Season 11 Episode 44

Losing Its Lustrous!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 28, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Above the skies of Sinnoh, the Officer Jenny of Eterna City and a few police officers are transporting the Adamant Orb to Celestic Town by plane. However, Team Galactic Commander Saturn appears in a helicopter and using Toxicroak, he steals the orb. When Ash and friends find out about this, they decide to go to the Celestic Town Historical Research Center, the original destination of the orb. There they run into Cynthia again. They then go on a tour of the center where they learn about the two orbs of Sinnoh, as well as a legend about the legendary pokémon of Sinnoh's lakes. However, outside Team Galactic is plotting to capture the Lustrous Orb from the center and the ruins. As the first part of their plan, they launch their attack.moreless

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  • Another Great episode!

    Team Galactic sure is evil! They even get a 2-parter episode! We see Mars for the first time and even Cyrus. Although, Ash and Friends, Don't know he is the boss for team Galatic! That was a surprise! But then again, Cyrus was wearing a suit, so they don't know he works for team Galactic! We even saw Saturn again! We even saw some more Golbats. I never knew there was so many Golbats for Team Galactic. But then again, alot of Grunts have Golbats. Team Rocket pretends to be police officers, so they can try and steal the orb. Still, a pretty good episode.moreless
  • Ash and comp. are about to leave Celestic Town, when Team Galactic invades the city, stealing the Adamant Orb mid-flight, and are now after the Lustrous Orb!

    Police are bringing the Adamant Orb from Eterna City to Celestic Town in order for it to be researched alongside the Lustrous Orb. But Team Galactic come out of nowhere, snatch the Adamant Orb, and then head off to steal the Lustrous Orb, as well! Meanwhile, Ash and comp. are preparing to leave the city after Ash and his Pokemon finish their training session to counter Fantina's Hypnosis, when they run into Champion Cynthia and her grandmother, Carolina. Then who else appears but Cyrus, leader of Team Galactic! ...Of course, no one outside of that criminal organization knows that.

    Cynthia and the others go to room with a museum piece (guarded by Team Rocket in disguise), featuring the lake guardians, Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie. Ash and Dawn explain how they actually met Mesprit and Uxie respectively, and they're taken to see the Lustrous Orb itself. Right on cue, Team Galactic launches their attack, blowing up the ruins behind the historic center! Since the security system broke down, Ash and the others have no choice but to take the Lustrous Orb to a safer place. As for Croagunk, it had been acting strange all day long, and now it jumps out of it's Pokeball, running off. As Brock goes after it, Ash and the others run into Commander Saturn and his minions, demanding that they hand over the Orb.

    A battle soon ensures between the two groups, then Croagunk suddenly comes crashing through the glass ceiling, right before receiving a Poison Jab to the gut by Saturn's Toxicroak. Just as Officer Jenny and Cyrus are about to escape with the Lustrous Orb, they're cut off by Commander Mars and her minions. Every path of escape is blocked off, but Cynthia, as well as Ash and comp, are not going down without a fight! What will the outcome of this Galactic invasion be?!

    Definitely an intense episode, with the debut of both Cyrus and Mars, as well as the return of Saturn. Poor Croagunk is defeated by it's personal enemy, Toxicroak, and Team Galactic is invading with epic action as they attempt to steal the Lustrous Orb! This episode was most certainly E-P-I-C, definitely one of the Sinnoh Saga's best so far, and you can be sure that I'll stay tuned for Part 2!moreless
  • The Japanese & Dub must of went all out on this episode, just E-P-I-C! Cyrus appears, Mars & Saturn take the Adamant Orb & now want the Lustrous Orb!

    I'll try to make it brief but so many great things happened. Saturn manages to steal the Adamant Orb from a cargo aircraft, flown by the officers. Back in Celestic Town, Ash continues to train for his next gym battle, figuring out some strategies from Dawn's contest match the other day. Before they leave, theyu find out about Team Galactic's theft of the Adamant Orb. Cyrus appears next to Cynthia & her grandmother. They see him not at the Galactic Leader but as well-known person. But that was his plan, get close to the other item: Lustrous Orb. Croagunk seems to sense Toxicroak as well. Then Team Galactic begins their next 2 phases. Ash & Co. move the Lustruous Orb but they are surrounded by Saturn & then by Mars. Cynthia's Garchomp easily defeats Saturn's Bronzor. Croagunk battles Toxicroak but is sadly defeated. The episode ends with Cynthia about to call yet another of her powerful Pokemon.moreless
  • Do I smell 4KIDS behind this episode? Ask Croagunk! Seriously, is 4KIDS dealing with the show again? I saw it on the credits!

    The episode does not have the old voice cast... Bummer! But, the episode delivers a major point in the Pokemon saga, not seen in prior shows. The return of Team Galactic, last seen on "Journey to the Unown," this time the team is looking to steal the mysterious Luster Orb, which may be a key piece in the understanding on how the world of Pokemon was created. Sort of like a conspiracy theory in the making? Also, marks the return of Cynthia, the coordinator and brings for the first time, her grandma! Team Rocket, does not make a major performance, but tries to blend in the episode, even if in disguise as "Officer Jenny's" trainees. The surprise, is poor Croagunk, who during the episode, does not inflict the traditional "poison jab" attack, to wake up Brock's fantasy! Instead, is his arch rival "Toxicroak" who delivers a major blown on Brock's buddy, leaving the suspense to ponder!

    But, if you look on the credits, was the 4KIDS Entertaiment logo seen at the end of the credits? You probably saw it, but the credits where below a Cartoon Network promo. But, I bring the question, cause that would bring the possibility of the old voice cast returning to voice the show. Yet, is on Nintendo's hands! Bummer!moreless

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