Season 4 Episode 25

From Ghost To Ghost

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 10, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • Great Gym Battle!

    I loved this episode! One of my favorite parts was that Ash's Noctowl learned Confusion and Ash used it to his advantage! That was an exceptional strategy and good thinking on his part!
  • great episode

    Our heroes enter town, where they are approached by a firebreather selling a set of 21st century divining rods. Trying to avoid getting burned twice, Misty drags Brock away before he gets swindled. In any event, elsewhere in town, Team Rocket is moping around, largely ignored by the townsfolk, they are trying to figure out how to find the twerps. The then decide to go to the Pokémon Gym, but not before buying a pair of rods. We shift back to our heroes as they enter the burned tower, shortly after which the place apparently catches on fire.

    As it turns out, it was actually a bunch of Gastlys creating an illusion, and as more and more ghost Pokémon show up, things look pretty bleak. Fortunately, Morty shows up and takes control. He tells the story of the tower and how it was the roosting place of Ho-oh, the legendary bird Pokémon. At this point, Ash settles a nasty Internet argument by saying he saw Ho-oh in the first episode.
    No one believes him, at least not Morty. Poor Ash. In any event, Togepi, sensing the need for another plot twist, walks through a crack in the wall, and Pikachu follows. The alternate route is too hazardous for humans, and to make things worse, when Togepi and Pikachu finally surface Team Rocket is waiting. When our group catches up, Team Rocket decides their best option is to run away, but Morty won't have any of that. Gengar. Shadow Ball.
  • Perhaps one Ash's greatest battles

    For the first time, Ash fought ghost pokemon and it wasn't an easy battle. I was psyched that Noctowl would be used (I always get excited whenever the newest member of Ash's team has a moment to shine). The battle between Noctowl and Gengar seemed epic to me. The clash of Noctowl's Confusion and Gengar's Shadow Ball was explosive (literally). Gengar was strong, but Noctowl's will and wits gave it the power to be triumphant. I also thought the mini plot involving Team Rocket and those ghost Pokemon was funny. I really enjoyed this episode. To me, this was one Ash's best and hard fought battles.
  • This is one of my favorite episode.

    This episode is exciting. It's when Ash battle Morty. It was a great match. Ash send out Noctowl and Morty battled with Gastly. First, Noctowl use Hypnosis and Gastly dodging it by disapper. Noctowl fought it with Foresight. Then Noctowl use tackle. It was having a tough time. Ash called out Hypnosis. Morty command Gastly not to look and then use Lick. It took a hit and Ash changed Pokemon. Ash send out Pikachu. Pikachu uses Quick Attack. It worked. Pikachu then use ThunderBolt an use Nightshade. It's over for Pikachu. Ash send out Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil uses Flamethrower and Gastly dodge it and then use Nightshade. Cyndayquil dodge it with Quick Attack. Gastly uses Lick attack and Cyndaquil jump and Tackle. Cyndaquil won. Morty send out Haunter. Haunter's attack are impressive causing Cyndaquil to lose. Ash's only Pokemon is Noctowl. Haunter's impressive attacks almost knocked out Noctowl. Noctowl won the battle by using Confusion. Now the final battle Gengar VS Nowtowl. It was a tough battle but Nowtowl won the battle earning him a Fog Badge.
  • The battle between Ash and Morty!

    Good episode! The ghost Pokemon makes an actual return and its focus as well ever since from "The Tower of Terror", "A Shipful of Shivers", and "Illusion Confusion". I'm really amazed by the way Noctowl shows off it's "Psychic" attacks to Morty's Pokemon as it shows it has the type-advantage.
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