Season 4 Episode 23

Houndoom's Special Delivery

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 01, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    It's a sunny day and we see Ash, Misty and Brock are walking and they notice a strange rare looking pokemon running along to their right about 50 meters in a real big hurry....Ash flips open his Pokedex, and it say's it's a "Hounddoom, the evolved form of Houndour, it's growl will scare even the strongest of pokemon. Misty says she'd hate to ever run into that pokemon, and ash says he wants to catch one when Brock says that he can't because this Houndoom has a package around it's body Houndoom goes speeding off.
    Jessie is really fired up today saying that she want to get the twerps real bad and James looks into his bonoculars to see that they not far away coming up the track. Ash and Co here the all' "prepare for trouble.. and then get straight into a pokemon battle.... Wheezing uses a smokescreen and in the panic Misty drops Togepi, Wheezing notices this he goes up to Togepi and see's it use metronome which ends up being "teleport" and it teleport's it about 5km away onto a big tree branch high up above the ground.
    Team Rocket have been cleaned up by Ash and Pikachu saying "Once more, were blasting off again." Togepi starts crying up due to the high height and fear. The Houndoom we saw running past hears the crys and is concerned for Togepi so he goes up the tree (jumping swiftly from branch to branch) and get's togepi down, he starts to walk off togepi crys he flamethrower's an apple out of a tree and togepi is happy and starts eating the apple Houndoom starts to go again Togepi starts to cry again Houndoom trys to ignore them but their louder then before he turns around to see a pinsir trying to steal the apple, he uses a big growl pinsir run's off. Deciding that he wont leave togepi there alone he put's togepi on his back.
    Misty is shouting "TOGEPI" and so is brock and ash. Ash uses Noctowl and noctowl find's prints of houndoom and togepi walking there's a lot more comical events between houndoom and togepi on the way and team rocket has come back until they start to sink into the water, due to fixing a hole in the balloon which is now coming un-done a Gyrados in the water knocks them away into the air with a hyper beam.
    This event is worth mention though, out of nowhere a heavy storm starts and Togepi and Houndoom go into a tree trunk for a little rest and to get out of the rain, a little time later they leave the trunk and both look over to see RAIKOU!!, he seems to absorb the lightning and the storm and rain stops all together in an instance. They smile and go on their merry way.
    Ash and co track togepi and houndoom back finally to a farm where we see them find togepi and talk to the trainer of Houndoom talking about how houndoom was delivering cutters to cut his Mareeps fur, and that houndoom must of seen togepi and was concerned so pick togepi up. Finally they're on the road again as we see togepi say goodbye to Houndoom.
  • Houndoom and Togepi!

    This episode is really interesting. Houndoom went really easy going with Misty's Togepi when it travels with it, even though Houndooms are really brutal. For a Dark Pokemon, it probably sensed that Togepi is gentle. Imagine if it wasn't easy going with Togepi. Enough of that, this episode became another search for Togepi, last time was from "Who Gets To Keep Togepi".