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Season 1 Episode 81

Friend And Foe Alike

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 27, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Friend And Foe Alike
The fifth round match-ups have been determined and Ash is up against his new friend Richie. The two of them are shocked, but determined to win the battle, despite little sleep that night. The day of there battle, Team Rocket use a voice changer to sound like Richie and call Ash. "Richie" wants to meet Ash and talk to him about Pikachu. When Ash arrives at the meeting point, Team Rocket reveal themselves and capture Ash and Pikachu and begin to take him and Pikachu away. Ash manages to escape, but Team Rocket is in pursuit. Now Ash must race back to Indigo Stadium before he is disquialifed for not showing up, while at the same time dodging Team Rocket's attacks.moreless

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  • sad episode, but wasn't the best

    I'm not the biggest fan of the old Pokemon anime believe it or not. It was just good, sometimes great but this episode had some humor with the Charizard and the battle was just okay. This episode had its flaws but had a few good parts like the battle itself and the plot. Overall, this was an okay episode of Pokemon. A 6/10 would be the grade for me.
  • Damn that Charizard!

    "Friend And Foe Alike"

    Grade: A

    Goddamnit! Ash makes it pretty much to the end and who would have guessed his Charizard ***** him over? Yep, Ash's dream of becoming an Indigo League Pokemon champion ends here as he makes a risky choice for his last Pokemon to battle, and it didn't pay off in the end. I think its quite shocking at first that Ash actually loses, because it wasn't really what we were expecting when we saw it brand new back in our younger years. Nevertheless, a decent episode with some good humour and a little sadness too.

    The episode is basically Ash getting ready to battle Richie for the Pokemon League, and this is awkward because he just became friends with him. Ash and Richie both decide to heal their Pokemon and get ready for the match. Unfortuantly, Ash is tricked by Team Rocket in thinking Richie wants to meet him, and is forced to escape their plans after trying to take Pikachu. He ends up being late because of this but Richie knows he'll show up eventually.

    After using his Pokemon to get back to the Pokemon League, Ash arrives and is ready for the match. This however means he is slightly disadvantaged because his Pokemon have been worn out on helping him escape Team Rocket. Nevertheless, Ash starts off with Squirtle, and Richie uses Butterfree. Butterfree knocks Squirtle out with Sleep Powder, but Ash gets rid of Butterfree with his second Pokemon Pikachu, with Thunder attack and Butterfree is knocked out.

    Richie decides to use Charmander (Zippo) and uses Flamethrower on Pikachu. Pikachu avoids for a while but runs out of energy, and is knocked out with Zippo's tackle. Ash can only choose one more Pokemon and makes a risky choice of picking out Charizard as his third, remembering that he doesn't follow any of his orders in the past. In Brock and Misty's surprise, Charizard comes out, and Zippo attempts to hurt Charizard with a Flamethrower. Charizard attacks back with its own and Richie is forced to call back Zippo, meaning he is down to 1 Pokemon left like Ash.

    Richie makes a risky decision (due to Charizard's size) and sends out Pikachu (Sparky), and Charizard looks amused. To test whether Sparky is worthy of battle, he uses Stomp and then Whirlwind on it, but as Sparky is about to attack back, Charizard falls asleep during battle. In a slightly humourous way, Ash begs Charizard to battle and listen to him just this once (and he'll never have to again afterwards), but nothing changes and Charizard just lays there not giving a **** at all.

    With Charizard refusing to battle because of being lazy, he is disqualified and Richie is left as the winner as a result. Ash looks upset and angry about his loss, and Richie approaches him so Ash quickly calms down and congratulates him on winning.

    So this was a slightly sad episode at the end, when Ash's most important match at this point is ended because of one of his Pokemon (and his bad luck with Team Rocket). It was a very good episode and it was a nice way of ending the battles of the Indigo League. I thought the beginning part of it was quite funny with Misty, who keeps putting Ash down on not thinking he's a great trainer, as well as running into the stadium and shouting at Richie because of thinking he was rude to her on the phone (though it was actually Team Rocket who set this up). Overall, a decent episode with a good balance of all things.moreless
  • Part Five of the Pokemon League with some humor and sadness...

    For those who saw this episode, it was another of thoese Team Rocket humor episode ever. As a distraction, they would prevent Ash from entering the Pokemon League so he can automatically lose. They would perform those usual pranks to fool one or another. That's not important as I was so stunned that Ash lost the Pokemon League. After all of his hard work he showed throughout the season, his Charizard was the cause for not being obedient. Shocking...moreless
Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein


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Tara Sands


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Ted Lewis (II)


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