Season 11 Episode 32

Hungry For the Good Life!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Dec 06, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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While trying to escape the rain, Ash and friends wind up at the mansion of Mr. Backlot. There they discover that he is having problems with a poffin loving Swinub.

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  • Ash and the gang have a problem with a poffin loving non-stop eating Swinub!!!

    Hmm, well this was an above average episode. In this episode, Ash and the gang are on their way to Hearthome City for Ash's next Gym battle when it suddenly rains and they met a well dressed servant named Monica who leads them to a mansion own by Mr. Backlot a nice man who adores Pokemon and we get to Pichu, a blue Pokemon(Azurill I think) and Igglypuff. However, they have a problem with a non-stop poffin eater Swinub!!!! In the end, Dawn catches it in the end. It was an okay episode, not much to say, it was pretty funny of Swinub to eat non stop and greedily as part of this episode's story. It even caused some problems among Dawn's Pokemon as well if you know what I mean!

    Final rating: 7.5 to 7.8moreless
  • In this episode, Dawn catches a pokemon. Which pokemon is it? Read the review to find out!

    This was a pretty good episode, although I wouldn't say it was that great. The main thing that really made it interesting to me was Swinub, and the fact that Dawn caught it.

    After winning the Fen Badge in Pastoria City, Ash and his friends are on their way back to Hearthome City, so Ash can compete for his 5th Sinnoh Region Gym Badge. When it starts to rain, our heroes spot a Cleffa in the bushes. Then, a woman who introduces herself as Monica comes running, saying that the Cleffa belongs to her master, Mr. Backlot. After Brock goes into yet another love frenzy, and receives yet another Poison Jab from Croagunk in return, Monica invites Ash, Dawn, and Brock over to Mr. Backlot's mansion, where they readily accept, especially since the thunderstorm was getting worse.

    Upon arriving at the mansion, Mr. Backlot introduces himself, and offers Ash, Dawn, and Brock to stay for the night. Monica then brings in a cart full of Pokemon Food for everyone's pokemon to eat. Ash and the others send out all of their pokemon, and everyone's enjoying themselves, until a Swinub hops in, and starts eating all of the food Dawn's pokemon were eating! Fortunately, Monica then brings in a huge plate of Pokemon Food just for Swinub, before Dawn's pokemon can get even more angry at it for stealing their food.

    Ash, Dawn, Brock, their pokemon, and all of Mr. Backlot's pokemon continue to enjoy themselves at the mansion, including making poffins, and relaxing in Mr. Backlot's Trophy Garden, with more attempts from the wild Swinub to eat more and more food. Suddenly, while everyone's relaxing in the Garden, a huge explosion occurs, and all of the pokemon fall into a hole that appears below them. Team Rocket then appears in one of their flying machines, reciting their usual moto, and taking the pokemon with them. As they're leaving, Ash and Dawn manage to pull off a jump, catching hold of the edge of the machine. Ash falls off, but Dawn manages to hold on, climbing up to the trapped pokemon, and falling through a hole into the machine with them.

    After landing inside of the machine, Dawn manages to find a lever, and pulls it, releasing all of the pokemon. Swinub, then sensing food the Team Rocket also stole, charges through the wall with a Take Down, and starts stuffing it's face. After Dawn walks up to it, two holes appear in the floor, and Dawn and Swinub fall through them, landing in bushes while Team Rocket continues to fly away. Dawn then has Swinub use it's sense of smell to sniff out the criminals, while Ash, Brock, Mr. Backlot, and Monica are also searching for Team Rocket. Swinub continues to find all sorts of food, but no Team Rocket. It then offers Dawn an apple, which she sadly accepts, but it reminds her of Piplup, and makes her sadder, still. This makes Swinub determined, and it goes off searching once again, this time finding the targets snacking on the stolen food.

    Jessie and James send out Yanmega and Carnivine in order to make sure the "twerps" don't get their pokemon back, and a battle ensues, but Swinub quickly freezes Yanmega and Carnivine with Ice Shard. It then uses Take Down to free all of the other pokemon. Ash, Brock, Mr. Backlot, and Monica then arrive at the scene, relived that all of their pokemon are safe. But as usual, Team Rocket just doesn't know when to quit, and they send their pokemon attacking again. Swinub freezes their pokemon again, and after a Thunderbolt/Bubblebeam combo from Pikachu and Piplup, Team Rocket are blasted off yet again.

    Dawn then thanks the Pig Pokemon for it's help, and after it rushes off to start to chow down again, Dawn asks if Swinub would like to join her team. Blushing, Swinub readily accepts, and Dawn brings out her pokeball to catch it, bringing yet another pokemon; and a hungry one, too; into the family. As our heroes prepare to say goodbye to Mr. Backlot and Monica, Monica explains that the next Pokemon Super Contest is to be held in Celestic Town, not far past Hearthome City. And after yet another farewell to some new friends, Ash, Dawn, and Brock, along with Swinub on the team, continue on their journey, to the next Gym and Contest!

    Like I said, this was pretty good episode, and now that Dawn has caught Swinub, there will hopefully be more excitement in the upcoming episodes of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • We learn in this episode that Jessie's Yanmega knows the move Steel Wing.

    • Dawn captures a Swinub.

    • The next contest is revealed to be in Celestic Town.

    • This is the third time a main character captures a Pokémon to stop them from continuously eating food. First, Ash captured his Snorlax to stop it from eating all the grapefruit in a small island range in the Orange Islands, and second, May captures a Munchlax to take responsibility for its constant eating of trainer's Pokéblocks and berries.

    • In the scene where Swinub first appears and eats all the Poffin, Ash and Brock are seen holding their Poffin in the air away from Swinub, but in the next scene the Poffin have disappeared.

    • In the scene where Swinub is battling Carnivine and Yanmega, Yanmega uses Sonicboom and Carnivine uses Bullet Seed. Swinub counters Sonicboom with Ice Shard but Bullet Seed disappears.

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  • NOTES (1)

    • Mr. Backlot, the man who owns a mansion on Route 212 in the games where you can capture pokémon not normally found in Sinnoh, appears in this episode. There is also a reference to the constant raining on Route 212, as when they arrive at the mansion it is raining.


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