Season 1 Episode 65

Holiday Hi-Jynx

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 11, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Holiday Hi-Jynx
Jessie is convinced that Santa stole a doll from her when she was younger and wants revenge and comes up with a plan to get it back. Meanwhile, Ash, Misty, and Brock encounter a Jynx who wants to get back to Santa at the North Pole. They decide to help it but Team Rocket's plan could pose some trouble for them.moreless

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  • You're telling me this is banned?

    Maybe in America, and other places too, but this episode still airs in the UK, I've seen it recently (it's currently Christmas 2006). Anyway, this was generally a nice episode, everyone loves Christmas specials, although it would have been nice if the old cliché of the bad guy turning good for the occasion played out, but I guess that's simply what makes pokémon different. But back on the subject of Jynx, why does it matter if it's a stereotype? I mean they're not exactly saying anything bad. And what about, for example, Groundskepper Willie on The Simpsons. People don't complain about him.moreless
  • ....Waa?

    Okkkk that was the stranges episode ever i mean wat the??? all the sudden its Christmas and Santa has elfs as Jynx's and for a raindeer he has a Rapidash???? and last time i saw Ash's Charmander was a Charzard well guess wat ... ITS NOT its a Charmander all the sudden and i throught Misty's Starmie was away ... guess again ... some how they went back and got it. I mean what the heck that was a random episode in the history of history of history of historical Pokemon episodes in the history on pokemonic episodes of pokemon. time for the next episode!moreless
  • To this day no one knows really why this was banned.

    For anyone who isn't familiar with this will know now. Ash and friends find a Jynx with Santa's boot, get on a Lapras, save Christmas, and stop Team Rocket. What's wrong with this you ask? Well Jynx was made as a parody to Japanese black mask dancers. However some people found it depicted racial stereotypes thinking Jynx was a black crossdresser. (The crossdresser part is my theory.) However this wasn't banned for depicting a holiday some people don't believe in. Why didn't they do that? The story is quite good and you really feel sorry for Jessie and her "stolen" as she puts it doll. To me I didn't find this racist. Heck! I got this episode just to show my many black friends and they don't think it was racist. This is one good episode that is controversial for some reason.moreless
  • One of the episodes that was banned after aired on December 11, 1999. Shortly, it was aired until Carole B.W. send the letter to them that Jynx was a stereotype, causing the ban of this episode. It was never given to CN and never aired again.moreless

    I love christmas! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Anyways, this episode features Jynx being a stereotype with black skin, large hips, big lips, large yellow hair, etc. In the future, it caused many fans to worry about the Pacifidlog contest of Jynx being purple. Many thought it would be banned, bit it didn't as it was aired on April 2006. For this episode it was. Because of Carole B Weatherford who banned this episode after writing the letter to 4Kids, many changes happened: Jynx's evolved form, Smoochum, is purple, Jynx would be recolored purple, and so on. It would've benn good if CN aired it because it featured Jessie throughout this episode. It was about her thinking of getting revenge for Santa Claus, which is what I truly enjoy about Christmas spirits.moreless
  • A very... controversial Christmas

    You see, shortly after the episode was aired, there was a complaint that the character Jynx was a racial stereotype. It has black skin, oversized lips, and the Pokedex claims it "wiggles its hips while walking". Eventually, starting with the FireRed and LeafGreen games, Jynx was changed from black to purple (this makes sense, as its pre-evolved form, Smoochum has always had purple skin). Despite this edit, the episode is banned almost everywhere (except Japan). Still, it is a good episode. We discover the reason behind Jessie's nastiness (she thinks Santa Claus is a Jynx and stole her favourite doll), and we get the debut of Jynx and Lapras. There is one problem, though. How is everyone supposed to get from a place around northern Canada back to Kanto in Japan?! But, besides that, there is hardly anything wrong with this episode, (heh, unless you have a problem with anime characters in a... well, natural state) and its a nice break from the standard "gym battle" or "catch a Pokemon" episode. Sure, we don't get any farther to the Indigo League, but it's at least entertaining!moreless

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