Ash & co. end up defeating Team Rocket and at the end of the episode they get to eat honey desserts at the Pokemon Center. Of course this quick recap doesn't cover everything so let's get into my comments:

    1. *Ash & co. are told about Honey Island and they plan on getting some honey desserts*
    Cilan: But wait, once we land on Honey Island the ship might leave without us.
    Comment: Then take a watch! Its not like the cruise ship stays there for only a few minutes, it stays there for a few hours! Plenty of time to explore the island and taste the local food.
    Porter: Oh there's nothing to worry about, there will be another ship soon after we depart and you can simply get on that one.
    Comment: ... that's not how cruise ships work. Has any of the writers ever been on a cruise ship?

    2. *Ash & co. had won a "sweepstakes" for a honey dessert factory tour (actually a Team Rocket trap) and being driven there. A disguised Jessie gives them honey soda to try and Oshawott pops out*
    Ash: It makes total sense that Oshawott will appear at a time like this.
    Comment: Oshawott is always popping out of its Pokeball on its own, it did it last episode two times! And yes, I know Oshawott is the big eater of the group and that was what they were referencing.

    3. You'd think by now as soon as a all into a pitfall trap Ash would just yell out "TEAM ROCKET!". Actually why did Ash & co. get out and walk so far into the field? Its obvious they weren't at a factory so why did they go "looking for it" instead of asking their "guides" where's the factory they were being taken too.

    4. Okay, what is Team Rocket thinking? They put Ash & co. into a hole, grab Pikachu, and WALK off saying Ash & co. are trap in the hole... WITH ALL THEIR OTHER POKEMON! Gee, it's not like Ash and Iris can send out CHARIZARD AND DRAGONITE to lift them out (or stop Team Rocket before they escape), or use Excadrill to dig themselves out! Actually, they don't even need their Pokemon because Ash almost jumps out of the hole himself! Also Oshawott is already out so it just climbs up Ash and attacks the container Pikachu is in with a Hydro Pump and BREAKS IT! What, did Team Rocket not attack proof it? I think Pikachu just assumed it was so that's what it didn't try getting out with a Thunderbolt, however I think if it did it would have broken out!

    5. Minor nitpicks, Ash and Team Rocket have been chased by Beedrills before so why did they wait until the Kakuna were finished evolving? You'd think they would want a head start. Speaking of which:

    *Walking on the deck as the ship sails away from Honey Island*
    Porter: Oops, I was telling the passengers all about the wonderful honey desserts but I neglected to tell them to watch out for the Beedrill swarms.
    Comment: Wah wah wah WAAAAAH!

    6. I just love Pikachu's expressions throughout the episode. He knows that Meowth is full of mulch despite Meowth's friendly act.

    Pikachu: You do know you've done this scheme with me about, what, a dozen times before?

    7. Did Ash really need to look up the Pokedex entry for Beedrill and Ursaring to know they're dangerous?

    8. At the river why didn't they just have Oshawott swim them across one by one instead of needing to find a log? If Oshawott is strong enough to pull Ash along in the water, it could easily pull Pikachu, Meowth, and Axew across one-by-one. Though I did like the joke of Oshawott swimming across with no problem before Pikachu and Meowth yell at it saying they're not Water-types.

    9. And behold Charizard's job for the rest of this season: Aeriel surveyor. That's right, since Unfezant is with Professor Oak to get Charizard on the team, and since Charizard can fly, its now his job to do all the searching from the sky. Well, it and Dragonite, but I'm just pointing out Charizard because if you thought it would be doing tons of cool stuff and battling now that's its back with Ash... sorry.

    10. *Team Rocket us using Woobat to look for Meowth when it gets surrounded by Charizard and Dragonite (who were searching for Pikachu, Axew, and Oshawott)*
    Ash: Hey, looks like you're up to no good again.
    Comment: NO REALLY?!
    Iris: Because of all your dirty tricks Axew and Pikachu are lost, so what do you say to that!
    Comment: 1. Why did you just tell Team Rocket Pikachu (and Axew) were lost when you know they're trying to steal them? 2. Good work not mentioning Oshawott...
    Jessie: For your twerpish information we lost Meowth, so what do you have to say to that!
    Comment: I don't think they care, you're the bad guys, why would they?
    Ash: Look, you're the ones who tricked us!
    James: You were the twerps who let themselves get tricked.
    Ash: Well maybe you got a point.

    (Cilan's expression here is great, he can't believe Ash would be so stupid enough to agree with Team Rocket about it being there fault they fell into a trap)
    Iris: Don't agree with the enemy!
    Comment: I would normally agree with Iris but considering how long Ash has been dealing with Team Rocket you would think Ash would start knowing their tricks...

    11. Jessie tells Woobat to fight Charizard and Dragonite... even James can't believe she's doing that. Thankfully for Woobat's sake the battle stirs up a Beedrill swarm.

    12. *At a road, Team Rocket disguised as cops meet with Pikachu, Meowth, Axew, & Oshawott. Meowth knows its Jessie and James and they trick Oshawott and Axew to get into the car (which is the car they drove at the start of the episode though they slapped a siren on to) but Pikachu isn't. Jessie and Meowth try pushing Pikachu in but Pikachu cries out causing Ash & co. to come running to where they are. Ash & co. are reunited with their Pokemon*
    Cilan: Who are you?
    James: Duh! As you can plainly see, we're the police.
    Comment: Future note, police officers don't say "duh"...
    Jessie: We were in the process of doing our civic duty and taking these little darlings to the Pokemon Center.
    Cilan: But your patrol car, I feel like I've seen it before.
    Comment: GEE, I WONDER WHERE!
    Iris: It looks like the Honey Sweet Tooth Express.
    *Charizard blows away the sirens*
    Comment: Did you really need Charizard to blow away the fake sirens to convince you that was Team Rocket's car?

    13. Um, Charizard, Dragonite, why aren't you attacking as Woobat and Yamask attack Pikachu, Axew, and Oshawott? It takes them for Meowth to not be able to attack them (earlier Meowth get hit by a Stun Spore by a Victreebel and Pikachu, Axew, & Oshawott nurse and heal him, thus he feels guilty for attacking them) until Dragonite freezes Team Rocket with an Ice Beam and Charizard to use Flamethrower to blast them off. WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THAT IMMEDIATELY UPON DISCOVERING IT WAS TEAM ROCKET?

    14. Is it just me, or are a lot of the honey dessert just sound gross? Like they're ruining some food/desserts that were completely fine by themselves by adding super sweet honey to it?

    And that's all for this episode! Next time we discuss what the other half of this season will be about, seeya then!

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    BW125 "Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!"

    A nice episode an interesting mystery, a better intro to the other half of the Decolore Island Arc than the previous episode was to its half. What is this other half I'm talking about? Why its adventures on the ship of course! Well, maybe half isn't the right amount. Most episodes will take place on the island and that's where many adventures will take place, but the ship does has some involvement being its the main transport. So while we'll have plenty of island episodes, don't count the ship out.

    Ash & co. have gotten on the next boat and are told of a battle tournament being done on board and a gem collection on show. The gems are owned by a woman called Mrs. Ripple who owns a Purrloin which, as you may remember, Cilan is afraid of. Much mystery is set up and while the battle tournament takes place one of Mrs. Ripple's most valuable gems, the Eye of Liepard, is stolen. Cilan becomes the Detective Connoisseur and they go around the ship, Cilan figuring out the mystery with some help from Purrloin. Confronting the thief, he attacks but an undercover international police officer jumps in and stops the thief. The gem is returned, the collection is put on display, the thief is arrested, and it ends with Cilan revealing why he's afraid of Purrloins!

    BUT before I tell you that, let's go over some comments I have:

    1. Well looks like Nurse Jenny syndrome strikes again! Ash & co. encounter Porter on this new ship but this Porter reveals that, like Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, and Don George, he's part of an identical family, all who work as a purser on a ship. You can tell them apart by the collar of their coats, last episode's was red while this one is green. How many identical families are there? You'd think someone would have done research on these families and released an article about it or something.

    2. You know Mr. Shaw, you act extravagant, say once you have you eye on something you don't stop until you get it, and LAUGH EVILLY (which Watchog humorously cut short by slamming the door in his face). So I don't think you have a right to be shocked when people accuse you of stealing the Eye of Liepard which was the said "something" you had your eye on. Especially after you KNOCKED OUT WATCHOG AND SNUCK INTO THE ROOM! Why even do that if you just wanted to look at the Eye of Liepard... unless you WERE going to steal it but got beaten to it.

    3. Well its no fun scaring Cilan with Purrloin, let's have Iris's opponent during the tournament use an Ice-type for laughs. Now we just need to get what Ash is scared of... huh, I actually can't think of anything.

    4. Teaque, what makes you think you'd avoid any suspicion of not being involved in the crime? YOUR GALVANTULA CAUSED THE BLACKOUT! Even if it was by accident you'd still be confined to your cabin as you'd still be an accomplice to the theft. Also you did a horrible job making it look unintentional, Galvantula all but climbed on top of that metal bulb.

    5. Speaking of which, why did hitting that metal bulb cause a power outage? Being it was outside, on the top of the ship, and made of metal you'd think something like that would be some kind of lightning conductor in case lightning were to strike the ship. If not that, then why was it connected to the ships power supply? If Teaque's Vanillite was able to sneak into a room and steal the Eye of Liepard, I think you could have made him have another Pokemon sneak into the engine room and short out the power there.

    6. SPEAKING of which, why even use Vanillite in the tournament if it was the one who was going to steal the Eye of Liepard? Just have it hide in the vents until a blackout happens, there was no reason for it to battle. What would happen to your plan in the battle got too rough and Vanillite was unable to go through the vent? You using Vanillite in the battle was the final clue connection Cilan needed to solve the case,. Heck, even Ash noticed you weren't using Vanillite during the last round, thus not giving it an alibi. Your the worst thief EVER!

    7. *Mr. Shaw was just interrogated by the ship's crew and showed he was standing in front of the open suitcase after the power returns. He's confined to his cabin as Ash & co. (+ Porter) talk about his case*
    Iris: Its got to be him! Look, I know the camera blacked out for a second, but I'm sure he stole it.
    Ash: Hold on, Mr. Shaw said he didn't steal it.
    Comment: Well of course a thief is going to say they didn't do it, Ash!

    8. *Purrloin shows up to Ash & co. revealing it knows something about the case, taking them to Teaque's room. Teaque said he was at the tournament at the time and went back into his room, everyone confused*
    Ash: I'd sure like to know what Purrloin knows.
    Comment: Being you understand Pikachu better, why not have Pikachu ask what Purrloin knows and it translate it to you as best as it can?

    9. Cilan found a wet spot on the floor and somehow figured that Teaque used Vanillite used its Ice power to make a key made of ice to open the suitcase and take the Eye of Liepard. Now that's already a HUGE conclusion jump since that was just a wet spot on the floow, it wasn't key-shaped or anything. However, I don't think making an eye key would work like Vanillite did. A keyhole isn't the exact shape of the key, there's a LOT of space in there. All that Vanillite would have done by blowing ice into the keyhole would be making a ice old of what the inside of the keyhole looks like, that is if it could even get that giant ice block out since it would be bigger than the keyhole. Long explanation short, KEYHOLES DON'T WORK THAT WAY!

    10. Okay, Cilan, why didn't you have a Pokemon out just incase Teaque, oh I don't know, attacked after being found out?

    11. What was with the unmaskings? Yes, Teaque's beard was obviously fake, but its not like we knew what his face looked like. The international police officer only shows his wanted poster after revealing him. Also why was the international police officer wearing sunglasses, its not like anyone knew who he was either.

    12. Well its time. Throughout the episode Purrloin was acting weird though it was because it was afraid someone would steal the gem and make Mrs. Ripple unhappy. Of course doing so freaked out Cilan but eventually it did help Cilan solve the case so Iris joked about Cilan getting over his fear of Purrloins. Cilan says not quite and he finally tells why he's afraid of Purrloins... to Ash & Iris. What we here is the ship's horn and then Ash's & Iris's gasps of surprise. Oh come on, you told us why Dawn was afraid of Plusle and Minun, you can't come up with a reason why Cilan is afraid of Purrloins? And now, if you ever do, it has to be a very shocking story or otherwise Ash's and Iris's shock won't make sense...

    Whatever! That's all I have to say about the episode. It was a fun little mystery though of course there are a few dozen head scratchers which doesn't quite make it equal to a Sherlock Holmes mystery. But what were you expecting? Next episode will be ALL about Oshawott, seeya then!

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    How many episodes are there left for reviews?

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    lighting_blond wrote:

    How many episodes are there left for reviews?

    This was a short season, only 20 episodes. I've done 3, so I have 17 left, since this new review method is quicker it doesn't take me long to write it, so I should finish before the end of the month.

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    BW126 "Crowning the Scalchop King!"

    An amusing episode, it's a nice Oshawott episode.

    Ash & co. notice a LOT of Oshawott and Dewott on board and Porter explains they're going to Scalchop Island for the Scalchop King Competition, a competition for Oshawott and Dewott. Ash's Oshawott wants to compete so they go to the competition and see the Scalchop Queen, an Oshawott named Osharina. Ash's Oshawott falls in love with Osharina but has competition: a Dewott named Ceaser who's owned by a trainer named Cadbury who says Ceaser will be Scalchop King. After several contests and an attempt by Team Rocket to steal the grand prize, a Golden Scalchop, Ash's Oshawott faces off against Cadbury's Dewott. After a fierce battle Oshawott wins but its revealed that Osharina loves Ceaser so with a broken heart Oshawott gets disqualified (don't worry, I'll explain why).

    Of course there's much more to it then that, as my comments will explain:

    1. Okay, I get the Scalchop King Competition is only for Oshawott and Dewott since they're the only ones with Scalchops, but what about Samurott? I think they at least deserve to have a side battle tourney and declared as Scalchop Island's greatest warrior. Of course that wouldn't really come into play as Ash only has an Oshawott (though I guess they could have brought in Cameron), but still the mention would be nice. FUN FACT: Though Samurott don't have Scalchops, they instead have Seamitars (which looks cooler than a Scalchop).

    2. Freddy O'Martian and a Don George makes his final appearance as the host and a judge of the Scalchop King Competition, respectively... and both look absolutely ridiculous. And as always, Nurse Joy serves as the second judge.

    Why are they even wearing Scalchops on their head? Oshawott have it on their bellies and Dewott have it on their thighs.

    3. By away, the Oshawott next to Freddy is Osharina, the Scalchop Queen... is there another competition to decide queen? Its a bit off that queen seems like a permanent position while the king is yearly rotated.

    4. Oh Oshawott, once again it has fallen in love though Osharina doesn't share its love back. As I said, Osharina is in love with Ceaser which not only breaks Oshawott's heart but also splits its Scalchop... which results it being disqualified because the Scalchop King must have a perfect Scalchop.

    So does Oshawott get to keep the Golden Scalchop?

    However its a good thing that happened, because Oshawott would have had to stay on the island for a year if it became king, which was kind of obvious would happen being it was going to be titled KING yet Ash and Oshawott are surprised to hear this. We get the "should I release you" conflict and get a flashback of Oshawott's greatest moments when Ash sees Oshawott loves Osharina and wants to stay (HOLD IT! Since when did Ash understand love? In previous episodes involving love and even breeding Ash was clueless!)... until the above happened. Don't worry, Oshawott recovers quickly on the boat as, while Ash & co. are comforting it, it sees a Cinccino and falls in love with it, chasing it around.

    Iris: Oshawott is going to get charged with a restraining order one of these days...

    5. First competition: Scalchop Examination. The judges observe the shape and color of the Scalchop. Obviously to us (and Iris and Cilan, who point it out incase you didn't get the joke) all the Scalchops look the same though the audience and judges seem to know what they're looking for. Ash's Oshawott gets high praise though Ceaser gets a higher one. However highest goes to Meowth who's disguised as a Dewott an attempt to get the Golden Scalchop through cheating.

    6. Speaking of which, during several contest James breaks the fourth wall. The Scalchops which Meowth is using was made by James so he made it super strong, resilient, and can be navigated by remote control when thrown. And James doesn't just say it, we suddenly cut to James in front of a blackboard pointing out what he done with the Scalchop:


    7. Second contest: Scalchop Fling. The Oshawott and Dewott throw their Scalchops at a target. Ash's Oshawott almost misses but hits the very edge (and being they went to the next round that must have meant the other competitors did miss, at least enough for Ash and his Oshawott to advance), Ceaser throws both of its Scalchops (a bit unfair, Oshawott only got to throw his once) and hits near the center and 2nd ring from the center, and Meowth completely missed but the Scalchop James made has remote control so he made it hit dead center.

    8. This contest: Brick Break. A bit funny since Ash said his Oshawott doesn't know Brick Break (and f.y.i., the Oshawott family cannot learn Brick Break) though its revealed that its just tile breaking. Only 3 contestants are moving on with Ceaser breaking 11 and Meowth breaking all of them (while almost giving himself a concussion). Ash's Oshawott is last and has to break at least 10 to move on (which means that none of the other contestants got past 9 tiles!) but it breaks 11 just like Ceaser.

    9. Fourth contest: Scalchop Perforance. They're suppose to perform with their Scalchop... but Ceaser and Ash's Oshawott just do Aqua Jet. Ceaser passes but Oshawott gets distracted by Osharina and crashe into Ash, meaning Meowth could probably do a simple dance and would have moved on. However Meowth does a trampoline Sword Dance performance which caused him to wipe away his makeup and clothing revealing he was a Meowth. Then again, even if Meowth moved on I don't think we would have done well in the next contest.

    10. Anyway, Team Rocket just try to grab the Golden Scalchop and run but they get blasted off when Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, and though it got blocked by James' Scalchop, it overloaded the devices in the Scalchop causing them to explode sending them blasting off. However, shouldn't it been Oshawott that sent Team Rocket blasting off? Its a festival of Oshawott and Dewott, Oshawott is competing, its Oshawott's episode, so shouldn't it be the big hero?

    11. Fifth contest: Battle. Ash's Oshawott versus Cadbury's Ceaser and its pretty much like all other pre-evolution vs. evolution battles. Cadbury says Dewott is stronger because its evolved but Ash says that isn't anything and in the end Oshawott wins. Actually funny, right after Cadbury said Dewott is winning because its evovled and stronger (this being shown by it winning a Aqua Jet and Hydro Pump battle), it uses Surf which Oshawott counters with an Aqua Jet! Also when they did their final Aqua Jet + Scalchop attack (yes, Ceaser only knows Water-type moves apparently), I think Oshawott only won because it had its Scalchop sticking out like a spear while Ceaser was at its side, meaning Ceaser hit Oshawott's Scalchop full force on the pointy end! Doh!

    And that's it for this episode! Next episode should be a treat as it has a certain popular Pokemon which hadn't appeared in the anime as of yet!

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    BW127 "The Island of Illusions!"

    A sweet episode, and with it the only non-Legendary Gen V Pokemon not to be seen in the anime is a Klang (and no, we won't be seeing one in a future episode by the end of this season, so this is the last episode to "introduce" a new Pokemon to the show).

    Ash & co. see a giant Pokemon silhouette in a fog though it vanishes and no one else on board had seen it. The next island is Grand Spectrala Island where Ash & co. ask around and are told about a smaller island next to Grand Spectrala where a rumor of a giant Pokemon existed, though ran off before hearing the island is deserted and the rumor was 10 years ago. On the island Ash & co. get chased by a Giant Heatmor which puts the forest on fire, Axew getting hit by a panicked Foongus's Spore and falling asleep. After trying to battle the Giant Heatmor, a stranger appears and causes the Heatmor to vanish, revealing it and the burning forest was an illusion. The stranger is also gone but Ash & co. look for an old Pokemon Center with an Audino and Nurse Joy who oddly never appear together. "They" make a medicine for Axew in an old fashion way of mixing berries which wakes up Axew. Just then the stranger comes in and reveals she's a midage Nurse Joy who's part of Pokemon Center Investigator. She says this Pokemon Center was shut down 10 years ago and Nurse Joy is an imposter, demanding to know who she is. The Nurse Joy glows and shows flashbacks on when the Pokemon Center was working, the midage Nurse Joy revealing she worked in this Pokemon Center 10 years ago before it was shut down due to lack of trainers. 10 years ago Nurse Joy helped an injured Zorua who started helping out at the Pokemon Center. However when it was closed and Nurse Joy was force to leave it was out in the forest evolving to a Zoroark and chasing off hunters by becoming a giant Heatmor. Since then it been keeping the Pokemon Center running to heal the injured wild Pokemon. Now understanding, the midage Nurse Joy decides to reopen the Pokemon Center for wild Pokemon, asking Zoroark to help which is gladly agrees to. After cleaning up the Pokemon Center, Ash & co. give their best wishes and get on the next boat.

    While not as mystery heavy as the recent Purrloin episode, I would argue this episode made a bit more sense logically. My comments will explain why:

    1. Why were Ash & co. standing on the balcony of the ship when there's a deep fog? Shouldn't they forbid all guests fro going out incase someone gets disoriented and accidentally falls off the boat?

    2. This episode's Porter had a yellow collar. Just thought you'd like to know.

    3. "Island of Illusions", sounds like the next Mickey Mouse "Illusion" games.

    4. Why did they replace Team Rocket's Magikarp sub with a Basculin sub? It's not like its different, they still need to use pedal power to move it! And they're now in a part of Unova where other generation of wild Pokeon live so its not like they're trying to keep "blend in".

    5. *Ash and co. have just asked a merchant about the giant Pokemon and tells the about a rumor of one living on the island next to them. Pointing where it is, Ash & co. run off*
    Merchant: Oh well, there they go. I didn't even get a chance to tell the the bridge that connects that island was torn down or the rumors about the giant Pokemon went about about 10 years ago. Oh well.
    Comment: They're not that far away, you could probably yell this information to them!

    6. Wait, so where Ash & co. lucky that the path the island appeared or was it an illusion? If it was, then how did Ash & co. get to the island without getting wet? Or is Zoroark so powerful that it can actually make some illusions real, or at the very least use its power to move the tides?

    7. So when the "Giant Heatmor" was putting the forest on fire, why were the wild Pokemon panicking? Shouldn't they know the fire is an illusion or did Zoroark not tell them? Do they do know and are acting like its on fire to trick any human who sets foot on the island? Also how strong is Zoroark that the illusion flames feel real, or is Zoroark actually using Flamethrower (which it can learn from TM) and just making it look like its coming from the Giant Heatmor?

    8. *Ash tries fighting the Giant Heator with Pikachu's Thunderbolt, but it doesn't effect it*
    Cilan: What!? It didn't do a thing!
    Iris: But how?
    Comment: But how? IT'S A GIANT HEATMOR (as far as you know)! I think it makes the rules around here.

    9. If you want to know what Team Rocket were doing this episode, they get to the island and had to run away from a Giant Meowth, eventually "blasting off" by jumping into the water off a cliff which is the last time we see them for this episode. They and Ash must have be having a serious case of deja vu.

    10. Oh for crying out loud... THE WHO'S THAT POKEMON SEGMENT SPOILED THE APPEARANCE OF ZOROARK! Okay, true if you knew your Pokemon you could easily have guessed the silhouette is Zoroark, not helped that Zoroark is a popular Pokemon, but still!

    11. So yeah, this Nurse Joy is a Zoroark... and IT CAN TALK. That's a pretty impressive feat, sure it can only do it as a Nurse Joy, but that might make it even more impressive! Can it talk as other people? If it changed into Ash would it talk like Ash? And its not like its talking with its mind like Zorua in the 13th Movie, its physically talking as a Nurse Joy (though I suppose it could still be talking with its mind and just mouthing the words)! Either way, its quite impressive. Heck, it even got Pokemon voiced down (at least Audino's)! Makes you wonder what would happen if government agencies like the CIA had a division of Zoroarks they taught to do that...

    I also like laughed at the back and forth gag Ash had, lol. Nurse Joy. Audino, Nurse Joy, Audino, Nurse Joy... (Zoroark keeps going in and out the back room door changing between Nurse Joy Audino. At one point I thought it would come out as Audino speaking like Nurse Joy!).

    12. Why did Zoroark add in 3 Oran Berries and a Sitrus Berry, all Axew needed was a Chesto Berry?

    13. How long was Zoroark was in the woods evolving if Nurse Joy couldn't tell it she was leaving? Isn't evolution spontaneous or was Nurse Joy suddenly told they were closing the Pokemon Center and had to leave immediately on that same day? You'd think it would take a while to pack things up. Also why didn't Nurse Joy leave a note for Zorua on the door (hey, if it can learn how to talk it can learn how to read).

    14. So if Zoroark only made the giant Zoroark illusion because it knew Nurse Joy was coming... why did it let Ash & co. see it? Obviously it could control who saw the illusion as Porter nor anyone else saw the illusion. And its not like it wanted Ash & co. to come because as soon as they did it tried to chase them off as a Giant Heatmor!

    15. Where did they get all the materials needed to clean up the Pokemon Center as well as they did? I mean, look at it before and after:

    Not only did they clean it, but they replaces the rotted away wood pieces and gave it power (even if it had a battery in the back it shouldn't work even if Pikachu zapping it) and lights (even if it still had the bulbs installed they should be dead)(and with that all said, when they closed down the Pokemon center they should have removed the battery and lightbulbs since they would be a health hazard to the wild Pokemon)!

    16. So Nurse Joy can just decide to reopen this Pokemon Center and be its nurse? What about her job as a Pokemon Center Investigator? Wouldn't she have to report all this to HQ (I'd like you to explain the talking Zoroark in the report).

    Well, that's all for this episode! Next time we have an episode with a special guest after a Pokemon which I'm not sure why they're showing off (they could have had next episode even be about the Klink family so it could have a Klank, but oh well). Till next time!

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    BW128 "To Catch a Rotom!"

    An interesting episode... if this was for Gen IV. Why is this episode about Rotom? If it got a new form in Gen VI it would make a little bit of sense as they would be foreshadowing, but it didn't. They could have had an episode featuring the Klink family which is just as odd and have Klang in an episode thus having all non-Legendary Gen V Pokemon appear in the anime. Oh well, I guess the writers/animators were just in a mood to do an episode about Rotom.

    The next island Ash & co. go to is Torom Island where they meet up with someone special: Professor Oak! Professor Oak has come to Torom Island as he's doing research on Rotom which can be found in the wild on this island. They go to a "playground" made out of appliances the town made for the Rotom to play in and soon encounter and have wacky times with 3 wild Rotom. However Team Rocket tries to capture the Rotoms but are quickly defeated, Professor Oak gaining the trust of one of the Rotom. Professor Oak catches the Rotom and leaves back to Kanto, offering to take Ash & co, but they decide to stay on their boat trip.

    Not really much to the plot description wise, but that is what comments are for:

    1. Torom Island. Get it? "Torom" is an anagram for "Rotom"... which is "motor" spelled backwards. GET IT!

    2. Professor Oak, the world's most renown Pokemon Professor, has decided to take a trip to Torom Island. How is this not big news? At the very least the people of the island should be excited, but nothing. Even Porter (this one has an orange collar) had to think for a few seconds before he figured out who Ash & co. were talking about.

    3. Huh, that's odd, they're using the "Adventures in Unova" version of Season 16's opener, you know, the one for Team Plasma. Guessed someone grabbed the wrong opener (I say that as if its a physical think).

    4. *Professor Oak is on the dock waving to Ash & co. on the ship. Team Rocket see him with their Basculin Sub's scope*
    Jessie: I haven't seen the Professor in forever.
    James: He wouldn't have come all the way from Kanto on a whim.
    Meowth: Bet I know why he showed up. If there's a rare Pokemon nearby, he's there!
    *At the Pokemon Center*
    Ash: Rotom?
    Comment: Pfft, that's not a rare Pokemon, just look through garbage cans.

    5. To top that off, Rotom are not only wild Pokemon but seem to be common as everyone in town had an experience with a Rotom and they're known to cause a bit of chaos around town. So in other words, REALLY not rare.

    6. Here's a shock (pun not intended), Ash has a reason to bring up Rotom's Pokedex entry because Iris and Cilan don't know what it is. Hmm, now thinking about it, Ash never scanned Zoroark last episode. The only time there was a reason for him to scan a recent Pokemon, and he didn't do it. *sigh*

    7. *Professor Oaks says he's doing a research paper on Rotom's forms*
    Iris: So does that mean Rotom doesn't always appear looking the same?
    Comment: Ask Ash, he has first hand experience being terrorized by Rotom's various forms. Actually I joke, but before this Ash did mention he saw a Rotom in Sinnoh though didn't go into details (probably didn't want to relive the horror).

    8. Oh, and we're in for a treat! This is the first time the dub is showing a "Professor Oak's Pokemon Live Caster" (dubbed as "Professor Oak's Who's That Pokemon"), a short segment at the end of most Japanese episodes where Professor Oak talked about a certain Pokemon. Infact, the writing you see during the segment is Japanese! Being this one is mid-episode, they decided to dub it this once (there was actually a second one for Gigalith at the end of this episode, but that one was cut to not spoil us ).

    9. Professor Oak then tells a story about a non-working robot toy coming to life and scientists wondering if it was a new Pokemon, however it vanished and later scientists decided it might have been a Rotom possessing the toy. What's interesting about this story that, in the games, this is part of the backstory of Team Galactic's Charon. As a boy he may have been the first person to discover Rotom, even giving it the name "Rotom" because its motor backwards, and learned of its abilities. He wanted to hug his friend but never could, always getting shocked until one day Rotom possessed a robot toy so that they could (makes you wonder what happened to Charon to make him turn evil).

    10. *Ash & co. had just asked Professor Oak if they could help him catch a Rotom which he agreed to when the power goes out*
    Trainer 1: Cool, it looks like its time for lunch.
    Comment: Wow, you can literal set you watch to when the Rotom will start messing with things.
    Trainer 2: Wonder who's electric device it'll go into today?
    Comment: I love that this is so common that no one is even bothered by it, lol. Look at this guy, he's just sitting all relaxed, drinking his drink, like its no big deal:

    We'll ignore the fact Rotom is probably causing who knows how much property damage by causing things to lose power or short circuit.

    11. *Nurse Joy explained that during lunch the Rotom eat the electricity from the power plant making the power go on and off, calling it Rotom Lunch Time*
    Ash: I never would have guessed electricity could taste good.
    Pikachu: Pi-ka chu!
    Comment: I think Pikachu knows, it looks like its about to drool:

    Pikachu: Ooh, sweet electricity, you humans don't know the zesty taste you're missing out on!

    12. *Nurse Joy explains when they're full they go into town and possess electrical devices to try and scare who they can*
    Nurse Joy: Its a bit strange to think Rotom will have such a good time scaring people.
    Comment: Um, they're part Ghost-types, that's what they do.

    13. I like how the playground is nothing but refrigerators, toaster ovens, lawn mowers, fans, and washing machines. Come on, give them cars, vacuums, power tools, other kitchen appliances like blenders, even toys with motors in them. You don't need to stick with the 5 known forms they have, you might even discover a new form or two!

    14. Okay, when was it decided that when someone gets shocked it turns their hair into an afro?

    15. I wonder what the other two Rotoms were thinking when Professor Oak tried catching their friend?

    Rotom 1: Should we do something?
    Rotom 2: We should do something!
    Rotom 1: We should do something!
    Rotom 2: Should we do something?

    16. So they like the taste of Pikachu and Emolga's electrical attacks but not Stunfisk, guess it tasted too fishy. *rim shot*

    17. Hold on a second, the sound the Rotom made possessing an object... was that the Transformer's transform sound effect?!

    18. So Team Rocket are using a device which shoots out a beam of energy which, when concentrated, and then be used to drag the Rotom into a containment unit against its will. (Make your own Ghostbusters joke here)

    Also, wasn't Team Rocket planning on convincing the Rotom in helping them capture Pikachu? Why did they change it to just capturing the Rotom?

    19. Wait, how exactly did Rotom's lib gets hurt when its limb is made of pure electricity/plasma? And how does a Hyper Potion heal that? Oh it doesn't matter, Rotom and Professor Oak are friends now.

    20. *Professor Oak ask the Rotom to come with him and it accepts, going into the Pokeball*
    Professor Oak: And you're always welcome to visit us anytime.
    Comment: Yeah, visit... if they can fly a few hundred miles to Kanto...

    21. Ah, another part of the Live Caster! At the end of the Live Caster, Professor Oak usually does a poem, specifically a senryu, about the Pokemon just talked about.

    22. *Back at the dock at the end of the day*
    Professor Oak: Would you all like to fly with me? Its a quick trip to Kanto.
    Comment: Oh, well, that was a short season! 6 Episodes.
    Ash: Hey, thanks Professor, but we're going to keep traveling by ship.
    Comment: Because when this episode was made there was still a few months before the release of XY, so we need to stretch this out more.

    And that's it! We could have ended things here but I suppose that would defeat the purpose of introducing the Decolore Islands if we weren't going to explore the all. Next episode thar be pirates to deal with, yar!

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    BW129 "The Pirates of Decolore!"

    An okay episode, complete filler though, and that's saying something since this is already a filler arc.

    A Croconaw, Azumarill, Octillery, and Ducklett sneak aboard the ship Ash & co. are on and steal a batch of food. Ash & co. are told that they are a group of pirate Pokemon who go around stealing from people. On the next island Ash & co. go help Officer Jenny find the pirate Pokemon's hideout where its revealed they're abandoned Pokemon. Ash battles them and wins and, after defeating Team Rocket and the pirate Pokemon rescue Pokemon distressed at sea, decide to join Officer Jenny as coast guards.

    Wow, that was a quick summary, let's see if my comments can add any more meat:

    1. *Start of episode, Ash & co. are enjoying the view on deck*
    Ash: Don't you think cruises are fun?
    Iris: Its hard to believe how many Decolore Islands we've been too.
    Comment: You've only been to 4 islands! Wait till halfway or the end of the series to say that.

    2. Huh? The opener is still "Adventures in Unova"? Was something wrong with the new opener that they had to take it down?

    3. *Alarm goes off and Ash & co. ask (blue collar) Porter what's wrong*
    Porter: Thieves at sea mean one thing: they have to be pirates!
    Comment: No, no it doesn't. Case and point, just a few episode there was a gem thief and I highly doubt he was a pirate.

    4. When Croconaw and Azumarill were getting ready to attack Ash & co., why didn't Pikachu, a Pokemon who will have an advantage in battle, leap up and do Thunderbolt? Pikachu discharges electricity faster than it took for Croconaw and Azumarill to use their attacks.

    5. Why do the pirate Pokemon looked shocked that Ash sent Oshawott after them? After all their time of stealing, not one trainer had a Water-type Pokemon and/or sent their Water-type Pokemon after them?

    6. How did Oshawott return itself? Can all Pokemon return themselves? After all the time Team Rocket caught a trainer's Pokemon in cage/net or a trainer's Pokemon was simply in a dangerous situation you'd think if Pokemon can will themselves back to their Pokeball they'd do that. It also returned itself quite a distance away too!

    7. Did no see Team Rocket's Basculin sub while they were looking over the edge? Yeah, they were focused on the pirates, but the sub is big enough and close to the ship you'd think someone would see it with the corner of their eye and draw their attention.

    8. If Porter knew about the pirate Pokemon, how come when they encountered them in the hallway he didn't point them out to Ash & co. or confirm they were the pirate Pokemon why Ash & co. heard crew members chasing after them?

    9. Meowth getting entangled by an Octillery, make you own tentacle hentai jokes here:

    Good thing Meowth isn't a pussycat *gets booed* Thank, thank you, I'll be here for a dozen more episodes.

    10. Officer Jenny is also the Coast Guard, sure, why not, they're on an island so I guess the police might as well work double duty.

    11. *Charizard leads Officery and Ash & co. to where it followed the pirate Pokemon*
    Officer Jenny: It can't be that island! Its too well known, its on every map, complete with a world famous resort.
    Cilan: Its a case of being hidden in plain sight.
    Comment: No, its a case of them not checking the perimeter of the island to find the obvious entrance in the back.
    Officer Jenny: No wonder we couldn't find it.

    12. Yes Ash, return Charizard instead of leaving it out so that it can possibly help battle the pirates. Yeah, the pirates are all Water-type Pokemon, however Charizard is bigger and a more experienced battler. It also had fought and even defeated LEGENDARIES (not to mention it also beat Gary's Blastoise).

    13. *flashback to when the pirate Pokemon's trainer abandoned them*
    Croconaw's Trainer: What's wrong with you Croconaw? Its your fault I didn't win my gym battle and get a badge, you blew it again! Whenever are you going to evolve into Feraligatr? I've had it with you.
    Comment: Okay, typical jerk trainer, blaming the Pokemon for losing than there battling strategy.
    Azumarill's Trainer: NO WAY! How can you evolve into Azumarill? I liked you as a cute Marill. I don't want you anymore, bye-bye!
    Comment: Okay, a bit of a unique jerk here. Hey Einstein, if you didn't want it to evolve maybe you should have given it an Everstone.
    Octillery's Trainer: You're completely useless now! I didn't think Remoraid evolved into Octillery. It's over, we're through!
    Comment: ... okay this jerk is just an idiot. Didn't know Remoraid evolved into Octillery? WHAT DID YOU THINK IT EVOLVED INTO? Maybe you should do some research before you get a Pokemon.
    Duckeltt's Trainer: Wipe that smile off your face, we just lost a battle. Doesn't that bother you at all? Uhh, I don't need you anymore.
    Comment: Okay, another jerk who lost a battle and blamed it on a Pokemon, though this one apparently doesn't understand that Ducklett pretty much have only one facial expression... and it's not even a smiling one!

    14. *Pignite and Snivy tell the pirate Pokemon their backstory*
    Iris: Sound like something happened in Snivy's past too.
    Comment: We already knew that! I think it was Cilan who theorized Snivy was abandoned by its trainer since Snivy's are rarely found in the wild.

    15. Why did the pirates agree to battle without setting their own terms? Snivy said if it wins the pirates have to stop stealing, but the pirates than just agree without saying what will happen if they win. Yeah, they said something mentioned about their pirate honor but that's not a demand for something to happen. If they won they'd still be in trouble with Officer Jenny,

    16. Snivy and Pignite are battling? I guess that makes sense since they're the ones who have an abandoned backstory... then again, so does Charizard...

    17. Why would Darumaka's, pure Fire-types, even want to be on a small rubber raft surrounded by water?

    18. Gee, Water-type Pokemon would be useful as coast guards, who would have thought?

    Well that's enough for now (especially since I don't have anymore to say). Next episode... next episode... next episode is filled with so much filled potential expect a rant or two...

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    BW130 "Butterfree and Me!"

    This episode... THIS episode... as a episode by itself, its alright but filler once again. "You keep saying this is filler during a filler arc, what are you expecting?". What I expect from filler arcs are pretty much special episodes. Like episodes focusing on one of Ash's Pokemon like BW126 "Crowning the Scalchop King!" for Oshawott or BW128 "To Catch a Rotom!" which had Professor Oak guest starring. Even BW125 "Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!" had interesting plot being a mystery case. And in future episodes we're going to even see some special Pokemon (though I won't spoil). This episode focuses on an older generation Pokemon that had been seen plenty of time in the anime and other episodes focused on it in the past (maybe if this species got a Mega Evolution in Gen VI that could have justified its appearance, but it doesn't so that point is moot). Actually, even more so because the focused Pokemon was on Ash had so had PLENTY of screentime. Actually, this species of Pokemon being once owned by Ash is what annoys me the most about the episode.

    What's the episode about? Ash & co. go to Wayfarer Island which is where migrating Pokemon usually stop and breed. One of these species are Butterfree and Ash & co. see a whole batch of Metapod evolve and leave. However they than find a lone Caterpie and realize its now all alone on the island. Ash & co. decide to help the Caterpie evolve before the next Butterfree swarm arrives. After training montages and battling, Caterpie evolves all the way into a Butterfree and joins the next Butterfree swarm.

    Let's just get into the comments, shall we?

    1. For those who joined the series after the first season, as you're told in this episode Caterpie was Ash's first Pokemon which had evolved all the way into a Butterfree. Though they didn't mention what happened to it, in EP021 "Bye-Bye Butterfree" Ash released it join a swarm of Butterfree to mate with a Pink Butterfree (which you saw in the flashback). Since then Ash's Butterfree has not been seen though referenced sometimes.
    So what does that have to do with this episode. Well, this episode HAD A PERFECT EXCUSE TO HAVE ASH SEE HIS BUTTERFREE AGAIN! Ash released his Butterfree to migrate and breed and Wayfarer Island, an island located in the Decolore Islands which is between Unova and KANTO, is a place where Pokemon species, including BUTTERFREE, migrate to and breed! Oh, and what's worse about this episode that is was featured in a magazine with no context except an episode title and a picture of Ash talking with a Butterfree so it made everyone believe Ash was going to see his Butterfree again! And this was right after they brought Charizard back so it made people think its highly likely we'll be seeing Ash's Butterfree again (obviously it wouldn't be joining back with Ash, it has an obvious mate in the Pink Butterfree, but it would still have been nice seeing it).
    But no, instead we get an episode heavily featuring Butterfree for pretty much no reason except to remind everyone Ash once had a Butterfree. They could have made an episode focusing on one of Ash's Unova Pokemon which he still has, or maybe one focusing on one of Iris's or Cilan's Pokemon. But no, they essentially tricked us by blinding us with nostalgia. Let's move on...

    2. What is with Ash scanning Pokemon he's already seen? Even if you want to argue him scanning Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree because it was an episode focusing on them and they were older Pokemon thus haven't been scanned in a while, then explain to me why did ASH SCAN A SWANNA!

    3. Still the "Adventures In Unova" opener. Do they not know they have the wrong opener? If there was something wrong with the new version you'd think they'd have fixed it by now.

    4. Looks like the animators forgot that female Butterfree have a spot on their wings. And its not that all the Butterfree are suppose to be male because the Pink Butterfree, who's confirmed to be female, didn't have a spot on her wing and that was new animation. And don't argue continuity because the anime has confirmed female Pikachu have heart-shaped tails.

    5. *Ash finishes remembering his Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree*
    Comment: Yeah, keep rubbing it in how you could have brought it back...
    Ash: It sure would be great to know where that Pokemon is now.

    6. Professor Oak, you brought a Rotom to a lab full of electrical equipment and don't expect it to mess around?

    7. Oh, Leavanny, guess I was wrong about not seeing Ash's other Unova Pokemon (there's another idea for episodes, why not have episodes where Ash gets over his reserves to do something).

    8. You attack a sleeping Caterpie with Energy Ball and you're surprised its scared and running away from you?

    9. *Sees claw marks on a Berry tree*
    Ash: What's up with that?
    Iris: Looks like Pokemon claw marks.
    Comment: Compared to human claw marks?
    Ash: Pokemon claw marks?
    Iris: That's the way some Pokemon mark their territory.
    Ash: BUT THAT MEANS...!
    *Angry Ursaring appears behind Ash*

    Ursaring: You know, I could probably add some meat to my diet.

    10. *Caterpies evolves into a Metapod and falls asleep*
    Ash: This is no time for a nap!
    Comment: ...that's all Metapods do... you had one, you should know that.

    11. That's the most mobile Metapod I've ever seen!

    This also helps identify what is the front of Metapod and what's the back. Incase you don't know, that "nose" on top of it is actually its developing wings thus is its backside.

    12. Team Rocket, instead of having Amoonguss just stomp on Ash's head you could just hit Ash's hand or grab his wrists and throw him off. All Amoonguss is doing is giving him a headache.

    And that's all I have to say for this episode. Its not a lot but this episode didn't give us a lot, infact I personally thought it took something away: a great premise and a chance to one of Ash's Pokemon we haven't seen in a long time and may never see again. Next episode is about *GASP* Iris leaving the group?! (I would be more shocked if it wasn't for the fact we all know her and Cilan would be leaving after this arc anyway ). Seeya then!

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    BW131 "The Path That Leads to Goodbye!"

    Well, this episode was a complete waste of time. Calling it filler would be an insult to filler episodes.

    Ash & co. land on Capacia Island and are told by a black collared Porter that the island is a nature paradise and if they want to look around they can go across the island to its other port. On their way Axew picks a few flowers for Iris. Then they find a Dunsparce which Ash tries to catch but it uses Screech, causing Axew to accidentally bump into Pikachu letting Dunsparce run away and Ash accidentally crushes the flowers Axew gave to Iris. From there the two get into an argument, not helped by Ash accidentally giving Iris a bitter apple berry apple, and Iris decided to leave the group. However they both realize they were being stupid and, after defeating Team Rocket, they apologize.

    Yeah, my comments will further explain how stupid this gets:

    1. Still haven't fixed the opener, I'm gonna keep mentioning and counting until the fix it... if they were.

    2. *Iris runs into a field of flowers where Axew picks two for her*
    Ash: You're going to get us lost if you keep wondering off the path, you know.
    Comment: Yes, you'll completely lose sight of the only path by wondering into an open field...

    3. And Ash scans a Dunsparce... oh, he's going to try and catch it (but Ash, that's a job for a Pokemon Trainer!), okay then, at least that's a reason to scan it.

    4. Wow, that Dunsparce can fly. I thought they could barely fly, better at digging to escape? Guess the writers didn't bother looking up Dunsparce's Pokedex entry.

    5. And it begins, despite being an accident caused by everyone being dazed by Dunsparce's Screech, Ash blames Axew for bumping into Pikachu, seemingly forgetting he himself bumped into Iris in a similar way.

    Iris: For your information it was all your fault for starting a battle without making a plan first!
    Comment: Ash challenged a Pokemon and had Pikachu try to Thunderbolt it... do you need another plan to catch a wild Pokemon?

    6. And even more of a kicker, Ash sees the flowers and actually feels guilty for crushing them! WHY IS THIS ARGUMENT EVEN HAPPENING? If Iris is really that mad about the flowers why doesn't she just make Ash go get replacements as an apology? The flower field can't be more than 10 minutes back. Actually they could have made a more funnier episode with this idea. Ash isn't able to find an exact copy of the flower so goes looking all over the island for flowers, getting into shenanigans along the way.

    7. Berries? Those are apples!

    8. So you may think the big argument at the start of the episode was about the crushed flowers, right? WRONG, what caused that was Ash accidentally giving Iris a bitter apple and she just goes complete B****. Okay, Iris has a right to be angry with Ash for crushing the flowers even though its an accident, but he feels sorry and tried to apologize by giving her an apple. How was he suppose to know its bitter? This episode just makes Iris looks like a person who never forgives no matter how someone tries to apologize (though it was a bit of a jerk thing for Ash to laugh at her). Not that this episode makes Ash look any better for not taking an initiative to apologize (like maybe have him go get the replacement flowers of at least explain he didn't know the apple was bitter). Either way, this argument feels so FORCED since both are not acting like rational people in a situation where any normal person would have found a way to apologize to the other already!

    9. *Iris throws the bitter apple back at Ash*
    Ash: You lose your grip for no reason at all!
    Iris: Bad berries are a good reason.
    Comment: No, no they're not. Iris, you're being such a HUGE B**** this episode! And Ash you're not helping.

    10. Did Meowth really need to break the fourth wall to tell us how Team Rocket got there? I think we can assume they just followed Ash & co. and ran ahead to set a trap.

    11. Ash, Iris, you guys don't need to go to the other side of the island. If you don't want the other one going the same direction as you are just turn around and go back to the port you originally arrived to the island on. Actually, Iris, where do you plan on going? Are you still going to go to Kanto? If not then maybe it is a better idea to go back to the original port.

    12. Cilan, I think Ash can hear you a yard away assuring the Pokemon that because there's only one path both your group and Iris are going to reach the same destination.

    13. *Up in a tree eating an apply with Axew*
    Iris: This berry is so good, its got to be the best berry I ever had.
    Comment: Keep telling us its a berry all you like, we know its an apple.
    Iris: It's as good as Ash's was awful. The truth is, I'm better at finding berries and Ash doesn't know what he's doing. He can't tell when a Berry is sweet and when its bitter. I mean...

    Iris: I've been acting like a colossal b****, haven't I?

    14. Why did Team Rocket jump out in front of Pikachu and Scraggy? They could have waited behind the rock and done a sneak attack and receive little to no resistance. Sure they caught Pikachu and Scraggy anyway, but they could have probably gotten away sooner if they didn't spend their time fighting with them.

    15. Ash, look at the hole size in he net, I think Charizard's energy can slip through it, heck, the Pokeball can probably fit through it!

    And that's all I have to say. I guess I should mention there was sort of a NegaiShipping vibe from this episode but it sort of feels forced as well if that's the case. Overall its a very forced episode and I'm looking forward to the next one which are the kinds of episode I actually expect to see.

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    BW132 "Searching for a Wish!"

    A bit of a lackluster episode, but it at least had something special about it! This is Jirachi's debut appearance in the anime (and as a result, Latias is the only Gen III Pokemon that hasn't appeared in a standard episode (though there was a special episode after the Sinnoh arc featuring Brock that had a Nurse Joy of all people with a Latias)) and this is the kind of things I expect to see in a filler arc.

    Still on Capacia Island, Ash & co. find a desert area where they spend a night. Suddenly they are awoken to find a Jirachi had awoke from its 1,000 year sleep. Though it made friends with Pikachu and Axew, Ash accidentally scares if off. Next morning they meet a girl named Gemma who wants to use wish for the land to be green again and water to start flowing in the lake which has dried up. Ash & co. offer to help find Jirachi and make Gemma's wish come true. They spend a few days looking for Jirachi, finding out from Gemma's mother, Lotus, that what Gemma really wants is to see her father again who went looking for the source of the lake to see if he can't get the water flowing again. Ash & co. and Gemma finally make friends with Jirachi but Team Rocket attacks and capture Jirachi, injuring Pikachu and Axew in the process. Jirachi uses its Psychic to break itself free and Healing Wish to heal Pikachu and Axew who send Team Rocket blasting off, but causing it to faint in the process. Gemma's father, Carlton, then suddenly appears and tells them to cure Jirachi they need to go to the top of the mountain where it can be one with the mountain and water. Jirachi not only heals itself but its power also causes the water to start flowing from the mountain again, filling the lake and causing crops to grow. Jirachi then goes back to its 1,000 year sleep as Gemma thanks it.

    A lot more to this episode then the last few, well, more IMPORTANT, each episode is about the same length though this one actually had something going for it. And with them all having equal length and me having comments for those episodes, I have comments for this episode as well:

    1. First I should probably mention why Jirachi was in this episode. When this episode was about to air it was around time of the Tanabata Festival. You can read about the Tanabata Festival HERE and Jirachi's relationship to it HERE. So there is a reason for it to be here. Also, in Japan there was a Jirachi Event to commemorate this episode and the Tanabata Festival, though of course we didn't get it (Jirachi has been given away a few times during the Tanabata Festivals as you can imagine).

    2. And the opener is back to normal! Now we can go back to completely ignoring it.

    3. How many times is Ash going to run up to a Pokemon having fun with other Pokemon which scares it and cause it to run away? You'd think he'd learn by now that Human = Bad, Pokemon = Good.

    4. Of course, upon hearing it can grant wishes Iris and Cilan talk about making wishes if they became "friends" with it.

    5. *After Ash & co. take Gemma back home to get her knee checked, she wants to go out looking for Jirachi*
    Lotus: I understand how you feel, but I told you a hundred times that the mountain isn't going to effected by any wish.
    Comment: Um, why not? Its a wish, unless there are rules which we don't know about, Jirachi can grant any wish asked of it.

    6. *Team Rocket plan on stealing Jirachi to make all their wishes come true*
    James: Right, and by definition that would include of ferverent wish to catch Pikachu too.
    Comment: You're really going to waste a wish to catch Pikachu? Out of ALL the wishes you can make, one of them will be to capture Pikachu?

    7. *Planning on how to make a wish with Jirachi*
    Gemma: According to the ancient legend, you have to travel up there with Jirachi if you want to have your wish granted.
    Comment: Since when did you need to go to a specific location to make a wish to Jirachi? What makes this Jirachi so special from the one in the 6th movie?

    8. *Ash & co. and Gemma find Jirachi and are hiding behind a rock figuring what to do*
    Iris: Axew and Pikachu know what to do.
    Comment: Yeah, be Pokemon.
    Gemma: Why them?
    Cilan: The three of them sort of became friends last night.
    Comment: And they're Pokemon.

    9. Gemma, why do you think just asking Jirachi for help you make it want to help? Especially when you come running up to it screaming like a maniac.

    10. Ash, Iris, SEND OUT CHARIZARD AND DRAGONITE! You're facing Team Rocket, the rule of only having one Pokemon out doesn't apply, especially when Team Rocket are trying to get away by balloon!

    That's all I have to say. While not that interesting of an episode its still nice of see they at least had a special Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon Jirachi, instead of an older generation Pokemon we've seen dozen times before. Next episode is the last episode on Capacia Island... and boy is it an odd one. You'll see what I mean...

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    BW133 "Capacia Island UFO!"

    Now this was a fun episode! Though it didn't have any rare Pokemon, it had an interesting premise which would have been overlooked if this wasn't a filler arc.

    The last episode on Capacia Island, Ash & co. have finally gotten to the other side of the island where the port is, but its night time. Before they go into town, they see a shooting star which then starts erratically moving until crashing. Ash & co. go to the crash site and find an Amulet Coin amongst broken machine parts. Team Rocket are also looking for the crashed meteor when James also finds an Amulet Coin, but Meowth is suddenly abducted by a batch of Beeheeyem! The Beeheeyem take Meowth to their ship where they try to remove is head charm. Next morning, Ash & co. wake up at the Pokemon Center only for Ash to find that everyone in town, including Iris and Cilan, have been taken over by Beeheeyem, their face turning in Beeheeyem faces! Pikachu is also taken control of but Ash shakes Pikachu out of it and they run, eventually being called over to Jessie & James from the sewers who also haven't been taken over and are looking for Meowth. After figuring out the Beeheeyem have taken over and chased, Ash and Team Rocket find Meowth who explains he escaped the Beeheeyem's flying saucer which Team Rocket, behind Ash's back, plan to take. Ash & Team Rocket get to the Beeheeyem's flying saucer where the Beeheeyem uses Meowth to tell them that they crashed and lost their power source which looks like an Amulet Coin. Ash gives them his Amulet Coin but its not the power source. Team Rocket realize Jame's Lucky Coin in the power source and try to run away with it, however Pikachu sends them blasting off with a Thunderbolt, them dropping the power source and Ash giving it back to the Beeheeyem. The Beeheeyem fly off in their flying saucer as Iris and Cilan run up to meet Ash, revealing them and everyone else in town have been returned back to normal and have no memory of being controlled by the Beeheeyem.

    A lot of details in this episode, though here are a few of them I wanted to comment on:

    1. *Seeing a "shooting star"*
    Iris: I need to repeat my wish 3 times...
    Comment: 3 times? I never heard needing to make your wish on a shooting star 3 times, just the once.

    2. *At the "shooting star" crash site*
    Cilan: Looks like an Amulet Coin to me.
    Ash: Amulet Coin?
    Cilan: An Amulet Coin is said to bring good luck to whoever possesses on.
    Comment: Actually it doubles the amount of money you win from trainer battles, but since that doesn't really apply to the anime I guess they changed it to good luck.

    3. I don't know how much an Amulet Coin will help you, Team Rocket, afterall Meowth wears one on his head and it doesn't do much for you. And before you ask/tell me, Meowth's charm and the Amulet Coin are both a coin called a koban, a Japanese gold oval coin. Speaking of Meowth, the reason he has a koban on his head is because the species is based on a Maneki-neko, a Japanese figurine of a cat holding a koban worth millions of yen (name of the Japanese currency) and is thought to bring good luck. Thus is also why the Amulet Coin was said to bring good luck.

    4. I'm surprised they had Ash figure out everyone's face looks like a Beeheeyem instead of waiting for him to see the Beeheeyem. Its also a good excuse for him to pull up Beeheeyem's Pokedex entry.

    5. How convenient, Ash and Team Rocket are too far away to not be able to see the "Amulet Coin" on the diagram thus Ash and Team Rocket will spend more of the episode wondering what the Beeheeyem want.

    6. *Ash and Team Rocket meet up with Meowth who explains what's happening*
    Meowth: That meteor we thought we saw last night was actually a Beeheeyem flying saucer.
    James: Incredible!
    Jessie: So it must have come from outer space.
    Comment: As opposed to a flying saucer from Earth?
    Ash: But how do you know about that?
    Comment: Meowth got probed, though not where they usually do it...

    7. So why did the Beeheeyem take over the ship? They took over everyone in town so its not like they need to hide the flying saucer.

    8. Ash: So what do you think the Beeyeehem are trying to do?
    Meowth: If I knew the answer to that, this show will be over.
    Comment: Shh, Meowth, don't point out how contrived the situation the writers had to make!

    9. Ash: So we got to find that flying saucer, then get everyone back to normal.
    Comment: What makes you believe finding the flying saucer would make everyone turn back to normal? For all you know the Beeheeyem can just indoctrinate people naturally... which is actually the case!

    10. So Ash and Team Rocket just so happened to find a box full of Pokemon masks and it just so happened that the box which contained MANY kinds of Pokemon masks have at least 5 Beeheeyem masks. Writer, you already spent you convenient card with Ash & Team Rocket not being able to see the "Amulet Coin" diagram!

    11. *Ash's mask falls off and him & Team Rocket get chased*
    Jessie: I told you they bust us!
    James: Its all your fault twerp!
    Comment: Well maybe you all should have fastened your mask tighter... and also changed your clothes since Iris and Cilan know what you look like thus probably told everyone!

    12. *Ash & Team Rocket snuck aboard the ship and has captured one of the Beeheeyem*
    Ash: Now, take us to your leaders.
    Comment: Okay, that's actually pretty funny.

    13. *Ash & Team Rocket talk with the Beeheeyem leaders who have just captured Meowth*
    Ash: Alright Beeheeyem turn everyone back to normal right now!
    Comment: the Beeheeyem are in complete control of the town, they have Meowth captured with their psychic powers, and outnumber you. I don't think you're in any position to be making demands.

    14. Ah Meowth, the universal translator, how many times has Meowth's mind been taken over to translate for something? Let's see, there was that giant mutant Tentacruel, a Deoxys... actually I think that's pretty much it.

    15. I'll admit that before I knew the power source wasn't exactly an Amulet Coin I did think it was an Amulet Coin. I knew Team Rocket had the ones Beeheeyem had though I figured something was going to happen where they lose/break it but Ash gives them his Amulet Coin. I was genuinely surprised that they threw that plot twist and give them kudos. Why did I explain all that, because at the time I made this joke and thought it would be a waste to not use it:

    So the flying saucer runs on an Amulet Coin, I guess money is literally power (though I guess that explains why when in the game Amulet Coin somehow doubles the money you win from battle, never really understood how that worked until now:


    16. Okay, so when the Beeheeyem hypnotized people they act like zombies and eyes glow red... then where did the masks come from and why was Iris an Cilan acting "normal"? Though I do find it funny that since everyone but Ash & Team Rocket weren't wearing the masks, they thought they were the ones who looked like Beeheeyem.

    17. *Beeheeyem tell them a small group of people weren't effected by the hypnosis, James deducing its them*
    Jessie: Well if you mean us why didn't it have any effect?
    Beeheeyem!Meowth: I'm afraid idiots are hard to hypnotize.
    Comment: YES! *claps* THIS EPISODE IS HILARIOUS!

    (Why does Pikachu looked dumbfounded, it did get hypnotized but Ash shook it out of it. If anything Axew shouldn't have been hypnotized...)
    Ash & Team Rocket: *angry* IDIOTS!

    (never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups)
    *Beeheeyem start backpedaling*
    Beeheeyem!Meowth: One second, what we meant to convey to all of you is that "gifted" people are hard to hypnotize.
    Jessie: I see, so you're applying we're all geniuses.
    Comment: Actually I think hey just called you all retarded which is a bit worse.

    (Ignorance is bliss)

    18. Team Rocket, do you even know HOW to use the Beeheeyem's power source? Do you even know it has any power aside from running their ship? Even if you gave it to Dr. Zager it'll probably take years to even figure out what power it provides, let alone make a machine that runs on it. Actually it could just be some kind of circuit or power converter, not a power source itself, but the Beeheeyem just said it was a power source to make it easier to understand/there was no proper human words to describe what it does.

    19. *Team Rocket break their truce they made with Ash agreeing to help turn everyone back to normal*
    Ash: Thank you lied!
    Comment: WHAT! Team Rocket, the villainous team that's always attacking you, trying to steal your Pokemon, and have lied multiple times in the past lied to you (again)? I'm completely shocked...

    20. Wait, Team Rocket didn't make their Basculin Sub shockproof? Did they really think they were going to get away as long as Pikachu was on Ash's shoulder?

    And from there it leads to the happy ending. Its an enjoyable episode and something I expect to see in a filler arc (in a good way). But next time we go into very important episode featuring some importent Pokemon and character. Its time to start paving the way to Gen VI...

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    BW134 "The Journalist from Another Region!"

    An okay episode, and while not as fun as last episode it is more important than any of the previous episodes in the Decolore Island arc (except maybe the first episode where they decide to all go to Kanto). Why? Because its the first episode to have Gen VI Pokemon and characters! Alexa of Lumiose City appears along with a Helioptile and Gogoat! However that's only the focus for the first part of the episode, but let's start from the beginning:

    Porter tells Ash & co. that they're on Harvest Island which is celebrating their Grand Harvest Festival. Ash & co. start heading to the festival when they encounter a Pokemon they never saw before, a Helioptile! Ash tries catching it but is knocked back, just then Helioptile's trainer appears: Alexa. Alexa introduces herself, Helioptile, and Gogoat, explaining she and her Pokemon are from the Kalos region and that she's a Pokemon Journalist. All of them are on their way to the festival which Alexa tells Ash & co. the legend of: Harvest Island was just like it is now long ago, but people grew selfish and destroyed the land, an Ursaring and Beartic fought each other for the last berry tree but both tired out, a boy split the berry between the Pokemon and said they should share and everything went back to normal. Alexa also explains to remember the battle between Ursaring and Beartic they have a Sumo Wrestling competition. Ash & co. (+ Alexa) get to the festival and see the sumo ring, Ash & co. deciding to all enter. They sign up and decide to have a quick bite when one of the participants, Rodney, knocks down Ash and acts like a jerk to him. Ash & co. compete through the sumo wrestling tournament until its just Ash's Pignite vs. Rodney's Golurk which Ash wins. In the end Ash shares a berry with Rodney who apologizes for being a jerk. At the end of the day Alexa asks where Ash & co. were going and they said to Kanto, Alexa says she's going there too so Alexa joins Ash & co. as they all head to Kanto.

    Yup, Alexa will be staying with Ash & co. until they reach Kanto so we'll have plenty of time to set up Kalos and Ash's eventual decision to travel there. However that's then and this is now, and right now its time for comments:

    1. This episode's Porter has a red collar, so is this the first Porter we met or are there two Porters who wear red collars? Unless one of these reds were meant to be orange which in that case the animators need to add more yellow to their orange. Or the animators just made a mistake since, well, let's be honest, we're not seeing any of the Porters ever again after this arc.

    2. *Ash & co. encounter Helioptile and Ash tries to scan it with his Pokedex*
    Pokedex: No data.

    Ash: Huh?
    Iris: No way, its not listed in the Pokedex?
    Ash: Guess not, I wonder what that means.
    Comment: You're Pokedex is out of style, you're going to have to get the new model. Remember, nowadays they release a new Pokedex model, like, every 3 weeks.
    Cilan: It may mean its not a Pokemon from Kanto or Unova.
    Comment: Or Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, just because the Decolore Islands are between Kanto and Unova that doesn't mean Ash's Pokedex doesn't have info from those other 3 regions. Actually one must wonder how far away a place needs to be in order to have its own ecosystem of "new" Pokemon?

    3. And being its a Pokemon from a new region, of course its shown to be so powerful it knocks Pikachu back even though it should only tickle Pikachu (especially with an Electric-type attack).

    4. Ash, what made you think the Pokedex would have an entry for Gogoat if it didn't have one for Helioptile?

    5. Alexa: Hmm
    Ash: Alexa is something wrong?
    Alexa: There's something different about this Pikachu.
    Comment: It's actually a Godchu. Its level becomes 100 when facing a Pokemon it has seen before but becomes 1 when facing a new Pokemon. Its very odd.

    6. *Alexa looks for something in a bag, Gogoat gestures to the other bag*
    Alexa: Oh yeah, I forgot I packed it in the other bag!

    (Gogoat: A Pokemon Journalist who works for lots of magazines, ladies and gentlemen.)

    7. Alexa: Found it! Please take a look,this is an example of the type of magazine I write for.

    (Pokemon Stock Art Magazine?)
    Comment: Wait, an "example"? So this isn't a real magazine in the Pokemon World? What is it then, some kind of fancy resume portfolio?

    8. *Alexa tells Ash & co. the festival's legend*
    Alexa: A long time ago there was an abundance of berries on this island. Both Pokemon and people lived together happily and comfortably.
    Comment: It was a planned community.
    Alexa: But at some point, everyone decided they wanted more than their fair share of the berries, so they tried to take it all for themselves and quarrels broke out.
    Comment: Wait, so EVERYONE decided one day to say "I want ALL the berries for myself"? Oh, and not just the extra berries, ALL of them. You couldn't have it be a natural disaster or an invading force, everyone who was living happily and comfortable decided to become all jerks and fight each other when they have an abundance (aka more than needed for EVERYONE to live) of berries? WHY? That makes no sense. I'd understand a few people, but EVERYONE? Heck, you could have this story work if there was a deficiency of berries thus everyone was fighting to feed themselves and their family. All this stroy does is make me think these people are jerks and now I'm hoping they starve and suffer!
    Alexa: The quarrels left the forest a barren wasteland and most of the berries eventually disappeared.

    (This is why we can't have nice things)
    Comment: GOOD! These people deserve to die out! If anything, this is a happy ending! "And all the jerks died, and the world became a less selfish and stupid place. The End"! Oh, and if they wanted all he berries, WHY WERE THEY ATTACKING THE BERRY TREES!?

    (But I just wanted to have all the berries to myself and let everyone else starve, is that so wrong?)
    Alexa: Finally, with one last berry tree left, the two strongest Pokemon had a battle. It was a fierce battle indeed, but it ended without a winner.
    Comment: As it turns out, both Pokemon starved to death before they could finish the fight.
    Alexa: And that's when one of the village children came running to them and said "if you share what you have with everyone, its even more delicious" and handed them the berry.
    Comment: The boy and his family quickly died a few days later as the jerks took advantage of his kindness and stole all the families berries under the guise of him "sharing it with them".
    Alexa: And so, the forest gradually returned to the way it was.
    Comment: After everyone had died and their bodies decomposed, their remains re-fertilizing the land and any undigested berry seed grew where the body laid.
    Alexa: And the berries had tasted more delectable than ever.
    Comment: Now they taste like soylent green!

    9. WHOA! They actually remembered Ash entered a sumo wrestling contest in the past and had him mention it! Hey, is this hinting that Ash will ask Professor Oak to send over Snorlax to use in this sumo wrestling competition!?... NOPE! *facepalms*

    10. *Ash is signing up for the sumo competition*
    Ash: Hmm, who should I use?
    *Oshawott comes out*
    Ash: You want to try, Oshawott?
    *A Golurk walks by and Oshawott gets nervous and decides not to volunteer*
    Ash: Huh, don't tell me your quitting?
    Comment: Better question, don't tell me you were thinking about using Oshawott?!

    11. Ash chooses to go with Pignite which makes sense as it looks like a wrestling Pokemon. Actually, Emboar even more so. Could it be that this might be the episode where Pignite fully evolves into an Emboar which is why they didn't have Ash get Snorlax!?... NOPE! Sad to say, but Ash isn't getting any more Pokemon in this arc, in both terms of catching and evolving. *bangs head against wall*

    12. *Iris chooses to use Dragonite and Cilan...*
    Cilan: Now Pansage, I need your help!
    Comment: Pansage... what, is Crustle sleeping?
    Cilan: We'll be at a weight disadvantage, but no one battles harder than you.
    Comment: May I remind you that Pansage lost against Oshawott, a normal battle (as in it can use its attacks) where it had the advantage...

    13. *Team Rocket decide to enter the Sumo Competition after seeing the berry reward*
    Meowth: I say we go with Amoonguss or Frillish.
    Comment: Frillish? I don't think so, but Amoonguss is actually a good choice.
    Jessie: We have a better idea.
    James: Much.
    Comment: Spoilers, they dress Meowth as a Golem and he loses in the first battle... here's an idea, being there's two of you, why not have James enter with Amoonguss, the GOOD IDEA, and Jessie enter with Meowth if you really must go with that stupid idea...

    14. Alexa, just assume whenever you need to get something that is in he other bag to the one that you're going to look through, save Gogoat the headache.

    15. *Sees Rodney is competing in the Sumo Competition*
    Ash: He's Golurk's trainer and he likes pie.
    Comment: You're not going to let that pie thing go, aren't you?

    16. *Golurk sends Meowth and Team Rocket blasting off*
    Ash: That Golurk's strong.
    Comment: Does no one care Rodney just sent a group of people into the atmosphere? I mean no one knew they were Team Rocket so for all they know Rodney just sent innocent people flying to their death!
    Cilan: I have to say that Golurk has a good chance of winning this.
    Iris: I wouldn't be too sure about that, don't forget Dragonite is really powerful too.
    Cilan: And let's not count us out, right?
    Pansage: Pansage!
    Comment: HAHAHAHAHA!
    Ash: I don't want to lose to that guy, let's beat him Pignite, 'kay?
    Comment: What, no mention about him taking your pie?

    17. Its kind of odd that Golurk is being used as the strongest Pokemon in the competition. I mean, yeah, its big and strong, but the legend showed the strongest Pokemon were an Ursaring and Beartic (a Beartic is even in the competition but Iris's Dragonite tosses it easily (though it gets disqualified for putting its tail on the ground) and its Rodney and Ash going into the finals so it was knocked out off screen by another opponent or Rodney). Heck, the competition even has a Hariyama, a Pokemon based on a sumo wrestler, as just a background participant who knocks out Cilan's Pansage and then assumingly knocked out off screen. Guess I'm asking why use a Golurk when there were more appropriate Pokemon that could have been used?

    18. I like how one of Pignite's victory is because he faced a Slaking who fell asleep before Pignite even touched it.

    (You have to wonder what Slaking's trainer was thinking at this moment... and at all...)

    19. *In the finals, Pignite is dodging Golurk's attacks*
    Ash: Pignite, circle behind Golurk!
    *Pignite cicles behind Golurk*
    Ash: Go for it!
    *Pignite tackles Golurk from behind*
    Comment: ... that's not sumo wrestling. Also, though you can't use actual Moves, if that was a move it looks like it would be a Normal- or Fighting-type attack which Golurk should be immune to (basically Pignite would go right through it). Actually how does a Ghost-type sumo wrestle?

    20. Ahh, through battle Ash and Rodney learned to respect each other. Makes it seem like the whole "pie" conflict was a complete waste of time as NOTHING CAME OF IT!

    21. And Pignite wins by grabbing Golurk's arm and tossing it, something else which should be impossible to do to a Ghost-type. But whatever, Ash and Pignite wins!

    With Alexa now with them, we have a few more episodes in the Decolore Islands to go before everyone gets to Kanto. One of these episodes feature a mystery of a pirate with an unknown treasure who hid it on an island, and that episode is coming up next!

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    BW135 "Mystery on a Deserted Island!"

    An okay episode with a bit of a mechanic lesson. This is also the first appearance of the Shiny and Dawn Stone in the anime, which you'd think they would have talked about them during the Sinnoh arc when they were introduced but no, only the Dusk Stone got shown. But whatever, its nice to see all the Evolutionary Stones together (minus the Everstone but that's a special case as it prevents a Pokemon from evolving).

    Alexa tells Ash & co. that she has a treasure map of a secret treasure owned by a Pirate Captain who used a Shiftry, Nidoking, Mismagius, Honchkrow, and Vulpix. They go to Frond Island and find an entrance to the inner island where they're attacked by attacked by multiple Shiftry, Nidoking, Mismagius, and Honchkrow, but they also make friends with 3 Eevees. After beating the Pirate Captain's Vulpix which had now become a 1,000 year old Ninetales, solving the last puzzle, and sent Team Rocket blasting off who were following them to steal both the treasure and Pikachu, they find the treasure to discover it's all Evolutionary Stones. Ash & co. (+ Alexa) realize the Pirate Captain's Pokemon all evolved by Evolution Stone and all the island Pokemon were protecting the treasure, Ash & co. (+ Alexa) promising the island's Pokemon they won't tell anyone so that they may live undisturbed which include the 3 Eevees who used the stones to evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon.

    A fun little adventure, though I still have plenty of comments I want to make:

    1. So no one else ever tried to decode the message or find the spot on the map? And its not like Alexa discovered both the message and map, she got it off the internet among other collections of the Pirate Captain!

    2. I like how all the Pokemon on the island were hints that the treasure were Evolutionary Stones being Pokemon who evolve by said items, but I do feel they could have had more. As I said, all Evolutionary Stones except the Everstone were shown in the episode... but the only ones who got Pokemon representation was the Water Stone (Vaporeon), Fire Stone (Ninetales and Flareon), Thunder Stone (Jolteon), Leaf Stone (Shiftry), Moon Stone (Nidoking), and Dusk Stone (Honchkrow and Mismagius). Sun Stone, Shiny Stone, and Dawn Stone didn't have any Pokemon representing them. And for those who need a list (NOTE: I will not be including Gen VI Pokemon on this list as well as be typing any Pokemon which had been retcon with a new type):

    Water Stone: Poliwrath, Cloyster, Starmie, Vaporeon, Ludicolo, & Simipour

    Fire Stone: Ninetales, Arcanine, Flareon, & Simisear

    Thunder Stone: Raichu, Jolteon, & Eelektross

    Leaf Stone: Vileplume, Victreebel, Exeggutor, Shiftry, & Simisage

    Moon Stone: Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Delcatty, & Musharna

    Dusk Stone: Honchkrow, Mismagius, & Chandelure

    Sun Stone: Bellossom, Sunflora, Whimsicott, & Lilligant

    Shiny Stone: Togekiss, Roserade, & Cinccino

    Dawn Stone: Gallade & Froslass

    This episode could have been FILLED with Pokemon to show how many Pokemon evolve from Evolutionary Stones. And there were plenty of opportunities and possible challenges you could have done involving these Pokemon. But whatever.

    3. *Team Rocket overhears Alexa talking to Ash & co. about the treasure*
    Meowth: Our timin' is perfect!
    Comment: We wouldn't have half the plots of the show if you or Ash & co. didn't happen to be in the right place at the right time
    Jessie: Let the twerps to do the treasure hunting grunt work and then we'll swoop in and take it all and Pikachu too.
    James: I wonder what treasure they'll find?
    Jessie: Treasury treasure, silly! Gold and silver coins and sparkling jewelry!
    James: Ooh wee!
    Meowth: Gold, silver, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and pearls!
    Comment: You forgot Crystal and Platinum.
    Meowth: You can never have enough diamond and pearls.

    4. Okay, how did the Pirate Captain make a whirlpool trap? Actually this could have been an excellent point to throw in one of the Pokemon that evolve from a Water Stone like a Cloyster or Starmie. Also, what was the Pirate Captain's plan if someone flew onto the island? And you can't say he would have never thought of that as there are plenty of big flying Pokemon people ride on the backs of, Honchkrow is probably big enough to lift someone up and fly them somewhere!

    5. *Ash & co. escape the whirlpool and get into the island's entrance*
    Ash: Where are we?
    Alexa: Guess we were able to get out of that in one piece.
    Comment: Actually you're all dead, one of you is just having one last dream as you lose consciousness. Also, One Piece name drop?

    6. So there's a pirate ship that's beached right out in the open. Did no one ever fly over this island, see the pirate ship, and decide to check the place out? Even if that person didn't find the treasure, they probably would have told their story and someone would have figured out that was the island where the Pirate Captain his his treasure.

    7. Why did the door wait till Alexa reconfirmed that "yup, we solved it" until it opened? Shouldn't it have opened as soon as the last tile was slid into place?

    8. I like how Meowth dodged those Shadow Balls as if they would have effected him.

    9. GEEZ! Team Rocket are so used to falling from great heights they aren't afraid to jump off tall cliffs! Actually how did they plan on landing safely if that Nidoking wasn't there to break their fall?

    10. So just NOW you're realizing all the Pokemon you encountered were the same species as the Pirate Captain's Pokemon?

    Iris: Wait, how come we haven't come across Vulpix?
    Comment: Iris, shut up, do you WANT to deal with a Fire-type on top of everything else?
    Ash: Bet we will if we keep hanging out.
    Comment: See! Ash has the right idea... wow, never thought I'd ever say that!
    Alexa: I say the odds are in our favor. Now I say we deserve a little break.
    Comment: A little break... THERE ARE POKEMON TRYING TO KILL YOU! Taking a break is the LAST THING you should be doing!

    11. Oh, Ninetales, I'd thought they would try keeping it secret until Ash & co. encountered it. At the very least keep it in silhouette as it sends Team Rocket blasting off.

    12. Not only is it a Ninetales, it's also the same Vulpix the Pirate Captain had (I would have called Tauros mulch on this if there wasn't a past episode involving a long lived Ninetales)! Though with that said, that Ninetales was just 200 years old while this one is 1,000 years old, kind of a bigger stretch but for Ninetales I'll buy it.

    13. How did Charizard know which was the real Ninetales to use Slash on? Eitheway nice little battle and WHOA! Charizard sent Ninetales blasting off into the forest!

    14. How did the Pirate Captain hide the Ninetales statue into the rock and make it rise out of it without it breaking through the rock? Funny thing is, they included an indent on the roof above the stairs to imply that's where the Ninetales statue was, but that indent is too small for the Ninetales statue!

    15. Wow, most pathetic Team Rocket battle ever! And its not like Team Rocket didn't have any other Pokemon they could have used, they still had Amoonguss and Frillish!

    16. ERROR! They showed a Nidoran (male) evolved into Nidoking via Moon Stone when its actually Nidorino. And you know they meant to show Nidorino as they showed Shiftry evolving from Nuzleaf, not Seedot.

    Nidoran (male): Eh, I decided to skip the middle stage and just go to Nidoking.

    17. Being they went through all the trouble you'd think Ash & co. would keep at least one Evolutionary Stone as a gift. Ash could get another Thunder Stone to replace the one Team Rocket stole (Pikachu may not want to evolve anytime soon, though it'll still be nice for it to have the choice readily available), Cilan could have been given a Leaf Stone for Pansage, and Alexa could have been given a Sun Stone for Helioptile (which would have been a nice sneak peak hint on how to evolve Helioptile). Iris... can just pick the one she think is the prettiest as she doesn't have a Pokemon that can evolve via Evolutionary Stone. Actually that's another thing they missed out mentioning, the fact Pikachu, Pansage, and Helioptile evolve via Evolutionary Stone. They could have Pikachu, Pansage, and Helioptile acting a bit odd or even lead everyone to where the treasure is located since they can sense the stones presence, specifically the Thunder Stones, Leaf Stones, and Sun Stones presence, respectively.

    And that's all I got to say about this episode. Next episode however is rather interesting. It has some plot importance, has a rare Pokemon involving a mechanic in the game, and also has a returning character we haven't seen since Johto! Seeya then!

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    Before we start, I want to inform everyone that due to problems with TV.com I accidentally posted the review for BW134 twice. I have since then replaced the 2nd copy with my review for BW135. Sorry for the confusion!

    BW136 "A Pokemon Of A Different Color!"

    A nice episode. We not only meet Johto's Blackthorn City Gym Leader Clair again, but also get to see a Shiny Druddigon! And being we have a Dragon-type Gym Leader and a special Dragon-type Pokemon, you can imagine this episode also focuses on Iris. Let's get to it:

    Ash & co. (+ Alexa) arrive to Cave Island, named after a big cave on it. Once on the island Alexa has to go prepare for her expedition to the cave when Ash & co. encounter someone Ash hasn't seen since Johto: Clair! Clair says there's a different colored Druddigon (later revealed as a Shiny Druddigon) in the cave she wants but before they could get to the cave her Dragonite flew off. Ash and Iris send Charizard and Dragonite looking for it, Dragonite finding it and the two get into a fight since Iris's Dragonite stepped on flowers that Clair's Dragonite liked. Iris and Clair stop their Dragonite from fighting and they go to the cave. Team Rocket heard about the Shiny Druddigon and had set up a machine which made supersonic noise which annoyed Pokemon in the cave. Ash & co. get into the cave where Iris reveals she didn't like Dragon-types that much, telling a story where she met a Druddigon once. But before she could go on they find and turn off Team Rocket's machine, though Team Rocket had already encountered the Shiny Druddigon. The Shiny Druddigon sends Team Rocket blasting off but is in a middle of a rage, however Clair calms it down and, after Iris tells the rest of the story how she helped heal the Druddigon she met and it rescued her from a Scolipede, the Shiny Druddigon decided it wants to go with Clair so she catches it. Back at the ship Clair shows the Shiny Druddigon to Alexa and Ash & co. (+ Alexa) set off, Clair telling Iris the next time they meet they'll battle.

    As always I skimmed some detail since there were sort of multiple parts in this episode, though my comments will touch on most I missed:

    1. *Ash & co. see the next island their going to*
    Porter: That's Cave Island.
    Comment: Cave Island? Oh, and this Porter's collar is yellow if you're wondering.
    Cilan: Cave Island its name?
    Comment: Even Cilan can't believe it!
    Porter: That's right, its named after the massive cave that can be found on the island.
    Comment: So instead of giving the island a unique name and thus the cave a unique name, instead the islanders called the island after what their most famous landmark is. Brilliant...

    2. Let me guess, though Alexa is with Ash & co., if the writers have no idea what to do with her in the episode they're going to just have her run off somewhere else until the end of the episode. *sigh*

    3. Suddenly Clair! What are the odds she would be walking by the same harbor that Ash would be on?... 1 our of 1,234,567,890. Rounded down.

    4. YOU'RE Dragonite? No, it was the Dragon Holy Land's Dragonite which went on an unstoppable Outrage. In the flashback it even shows your Dragonair!

    5. You'd think Iris would be more excited to see another Dragon Gym Leader and Dragon Master. I would imagine she would be blurting out how she's training to be a Dragon Master, came from the Village of Dragons, and is Drayden's chosen successor of the Opelucid Gym.

    6. And here I imagine some confusion may happen. Though the Dragonite which Clair just talked about doesn't belong to her, Clair's Dragonair did evolve into a Dragonite.

    7. What Clair, no hello for Charizard even though it helped calm down the Dragon Holy Land's Dragonite too? Also, Iris sending her Dragonite out to look for Clair's Dragonite... they're going have to rename this Rubble Island by the end of this episode.

    8. AND as predicted, the two Dragonite find each other and start fighting. Ash does his best to stop it:

    Ash: Charizard, break those two up.

    (Charizard: Okay you two, break it up)


    (Charizard: Oh, just you wait till Gen VI, just you wait...)

    9. *Its figured out the reason the Dragonite are fighting is because Iris's Dragonite stepped on a flower*
    Ash: You know, I remembered your Dragonite got really outraged over a meadow of flowers the last time we met too.
    Comment: NO, that was the Dragon Holy Land's Dragonite! Is this a dubbing mistake? Bulbapedia lists Clair's Dragonite as the one that evolved from her Dragonair which I'm assuming they got from the original Japanese version. So either the dubbers don't realize this is not the same Dragonite or the writers forgot the Dragon Holy Land's Dragonite isn't hers (and Bulbapedia just assumed that her Dragonair evolved).

    10. Cilan, stop right there, look... THEY WERE TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER A FEW MINUTES AGO! There is no attraction between the two, Clair's Dragonite loves flowers and Iris's Dragonite HATES everything.

    11. *Team Rocket explained they set up a machine which sends out supersonic waves which annoys Pokemon*
    Jessie: Remember this cave is enormous with hundreds of intertwining tunnels but there are only 2 small exits.
    Comment: Really? How odd.
    James: And seeing how we blocked off one of them, that rare Druddigon has only one choice and that's to exit right here!
    Comment: So how did they block off the other exit? A big iron door:

    (That's not suspicious at all)
    ... Which Ash & co. find. Spoilers, they break it down, which means I'm sure VERY irritated Dragon-type Pokemon would be able to do too (or, you know, destroy a wall to make a new exit). Nice try Team Rocket.

    12. Iris and Clair both sent out their Dragonites to open the door... *sigh*

    (Iris's Dragonite: I'LL open the door!
    Clair's Dragonit: No, I'LL open the door!)
    Ash: We'll handle this! Charizard I choose you! Give the Dragonite a little help!

    (Charizard: You two take the sides and I'll grab the top...)

    (Iris's Dragonite: BACK OFF! I don't need any help!
    Clair's Dragonit: BACK OFF! I don't need any help!)

    (Charizard: Well, EXCUSE me princesses!)

    (Charizard: Listen, right now isn't the time for you two to be fight...)

    (Dragonites: Dragon business is only for Dragon-types!)

    Ash: Hey, maybe it'll be better if you left it to Dragonite.

    (Charizard: For their sake, the writers better not give me a Charizardite X or so help them...)

    13. I'm going to assume Clair's sound detecting device was brought as she planned on using it to track the Shiny Druddigon's movements, though I'm probably giving the writers too much credit.

    14. *Everyone's Pokemon are being hurt by the sonic waves*
    Iris: Axew, hide inside me hair.
    Comment: How thick is Iris's hair that soundwaves can't penetrate it?

    15. Oh, btw, THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE SEE THEIR DRAGONITES IN THIS EPISODE! What, you thought they were building up to a Dragonite vs. Dragonite battle? Or maybe they're Dragonites would need to work together to defeat Team Rocket or the Shiny Druddigon? NOPE, that would have been interesting to see...

    16. *Ash reveals Iris plans on being a Dragon Master*
    Clair: So your goal is to become a Dragon Master, Iris?
    Comment: They're just NOW bringing back up?
    Iris: Yes!
    Cilan: Looks may be decieving, but Drayden handpicked Iris as someone who can inherit the Opelucid Academy someday!
    Iris: *annoyed* "Looks may be deceiving"?
    Comment: Well we don't want Clair thinking you're a competent trainer.
    Ash: She's also going to be the next Elder in the Village of Dragons.
    Comment: When did they decide that?
    Iris: No, they haven't decided yet.
    Comment: Well of course they haven't, YOU'RE STILL A KID! Best to go for being the Champion right now.

    17. *Clair says Iris was destined to become a Dragon Master, but Iris says it wasn't like that*
    Iris: When I was younger, I really didn't like Dragon-type Pokemon very much at all.
    Comment: What.
    Iris: They were so scary, I could hardly stand looking at them.
    Comment: WHAT! WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?! Oh, let me guess, so they can tell a story on how Iris learned to overcome her fear for Dragons and love them because of a Druddigon, right? FORCED! FORCED! THIS IS SO FORCED! YOU'RE FROM THE VILLAGE OF DRAGONS YET YOU DIDN'T LIKE DRAGONS?! No, NO WRITERS, Clair is right, she was pretty much destined to be a Dragon Master! Don't pull this garbage out of your @$$ just because you don't want your characters to be guided by "fate" or "destiny", at least that's why I'm assuming you're doing it! Otherwise THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THIS RETCON!

    18. Gee Team Rocket, being you knew Ash & co. were coming to the cave maybe they turned off the machin... HOLY MULCH, SHINY DRUDDIGON!

    (Shiny Druddigon: Who's dumb idea was it for this cave to only have two tiny exits?!)

    19. Team Rocket didn't make their net strong enough to take an attack? Actually they've been doing that a lot lately, are they cutting back on their budget because this is a filler season?

    20. *The Shiny Druddigon is in a middle of a rage*
    Clair: We have to do something or Druddigon can hurt itself badly.
    Comment: Said as the Shiny Druddigon punches a rock to rubble with no effort... yeah, its the one that's going to get hurt.

    21. *Iris gets ready to send out Dragonite to battle the Shiny Druddigon*
    Clair: Battling head-to-head will only enrage Druddigon even more.
    Comment: Wasn't it at the beginning of the episode where we saw flashbacks of you and Ash calming down the Dragon Holy Land's Dragonite BY BATTLING IT!

    22. *Trying to calm the Shiny Druddigon*
    Clair: But its all over, we got rid of the sound waves in your cave once and for all, no one is going to mess with you anymore.
    Comment: EXCEPT you because you want to catch the Shiny Druddigon, kind of sending mixed messages.

    23. *Alexa is upset because she missed out on the adventure*
    Alexa: You really caught a Druddigon of different coloring?
    Comment: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we start using the term Shiny in the anime?

    And that's pretty much the end! Next episode involves a comet, Ghost-types, and another Pokemon which Alexa has been keeping from us... until next episode!

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    BW137 "Celebrating the Hero's Comet!"

    An okay episode, but nothing special.

    Ash & co. (+ Alexa) arrive on an island where a comet called the Conley Comet can be seen from on top of a mountain an that a certain group of Pokemon also gather there when it does. Alexa tells them the story of how the island was under constant attack by a group of Pokemon until a man named Conley appeared, took the Pokemon to the top of the mountain, and lifted his hand just as the comet appeared, amazing the Pokemon. The island were grateful to Conley so named the comet after him and built a battling stadium where trainers came to battle him though he was never defeated. After finishing the story, a mysterious woman appears and gives Ash an amulet before walking away and Ash & c.o (+ Alexa continue up the mountain). Ash & co. (+ Alexa) get to the stadium and soon find a room with a statue of Conley in it, but are attacked by Team Rocket who accidentally knock over the statue. They're all then attacked by a Ghost-types who are angry they knocked over Conley's statue and, though initially battling them with Alexa's newly revealed Pokemon Noivern, are forced to split up (one group of Ash, Alexa, and Meowth, the other group of Iris, Cilan, Jessie, and James). Both groups appease the Ghost-types (Ash by showing the amulet he was given and the others who put Conley's statue back on its stand). They're all taken to the battlefield where Team Rocket try to steal Pikachu but the Ghost-types and Noivern send them blasting off. The comet than appears and the Ghost-type Pokemon dance, the mysterious woman appearing again saying its the Comet Dance and, when asked who she is, she only says she's the one who passes on the past to others. Next morning Alexa discovered all her footage she shot has become static and Ash finds the amulet is gone. Alexa looks through the book and finds a picture of Conley holding the amulet and standing next to the mysterious woman, Ash & co. (+ Alexa) wondering who they exactly saw last night.

    Though it sounds like there's a lot of details there really isn't, or at least just minor details. My comments should be an testament to that:

    1. *Alexa tells Ash & co. about the Conley Comet*
    Cilan: The Conley Comet is beautiful, and its only visible to the naked eye once every 10 years or so. To be able to witness such a fantastic celestial display is a lifetime dream come true.
    Comment: Its a lifetime dream come true, yet it comes around every 10 years. While I guess that is along time its not like if you miss it you'll die before it appears again unless your old.

    2. *Alexa looks for a book which has the tale of Conley, Helioptile shows her its in the other bag*
    Alexa: There it is! Guess I put it in that bag.
    Comment: Why didn't you check the other bag as soon as you couldn't find it in the one you thought you put it in?

    3. Alexa: A long, long time ago, this peaceful island was suddenly attacked by a group of Pokemon.

    Comment: So is the group of Pokemon being all Ghost-types mean anything? The only spooky/ghostly thing that happened in the episode was the mysterious woman (who's name is Anima, btw. Don't worry if you didn't know, THEY NEVER MENTIONED IT!), and even then she just gave Ash the amulet and appeared at the end. What was her relation to Conley? She's wearing a crown and fancy dress, was she a queen of the island? We never find out, and we'll probably never will know.

    4. So why were the Ghost-type Pokemon attacking the people? I ask because seeing the comet stopped them, but that doesn't really solve any problems. What were the Ghost-types problems or were they just being jerks until amazed by something?

    5. The way Conley is dressed he sort of look like an Aura Guardian. Compare him with Sir Aaron and the Aura Guardian who sealed away an evil Spiritomb:

    Conley: (why does his statue have a hat?)

    Sir Aaron:

    Aura Guardian from DP056 "The Keystone Pops!":

    (Maybe he's dressed in Aura chic?)

    6. I'm surprised Ash didn't try scanning Noivern, maybe he's actually learning? Nah, but I'm surprised Iris isn't excited to see Noivern being its half Dragon-type, it even used Dragon Pulse to clue you in its a Dragon-type!

    7. If the Ghost-type Pokemon were angry that the statue was knocked over, why didn't they pick up back themselves? They know Psychic and there's multiple of them so a few could have easily stayed behind as the rest chase Ash & co. (+ Alexa and Team Rocket).

    8. Meowth got hit by a Shadow Ball and was effected by it. *sigh* And even if you want to argue the Shadow Ball hit the floor thus Meowth got hit by the shockwave, that still doesn't explain why Meowth was trying to dodge the attack.

    9. Oh, sure, you want to put the statue back in place but when it comes time to do it Iris and Jessie just watch as Cilan and James do all the work. Actually, why didn't Iris send out Dragonite who could easily pick up the statue?

    10. How is the statue stand moving? There's no tracks on the floor.

    11. Did Ash & co. just figure out all of these Pokemon were Ghost-types?

    12. Team Rocket, what were you thinking? You knew the Ghost-types were RIGHT THERE, even if you sped away before Ash, Iris, or Alexa could send out Charizard, Dragonite, or Noivern, respectively, the Ghost-type only need to think to capture you in a Psychic... WHICH THEY DID!

    13. Comet Dance? Looks like random dancing to me.

    14. *Alexa shows Ash & co. the page which has Conley, the amulet, and Anima*
    Iris: Its the woman from last night!
    Cilan: How can that be? Does that mean she came here from the ancient past? Its not possible.
    Comment: Not possible... you just encountered a group of Ghost-types, PUT IT TOGETHER!
    Ash: Yeah, so, who did we see?
    Comment: ... A GHOST! YOU SAW A GHOST!

    Well next episode should be less frustrating as its going to focus on Gogoat! Why yes writers, we would like to learn more about the Gen VI Pokemon! Seeya then!

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    BW138 "Go, Go Gogoat!"

    An okay episode, though not much else to say about it. We don't really discover anything about Gogoat we didn't know at the time (its a Grass-type, can sense people's emotions by having them touch its horn, I guess it knowing Vine Whip was new info but that's a common Grass-type Move), but its nice to have an episode focusing on what the Decolore Islands arc is going to lead up to: Ash going to the Kalos region.

    After interviewing a Nurse Joy about some new Pokemon Center healing equipment, Ash & co. put their Pokemon in for a check-up as Alexa goes to write her report. Being Ash & co. will be sitting around, she asks Ash & co. to check on Gogoat who's outside. Ash & co. check on Gogoat and mention how well behaved it is, becoming not worried about keeping an eye on it. A little boy named Tony then walked up to Gogoat and after Tony touched Gogoat's horn and hears his thoughts, Gogoat allows Tony to ride it and they head to the mountain. Ash & co. realize Gogoat is gone and start searching for it, Iris going to get Alexa, and eventually find Tony's mother talking to an Officer Jenny. After reporting they have a missing Pokemon, Officer Jenny says she got a report of a boy matching Tony's description riding a rare Pokemon up the mountain. Alexa explains when someone touches Gogoat's horn it forms a bond with them and if Tony did that and had a wish then Gogoat would try to make that wish come true. Tony's mom explains its her husband's birthday and Tony made a gift for him, but after hearing his father would be working late in the observatory up in the mountains Tony got upset and set out to go to the observatory. Ash & co. (+ Alexa) says they'll search the mountain and soon come to a fork in the path. Ash & Alexa take one direction and Ash asks how Alexa met Gogoat and tells the story of how a Ducklett made her camera fall off a cliff and though she got down and got it she couldn't get back up the cliff. That's when Gogoat appeared and, after she touched its horn so it could hear her thoughts, it helped her up and since then the two have been together. Ash & co. eventually find Tony and Gogoat and agree to take Tony up to the observatory. After some challenges, they get up to the observatory where he gives his father the present he made him: a picture of the Braviary Constellation, his father's favorite constellation. That night, Ash & co. (+ Alexa) and Tony & his parents watch as the stars come out and they all see the Braviary Constellation.

    That's a long story, yet oddly enough I don't have that many comments. Here are the ones I made:

    1. Lol at the episode title (which is similar to the Japanese title, interesting enough), kind of reminds me of a tongue twister: How much go and a Gogoat go if a Gogoat could go go? (say 5 times fast)

    2. Why isn't Pikachu and Axew getting a check-up?

    3. Who's That Pokemon was Gengar? Odd, Gengar appeared last episode. I know there weren't a lot of Pokemon in this episode but, if they didn't want to do Gogoat, they could have done Foongus, Pidove, or Braviary. Heck, when was the last time they did Pikachu if they wanted a non-Unova Pokemon?

    4. Ash scan a Foongus, that's all I'm going to say.

    5. *Gogoat uses Vine Whip*
    Ash: Does that mean Gogoat is a Grass-type?
    Comment: ... YOU COULDN'T TELL! Acually, for all the time you spent with Alexa, none of you asked her about her Pokemon?

    6. Its a secret? NOTHING HAPPENED! You and Alexa found Tony and Gogoat, agreed to take him to the observatory, encountered a group of Foongus but rode Gogoat who climbed up a cliff to bypass them, and finally you came across a broken bridge over a rapid river but had Pikachu and Gogoat knock down a nearby tree walk across it. There, nothing really special.

    And done. See? Told you it'd be quick. Next episode we have a traitor within Ash & co.'s party of Pokemon! Who can it be and why? You may be shocked to find out, next time!

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