Season 6 Episode 1

Get the Show on the Road

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 01, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Get the Show on the Road
In the land of Hoenn, a girl named May is making her way to Professor Birch's lab where she will get her first Pokémon and start her journey. However, she is more interested in traveling then Pokémon. Meanwhile, Ash arrives in Littleroot Town where he discovers that there is no Pokémon Center. In order to heal Pikachu, he must take it to Professor Birch's lab. Birch hooks Piakchu up to a machine, but the built up electricity in Pikachu causes it to go crazy and run out of the lab. Ash and Birch give chase, but will they be able to find Pikachu in the woods? And what about May?moreless

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  • *yawn* oh look a Pokemon I choose you! clone......

    This would be my first negative review of a pokemon episode. When I first saw this in early 2003, I expected something completely new.... only to be dissappointed. The whole plot of this episode seems EXACTLY like the very first episode: Pikachu uncontrollable, May's first pokemon experience uncontrollable, and Pikahcu destroying May's bike. All this made the episode boring. Couldn't they have something a little more original? May's alright even though she's not very confident like Misty was. We could live without her little brother Max, who gets almost nothing accomlished. Overall, best left for Hoenn lovers and not old-soul first five season lovers like me.moreless
  • great episode to start a new season

    In the land of Hoenn, a girl named May travels to Prof. Birch's lab. She is attacked by a wild ghost pokemon called Duskull. Scared, but unharmed, she travels on her bike to the lab in Littleroot Town.

    Ash also travels to Littleroot town and signs up for the Hoenn League. Ash arrives in town to discover that Littleroot doesn't have a pokemon center! Ash rushes to the Profesor's lab and talks to one of the assistants. The assistant alerts Prof. Birch and the he assists him.

    Meanwhile, May arrives at the lab to find that the Prof. isn't there. The assistants tell her that he drove into the woods and she rides after them.

    In the woods, the prof. tumbles down a cliff and lands on a Pochyena. He is suddenly surrounded by a group of the pokemon and he looks like he is in trouble. Suddenly, May arrives and the prof. tells her to take one of the pokemon out of his bag and use it to battle the Pochyena. She ends up throwing Mudkip. Birch tells Mudkip to do a water gun attack.

    As May and Prof.Birch find Ash. As the group is about to leave, Team Rocket arrive on the scene in a giant robot. They reintroduce themselves to Ash and let May and the prof. know who they are. Jessie still doesn't care about this mission and James and Meowth do the dirty work as they launch an arm that begins draining Pikachu's energy. However, it accidentely Heals Pikachu and he uses a super-powered Thunderbolt.

    Back at the lab, May picks the fire pokemon, Torchic. Prof. Birch gives her a pokedex and she qiuetly says how she really doesn't like Pokemon. May's damaged bike due to Pikachu's thunderbolt makes her angry but she decides to ask Ash if she can go with him on his journey. He says OK and they head over to Oladale town as Ash's journey in Hoenn begins.moreless
  • Ash meets May.

    Ash travels to Hoenn but unfortunately Pikachu is sick and needs help pronto, and May gets her first Pokemon (Torchic yeah a spoiler for the ones who didn't watch this) and also meets Ash. What would happen if Pikachu does not get well? Will Pikachu heal? And will May successfully get her first Pokemon? Watch this to find out. This episode was very adventurous and a good way to start a new season w/o Misty and Brock. I've watched Pokemon since I was little and I can say that Pokemon is getting better and better, have a nice day! Bye!moreless
  • A whole new world and adventure.

    The beginning of Ash's adventure in Hoenn is actually quite good. You see Pikachu falls ill due to buildup of electricity stored inside of it. Ash must visit Prof. Birch to get it treated. However Pikachu runs off. The new season also introduces a new character. Well... two when Max comes later on. Yes Misty is out and May is in. I am going on the record to say that I don't care what girl he travels with and I'm not into any type of shipping. The episode is well done and I like how Ash trys to help out Pikachu. The corny jokes were amusing and I chuckled a bit. Even Team Rocket was great as I loved Jessie's I don't care anymore attitude. It's a near perfect episode, but it was missing Brock. He does come later, but I like him and he's my favorite pokémon character.moreless
  • The beginning of the Hoenn Region!

    The beginning of the Hoenn Saga! One thing that I've noticed: I think in my opinion that Team Rocket hasn't acted like their evil self here because after for the past 276 episodes. They have never caught Pikachu and they're suddenly giving up. I didn't expect to see them do that as they even try to capture Pikachu many times no matter what, even if they lose. At least I witnessed James and Meowth try.moreless

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