Season 1 Episode 48

Holy Matrimony!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 13, 1999 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Holy Matrimony!
While walking down a long road, Ash and friends notices a sign with a picture of James as a young kid. A limo then pulls up, and a butler reveals that James' parents have died recently and he wants to find James so that James can receive his inheritance. Team Rocket is nearby, and Jessie and Meowth encourage James to go and get his inheritance. He reluctantly returns, where everyone finds out that his parents are actually alive! It turns out to be a plan to lure James home so that he can marry his fiance Jessiebelle, a girl who looks similar to Jessie. James once again refuses, so Jessiebelle takes matters into her hands and decides to get rid of Jessie and Meowth and force James to marry her.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Jessiebelle.

    Jessiebelle is one screwed up woman... the fact is she's got a bloody room with whips and chains and no one notices? Either she really wants James or she's into really kinky torture...

    Grade A+
  • Some things happen in this episode.

    This is one of few episodes that hints at rocketshipping. But pretty good even with the flashbacks, and Jessiebell was a good character. This is the kind of stuff you would never see on pokemon now, or any anime that is dubbed by 4-kids. So this proves that 4-kids is geting softer.
  • It was hilarious! Now I remember why I used to watch Pokemon.

    Now I remember why used to watch Pokemon. It was because of episodes like this one. Lol. It was what Pokemon episodes should be like. (By that I men=an be of a high quality. This episode was good, but I would have gone crazy if every Pokemon episode was or is just like this one.) At first I thought James's parents were really dead. But it didn't take me long to realize that that was out of character for Pokemon so it must some sort of trick. Is was. :P It was funny when Meowth keep making fun of Jesse in comparison to Jessebelle. Her reactions to what he said were funny too. XP The ending when Jessebelle was chasing Ash and the gang was a good way to end the episode. Overall, this was a really good episode and I enjoyed it very much.moreless
  • Bonanza! lol

    Do you notice how much this focuses around Jessie and James' relationship? Jessie is NOTHING like that slut Jessibelle! So do you think that maybe, MAYBE... Jessie and James might get together? Hell ya! Rocketshipping is the best! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! Rocketshipping! ROCKETSHIPPING!
  • This is the episode where james looks like he has proper fellings for his companion in crime.

    I think this episode was apsolutel spectacular i loved it. its probably the greatest episode of POKEMON ever. god dod w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w we w w w w w w w w w w w w w o oo oo o o o oo o o oo o o o oo o o oo o o o o o o w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w. it was soooooooooooo amazing.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Meowth: (about Jessiebelle) Her voice is catnip to my ears! Now that's what I call a real lady, not a tough, mean, nasty girl like Jessie!
      Jessie: (hits Meowth) I'll show you tough, mean and nasty!

    • James: I've got to escape!
      Jessie: Oh no, James, you're tying the knot.
      Meowth: (laughs) Jessie means you're tying the noose!

    • (Everybody but Misty is crying over James's story)
      Jessie: That's such a sad ending!
      Meowth: Dat poor kid!
      Brock: I can't believe James is gone!
      Ash: I miss him!
      Pikachu: Pi!
      Misty: Rrr…James is standing right here!

    • Young Jessiebelle: (To James) I wanna teach ya how to eat spaghetti properly!

    • Jessie: James, this kid looks a lot like you.
      James: You think so? He looks pathetic.
      Meowth: That's what she means.

    • Jessie: Oh well... I guess James chose to hang up his Team Rocket costume...
      Meowth: Guess all dat money and luxury was just too temptin' for James ta give up.
      Jessie: (sighs) I guess you're right. (looks terribly sad)
      James: (appears in the Meowth balloon) Prepared for trouble?
      Meowth: Hey, it's him!
      Jessie: James! (smiles) Make it double!
      (She runs alongside the balloon, and James grabs her hand, pulling her into the balloon with him)
      Jessie: Guess we're not going to get rich this time, either.
      James: Guess not. They wouldn't give me the inheritance.
      Jessie: Oh, there's always next time. We may not make a lot of money... but we sure have got our freedom!
      James: Yeah, double trouble time, right? (holds out his hand)
      Jessie: (taking his hand) Sounds great to me, James!
      (They gaze into each other's eyes)
      Meowth: (left on the ground as the balloon drifts away) Hey wait! Ya forgot Meowth again!!!

  • NOTES (2)


    • The scene with young James and the Growlie in the snow is a reference to another anime series called "Dog of Flanders". At the end of this series the main character and his dog die and are taken to heaven by angels.

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