Season 5 Episode 32

Hocus Pokémon

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Apr 05, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Hocus Pokémon
Ash, Brock, and Misty meet a magician named Lily. She is seeking ingredients to conduct a spell to make humans more friendly with Pokémon. The one last ingredient she needs is tears of an Aipom. Ash and friend agree to help her find it, but they must battle Team Rocket who is also after Aipom.moreless

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  • Ash and friends meet a pokemon magican who is looking for ingredients to an ancient spell. After battling Team Rocket and all the ingredients are gathered, the spell is cast, but the results are not what was expected.moreless

    When I first saw the commercial for this episode, I thought Ash was imagining himself as a Pikachu. Thinking it was interesting, I decided to see the episode. Though I was disappointed that the event didn't occur until the end, I thought what I saw was hilarious. Ash actually got turned into a Pikachu. The show was good, but seeing Ash become a Pikachu made the entire episode. I was hoping that the transformation would occur earlier in the episode and that Team Rocket would try to catch Ash. The plot of the episode was good, but I think my idea would have been better.moreless
  • The group meets a witch named Lily, and has no problem belieiving in magic all of a sudden, just like always. They battle for ingredients for Lily\'s potion, and guess what happens? PRacticly nothing.moreless

    Now, the episode itself was decent, just one of the same old episodes we\'ve seen a million times. They meet a new friend. They help her out. They leave. But wait, what happens? Ash gets turned into a Pikachu! Unfortunately, that\'s it. Other than one short scene about Ash playing with his pokemon at the end, they wasted this. Even though pokemon has used hundreds of cliches, and otherwise uses the same worthless idea over and over for filler, they for some reason, refuse to make any body swap or transformation episodes. Why? Don\'t know. What I do know is that an overwhelming number of fans want episodes of that genre, and pokemon only teases with the idea, or wastes it, like this. (Ex. Ash argueing with Misty at the start of an episode, and then a Psychic pokemon attacked them. When the aura was up, thier eyes met, and \"light\" between the two traded places. An obvious set up for a body swap, yet afterwards, nothing really even happened.)

    The transformation wears off in the transition between episodes. It\'s a waste, and pure insult. The least we could have gotten, was half the episode about Ash playing around with Pikachu, but no. We didn\'t.moreless
  • Ash and co meet with Lily, a Pokemon Magician trying to make a special potion that allows a human to communicate with Pokemon. They help her get the ingredients... but something goes wrong, leaving Ash in an akward situation!moreless

    This is udoubtedly one of my all-time favorite episodes. Okay, so maybe most of it wasn't much, but the end was totally hilarious, with poor Ash getting stuck as a Pikachu!

    You have to give the writers credit for coming up with such a great (and funny) idea! This is truly an episode worth seeing again and again!
  • 30 minutes - Stereo - Closed Captioning

    Ash and the gang are on their way to Blackthorn City, when suddenly they here the cry of a Murkrow. Eventually it comes into view. They wonder what a Murkrow is doing here. Then, a girl in a witch’s outfit comes, and then she declares that she found Pikachu at last! Ash and the others are surprised, but however, she picks up Pikachu, and hugs it without any problem. Ash then asks her name, and she introduces herself as Lily, the Pokemon sorceress. Ash and the others are surprised, since they never heard of a Pokemon sorceress. Pikachu, Togepi, and Murkrow wait for her to do something. She said she was glad she found Pikachu, since she needed the Thunderbolt of a Pikachu for this Magic she was performing. She starts explaining about her magic arts, but then Brock interrupts, saying that her Magic attracted him to her, followed by Misty dragging him off J. They all say they cant wait to see some of her potion spells, and then she starts to prepare. Lily takes various bottles out of a bag, preparing the spell. She explains how Pokemon Magic is connected to Pokemon Science. Pokemon Scientist= Pokemon Sorceress. Lily then opens a book, and tells how Pokemon sorceresses are extremely rare, most have vanished from the world. She explains also that it’s the Secret Book of Pokemon Magic which gets passed down from generation to generation of witches. Ash says it sounds amazing. Lily then shows them the title of the book, and Misty notices it as The Procedure Documents of Pokemon Magic. She explains that shes making the spell for smooth and beautiful skin Misty then gets excited, since she thinks it suits her. Then, Lily starts the boiling process of the potion, and names the things she throws in, starting with the dug up ground by Dugtrio, then scruff hair from a Flaafy, then A Scale of a Magikarp. Then, smoke starts rising, as they sit and watch, and Misty thinks its cool that Pokemon Magic can make her become beautiful J.

    Then, the Sludge from a Muk is put in, followed by black smoke coming out. Suddenly, they see something fall from above. It happens to be a Spinarak’s string shot thread, which freaks out Misty ^^. Then, Brock jokes and says it’s the Magic that attracts Spinarak and causes then to spit string but Misty doesn’t find it funny, and does a facefault. Lilly explains that it’s Pokemon Magic, since she can also understand the feelings of Pokemon, and adds that Pikachu’s Thunderbolt is supposed to be put in last. Ash kept pleasantly listening as Lily kept on adding things. A Petal with a kiss mark from Jynx, followed by Powder from a Stantler’s horn, Yogurt from Miltank’s milk, and finally Shuckle’s Secret potion. Although that was all she had, the potion was still incomplete. They listened for the rest. She still needed Stun Spore powder from a Parasect. However, Murkrow found a good place to get it, and then Lily demanded it to lead Ash there to help get it. They go there, and they see one Parasect walking there. Lily is glad they finally found one. But, they have a problem, they need to think of a way to get Parasect to let out the Stun Spore. Misty is scared, obviously, and wants to leave. Ash refuses, and challenges Parasect to a battle, and somehow, he WILL get it to release a Stun Spore. Ash has Pikachu go for a Thundershock at the Parasect. Parasect then releases a Spore at Ash and Pikachu. However, they wanted a Stun Spore, so to avoid the Spore from hitting them and preventing the battle, Murkrow uses Whirlwind to defend them and blow it away. Ash then loses confidence in being able to carry out the mission. Misty and Brock, however support him. Ash has Pikachu use a Thundershock, again. Parasect finally uses Stun Spore, and before it affects them, or is lost, Lily sucks it up with a vacuum, and stores it.

    But then, who is to appear but TR in the balloon, grabbing Pikachu by the robotic arm! Although Ash is mad, and yells at them to give it back, Lily seems pleased at the sight of Meowth. Misty and Brock wonder why shes so pleased. Then they notice she’s telling Murkrow to go get Dirt from Meowth’s Claws. However, Murkrow manages to get to them, but punctures the balloon, sending TR blasting off and rescuing Pikachu. However, they didn’t manage to get the dirt from Meowth’s claws, so Lily pursues after TR. They keep going, and notice their balloon hanging on a cliff with them, about to fall. Then James is complaining about what they should do, then Wobbuffet pops out, making Jessie angry. Then they prepare to land, and pray to survive ^^;. Then, Murkrow arrives there, together with Ash and the others, surprising TR. They notice their hanging on a cliff, about to collapse, and in a dangerous state. But Lily doesn’t really care, she has Murkrow snag the dirt from Meowth’s claws, and then TR fall and blast off again.

    Now they have 2 ingredients left. Can they get the Aipom tears? Ash and the others are looking around the neighborhood, but no sign of Aipom or its tears. Although Misty is surprised, she points out an Aipom, which impresses Lily. Lily then chases Aipom, which escapes. However, TR now seem interested in all this Magic. They decide to plan to steal it.

    Meanwhile, Ash and the others are having trouble catching Aipom, so they decide to corner it from 3 sides. They each hide around the area, and now Aipom sits there, thinking its escaped, feeling relieved. Now, they are ready to jump out and grab Aipom… Surprising Lily, TR approach again and grab Aipom, plus the Magic book!! Lily is very angry, and quickly orders Murkrow after them. Meowth then uses a mechanic puncher, which knocks Murkrow to the ground, letting them escape. Lily starts crying, but Ash tries to calm her down, and tells him that from experience, he has confidence with those 3.

    Meanwhile, TR are far away, and they decide to check out the book. Jessie then looks at it, but realizes she cant understand it! But James manages to tell its written in Ancient Pokemonia Dynasty. James can’t read it, but he says he recognizes it from some books in the junk pile in the storage room at his house. But, Jessie remembers that they need the Aipom tears to finish the spell! Although they captured Aipom, Jessie tries slapping it and hitting it, trying to get it to cry, but James quickly stops her. He explains that violence wont cause tears. Jessie is surprised to hear it, and realizes there is no way. Then, they try to think of a way, James stating his idea first. He takes out a sad comic story, and shows it to Aipom, and waits for reaction. It seems like Aipom is finding it boring, he just stares at it, and James gets angry. Meowth then decides to do a small puppet show story for it. But only James seems to be affected by it, and Aipom just stares at it idly. Then Jessie tells the sad story of her life, trying to touch Aipom’s soul. But it dowsnt seem to work.

    Meanwhile, Ash and the others are having trouble finding TR. But Murkrow seems to have found them! He leads them there. They see Jessie telling a story to Aipom about a royal prince who lived with a princess, and the princess dies. Aipom, however does not cry. Jessie then notices Aipom is sleeping. Then Jessie gets angry, and cant help but give Aipom a flogging, but James stops her. Then, Ash and the others arrive, and demand to return the Magic bag and Aipom to Lily! She refuses, and takes out Arbok, which attacks with Poison Sting. Then, Lily takes out Murkrow, and counters with Icy Wind! Arbok faints in the balloon, and Jessie is surprised that Murkrow used such an attack. Ash takes out Pikachu as James takes out Weezing. Weezing uses a sludge attack. Ash had Pikachu use Thunderbolt, but they seem to have equal strength, and they both dissolve when they meet. Meanwhile Aipom fell from the cliff, and Misty and Brock caught it just in time! Meowth was surprised that Weezing put up a strong Sludge this time, aand thinks theres a chance. Murkrow then attacks Weezing with Swift, hitting it, and then Pikachu uses another Thunderbolt to blast them off.

    Ash and Pikachu are very relieved that Aipom was saved from the cliff drop. Aipom is very amused now, and bursts into laughter, and then a tear comes out of that laughter. Misty and Brock quickly give Ash a bottle, and he catches it in there. Pikachu then grabs it, and dedicates them as done. Lily then thanks Ash for the help. Now, the ingredients are all there, and they warm the beaker up with wax. They watch…… and suddenly, White smoke comes from the beaker. Then, Lily asks who will be the first volunteer to try the potion. Ash raises his hand, and she chooses him to be the first person this will be tested on. Lily tells him that they need a Thunderbolt from Pikachu to finish it off. Ash drinks it. Then, right after Lily recites the spell, Pikachu T-bolt’s the beaker. Suddenly, Ash feels very sleepy.

    Suddenly, Ash’s body bursts into smoke!! Lily was surprised, and waits to see what happened! Ash was looking around, and wonders why Misty and Brock seem so huge! They noticed Ash just turned into a Pikachu! Ash seems confused, Misty then gets really worried. Lily is surprised, and goes to look in the book for a cure. Hoever, the page is dirty and impossible to read. Lily will be sad that it failed, but Misty is really worried as to what will become of Ash. Lily explains, that she thinks she remembers something about the effect of Magic wearing off, so hopefully, after a while he may change back. Ash feels relieved about that hope, so he decides that for now he will just play. He starts to hang around a little with Murkrow, Pikachu, and Togepi, but DID this magic go wrong? Will he ever change back? Misty and Brock looked at him, and they have strong hopes…..moreless

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