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The Official Dub Discussion Thread

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    Crossdress To Success:
    As we wait for my question to be answered, we cut to a clothing store where Iris dresses up in a stupid green dress (he already ha the stupid hair, though now it's "molded" into a powdered wig shape ).

    LOL! They taped a heart to Pikachu's tail! Great attention to detail!

    Ash: Oh man...
    Comment: Is... is it time?

    Comment: YES! It's time for Ash's Once-A-Saga-Crossdressing-Time!
    Cilan: I don't think this is really my styIe.
    Ash: Come on! What's the point in doing all this in the first place?
    Comment: Ash you crossdressed to sneak into a Gym, help someone with their dating problems, and to help a maid café. You've lost your right to complain about crossdressing 2 crossdresses ago.

    So does this mean Ash now owns 4 dresses?

    Iris reminds Ash what Moira said about Snivy and then slaps a pink bow on Pansage.

    Back at the Flower Garden Troupe headquarters Ash & co. head in though are stopped by the gatekeeper though Iris says they're friends of Moira and are allowed in (don't bother calling the headquarters and asking Moira is that's true, just believe the girls you've never seen before (she didn't even stopped them after hearing Ash's undisguised voice) ).Inside, Ash & co. try to figure there way around though eventually find Mona (stupid orange dress and green hair) who asks who they are and Iris says they're fellow performers from the city and ask if they can watch the Flower Garden Troupe rehearse to pick up a few pointers.Mona thinks she recognizes them though Iris nervously says she's mistaken as Moira and Cher walk out and asks what's going on and Mona tells Moira about "Iris & gals" and then whispers something to her (probably something which will get that gatekeeper fired, for good reason) and Moira agrees.

    Moira: FIRST THOSE COSTUMES... They're splendid! It's so clever for you to wear your costumes to show everyone how extravagant you are. That's why we wear our costumes at all times. We're clever too.

    Comment: Ash is not amused.
    Iris: Well isn't that special.
    Ash: What that mean?
    Cilan: Play along with it...
    Comment: I don't think Ash couldn't care any less.

    Moira asks for their names with Iris giving hers and calling Ash & Cilan... ASHLEY (Now it's only a callback in the dub since it's a different name in the original Japanese, but I'll take it! )!Oh, Cilan's female name is Cilanor as Moira asks if all their Pokemon are female which "Ashley" says they are (wow, Ash has a very squeaky female voice), Pikachu grabbing its tail and pointing out it has a heart shape (IGNORE THE TAPE).

    Moira: I prefer you add "-ette" to your Pokemon's name. I think it's much far, far prettier that way.
    Ash: Is that girl nuts?
    Comment: HAHAHA! Ash is great in this episode, why can't he be like this all the time?

    Moira hears "Ashley" say something though Ash recovers by saying "Pikachuette" as Moira allows them to watch their rehearsal, Axew wanting to come out though Iris tells it to play along as it'll all be over soon.Moira tells "Iris & gals" to come with them as we cut to inside a dressing room where Moira tells them "Performance Rule #1" is to always be aware when your public is looking at you, "the eyes of stranger will help you get the poise you'll need for TV" (TV? I thought they did live stage performances?).Moira, Mona, and Cher then start poising as they say how beautiful their Pokemon are, annoying Iris.

    Ash: I'll never be able to look at myself in the mirror again.

    Cilan: Hush, you never do.
    Comment: Now I know Cilan meant that Ash doesn't keep quiet, but the way that sentence is constructed makes it sound like Cilan says Ash never looked at himself with respect.

    Moira's "Performance Rule #2" is that unless they walk with beauty and grace they can't shine on stage as she click a button on a remote which brings up a balance beam from the floor.Moira tells "Iris & gals" she wants them to walk straight on the balance beam without looking at their feet which Snivy and Emolga show off they can do without any trouble.

    Moira: Enjoy your success while you still can, because now we're going to show you how much blood, sweat, and tears go into the fine art of being beautiful.
    Comment: Beauty is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

    Moira clicks a button the remote again and a pool of mud appears below the balance beam, Moira explaining one wrong step and they'll sink in the mud.Moira then brings up a challenge, their Pokemon will battle on the balance beam and whoever gets to the other side wins, teasing if they were up for the challenge which Iris accepts.

    First up is Roserade vs. Pansage as Pansage jump across the beam and Roserade struts into they get to the middle where they begin pushing each other.Pansage then gives a full force push but Roserade leans back, causing Pansage to miss, lose balance, and fall off the balance beam into the mud as Roserade walks to the other side.

    Next is Emolga (odd, being this is an Iris-based episode you'd think Iris would be having the last battle with Moira's Cinccino) vs. Lilligant as Emolga walks to the center and Lilligant bounces finally getting to the middle where they start pushing.Lilligant then eases causing Emolga to fly off the beam but being Emolga is a, you know, Flying-type it's able to grab onto an edge and flip itself back up where Lilligant tries punching it down but Emolga kicks Lilligant in the head causing it to fall into the mud, Emolga then walking all the way across.Iris starts laughing her head off as Ash & Cilan look on with worry (I guess while unattractiveness isn't catchable, b****iness sure is) though Iris elbows Ash and Cilan into laughing, Iris gloating about Lilligant sinking in the mud as Moira vows to teach them good manners.

    Finally it's Cinccino vs. Snivy as both balance their way across the beam until reaching the middle where they start to push each other.Cinccino does that leaning trick but Snivy had caught onto that and jumps up in the air and bouncing off Cinccino's head.Cinccino chases after it but Snivy just grabs and flips it into the mud, Snivy walking all the way across, Ash celebrating in his usual way though a glare from Moira has Ash tone it down.However the celebration is short lived as Cinccino shakes off the mud easily as Moira explains that it has a coating of oil on its body which prevents it from getting dirty (so I guess this must be the only case where a girl having oily skin is a good thing), Ash saying that isn't fair and Iris getting really angry.

    Mud Bath:
    Moira leads "Iris & gals" into a room saying in there is "Performance Rule #3", showing that the room houses their "beauty battlefield" which is a circle stage surrounded by a mud moat.Moira explains here they reveal a Pokemon's true beauty is in its strength and that there's a special rule that the losing trainer has her and her Pokemon both covered in mud, saying that on stage the trainer has to be beautiful too.

    First battle is Iris's Emolga (again, it's Iris's episode yet she's not battling Moira) vs. Cher's Roserade, Roserade attacking first with Poison String though Emolga dodges. Emolga uses Discharge but Roserade dodges and attacks with Bullet Seed, Emolga jumping back to dodgebut ends up balancing off the edge of the stage, only barely managing to not fall in. Emolga uses Hidden Power which knocks Roserade back and then hits it with a Discharge, though Roserade hangs in and attacks with Bullet Seed which Emolga easily dodges.Roserade uses Energy Ball which hits Emolga and sends it falling into the mud, however Emolga quickly recovers and skims the mud confusing Cher, Moira, and Mona as Iris explains that Emolga is an expert glider which Moira calls unfair (unfair? IT'S BEEN FLYING DURING THE BALANCE BEAM AND THIS BATTLE! If you didn't want it to be flying you should have called Iris out on it during the Balance Beam battle) though Iris says it's no more unfair than Cinccino's oil.Roserade uses Poison Sting but Emolga dodges and hits Roserade using Discharge followed by a Hidden Power, knocking Roserade into Cher which cause both to fall in the mud, Cher and Roserade starting to cry as Iris laughs (you just knows she wants to do an evil laugh ).

    It's now Cilan's Pansage vs. Mona's Lilligant though Pansage isn't that into the battle but Cilan reminds it if they lose they get covered in much which makes Pansage start to worry.Pansage use Bullet Seed but Lilligant dodges and uses Leech Seed which Pansage dodges by using Dig... and comes back up all muddy.Mona teases that it's muddy underground too which gives Cilan his turn to say something is unfair as Lilligant uses Energy Ball which sends both Pansage and Cilan into the mud; Mona, Moira, and Cher laughing as Iris vows revenge will be theirs.

    This is what happens when you have a monkey Pokemon, you become the butt monkey.

    Moira asks who will battle her and Cinccino which Ash says and he Snivy will but Iris stops him and says she wants to battle Moira with Snivy which Ash agrees to.Scene transition later, it's Iris & Snivy vs. Moira's Cinccino and Cinccino starts the battle with a Tail Slap which hits but Snivy recovers with a Vine Whip which hits (funny, Vine Whip hit Cinccino two times while Tail Slap only hit Snivy once).Cinccino then uses Rock Blast but Snivy dodges and uses Leaf Storm... which despite hitting is doing no damage to Cinccino.Cinccino uses Hyper Beam which Snivy dodges and uses Leaf Storm once more but still does no damage as Cinccino uses Giga Impact which Snivy dodges, Ash and Cilan noting how powerful Cinccino's moves are.Snivy use Leaf Storm to get Cinccino out of the Giga Impact as Cinccino tries another Tail Slap however Snivy uses Vine Whip to grab it and then a Leaf Blade to knock Cinccino into Moira and both into the mud. As Moira moans about being covered in mud, Cinccino tries to clean the mud off it but is unable to which confuses Moira but Iris explains it's because during the battle Snivy's "missed" Leaf Storms actually were cleaning the oil off Cinccino.

    Iris, Snivy, and Emolga laugh as Moira starts complaining however they are all interupted by the sound of applause as a women dressed in a white suit walks in who Moira calls Ms. Chandler.Ms. Chandler congratulates "Iris & gals" for beating their star pupil Moira and asks if they would like to join the Flower Garden Troupe on stage which "Iris & gal" nervously turn down and start running away."Iris & gals" run all the way out of the headquarters, Ms. Chandler running behind asking for them to reconsider though they give a final no before escaping and Ms. Chandler giving up disappointed they got away.

    At the clothing store, "Iris & gals" turn back to Ash & co. as Ash asks if Iris is satisfied which Iris says she is and then some.Cilan says he can't believe they were asked to work with them as Ash teases Cilan that with his dress he would have fit right in (well Cilan is pretty bishonen) but Cilan asks them to be serious as they all share a laugh.And with Iris getting her girly revenge and Ash adding a fourth dress to his wardrobe, they continue on to Vertress City for the Unova League.

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    Episode: BW099 "A Surface To Air Tag Battle Team!"

    A meh episode, it had an interesting idea though didn't really do anything with it, plus there's a few lapses in logic I must call into question. Ash & co. encounter two boys named Soren and Rocko who call themselves the greatest tag battle team, having a theme of air and land and using a Braviary and Drilbur to match the themes. They challenge Ashto a tag battle with Cilan as his partner after hearing he's a Gym Leader with brothers. Can Ash& Cilan win againsta battling styIe of air and land? What attack combos do these brothers have in store? Is air and land such a tight combo or is there a problem that will be made evident? Finally can you count all the Pokemon which appear that Ash & co. either own or have owned? There's quite a few, though for the most part I mention every Pokemon that appears in the episode so you can just read this instead of watching the episode (I anything I'd say watch the Ash & Cilan vs. Soren &Rocko combo then go do something else):

    Blowing Out Dirt:
    We start off the episode with Ash & co. walking through a path in a middle of a corn field.

    Iris: Wow, nature's everywhere
    Comment: You don't say. Next Iris will discover water is wet...

    Cilan says how much it's a nice day out (so much so he wants to make poetry) but suddenly a small whole forms in front of them.From the hole pops out a Drilbur though it soon retreats back into the hole as a Braviary flies high overhead.Ash scans it as Iris wonders what a Braviary is doing here though Cilan says it looks to be watching them which Iris says he's imagining.Ash says they should keep going but they all stop when they hear laughter around them and see standing on a stack of hay:

    The amazingly g** duo!

    The two boys jump in front of Ash & co. as the Drilbur appears from the hole in front of them and the Braviary flies down right behind them.The boy with the yellow parts asks the boy with the cyan parts (calling him big brother though I'm guessing they're twins) if he's ready which the boy with the cyan parts says he is, both then challenging Ash & co. to a battle..Opener, title, and everyone has moved to a cleared out square in the corn field where Ash excepts the boy's challenge though Iris says there's something that feels rushed about this and Cilan asks to at least know their named.

    Cyan Boy: Our names? What, have you been living underground your whole life.
    Comment: Not necessarily, just your entire lives being you're both younger then Ash & co..
    Yellow Boy: Funny, they don't look like Drilbur.
    *both begin to laugh*

    Comment: You know you're not funny when no one else is laughing at your "joke".
    Cyan Boy: Huh? Don't you guys have a sense of humor?
    Yellow Boy: Of course, your speechless because you're blown away by excellent joke.
    Comment: Oh sweet Arceus no, they pointed out no one laughed, their gimmick is that thet make tons of bad jokes only they think are funny, isn't it? NOOOOOOOOOO! DO NOT WANT!

    Ash & co. decide that they'll introduce themselves first and we finally get the boys to reveal their name: Soren (Cyan) who has the Braviary and Rocko (Yellow) who has the Drilbur.They claim to be the warriors and ruler of the air (Soren) and land (Rocko) as well as the "greatest bros" (I think Mario and Luigi will like to have a word with you).For some reason this makes Iris ask if this means they won the Unova League which Soren say they did but immediately admits he lied as Rocko says they wouldn't want to enter anyway (good, Ash already has 4 rivals in the Unova League, 3 if Cameron mishears and goes to Fortree City).Cilan asks why not and the boys say that its because the Unova League doesn't have a tag battle division (you know, they have a point, their should be a tag battle division for Double and Triple Battles (not too sure if Rotation Battle exists/even possible in the anime) which has Iris conclude they're the greatest tag battle team.Soren says she's right as Rocko says they're te greatest and recently they defeated their arch rivals: The Subway bosses Ingo and Emmet (yeah... 1. What were Ingo and Emmet doing being this far away from Nimbasa City? 2. You've shown to be liars already).And it's not that Soren and Rocko went to the Battle Subway, we go into a "flashback" where they're battling Ingo and Emmet in the corn field.Cilan is amazed as Soren says it was all part of thier big dream battle, Cilan asking if they mean during battles they dream big though Rocko reveals that what they meant is that they had a dream where they defeated Ingo and Emmet.Iris calls them little kids though Soren says they're little kids with big dream when Rocko realizes they never had battled the Subway bosses and suggest that should be their real dream, laughing once more.

    Iris: What a couple of pains, let's get out of here.
    Cilan: Agreed.
    Comment: Cilan took my line.

    But of course Ash has been challenged to a battle so he agrees which get the brothers excited and tell Ash that he has to choose someone to battle with.Cilan tells Ash its his choice though Iris says that because Cilan has two brothers he might as well tag battle with him.Rocko is surprised Cilan has two brothers and Cilan explains him and his brothers are the Striaton Gym Leaders which have the brothers agreeing the Cilan has to be Ash's tag partner (they could have promoted Black 2 & White 2 right here by having Cilan mention that sometimes him and his brothers will tag battle against one ).

    Rocko: If we defeat a Gym Leader then we'll become the world's greatest tag battle brothers.
    Comment: No, you would have just defeated a Gym Leader. And being this isn't an official Gym battle you won't even get a badge if you defeat Cilan. You were sort of in the right trail of thought in thinking that defeatig Ingo and Emmer will net you the title.

    Combo Copying:
    With Iris judging, Ash & Cilan send out Unfezant & Pansage, respectively, as Soren tells them to listen up as they start blathering on about the air and land calling to them and that they're the greatest brothers.

    Ash is not amused.

    Cilan asks if they have to do that which they ask if they should say it again which Ash says they don't need to so they say they attack first which surprises Ash who asks why.The brothers don't respond as they go on some speel about the air and land becoming one and telling their Pokemon to use "Drill Wing", confusing Ash & co. having never heard of that attack.Braviary flies down using Wing Attack as Drilbur does a Drill Run but it then flies into Braviary's claws making it start spinning turning them both into a spinning mass of energy (and I got to admit, it does look pretty impressive).Cilan says its a combo move of Wing Attack and Drill Run as Unfezant and Pansage gets hit and are sent flying straight up though balance themselves out and land on their feet.

    Ash says if they're using combo moves then they will too (too bad Pikachu isn't battling with Unfezant, they could have brought back the glory and Tauros mulch that was THUNDER ARMOR) and Cilan says it'll also be an air and land combo.Ash tells Unfezant to lift up Pansage and both are soon in the air where Pansage uses Bullet Seed however Braviary dodges it so Ash orders Unfezant to chase after them.After some aerial maneuvering, Pansage uses Bullet Seed again though Bravairy still dodges.

    Rocko: Hey, quit copying us!
    Comment: Well technically they aren't, Unfezant is just flying Pansage around while it uses Bullet Seed, it's not really a combo attack.

    Soren tells Rocko to not worry as they go into their next combo move: Brave Dig.Drilbur falls back to the ground and uses Dig as Braviary follows right behind as Ash and Cilan wonder where they'll come out.Drilbur jumps out of the ground and tries hitting but Unfezant and Pansage dodge.

    Cilan: Of course, "Brave Dig" is referring to Drilbur's Dig.
    Ash: What about "Brave"?
    Comment: ... think, what is the ONLY MOVE which has "Brave" in its name. Hint: The move us being used by Braviary, a BIRD.

    Though their question is soon answered as Braviary flies out and uses Brave Bird which hits Unfezant causing it and Pansage to start falling.The brothers quickly announce their next combo attack: Aerial Claw, which Drilbur uses... I'll let Ash and Cilan explain it:

    Ash: It's Metal Claw and Aerial Ace!
    Cilan: That's why they call it Aerial Claw!
    Comment: We could kind of figure that by ourselves, Cilan.

    With Drilbur on its back, Braviary flies in close and Drilbur attacks Pansage with Metal Claw while Braviary attacks Unfezant with Aerial Ace (you know if you would have switched you would have hit Pansage super effectively instead of both neutrally).Unfezant and Pansage hit the ground as Iris is amazed by the brother's combo moves and the brothers tell Ash & Cilan they can forfeit any time though Ash & Cilan say they won't.Unfezant and Pansage get back up as Ash & Cilan decide to copy "Brave Dig" using Pansage's Dig and Unfezant's Quick Attack which work just like "Brave Dig" did, Braviary dodging the Dig but being hit by Quick Attack (you'd think the brothers would know not to fall for that trick being it's their own).

    Ash: Like it? That was our "Dig Quick".
    Comment: You had a 50/50 chance of getting that right Ash, and you STILL got it wrong.
    Cilan: Wait, perhaps "Quick Dig" would be better.

    Iris: They both stink.
    Comment: Iris is not amused.

    The brothers final combo move (unless they made a combo move for every combination though doesn't look like it) is "Fury Rock".

    Cilan: Another battle combo move.
    Comment: That's what they've been doing this entire battle Cilan, why do you sound surprised?

    "Fury Rock" is when Drilbur uses Rock Slide (the move which now summons rocks to fall from another dimension) and Braviary uses Fury Attack to peck the rocks at Unfezant and Pansage.Unfezant dodges the rocks as Pansage uses SolarBeam and hits sending Braviary and Drilbur falling to the ground, and when the dust clears its revealed Braviary and Drilbur have fainted.Iris declares Ash & Cilan the winners as the brothers return their Pokemon in defeat and, like true brothers, blames the other one for the loss.

    (Continued next post)

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    Fishing Up New Strategies:
    Ash says they don't need to fight, Iris calls them little kids for acting this way (well, they ARE little kids so your points is moot their Iris), and Cilan says brothers should be helping one another.Soren says that's good advice and Rocko says for now on he'll call Cilan his "super duper big bro" (anyone getting a feeling that Rock has a big brother complex?).

    Cilan is not amused (man, Ash & co. aren't being very amused in this episode).

    Rocko asks Soren what do they need to do to become strong tag team battlers.

    Cilan: Let's Solrock's light shine upon the lost Mareep!
    Comment: ...WHAT?! Solrock's light... lost Mareep... wait, is that some sort of biblical quote about Jesus? There's something like that saying in the New Testament called the "Parable of the Lost Sheep", is that what it's referring to?

    Cilan tells the brothers to leave everything to him as (after coming back from a Who's That Pokemon) he starts an "Evaluation Time" saying Braviary is good for double battles because of its flying skills, claws, and protective nature as well as saying tag battling is Soren's strength meaning their compatibility is perfect.Drilbur's digging truly does truly make it the ruler of the land and Rocko's strength is also tag battles so their compatibility is also perfect.Going into moves, Braviary knows Wing Attack, Brave Bird, Aerial Ace, & Fury Attack while Drilbur knows Drill Run, Dig, Metal Claw, & Rock Slide meaning combined they their type coverage is Flying, Normal, Ground, Steel, and Rock, something which Cilan says makes them simple (in a bad way).Rocko asks what's wrong with simple and Cilan says its TOO simple (saying this as he breaks the fourth wall and pushes the brother's split screen apart) as they don't do well against opponents with a type advantage (while this is true for Braviary, I think Drilbur has an okay moveset).Rock asks what what are they going to do about it and Cilan say that they're going to need to catch a Water-type Pokemon (OH, what Cilan is saying they need more Pokemon... though thinking about it that doesn't really change all that much. Braviary is weak to Electric, Ice, and Rock-type attacks and Drilbur to Grass, Ice, and Water. While the Water-type can take the Water- and Ice-type attacks and is super effective against Rock-type, it'll take super effective hits against Electric- and Grass-type attacks. Maybe one of the brothers should also catch a Grass-type, I think that'll help out a bit more).Cilan explains that since they are already the "ruler" of air and land and if they get a "ruler" of the water, the brothers then finish Cilan's sentence saying they'll be the "rulers" of air, land, and water (and if they can get a Fire- and a Pokemon representing a heart they can summon CAPTAIN PLANET!).Soren and Rocko agrees to catch a Water-type though Ash says they have to figure out how to do that though Cilan tells him not to worry and reminds him that he's a "Fishing Connoisseur" which impresses the brothers.

    Iris: Here comes that pain again...
    Comment: Is that still a metaphorical pain or have you actually gained physical pains from Cilan's shenanigans?

    At a nearby canal, Cilan says it's the perfect fishing spot and gets out his custom rod and lure, the brothers joining in soon after, though Iris tells Ash they might as well fish while they're here which he agrees saying he might see a new water Pokemon.This gets Cilan talking about the joy of excitement about how you never know what Pokemon you're going to catch.We cut a bit ahead to the brothers catching something on their lines (they got each other's lures, didn't they?) and Cilan tells them to reel the Pokemon in slowly an soon they discover they fished in a male an female Frillish.The brothers begin arguing what combo move they should use as Ash says it's not the time to fight and Iris tell them to quickly give their commands.However they aren't fast enough and Braviary and Drilbur end up getting hit by a double BubbleBeam before the Frillish escape.The brothers start blaming each other though Cilan splits them apart (breaking the fourth wall once more) as he explains it's important in a double battle to cover weaknesses and accentuate strengths but if the trainers fight then everything goes wrong which the brothers agree with and thank their "super duper big bro" Cilan.

    Cilan, considering you and you're brother's main Pokemon are based off type, they might as well be the Flying and Ground "honorary brothers".

    Cutting a bit ahead again, the brother gets two more bites (yet none for the "Fishing Connoisseur" I notice ) and pull up... a Corphish and Buizel (wow, they missed Ash so much they swam all the way to Unova!).

    Soren & Rocko: Who are they?
    Ash: A Corphish and Buizel.


    Comment: You're not seeing things folk. Ash is scanning a Corphish and Buizel... two Pokemon which HE OWNS!

    Iris asks if they're going to work together this time and the brothers say they are, though Corphish and Buizel get the first attack with BubbleBeam and Water Gun, respectively.Braviary dodges the water attacks and the use "Brave Dig"... on a canal...

    SO, who's paying for the damages to the canal?

    The attack hits (they better for the amount of property damage they caused!) and Soren says he'll catch Buizel while Rocko catches Corphish and they throw their Pokeballs... but Corphish and Buizel break out!The brothers then use "Drill Wing" and thankfully manage to ignore damaging the canal and hit Corphish an Buizel, throwing their Pokeballs once more and this time capturing Corphish and Buizel (so... what was the purpose of them not being caught the first attempt? Oh, to fill up time, of course).The brothers celebrate as Ash congratulates them, Soren saying they have air and land with Rocko finishing up saying they now have the "triple whammy power of water" (no, you have the "double whammy power of water" since you caught two Water-types, unless you were talking about the whole, air, land, and water theme... which is now sort of out of whack since both of you own a Water-type now meaning half of your power is water and only a quarter is air and land), Iris saying they'll see about that "triple whammy" part.The brothers thank "super duper big bro" Cilan and beg for him to see their new move.

    Iris: We really should be going now but I don't think that's going to happen.

    Comment: Welcome to a filler episode Iris, an episode where it feels like it goes no where and ends with nothing important happening.

    The brothers go through their whole "air and land becoming" one blabber though now adding in water until they start going into their new combo moves (WHEN did they have time to practice these new combo moves with their new Pokemon?).First is "Brave Jet" which is Braviary's Brave Bird and Buizel's Aqua Jet and then "Bubble Drill" made of Drilbur's Drill Run and Corphish's BubbleBeam (unless your giving your brother Buizel shouldn't Braviary be making combo attacks with Corphish and Buizel combo attacks with Drilbur?).

    Iris: But since they're tag battling shouldn't they both be involved in a battle combo move?
    Soren: Not with us, and that's why we're the most powerful bros using our new tag battling style!
    Comment: AND then one battle both Braviary and Drilbur will be knocked out leaving you with your two Water-type with the same weaknesses as each other (unless Corphish evolves, but then again that only makes it part Dark-type which doesn't help with its Water-type weaknesses) and no combo moves since you for some reason thought this situation wasn't possible despite IRIS HAVING POINTED IT OUT TO YOU!

    Rocko says they'll be ready to battle anywhere and at anytime, all of them sharing a group laugh for some reason.Ash tells them to keep that spirit up and train hard and next time the meet (now it's my turn to laugh, HAHAHA!) they can have another tag battle.

    FINALLY Ash & co. leave and are travelling down the canal, Cilan satisfied with fulfilling his Connoisseur duty when Ash spots a Swanna and Palpitoad in the water.Cilan then starts thinking it might have been a better idea for Soren to catch a Swanna and Rocko to catch a Palpitoad since those will work even better with their strengths.Iris tells him not to worry with Ash saying the brothers are excited about their new Pokemon so Cilan agrees everything turned out okay as the narrator comes in to end the episodes.

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    Episode: BW100 "A Village Homecoming!"

    Good episode, not only isn't it a filler but we finally get to see one place constantly mentioned: Iris's home, The Village of Dragons! However everything isn't as peaceful as it seems since there's a few secrets being kept. Ash & co. arrive to Iris's home village, The Village of Dragons, where they meet up with an old friend's of Iris as well as go see the Elder. After the Elder examines Axew, Ash & co. go back to Shannon's place where they see one of the Zweilous she's raising isn't feeling so good. They go inside to eat and talk, though when the non-sick Zweilous start yelling and the sick Zweilous is no where to be seen everyone starts getting worried. What did the Elder say about Iris's raising of Axew? What has happened to Shannon's sick Zweilous? What are these secrets being kept from us? And being we've gone beyond the whole "only Unova Pokemon" why aren't there any other previous generation dragons here (aside from Iris's Dragonite)? Well the last question is probably because this place was shown in a lot of flashbacks having no previous generation Dragon-types (though they could have said some migrated there while Iris was away), but the others are answered below:

    More Like The Village Of The Axew Family:
    We start with Ash & co. on a mountain trail when Iris tells them their almost to her home village, the Village of Dragons, just a hillside away. Iris runs on ahead as we finally hear from Iris herself that she did indeed want to skip Opelucid City because she didn't want to see Drayden (guess Daryden's curbstomp didn't only affect Excadrill...) though quickly changes to the subject of how happy she is returning home. Opener, title, and now we're in the Village of Dragons as we see a whole batch of Dragon-type Pokemon (well, actually one Druddigon and the Axew family (and only the Axews are playing, their evolutions are sleeping or sitting around... where id the Deino family?) and people walking by/watching them. As Ash & co. enjoy the sites, a girl comes running down to Iris calling her name who Iris says is Shannon and they lock hands.

    Thus a new ship was born (you can't tell from this pic, but they're also blushing...)

    Shannon asks if her returning means her journey is over though Iris says she's just visiting and Shannon says she looks great as well as Axew, Iris giving her back the same comment. Iris tells Ash & Cilan that her and Shannon has been friends since they were kids (maybe you should first introduce everyone before giving details?) as Shannon is amazed to see a Pikachu. Iris tells Shannon that Ash an Cilan are on a journey with her and Shannon begs Iris to tell her about all the Pokemon she've seen though Iris says she should see the village elder first (hey, Iris, do you even have parents?), but nearby a bush starts shaking. Axew notices the shaking bush and points it out as two Zweilous walk out from behind it and Shannon calls them over and explain she's taking care of them. Iris says she has to see the Elder now though will come by Shannon's house later (throughout that scene Shannon never stopped blushing for some reason...).

    At the Elder's house we finally see her in person and she already knows who Ash and Cilan are even though I don't ever recalling Iris talking with the Elder since she met Ash. The Elder thanks them from taking care of Iris though Ash says no need to thank them as Iris take care of herself while making the strangest face:

    I can only imagine before meeting the Elder that Iris knew she was going to say that so threatened Ash and Cilan if they do anything to embarrass her she'll beat them up.

    The Elder says Iris has always done her own thing and hoped she hasn't cause them too much problem.

    Ash: Not too much.
    Iris: EXCUSE ME!

    Comment: Well, looks like Ash is getting beaten up after this.

    The Elder laughs as she remembers Iris always being a free spirit (don't worry, in time society will crush her spirit, it always does) as Iris tells the Elder she's embarressing her. Axew then jumps out of Iris's hair and into the Elder's arm, happy to see its been doing well. Iris says though Axew has been doing well it hasn't evolved yet though the Elder says evolving isn't everything and examines Axew (by staring into its sould apparently) and tells Iris she's been raising Axew excellently, Cilan noting the way the Elder looked at Axew. One of the guys with the Elder asks if Iris has gotten any other Dragon-type Pokemon with the other guy asking if she did could they show them (ah, I was wondering what they were there for, to get Iris to she her Dragonite) and Iris agrees (gee, sending out Dragonite in a place filled with other Dragon-types, I can't imagine anything going wrong there...).

    Outside, Iris sends out Dragonite which impresses the Elder and the other two guys, though wouldn't you know it, Dragonite soon spots a resting Haxorus and roars a challenge at it. Haxorus gets up and walk towards Dragonite growling, goth glaring at each other until finally butting heads.

    Iris: Hey Dragonite! What are you doing?!
    Comment: Getting into a fight, like it ALWAYS does...

    Dragonite uses ThunderPunch but Haxorus dodges and punches Dragonite back who then punches back and it pretty much turns into a slugfest. Iris asks the Elder what does she do as the Elder runs toward the fighting dragons and jumps inbetween them just as Dragonite is punching, falling down just in time to miss the punch as a surprised Dragonite twirls around and falls down. The Elder then calms the Haxorus and makes it sit down, though behind them Dragonite gets back up however the Elder does the samething she did with the Haxorus and eventually gets it to sit down, amazing Ash & co.. The Elder says that Dragonite must have been in a lot of battles to be as strong as it is though also kind as it didn't strike her with its punch and thanks it, then asking Dragonite to take care of Iris which it nods to. The Elder tells Ash & co. everything is alright as Iris returns Dragonite and Ash asks if she can tell them more about the Village of Dragons though the Elder suggests Iris show them around and Iris says they should visit Shannon's house. But as they leave, the bushes behind the Elder shake and... DRAYDEN! Yeah, Drayden is here, and the Elder tells him they're gone and asks if he's satisfied, which Drayden says he'll see (geez, this scene sort of makes it sound like Drayden has something evil planned for Iris...). The Elder says that Iris thinks she ran away without Drayden's permission (wait, I though the Elder set Iris on her quest to become a Dragon Master? Also I thought Drayden has nothing to do with the Village of Dragons?) so Drayden says he wants to see what she has gained from the path she chose.

    At Shannon's house, Ash & co. meet up with Shannon who's tending to one of her Zweilous which is not feeling well all of the sudden (Drayden probably poisoned it to test Iris's raising skills). Iris asks if it ate too much and Shannon says that's a possibility though with all this food talk going on Ash stomach adds in its opinion.

    First embarressing her in front of the Elder and now this, Ash is going to be all black and blue when Iris is done with him.

    Shannon suggests they go inside and have some lunch, they'll be able to catch up and be able to keep an eye on the sick Zweilous. Inside, Shannon serves Ash & co. a chunk a cheese as she thanks them for helping move Zweilous inside. Ash is enjoying the food and Iris mentions great food and fresh air is 2 of the things that makes the Village of Dragons a great place, Cilan agreeing saying that though he's a city boy he enjoys the slow and relaxed country living which Shannon oddly says "interesting" too (you're working with Drayden too, aren't you? Your job was probably to see how Ash and Cilan had influenced Iris...). Actually Shannon says she wants to live like Iris, a life of fun and freedom, so Iris suggests Shannon come with them (sorry Iris, 2 companions with Ash at a time (Max was a package deal with May)) though she's not quite sure. Iris reminds Sharron they always talked about going on an a journey when they were little (you're still kids you know... and where are Shannon's parents? Do all kids have no parents in the Village of Dragons?), though Shannon says she doesn't have the talent like Iris does and is training to become a Pokemon Breeder (like that stopped Brock from travelling with Ash...). Iris tells Shannon that she has just as much talent as her though Shannon says there are only a few people that can communicate with Dragon-type Pokemon besides the Elder and Iris is one of them (dun Dun DUN!). Iris brings up that the Elder asked Shannon to raise the Zweilous which Shannon says that's all she's good for (jeez kid, a pessimist would tell you to cheer up) though Cilan says being able to raise any Pokemon is a wonderful talent.

    Ash: He's right, and look how great you're doing!
    Comment: Ash, maybe you'll want to save that comment AFTER Zweilous is feeling better. *sigh*

    Cilan says she'll gain a whole lot of experience on a journey with Ash adding in it's a lot of fun (when their aren't people trying to steal your Pokemon, getting into dangerous situations, trying to stop the end of the world every movie...) which gets Shannon to admit before the Zweilous evolved she was going to ask if the Elder would allow her to go on a journey (don't you mean ask Drayden?) and now Iris is asking her. Iris says the Elder would agree (if it fits into Drayden's plans...) but suddenly they hear one of the Zweilous yelling and when they get outside they see the healthy one is making the noise while the sick one is gone. The Zweilous lead Ash & co. (+ Shannon) to where the other Zweilous is... and see that it's evolving!

    Cilan: I think it's starting to evolve!
    Iris: That's great!
    Shannon: Yeah! Zweilous, that's wonderful.
    Comment: Oh you're not going to think like that in a minute. Say Ash, mind using your Pokedex?
    *Zweilous evolves into a Hydreigon*
    Ash: That's awesome! *pulls out Pokedex*
    Pokedex: Hydreigon, the Brutal Pokemon and the evolved form of Zweilous. Hydreigon uses its six wings to travel the skies. It will attack anything that moves, seeing it as an opponent.
    Comment: Oh that was what I was hoping to hear. Things are about to get a WHOLE lot more fun... and for Dragonite too...

    So This Is Where Ghetsis Got His Hydreion:
    Iris congratulates Shannon though Shannon says something doesn't look right as Hydreigon looks at its two head hands and then its reflection in the water... and uses Draco Meteor causing explosions all around the village (CONGRATULATION SHANNON! ). A quick Who's That Pokemon (oh Who's That Pokemon, you got the wrong member of the Deino family we're now focusing on ), Shannon asks Hydreigon to calm down though as she and Zweilous try to get near Hydreigon uses Gust (I think?) to blow them back. Shannon falls down which upsets Zweilous so it uses... Steel Wing (it looks like it, but it can't learn Steel Wing) but Hydreigon attacks back with Dragon Rush which knocks it down. Shannon checks on Zweilous as Ash & co. run up and Shannon says she doesn't know why Hydreigon is acting like this and Cilan suggests that it got caught off guard by evolving and so is freaking out (that, or since the two brains of Zweilous COMBINE upon evolving into Hydreigon I think that might cause some mental issues). Ash agrees with Cilan's theory (since that's the more child friendly one) and Shannon asks how are they going to calm it down as Iris remembers how the Elder calmed Dragonite down and Iris says she has to get close to Hydreigon. Iris says she needs a place surrounded by hills and Shannon reminds her of a valley on the other side of the lake so Iris sends out Emolga and Dragonite (oh things keep getting more fun) and tells them to chase Hydreigon to the valley. Emolga jumps on Dragonite's head (Emolga, you can fly on your own, stop being lazy) as they fly up to Hydreigon but it sees them coming and tries punching them though they dodge and Dragonite attacks back with a ThunderPunch but Hydreigon dodges. Emolga uses Discharge which pushes Hydreigon further back as Iris runs alongside the river.

    Iris: Good job! Both of you keep up those pretend attacks and chase Hydreigon to the cliff pass the lake.
    Comment: Yes, yell out your plan so Hydreigon can hear the attacks are fake.

    Dragonite and Emolga keep pushing Hydreigon back (the animators even got to re-use some footage ) as Hydreigon gets close to land and Iris runs to it with Ash, Cilan, and Shannon close behind. With Hydreigon now at a base of a cliff, Iris sends out Axew and Excadrill to box it in and when it tries flying up it's stopped by Dragonite and Emolga. Hydreigon starts a Dragon Rush but Iris has Axew and Excadrill stop it with a Dragon Rage and Focus Blast. Iris runs up the cliff and jumps onto Hydreigon's back (Hey Iris, GET UP ON THE HYDRA'S BACK!) though it throws her off however she flips back onto her feet and tries again, Ash and Cilan ready to send their Pokemon out to help but the Elder stops them. Drayden watches from in the forest as Iris jumps on Hydreigon's back once (GET UP ON THE HYDRA'S BACK!) more which gets Axew anxious though she tells it to stay until she gives the signal. The Elder tells everyone that this is Iris's struggle and they can only watch, Ash gets annoyed but the Elder gives a firm "Do not interfere" which scares Ash and Cilan back. Shannon says she couldn't forgive herself if one of her Pokemon hurt Iris though the Elder tells her to watch and she may learn something as well to believe in Iris since she's training to become a Dragon Master. Hydreigon has gotten wise to Iris's plan though Iris has Axew and Excadrill distract it so it turns around and she can jump onto its back again (GET UP ON THE HYDRA'S BACK!) though this time he hangs on and despite Hydreigon's head hands biting her arm she tells it everything is going to be alright. Hydreigon tries throwing her off but gets exhausted as Iris tells it there's nothing to be afraid of, it has gotten stronger because it evolved but that its okay (easy for you to say, you don't have two minds in one head), and it needs to control that power. Iris manages to calm down Hydreigon as everyone watches, especially Drayden who we can't tell what his expression is because of his awesome beard.

    Iris jumps off Hydreigon's back (no no Iris, GET UP ON THE HYDRA'S BACK!) and says everything is going to be alright, Shannon running up and hugging her saying thanks. Zweilous walks up to Hydreigon as Shannon says it looks great as Ash and Cilan congratulate Iris. The Elder says Iris did a good job training her Pokemon so she didn't doubt her and Iris thanks her though Drayden comes out from hiding asking "I wonder" making Iris nervous. Seeing Drayden, Iris asks what Drayden is here and the Elder says that he heard Iris was visiting so he came to check on her progress.

    Iris: I'm so sorry I dropped out of school sir, please forgive me.
    Comment: Wait, school?... IRIS! What haven't you been telling us?

    Drayden says that Iris has grown a little bit which gets Iris excited as he then says he'll be waiting at the Opelucid Gym to see how much she has grown before leaving. Ash asks Cilan who that was and Cilan says that was Drayden, Opelucid City's Gym Leader. Iris is excited that Drayden complimented her as the Elder tells Iris she has gotten stronger, and seeing that the Elder is happy Shannon decides it would be a good opportunity to ask the Elder if she could go on a journey, sort of. For some reason Shannon says after the other Zweilous evolves if she could go on a journey (probably to give her an excuse why she can't join Ash & co.) and the Elder says she's been waiting for her to ask saying that everyone has a talent they need to realize and the most important thing is that she needs to follow her own path. Ash and Cilan congratulate Shannon as Iris says they both should give it everything they got and then says she's not the same person when she started her journey and sets forth to Opelucid City as the Narrator finishes the episode.

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    Episode: BW101 "Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future!"

    Pretty good episode, we finally arrive to Opelucid City, found out about Iris's full story, had our Gym Battle with Drayden, and revealed what Drayden has planned for Iris... which we all knew about since we play the games. Arriving to Opelucid Gym Leader, Iris shows Ash & Cilan the academy which Drayden runs and she once attended. Though upon thinking about battling Drayden she freaks out and climbs a tower to get some fresh air. After a scolding from Officer Jenny, Iris meets with her old dorm adviser, an elderly woman named Martha, and they go around the academy as Drayden is busy in a meeting and we are told Iris's story. Though eventually Drayden gets done with his meeting and it's time to for Iris to battle him. What past events have Iris been hiding? How has it all build up to the present? What possibly could be in Iris's future? And Iris is sure getting a lot of episodes focused on her recently, isn't she? Ignoring that last question, you don't need to look in the past or future for the answers, just need to look below presently:

    School Is Hard:
    On their way to Opelucid City, Iris is surprised that Drayden has not only acknowledged her but also wants to battle her, then saying she has to do her best. Ash tells her to do her best as Cilan points out they've reached Opelucid City and Iris starts remembering her time there. Opener, title, and now we're in Opelucid City when Ash notices two kids wearing uniforms and Iris says their students, Ash asking from where (it's call school, Ash, I know it's a foreign concept to Pokemon trainers but...). Cut to them standing in front of a large building Iris calls Opelucid Academy where students learn about Types (just about Types? Is this a school for those who want to be trainers or for those who want to become scientists? Eitherway they're kind of limiting themselves). Iris says the curricular is tough as Cilan says student from all over Unova come here, Iris suddenly looking sad and saying it's number one mentioning that Drayden is the Academy President and personally invites every student. Ash is surprised to hear Daryden is both the Academy President and Gym Leader (not sure why, it's not like we have never met Gym Leader's who held high positions in other jobs) and is impressed that he's the one to challenge Iris, though Iris doesn't share the same excited feelings.

    Iris: Come on Iris, stay calm. Find your happy place.
    Comment: Just call Ash "such a kid" a few dozen times, that usually makes you happy.

    Cilan asks if there's something wrong and Iris shouts there is and she can't battle Drayden, turning and running off. Running to a tower, Axew hangs onto Iris's hair for dear life as she then starts climbing up the tower (is... is Iris... is Iris about to commit suicide by jumping off the tower.?! O_O). Ash & Cilan are looking for Iris when an Officer Jenny rides by and they overhear two guys say that a girl is doing something dangerous. Back at the tower, Iris had reached the top and reveals she just wanted some fresh air (Iris, you're in a city, no matter how high you go the air is polluted) and has recovered from her freak out. Officer Jenny then starts yelling up to Iris as Ash & Cilan runs next to Officer Jenny and asks Iris to come down.

    Officer Jenny: Iris? Not her again!
    Comment: Hehe, oh this is going to be good...

    Back on the ground, Officer Jenny scolds Iris on how many times does she have to tell her not to climb the tower (she's done this before...).

    Officer Jenny: What would have happened if you fallen off?
    Comment: Well that's an easy question, she would have died.
    Officer Jenny: ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!
    Comment: Being she keeps climbing the tower the answer would have to be "no".
    Iris: SURE! Course I am!
    Officer Jenny: Alright, don't ever do that again. UNDERSTAND!
    Ash, Cilan, & Iris: Yes...
    Comment: Why are Ash and Cilan apologizing?

    An elderly woman in the crowd hears all this and asks if that's really Iris, Iris gets happy seeing her calling her Martha. Cut to inside the Opelucid Academy, Iris explains that Martha was Iris's Dorm Adviser and took care of all the girls. Martha explains that Iris was the most troublesome student and asks if Ash & co. should have some lunch before they go to the Gym. Iris asks how Martha know they were going to the Gym and Martha says someone told her, everyone looking ahead to see Drayden an some guy in a suit. Drayden walks up to them and says he heard what happened and asks if Iris calmed down which Iris says she has, Drayden then telling her to have lunch and he'll get her after the meeting and leaves with the guy in the suit. Iris breathes a sigh of relief saying Drayden could always see right through her and she's not sure if she'll ever feel comfortable around him.

    In the Academy's cafeteria, Martha gives Iris what looks to be kebob of berries (Oran and Pecha I think) which Iris says is her favorite dish. Ash FINALLY gets around to asking Iris about her time here, specifically he asks what was Iris studying, asking it was probably about Dragon-types. Iris says she doesn't like to think about those bad memories, reminding Ash & Cilan about her first battle with Drayden where Excadrill lost to Drayden's Haxorus. Iris tells Ash & Cilan that after the battle that Iris should go to Opelucid Academy so that she can learn more about Dragon-types which she becomes really excited for (oh Iris, soon you'll learn that enthusiasm and school don't mix, but I'm the school will teach out that, MUAHAHAHA!). And to prove my point, upon attending classes we see Iris struggle:

    Iris: I've never seen a textbook before.
    Comment: You heard it straight from her, Iris doesn't know how to read.

    What are with these squiggly symbols and why is there so many?

    Iris also mentions she didn't know how to study and fitting in was tough, showing that all the other kids were raising their hands to answer the teacher's question. We also see Iris playing in a fountain with Pokemon though no other student wants to join her, Iris saying no one had fun or played like the kids in the Village of Dragons. Next we see Iris appear from above a tree offering apples to two girls but they nervously leave saying they have to study, Iris saying everyone was too busy to make friends with them.

    Martha: They were only trying to fit in the way they knew how.
    Comment: CONFORMITY! You have no individuality!

    Martha explains all student life here in dorms and they don't use their own Pokemon but instead the Academy's so the students were just trying to adapt. Ash says students still need to have fun which Cilan agrees.

    Cilan: Learning, competing, and playing together, they're the spices of life! And without spices, the school experience would be tasteless and bland.
    Cilan: As you can see, Cilan also never went to school.

    Iris says she got so lonely she stopped eating and that's when Martha started making this dish.

    Later Ash & co. (+ Martha) are walking through the dorms when they get to Iris's old room an go in as Martha says no one is using it. Iris looks over some drawings she made on the wall which Martha says Iris was the only student to do so as Cilan says it's the Pokemon for the Village of Dragons. Ash points out the window to the tower Iris had climbed on earlier and Iris continues her story that thanks to Martha she was eating again but in the flashback we see Iris reading letters from Shannon, Iris sniffing said letters and saying they smell like the Village of Dragons. That's when Iris thought that if she climbed the tower she would be able to see the Village of Dragons, though one tower climb later she couldn't as Officer Jenny yelled up to her from below for the first time. Martha says the "Climbing Incident" stunned everyone, including Drayden, as Iris says Officer Jenny gave her a real good scolding... only to admit she did is a ton times more and sometimes not getting caught. Martha is surprised by this though Cilan says the fresh air reminded her of home which calmed her down which Ash says is why she does it (Ash & Cilan are so used to Iris's shenanigans that nothing she does really phases them anymore). Iris says she never fit in and she knew that though she tried really hard, going into another flashback where Iris mentioned something happened during a battle where she was using a Fraxure, another student using an Altaria, and Drayden watching.

    Fraxure uses Dual Chop that Altaria dodged, Fraxure then follows with a Dragon Claw which Altaria dodges again though Iris kept telling Fraxure to keep on attacking. Eventually Fraxure gets tired though Iris tells it to keep attcking, Drayden watching the whole thing, as Altaria uses Mist which put a cloud of smoke around Fraxure. Iris tells Fraxure to charge and attack but Altaria uses DragonBreath and knocks out Fraxure. Iris goes to check on Fraxure who's alright though Drayden walks over to Iris and tells her that she failed to see Fraxure getting exhausted and kept telling it to attack which is why she lost. Drayden tells Iris that Pokemon aren't always able to do what she wants them to do and until she learns this she has a long way to go (JEEZ Drayden, Iris is just a kid! While this needed to be said you didn't have to be so harsh about it). Iris says she wasn't connecting to Fraxure because she wanted to be as good as everyone else, especially since she was falling behind and needed to catch up. In the flashback Iris starts crying saying she can't do this and sees a hallucination of Shannon and the Village of Dragon's Pokemon ending the flashback. Ash asks if that's when she came back home which Iris said she did and later the Elder gave her Axew to raise.

    Outside, Iris meets the Fraxure she battled with (oh come one, it must battle tons of times, you're telling me it hasn't evolved?) and apologizing for not knowing how it was feeling during the battle. Drayden (and the guy in the suit, guess he must be Drayden's personal aid or something) watches on as Iris tells Fraxure she's battling Drayden soon and then Fraxure "tells" Iris it'll cheer her on. Drayden comes up to everyone and apologizes for the delay and asks if they should get started which Iris says "sure".

    To Be A Dragon Master:
    In the Opelucid Gym, Drayden and Iris get ready to battle as the referee explains the rules: 2 Pokemon each, winner is the one who knocks out all their opponent's Pokemon. Drayden sends out Haxorus which Iris says she knows who she's going to use: Excadrill, Drayden saying he remembers it and asks what kind of battle they're bringing this time. Exadrill attacks with Metal Claw which Haxorus blocks though gets pushed back, Drayden saying Excadrill has gotten much stronger and asks Iris what's her next move. Iris and Excadrill look at each other and Iris smiles as she says the same move like last time but this time they'e going to win. Excadrill uses Dig and soon comes up right under Haxorus which prepares a Rock Smash, however Excadrill counters with a Focus Blast canceling the attack and pushing Haxorus back which surprises Drayden. Excadrill uses Drill Run as Haxorus uses Giga Impact, both colliding until finally an explosion happens and when the dust clears both are still standing... until they then fall over and faint (well at least Excadrill managed to faint Haxorus this time, though still needs work on not fainting itself). Iris returns Excadrill and thanks it as Drayden returns Haxorus and say this had made him reaffirmed he had judged her correctly.

    Drayden's next Pokemon is Druddigon and Iris sends out her only other Pokemon that could really battle Dragon-types: Dragonite! Dragonite glares at Druddigon though it also notices Drayden as Drayden examines Dragonite thinking to himself that it has had an interesting life. Iris thinks about getting an air advantage but she sees Dragonite shakes its head no, Iris realizing Dragonite doesn't want to had an advantage over its opponent. Dragonite starts with a ThunderPunch but Druddigon blocks and counters with a Dragon Claw which hits Dragonite. Ash asks why Dragonite isn't flying so that it could dodge better which Cilan answers that since Druddigon can't fly Dragonite wants to keep the battle even. Druddigon uses Flash Cannon and Dragonite uses Flamethrower, both attacks hitting and nullifying each other though as the smoke clears it reveals Dragonite has gotten close to use ThunderPunch. However Druddigon uses Double Team stopping Dragonite as it tries to figure out which one is the real Druddigon, Iris telling it to relax and only one is real. Iris and Dragonite do the whole focus-and-you'll-see-the-real-one thing and find the real Druddigon which Dragonite hits with the ThunderPunch. Dragonite then uses Ice Beam (also looking to have given up the whole "no flying thing") which Cilan points out us super effective and Iris could beat the Dragon Master (so of course, since that was pointed out, she's now going to lose. Way to go Cilan!). Druddigon blocks the attack and then breaks the ice that formed on its arms, not phases in the slightest.

    Being one of the Dragon-type weaknesses didn't work, Iris tries the other as Dragonite uses Dragon Rush. Drayden orders Druddigon to counter it as Druddigon reaches into the Dragon Rush and pulls Dragonite out of it by the throat! Druddigon then throws Dragonite into the air and uses Dragon Tail, jumping into the air and spinning down on Dragonite, sending it crashing into the floor and knocking it out. Drayden wins.

    Iris checks on Dragonite as Ash & Cilan walk up to Iris with Ash congratulating her on the great battle before saying Drayden is a powerful Gym Leader (sad thing here, if it was for a badge, Ash would have probably found some way to win. Just rubbing Iris's losing wound with salt). Cilan says that they thought Iris had Drayden cornered but they were all wrong, though then says he probably wanted to see her potential by bringing out the strength in both of them (when you say both do you mean Iris & Dragonite or Iris & Drayden?). Drayden then walks up to Iris saying she made good friends and her going on a journey was the right choice saying she has grown a lot but she has to keep training to become even more powerful (because only then can you join the DARK SIDE! MUAHAHAHA!). Drayden says that when she does become stronger she'll come back to visit and walks off, Iris sitting next to Dragonite surprise.

    Outside the Academy the surprises don't stop as Martha reveals it was Drayden who suggested that Iris go on her journey. Drayden met with the Elder and said that his academy wasn't able to "cultivate" Iris's talents so suggests that she learns at her own pace with the world as her school. The Elder says that Iris should let life be her guide which she agrees with and Drayden says a journey will she what awaits for her as a Dragon Master, the Elder FINALLY revealing that doing so will allow Iris be able to inherit the position as Opelucid Gym Leader (... AND then go beyond it to become Champion having the position revert back to Drayden... GREAT PLAN! ). Coming out of the flashback, Iris is stunned to hear Drayden picked her to become the next Opelucid Gym Leader (well of coure Iris, don't you know, only prodigies are allowed to travel with Ash ) as Ash & Cilan congratulate her though Iris isn't sure how to handle this news. Martha says they should let Iris think it over and decide if she wants to become Gym Leader, mentioning that was what Drayden also said (he's sort of a Gary Stu in that way) and that the Elder, Drayden, and Martha have high hopes for Iris. Iris says she'll try to do her best to live up to their expectations BUT still needs time to think over about becoming Gym Leader as Martha tells her to come back whenever she likes. As they wave goodbye to Martha, Ash says they can't get left beyond and that they'll win the Unova League (the funny thing is, Iris will probably beat Ash to that position ) as the Narrator ends the episode.

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    So emphasis on Virgil's Eevee being female in today's episode.

    Inb4 it becomes a Sylveon.
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    EPISODE: BW102 "Team Eevee and the Pokemon Rescue Squad!"

    Very interesting episode, I quite like the concept of a rescue squad made up of the Eeveelutions with each Eeveelution specially trained for a type of rescue. Ash & co. are just a mountain trail away from Vertress City and the Pokemon League when they find the road blocked by boulders. Ash & Iris try to climb over which causes the rock to start falling along with them. Suddenly a boy with an Eevee and Espeon show up and has Espeon use Psychic to lift Ash & Iris back to safety. The boy introduces himself as Virgil an he's part of the Pokemon Rescue Squad. Who are the Pokemon Rescue Squad? ... That's really the only question I can come up with without going into too much spoilers. Just watch and enjoy seeing "all" the Eeveelutions together on screen.

    8 Types Down, 9 More To Go:
    Ash & co. are just a mountain trail away from Vertress City where the Unova League is being held, Ash excited to compete while Iris is excited to see all the battles. Though being we just got done with a major episode we can't just go to the next exciting event and must do filler, so Ash & co. soon stumble upon a bunch of boulders blocking their path. Iris asks how are they going to get around and Cilan says they're going to have to look for another path though Ash suggests they climb over the boulders which Iris agrees with. But as soon as they're over one boulder the entire blockade start falling down with Ash & Iris coming along for the ride. As they're falling, an Eevee runs down the side of the mountain with a boy following after who sends out an Espeon who uses Psychic to catch Ash, Pikachu, Iris, & Axew (Hmm, Eevee and Espeon, are we going to see the other Eeveelutions as well ).

    Opener, Title (which pretty much answers my question), and we're back on the mountain trail where the boy says Ash & co. should be able to get by now and asks if they're okay, Ash & Iris saying they are and thanking him. Cilan says they weren't intending on making trouble (but you're so good at it) but the boy says it reminded him when he was young (when you were young? Okay, you do look a BIT older than Cilan, but you're at the very least in your teens ) which made his older brother worry all the time. Ash & co. introduce themselves and the boy introduces himself as Virgil from the "Pokemon Rescue Squad", an organization who use their Pokemon to help out in emergencies. Virgil said he heard about the boulders blocking this path and came out to clear it and explains the "Pokemon Rescue Squad" has a number of teams, the team which Virgil is a part of called "Team Eevee".

    Ash: What a cool name.
    Comment: Their just named after Eevee... if they were called team Eeveelution then MAYBE.

    Ash... *sigh*... scans Eevee and Espeon (so is Ash going to do that with every member of the Eeveelution?) when Cilan asks what other Pokemon does Virgil have (I'm going to give Cilan the benefit of the that he doesn't know about Eevee and not taking much thought with what its Pokedex entry exactly meant). Virgil says Team Eevee has all seven Eeveelutions (for those who are thinking about Sylveon, remember that in Japan this episode aired BEFORE Pokemon X & Y were even announced. This is just promoting that the Eeveelutions are part of the Unova Dex in Black 2 & White 2 thus:

    HEY KIDS! You also want to get Eevee and all seven Eeveelutions *coughatthetimecough*? Well then just buy Black 2 & White 2 and you'll find there's multiple ways of getting Eevee!

    BUT THEM!!! We still have at least 8 months left before X & Y is released...)

    Ash & co. ask if they could see them and Virgil agrees, saying that they're very close to his house.

    At Virgil's house, Iris points out the herds of Bouffalant, Blitzle, Zebstrika, and Mareep as Virgil explains they're part of a ranch his family runs. Iris asks about the "Pokemon Rescue Squad" and Virgil says his father and older brother started it as a volunteer group but nowadays they're working with Officer Jenny and travel all over Unova (so in the "Pokemon Rescue Squad" just your family or are their other members? I'm assuming the former since Iris and Cilan haven't heard of them). Virgil says when he finished his journey he also joined the "Pokemon Rescue Squad" but enough about backstory and character motivation as Ash asks what we really care about: where are the other Eeveelutions? Virgil calls out for all of them to gather:

    Ash: Oh man, how awesome is it to be checking out all SEVEN evolved forms of Eevee at the same time?
    Comment: I like how they keep saying how many Eeveelutions there are (or were) at this time, perfectly knowing more Eeveelutions will be added eventually in future Generations.

    And as I was afraid, Ash does scan every single Eeveelutions, the Pokedex trying to go through them as fast as possible by only giving them one sentence each. Virgil says he helped evolve each one from an Eevee (so did he capture 8 Eevees or is there a mother Eeveelution they bred 8 times for (assuming one of those Eeveelutions isn't said mother?) and Iris says that Virgil must really love Eevee (well in a franchise about collecting creatures, one which evolve into multiple creatures each of a different type is a give in favorite) which Virgil says he does as we go into a flashback.

    When Virgil was around Ash's age (though he looks too young to be Ash's age in the flashback) he had wandered into a forest with his first Eevee and gotten lost. It soon became night when his Eevee then suddenly evolved into Umbreon which used the light from its rings as a flashlight to guide Virgil back home, and since then him and Eevees had a special bond. Virgil's Eevee runs up to him and says this is his eighth Eevee (obviously) which has Cilan & Ash ask what would he have this Eevee evolve into (oh, I can think of something ) though Virgil says it's still in-training though Eevee shakes its head in disagreement and asks "do you think you're ready, girl?". Iris notices the "girl" part and Virgil says that Eevee is female before going back to Eevee and says if it think it's ready to graduate it has to pick what type of "rescue" it want to do, Eevee looking at all 7 Eeveelutions no longer sure about it being ready. Virgil tells Eevee that they have time and tells it for now to just think about what type suits it best (psst, Eevee, think aerial rescue and Flying-tye ) which perks Eevee back up. Ash says that Virgil is gentle with Eevee and Eevee really likes it when a strange ringing is heard (sounds like a ring a baby of a Mass Effect's Reaper would give out) and Virgil says that's the emergency signal. Over to a barn/hanger, the roof opens up and a helicopter-jet-car-thing flies out as Virgil says the pilot is his older brother Davy and his Pokemon, Stoutland.

    Virgil asks Davy what's going on and Davy says he's heading to the dam and will have to ask their father for the details. Virgil says he's coming too but Davy says Virgil will just get into trouble and, despite Virgil promising he won't, has to stay just in case another emergency happens which Virgil agrees with.

    Virgil: Roger!
    Comment: I thought your brother's name was Davy?

    Day flies off as Virgil runs inside to talk with his dad, Ash & co. following behind, and his father tells him that a Cryogonal had frozen the dam (um, Cryogonal, not only are you no where near Roshan City, Kyurem had already finished its fight with Keldeo ) and they need to stop it. Virgil's father tries connecting to the Dam Control Center but only gets static, saying their connection has been lost.

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    Damn Dam:
    Over to Davy, we see the entire dam has indeed been frozen and he calls their father who tells him they lost contact with the Dam Control Center and to be careful.

    Davy: Roger!
    Comment: Hey, show some respect for your dad, don't call him by his first name!

    Davy tells Stoutland to find out what happened to the Dam Control Center so Stoutland uses Odor Sleuth and leads Davy to the Dam Control Center.

    Davy: Oh no! The entire control room is covered in ice.

    Comment: No it's not, only its front.

    Davy says they need a Fire-type (or a Fighting, Rock, or a Steel-type) to melt the ice but that might harm the equipment so instead sends out a Bisharp (wait, you have a Steel-type, then what's the problem?) who uses Slash to shatter the ice covering the front door. Davy returns Bisharp (because why have a Steel-type out when there's a crazy Ice-type freezing everything...) and goes inside where he finds the dam workers who tell him they're fine and the power went out when they got covered in ice. However one worker is stuck in the elevator and for some reason emergency power isn't working though Davy says he'll handle things and evacuates the other workers. As the workers are running out, the Cryogonal appears and attacks Davy with Ice Beam though he dodges and tell the workers to keep going, all of them getting into a van and driving off. Davy runs back inside the Dam Control Center as the Cryogonal chases them using Ice Beam, freezing the door shut once more which Davy and Stoutland try ramming open (um, use Bisharp again? I'm sure the dam wouldn't care that much if one door had to be broken down to save the entire dam).

    Back to the house, Davy calls his father and says he evacuated the workers but is now stuck himself and can't use his Pokemon to break out due to the equipment all around them (YOU'RE JUST BREAKING DOWN A DOOR! The door isn't near the equipment!). Their father tells Davy to stay where he is as he's coming but Virgil says is dad has to stay at HQ and insists that he goes instead. Davy tells them the power if off and a worker is stuck in an elevator so they need to get the emergency power back on or else he's stuck in there (wait, don't elevators have an escape hatch just in case something like this happens so that a rescuing team doesn't need the power to rescue trapped people?) and Virgil says the emergency power is probably somewhere deep inside the dam (why wouldn't access to the emergency power not be someplace the Dam CONTROL ROOM can't access?). Davy says the Cryogonal is acting very aggressive and it's a dangerous situation, their father asking Virgil if he's ready for this and Virgil says he and Team Eevee are reminding their father this is why they started the "Pokemon Rescue Squad", promising to rescue them no matter what danger they face. Davy says he thinks Virgil is ready and suggest they give Team Eevee a chance, their father agreeing and wishing them him luck.

    Ash: Virgil, please, I'll like to help out too.
    Comment: Oh, Ash & co., I forgot you guys were here. Oh, and the answer is no.
    Iris: Please let us go.
    Comment: You're untrained and it would be irresponsible for a rescuing group to let civilians tag along. So no.
    Cilan: We all want to help out.
    Comment: And you can by not getting in Virgil's way, so NO.
    Virgil: Sorry, you're better off staying here.
    Ash: But wait.
    Comment: Let the guy do his job! This is his chance to prove himself and you're getting in the way of it!
    Ash: Teaming up with Pokemon to help people in trouble is an awesome thing to do. So please, you've just gotta let us come along and help you.
    Comment: ... is that REALLY the excuse you're going with? Because it sounds awesome to do? Not that it's better to go in a group incase you're overwhelmed by the Cryogonal. Not that you have Electric-type Pokemon just incase the emergency power ran out and Jolteon isn't strong enough to recharge it by itself. Just that it's awesome? NO!
    Iris & Cilan: Let us help, please.
    Virgil's Father: They remind me of you when you were young.
    Comment: And did you let Virgil help out in your rescue missions? Probably not, case and point.
    Virgil: The thing is, we don't know what could happen out there.
    Ash & co.: So?
    Comment: So? SO? You got a CRAZY ICE-TYPE FREEZING EVERTHING! It can freeze you solid, not even thinking about what the extreme cold would do to you (like kill you with hypothermia) or getting so frozen it's possible to be shattered!
    Virgil: Should I?
    Comment: NO! Why are you even considering?
    Virgil's Father: Go ahead.
    Comment: WHAT?!
    Virgil's Father: Just make sure to keep an eye on them.
    Comment: Yeah, in addition to fighting off a Cryogonal and turning on the emergency power, now you need to babysit Ash & co.. What kind of operation are you running here?

    After all that Tauros mulch, Virgil's father tells Virgil to take Rescue 2 (the other helicopter-jet-car-thing they have. Also of course he's going to take that, how else did you think he was going to get there? Running?) and Ash & co. (+ Virgil) fly off to the dam.

    Have All 8, Still Only Allowed 6:
    At the dam, even before they land Iris starts complaining about the cold (YOU KNEW THEY WERE FACING AN ICE TYPE WHICH HAD FROZEN EVERYTHING YET INSISTED TO COME! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!) as Virgil lands next to Rescue 1. Virgil calls Davy who say he's okay and instructs Virgil to get the emergency power back up.

    Virgil: Roger!
    Comment: This family has such a bad memory, they keep calling each other.

    Ash & co (+ Virgil) run to the dam's entrance though it's frozen over, of course, though Virgil obviously brought along his Flareon to melt the ice covering the door. Virgil tries to open it but he sees it needs a key so sends out Glaceon and Umbreon to use Icy Wind and Psychic to make a key (Umbreon knows Psychic? Wait, are you still limited to 6 Pokemon? YOU'RE A RESCUE OPERATION! You work with Officer Jenny! Are you telling me you don't have permission to carry your entire team with you? That's even more Tauros mulch!). Glaceon fires an Icy Wind into the keyhole as Umbreon uses Psychic to make it take shape which Virgil uses to unlock the door (that wouldn't work. A key works by pushing down on triggers to the point where it allows the lock to turn. A lock without a key in it doesn't have any of the triggers pushed down so all you would get is a flat key. A more logical solution would have just used Umbreon use Psychic to lock pick). But if you saw the door you would know it's also rusted (it couldn't have rusted so fast from being frozen by Cryogonal so this dam does a poor job taking care of itself) so Virgil sends out Vaporeon which uses BubbleBeam on the rusty areas... which cleans it which lets Virgil and Ash push the door open (first off, water would only make it rust MORE. Second, even if you did clean it, most likely the metal would have rusted together sorta fusing it togehter. Third and lastly, if the lock was rusted, then how did a key made of ICE turn the lock?).

    Inside the dam its dark so Virgil returns all the Eeveelutions except Umbreon who he tells to use Flash and lead the way. They get to the generator where Virgil finds that the battery is out of power (first they don't make sure there equipment is rusty, and now they don't bother to make sure their emergency power is charged? This is the WORST DAM EVER!) so sends out Jolteon to use Thunder on the battery and, to prove there was a purpose to them coming along, Ash has has Pikachu join in with Thunderbolt... which causes the battery to overload and explode! NAH! Of course not. Instead they recharge the battery and Vigirl turns on the emergency power and says they should go check on his brother now.

    Over to Davy, the elevator comes up to the Control Room and the trapped worker walks out, Davy saying he's from the Pokemon Rescue Squad and the worker explaining he went to the basement to investigate a noise which makes Davy curious. Back to Ash & co. (+ Virgil), they get outside when the Cryogonal appears and... ASH, WHY ARE YOU SCANNING A CRYOGONAL! With the Eeveelutions you can use the ecuse it's been a while since you scanned them, but you scanned a Cryogonal THIS REGION!... anyway, Cryogonal attacks them with Ice Beam though they run to the side from it. Ash & co. tell Virgil they'll handle Cryogonal and go check on Davy, Virgil tries saying something but Ash & co. insist:

    Ash: Don't worry about us.
    Comment: We're kids, we know what we're doing.
    Cilan: Remember what your father said: safety first always.
    Comment: He also told Virgil to keep an eye on you!
    Iris: If things start to get too dangerous we'll get out, relax.
    Comment: That depends on what your definition of "too dangerous" is...

    Virgil says he's counting on them and runs off, Cryogonal missing him with an Ice Beam though Ash tells Cryogonal to stop and challenges it by sending out Pignite. Cryogonal uses Ice Beam but Pignite uses Flamethrower and hits... and when the smoke appear there are now three Cryogonal (great, they're like asteroids, hitting it just splits it into more of them!). The three Cryogonal use Rapid Spin and Pignite dodges one as Ash & co. then decide this qualifies as their definition of "too dangerous" and start running away and dodging the other Cryogonal.

    Over to Virgil, he encounters two more Cryogonal so Virgil sends out Flareon to use Flamethrower though Eevee helps out with Helping Hand to power-up Flamethrower to counter the Cryogonal's two Ice Beams. The two Cryogonal use Rapid Spin but Eevee runs in front of Flareon and blocks the attack with Protect, though that's when Ash & co. come running with the three other Cryogonal following them. With five Cryogonal, Virgil sends out all his Eeveelutions with him and Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon attack with Flamethrower, Thunder, and BubbleBeam. However the Cryogonal use a combined Light Screen as Glaceon joins in with an Ice Beam (yeah, that'll really hurt the ICE-types...) and Umbreon with Shadow Ball which breaks through the Light Screen. Meanwhile Eevee uses Dig while the Cryogonal are distracted.

    Back to Davy, he takes the elevator down to the basement (isn't that a bit dangerous considering the power already went out once? Was there any stairs you could have taken, because there should have been) where he finds a Cryogonal stuck behind a few pipes. Davy sends out Darmanitan who uses Superpower to bend the pipes (I see you decided to abandoned that whole "not damaging the equipment" thought) which frees the Cryogonal (you can tell it's a young Cryogonal because it's small) as Eevee then digs up to them.

    Over to Ash & co. (+ Virgil), Virgil tells Ash & co. he'll have Team Eevee do a full force attack so that they can escape, but before he can announce the attack Davy tells him to stop. Virgil sees Davy and asks how did he escape and Davy said Eevee used Dig to find them (it must have dug a pretty big hole to fit Darmanitan, Stoutland, and Cryogonal), the Cryogonal start up a Rapid Spin but Davy stops them revealing that he had found their "friend", the small Cryogonal flies up and joins the other. Virgil asks what happened and Davy explains in the basement they found a Cryogonal stuck behind pipes somehow (yeah, how did none of the workers notice a Cryogonal getting into the contol room?). Virgil concludes that the other Cryogonal thought it was being held hostage, Iris says they were attacking to save their friend, and Ash apologizes to them (why are you apologizing? THEY were the ones who attacked!). Virgil tells the Cryogonal if they are ever in trouble they can count on the Pokemon Rescue Squad to help as the Cryogonal fly away.

    Davy congratulates Virgil saying he's a real squad member now though Virgil boastfully says he thought he already was both sharing a chuckle before Virgil thanks Davy for having faith in him. Ash also congratulates Virgil who thanks him back for helping, though Eevee also wants some thanks which Virgil gives it and says that it's okay the way it is (afterall, it's not a complete collection without a plain Eevee. Plus being a female you have a different job concerning Eeveelutions... where's that Ditto...), picking it up and saying it's a member of the squad. Davy says the last thing they need to do is melt the dam and they're through, having Flareon (powered up by Eevee's Helping Hand), Darmanitan, and Pignite met it all with Flamethrower (hmm, and no damaged equipment, it's as if the Fire-type Pokemon had control over their flames thus only melted the ice meaning you worried about damaging equipment for NOTHING!).

    It's time to say goodbye and Ash tells Virgil that he's entering the Unova League which Virgil then oddly says they may cross paths again soon. Iris asks what does he mean and Davy reveals that Virgil is competing in the Unova League as well (if I didn't know already, I would have called that Virgil would be the one to knock out Ash since he sort of has a gimmick like the other trainers which knocked out Ash (Ritchie was an Ash clone, Harrison was from Hoenn, Tyson used a Meowth in Boots, and Tobias uses Legendaries)), Virgil saying he completed his journey of travelling around Unova and battling Gym Leaders to practice his Pokemon Rescue Squad work with competing in the Unova League to complete it. Iris and Cilan say that a battle between Ash and Virgil would be exciting to watch as Ash says he's more excited now and promises Virgil if they battled he's not holding back, Virgil promising the same thing as Ash & co. leave and the Narrator comes in.

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    EPISODE: BW103 "Curtain Up, Unova League!"

    We're finally at the Unova League! And already Ash is in a big battle against an opponent you probably wouldn't expect right now! Ash & co. arrive to Vertress City and the Unova League, where they meet up with all of Ash's rivals (Trip, Bianca, Stephan, Cameron, & Virgil) as they all register for the Unova League. But battles start up the next day as everyone is matched up, most of the rivals against filler trainers though Ash gets an interesting opponent. Who is Ash matched against? What sort of plans and strategy will Ash use? What does this mean for the rest of the Unova League? And would you believe me if I told you that Ash isn't the most stupid one in this episode? You're probably calling me a liar for that last question, but just read for yourself :

    Problems Signing Up:
    After those stretch of Iris-focused episode (yet none for Cilan) and an Eeveelution rival for Ash, Ash & co. have finally gotten to Vertress City and, like other cities hosting their Pokemon League, sees many stalls set up and crowds of people walking about. Iris and Cilan reminisce all the adventures they had up to this point as Ash looks at all the trainers, Cilan reminding him that they all too have 8 badges as Iris says he can beat them all (well at least 99%...) and they head to register Ash. Ash wonders what trainers he'll be battles (if past leagues are any indicators probably mostly rivals) though his attention is soon brought to the main stadium (or stadiums since there is a main one and four surrounding it). Ash gets excited, though speaking as I spoke of rivals they were bound to appear and the first one comes crashing into Ash and sending him flying into a pool: Bianca!

    Ash, whenever you hear Bianca just save yourself the crash damage and jump into the pool yourself.

    Bianca apologizes to Ash and we scene cut to Ash & co. talking to Bianca, Iris saying Bianca must have gotten all her badges (no, she's just here to shop...) and Bianca says she did though it was really close. Bianca says that though her goal was to enter the Unova League (what, winning isn't your goal?) she also wanted to see Ash & co..

    Bianca: Ash, how have you been?
    Ash: Hard to say after you slam into me like that.
    Bianca: Well I said I'm sorry.

    Comment: Look at that smile, she's doing it on purpose! I think she want to drown Ash to decrease the competition...

    Iris says Bianca is as perky as ever though we still have some more of Ash's rivals to get to as Stephan appears greeting Ash and Bianca. Ash greets Stephan... and says his name right! Stephan first acts as if Ash said his name wrong but quickly realizes that Ash said is name right and asks for Ash to say his name again, Ash indeed pronouncing it right and Stephan celebrating people are getting his name right.

    Iris: But that's how we've been saying it all along.
    Ash: Yeah.
    Stephan: This is the first time.

    Comment: Poor Stephan, he can't just win with his name, can he?

    Stephan shrugs it off and asks if Ash as been training hard (of course... not) which Ash says he has (LIAR!) and Stephan says he's showed them his powered-up battle styIe if he could (unfortunately for him he hasn't thought of it yet), Bianca and Cilan says he's confident. Just then they hear a helicopter and Stephan points up for everyone to see Virgil and Davy in their helicopter-jet-car-thing flying by. Ash & co. run over, with Bianca and Stephan following, as we cut to Virgil and Davy landing, Virgil jumping out and Davy wishing him luck but also reminding him that he's representing the Pokemon Rescue Squad and that he and their father will be watching at the headquarters. Virgil says he'll do his best as Davy flies off and Ash & co. run in to greet him, Iris and Cilan telling him impressive entrance though Virgil says he and Davy were dropping off an injured Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. Virgil notices Bianca and Stephan with them and Ash introduces everyone, Iris and Cilan still blown away seeing all the Eeveelutions all at once and Ash asking if Virgil is entering the Unova League with Team Eevee which Virgil says of course he is. Virgil asks if Ash registered yet which he says he hasn't so Virgil says they'll register together now.

    Outside the Registration Office, we continue our rival gathering with Ash seeing Trip entering the building and Trip asking if Ash got all 8 badges (no, Ash is one short and is hoping Vertress City has a Gym...) which Ash says he does. Ash says he'll be the winner this time and oddly Trip happily tells Ash not to lose before they're matched-up which Ash says he won't before walking off, Iris and Cilan noticing this change. Inside the Registration Office, Nurse Joy asks for them to show their 8 badges and scan their Pokedex, Ash, Bianca, Stephan, and Virgil (who apparently has a Pokedex) do so and are now entered into the Unova League. Heading to the hotel, Bianca asks where Ash's room is and he says Tower 8, 8th floor which Bianca says her too (gee, it's as if all you registered together or something) as Virgil and Stephan says they're ready to rest for tomorrow.

    Iris notices a net set-up and Ash says some trainer must be "roughing it" though a Riolu then walks out of the tent which clues Ash & co. in who that is. They don't have to wonder for long as Cameron walks out of the tent and Ash greets him, Cameron revealing he's been camping there for 3 days and Ash saying he can't afford to be late. Cameron however says that as soon as the Unova League gets going he'll be right there, confusing Iris as she asks why is he camping out when you get a room after registering.

    Cameron: What do you mean? What's a reg-i-ster? Some sort of new Pokemon.
    Comment: I kid you not, he sounded out register.
    Ash: It means when you sign up to compete.
    Cameron: Uh, sorry, someone should have told me.

    Comment: Okay, when ASH considers you an idiot, get help, stop whatever you're doing and get help. You literally too stupid to live (YOU EVEN HAVE AN ENTRY ALREADY SAYING YOUR DUMBER THAN ASH!).
    Cameron: Well...
    Audino (Announcer): AU DI NO!
    Nurse Joy (Announcer): Registration for the Vertress City Unova League is now over. Thanks to all our competing trainers.

    Comment: Well, that's one rival down.

    Ash asks Cameron if he got his badges which he says he does so Ash grabs him an tries running to the Registration Office.

    Cameron: Whoa, hey wait a sec, what's the rush anyway?
    Comment: Seriously, this stupidity can't be normal, you need to go see a neurosurgeon to see what's wrong with your brain.

    Ash pulls him along telling him if he doesn't enter he can't compete in the Unova League which panics Cameron. They get to the Registration Office just in time to catch Nurse Joy leaving and Ash tells her to wait and explains Cameron needs to register. Nurse Joy says registrations over though both of them beg enough that she says she'll make an exception (personally I think he just wanted to stop their annoying begging) and Cameron gets registered. Ash says Cameron got lucky and even when he meet Iris, Cilan, Bianca, Stephan, and Virgil outside Ash says that Nurse Joy cut Cameron a break (wow, Ash is being pretty tough on Cameron, rightfully so though). Ash says he's actually not surprised he forgot to enter and introduces him Bianca, Stephan, and Virgil. Cameron says he wants to tell Ash something though he, "surprisingly", forgot but does his stretching-headband-slapping thing and remembers and tells Ash he brought a secret weapon... but then says he can't say what it is since it's a secret (THEN WHY EVEN BRING IT UP!).

    We cut to the hotel where we see a montage of Ash & co. (+ Bianca, Stephan, and Cameron)(yet no Virgil) eating... and then to Stephan and Cameron in a sauna (I didn't mention it before, but Stephan said going to the sauna but I didn't include it since I thought they wouldn't show it!).

    Cameron: Haven't you had enough?
    Stephan: Not yet, not yet.
    Cameron: Uhg...

    Comment: You know Cameron you can leave at any time, right?

    We go over to Ash who's getting a Pokemon from Professor Juniper and she congratulates him getting to the Unova League and says she wish she could be there though will be cheering for him (now I know Juniper have Ash his new Pokedex (and let Oshawott stay with him), but still seems odd she said that. It makes sense for Professor Oak since he's friends of the family, but Juniper only met Ash at the beginning of his Unova League journey. She's known Trip just as long as she known Ash).

    That night, Ash is unable to sleep which wakes Pikachu up as they look out the window to see the main stadium shooting out colored laser lights (why? it's not like any battles are going on in it) and thinks about how packed the stadium will be, then thinks about his journey and all the Gym Leaders they fought. We of course go to a quick flashback of Ash battling the Gym Leaders and their winning moves. Ash says the Gym Leaders got them there and that they'll win for them, saying that they'll show everybody what they're made of. Iris wakes up and tells Ash to go to sleep saying he'll need rest if he wants to do well tomorrow, Ash agreeing and goes to bed.

    Starting Off Big:
    The next day all the stadium is packed with all the trainers on the field (including Ash, Trip, Bianca, Stephan, Cameron, & Virgil) and a full audience (including Iris & Cilan) as a helicopter flies over and the door opens... to have Freddy O'Martian jump out and parachute down (funny writers, very funny). Freddy O'Martian welcomes everyone to the Unova League as Officer Jenny lights the league's flames and a swarm of Pidoves fly though the audience. Freddy O'Martian says they'll start the qualifying rounds and explains that each trainer is only allowed one Pokemon for the preliminaries as the match-ups are revealed:

    Stephan vs. filler trainer
    Bianca vs. filler trainer
    Ash vs.... TRIP! (WHOA! We're already getting the big rival battle out of the way?!)

    Ash & co. are all surprised, though Cilan says this could work in Ash's favor since he's so pumped up. Trip walks up to Ash and says he's looking forward for their battle, both staring each other before Trip smiles and walks off, Ash saying they need to win to move on to the main battles though Pikachu's encouragement gets Ash fired up (complete with metaphorical fire background).


    Going through the battles, Stephan, Bianca, and Virgil get through theirs (which were all nice quick battles, but being they were up against filler trainers nothing too surprising about them winning). Of course that's not the same case with Cameron (of course) who's Ferrothorn is battling an Elektross, hitting with Pin Missile but Elektross hits with a Crush Claw knocking Ferrothorn back as Cameron asks why it let them hit it (because Ferrothorn is slower than paint drying...). Elektross uses a Thunderbolt which Ferrothorn manages to dodge but in return Elektross dodges Ferrothorn's Metal Claw and is hit by another of Elektross Crush Claw, Cameron asking why Ferrothorn let that happen again (because Ferrothorn is slower than grass growing...) as Elektross's trainer saying the battle is his.

    But enough of Ash's rivals, it's time for Ash's battle with his main region rival: Trip (though being we have 3 minutes left, I'm going to guess the bulk of this battle will be next episode)! In the audience, Iris wonders what Pokemon Trip is going to use since they can only use one and he probably caught more Pokemon since the last time they saw him. Back on the field, Ash asks is Trip is ready and Trip says it's time to see how much stronger Ash has become. The judge declares the start of the battle and, to the surprise of no one, Trip's Pokemon is Serperior (so you can guess what Ash is going to choose). Well, the viewers can at any rate, Iris and Cilan talk about how fast and strong Serperior is as Iris say the Pokemon with an advantage against Serperior is Pignite (and Unfezant & Leavanny ). However being this is a one Pokemon battle and the only one Ash nd Trip are going to have against each other, there's only one Pokemon Ash can choose and so it's Ash's Pikachu vs. Trip's Serperior. Iris is surprised by this choice though Cilan isn't, knowing both are using their "main ingredient" and Ash has a plan to deal with Serperior's speed. Ash tells Trip that Pikachu is just as fast as Serperior and the battle starts off with Pikachu using Quick Attack though Serperior dodges by jumping into the air causing Pikachu to slam into a wall. Pikachu uses Iron Tail but Serperior moves its head to the side causing Pikachu to miss as Iris tries to make it look like Ash isn't totally failing by saying Pikachu is keeping the heat up. Pikachu uses Electro Ball but you should get the point by now that Serperior isn't letting anything hit it so it curls into a hoop and has the Electro Ball pass right through.

    2 POINTS (for Serperior, Ash is at -3 at this point)!

    Trip decides to attack for the change and Serperior uses a Dragon Tail, hitting Pikachu and sending it flying back and making it already covered in scratches (okay writers, the whole "Pikachu isn't able to land a hit" thing is actually a good problem, but now you're making Serperior TOO POWERFUL by having it already making Pikachu heavily damaged by one hit). And we end this episode right here, with me criticizing Trip (though not as much as after this battle...) and the narrator asking what will Ash do?

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    Well, the viewers can at any rate, Iris and Cilan talk about how fast and strong Serperior is as Iris say the Pokemon with an advantage against Serperior is Pignite (and Unfezant & Leavanny )

    Ash did the whole type advantage against Trip in the Junior Cup with Pignite, and that didn't work so well. Besides, it was basically a rematch of their first battle, where Pikachu had the disadvantage due to it's electric attacks not working due to Zekrom. This time there is no disadvantage when it comes to that.

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    TKnHappyNess wrote:

    Well, the viewers can at any rate, Iris and Cilan talk about how fast and strong Serperior is as Iris say the Pokemon with an advantage against Serperior is Pignite (and Unfezant & Leavanny )

    Ash did the whole type advantage against Trip in the Junior Cup with Pignite, and that didn't work so well. Besides, it was basically a rematch of their first battle, where Pikachu had the disadvantage due to it's electric attacks not working due to Zekrom. This time there is no disadvantage when it comes to that.

    You're right, I made some changes to that part (actually maybe Ash should have chose Snivy to fight Serperior since it's the only one of Ash's Pokemon that was able to defeat it once (it lost the next time they met but, hey, it at least had a win to lose ).

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    EPISODE: BW104 "Mission: Defeat Your Rival!"

    Pretty good episode, can't really reveal much without going into spoilers (though the results really shouldn't surprise anyone ). The Ash vs. Trip battle goes on and we spend half the episode seeing who will win. Whatever the result is, next day starts the main battles with the first one being between Cameron vs. Bianca. Will Ash or Trip win and move on? Will Cameron or Bianca win and move on? Well I have nothing else really to say so let me move on:

    Wrapped Like A Mouse:
    After a summary of last episode, opener, and title, we come back to the Ash vs. Trip battle and to the scene where Serperior hits Pikachu with a Dragon Tail and heavily damages it. Iris states the obvious that Pikachu was hit hard as Cilan says not only did Serperior's Speed increase but also its power, Ash meanwhile tells Pikachu to get up which Pikachu manages to do with some encouragement from Ash. Serperior next launches an Energy Ball sending Pikachu flying back as Serperior follows with another Dragon Tail, but this time Pikachu was able to dodge by running to the side. Serperior uses a batch of Dragon Tails and Pikachu side step dodges a few but one hits sending Pikachu sliding to the side. Serperior isn't finished yet as it now uses Wrap and coils its tail around Pikachu and starts squeezing. Pikachu tries using a Thunderbolt but Trip tells Serperior to stick its tail into the ground (haven't seen that tactic done in a while) and the Thunderbolt goes through Serperior and into the ground, leaving it unharmed and squeezing harder. Ash thinks he can't let Trip beat him again, going through all the battles he had with Trip showing the closest he ever got to winning was a draw, thinking if he can't beat Trip his whole journey was a waste (actually wouldn't losing in the Unova League in general make the journey a waste?).

    Over to the other stadiums we go back to... Bianca? As it turns out her battle wasn't over afterall... though Bianca fixes that quickly and wins. Virgil's battle also wasn't finished though he finishes it by also winning. Cameron's battle, which we actually knew wasn't finished, also finishes with Cameron pulling a rather Ash-like maneuver by having Ferrothorn aim a Pin Missile into Eelektross's mouth which defeats it and gets him the win.

    Well that was a minute or two uses up, back to Ash vs. Trip, nothing has changes as Freddy O'Martian says wins are stacking up in the other stadiums (Freddy O'Martian must be a pretty impressive announcer to be commenting on four battles simultaneously). With their battles done, Bianca, Stephan, and Cameron (but not Virgil, some friend he is) join Iris and Cilan in the audience and start cheering Ash and Pikachu on. Cameron says there has to be a way to escape Serperior's Wrap and does his stretch-headband-slap thing though only ends up hurting himself (guess it only works for when he needs to remember something, not planning something). Ash tells Pikachu to keep its eyes open but Trip decides that it's over so Serperior uses a Slam, but Pikachu opens its eyes in the middle of it and, noticing Pikachu's tail is free, tells Pikachu to use Iron Tail on the battlefield. Serperior slams Pikachu into the field but Pikachu uses Iron Tail to absorb the blow and bounce it away from Serperior, freeing it from Wrap in the process.

    Iris: Amazing!
    Cilan: A taste of Ash's strategy!
    Comment: What, you mean winging it? Yeah, I suppose that is Ash's strategy most of the time.

    Pikachu and Serpeior clash with Iron Tail and Dragon Tail, respectively, but Serperior is still the strongest and knocks Pikachu back, Ash thinking they need a way to disable that Dragon Tail (too bad Pikachu doen't have an Ability which gives it's opponent who uses mostly all contact moves a status ailment which cuts Speed in half and sometimes make them unable to move... seriously writers, Pikachu should be abusing Static all the time). Ash sees Pikachu's cheeks sparking and gives him an idea to combine Iron Tail with Electro Ball which he tells to Pikachu. Pikachu uses the two attacks which has the Electro Ball start orbiting Iron Tail until launched as Serperior goes in with another Dragon Tail, causing the biggest explosion in this match yet. When the smoke clears Serperior is still up and Pikachu is laying on the ground, however Pikachu not only gets up but also starts jumping around as it has won the battle. Ash also starts celebrating as well as the audience as Trip wonders what happened to Serperior as we see that it got such a huge shock to the system it fainted while standing up!

    Sort of like how the victims of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre were shot with so many machine gun rounds that they were still standing even though they died until the gangsters stopped shooting.

    However it doesn't last for long as Serperior soon topples over and the judge declares the battle over and Ash the winner! Trip is in shock as Iris, Cilan, Bianca, Stephan, and Cameron cheer for Ash's victory.

    Later at the Pokemon Center, Ash is taking Pikachu to Nurse Joy to heal when Ash sees Trip finishing up and leaving. Ash asks if he's really leaving (Ash, which one of your rivals didn't leave after they lost?) and Trip says if he ever wants to deeat Alder he has to become stronger than he is now and that's the way it is. Ash reaches out for a handshake and tells Trip they should give it there best and Trip agrees, shaking his hand and ending their rivalry, Ash then watching Trip walk off.

    And that was Trip, Ash's rival for the Unova League and probably the weakest one. I see what they were trying to do with Trip, he's suppose to be someone who had an idol that told them that only power matters and they believed and listened to them only to discover later their idol has changed and says that power isn't the only thing which matters. Now that's not necessarily a bad backstory, it creates a character who has room to grow and provide a theme for them. The problem, as always, was the execution. Even before Trip had a Pokemon he was extremely antagonistic toward Ash only because Ash came from a far away region. And not only that, but since he was from a far away region he also considered Ash weak because of it (not helped by Ash losing to him all the time as we saw in Ash's flashback). This sort of gives him a racist vibe though this soon faded into the background and he became more of an egotist.
    Oh, but not just any egotist, but an egotist who thinks he can TAKE ON CHAMPIONS. After findin out Alder has changed his way of thinking, for some reason that made Trip think he can beat him because... because... why did Trip think he could take Alder on? Oh, and not just Alder, but as well as Cynthia. It's one thing to have the character want to prove their idol's way of thinking wrong and a complete other thing for that character now thinking their equal to their idol and wants to take their place. Also who's Alder to Trip? Just an idol he met only ONCE before this saga during a festival with dozens of other kids and trainers. Trip has no idea who Alder is aside from a Pokemon Champion and doesn't even want to bother to try to find out why Alder changed his views. Thankfully Alder defeating him in the Junior Cup taught him that he should stop thinking he's stronger than he actually is and be a bit less of a jerk.
    But that's alright, now he's just a jerk like Gary or Paul, right. Yeah, but here is where writing comes into things. While Gary and Paul were also jerks, at least they were both just as experienced as Ash and had the power and skill to back them up. Trip however is a starting trainer, Ash met him when he was going to Professor Juniper to get his starter to start his journey. Trip and Ash's first battle was his first big moment since he defeated Pikachu due to Pikachu' power being taken from Zekrom. The problem with that is that Pikacu eventually got its power back yet somehow every time it battles Trip (or other trainers in the region but that's an overall problem with the Unova arc) it still lost. It didn't feel right since these had to be newly caught Pokemon, yet they were on par with Pikachu who had four regions of previous battles against strong opponents? It felt very forced, not helped that only Ash seems to have troubles beating Trip.
    Want to make the main rival of the series look weak an your main protagonist look like a complete and utter idiot and failure? Why not have other trainers which the main protagonit have beaten beat the rival! Until the Junior Cup, the only other times we saw Trip battle someone else was during the the two Battle Club tournaments where he got knocked out in the FIRST ROUND by Cilan and then Bianca. Then suddenly in the Junior Cup he went from losing first round to winning the whole thing. Now while you can make a point that this could just be because for the Don George Tournaments he used Gurdurr/Conkeldurr and the Junior Cup he used Serperior, but still his image went from a weak trainer to a sudden threat out of nowhere. It doesn't make him look like a challenge to Ash, it makes him look like a Marty Stu which Ash is going to have to deal with in the Unova League.
    And finally we come to Ash and Trip's final showdown in the Unova League... and it's a one-vs.-one battle. Gary and Paul had a full six-vs.-six battle where we see them use new Pokemon and various strategies to battle Ash with, Trip uses just Serperior and just his usual overpower strategy. We don't see Conkeldurr, Tranquill, Frillish, Lampent, or Vanillite, only Serperior. Actually, notice how Serperior and Conkeldurr are the only fully evolved Pokemon of Trip's that we know. What happened to Trip's other Pokemon and has he caught other Pokemon besides those? Trip feels underdeveloped later in the saga because he only uses two Pokemon: Conkeldurr and Serperior.
    Overall I think Trip's character was a bit too all over the place. He only could beat Ash in the beginning though took a massive power boost just in time for the Unova League, we see him having a catching Pokemon yet he only focuses on two, his reactions to his idol changing their view seems a bit extreme, and despite the build up for his battle with Ash in the Unova League it's a one-vs.-one preliminary battle where they still had to make his Serperior a bit overpowered to look like a threat. Let's hope Ash's rival in Gen VI (if he has one) proves to be more of a believable rival (like not making them a starter trainer would help...).

    Oh, would you look at that, we still have half an episode left! Back at the hotel, Ash and Cilan are in the sauna (what's with the sudden interests in saunas, writers?) talking about how well Pikachu battled as they're joined by Stephan and Cameron. Stephan gives Ash two slap on the back (Okay.... also slapped on a bare back, that's gotta hurt) and congratulates Ash while Cameron gets a bit too close to Ash asking him how did he pull off the win (what, you weren't watching?).

    Ash: Pull it off? You know that's really nice of you to ask but now...

    Ash: It's getting a little hot in here.
    Comment: ... yeah, let's move on...

    Over to some hot springs, Pikachu and Oshawott are resting in one though are soon joined by Riolu who jumps in and splashes Oshawott and Pikachu. Pikachu splashes Riolu back and the two start a splash fight which Oshawott just sighs at. Riolu grabs the side of the hit spring and starts kicking water at Pikachu... who decides to jump up and use a Thunderbolt (GEEZ Pikachu, overreaction much? If you don't like getting splashed you shouldn't have started a splash fight!)! Riolu quickly gets out of the water but Oshawott isn't so lucky and is now in a pool of electrified, hot water.

    I'm sure I can find a recipe for boiled otter somewhere online...

    Back their trainers, Ash and Cameron are drinking Moo Moo Milk while Stephan is having a Soda Pop (let me guess, Cilan is having some Fresh Water or Lemonade?) when they hear Oshawott yelling. They run over to the hot springs where they find Pikachu and Riolu staring at an electrified and fainted Oshawott floating in the water and Ash asks what happened as we zoom and fade out (though being humorous music is playing nothing bad really happened, though that'll probably teach Oshawott to never be in a pool of water with an ELECTRIC-type (might as well bring a toaster with you while you're at it)).

    Ditz Vs. Ditz:
    Next day is the first matches (two-vs.-two battles) as the first battle is Bianca vs. Cameron (Ash, Stephan, and Virgil in the meanwhile are battling filler trainers)! Ash, Stephan, and Virgil are watching down below with Ash saying two of thier friends are already battling and Stephan asking which one should he root for, meanwhile Iris and Cilan are in the audience excited to see how the battle will turn out. Cameron doesn't know which Pokemon he should start with so he does his stretch-headband-slap thing which gives him the idea to use Samurott whil Bianca uses Escavalier.

    Samurott vs. Escavalier: Samurott starts the battle with a Hydro Cannon but Escavalier dodges and uses Iron Defense. Samurott uses Hydro Cannon once more while Escavalier dodges and uses Iron Defense once more (you can probably see where this is going). Samurott switches tactics and uses Razor Shell but Escavalier jumps up to dodge and uses, everyone say it with me, Iron Defense. Stephan says Bianca needs to be more aggresive as Cilan says Iron Defense won't increase Escavalier's Defense anymore and Iris says Bianca needs to attack eventually. With that said, Escavalier starts its offense with Fury Attack though Samurott knocks all the strikes aside and hits with Razor Shell, but it doesn't really do anything to Escavalier but push it back. Cameron doesn't know what he should do so does a stretch-headband-slap and comes up with the idea that it's only defensive outside but not inside (I would personally start attacking its Special Defense) and tells Samurott to use two Razor Shells. Escavalier dodges the first two Razor Shells but Samurott manages to hit it with its next Razor Shell and starts to cause its armor to vibrate until Escavalier suddenly faints... okay... Bianca returns and sends out... EMBOAR?! Iris is also surprises by this decision stating the obvious type disadvatage though Cilan suggests that maybe she has a strategy.

    Samurott vs. Emboar: Samurott starts with an Aqua Jet which squarely hits Emboar which knocks it back and then Samurott hits Emboar in the FACE with a HYDRO CANNON!

    Sometimes it's just not worth getting up in the morning.

    Freddy O'Martian points out that things don't look good for Emboar as Ash says he was hoping to see Riolu battle. However Bianca has a trick up her sleave and its... Attract? SAMUROTT IS FEMALE?! Apparently it is as Attract works and now Samurott is infatuated. Samurott is now open to Emboar's Arm Thrust and Hammer Arm no matter what orders Cameron tells Samurott to do and Emboar knocks it out. With Samurott down, Cameron then sends in Riolu which excites Ash, Stephan pointing out it is Cameron's main Pokemon, Iris wondering if it'll be able to fight such a big opponent, and Cilan saying he's suspecting Riolu's "Evaluation Time" coming soon. Bianca is squeeing how cute Riolu is (now is that because it's a baby Pokemon or because it's a Fighting-type?) though says she has to keep it together and says she won't be holding back, Cameron saying she wouldn't want her to.

    Emboar vs. Riolu: Emboar starts with an Arm Thrust but Riolu dodges with backflips as Emboar then switches to Hammer Arm however Riolu gets under it and uses Circle Throw. Everyone is surprised by this with Cilan sayin Riolu deseres respect for such power in a small size, Riolu continuing its offense by using two Force Palms in a row which knocks down Emboar. However Emboar grabs Riolu by the foot and lifts it up, Bianca tells it to spin Riolu and throw it. Riolu however re-balances itself in the air to land on its feet though needs to start dodging Emboar's Flamethrower. Riolu then uses Copycat to use Flamethrower itself which hits Emboar in the face blinding it (really? You'd think a Fire-types eyes and face would be somewhat fire resistant), everyone surprised to see Riolu use Flamethrower. Riolu then uses Vacuum Wave which hits causing an explosion of dust around Emboar, and when it clears it reveals Emboar has fainted. Bianca loses and Cameron moves on to the second round.

    Bianca returns Emboar and starts crying though Cameron and Riolu are jumping in joy of their victory, Bianca yelling that them to see what will happen the next time (Geez Bianca, sore loser much?). Iris feels a bit sorry for Bianca (well I'm not anymore after that outburst she did), Cilan says it was a great battle regardless, Stephan saying Cameron trained Riolu well, and Ash eager to battle them. And with that we end the episode with Ash, Stephan, Cameron, and Virgil being the remaining non-filler trainers.

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    Later at the Pokemon Center, Ash is taking Pikachu to Nurse Joy to heal when Ash sees Trip finishing up and leaving. Ash asks if he's really leaving (Ash, which one of your rivals didn't leave after they lost?)

    Paul and Barry stuck around after they lost.

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    TKnHappyNess wrote:

    Later at the Pokemon Center, Ash is taking Pikachu to Nurse Joy to heal when Ash sees Trip finishing up and leaving. Ash asks if he's really leaving (Ash, which one of your rivals didn't leave after they lost?)

    Paul and Barry stuck around after they lost.

    I was talking about main rivals and Paul did leave once Ash defeated him.

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    I may sound crazy for saying this but my favorite scene from two previously aired episodes is the sauna scene. I thought seeing Ash, Cilan, Cameron, and Stephan in boxers was neat. Sorry, had to say that.Embarassed

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    Yea that scene was sexy.

    Wait what.
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    EPISODE: BW105 "Lost At The League!"

    A "bleh" episode, and while it's not bad it really shouldn't be a main focus of a episode during the Pokemon League (I go more indepth about that in the review). Ash, Stephan, Cameron, and Virgil finish up their 2nd round battles as we find out for the 3rd round that Ash is up against Stephan! But all of today's battles are over so Iris and Cilan go to meet up with Ash however on their way Axew spots a balloon and starts chasing after it. Iris and Cilan meet up with Ash though they soon realize Axew is gone, something which Axew notices about Iris when it loses sight of the balloon. Will Iris and Axew be able to find each other? Will Ash have time to plan for his battle with Stephan after they find Axew, IF they even find it? What shenanigans are going to happen to make this a episode long plot? And most important: WHY IS THIS A LEAGUE EPISODE?! Let's get to the review so I can rant about this already:

    Who Watches Pokemon For The Battles:
    Now with Cameron moving on and Bianca defeated we go on a quick montage of Ash, Stephan, Cameron, and Virgil winning their battles... wait, Cameron? Oh no, I didn't make a mistake, because as it turns out we skipped over Ash's, Stephan's, and Virgil's 2nd round matches and instead montage through their 3rd round matches which were all against filler trainers...

    Spoilers: This episode has NOTHING to do with battling and instead focused on Axew getting lost and Ash & co. trying to find it, shenanigans ensue. Yeah, writers, during the Pokemon League I want to really see one thing and one thing only: BATTLING! The Pokemon League is where all the skills and lessons Ash has gotten throughout this region combine together and show how much he has grown in strength and maybe a little as a person.

    Infact why did we SKIP an entire round after the "important" battle was over? Why did we only have a quick montage of this round? Because the other battles were against filler trainers? SO WHAT! If anything that means we should be seeing these battles since it's new opportunity to introduce other Pokemon, moves, and strategies to throw against Ash. Did the writers forget they were writing battles for the POKEMON LEAGUE? Every trainer here has gotten at least 8 badges, yet we're seeing trainers who are using That's how things went during the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Pokemon League. We saw ALL of Ash's battles (and some for his rivals in Hoenn) and they were mostly against filler trainers who's characters were quickly established in the episode they battled Ash. "What about Sinnoh?" you're probably asking. Only once did Sinnoh montage though a battle that a Ash (since most League battles were rival battles, which is what you should do if you have so many rivals in the League), but that was because Paul was battling Barry for most of the episode and we then had the 3-episode Ash-vs.-Paul battle (remember when League rival battles took multiple episodes to make them big and awesome a possible?) coming soon. However the main point is that we always saw Ash's battles.

    Then we come to this episode where we not only see a montage of this rounds battles, we find out that we SKIPPED OVER A ROUND, and we'll later then watch an entire episode dedicated to Ash & co. looking for Axew... Tauros mulch.


    Anyway Iris, Cilan, and Bianca are watching from the audience, Iris and Cilan commenting on how strong Ash, Stephan, Cameron, and Virgil are while Bianca wonders who they'll be battling in the next round. With that said, the next match-ups are made revealing that we'll most likely be seeing Ash's battle this round because he's up against Stephan!

    Now I want to take another quick break to point out something interesting. Cameron and Virgil are once again up against filler trainers, BUT they're trainers we've seen before. Actually, aside from another filler trainer which we'll later be seeing in this episode, all the filler trainers that Ash/Stephan, Cameron, and Virgil battle are trainers we've seen before. Most of these trainers we've seen are either from a Battle Club Tournament or the Junior Cup. Cameron's opponent is named Kenton who appeared in the Junior Cup. Virgil's opponent is Flora who we saw battle and lost to Cilan in the Clubsplosion with her Gothita in the first round. Other trainers include Manning (bottom row, 4th battle) who appeared in the Junior Cup with his Heatmor but lost to Trip, Antonio (top row, 4th battle) who appeared in the Club Battle, Ramone (top row, 2nd battle) who appeared in the Junior Cup with his Stoutland but lost to Dawn, and Dino (bottom row, 3rd battle) who appeared in the Club Battle with various Pokemon though was using a Darumaka when he lost to Ash. There's was also two other trainers named Emmanuel and Geraldo who appeared in the Club Battle and Junior Cup, respectively, who were knocked out off-screen. I actually like the idea of them re-using filler trainers. Sure they're just there for a battle (if they even bother to show it) and probably get little to no characterization, but it actually makes it feel like there are trainers aside from Ash and his rivals who are travelling around and getting Badges to compete in the League, it's a nice little touch.

    Oh, and there is one more trainer I want to point out. Recognize the girl in the 2nd battle on the bottom row? That's Katharine, you know, the girl with the psycho Gothita that fell in love with Ash's Scraggy. Yeah, unlike the other filler trainers who were just opponents, Katharine actually was a character-of-the-day and had outside of battle interaction with Ash & co.. You'd think she would say at least say hello to Ash & co., or her Gothita would want to challenge Ash's Snivy to a battle (actually that would have been an interesting battle to have, but no, instead we skipped over two of Ash's battles...). Though being we later see her standing outside of the Pokemon Center without her Gothita I'm going to assume her being here is an oversight on the animators part who just took her image for a filler character not realizing they had used her for a character-of-the-day.

    Sorry, I'm just trying to avoid the rest of this episode. Anyway Ash and Stephan see they're battling each other and get excited as we then have the opener and title. However we'll have to wait for Ash vs. Stephan as today's battles are over and we cut Iris, Cilan, and Bianca walking out down a hall. Iris and Cilan talk about how exciting the Ash vs. Stephan battle is going to be (don't tease us, show) and that third round means 3-on-3 battles when Bianca suddenly screams...

    I'm going to assume she stubbed her toe this morning and it's only just now her brain got the message she's feeling pain...

    Actually Bianca says she just remembered that Casteliacones are going on sale today, Iris pointing out this is Vertress City though Cilan points out merchants all over Unova come to the Unova League to sell their goods. Bianca however says today is the only day they'll be selling Casteliacones and rushes out, Iris suggesting they check out the shop later (Bianca would have probably bought up all the Casteliacones by then) though Axew gets distracted by a red balloon floating in the air.

    Ash and Stephan are getting pumped for their battle, both telling the other they're not going to hold back. Cameron for some reason is packed up saying he's going to get the best spot early, Ash and Stephan confused about what he's talking about and point out the Unova League isn't over. Cameron tells them today is Fireworks Day which is a celebration for the Unova League and that he's going to find the best place to watch them before rushing off. Stephan says he'd rather hit the sauna and think of a strategy for tomorrow and sets off as Iris and Cilan meet up with Ash and congratulate him on winning this round. As Ash & co. talk about Ash preparing for tomorrow's battle with Stephan, Pikachu jumps down and starts looking for something but upon not finding it calls up to Ash who then asks Iris where Axew is, Iris just noticing Axew is gone (Iris, you gotta keep Axew on a leash because this keeps happening).

    Tracking The Fans:
    We go to the missing Axew who's actually chasing the red balloon it saw earlier but soon loses it in the crowd which is when it realized that Iris is nowhere to be seen. Axew gets concerned but its attention turns to a group of people celebrating that a trainer from their town named Russet (this is the filler trainer I mentioned we'll be seeing in this episode) has gotten this far in the Unova League. Axew walks up to the crowd where a woman sees and turns to it and asks if it wants to join them in celebrating, then dresses Axew in party clothes. The leader of the group (which is revealed to be part of the Pokemon Fan Club) says they're going to throw Russet a party and they rush off, the woman grabbing Axew by the arm and starts following the group. Just then Ash & co. run into the room (we're not going to have a series of near misses, are we?) though Axew is long gone.

    Cilan: It's possible Axew went back to the dormitory.
    Iris: Go back alone? That wouldn't happen.
    Comment: Axew going to a place where it knows that at some point Ash & co. have to go back to or might check? What a silly idea, Axew isn't that smart.

    Virgil then walks in and asks Ash & co. what's going on.

    Back to the Pokemon Fan Club, they're rushing through a batch of stalls with the leader saying they can't have a party without food, though Axew somehow escapes them and finds itself next to a blue stall. The stall is actually for Nacrene City's Cafe Warehouse and the merchant welcomes Axew (um, you do know that you're talking to a Pokemon which looks to have no trainer with it, right?) and gives it a free Soda Pop (hm, must be a Wednesday).

    Somewhere else, we see a Garbodor walking down a street when a woman stops it and says it can have a box of fruit (even though the only thing in it are apples) to share with its friends and if it needs anything it can come to her again (so what, is that Garbodor some kind of food disposer people in Ventress City gives food they're throwing out too?). The Garbodor then goes down an alley where four Trubbish come out of hiding and Garbodor gives the box of apples... and that's its. I'm going to assume this is just setting up a plot point.

    Back with Ash & co. (+ Virgil), being Virgil has a brain he takes Ash & co. to the Unova League's Security Surveillance Room where they start looking through video monitors to see if they can find Axew. Cilan says Axew's disappearance is a mystery and there's only one person here that can solve it, declaring it "Detective Time" and putting on a detective's hat.

    Iris: Cilan, can't you keep it down? I can't concentrate.

    Cilan: Yes ma'am...
    Comment: Don't worry Cilan, when you find out what happened to Axew I'm sure you're going to have lots of fun coming up with incorrect conclusions.

    Iris sees the Pokemon Fan Club running and asks for that part to be played again and paused, Iris spotting Axew. Virgil says the group looks to be heading for the center of the city (how do you know that? They're just leaving the stadium, you have no clue how far they're going or in what directions) and Ash says they should get going (don't tell Officer Jenny or anything, it's not like the POLICE can help with a missing Pokemon...).

    (Continued in next post)

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    Back to the streets, we see Bianca sitting on a bench enjoying her Casteliacone when she sees Axew walking by who sees her and tries running over but the Pokemon Fan Club run through after having gotten their food and grab back onto Axew, Bianca having no clue what just happened.

    Don't worry Bianca, we're also at a loss of logic with this episode.

    Going over to Cameron (can we stop the rapid switching of focus?), he's setting up his tent by a lake getting ready for the fireworks. Suddenly the Pokemon Fan Club runs by and RUN OVER HIS TENT (jerks...) as Axew drops its hat though Cameron is too busy panicing about his now trampled tent.

    Back to Ash & co., they're looking for Axew in the center of the city when Bianca calls out to them saying she got them Casteliacones.

    Bianca, do those look anything like this:

    Of course since Bianca is running over to them and there's a source of water nearby, she trips on a soda can and knocks Ash into the fountain.

    Ash: I'm so through with this, no more please.
    Comment: Is Ash going have to slap a b****?

    After apologizing, I guess Bianca told Ash & co. (+ Virgil) she saw Axew as Iris asks her where it went and she points to the direction the group took Axew. Ash & co. run off as Bianca says she'll go with them however she still has her ice cream which for some reason she can't eat while following so give it to Virgil which Eevee immediately jumps at (which I got to admit was funny and cute). Iris sends out Emolga to help look for Axew while Ash sends out Unfez... Scraggy (Ash, this scenario is pretty much the only time your bird Pokemon get any screentime outside of battles, don't take that away from Unfezant)? Oshawott also pops out as they all start looking for Axew as one group (then what was the point of sending out your Pokemon?).

    Back to the Pokemon Fan Club, they've set up a picnic and starts clapping for Russet's next victory (well he's versing a filler trainer (Manning infact) so he has a chance, though I'm sure he'll eventually be knocked out by Ash/Stephan, Cameron, or Virgil so celebrate while you can) while the woman gives Axew a plate of food. Axew looks over and sees a girl feeding her Lillipup which makes Axew sad.

    Over to Ash & co.'s Pokemon (I guess they did split up), Pikachu and Scraggy are talking to a Stoutland as Oshawott goes down an alleyway. We see the four Trubbish from before eating the apples though hide when they hear Oshawott coming, but since they also didn't hide the box of apples Oshawott finds it and gets excited. The Stoutland shakes its head no (assumingly telling them it didn't see Axew) to Pikachu and Scraggy but Emolga comes back with a Swoobat who points them to a direction (assumingly where it saw Axew). Oshawott in the meanwhile has eaten all the apples (oh, so that was the point of the Garbodor and Trubbish, we needed antagonists for no good reason) as Pikachu calls to it and they all start running off, the woman who gave Garbodor the box of apples watching them run by.

    Back to *crack* GAH! WHIPLASH! All you need to know for this 5 second segment that Axew managed to escape from the Pokemon Fan Club.

    Back to the alley, Garbodor comes back with 4 green balloons where it sees the Trubbish crying over the empty box and they assumingly tell it a Oshawott are their food, Garbodor giving out an angry yell and letting the balloons go.

    One Mon's Trash Was Another's Food:
    Checking on Cameron, he finally remade his tent (for some reason keeping the hat attached to it) which Iris sees and dives for, wrecking the tent once more. Iris shows the hat to Cilan who agrees it's the same hat they saw Axew wearing (how could they tell, the picture was very pixelated, not to mention everyone in the Pokemon Fan Club are wearing the same hat so it could have come from one of them). Cameron asks Iris why she wrecked his tent though Iris asks where he saw Axew go which Cameron points at a location he assumes and Ash & co. (what happened to Bianca?) run off, Cameron yelling what's wrong with them before whimpering about his wrecked tent as Riolu pats him on the head (is it bad when your Pokemon is the more mature one?).

    Over to Axew, it has taken the party clothes off and is sitting on a tree stump in the woods with tears in its eyes when suddnely Pikachu, Oshawott, Scraggy, and Emolga appear. Axew runs over and hugs Pikachu, though the reunion is cut short as Garbodor and the four Trubbish appear who point out them being the Pokemon which took their food and Garbodor prepares to attack.

    To Virgil and Bianca (I thought she was going with Ash & co.?), they're looking for Axew when they see the woman who gave Garbodor the food looking down the alley where the garbage Pokemon live, wondering where they went. Virgil asks her what's wrong and the woman tells them that a Garbodor and four Trubbish live in the alley but are now gone, saying she also saw an impertinent Oshawott coming out of the alley and was with a Pikachu and Emolga (hey, what about Scraggy?), Bianca and Virgil surprised to hear this and nod at each other.

    Ash & co.'s Pokemon are running away from the garbage Pokemon, however Garbodor uses Gunk Shot which sends them flying and when Pikachu tries assumingly to ask why it's attacking them, Garboder uses Acid Spray which Pikachu dodges. They're chased to a cliff with a river flowing under it, now cornered by the garbage Pokemon.

    Checking on Ash & co. themselves, they find Axew's discarded party clothes when they hear their Pokemon's yells from the first Gunk Shot.

    BACK TO Ash & co.'s Pokemon, Oshawott and Emolga get ready to fight but Pikachu stops and once again asks why they're being attacked. Garbodor and the four Trubbish assumingly tell them that Oshawott ate the Trubbish's food.

    I bet you the electric rodents are thinking about letting Oshawott take the fall for them.

    Oshawott tries apologizing but Garbodor attacks with Gunk Shot which Oshawott deflect with its scalchop however the Trubbish hit with their Sludge Bombs. As Pikachu, Axew, Scraggy, and Emolga check on Oshawott, Ash & co. arrive though Garbodor uses a Acid Spray to knock Ash & co.'s Pokemon off the cliff. Virgil then comes in to save the day and tells Espeon to use Psychic and it lifts Ash & co's Pokemon back onto the cliff.

    Virgil: Oshawott must have been hungry since it ate all the food in the box, that's why they're so mad.
    Comment: It also being a jerk didn't help.

    Ash asks Oshawott if that's true which Oshawott gives him a sad nod so Ash runs in front of the Garbodor and apologizes. Garbodor isn't having any of this though and starts a Gunk Shot but Virgil sends out Umbreon who uses Shadow Ball to intercept it. Virgil tells Garbodor to calm down and takes out a Soothe Bell and starts rining it, the ringing (which we see as blue soundwaves) calming down Garbodor and the Trubbish (after seeing this Ash better take his Soothe Bells with him on his next journey considering all the trouble they get into).

    And What Did We Learn:
    We scene fade to Ash & co. (+ Garbodor & the Trubbish) in the alley at night where Ash & co. give Garbodor and the Trubbish a table of food.

    And the lesson we learned is that Oshawott has learned nothing.

    Cilan tells the Trubbish he made the food especially for them when fireworks start going off and Bianca suggests they check them out.

    At the lake, Cameron is in his tent watching the fireworks telling Riolu he can't wait for tomorrow. We go see Stephan who...

    ... looks to have been cooked and glazed...

    Anyway Stephan also sees and watches the fireworks. At the lake we see the Pokemon Fan Club watching the fireworks as the woman who dressed Axew sees that Axew had found its trainer. Iris tells Axew to not wander off anymore which Axew agrees with. Later that night, Ash is talking with Professor Juniper who congratulates him on getting to the third round and they talk about what Pokemon Ash wants to be sent over.

    It's the next day and Ash and Stephan are on the battlefield. Stephan sends out a Liepard which Ash scans and gets concerned about though then excited as he sends out his Pokemon... which we got to wait next time to see.

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    I missed yet another episode. :C

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    EPISODE: BW106 "Strong Strategy Steals the Show!"

    Pretty good episode, by far the best Unova League episode so far (though admittedly the bar wasn't set so high to begin with...). Though Ash VS. Stephan started out okay things got a bit weird in the middle though by the end it sort of evened back out, though the main next battle is shaping up to be REAL good! Can't really say much more else as most of the episode is Ash vs. Stephan, so I guess some question. Who will win this match, Ash or Stephan? We know Stephan's first Pokemon is Liepard, so what will Ash's be? Which Pokemon have each one brought with them? And can you spot the mistakes is Ash's logic and Stephan's training? Don't worry about that last one too much, I'll be pointing them out as usual, just read on and enjoy:

    Who Needs STABS:
    Starting where we last left off, Stephan has chosen Liepard so with a Pokemon weak to Fighting- and Bug-types, two types he has, he chooses... Krookodile. Iris, Cilan, and Bianca are watching in the audience, Cilan saying Ash using a Dark-type against another Dark-type is something Ash would do as Bianca is excited to see who wins. Ash and Stephan say they're ready... opener, title... as Freddy O'Martian announces the Pokemon they just sent out and the match begins!

    Krookodile VS. Liepard: The battle starts with Liepard and Krookodile using Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw, respectively, and collide but only cause both of them to slide back to their side of the field. Ash asks if that was a draw (let's see, no Pokemon got hurt or advanced in anyway, instead they slid back to where they started. I'm going to call that a draw) though Stephan isn't letting up and Liepard uses Shadow Ball. Krookodile uses Stone Edge and much like with the two claw attacks the moves collide and nullify each other; Cilan, Iris, & Bianca commenting on their similar strategy and strength. Liepard uses Hyper Beam though Krookodile uses Dig to dodge it, however Liepard uses this time to use Double Team (and I want to note here that none of Liepard's moves are Dark-type...), causing Krookodile to attack one of the fake Liepards. All the Liepards uses Shadow Claw and without knowing which is the real one to dodge Krookodile is hit which Liepard and its fakes then follow with a Shadow Ball. Liepard return its fakes (for some reason) just as Krookodile recovers and uses Stone Edge which hits Liepard and knocks it back though Liepard gets back up and uses Double Team once more. Ash figures Krookodile won't be able to dodge so has it use Dig, however Stephan thought he'll do that so has Liepard aim a Hyper Beam into the hole which sends Krookodile flying out of it. As Krookodile falls it uses Dragon Claw though Liepard jumps up with a Shadow Claw and both pass each other, Iris asking if they missed but Cilan says that Krookodile might have hit thanks to the extra momentum from falling. Both attacks did hit the other Pokemon as Krookodile and Liepard are now both heavily wounded as the two go for another Dragon Claw/Shadow Claw dual. The two do the "fainting standoff", Krookodile kneeling down first and Liepard looking back with a smile... before falling down and fainting.

    Stephan returns Liepard and sends out Zebstrika (which glows yellow for some reason)... which Ash scans with his Pokedex (Ash previously scanned a Zebstrika in BW039 "Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!"... infact, it was the SAME Zebstrika he scanned, Stephan's!) Now against a Pokemon which Krookodile has a clear type advantage against... Ash recalls it (to be fair, Krookodile did take a beating) and sends out... Oh! Palpitoad (*GASP* Ash using a Pokemon which has the type advantage?... it's going to lose, isn't it?)! Cilan says that Palpitoad is the perfect Pokemon to use against Zebstrika, though Bianca says she doesn't get it (well you did send out Emboar to fight a Samurott...) and Cilan explains Zebstrika's main attacks (as far as you know) is Thunderbolt and Flame Charge, both which are types immune or resisted by Palpitoad.

    Iris: I guess Ash isn't such a little kid anymore.
    Comment: Wow, that's a major thing for Iris to say and only have it as an offhanded comment. Throughout the series Iris has been calling Ash a "little kid" that you'd think her saying he isn't would have been a bit of a focused event. Oh well, just another misstep of the Unova League.

    Palpitoad VS. Zebstrika: Zebstrika starts with a Double-Edge as Palpitoad uses Mud Bomb however Zebstrika dodges the bombs and hits Palpitoad, knocking it on its back.

    Freddy O'Martian: Zebstrika's Electric-type moves won't work. So what's Stephan's going to do?
    Comment: Well I don't know, that Double-Edge looked to have been effective...

    Zebstrika uses Stomp next but Palpitoad rolls out of the way.

    Cilan: Stephan made certain that Zebstrika knows a variety of moves so it's able to handle Water- and Ground-type opponents too.
    Comment: I'm going to assume he means Pokemon which are Water/Ground and not the types individually. Though with that said, Zebstrika would be completely walled by a Ground/Rock-type.

    Iris notes that Stephan isn't such a kid anymore either (sort of taking away from her saying that about Ash) as Palpitoad uses Sludge Wave (oh look, Palpitoad finally learned a fourth move, took them until the UNOVA LEAGUE) and hits, not only damaging Zebstrika but also Poisoning it. It's then revealed Stephan had made a move change as Zebstrika uses Facade (why have Stomp and Facade, especially on a non-Normal-type?) and hits Palpitoad sending it flying into a wall several feet away! Cilan explains Facade gets a power boost when the user is inflicted by a status ailment as Iris notes Stephan is prepared though Cilan wonders how did Stephan know Palpitoad knew Sludge Wave (maybe Stephan taught Zebstrika Facade because he was preparing for what OTHER trainers have planned. I know we're skipping most of them, but there are other battles happening in the Unova League). And it's Bianca of all people who points out that Stephan was probably just preparing for status conditions and it happened! Palpitoad is still able to battle though as Zebstrika goes in with another Facade however Palpitoad gets in a Supersonic and not only stops Zebstrika but confuses it! Zebstrika charges into a wall and starts beating its head against it as Palpitoad takes the opportunity to attack with a Mud Bom... Hydro Pump (because why use a Super Effective move?) and hits. Though it caused heavy damage, Zebstrika is now no longer confused and as Ash prepares to end this battle Stephan pulls one last surprise move: Giga Impact...

    For those paying attention at home, this is Zebstrika's fourth move... which means Stephan's Zebstrika ONLY KNOWS NORMAL-TYPE MOVES (so much for move variety, aye Cilan?)! What's is up with Stephan's Pokemon not knowing any STAB moves? Actually for Zebstrika's it's worse than that since now it's COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN by Ghost-types (who are immune to every single one of its attacks) and resisted by Rock- and Steel-types.

    Zebstrika hits and sends Palpitoad flying, though Palpitoad gives off one final Mud Bomb which hits and now both Pokemon are sent flying into wall, the dust clearing to reveal both have been knocked out! Iris says that Stephan only has one Pokemon left but Ash has two however Cilan says that Krookodile took heavy damage against Liepard. Stephan's next Pokemon (if you haven't guessed it already since Stephan seems to only have 3 Pokemon...) is none other than Sawk which Ash suspected... and then scans it with his Pokedex (Note, this is not only the 3rd time Ash has scanned a Sawk (previously done so in BW041 "The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk!" & BW069 "Climbing the Tower of Success!"), much like with Zebstrika, all those three times it was STEPHAN'S SAWK!!!). Well being Ash was suspecting Stephan to use Sawk that surely means he has brought a Pokemon which would have an advantage against it, right? Well sorta, as Ash's third Pokemon is Leavanny (... Two things: 1. WHY DIDN'T YOU USE LEAVANNY AGAINST LIEPARD WHERE IT WOULD HAVE A BETTER TYPE ADVANTAGE & 2. If you were expecting Sawk then why didn't you bring Unfezant? Oh, that's right, the writer's hate bird Pokemon...).

    Bianca: That's a good choice? Leavanny battling an opponent with magnificent, rippling muscles like Sawks?
    Comment: Oh Arceus, I completely forgot that Bianca has a Fighting-type fetish. *shivers*
    Iris: This is Ash, remember? He must have a strategy.
    Comment: Tow things: 1. This is Ash, remember? He's winging it & 2. Not even going to mention Bug-types resist Fighting-types? I'll admit it's a very obscure fact which doesn't make sense really but being you went on about how Palpitoad's type was immune and resistant to Zebstrika's you'd think they would also know and mention that.

    Can't Touch Thi... Oh, Nevermind:
    Leavanny VS. Sawk: Sawk starts off with a Bulk Up...

    Please don't show us a shot of Bianca...

    Leavanny uses String Shot and traps Sawk in a silk cacoon but, being a Fighting-type that just flexed it's muscles, Stephan tells it to break out which is easily does. Sawk goes in with a Close Combat.... which Leavanny dodges pretty elegantly.

    DUN dun dun dun, DUN dun, DUN dun, Can't touch this.

    Ash says he raised up Leavanny's Speed with "special training" (aka he just gave it a whole batch of Carbos) as Iris says Speed if the best defense against great offense. Leavanny uses X-Scissor and hits Sawk knocking it back.

    Freddy O'Martian: It floats like a Butterfree, stings like a Beedrill.
    Comment: Funny. We also would have accepted "floats like a Beaitifly, stings like a Vespiquen".

    Sawk tries Karate Chops next but Leavanny once again ballet dodges them as Sawk follows with a Low Sweep (and being that was Sawk's fourth move we know have a Pokemon with moves ONLY on its type... meaning it's also completely walled by Ghost-types and resisted by Poison-, Flying-, Psychic-, and Bug-types. Stephan you're a horrible trainer) which Leavanny just leaps out of the way from. While in the air, Leavanny uses Razor Leaf which Sawk blocks but Leavanny switches to an Energy Ball and knocks Sawk back. Leavanny tries another X-Scissor however Sawk grabs it while stuck hits it with a Low Sweep causing it to stagger bag. With Speed decreased from Low Sweep, Sawk attacks Levanny without mercy with Close Combat, Leavanny collapsing to its knees. However Leavanny starts to glow green and gets back up, Iris asking what's happening and Cilan saying that Leavanny's Ability, Swarm, just activated and with it low on HP its Bug-type moves increase in power. Leavanny uses an X-Scissor however Sawk dodges and does a Bulk Up (I'll spare you the image) however Leavanny stops it with a String Shot which creates a straight jacket with stronger silk due to Swarm (I'll let the anime slide this time because that sort of makes sense even though that's not how it works in the games). Leavanny prepares another X-Scissor but Stephan tells Sawk to use them to cut the silk (and despite Stephan saying this and Freddy O'Martian announcing it over the loudspeakers, Ash doesn't stop Leavanny from doing multiple X-Scissors) and Sawk carefully dodges Leavanny's strikes though Freddy O'Martian says it doesn't seem to be working.

    Cilan: Either those threads will be cut, or Sawk won't be able to continue battling.
    Comment: Because it's not like Sawk has a move which uses its leg to "sweep" it's opponent "low".

    Leavanny uses another X-Scissor which does finally cut the silk off Sawk however it has taken damage from the hits it had to take to do so. Sawk jumps off to prepare a Karate Chop with Leavanny tries to stop with Razor Leaf however Sawk blocks it and delivers a hit, knocking Leavanny out.

    (Continued in next post)

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