Season 8 Episode 26

Less is Morrison

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Morrison!

    Morrison a fellow trainer becomes the rival of Ash, this particular trainer wants to compete in the Hoenn League and also has same dreams as Ash. They keep on competing racing and other things to prove whose better. They end the day while sleeping on a tree (Both of them). In the morning, they do some more competing and then they eat an apple then suddenly TR got them trapped in cages and steal Beldum and Pikachu. They managed to break out and catch up with TR. They battled TR's Pokemon without using their Pokemon (since they're in the Center) and manage to get Pikachu and Beldum back.
  • We meet Morrison

    This was an ok episode. Morrison gets on my nerves because his voice is just so annoying after a while. Ash and Morrison always trying to beat each other always got annoying after a while. I did like seeing Beldum though. Beldum is a very cool pokemon and seeing it inaction. To me, this episode is very boring and very annoying and doesn't have many good parts to it. Overall, this was an average episode, I found it boring and sometimes painful to watch, This is an episode that takes a little bit of patience to watch. It is not an episode I would watch a lot.
  • We meet Masamune.

    Munchlax seems to be greedy in food as before. Munchlax ate up all the food for May's Pokemon. May seems disappointed to Munchlax knowing once she caught it, she can handle Munchlax. Still trying to master Ice Beam, Snorunt is having a hard time focusing and mastering its attack. As they're training, Snorunt stops and notices that there's a giant rice ball rolling down from the hill. Ash grabs the thing and sees someone running after it.
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