Season 8 Episode 7

Its Still Rocket Roll to Me

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 29, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Its Still Rocket Roll to Me
Ash and friends have finally arrived at Mossdeep City. They head to the gym, but the Gym Leaders are gone. They are at the space center, so Ash goes to look for them. At the Space Center they are introduced to the Gym Leaders, Tate and Liza. The two of them show everyone around the Space Center and have a day of fun. However, Team Rocket is planning on stealing the Space Shuttle at the center, and when they get inside of it, they tie up Max and Tate and then begin the launch!moreless

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  • Mossdeep Space Shuttle

    I don't think anything happened in this episode. Barely, Team Rocket tries to steal off a spaceship so they can use it to capture Space Pokemon - boring. I don't think they can accomplish this dream of theirs as their plans always mess up. But I liked the battle with Gym Leaders Tate and Liza at the beginning. It was funny to see Tate arguing about having 20 losses (so far).moreless
  • A Nice Episode

    In this episode Ash and the others finally arrive in Mossdeep City but the Gym is closed as everybody is getting ready to watch the space shuttle lift off. Ash rushes over there to get the gym leaders and interrupts thier battle. Tate & Liza show them around the space center and Team rocket steals the shuttle but Tate & Max get it back to Earth safely. Liza & Tate accept Ash's battle as the sun sets. This was a pretty good episode. I thought that it was interesting and kept you on the edge of your seat for some parts.moreless
  • Houston, we have a problem: Team Rocket!

    The Pokemon episode "It Still Rocket Roll To Me" is not to be compared to a 1980's tune by songwriter Billy Joel.

    Here we have Team Rocket in an effort to steal a NASA look alike Space Shuttle and give it to their Boss (The same dream sequence from Meowth!), so at the same time, Ash and the gang are looking for the Gym Leaders and end up at the Pokemon Space Center (Not the Kennedy Space Center in FL!) and meet Liza and little brother Tate (He claims he is twin born!) and agree to a gym battle, but at the same time, their father is heading to the Space Shuttle to travel to space.

    Then we have the fun part of the Space Center, where Ash decides to use a spinner or centrifugue type of vehicle and spins out of control (How did Pikachu manage to stop it?). But then, Pikachu suggest Ash to bring out the other Pokemon (How did Pikachu made a Trecko and a crying Torkoal?) as well. Then Max and Tate decides to ride the Space Shuttle with Team Rocket and here is the hilarious moment! James takes his Chimecho and hangs it to the roof like the thing that you hang to the dashboard! This episode has some cool moments, tought is not a big deal as we saw in recent weeks. Still was a good episode.moreless

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