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Season 7 Episode 27

Go Go Ludicolo!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 26, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Go Go Ludicolo!
Ash and friends decide to settle down for a lunch break, and Ash takes the opportunity to introduce his newly-evolved Grovyle to his other Pokémon. Taillow and Torkoal are happy to have Grovyle on the team. Corphish becomes worried that Ash will now favor Grovyle over the others given it's higher stage, especially when Grovyle manages to get fruit off a tree easily and fend off a Team Rocket attack. A Ludicolo and it's bongo-playing trainer, appear and challenge Ash to a match. Ash decides that since Corphish looks desperate for a battle, he should let it. However things don't go well and Corphish is easily beaten, which makes it feel worse and causes it runs off. While walking through the forest, Corphish finds the Ludicolo and it's trainer, but when Team Rocket attempt to capture the two, it's up to Corphish to save the day!moreless

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  • I have to agree with RaijinPaladinix. THey should get together . But they dont even know each other . click here for notes since I cant submit them in. Treeko VS. Corphish.moreless

    It begins with Ash and CO. going 2 Petalburg City make Skitty,Torchic,Beatyfly,Corphish,tailow,Torkal,Pikachu,Mudkip,Lombre and Fortress meet Grovyle ,and they meet this guy with a Ludicolo they talk then battle . Ash sends out Corphish and they battle Ludicolo and lose , then Corphish runs off TR attacks and tries to nab Ludicolo. Corphish saves them then Ash Prasies him. then they battle for some reason I cant submit my notes so here they are

    Running gag : Torkal cries

    Ash\'s POkemon : Pikachu Tailow Grovlye corphish Torkal

    May\'s \" : Torchic Skitty Beautyfly

    Brock\'s \" : Mudkip Fortress

    Trivia : Why hasn\'t Max catch a pokemon or get Ash\'s former POKEMONmoreless
  • Corphish is stubborn as Chikorita, I've noticed.

    Grovyle is introduced to the other team members. Corphish is jealous of everyone saying how great Grovyle is, so the little dude battles Ludicolo when Poncho comes by. Corphish is wasted in no time, so he goes after Poncho for a rematch. Poncho agrees, but Team Rocket decides to crash the party. Corphish saves Poncho and Ludicolo, so Poncho returns the sandwiches he won and gives Ash a good rematch.

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