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The Official Dub Discussion Thread

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    Episode: BW074 "Battling the Leaf Thieves!"

    An okay episode and an important one, but I can't help but feel that Leavanny didn't come out looking that good. Actually Emolga came out looking the best though being this was Leavanny's evolution episode it should have it having the main focus. Ash and Iris are having a battle to help prepare Ash for his next Gym battle when his Swadloon evolves into a Leavanny! Leavanny soon starts making Sewaddle leaf hoods for all of Ash & co's Pokemon, even an entire leaf superhero attire for Axew, but they all soon feel sleepy for having woke up early to do that battle. They all decide to take a nap when a couple of Durants come by and take the hoods but also Axew who slept in its leaf superhero clothes. Can Ash & co. get Axew back from the Durants? What do the Durants want to do with the leaves... okay, they want to eat it, stupid question. Um, let's see, another question. Will the hoods Leavanny made be alright... oh, who cares about the hoods? You know what, the first question is really the only question to be asked and I'm pretty sure it'll be answered:

    No Need For A Sewing Machine Pokemon:
    The episode starts with a battle between Ash's Swadloon and Iris's Emolga as Swadloon takes a lead by knocking Emolga down with a Tackle. However, Emolga is quickly back up and shocks Swadloon with a Discharge and follows-up with a Hidden Power but Swadloon dodges. Emolga keeps firing Hidden Powers as Swadloon dodges them with the narrator saying how the 7th Gym Battle in Icirrus City is on Ash's mind while Cilan tells Axew and Scraggy that watching a battle is a good way to learn how to battle. Swadloon starts using String Shot as now it's Emolga's turn to be dodging the attacks, however it eventually gets hit and tied which Swadloon follows-up on with a Razor Leaf which hits. Being the String Shot that Emolga is tied up in is connected to Swadloon, Emolga uses Discharge which follows down the string and shocks Swadloon which frees Emolga. Swadloon tries recovering with an Energy Ball but Emolga dodges it and swoops down and hits Swadloon with a Hidden Power knocking it down.

    Swadloon looks defeated while Ash cheers it on but as Swadloon starts getting up it starts to glow a familiar... SWADLOON IS EVOLVING! Opener, Title Card, and we see Swadloon change shape until it stops glowing to reveal it's final stage: Leavanny. After a scan of the Pokedex, Ash thanks Emolga for helping Leavanny evolve (though technically Ash cheering it on should be what caused it to evolve because Swadloon evolves via Friendship) as Leavanny looks down, sees Axew and Scraggy, and walks off to the forest. In the forest is starts pulling, cutting, and sewing leaves together and makes them into Sewaddle hoods which it then gives to Axew and Scraggy. Cilan says making clothes is Leavanny's special talent (we heard the Pokedex, Cilan) though Emolga doesn't look too impressed by this.

    Emolga just knows that Leavanny is going to eventually put a hood on it.

    As Axew takes Scraggy's hood and Scraggy chases after it, Emolga's fears are realized as Leavanny looks down and sees both Pikachu and Emolga and quickly makes two more hoods, putting one on Pikachu which Ash & co. tease it on. Luckily for Emolga, before Leavanny could hood it, three Sewaddle hang down with damaged hoods which Leavanny quickly replace making them happy as Ash remembers how Burgh's Leavanny doing that when Ash's Leavanny was a Sewaddle and got its hood damaged. Ash sends out his other three Pokemon, Oshawott, Tepig, and Leavanny, and tells them that Swadloon has evolved into Leavanny and of course Leavanny goes to make clothing for them despite Ash saying it doesn't have to. Much like with the afro wigs in BW066 "Baffling the Bouffalant!", after Oshawott and Tepig getting their wigs they start laughing and fighting each other though Ash and Pikachu quickly breaks it up. As for Snivy, it's time for it and Emolga as Leavanny brings in two hoods as Ash tells Snivy it's Leavanny's way of greeting them and Iris tells Emolga it might be able to fly higher with it.

    Hatred. Levels. Rising.

    Ash thanks Leavanny while Snivy and Emolga remain annoyed until Emolga looks at Snivy and starts laughing at it. Snivy tries Vine Whipping Emolga but it flies into the air but just then a strong wind picks up and Emolga is blown away as everyone chases after it. Emolga's hood eventually gets snagged on a branch and starts spinning around until Snivy brings it down with a Vine Whip much to both of their's annoyance. A giant leaf falls onto Axew's face which gives Leavanny an idea and it gets to work revealing it making a mask, vest, and cape for Axew.

    So now that we got a superhero, when it Brycen-man going to show up?

    Cilan calls them all the "Leaf Masks" however Scraggy starts getting tired followed by Axew giving a yawn as Iris says they did get up early this morning to train so Cilan declares it "Siesta Time" which Iris says it looks more like "Nap Time" (for those who don't get the "joke", a "Siesta" is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after lunch, in Spain and Latin America. In other words Iris is trying to be a smarta** but coming off naive, as always). Ash agrees about taking a nap and soon their all asleep with Iris on a tree branch, Ash and Cilan on hammocks, Leavanny leaning against a tree, and all the other Pokemon on a blanket with their hoods in one pile except for Axew who kept its superhero clothing on (and I mention all this because it's actually plot important).

    Going Undercover... With Leaves:
    While Ash & co. and their Pokemon sleep, two Durants come by and, seeing a pile of leafs, one takes the hoods as the other, seeing Axew is covered in clothing made of leaves, takes it and both crawl away. While sleeping, Scraggy rolls over which wakes it up and, seeing Axew is gone, starts yelling everyone awake as they also notice Axew is missing (Cilan also mentioning the hoods are gone, way to prioritize) and they immidietly start looking for Axew. Emolga eventually reaches a cliff where it sees the two Durants down below taking Axew and the hoods into a cave and it flies back to Ash & co. to tell them.

    Back to Ash & co., Scraggy is frantically looking for Axew as Ash reminds us that it and Axew are best friends (because they're both weak... though considering Scraggy got Ash to the Clubsplosion's Semi-Final and it having learned powerful moves like Hi Jump Kick and Focus Blast, I don't think Scraggy is on the same level as Axew anymore...).

    Cilan: I'm still confused, why would all the leaf clothing be missing as well.
    Comment: You know what, Cilan is on the right track, let's abandon looking for Iris's missing Pokemon and instead start figuring out why the easily replaceable leaf clothing went missing at the same time.

    Emolga flies in and shows Ash & co. the cave as they see a Durant walk by and figure that it must have been a Durant which taken Axew. Iris asks if the cave is actually their nest and Cilan says they have to be careful as getting into a Durant nest is easy but getting out is not so Leavanny comes up with the idea of sticking a silk thread to the walls as they travel though the next to help guide them out later (that is a pretty good idea, I wonder how long it'll take to completely mess up).

    They travel through the cave with Scraggy leading, Leavanny leaving a trail of thread on the walls, and Iris warning everyone to watch their head which Cilan agrees with which of course means he hits his head on a stalactite.

    You know, being he's the only one with a monkey Pokemon, he has no one but himself to blame for being the butt monkey.

    After reaching a dead end, going back, and Cilan tripping as Iris warns everyone to watch their step (okay, it was funny the first time but don't push it), they get to a part of the nest which leads into multiple tunnels. Cilan starts thinking about the leaves again but this time it has a point as he puts it together that the Durants are gathering leaves which Axew was covered in so instead of looking for Axew they should instead wrap someone up in leaves and have a Durant take them to where Axew is (or you could leave out a pile of leaves and then just follow the Durant which takes it). Ash asks who's going to get wrapped up and, well, he who asks...

    Hey Leavanny, do us all a favor and cover Ash's mouth.

    Ash asks why does it have to be him which Cilan says he's too tall (oh, like their isn't an abundance of leaves, coward) and Iris says she would but her hair would get in the way (you just don't want to get your hair messy, wimp).

    YAH!... how are his eyes getting through? Also wouldn't that tip off the Durants?

    Scraggy also volunteers to be "leafed up" as Ash and Scraggy are left out where some Durant find them and takes them away as Pikachu, Iris, Cilan, and Leavanny follow (wait, if you were going to follow them then why did anyone have to be covered in leaves?). Eventually the Durant throw Ash and Scraggy onto a giant pile of leaves as we see that the Durant form the leaves into balls which Cilan says they eat (why not eat the leaves as they are?) while Iris asks if Ash can see Axew. Ash and Scraggy look around and do found Axew, who's still sleeping somehow, but as they try to crawl over to it they slip and start rolling down the leaf pile, screaming their heads off until landing near Pikachu, Iris, Cilan, and Leavanny.

    Always Using Protection:
    The Durant hear this and sees Ash & co. as one gives off an alerting cry and soon a whole batch of Durant are facing Ash & co.. Two Durants attack with Shadow Claw which Ash & co. dodge and Cilan says they Durant think they're here to steal their food. One Durant uses Iron Head and hits Leavanny which makes Ash say they'll have to battle and tells Leavanny to use Razor Leaf (on the Bug/Steel-type which are quadruple resistant to Grass-types... who here wants to bet Ash doesn't even think about sending out Tepig). However the quadruple resistance doesn't matter as a Durant blocks the Razor Leaf with Protect while another uses Iron Head on Pikachu who dodges and counters with Thunderbolt that the Durant blocks with Protect. Another Durant attacks Iris with Iron Head but she jumps out of the way and angrily sends out Emolga to use Discharge, but that too it blocked by a Durant's Protect. Scraggy is next in line to be attacked by a Durant using Iron Head and is knocked into the sky but managed to bounce off the wall to use a Headbutt but, once again, it's blocked by a Durant's Protect while Ash says they can't get a move in.

    Cilan: Of course, they keep using Protect.
    Comment: Thank you for telling us the move, now what to do.
    Iris: And Protect is a move which blocks every move that we try.
    Comment: I think we've already established that, now move on.
    Ash: That's a big problem.
    Comment: ... Any other obvious thing you want to tell us? Like how Protect is a status move, it's Normal-type, has 10PP, when used consecutively it has a higher chance of failing... actually that last one might be useful for them to remember.

    Cilan comes up with the idea to attack the Durant from two sides as a Durant uses Shadow Claw on Leavanny but it dodges and it uses Energy Ball while Emolga uses Hidden Power, but while the attacking Durant uses Protect to block the Energy Ball another Durant uses Protect to block the Hidden Power. Ash tries physical attacks with Pikachu using Iron Tail and Scraggy using Hi Jump Kick however the Durant just sidestep and let the two collide, injuring Scraggy's knee and knocking Pikachu on its back. Luckily Scraggy recovers in time to dodge a Durant's Iron Claw while Leavanny is dodging another's Shadow Claw. Emolga uses Discharge but it's blocked by a whole batch of Durants using Protect while Ash & co. almost get shocked, however that just gives Iris an idea and tells Emolga to use their "secret weapon": Attract.

    Emolga uses Attract and, though the first Durant wasn't affected, the other Durants are and become infatuated by Emolga opening room for Leavanny to use Energy Ball and knocking the Durant's about, even the apparently lone female (so is that the queen? Shouldn't be be bigger and in another room being protected and producing eggs?) who was too busy being amazed about how easily infautated all her fellow male Durants were. Emolga uses Hidden Power to blast away the Durants on the leaf pile as Iris runs up it and starts digging for Axew, finding it and happy to see it's alright (infact it's still asleep despite all the yelling and explosion sounds going on around it... why leaves are those clothes made out of?). Ash's Pokemon finish the other, apparently female, Durants off with Pikachu using Thunderbolt on the ones in the cave and Scraggy using Hi Jump Kick on the very last one standing. With the Durants all knocked out (those things are pretty strong, Ash should have caught one) and Axew safe with Iris, Ash & co. decide to get while the getting good and follow Leavanny out of the cave... though very slowly as for some reason Leavanny collect's its silk along the way (oh come on, it's not like you can't make more ). Iris wakes Axew up and it's fine as Ash & co. share a laugh, Scraggy is happy, and all the Durant wake up and continue rolling up the leaf pile into balls to eat.

    Back to where they left their backpacks, Iris says she's glad to see Axew is safe (while Scraggy jumps up yelling at it for getting them into so much trouble) and Ash says back on the road to Icirrus City and his next Gym Battle as the narrator wraps things up.

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    I don't hate Iris but I really wish she'd quit calling Ash a kid. I personally think it's getting old. There should at least be an episode where she does that one last time and then stops afterwards.

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    Episode: BW075 "A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 1)"

    An okay episode, we at least get to see Team Rocket again, though that pendant thing is a bit too obvious. Dr. Zager orders the Rocket Trio to find a Cover Fossil in Twist Mountain as they'll need a Tirtouga or Carracosta for their next mission which involves a space-time warp. Ash & co. are also in Twist Mountain though have gotten lost but soon finds a man, named Ferris, who has found a Cover Fossil. The woman, named Sierra, who's in charge of the mining in Twist Mountain, yells at Ferris for being in a restricted zone and leads them out and back to Ferris's house. There Ferris tells Ash & co. that when he and Sierra were kids, they were playing in Twist Mountain when he got lost but found a place which took him into prehistoric times where he befriended a Tirtouga. After somehow getting back to his time he became a researcher to prove that Twist Mountain did have Pokemon fossils though Sierra doesn't believe him. Just then a claw crashes through Ferris's window and steals the Cover Fossil, the claw belonging to Team Rocket. Ash and Ferris manage to get into Team Rocket's escape helicopter but are captured as they meet Dr. Zager and he explains to them why he wants the Cover Fossil, so that he can restore it and use it to keep the space-time warp in Twist Mountain open! How does Team Rocket plan on using Tirtouga to keep the space-time warp open? Can Ash & co. (+ Ferris and Sierra) be able to stop Team Rocket from gaining access to the prehistoric world (actually that's more of a question for Part 2)? Does Ferris befriending a Tirtouga in the past have anything to do with all this? It doesn't take an obvious pendant to say it does, but the show wants you to make it think it does:

    Getting Lost Within A Twist:
    We start the episode down in an unknown city's sewer where Team Rocket are getting their next assignment from Dr. Zager. Dr. Zager tells them for this assignment they'll either need a Tirtouga or a Carracosta but James asks don't they need a Cover Fossil first. Dr. Zager says a surveillance team got reports of Cover Fossils discovered in Twist Mountain (funny being in the games you an find all the fossils in Twist Mountain except for the Gen V fossils) which James says make sense as it's known for being a rich place for mining. Jessie repeats their assignment saying they need to go to Twist Mountain and acquire a Cover Fossil which Meowth finishes saying they then will meet up again with Dr. Zager who tells them he expects success before disconnecting. In Dr. Zager's lab, he looks at a monitor showing Twist Mountain saying the space-time warp under Twist Mountain has entered its "enlargement phase" and their best chance to succeed is when it reaches its maximum size, making Team Rocket's power increase by "leaps and bounds". As it turns out, Dr. Zager was in the Team Rocket helicopter which starts up and flies off from within the forest which Dr. Zager was giving the Rocket Trio their assignment.

    In Twist Mountain, we find Ash & co. wandering through a tunnel which Ash says looks familiar and they stop as Iris asks if they're lost. Cilan suggests they retrace their step (this reminds me of a quote from Brock: "Then we'll be lost going backwards!") but before they can do anything Iris hushes them saying she hears something and we soon hear the sounds of metal on stone.

    We go further down the tunnel and around the corner to see a man in a mining helmet picking away at the rock walls with a chisel and hammer (they, this isn't Sinnoh, we're not even underground!), revealing a Cover Fossil! The man gets excited, revealing he has a Drilbur with him, telling it about the discovery before getting up so that Drilbur can use Slash to cut the fossil out of the wall. The man thanks Drilbur but then notices behind it is Pikachu and Axew and not too long Ash & co. come walking along, happy to see another person. The man asks who they are and Ash & co. introduce themselves as Cilan explains they were on their way to Icirrus City but gets surprised by something and kneels down. Iris asks Cilan what's wrong but Cilan asks the man if he discovered the Cover Fossil saying it's a big found which Ash asks what it is and Cilan explains it's a "Pokemon Fossil" which excites Ash and surprised Iris. The man says Cilan knows his stuff and tells them it's their lucky day as they're witnessing a historic event in Pokemon archeology which, as always, confuses Ash so Cilan quickly explains (because it's not like Ash ever dealt with the topic of Pokemon Fossils before ).

    Suddenly a woman in more professional mining gear tells the man that's enough, calling him an "amateur archaeologist" and saying she got reports from her workers someone was "smashing things up in here". The man tell the woman, named Sierra, to look at the fossil he just dug up and said he knew he'll find it but Sierra tells the man, named Ferris, that he should know better and this place is off limits to outsiders (well then what are you doing here? Unless you were born in Twist Mountain then technically you and your workers are "outsiders"). Sierra spots Ash & co. and asks if they're Ferris's helpers which Iris says they aren't explaining they got lost when they bumped into Ferris but Sierra tells them that they need to leave and starts leading them the way out. But before they start walking, Ash runs up to Ferris and asks if he could tell them about the fossil he found and Ferris says he'll be glad to but they should first get to his house.

    We cut to a Gurdurr using Focus Punch on a stone wall as two Crustles carries some stones revealing that we're now in a mining site and so a whole group of miners at work. Ash & co. (+ Ferris) follow Sierra into the site where a few workers see Ferris and start mocking him asking if he found a fossil today but when Ferris says he did both are amazed as all the workers start gathering around. One of the mocking workers says that they heard there were no fossils in Twist Mountain (wait, if they were told there weren't any fossils then how did Team Rocket surveillance know there were?) but then says what Ferris found is a fossil as the other worker that was mocking Ferris says that Ferris was right and owes him an apology. The worker asks what Fossil is it but Ferris says he isn't sure (oh come on, even if he's "amateur archaeologist", at least he should know what the basic 7 Pokemon fossils look like) but will take his time to find out as the worker wishes him luck as Team Rocket watches up above from the shadows.

    A Flash To The Past:
    At Ferris's house (which is right outside of Twist Mountain making him seem bit less of an "outsider"), Ferris frees the fossil from the rock it was in and tells us it's a *GASP* Cover Fossil (and here I thought it was a Root Fossil)! Ferris says right now they can only see its shell (pretty much because all that remains of it is its shell...) but then points to a painting of a Tirtouga saying it looked like that (also Sierra is here giving them an annoyed glance... why aren't you with your workers?). Ash gets excited saying can't believe Tirtouga lived in Twist Mountain (me either, was Twist Mountain underwater in prehistoric times?) though Iris calls him a kid but Cilan says on the contrary as he agrees with Ash they fossils are exciting as they connect the past to the present (thankfully he has yet to say he's a "Fossil/Archeology Connoisseur", though we all know he's probably tempted to). Ferris says he's glad they he kept searching and picks up a picture of him, Sierra, and I'm assuming the two mocking miners when they were kids as Sierra said they did play a lot in Twist Mountain (what parents lets their kids play in a cave used for mining?), though they got yelled at for playing where they weren't suppose to (that doesn't de-evaluate what I said because that still means there were places in Twist Mountain their parents would let them play). Ferris agrees but says that if they hadn't then he wouldn't have met a real like Tirtouga (*GASP* How can that be? It's not like we've had this story before of secretly living Fossil Pokemon...). Ash & co. are surprised by this with Cilan asking what does he mean which Ferris says he only met one living Tirtouga as we head into a FLASHBACK!

    In the flashback, we see a kid Sierra leading a kid Ferris and their other two friends (all of them wearing a necklace with what looks to be a CD hanging from it) through the mining site and into a cave where she tells them to stop and make a line (ah, so she's always been a commanding b****). Sierra tells them, the "Twist Mountain Explorers", their first mission is to explore the tunnel they snuck into and reminds them to work carefully and remember their pendant (the CD thing I mentioned), holding it up to show it has a picture of Twist Mountain with a magnifying glass in front of it (also the sun has landed on top of Twist Mountain and burned its top off). The other two boys agree and follow after Sierra but Ferris, who's still catching his breathe, is left behind and soon loses them after not being able to keep up. After who know how long, Ferris can't find his friend and his kneeling down at a dead end catching his breathe when a nearby rock starts having a rainbow glow behind it. Ferris touches the rock only for it to slightly move so he pushed hard on it causing it to push in as a blinding light comes out.

    When Ferris opens his eyes, he sees he's in a middle of a Lost World (that or he traveled back in time via the space-time warp Dr. Zager mentioned) and asks where is he before seeing three Archeops flying overhead (even if it turns out he traveled through time, I'm still betting these 3 are the living wild Archeops we saw at the end of BW036 "Archeops In The Modern World!"). Ferris says he never say those Pokemon before when he hears a cry if distress and goes to check it out to see that it's a Tirtouga being pecked by four Archen (my bet also extends to then four Archen, any 3 of them could have evolved (I guess the 4th one left or got eaten or something). Ferris rushes at the Archen telling them they should be ashamed for picking on a Pokemon which just gets them annoyed and start attacking both him and Tirtouga with Wing Attack. Suddenly blasts of water soak Ferris and Tirtouga while knocking away the Archen as Ferris looks up to see that it came from 3 Carracosta. The Archen run away as Ferris figures out their Tirtouga's friends and they start a playing together montage (with one scene of Tirtouga in a tree knocking fruit down to Ferris... how did it get into the tree?). As the sun start to set, Ferris asks for Tirtouga's name though says it probably doesn't even know what he's asking so instead gives Tirtouga his pendant (100 Pokedollars on, when the Cover Fossil is revived, that it'll be wearing the pendant) and says their best friends. Just then Sierra's voice can be heard asking where Ferris is and Ferris says he got to go but promises he'll be back and start running though to where he didn't know. Next thing he knew he's being woken up by two miners along with Sierra and their other two friends though they noticed his pendant is missing and says he must have dropped it as we come out of the flashback with adult Ferris saying that one thing was for sure: it wasn't a dream.

    Ferris tells Ash & co. from that day he studied to become a Pokemon Researcher having made friends with Tirtouga. Ash & co. start throwing around theories with Ash saying that Tirtouga's must still be alive (pfft, Ash, name one instance you met a wild fossil Pokemon ) and Iris saying Ferris stumbled onto a lost and ancient world though Cilan says their theories are mysterious and intriguing but hard to swallow which Sierra agrees with saying it doesn't sound like reality. Ferris says Sierra has always said that (gee, I wonder why, you're only claiming you made friend with a creature that died 100 million years ago with no proof) but he did find the Cover Fossil (which took him getting home to figure out what it was despite it being the exact fossil he was looking for...) meaning a Tirtouga did live in Twist Mountain. Ferris says he believes there's a place in Twist Mountain where time is not normal and stumbled upon it which is when he met Tirtouga (yes, time travel is the more logical explanation compared to their just being a hidden place these Pokemon live). However when Ferris turns the Cover Fossil around, he discovers a disk-like object sticking out of it (wait, how was the fossil staying flat on his desk then?) though when Sierra asks what's wrong he says it's nothing (yes, don't show your childhood friend who doubts your story what's obviously your pendant you gave to Tirtouga (which I must now ask how did it become a fossil? Did the Archen come back and peck it to death?) which is, by far, THE MOST DEFINITIVE PIECE OF EVIDENCE). Sierra tells Ferris that it would help if he didn't come into the mine anymore (well he just found the Fossil he was looking for, he doesn't need the mine anymore) as it just creates a lot of confusion (how? It looked like he was in a tunnel far from the the mining site. Also, now that fossils were indeed discovered, I would think you'd now be required to have an archaeological team nearby, considering how rare and valuable fossils are, oh, and the little fact you can BRING THEM BACK TO LIFE). But before she can finish, a claw on a tether breaks through Ferris's window and grabs the Cover Fossil before being pulled back through the window as Ash & co. (+ Ferris and Sierra) watch in shock and horror.

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    Bringing The Past Alive:
    Ash & co. (+ Ferris and Sierra) rush out Ferris's house.

    Ash: Alright, who stole thar fossil... it can't be.
    Comment: Hey, for once Ash realizes who it is BEFORE Team Rocket turns around and do their motto.

    Cilan explain to Ferris and Sierra who Team Rocket are as Iris demands for them to give back the Cover Fossil but James says they can't as it's important to their mission as Jessie and Meowth insult Ferris for finding it for them. Before Ash could say Team Rocket makes him angry, the Team Rocket Helicopter flies past above them and lands to let the Rocket Trio in but before they could completely fly off, Ash and Ferris run and grab onto the closing door. Sierra says that wasn't very smart but they have to chase the helicopter anyway so her, Iris, and Cilan start running.

    In the helicopter, Ash tells Team Rocket they're through but Jessie pressed a button which creates an energy barrier which Ash, as in tradition, runs into:

    They usually save us this kind of stupidity for the movies, they're spoiling us this season.

    Ferris asks if Ash is alright and asks Team Rocket what's going on (they gave a whole speech, weren't you paying attention?) but Ash tells Ferris to stand back and has Pikachu Thunderbolt the barrier which, of course, does nothing as, unlike with Ash and running into barrier's, Team Rocket has learned to shockproof their gadgets because of Pikachu shocking them so much. As the helicopter lands somewhere in the forest, Pikachu continues to shock the barrier but to no avail as Team Rocket says this to them.

    Behind the Rocket Trio, the cockpit doors opens and Dr. Zager walks out and finally Ash meets the Team Rocket member who's been giving orders to the Rocket Trio. Dr. Zager says Ash has caused them a lot of problems the last time they met and Ash asks who this is and Jessie introduces Dr. Zager, the "brains behind Team Rocket". James gives Dr. Zager the Cover Fossil and Ferris asks what they're going to do with it as Dr. Zager puts the Cover Fossil on a machine and says he's going to revive it with his Restoration Machine. Dr. Zager said it took all of Team Rocket's technology to create this and Ferris says they're going to restore Tirtouga which Jessie confirms... which surprises Ash and Ferris.

    I'm assuming the only people with access to restoration machines are scientists, but they still exist so why are they so surprised? At least with Fennel's Restoration Machine it was using a new kind of power source.

    Speaking of power source, James says the machine is powered by the electric stones from Chargestone Cave (which means it runs on electricity so my point still stands) and uses the data they recieved from Fennel's Restoration Machine. Ash realizes Team Rocket were the ones who stole Doctor Fennel's Restoration Machine's data and Ferris demands to know why they're restoring Tirtouga. Dr. Zager decides to tell Ash and Ferris his plan because ---he's an idiot--- I mean because Ferris discovered the Cover Fossil and turns on a monitor which shows Twist Mountain. Dr. Zager explains that Twist Mountain has a special phenomenon: a space-time warp, which has created a pathway to the past. Dr. Zager says they can call it a time gate (actually you can't, that's a name of a PokeStar Studio movie so they might sue), a portal where the ancient world can be accessed which Ferris releases that was how and where he met Tirtouga. Dr. Zager goes on to say that the space-time warp is growing but only for a short time as it'll soon shrink and close as Meowth continues saying that if they use Tirtouga's life force they can stabilize and preserve the time gate. Dr. Zager says that using the life force of Tirtouga or Carracosta (why not any other fossil Pokemon from Twist Mountain, is it because Tirtouga and Carracosta are very defensive Pokemon?) they can maintain the time gate at its widest point and the past will be for Team Rocket's taking. Jessie says that'll mean they'll have control over the ancient world which James says will give them access to many yet known extinct Pokemon with Mewoth finishing saying after they're done studying these Pokemon it'll give them enough power to rule the Unova Region (yeah... unless you find a way to open a time gate somewhere else I'm pretty sure someone is going to notice you eventually, being Twist Mountain is used for mining, and you'll then have the police and Pokemon League swarming the place, who'll no doubt will also use the time gate to discover these same extinct Pokemon and study them, probably better then Team Rocket since they would have more sources).

    Ash says that's not going to happen and has Pikachu use Thunderbolt on the barrier again which, of course, doesn't work as Dr. Zager starts the restoration machine though Ferris, seeing they're going through with it, says he has to see it too which Ash protests though Ferris says they have to stop Team Rocket and won't let them use his fossil (it ain't going to be a fossil for long...) for evil. Dr. Zager says their are life form readings and after we get a screen showing a strain of DNA being made, the restoration is done and where once was a Cover Fossil is now a Tirtouga! Ferris notices the pendant under Tirtouga as Tirtouga jumps out of the machine, scares Dr. Zager (really, you're afraid of a turtle that can barely walk on land (though can still somehow climb trees)?), and tries to escape. Dr. Zager yells at it to get back so Jessie and James sends out Woobat and Yamask but as they get close to Tirtouga it panics and uses Ancient Power which misses them but hits and destroys the restoration machine (as well as bringing down the energy barrier) causing an explosion. In a yellow jeep, Iris, Cilan, and Sierra, see a smoke cloud rising from the forest and Cilan says it's coming from where Team Rocket's helicopter landed (how does he know where Team Rocket landed there?).

    Back inside the helicopter, Ferris makes sure Ash is okay but then picks up the pendant which had landed next to them. Tirtouga jumps out of one of the gaping holes the explosion made in the helicopter and starts running as Ash and Ferris try stopping it but it attacks them with a Water Gun causing them to dodge and letting it jump into a nearby stream. Ferris says that Tirtouga is scared being in an unfamiliar world and they have to help it so they start giving chase while Dr. Zager tells the Rocket Trio to go after Tirtouga. Ash sends out Oshawott and tells it to bring Tirtouga to shore which is does by attacking it with Aqua Jet (yes, attack the Pokemon you're trying to show that you're peaceful) which knocks it ashore. Tirtouga growls at Ash and Ferris who tries telling it they're not going to hurt it (just show it the darn pendant already) but it attacks them with Ancient Power and... that's where we're stopping the episode, seeya in part 2!

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    It's was an okay episode.

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    Episode: BW076 "A Restoration Confrontation! (Part 2)"

    An okay episode, though I do feel like Ash & co. (+ Ferris and Sierra) might have messed with time (though Ash & co. did that before a few times and it hasn't come back to haunt them yet ). Nothing really to summarize without giving spoilers so let's just jump right in (oh, BTW, do you know Pokemon which aren't owned by trainers are called "wild" Pokemon!... Wait, you did? Well apparently the show doesn't think so!):

    Escaping With The Past:
    Starting where we last left off, Tirtouga's AncientPower is heading right toward Ash and Ferris. Ash tells Pikachu and Oshawott to counter with Thunderbolt and Water Gun, respectively, with collides and nullifies the Ancient Power. Ferris tries to calm Tirtouga (show it the pendant...) but Tirtouga uses Water Gun (I think) which Ash & co. dodge but hits a bush behind them which contain 3 Whirlipede.

    Ash: Who are they?
    Comment: Well of course Ash wouldn't know who Whirlipede is, he only battled one... Burgh's Whirlipede in his CASTELIA GYM BATTLE!

    Ferris tells Ash they are wild Whirlipede (oh, that's why Ash didn't recognize them, Ash has only seen a captured Whirlipede...) and now opener and title card. Back to the show, the 3 Whirlipedes eye Tirtouga and attack with a Steamroller. Tirtouga starts to cringe but Ferris runs in front of it saying he won't let them hurt Tirtouga which surprises Tirtouga, though the Whirlipedes just Steamroll into Ferris instead. The Whirlipedes roll by as Ash, Pikachu, Oshawott, and Tirtouga check on Ferris who says he's okay, but the Whirlipedes have turned around and now are eyeing Pikachu and Oshawott (which Oshawott responds by pushing Pikachu in front of it). The Whirlipedes start another Steamroller when Ash and Ferris hear a car horn and see Sierra's jeep (with Cilan's Crustle on top of it) jump over a ledge and stop in front of them. Cilan opens the window and tells Crustle to use Rock Wrecker which it does and hits the ground in front of the Whirlipedes, creating a ditch which the they roll into and trip. Ash thanks them as Iris opens the door and tells them to get which they do as Ash and Cilan return their Pokemon and Ferris thanks Sierra who tells them that she's flooring it and they start speeding off. Speeding along in the jeep, Ash also makes sure to scan Tirtouga.

    Sierra: It's hard to believe Tirtouga was restored from a fossil.
    Comment: ... why? Seriously, why does everytime the anime brings up Fossil Restoration it's treated like it's a new thing? As soon as Gym Leaders started using a Fossil Pokemon as his main Pokemon (Roark and Byron in Sinnoh), I think you can't treat it as a new thing anymore.

    Ferris tells them Team Rocket's plans of capturing ancient Pokemon by using Tirtouga which Iris asks how and Ferris says by using the Time Gate under Twist Mountain. Ferris says the Time Gate is what he must have went into when him and Sierra were kids and that Team Rocket plan on using Tirtouga to stabilize the Time Gate. Tirtouga gives out cries of concern but Ferris tells it it's save with them with Ash adding in they won't let anything happen to it. Tirtouga calms down but still looks a bit down with Cilan suggesting that maybe Tirtouga is hungry so Ferris asks if it wants to eat which Tirtouga responds positively too (I know it spent time with Ferris when he was a kid, but still how does it understand what they're saying so easily?).

    Back to Team Rocket, Dr. Zager is examining the data they got off Tirtouga and says its brine (for those who don't know, this is a fancy way of saying "sea water") has the level of sodium and osmotic pressure (what does that having to do with what you're talking about?) like that of ancient times.

    Dr. Zager: Just as I predicted.
    Comment: Yes, the Water-type Pokemon that lived in the past has the same water make-up as water in the past... I'm assuming another discovery he made is that water is wet.
    Jessie: Sir, how much of Tirtouga's life energy can we use?
    Dr. Zager: I'm sure it would also match my calculations to a T.
    Comment: That didn't really answer her question...

    Meowth says as long as they capture Tirtouga they'll be able to travel to the ancient world while, outside the helicopter, James sends out "Tracking Drones" which are eight tiny helicopter cameras as Dr. Zager says they'll have Tirtouga this time.

    Remember, Evolution Is A Theory:
    Somewhere in a clearing in the forest, Pikachu, Axew, and Tirtouga are playing with Iris and Sierra watching as Ash and Cilan come out of the forest with a whole batch of fruits and berries in their arms. While Pikachu and Axew happily eat (don't bother feeding your other Pokemon until the next Pokemon Center, at least give Oshawott and Crustle a treat for helping), Tirtouga just annoyingly looks at the fruit it's given until Iris tells it to try it. Tirtouga hesitantly gives the fruit a bite but spits it out confusing Iris and Sierra but Ferris asks would they eat something they smells and tasted awful while carrying out some fruit. Ferris gives Tirtouga one of them and it once again gives it a hesitant bite but this time it shows delight and start eating it to Cilan's confusion as the fruit they gave it tastes delicious to Water-types and Iris tries it saying it tastes delicious. Ferris tells them it doesn't to Tirtouga and explains that the fruit which Tirtouga like are extinct but it smells and tastes similar to the fruit he gathered as Ash says it's easy to forget Tirtouga lived a long time ago. Ferris tries one of the fruit though, much like Tirtouga to the modern day fruit, makes a sour face but doing this reminds Tirtouga of kid!Ferris though it soon gives a tired yawn. Unfortunately for Ash & co. (+ Ferris, Sierra, & Tirtouga), one of the Tracking Drones finds them, sending a video stream back to Team Rocket's Helicopter and Dr. Zager tells the Rocket Trio to catch Tirtouga.

    Tirtouga is now asleep with Cilan says it must be tired after waking up in a strange world while Iris says its cute while sleeping and tries to poke it but Axew stops her because, hey, do YOU want to be poked while sleeping? As everyone gives a laugh, Ferris is looking at the pendant which Sierra notices and recognizes but Ferris, rather explain to her he gave his pendant to Tirtouga when he was a kid thus this must be the Tirtouga he met all those years ago, rather tries changing the subject by saying they need to keep moving or else Team Rocket will find them. But before they can leave, Yamask appears above them and uses Night Shade as the rest of the Rocket Trio flies in with jetpacks (and once they do for some reason Yamask stops using Night Shade even though it would have been easy to steal Tirtouga while everyone was stunned). Ferris says they aren't taking Tirtouga but Jessie says resistance is futile with the most expressionless face I ever saw.

    You will be assimilated.

    Jessie sends out Woobat who uses Gust followed by Yamask using a batch of Shadow Balls which eventually leaves Ash & co. (+ Ferris, Sierra, & Tirtouga) all lying on the ground and Tirtouga out of Ferris's arms. Meowth uses a rocket launcher that fires a net which pins Tirtouga to the ground but before the Rocket Trio can celebrate Tirtouga starts glowing a familiar glow: Tirtouga is evolving! The net starts to break as Tirtouga begins growing as it evolves into a Carracosta but Team Rocket gets ready to fire another net. However Carracosta shows off its new power by using Hydro Pump though it misses Team Rocket... and then Carracosta turned red as the background turns black and we start hearing odd noises. Ash & co. asks Carracosta what's wrong when it suddenly starts running into the forest as everyone wonders where it's going though Ferris says he thinks he knows and they start to chase it. However Team Rocket are still here and James has Yamask stop Ash & co. (+ Ferris and Sierra) with Haze while Jessie tells Dr. Zager that Tirtouga evolved which Dr. Zager explains must be because their restoration machine must have super charged it thus speeding up its evolution. Dr. Zager says the Time Gate is expanding and will soon be reaching its maximum capacity so he orders the Rocket Trio to capture Carracosta. As the Rocket Trio leaves the Haze begins to clear as Sierra asks everyone is alright which they are and Ash asks what's wrong with Carracosta and where is it going though Ferris says he knows where it's going.

    Over to Carracosta, it has run to the outside of Twist Mountain but uses AncientPower to blast open a cave entrance and runs inside. The Rocket Trio aren't far behind (though they seem to have abandoned their jetpacks and are now running) and James says that it has run back to the Time Gate which Meowth says is a "piece of cake moment" as Jessie tells them they need to keep going. Back to Ash & co. (+ Ferris and Sierra), Ferris explains that Carracosta must have heard its friends through the Time Gate and is going to them which Sierra relates it to how Ferris must have heard the Twist Mountain Explorers when he was back in time when they were kids. Ash says they're going to keep thier promise of protecting Carracosta and now it's time for "Who's That Pokemon" (I like it how just before they did "Who's That Pokemon" they had the answer one of the few last words said ).

    Carracosta is figuring its way through the tunnels with the Rocket Trio following right behind it who Dr. Zager tells them it's heading straight to the Time Gate much to their delight (didn't they already figure that was what was happening?). Ash & co. (+ Ferris & Seirra), however, have reached a portion of the tunnels which leads into many others though Sierra leads them down the tunnel which will take them to where the Twist Mountain Explorers found Ferris when he came back from the past.

    Ferris: You sure know these caves well, wow.
    Comment: It's almost like she's in charge of these mines or something.

    Sierra tells them their mission for today is to protect Carracosta and all the other ancient Pokemon which Ferris says he's with them. Carracosta finds the Time Gate and uses Hydro Pump to break it open, allowing the portal to take shape as it tries to run through but Meowth launches cables which grabs onto Carracosta's arms and legs. Jessie tells Dr. Zager they have captured Carracosta and are at the Time Gate which Dr. Zager says has fully expanded and to start stabilizing it with Carracosta's life energy. As Carracosta tries to break free, James activates the "mega electrical current" (they have to stop using such complex words ) which starts to shock Carracosta though eventually turns it bright blue and it sends out a red wave which stabilizes the Time Gate as Carracosta, let's be honest, should be dead since they used up its life energy. Team Rocket report to Dr. Zager that the Time Gate has been stabilized.

    Dr. Zager: And now we enter a time before mankind even existed.
    Comment: Won't they feel silly when they find a tribe of cavemen.
    Dr. Zager: Ancient and undiscovered Pokemon beware!
    Comment: For a new kind of breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    Let's Do The Time Warp... Again:
    Before the Rocket Trio can run into the Time Gate to be the appetisers, Ash tells them to stop and says they're not letting them steal the ancient Pokemon (yeah, you first have to wait until their fossils and reviving them before you can have them serving you!). Sierra asks if that's the Time Gate which Ferris says it is as he remembers that glow. Jessie tells them to quit while they're ahead as they won't get in their way (yet you stopped running into the Time Gate when Ash told you to) and James says they'll make certain they won't. Jessie and James send out Woobat and Yamask, respectively, though Ash and Cilan get the first move as they tell Pikachu to used Thunderbolt and Pansage to use Bullet Seed, respectively. Woobat dodges Pansage's Bullet Seed (Cilan, maybe you should let Ash and Pikachu handle the part Flying-type) and attacks Pikachu with Air Slash (Jessie, maybe you should let James Yamask handle the Electric-type) while Yamask dodges Pikachu's Thunderbolt and attacks Pansage with Will-O-Wisp, but both Pikachu and Pansage dodge.

    Meanwhile, Ferris, Sierra, and Iris check on Carracosta who had only fainted from having it's life energy drained ( ) and Axew uses Scratch to break the cuffs on Carracosta's arms and legs. Carracosta gets up but is still drained yet still tries to run through the Time Gate but Ferris finally reveals to it that he was the kid it met long ago which surprises Carracosta (I must ask again, being it was a fossil then what happened to it? Surely it must have died soon after meeting Ferris for it to have still been a Tirtouga).

    Back to the battle, Woobat and Yamask use Gust and Shadow Ball, respectively, to knock down Pikachu and Pansage though they get back up as Meowth tells them they'll never win (aside from all the times before this when they did) and Jessie gives them the "make like a tree and leave" line (really Jessie? At least try to be topical like "make like a fossil and get buried" or "make like the past and move on"). Woobat and Yamask get ready to attack again as Ferris says how dare Team Rocket invade Carracosta's world (more like time period as you're on the same world) where Carracosta and its friends live in peace and harmony (... when you went to the past you saw Tirtouga getting pecked on by a batch of Archens, not to mention my previous point about Tirtouga needing to DIE early on in its life and to become a Cover Fossil (actually, now thinking about it, wouldn't fossils of the fully evolved forms of the Fossil Pokemon be more prevalent than their pre-evolutions?) Carracosta agrees, getting up and giving out a loud cry which is responded by other Carracosta cries as we see the other Carracostas running toward the Time Gate to help (also for some reason Cilan says they're "wild" Carracostas which I would think is kind of obvious unless I was right about there being cavemen). However Team Rocket are happy to see the Carracosta running out as it saves them the trouble of finding them as James throws out a little box which creates a force field around the 3 Carracosta. The Carracosta start hitting the force field but Meowth says they'll need to do more then that to break free and Jessie says they'll be sent to Team Rocket HQ soon with James saying along with the other ancient Pokemon. Ash says they won't let them as they promised to protect Carracosta which James says that they have then lied ordering Yamask to use Shadow Ball and Jessie tells Woobat to use Air Slash. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Pansage uses SolarBeam (hey, Iris, you can join in anytime) which collide with the Air Slash and Shadow Ball nullifying all the attacks.

    Meowth joins the battle but Carracosta had decided enough was enough and gives out a cry which the trapped Carracostas respond too as it uses AncientPower on the outside of the force field and they use AncientPower on the inside which destroys the force field.

    Iris: That's Ancient Friendship Power!
    Comment: *groan*

    Pikachu uses Electro Ball which goes around Team Rocket's Pokemon and instead hits Jessie in the face!

    WOW Pikachu, now that's harsh! Oh what am I saying? Team Rocket has been shocked worse then that.

    When the smoke clears Team Rocket is gone as Carracosta looks upon its VERY old time friends.

    Ash & co. (+ Ferris & Sierra) enter the ancient past as Ash & co. are amazed by what they're seeing and Iris sees and points out a batch of if "wild" Archeops (can you stop pointing out if a Pokemon is wild or not? Unless you plan on catching it, we don't need the added "wild" tag, I think we can figure it out on our own!). Ferris tells Carracosta that he kept his word as a kid of seeing Carracosta again as he puts the pendant around Carracosta's neck (wait, THAT must be how Tirtouga originally died, it strangled itself on the pendant!) as Sierra points out the Time Gate is closing (huh? I thought Team Rocket used stabilized it? That was the point of them going after Tirtouga/Carracosta!). Ash & co. (+ Ferris & Sierra) say goodbye to Carracosta (um, being they're in the past again, what happened to Tirtouga? Has it already died? If it hasn't, wouldn't it be dangerous leaving Carracosta behind since that'll mean there's two Pokemon with the same genetics running around?) as Ferris tells it that they're friends forever as Carracosta gives out a cry letting the audience see scenes from the first time Ferris went into the past as he runs through the Time Gate as it closes. This is confirmed by Dr. Zager back at Team Rocket's Helicopter saying the Time Gate has vanished and it might be gone forever. Flying on jetpacks, Jessie asks if that means the mission is called off and Dr. Zager says he has no choice so James says Twist Mountain is useless to them and Meowth says "let's blow this pop stand" (Team Rocket did to update their quips) as they and their helicopter flies off.

    Back in Twist Mountain, Sierra says the ancient past was wonderful and tells Ferris if he hadn't found that Cover Fossil (and Team Rocket trying to takeover the ancient past) he wouldn't have been able to prove he did travel back through time when they were kids. Ferris says that doesn't matter as he was able to see an old friend again and that means much more to him (hey, I'm sure you can probably dig Carracosta up again... that is if it wasn't eaten which would leave nothing behind...). With that said, we cut to outside Twist Mountain where Ash & co. wave goodbye to Ferris and Sierra as they continue toward Icirrus City (little did they know that Sierra accidentally took them to the wrong side of the mountain and they're now traveling back to Driftveil City, just kidding ).

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    Tepig evolves into Pignite.

    I am however tired of the same story being reused for almost every Fire Starter Ash has owned. It's always abandoned and becomes main Pokemon for Ash's team in the region. Blarg.
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    UnovaChampion wrote:
    Tepig evolves into Pignite. I am however tired of the same story being reused for almost every Fire Starter Ash has owned. It's always abandoned and becomes main Pokemon for Ash's team in the region. Blarg.

    Cyndaquil was never abandoned

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    UnovaChampion wrote:
    Tepig evolves into Pignite. I am however tired of the same story being reused for almost every Fire Starter Ash has owned. It's always abandoned and becomes main Pokemon for Ash's team in the region. Blarg.

    Wow really? Are you trolling right now?

    Cause the anime has recycled so many storylines already and you onlyfocussing on that is reallystupid (no offense) it's as bad as my reason for hating Marlon

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    Episode: BW077 "Evolution by Fire!"

    While all of Ash's Fire-type starters sort of had the same story, I will admit this is the first one to feel like a recycled storyline having a lot of parallels with Ash's Charizard when he met it as a Charmander in EP011 "Charmander – The Stray Pokemon". Also I do feel the battle went a bit unrealistic, either that of Shamus sucks as a trainer which wouldn't surprise me. While not a bad episode, it does feel like it's taking too much from previous stories involving Ash's Fire-type starters.

    Deciding to stay at a town's, called Astilbe Town, Battle Club for the night, Ash & co. watch a double battle where a trainer named Shamus defeats another with his Emboar and Heatmor which he call the "Fire Warriors". After they battle, however, Ash & co. find Shamus trying to get the trainer he beat to give him one of his Pokemon though Ash & co. stop him. The trainer that lost explains Shamus forced him into the battle because Shamus wanted one of his Pokemon since they had "potential". Later on, while eating supper/dinner, Tepig runs over to Shamus excitedly as Ash & co. come to realize that Shamus might be Tepig's original trainer who had abandoned it and tied it to a pole. Is Shamus Tepig's original trainer? If he is, how will Shamus react to seeing Tepig again? How will Tepig react to Shamus's reaction? How will Ash react to Shamus's and Tepig's reaction? Well I'll tell you that one of your reactions should be reading on to see:

    My Longest Dialogue Bit Ever:
    Starting the episode with night falling, Ash & co. decide to stay at Don George's Battle Club (guess they got tired of the Pokemon Center?) in Astilbe Town. Walking down the hall, they hear yelling and cheering coming from behind a door and go in to a crowd watching a double battle between Mienshao & Watchog vs. Heatmor & Heatmor. The Mienshao uses Drain Punch which hits the Heatmor as Watchog uses Slam on Emboat by picking it up and throwing it to the ground. However the trainer of the two Fire-types (who's a bit more detialed then the average background character so you know he's going to play a bigger part in this episode) isn't fazed and tells Emboar and Heatmor to get ready and show everyone the true power of the "Fire Warriors" (really? That's the best name you can come up with?). Emboar uses Hammer Arm which knocks back both Mienshao and Watchog while Heatmor finishes them with a Flame Burst, Don George declaring the Fire-type Trainer, Shamus, the winner.

    After the opener and title card, Ash & co. continue walking down the hall before they were distracted (guess we're going to have to wait until Ash challenge them to a battle, you know it's coming) talking about the battle and how impressive Shamus and his "Fire Warriors" were. Turning a corner, Iris spots Shamus talking to the trainer he beat:

    Shamus: You promised I can have whatever Pokemon I wanted.
    Comment: Ah, so not only does he look like he has a big ego he does and it's mixed with being a jerk and extortionist.
    Trainer: But Shamus...
    Shamus: You didn't think I'd battle with you for free, did you? Now let me see all your Pokemon.
    Comment: So what, you only battle someone who agrees to an "ante up" rule? Who would agree to that, especially since you seem to have high-leveled Pokemon.

    Iris can't watch this for any longer and runs over to them with Ash telling her to wait for some reason.

    Iris: Hey you! Just because he lot the battle doesn't give you the right to take a Pokemon from him!
    Ash: That's what going on!?
    Comment: Ash, what did you think was going on with the above conversation?

    Cilan tells Shamus he shouldn't do that but Shamus tells them to "lay off" as this has nothing to do with them so they should "butt out" (I would say I'm going to enjoy watching Oshawott and Palpitoad drench his Pokemon but you just know when Ash battles him he'll probably use Snivy and Leavanny). But while Ash & co. may not have any authority, Don George does as he comes around the corner, unaware of the shakedown going on, congratulates Shamus on the battle and to keep up the good work as Shamus decides to leave before he gets in trouble. The trainer thanks Ash & co. for helping him and Iris asks why would he want a battle with Shamus but the trainer says he didn't but mentions Shamus always wants to get his hands on Pokemon with "potential".

    Ash: What's that all about? That's not how battles are suppose to be.
    Comment: Oh, I don't know, maybe you should ask Paul, you know, your RIVAL FOR SINNOH WHICH WAS ALSO LIKE THAT (though to be fair, Paul did at least catch his own Pokemon).

    During dinner, Ash & co.'s Pokemon are enjoying Cilan's Pokemon food but Tepig stops eating upon seeing Shamus (wait, Shamus has an Emboar... no...) as we see the flashback of Tepig's trainer leaving it behind and it does look like Shamus from behind (how big Unova? Maybe if this Castelia City I might believe this but this is a random non-Gym city!) which gets Tepig excited. Tepig runs over to Shamus and he asks what does it want which gets Ash's attention telling Tepig to come back though Tepig doesn't listen and leans on Shamus's leg. Iris reminds Ash that Tepig was abandoned by its original trainer which Ash remembers as Cilan is just hearing about this having joined after that episode. Ash asks if Shamus could be the trainer which Iris shouts "it's as clear as the hair on my head" (hair? What hair? Are you talking about that giant, furry monster that's always munching on your head?) and run over to Shamus much to his annoyance having remembered they stopped him from, let's be honest, stealing another trainer's Pokemon.

    Ash: I think my Tepig is the same Pokemon you abandoned back at the Accumula Battle Club.
    Comment: Jumping to conclusions, much? Do you know for sure he abandoned a Pokemon or was ever in Accumula Town? Why not instead ask if he ever "released" a Pokemon at the Accumula Battle Club before accusing him right away.

    Shamus, however, doesn't care and pretty much admits to it by telling Tepig caught a "lucky break" from Ash which Iris yells at him for "throwing away" a Pokemon like that. Shamus says he does what he wants and it felt like the right thing to do at the time (if Tepig refused to leave you after releasing it you could have just given it to a passing kid at the Pokemon Center instead of tying it to a pole with rope that it could easily BURN through (not that it did...)) which gets Iris even more angry and demands Shamus to apologize to Tepig with Ash agreeing. Shamus picks up Tepig and says "not in your life" and tosses Tepig at Ash which gets Ash angry but Cilan steps between everyone and says it's "Judgement Time" (hm, wouldn't mind seeing Arcues use Judgement to wipe this jerk off the face of the planet).

    Shamus: Who's this yo-yo?
    Comment: Okay writers, we get it, he's a despicable person and we're suppose to hate him, mission accomplished.
    Cilan: I am not a yo-yo.
    Comment: That's Burgundy.
    Cilan: In fact I happen to be a "Judge Connoisseur"

    Comment: ... I'd describe Cilan more like a cuckoo clock, because when he goes off there's no stopping him until he finishes.

    Also the Battle Club turns into a courtroom:

    Well time to break out the Pheonix Wright references...

    Cilan slams his gavel demanding order and says it's time for the case of "Tepig Abandoned In Accumula Town" (or, how I would have called it, "Turnabout Tepig"). Cilan says the prosecutor may start which is Ash (lol, Ash is Miles Edgeworth) though it seems that has no idea what's going on:

    Ash: Your honor... you see it's just...

    Iris: Come on Ash!
    Cilan: Please explain to the court what Shamus is charged with.
    Ash: Yes sir, see Shamus tied up an abandoned Tepig at the Accumula Battle Club, since then Tepig has been having a hard time dealing with it, right Tepig?
    *Tepig makes a sad face*

    Iris: Justice must be served! He's guilty!


    Cilan: Alright, order in the court! Anymore outbursts and I'll have you removed.
    Comment: I see Iris is as useful as Maya is (they even make the same angry face)...

    Cilan: Does the accuse have something to say?
    Shamus: You got this all wrong, I left Tepig there for its own good. I realized it doesn't sound right but I'm telling you the truth. Forcing a weak Pokemon into battle is crueler by far.

    Ash: Shamus, that's a lie!
    Cilan: Ash, the accuse trainer may continue.
    Comment: Careful Ash, speak out again and you'll get your first penalty!
    Shamus: Once I finally discovered this Pokemon has no talent for battle, I knew it would be happier set free.
    Cilan: Hmm, your point is well taken.
    Comment: There is logic in what he says.

    Ash: Your honor!
    Cilan: The court recognizes counselor Ash.
    Comment: Wait, COUNSELOR? For who? Tepig?
    Ash: Look, if that's true, why was Tepig tied up?

    Iris: Ash is right!
    Comment: Could someone wake up Oshawott...

    Shamus: The truth is I set Tepig free but it followed me anyway. I told you I can't use a Pokemon who can't battle.

    Ash: Your honor, you can see Tepig wanted to go with him.

    Iris: Deciding that a Pokemon like Tepig has no talent when it's that young is about as mean as a trainer can get! So I say he's guilty guilty guilty, he's GUILTY!
    Cilan: You make a good point as well.
    Ash, Iris, & Shamus: Okay, who's right?
    Cilan: To be guilty or not guilty, that is the question.
    Comment: Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer...

    Don George suddenly appears and tells them that, being this is a Battle Club, maybe they should decide this with a battle (remember kids, all problems can be solved through violence). Shamus agrees, saying if its a double battle he'll accept, then mocking Ash saying if Ash thinks he can win with Tepig which Ash says he can and when they win he'll have to apologize to Tepig. Snivy runs up to them ready to help as Cilan reminds everyone that it too was abandoned by its trainer (actually we never really established what happened to Snivy, actually wasn't it assumed Snivy was the one who left its trainer?) and why it's so concerned. Ash accepts Snivy's help and says his team will be Tepig and Snivy (well I called Ash using Snivy, why not make this a triple battle so Ash can use Leavanny) which Shamus saying he'll use his "Fire Warriors", Emboar and Heatmor. Don George says Ash's and Shamus's battle will be tomorrow morning as Ash says he'll show Shamus what a big mistake he made with Shamus saying the same thing back.

    Later that night, Tepig is outside and looks up at the moon as it flashbacks to when Shamus released it. Oddly enough, Shamus is acting nice to Tepig as he tells Tepig it's not strong enough to battle so he's releasing it, but despite being told that Tepig leans againsthis leg. Next Shamus ties Tepig to the pole and tells it not to follow him as he walks away and Tepig struggles to follow, starting to cry as we come out of the flashback seeing it still has tears in its eyes. Ash calls out to Tepig as Tepig sees Ash & co. (+ Snivy) running to it and it shakes its tears away as Ash tells it they want to train but Tepig looks away.

    Iris: Something's wrong, Tepig seems sad.
    Comment: NO, you think? Tepig is only going to be battling the trainer which ABANDONED it yet still has feelings for.

    Cilan says the Tepig doesn't seem to have gotten over Shamus and might not want to have this battle which surprises Iris who tries telling Tepig it's being "too nice" (more like it's in an abusive relationship). Snivy then slaps Tepig with a Vine Whip and tells it something which gets Tepig out of its funk (of course we'll never know what Snivy exactly said. Way to get around that problem, writers ) as Ash says they'll teach Shamus a lesson so it's time to train.

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    Fighting Fire With Fire... And Grass:
    Next morning, Ash and Shamus are on the battlefield as Don George tells them the rules: the match is a Double Battle and is over when both of a trainer's Pokemon have fainted. Ash sends out Snivy and Tepig though, while Snivy is ready, Tepig is starting to have second thoughts as Shamus sends out his Emboar and Heatmor. Snivy uses Leaf Storm on Emboar (at least start with an Attract to see if you can immobilized at least one of his Pokemon) but Emboar dodges and spins around to punch and disperse it. Ash tells Tepig to use Flamethrower however Tepig remembers Shamus telling it goodbye which stops it as Emboar hits it back with a Hammer Arm. Iris asks what's wrong as Cilan says that Tepig's "appetite" for battling seems gone (Cilan, weren't you the one who told Ash and Iris that Tepig hasn't gotten over Shamus? Why are you acting confused about this?). Ash asks Tepig what's wrong as Tepig looks over to Shamus and Ash says he understands it hasn't gotten over Shamus.

    Upon seeing this, Shamus laughs saying it's a "riot" and Ash asks what does he mean as Shamus explains that whenever he abandons a Pokemon he acts sad to make it stop following him. We go back to the flashback where I pointed out he was acting strangely sad and, sure enough, as soon as he turned the corner and is no longer in Tepig's sight he laughs and calls it a runt and goes out to find a more "worthy" Tepig. Hearing this, Tepig loses the will to battle and collapses onto the floor as Ash yells at Shamus "and you call yourself a trainer!?". Shamus says power is all that counts and he's looking for a Pokemon with at least a tiny bit of skill which gets Ash angry and he says they'll give Shamus a battle he'll never forget, however Tepig is still on the floor in tears. Iris points out if Tepig remains "bummed out" there's no team with Cilan saying as soon as the "Fire Warriors" bring out their double combinations there will be trouble. Snivy tries bringing Tepig back to its senses but it's no good as Ash tells it that it'll have to cover for Tepig.

    Snivy uses Attract on Emboar (why not also Heatmor?) and it works, making Emboar infatuated with Snivy as Snivy hits it several times with Vine Whip. Shamus then tells Heatmor to use Fury Swipes on Emboar, confusing Ash, as Heatmor knocks Emboar back causing it to break from its infatuation (gee, maybe you should have also used Attract on Heatmor (true, it could be female, but you never know if you don't try)). Emboar and Heatmor attack with Flamethrower and Fire Spin, respectively, with Snivy dodging the Flamethrower but Tepig takes the Fire Spin, drawing Ash's and Snivy's attention. Shamus says they should focus on Snivy and has Heatmor use Fury Swipes which hits and Emboar uses Heat Crash which does too but more super effective (not to mention the weight difference should be enough for Heat Crash to have 120 Power)! Tepig watches all this in shock as Emboar gets up off Snivy who somehow is still able to battle with Don George saying he determines Snivy is still able to battle. Ash tells Tepig it can do it and that it knows Snivy does too as Tepig gets back into the battle and uses a Flame Charge which knocks both Emboar and Heatmor back.

    Ash tells Shamus was wrong about Tepig not having talent but Shamus says that, though Ash has done a good job raising it, but that isn't enough to make it to the top. Shamus says that you need to take what your opponent gives you and smash it into the ground, then he makes a strange face saying that anything else is a third-rate Pokemon battle.

    A face that'll be seeing you in your nightmares.

    Emboar and Heatmor get back up and dusts themselves off, Ash saying the Flame Charge didn't do a thing (and you're surprised the Fire-type attack didn't do much against Fire-types because...). Emboar uses Flare Blitz as Heatmor uses a Fire Spin which wraps itself around the Emboar making the Flare Blitz even bigger.

    Iris: Cilan, what's that?!
    Cilan: It's Flare Blitz with the added power of Fire Spin, I call it "Super Flare Blitz"!
    Comment: "Super Flare Blitz"? Come on, you can be more creative, like how about "Flare Blitzkrieg" or "Flare Spin Blitz".

    Shamus mentions that as they attack they take damage as well, saying that's the true mark of "Fire Warriors". Ash tells Tepig to dodge but Tepig is too scare to move, however Snivy runs in and tackles Tepig out of the way, taking the "Super Flare Blitz" which knocks it out. Ash picks up Snivy and says it deserves a rest however Snivy wants to watch the rest of the battle which Ash agrees to let it as Ash tells Tepig the battle is up to it and everyone is rooting for it. With everyone's encouragement behind it, Tepig gets fired up, literally, and gives out a loud "PIG" but before Ash could saying anything else, Tepig starts to glow that familiar glow: Tepig is evolving! Tepig starts standing on its hind legs as its arms and ears grow a little bigger before the blue glow vanishes revealing it has evolved into a Pignite!

    After scanning Pignite with his Pokedex (I'm going to ignore the fact that Ash has already scanned a Pignite (Bianca's) before) and seeing it learned a new move, Shamus says it doesn't matter as it's not going to defeat Emboar. Ash decides to show off Pignites new move, Fire Pledge, as Emboar punchs the ground and flame pillars appear all around Emboar and Heatmor which then combine into one giant pillar of flame heavily damaging Emboar and Heatmor. Pignite then uses its new and improved Flame Charge to rocket at Emboar and Heatmor, causing an explosion and knocking Emboar and Heatmor out, Don George declaring Ash the winner. Pikachu, Iris and Cilan cheer on as Cilan says he has finally reached a verdict and it's clear who's right while Ash and Snivy congratulate Pignite.

    Shamus returns Emboar and Heatmor and walks over to Ash who asks if he still has a problem (Ash, you do remember this battle was for him to apologize to Pignite, right?) which Shamus says he doesn't and they won the battle fair and square. Shamus puts on his nice guy act and apologizes to Pignite asking it to forgive him, and if you can't guess where this is going...

    Shamus: Hey, I know, since you haven't been able to forget me after all this time, why don't you come back to the team? We'll be great, give up on this loser trainer and come with me, we'll reach the top with the new "Fire Warriors". What do you say?
    Comment: And, just as you knew Shamus was going to make that offer, you probably know Pignite's answer:

    Ash says that Pignite is part of his team as Shamus runs off vowing "I'll remember this" (oh, like you'll ever be seen again ) as Ash and Pignite make their own vow to stay together, ending the episode.

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    So any one guessing we'll see Snivy's previous trainer next?

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    I can never get over the fact that Gym Leaders don't all know each other. I mean, not knowing Gym Leaders from other regions is fine, but you'd think that all the Kanto Gym Leaders would know each other, all the Johto Gym Leaders would know each other, etc. This happened with Brock and now Cilan, too, where they don't know who the Leader is until they introduce themselves. And in this case, you'd think a movieconnoisseur like Cilan would know his idol, Brycen, was the Icirrus City Gym Leader, right?

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    Wait really?

    I would have thought they have meetings I mean being a gym leader is suppose to be something official if they don't know each other that's weird

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    legersem wrote:

    I can never get over the fact that Gym Leaders don't all know each other. I mean, not knowing Gym Leaders from other regions is fine, but you'd think that all the Kanto Gym Leaders would know each other, all the Johto Gym Leaders would know each other, etc. This happened with Brock and now Cilan, too, where they don't know who the Leader is until they introduce themselves. And in this case, you'd think a movieconnoisseur like Cilan would know his idol, Brycen, was the Icirrus City Gym Leader, right?

    Kwando7 wrote:

    Wait really?

    I would have thought they have meetings I mean being a gym leader is suppose to be something official if they don't know each other that's weird

    Actually I do give the Gym Leaders in the anime some slack about not knowing who other Gym Leaders are because there are a lot more Gym Leaders in the anime. In the games there are only 8 Gyms per region so there the Gym Leaders don't have any excuse not knowing who each other are, however in the anime whenever another trainer show their badges there are usually a few which we don't recognize because they're from other Gyms not in the game (which makes sense, being in the anime the Pokemon Leagues are tournaments thus a lot of trainers participate so you can't really expect just 8 Gym Leaders to handle the job of battling and handing out badges (and this is not even counting challengers who lose or don't get get enough badges before the Pokemon League starts). Let's take a quick look at the anime exclusive badges (NOTE: we never got to see another trainer's badges in Johto):

    Kanto: (Gary, Otoshi, Unknown Trainer)

    (If we're to assume that the badges are presented as they are then, counting the 8 Ash has, there are at least 29 Gyms in Kanto)
    Hoenn: (Morrison)

    (There are at least 9 Gyms in Hoenn)
    Sinnoh: (Barry, Nando)

    (There are at least 11 Gyms in Sinnoh)
    Unova: (Trip, Kotetsu (jp. name))

    (There are at least 14 (I'm also counting the Legend Badge which hasn't been seen in the anime yet) Gyms in Unova)

    Now while I'm sure there are events where many Gym Leaders all over their region meet up for a small get together, as you see with the badges above there are probably a lot of Gym Leaders so it's very possible a single Gym Leader might not remember or even meet all the others (and that's probably not taking into account Gym Leaders that didn't come to such a gathering).

    HOWEVER, as you'll read in my review of the episode which is after this post, being how much a fan he was of Brycen, Cilan should have known he was a Gym Leader.

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    Episode: BW078 "Guarding The Guardian of the Mountain!"

    First half was comedy, then we get into some action, overall an okay episode, plus Brycen is awesome and actually in-character (unlike a Flying-type Gym Leader I could mentioned *coughSkylacough*). Ash & co. are only a mountain path away from Icirrus City when a couple of boulders start falling down upon them! As they start to run, a mysterious man and a Beartic come to the rescue and destroy the boulders. Cilan recognizes the man as a famous former martial arts movie star named Brycen. Brycen tells Ash & co. he's here training and protecting the area from Pokemon Hunters as the mountain they're traveling through is actually a sanctuary. Seeing how strong Brycen is, Ash & co. ask if they can watch Brycen train which he accepts, though Ash wants to do more then watch and tries following Brycen's training routine along with Krokorok. How much will Ash and Krokorok FAIL trying to train the Brycen way? Why exactly is the mountain considered a Pokemon sanctuary? Will any Pokemon Hunters appear which Ash & co. (+ Brycen) will have to stop? And how come Cilan knows all these things about Brycen yet doesn't know the MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT HIM? Most answers await if you read on:

    A Cool Meeting:
    Don't worry, I won't be doing any more Ice puns, that's for next episode ! Ash & co. are only a brisk walk through a mountain path from getting to Icirrus City, Ash excited for his Gym Battle though Iris wonders what type the Gym is. But just then they hear a cracking sound and look up to see two boulders on the top of a cliff getting ready to fall down and start running. The two boulders start to fall but as they do a mysterious man and Beartic jump down and kick the boulders, destroying them as the man then lands in front of Ash & co. and we see who he is: Icirrus City Gym Leader, Brycen. Brycen asks if they're alright which Ash says they are and Brycen says he's glad as Ash thanks him saying he was awesome while Iris freaks out because of Brycen's Beartic (oh, Iris is just going to LOVE this Gym ). Cilan, however, seems to recognize who Brycen is and starts freaking out (he doesn't act that way toward a Gym Leader so I'm going to guess Cilan recognizes him as a former movie star) as Iris asks if Cilan knows him and we cut to opener and title card. As I guessed, Cilan tells Ash and Iris that Brycen is "Brycen, the action hero" saying he's a movie star and that he's great though Brycen says he doesn't think of himself in that way (well the writer's seem to have gotten down his character, unlike what they did with Skyla ).

    Iris asks Brycen if he's a real movie star but Cilan declares it "Movie Time" and tells them about Brycen's biggest movie: Enter the Beartic (oh come on, you could have used Kyurem, it's both an Ice- and Dragon-type), the first blockbuster martial arts flick (a quick search on Wikipedia also suggests this for "Enter the Dragon") and set that film genre on a global scale. Cilan then asks if the Beartic Brycen has with him now is the same one from the movie and shakes it han... err, paw. Iris asks if that means both of them were stars which Cilan says of course and starts listing off movies they were in (which means we get to play "let's guess what movie they're referencing"): Enter the Beartic, The Way of the Beartic, and Fist of Ice (if you're having a hard time figuring out the answers, just think of Brycen as Bruce Lee). Those were Brycen's three biggest movies and fans camped out for day to buy tickets which Iris asks if that means he's seen all three which Cilan says he has and infact he has seen "Enter the Beartic" 25 times surprising Ash. Iris asks if Cilan could tell them about it and he does explaining it takes place on an unknown, far away island where Brycen goes to compete in a martial arts tournament run by an evil organization (you know, if you're going to have Cilan retell a story on a show meant to be watched for kids, it probably shouldn't be based on a movie who's main villains who are running a drug and prostitution ring). Brycen has to fight a fierce Beartic but they make a connection and become allies (so I'm guessing Beartic is Roper? What about Williams or are you excluding him because he dies? Also did the Beartic come on its own to the island?) and in the end both of them destroy the evil organization (does Brycen get his revenge for the head of the evil organization having involvement in his sister's death?... see what I mean about the movie they chose? Maybe they should have done Way of the Dragon (or "Beartic"), it's also a bit risque but at least it's part comedy). Iris says she wants to see it now (I guess Iris has gotten over her Ice-type fear) as well as Ash but Cilan says came bad news with its sequel, Game of Ice... are we really going here? We are? You sure? Okay. Cilan explains that Brycen made the decision to quit (for those who don't know, they're referencing the death of Bruce Lee who, at the time, was in the middle of making "Game of Death") and then disappeared from the big screen. Ash asks Brycen why he's "hanging out" here and Brycen exlains he's here to continue his training with Beartic which Cilan saying "you're training?" in a bit of confusion though soon Ash & co. introduce themselves.

    Beartic gives Brycen a piece of one of the boulders and Brycen says the boulders didn't fall on their own but rather someone broke them loose on purpose. Ash says he doesn't know what he means (what's so hard to understand, someone set the boulders to fall on whoever passes) and Brycen explains this looks to be the work of Pokemon Hunters who comes to these mountains often. Brycen explains that the mountain is actually a dormant volcano and is considered a Pokemon sanctuary so they chase away Pokemon Hunters on the spot which Cilan says the Pokemon are a lot safer with Brycen here. Ash asks Brycen what type of training he's doing here and we jump cut to an open field where Brycen says he'll show them though they have to sit down and watch but Ash asks if he could train with him which Brycen says he can. Ash sends out Krokorok and asks if it wants to train though hearing Axew it walks over to it and poses which I guess impresses Axew and Iris says Axew likes cool Pokemon (okay, can anyone explain what exactly happened here? Did Axew say something in Pokespeak which offended Krokorok?).

    All The FAILs:
    Brycen begins their training by him and Beartic doing a handstand as Ash says he and Krokorok can do that too which they do but are already beginning to shake and are slouching. Brycen then balances on one hand and hops over to Ash & Krokorok, with Beartic following, before jumping back and landing into their stock art pose. Ash tells them to watch them with results you probably already predicted to happen:

    A well deserved FAIL.

    Next up, Brycen and Beartic jump and flip on some tall rocks, striking a pose getting to the top as Ash & Krokorok try:

    Look at all the FAIL, it's raining from the sky.

    Next up, Brycen rushes toward a boulder and punches it which utterly destroys it as well as Beartic though it uses Ice Punch while doing so.

    FAILing hurts, kids, don't do it.

    Next up, Brycen and Beartic jump down a waterfall and dive into the water at the bottom before jumping back out on some rocks striking a pose. This time Krokorok shows some hesitation of following Ash due to Ground-types being weak to Water, or maybe it's figuring this wasn't a smart idea (which isn't surprising as Ash said they should do it). Ash tries to push Krokorok down the waterfall (jerk...) but Krokorok side steps which causes Ash to fall down the waterfall:

    There's so much FAIL, Ash is drowning in it.

    Now a broken boy lying on the floor, Ash says they have more work to do but Krokorok just looks down upon the excuse that is his trainer:

    Krokorok is probably thinking it might have been better to stay wild and just follow Ash & co. for occasional battles with Pikachu.

    Later near a river, Ash tells Krokorok they need to train better or they'll never be able to train like Brycen and Beartic as Cilan tells Brycen he was impressive though Brycen says there's still more work to be done. Iris asks Brycen she doesn't understand why he quit being an actor and Brycen says he had a bad accident during filming and takes full responsibiliyy for it. Brycen says it happened because he didn't train enough though it wasn't serious, however he decided he and Beartic needed to start training all over again. Just then both Brycen and Beartic turn around which Ash asks what's wrong and Brycen says something doesn't feel right as we cut to a storm beginning to form. A large thunderbolt cracks scaring everyone and Iris says weather on a mountain changes so fast which Brycen says "no" to as they then see a bright red flash from a distance and Brycen says something must have happened to the Guardian of the Mountain. Ash repeats "Guardian of the Mountain" as Brycen and Beartic start to run off and Ash & co. run right after saying they're coming too.

    A Hunter Becomes The Hunted:
    Cutting to within the forest, we see a Volcarona fly past as a male Jellicent chases after it and we see a man, presumingly a Pokemon Hunter, riding a motorcycle dragging a huge cage who tells Jellicent not to let Volcarona get away. Volcarona attacks with a Fire Spin but the Pokemon Hunter (who has an eye patch incase you weren't convinced he's evil) tells Jellicent to attack with Confuse Ray which collides with the Fire Spin and disperses both attacks. Volcarona flies to a more rocky area and stops at a cliff (which it can easily fly over...) as it tries attacking with Fire Spin again but the Pokemon Hunter tells Jellicent to use Hydro Pump which beats the Fire Spin. Jellicent then uses Confuse Ray which hits and confuses Volcarona as the Pokemon Hunter takes out a new gun and fires it at Volcarona, capturing it under a net. Volcarona tries burning the net with Fire Spin however the Pokemon Hunter tells Volcarona the net is made with fire-resistant rope and he'll be making a huge "chunk of change" off it.

    Just then Brycen yells "stop" as him, his Beartic, and Ash & co. run onto the scene and asks the Pokemon Hunter what he's doing. The Pokemon Hunter says he caught a Volcarona and Brycen says that Volcarona is the guardian of the mountain and demands that he releases it now. Cilan says that Volcarona must be what Brycen was referring to when he said "Guardian of the Mountain" and Brycen says he did and explains the reason the mountain is a sanctuary is because of Volcarona. Ash scans Volcarona with his Pokedex which explains that Volcarona is able to replace the sun after a volcanic eruption blocks out the sky which Brycen then says that is exactly what happened here. Brycen demands the Pokemon Hunter to release Volcarona and never come back to the mountain but, shockingly, the Pokemon Hunter says that Volcarona is his now. Brycen gets angry and figures it was this Pokemon Hunter who set up the boulders to fall and almost squashed Ash & co. though the Pokemon Hunter just says it must be their lucky day. Ash demands for Volcarona to be let go, Pokemon Hunter says no, then Bryren demands the Pokemon Hunter to let Volcarona go (GEEZ, just attack the Pokemon Hunter already, I think he made it clear he's not letting Volcarona go) which the Pokemon Hunter then says if they can defeat his Jellicent he'll "think about it". Ash scans Jellicent and decides he'll have the battle calling over to Krokorok (while on paper this might be a fair battle, Krokorok's Dark-type moves are both physical meanwhile Jellicent can attack with Hydro Pump from a distanct) which surprises Brycen as Ash says people like the Pokemon Hunter gets him angry and him and Krokorok will win.

    The battle starts and Jellicent uses Hydro Pump but Krokorok dodges it by jumping into the air and attacks with Crunch however Jellicent also dodges it by floating up. Jellicent uses Hydro Pump and this time hits Krokorok but it gets back up and uses Stone Edge which hits Jellicent. Krokorok attacks once more with Stone Edge and knocks Jellicent down but as it goes in with a Crunch, Jellicent headbutts it back. Ash tells Krokorok to try Crunching it underneath (that sounded wrong...) but Jellicent uses Hex which looks to pick up Krokorok by the jaw and throws it into the ground (that sounds more like something Confusion of Psychic would do, not Hex). Jellicent uses Confuse Ray but Krokorok dodges it by using Dig and then comes up from under Jellicent not only hitting it with the Dig but also getting in a Crunch. Brycen rhymes "Looks like Crunch had a lot of punch" while Cilan notes that Dark-type moves are super effective against Ghost-types and Iris cheers on Krokorok. Krokorok goes in with another Crunch but Jellicent uses another Hex and slams Krokorok against the side of the mountain though Krokorok barely manages to do a Dig before getting hit by Jellicent's Confuse Ray. Krokorok comes up under Jellicent using Crunch and looks to have knocked it out as Ash tells Krokorok for them to finish the battle.

    Just then the Pokemon Hunter sends out another Jellicent, this one being female, and Ash calls the Pokemon Hunter a coward for using two Pokemon (then I must be a huge coward, because if I was in this situation I would have me and everyone with me send out all our Pokemon and attack the Pokemon Hunter (not his Pokemon, the Pokemon Hunter himself)) though, of course, the Pokemon Hunter pulls out the "I said defeat my Jellicent, but I never said I only had one" (though technically, since he used Jellicent in the singular, he can't really use that argument). The female Jellicent uses Confuse Ray which hits Krokorok and confuses it as the Pokemon Hunter then has both Jellicent use Hydro Pump to knock back, not only Krokorok, but also Volcarona into the cage. The Pokemon Hunter gloats that now he has a Volcarona and a Krokorok and starts to laugh (yeah, at this point I'd send out my other Pokemon to at least destroy the Pokemon Hunter's dune buggy (which I mistook for a motorcycle earlier). Also Krokorok should probably work on Biting and Crunching through Volcarona's net). The Pokemon Hunter says that winning is all that counts and actually turns his back at Ash & co. (+ Brycen)(which at this point Pikachu should Thunderbolt the Pokemon Hunter, and then proceed to show the Jellicent who really has the type advantage) but Brycen tells Ash to stand back as he tells the Pokemon Hunter he gives human beings a "bad name" (so the Pokemon Hunter has his own name for "human beings"? Why doesn't he call them "human beings" like everyone else? ). For some reason this offends the Pokemon Hunter as Brycen says Volcarona is not his and asks Beartic to get ready which Cilan then suggests they leave this up to Brycen and Beartic.

    Iris: Yeah, but it's still two against one.
    Comment: And why can't Brycen use a second Pokemon? The Pokemon Hunter only said that you have to defeat his Jellicent, he never said you can only use one Pokemon (besides, he already bent the rules himself so it's fair game).

    The Pokemon Hunter has his Jellicent use Double Hydro Pump again but Beartic uses Brine which collides and disperses the Hydro Pump which causes the Pokemon Hunter to make a strange face in confusion:

    Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?

    Beartic uses Brine once more which knocks back both Jellicents and tries going in for an Ice Punch however the male Jellicent attacks with Hex which holds Beartic in place but Beartic eventually breaks free and Ice Punches both Jellicents back. The Jellicents try Double Confuse Ray however Beartic dodges both of them and Goomba Stomps both of them and follows up with another Ice Punch with knocks both Jellicent at the cage which causes Krokorok and Volcarona to be thrown out.

    The Pokemon Hunter gets angry that he's losing the Volcarona and has his Jellicent (who have floated back to him) to use Double Hydro Pump but Beartic jumps over all three of them. Now with the Pokemon Hunter distracted, Iris frees Volcarona from the net as Ash helps Krokorok up. Brycen has Beartic finish this with Ice Punch which sends both Jellicent and the Pokemon Hunter into the cage as Cilan declares Brycen the winner. With the villains now captured, Brycen tells Volcarona to fly off which it does and as it fades from sight the weather starts clearing up which Ash notes and Brycen says Volcarona is the Guardian of the Montain (wait, they're a difference from Volcarona being USED as a sun to Volcarona just clearing up the weather).

    That evening, Officer Jenny picks up the Pokemon Hunter and thanks Brycen for his help before driving off with caged villains in tow. Ash thanks Brycen for helping him train as Brycen thanks Ash and says Ash is continuing his travels which Ash says he is and saying they're going to Icirrus City. Brycen tells them that Icirrus City is actually in sight as Ash says he's going their to battle the Gym Leader which Brycen then says he greets Ash revealing that he's the Icirrus Gym Leader (*GASP*). Brycen says he wouldn't have thought Ash was here to challenge him (why not? Ash is obviously a trainer and most trainers take the Pokemon League challenge. If anything that should have been your first assumption to why Ash was here). Iris says "what a small world" and Cilan says he loves "unexpected items on the menu" (okay, your a big fan of his yet you didn't know where he went or became a Gym Leader? It's not like in the games where people only suspect he's a former movie star, Cilan knows who he is so it's not like he's hiding, especially since he's a Gym Leader) as we end the episode.

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    Movie 15 is Kyurem Vs. The Sword of Justice.


    Keldeo is the Fullmetal Swordsman.

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    Episode: BW079 "Cation: Icy Battle Conditions!"

    A pretty good Gym Battle episode, especially since it doesn't make me want to strangle one of the opponents! Ash & co. get to Icirrus City and immediately head to the Gym where they get a "cold reception"... not from a person, the Gym is ice cold being its an Ice-type Gym. They eventually meet with Brycen who welcomes them and shows he doesn't have any "cold feet" by accepting Ash's challenge. And from here, a frigid battle happens. Will Ash be able to beat Brycen or will Brycen make him "cool off"? What will their Pokemon be and will Ash and his Pokemon "freeze" in fear of them? How many more painful ice puns will I make before the end of this discussion? Well just "chill out" *dodges brick thrown at him* and read on:

    Cool Gym:
    Finally in Icirrus City, Ash is ready for his Gym Battle with Brycen as we see Krokorok is just as eager to battle which Pikachu and Axew cheering it on. Iris tells Ash that Brycen and Beartic are going to be a challenging battle which Cilan agrees to but this only gets Ash more excited for the battle. Ash & co. arrive to the front of the Gym and yells that they're here as the doors open which Ash and Cilan enter (gee, wonder why Iris didn't enter)... and soon them (and Krokorok) are shivering.

    What part of Brycen being an ICE-type Gym Leader did you fail to realize?

    Ash and Cilan hear Iris say "it is true" and turn to see Iris dressed in a winter coat (and Axew wearing a winter hat, Iris doesn't need it, her hair is big enough) and she explains Nurse Joy told her the Gym is cold (and you didn't tell Ash and Cilan this because?). Ash boasts his battle will "warm up this Gym" and runs forward to as another door opens to the Gym's battlefield... and Ash, Pikachu, and Krokorok start slipping and fall on the icy floor.

    Ice-type. ICE-type. ICE!

    Cilan tells Ash to be careful with Iris calling him a kid as Ash gets up and makes a brilliant observation about the battlefield:

    Ash: It's made of ice.
    Comment: In an ICE-type Gym? YOU DON'T SAY!
    Iris: I'm so glad I dressed for the occasion.
    Comment: Yeah, thanks for not telling Ash and Cilan about this and bringing extra coats for them, oh wait.

    Ash & co. then hear Brycen's voice as a spotlight shines on Brycen on a balcony overlooking the battlefield and welcomes Ash & co. to his "Ice Castle" and noting Ash has "fire in his eyes" (actually those are his irises, they actually gave him an eye color this gen along with new clothing). Brycen asks Ash & co. what do they think of his "Icy Battlefield" explaining that he specializes in Ice-types so he made the battlfield out of ice.

    Brycen: And now you stand before me, a lone trainer surrounded by battle challenges.
    Ash: I'm not alone, I got my Pokemon with me.

    Comment: Henceforth, Iris and Cilan shall be known as Pokemon.

    Brycen says that's a good answer and asks how much heat can Ash bring to his icy world, accepting Ash's challenge.

    Jump cut, the Gym lights have been turned on (if you can't tell, Brycen has a bit of a dramatic side) and Brycen is now on his side of the battlefield and introduces the referee as one of his students (he's still not important enough to get a name though). The referee states the rules: 3 vs. 3 single battle, only challenger may substitute Pokemon. The referee announces the start of the battle though first Ash needs to send out his Pokemon which he does: Krokorok. A confused Brycen immediately points out how stupid that is that Krokorok's part Ground-type is weak to Ice-types however Ash says he's counting on Krokorok's "spirit".

    Brycen: Of course, spirit would mean a lot to you.
    Comment: I mean, it's not like you have a lot of brains, you need to compensate somehow.

    Brycen then says, however, that it'll take more then just spirit to defeat his as he sends out Vanillish as well as releasing a KARATE WAIL, WOO! Ash scans Vanillish (at least it gave a different Pokedex entry then it did in BW057 "The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!").

    Iris: He's not using Beartic.
    Comment: It's as if he has more than one Pokemon! Surprised
    Cilan: One should always reserve the dessert course for last.
    Comment: He says this as Brycen starts out with the Pokemon that looks like an ice cream cone.

    Krokorok starts with a Crunch (vanilla is Krokorok's favorite flavor) but, before it can do anything, Vanillish attacks with Astonish which knocks Krokorok down. Cilan says Astonish can cause Flinching which Brycen says he likes to control the battle in ways his opponent's doesn't expect (I would point out Flinching is legitimate tactic, but then again I guess you wouldn't suspect an ice cream cone to look so sinister).

    Brycen: If you're confused already, you lost.
    Comment: So Ash lost even before entering the Gym?

    Krokorok uses Stone Edge which it should have been using since the start but Vanillish uses Icicle Spear which not only nullified the Stone Edge but got one of the spears through, hitting Krokorok and knocking it back. Vanillish quickly follows-up with a Blizzard which Krokorok tries dodging by using Dig however the icy floor caused Krokorok to dig slowly which resulted its tail getting hit by the Blizzard and frozen.

    I've heard getting cold feet, but never a "cold tail" *rimshot*

    Cilan says that Krokorok isn't doing so well with Vanillish being faster and having super effective moves (it's like sending out a Pokemon with a type disadvantage was a dumb idea) as we see Krokorok trying to break its lower half free from the ice.

    How did Krokorok get on its feet if its lower half is frozen?

    Vanillish "helps" with the ice breaking by using Mirror Shot which hits Krokorok, breaking the ice and knocking it back.

    Ash decides to recall Krokorok which Brycen says there is no shame for (though there was shame for sending a Ground-type into an Ice-type battle) as Ash sends out Scraggy for its first Gym Battle (and it's even for one where it has a type advantage for!). Brycen notes Scraggy's part Fighting-type as Scraggy uses Hi Jump Kick but Vanillish dodges it causing Scraggy to hit an ice pillar giving it a lot of pain and crash damage. Scraggy recovers and tries a Heabutt however Vanillish dodges causing Scraggy to slip on the ice though it manages to balance itself out.

    Iris: Its just so frustrating, Vanillish keeps changing its battling styIe!
    Comment: It's as if Brycen is suppose to be done kind of boss or something!
    Cilan: It was an all out attack when battling Krokorok, but now Vanillish simply floats in the air and taunts Scraggy. It's a mystery and an acquired taste.
    Comment: Mystery? What mystery? It was on the offensive when it had the type advantage but, now that Scraggy has the type advantage, it's on the defense and waiting for Scraggy to leave an opening to attack. There's no mystery at all, it's a basic battle strategy!

    And this opening seems now as Vanillish attacks with Icicle Spear but Scraggy defends itself as it usually does by lifting its pants which catches all the icicle spears and bounce them off, surprising Brycen. Vanillish then uses Blizzard as Scraggy starts up a Focus Blast while the Blizzard is hitting everywhere, even Cilan and Iris are getting a burst of cold wind. Scraggy creates the Focus Blast and releases it, at first looking to miss much to Brycen's pleasure but while in the air it curves down are hits Vanillish on the back.

    Um, Scraggy meant to do that! Yeah, it totally didn't luck out...

    Even Ash is surprised it hit with Brycen saying that's the perfect example of luck (actually, ALL of Ash's battles are a perfect example of luck ) which Ash responds with Scraggy using Headbutt which hits and knocks of Vanillish.

    Ice-type Cometh:
    Brycen returns Vanillish and sends out his next Pokemon: Cryogonal (and we quickly go to a "Who's That Pokemon" segment. I would have laughed so hard if it was Cryogonal since we jut had Cryogonal on screen but sadly it was just Vanillish). Scraggy uses Headbutt but Cryogonal starts a Rapid Spin which Scraggy bounces off from as Cryogonal starts spinning around Scraggy and hitting it over and over. Scraggy tries a Focus Blast but it misses as Cryogonal uses Aurora Beam which Scraggy does its best to block but when the smoke clears it's knocked out on the floor.

    Ash returns Scraggy (it giving Ash a Headbutt as if telling him not to lose) and sends out his next Pokemon, the one I'm sure we've all been waiting for: Pignite! Pignite starts with a Flame Charge but Cryogonal blocks it with a Reflect, surprising Ash though Brycen explains Reflect cuts attack's power in half saying Ash won't be melting his Ice-types that easily in a very serious tone. Pignite tries a Flamethrower but Cryogonal goes into a Rapid Spin which has it spin around the fire stream and hit Pignite, knocking it back. Cryogonal tries a Frost Breath but it doesn't really effect Pignite so Cryogonal goes back to Rapid Spin however Ash notices that Cryogonal's center doesn't spin as much so tells Pignite to aim Fire Pledge at Cryogonal's center. You know things have turned to Ash's favor when the orchestral version of the opening theme starts playing as Pignite releases a Fire Pledge with one of the fire pillars hitting Cryogonal's center which causes it to stop spinning and knock it out.

    Brycen commends Ash for Pignite's Fire Pledge as he returns Cryogonal and we've come to Brycen's "dessert" Pokemon:

    Brycen: Sweep across the screen like a storm, the white lord of ice, Beartic, come forth!
    Comment: What, is Beartic a Synchro Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster now? You have to do a chant before summoning it?

    As the chant may have hinted, it's finally time for Beartic to battle as Brycen says that, after Ash showed the bond with his Pokemon, it's now time for Brycen to show the bond with his. Pignite starts with a Flame Charge (the super powerful version... why does Flame Charge have two different "animations"?) but Beartic is ready with a Brine which puts out Pignite's Flame Charge and knocks it back. Beartic follows with an Icicle Crash which hits Pignite, adding on the damage... and Beartic then does Aerial Ace (which of course is super effective against Pignite's part Fighting-type).

    You will believe a bear can fly!

    This takes Ash by surprise as he can do nothing but watch Pignite faint and return it as Iris and Cilan talk about Aerial Ace being Beartic's strategy against Fighting-types.

    What Knocked Out The Ice-type? The Crocodile:
    Pikachu gets concerned but Ash tells it that their winning Pokemon is right here and sends out his last Pokemon: Krokorok, though Cilan says it might still be damaged from its battle with Vanillish so this battle won't be easy. Ash says Krokorok was waiting for this battle and tells it to make it worth the wait as Krokorok starts with a Stone Edge but Beartic uses Icicle Crash which creates an ice fence in front of it blocking the Stone Edge, even knocking some back at Krokorok which it has to dodge. Krokorok uses Crunch but Beartic uses Ice Punch that Krokorok crunches and causes an explosion which ends with Krokorok's snout frozen in ice. Beartic uses Brine but Krokorok dodges by smacking its tail on the ground to give it a high jump where it breaks the ice on its snout and then uses Stone Edge which hits Beartic. Ash and Iris celebrate but Cilan says it isn't over and Krokorok is getting tired though I don't know what Cilan is seeing as when Krokorok lands it looks fine, it's not even breathing hard. Krokorok uses Dig which hits but Brycen tells Beartic to grab Krokorok which it does and starts swinging it around before Brycen gives the command to throw it which sends Krokorok flying into an ice pillar and causing it to shatter on top of it. Krokorok gets up from the ice pile, slapping its face to give it some warmth and focus while Ash tells Brycen he figured out why Krokorok doesn't want to lose (oh, this is going to be good):

    Ash: Beartic is really strong, so Krokorok wants to be strong too.
    Comment: So Krokorok wants to be strong, wow, that some bit of character that NO ONE would have been able to figure out without Ash's insight.
    Ash: And to do that, Krokorok needs to defeat Beartic right here, that's why we're going to win.
    Comment: Action speaks louder than words, Ash. Show, don't tell. In other words, put your money where your mouth is.

    Brycen tells Ash to use that passion to defeat them with Beartic giving out a loud roar as Ash tries thinking of a way to get close. Ash sees a piece of broken ice and imagines it as a Stone Edge rock, then saying "that'll work!" getting the attention of Brycen.

    Iris: He's smiling.
    Cilan: Ash's plan must be fully ripe and ready.
    Comment: There was a plan?
    Cilan: He must of come up with a great idea, like when he beat Rapid Spin with Fire Pledge.
    Comment: It's called "winging it".

    Krokorok uses Stone Edge which Beartic blocks by using Icicle Crash to make that icicle fence again, but that's what Ash was expecting! Like before, some of the Stone Edge pieces have bounced off into the air and Ash tells Krokorok to jump up and grab some. Cilan remembers Bianca's Emboar doing something similar in the Clubsplosion when it grabbed the pieces of Trip's Conkeldurr's Stone Edge and used Fling to throw them back at it. Beartic uses Aerial Ace however Krokorok falls down with sharp stones in han... erm, claw and they pass each other, landing on eitherside of the field with their backs to each other. Everyone watches in silent, knowing one of them is going to faint, and indeed one does: Beartic! The referee announces that Beartic has fainted as well as all of the Gym Leader's other Pokemon meaning Ash has won his 7th Unova Gym Battle! Ash jumps up in celebration telling Krokorok they did it though Krokorok, now having won, slumps over as Ash runs over to it and congratulates it.

    Brycen walks up to Ash telling him and his Pokemon have shown "passion of the highest order" saying they battled hard and Krokorok's final attack deserves special mention. Brycen then presents Ash with the Freeze Badge which Ash takes and does his victory pose along with the Pokemon he used in the battle (+ Pikachu).

    Hey, Pikachu, did you battle? No? Okay, then GET OUT OF THE SHOT. When you actually do some battling then you can be in it.

    Ash puts the Freeze Badge in his badge case and Brycen, upon seeing this is Ash's 7th Badge, asks if Ash knows which Gym is he going to next. Of course Ash says he doesn't so Brycen suggests the Opelucid City Gym, which gets Iris's attention, as Brycen says it's not only close but has a powerful Gym Leader which is perfect for Ash who's looking for tough opponents. Ash says that'll be their next destination then and his final Gym Badge as the narrator ends the episode, though we close on a shot of Iris giving Axew a concerned look knowing full well who the Opelucid Gym Leader is...

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    Looking forward to the snarks in the next gym battle i mean the whole thing just sucked ash didnt deserve that badge at all

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    Episode: BW080 "Clash of the Connoisseurs!"

    A character-focused episode, specifically for Cilan. It was good, showing off Cilan's Connoisseur skills, however I'm starting to think a lot of Connoisseurs have big egos. Ash & co. are ready to head to Opelucid City... if Nurse Joy didn't tell them that the Gym is closed. Before they could make other plans, however, a limo pulls up asking for Cilan and "invites" Ash & co. to a Mr. Hatterly's mansion. Upon arriving there, and passing Burgundy at the front gate, in the mansion they meet with another A-Class Connoisseur named "Ricard Nouveau" as Mr. Hatterly makes his appearance and says the reason he invited Cilan and Ricard is so that they can help his daughter, Merigold, choose her first Pokemon from the various Pokemon in the garden of Mr. Hatterly's mansion. Can Cilan help Merigold choose her first Pokemon? Will Cilan be able to do it before Ricard does? What Pokemon will Merigold end up with? And how much further will Burgundy fail at, well, everything? It's "Evaluation Time" for this episode:

    Pick-Up Connoisseur:
    We start with Ash & co. leaving the Icirrus City's Pokemon Center, Ash excited from his victory against Brycen and is raring to go to Opelucid City for his 8th and final Gym Battle. However, just as Ash is about to rush off, a Nurse Joy stops them and asks if she heard them correctly about going to Opelucid City (sorry Ash, this is Pokemon, we have a ton of filler episodes before you can continue on!). Ash says they did and she apologizes to them saying that the Opelucid Gym is going to be closed for awhile which disappoints Ash but relieves Iris much to Ash's confusion. Just then a limo drives up and a tall man comes out and asks if Ash is the A-Class Connoisseur, Cilan, which Ash says he isn't and Iris points him to the actual Cilan. Cilan starts to ask if there is anything he wants but the man literally picks up Cilan and apologizes saying that Cilan has an invitation from a "Mr. Hatterly".

    I think this is a while new degree of "bad touch".

    The man then throws Cilan into the backseat of the limo which Iris says he can't just take Cilan so the man says that Ash and Iris are also invited and throws them into the backseat.

    Don't worry, we'll just call these kidnappings an "inventation" and everything will be alright.

    And now with the unwilling kids in the back, the limo drives off leaving Nurse Joy, who saw the whole entire thing yet DIDN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, by herself and confused.


    What I can only assume is an hour or so later, Cilan asks what's going on (you've been driving for who knows how long and just now you're asking/being told?) and the man tells them a "prominent" (rich) citizen from Stonesthrow Town (the writers weren't even trying. Even its Japanese name, Chikakuno Town, is lazy, it literally translate to "Nearby Town"! It's probably next to "Righthere Village" and "Overthere City") named Mr. Hatterly is in need of a skilled Connoisseur and specifically asked for Cilan. Cilan asks what Mr. Hatterly needs a Pokemon Connoisseur for (I would have also asked how he knew about Cilan) though the man (I'm just going to call him the butler since that's what he is, he never gets a name) says they can ask Mr. Hatterly when they get there. Cilan asks what Ash and Iris think and both are alright with it as Ash says he has now nothing to do with the Opelucid Gym closed (you know by the time you travel to Opelucid City it might have reopened) and Iris says if where they're going is anything like this limo it'll be fun (quickest case of Stockholm Syndrome I've ever seen).

    At Mr. Hatterly mansion's front gate, being this is both a Cilan and Connoisseur episode, we find Burgundy kicking the gate and begging to be let in (RUN HER OVER! RUN HER OVER!). The limo drives up as Cilan lowers the window and asks if that is Burgundy and what is she doing here which Burgundy responds that she heard Mr. Hatterly is looking for a Connoisseur but they won't let her in. The butler tells Burgundy that they need an A-Class Connoisseur (you know there's an S-Class which is above A-Class, right? Why not call the Connoisseur's services and request for an S-Class) as Cilan tries to remember Burgundy's class which she angrily asks "What's wrong with C-Class" (if I remember correctly, C-Class aren't really Connoisseurs yet, they're still students) and the butler says a C-Class Connoisseur won't "suffice". Burgundy's face starts turning red in anger however the butler asks for her to excuse them as the limo drives through the open gates which close before Burgundy has a chance to run in (darn, I wanted to see the guard Stoutlands tear her apart).

    I always imagine Burgundy will be behind bars one day, but not quite like this.

    In the backyard of the mansion, we see a little girl swinging and swinging and laughing on the swings until she hears someone call her name, Marigold, and she gets off telling an unseen Pokemon (oh come on, what else would it be?) that she'll play with it later. Seeing from the Pokemon's eyes, we peek through the bushes and see Marigold talking to her father (one guess who he is. Hint: His title is "Mr." and last name is "Hatterly") who tells her that a Pokemon Connoisseur is coming and they should get ready to meet him. Marigold agrees and runs off as we move the angle over to him and see the bushes we were previously viewing from shake which draws Mr. Hatterly's (oops, SPOILERS!) attention but Marigold calls for her father who says he's coming and leaves to meet the Connoisseur (guess who that is. Hint: IT'S CILAN!).

    Connoisseurs Out Of The Woodwork:
    The butler leads Ash & co. into the mansion which lights are off but soon spotlights shine on Cilan (OH NO! IT's THE FUZZ! RUN! SCATTER!! FLEE!!!). We hear the butler's voice who first thanks Cilan for coming but then introduces him to another A-Class Connoisseur (if you already had an A-Class Connoisseur then why did you need Cilan?) which a spotlight shines down on, and he's shaking his @$$ at us...

    I think he's giving us a hint on what his personality is going to be like.

    The butler introduces this Connoisseur as "Ricard Nouveau" and, oh boy, he sounds very snooty as he says he greets Cilan and informs him that A-Class Connoisseur are special (no, S-Class Connoisseurs are special, hence the "S") and must be:

    1. Smart (being you said A-Class Connoisseurs are the special ones and no the S-Class, you fail that)
    2. Observant (judging by your clothes, I'm going to assume you failed that too)
    3. Quite Expressive (personally I think what kind of "expressiveness" matters here, I wouldn't want a Connoisseur who expresses anger, hate, sadness, or, oh, let's add "snooty" to that list)
    4. Physically fit (then you should really go to the doctor because you're walking funny and keep your your lower body still while standing)

    Ricard continues saying only those who are acknowledged by the Pokemon Connoisseur Association receive this honor and says he has heard about how skilled Cilan is and reaches out to shake hands. Cilan, of course, shakes his hand which Ricard then picks up and... sniffs... saying that now that he has met Cilan he "reeks" with inexperience.

    What an @$$.

    Cilan is annoyed and pulls his hand back while Ash asks Cilan if anything is wrong (did you not hear Ricard insult Cilan?) though Cilan says this is just one way Connoisseurs greet each other (wow, Connoisseurs sound like jerks to each other, I wouldn't want people like that judging Human-Pokemon compatibility). The lights turn on and the butler announces the entrance of Mr. Hatterly who greets the Connoisseurs though Cilan asks why they've been kidnapped "invited" here which causes Mr. Hatterly to laugh and apologize saying it must have "slipped his mind". Mr. Hatterly explains that they're here because of her daughter, Marigold, who shyly bows and hides behind her father who announces to "open the curtains" as the giant curtains along the walls slide open to reveal a huge garden.

    Ash and Iris run out into the garden and spot a Petilil and Whimsicott (wow, they just shoehorned in those debuts) as everyone else walks into the garden and Mr. Hatterly says he's thinking about letting Marigold have her first Pokemon but she wants it to be the best Pokemon for her which is why he invited the Connoisseurs. Ricard is all aboard with this idea but Cilan says they must first get to know their client as Cilan asks Mr. Hatterly if they could ask Merigold some questions which Mr. Hatterly says he can. Cilan asks Merigold what Pokemon she would like but, as we saw when she first met everyone, she's shy and rushes behind her father though leaves a pink scent in the air which Cilan smells. Mr. Hatterly says Merigold is friends with all the Pokemon in the garden (... then what's the problem? Why do you need a Connoisseur to pick out one Pokemon for her if she's friends with all the Pokemon in the garden? It's not like people are only allowed to have one Pokemon, heck, Ash has so many Pokemon he neglects most and even released some) which Cilan says "isn't that lovely" though you can tell on his face that that didn't help.

    Burgundy "Mysterious Voice": Please, give me a break, how naive can you get?
    Comment: Being your the master of naive I'm sure you'll know.
    Burgundy "Mysterious Voice": You're about as clueless as a birthday present without ribbons or wrapping paper"

    Comment: Well if the present is money, a gift card, or in one of those sparkly bags then it wouldn't need those things.
    *Cilan, Mr. Hatterly, Merigold, and Ricard look surprised*
    Comment: I know, I also can't believe Burgundy (oops, SPOILERS!) thought that disguise would work. Leave the disguises to Team Rocket, they know how to do it.

    TOTALLY can't tell it's Team Rocket.

    The butler grabs Burgundy and tells her how dare she trespass without an inventation though she demands to be let go before she calls the authorities (yeah, if they haven't come already for Ash & co.'s kidnapping I don't think they'd come at all... and even if they did you'll still get in trouble for TRESPASSING). Burgundy gives her fake name, "Fogundy", saying she's an "S-Class" Connoisseur and shows her badge.

    SEEMS LEGIT! ... and now not only will you get in trouble for trespassing but also impersonating an S-Class Connoisseur (and no, you being a Connoisseur doesn't mean anything since you're a C-Class).

    Mr. Hatterly apologizes and the butler lets go as Cilan demands to know why she called him naive which Burgundy responds by saying picking a Pokemon by asking questions is naive (yeah, why should the person who's going to be given the Pokemon have any input on what that Pokemon is going to be?). Cilan asks how would Burgundy do it and she starts to... smell Merigold which causes the poor girl to scream in terror.

    You know, I think that S-Class Badge she has is real... the "S" stands for "Stupid".

    Mr. Hatterly picks up his daughter and asks Burgundy what is she doing but Burgundy just goes off to sniff all the other Pokemon (just be glad she chose her "smelling" technique instead of "tasting") in the garden until finding a Lillipup and saying that she smells Merigold's shampoo on the Lillipup thus this must be her favorite Pokemon. However Cilan notices Merigold frowning and says he's not so sure Lillipup is her favorite Pokemon also saying that Burgundy's deductive reasoning is flawed is her only reason is that Lillipup smells like Merigold's shampoo. Mr. Hatterly admits that he used Merigold's shampoo when he gave Lillipup a bath (why were you giving Lillipup a bath, don't have any maids?... to give Lillipup a bath, not give a bath to... let's move on) and apologizes to Merigold as Burgundy falls over in defeat. Cilan and Ricard then face Burgundy, Cilan saying he makes sure to be aware of all Connoisseurs (then why do you seem not to know who Ricard is?) but hasn't heard of her which Burgundy says she was a Connoisseur before they were born though Ricard says he didn't think there was a Connoisseur Association back then. Cilan asks to see Burgundy's badge again but Lillipup gets to it first and starts playing with it eventually licking off the "S" sticker revealing a "C" as Burgundy gets into a struggle with it and reveals that she's actually *GASP* BURGUNDY! Scene transition later we see the butler carry her out as Mr. Hatterly says she's not the type of Connoisseur he's looking for and should have an actual A-Class Connoisseur choosing Merigold's Pokemon. Cilan says he still has some questions to ask but Ricard says question time is through and says when a Connoisseur is choosing a Pokemon they should think of compatibility where both trainer and Pokemon compliment each other as we get scenes of "compatible" Trainer and Pokemon, with one which looks like a trainer is MARRYING HIS GOTHITELLE.

    Why does this show keep enforcing BESTIALITY?! First Bianca's fetish for Fighting-types and now this?!

    Mr. Hatterly says Ricard has a good point and Ricard announces his "Evaluation Time" (oh boy, get ready for a load of these), which includes a wiggle from his @$$, which makes Iris give a face we're all giving.

    Iris is not impressed, she thinks Cilan's @$$ is better:

    To sum up Ricard's next batch of dialogue, because Merigold is a little girl he picks a Petilil because it's cute though Merigold once again frowns as Mr. Hatterly asks what does Cilan think and Cilan says that Merigold's perfect Pokemon isn't Lillipup or Petilil which relieves Merigold but agitates Ricard. Ricard asks Cilan what Pokemon is the perfect match for Merigold but Cilan says he's still not sure and Ricard says the Cilan is only interested in disagreeing with his evaluation which Cilan isn't true and "anger electricity" spark between the two. Mr. Hatterly tells them to calm down and suggests that have a Pokemon Battle to decide which one would get to choose Merigold's Pokemon and both agree as Merigold gets worried and a Pokemon's silhouette appears behind some bushes.

    (Continued in next post)

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