Season 5 Episode 57

Love, Pokémon Style

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 18, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Love, Pokémon Style
Ash has made it through the screening rounds of the Silver Conference, and the preliminary tournament is starting soon. In this part of the Johto League, trainers are divided into blocks of three trainers. The three trainers battle each other in individual battles to win points. After all three battles in a block have been fought, the trainer with the most points moves onto the Victory Tournament. Ash is is Block H and his first match against a girl named Macey is coming up. Macey is skilled in Fire-Types, so Ash has his Squirtle come to the Silver Conference, but will it be enough to win?moreless

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  • Amazing!!!!

    I was shock when this was aired. I found out that Misty isn't the only one that likes Ash. It started when Ash had found out that he was going to battle Macey the fire pokemon trainer. But when they were about to battle Team Rocket comes and takes their pokemon. Luckliy Ash saves the day by using his bayleef to take back the Pokemon. Macey found out that Ash was very braved and then love had strucked her. They wanted to talk about their future, but Misty had stop her. I was scenting some jealousy. She didn't want any one to take her man. Macey agreed that if Ash lose the battle he will take her out on a date. But saddly that didn't happen. But at the end Macey showed up saying that her pokemon had evolve, and that this will all ways remind her what her and Ash shared. Everybody was shock. She left with a big entrance saying, Take care sweetie. I hope they will show Macey again in the future pokemon!!! Keep me posted!!!!moreless
  • Ash battles a lovestruck trainerthat's in love with him.

    Very romantic episode. So here when Ash battles a girl named Macey, TR comes in to nab both of their Pokemon. As she falls in a cliff, he grabs her and goes after them. One vineWhip and Thunderbolt sends them flying. So with Misty arguing with her about Ash, they move on. The next day, both Macey and Ash battle:

    Slugma VS Totodile (Ash)

    Electabuzz VS Phanpy (substitute)

    Quilava VS Phanpy (Macey)

    Electabuzz VS Totodile (Macey)

    Electabuzz VS Squirtle (Ash)

    Quilava VS Squirtle (Ash)

    After Ash's win in the evening, Macey comes in and tells her "boyfriend" that Slugma evolved into Magcargo and won't ever forget about Ash. So they move on.moreless
Kerry Williams

Kerry Williams


Guest Star

Ted Lewis (II)

Ted Lewis (II)


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Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor


Recurring Role

Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart

Johto Pokédex

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