Season 1 Episode 27

Hypno's Naptime

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 13, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Hypno's Naptime

Ash and the others arrive in a town where all of the children have been disappearing. The head to the Pokémon Center to try and gather information, only to discover the Pokémon have lost all of their energy. They team up with Officer Jenny and track the source of the strange energy to a rooftop mansion, where people are using a Hypno as a sleep aid. When Misty tries it, she begins acting like a Seel and runs off into the nearby rooftop park. They then follow her to a giant pond where all the missing children are. They then decide to use Drowzee to reduce the children's condition, but Team Rocket decide to get the psychic pokémon for themselves.


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  • Detective Ash is on the case!

    As Ash,Brock,Misty reached to the next town which is called Hip Hop Town.An mother mistake Ash,for her own son.She explained to Ash,that her own son disappear.It also turns out that almost an lot of the children had disappeared.But how and why? Ash decided to become an detective to investigate this.Until they reached to an Pokemon fan club with an Drowzee,and his envolved form sitting on the table,learning that he was the caused of the Pokemon behavior.After Misty falls asleep and start dream sleeping running into the park.She leads them to an open park.Where they discovered the missing childrens! Discovering that it was the cause of this.Using Drowzee to free the children from their sleep dream.Misty capture well sorta capture Psyduck!

    Heh so that is how Misty go Psyduck! I always wondered how.To be honest,I never this episode.moreless
  • Stupid mystery has stupid solution

    This was one of the worst episodes of the first season. Kids are missing... Pokemon fainting... sounds interesting, prepared to be surprised! Might be the most boring criminal case EVER. There ends up being some sort of homo sexual club in the city filled with people who have trouble sleeping. Instead of going to bed or taking medicine like normal people, they use Pokemon to go to sleep. Some how a hypno sitting on top of the building, has enough power to make people on the other side of the city go to sleep. So in conclusion: Stupid mystery. The only point of the episode was Misty catching Psyduck at the end.moreless
  • A Pokemon's hypnotic waves that controls human behavior. Hmm...

    This episode wasn't that bad as two Pokemon, Drowzee and Hypno's hypnotic waves caused strange human and Pokemon behavior. This episode focuses on that said problem. Misty (unfortunately) is one of the affected one, along with other kids in some HopHop Town. It was funny to see Misty act like a Seel, especially since she's fond of the water types. Too bad there wasn't one here for her to capture, lol. As for the other kids imitating random Pokemon during their hypnosis time, I thought it was totally random.

    Usually you would see Team Rocket causing trouble, but they got less screen-time here, which is really sad to me. All they did was quickly plot to steal the Hypnotic Pokemon, and that plot was so rushed they they blasted off since they RUSHED to steal it.

    The best thing that has happened so far: Misty "accidentally" capturing a not-so-bright Psyduck with a headache. Since she's stuck with it, no she forbid anyone to congratulate her generic capture.

    Not ab ad episode, but give Team Rocket some screentime next time.moreless
  • Drowzee and Hypno! Talk about hypnotic...

    This episode is exciting because it featured Drowzee and Hypno using Dream Eater on everyone, causing some Pokemon and small children to react differently. That was until the spell was broken after Drowzee fixed things to normal. Well, I found it weird that other humans was unaffected by this spell.
  • Misty catches Psyduck

    Another episode is like a filler episode with the exception that Misty catches psyduck

    When I see this episode the first time I was thinked when thry aired that episode in wich Ash remember to his mother and she has a trophy? and years later I discovered that episode was banned but backing to the topic I liked that episode especially when James say Why we don't do this before and Jessie says Because the show is only 30 minutes long. Another funny part is seeing the childrens acting like a pokemon. When Misty accidentally catches psyduck I never thougth it was a good pokemon and was only a duckmoreless
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Kayzie Rogers


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Veronica Taylor


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Eric Stuart

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Megan Hollingshead

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