Episode Movie 6

Jirachi: Wish Maker

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jun 01, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Jirachi: Wish Maker
Once every thousand years when the Millennium Comet is visible in the night sky, Jirachi awakens from its slumber. But when it awakens this time, at a traveling circus, it has a whole new set of friends by his side: Ash, Max, and their friends. But soon, they must rescue Jirachi from the clutches of an evil magician and former scientist named Butler who want to harness Jirachi's incredible energy to bring to life one of the most legendary and powerful Pokémon of all.moreless

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  • Will you grant me one final wish?

    Not the best Pokemon movie, but a decent watch that had nothing really wrong with it.

    The animation was the usual, as were the voices and sounds. The only thing that really bugged me was that Jirachi, a Pokemon constantly referred to as "he", had a girl's voice. Just a minor detail that threw me off a little.

    As for the plot of the movie, it was decent, although left a bit to desire. It didn't jump around randomly and wasn't confusing either, but it just seemed a little... simple. Between making a wish on a comet that appears for seven nights every thousand years and trying to take Jirachi back to where he belongs - and stopping a magician/scientist from grabbing Jirachi to awaken a legendary Pokemon of his own - there was nothing special in this movie.

    So, an okay movie, and perhaps my rating is a bit low, but it didn't have that something in it that would have made it better.moreless
  • pretty corney but this movie is not as worst as the show

    pokemon is one of my hated show it is probaly the worst show ever made but this movie is not as bad as the show but I have to say it is a little corney the storyline is alright but the problem of the movie is it gets a little boring and the charters are extremely corny like they are always are I have to give the movie 4.8 out of 10 pretty poor but fans of the show will like the movie.moreless
  • This movie is one of the best pokémon movies!

    This is one of the best pokémon movies! I have been an avid fan of pokémon and this movie really got to me and made me cry which is a great feeling even if you're an adult. The relationships explored in this movie are really well done. Whether you like the Butler and Diane love relationship or the Max and Jirachi friendship this movie is one pokémon movie you should watch. The animation is also done well by transitioning 2-D charecters with 3-D backrounds. (In case you are wondering they use an effect called deep canvas which is used by Disney. Miramax is a sub division of the Walt Disney Corporation which is how they were able to do this.) The music is also really quite touching and the first and so far only pokémon movie with an english to japanese transition. The story is really well done even though the story is presented in an extremely short eighty minutes which is sad because you'll never want the movie to end because it's so moving.moreless
  • awesome movie,sadly it was not released in theaters ,but if you watch it on a big screen tv,it still feels like your in theaters.

    It was a cool movie featuring jirachi as the 6th pokemon that could speak,besides lugia,mewtwo,entei,slowking,and meowth.

    It was awesome because it featured seviper and cacnea the new replacement pokemon for arbok and weezing,and featured cool 2d in 3d world animation,and the whole circus at night seemed so realistic,and absol i thought was a rare pokemon,but you could easily catch him in the pokemon ruby,sapphire,and emerald games. I`m glad they didn`t show the real groudon,because it wouldn`t of made a great villain,because the fake groudon had those absorbing tentacles coming from it`s side that made it scary and awesome. Plus featuring team magma was awesome too!moreless

    Jirachi was soo cute I love how Max turned out in that movie he was a cute boy I can't belave you guys hate him & I loved the ending music I just want to hear it over & over again I just wished it should of been in the theaters but Nooo because some people think Pokemon is stupid Poor Pokemon anime it's luckey it's still a hit in Japan I guass it's what 4kids done to Pokemon But May did had a good Japanese actor she was preatty nice doing the huming I wish Max & Jirachi can be together :(

    Make a wish

    It's up to you

    Find a place inside & watch your dreams come true

    you don't need a shooting star

    the magic right there in your heart

    close your eyes


    And Make A Wishmoreless

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