Episode Movie 8

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 19, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • This was pretty cool but Lucario died at the end

    OK, I love the animation, the dialogue, story and its soundtrack. The saddest part, is that Lucario wanted to stay with Sir Aaron (who died as well) and I think a tear dropped from my eye. Now, let me talk about Lucario. I love his badass look, and his quotes as well: "The aura is with me!" Along with his voice. Now, let me talk about his look. He kinda looks like a dog thing. I heard he's based off Anubis, an Egyptian god. He has an "angry-looking" facial expression all the time. That makes him REALLY badass. His body, well it consists of three spikes. (two on back of his forepaws and one on his chest) Now that's what I call a badass! His powers are awesome. (Aura sphere, bone rush, I wish he was real, so I could have a Lucario as my best friend Pokmon. Also, this movie made me like him even more. Overall rating: 9.5/10
  • Lucario: This Pikachu... are you its master? Ash: Master? Haha, are you kidding? No, Pikachu and I are best friends.

    Our heroes - or mainly, Ash - compete in a contest at Cameron Palace to earn the title of the "Guardian of the Aura". Little do they know that the legend of Sir Aaron may not be as it seems, and that the staff that's been handed down from generation to the next actually holds within it a Pokemon Lucario - an apprentice of Sir Aaron himself.

    The movie's plot if pretty good, the art is the usual level of Pokemon movies, and I really liked this film; it was eventful, didn't repeat itself (something that happens in children's movies/shows all too often to underline the meaningful points in the plot), and the inner struggle and emotions of people and Pokemon alike were easy to sympathize with. The story was also coherent, and there weren't weird twists or errors. Even Team Rocket fit in very well in this one.

    Mew makes its second appearance here. I miss the voice it had in the first movie, but what can you do. Also, I don't know why, but May didn't look or sound like herself in this one (maybe the voice actor changed, and her look at the ball was a lot different from her usual traveling outfit).

    All in all a must-see for Pokemon fans. One of the best movies in the series, for sure!
  • Lucario is one of my favorite Poke'mon!

    This movie was fantastic. Like all Poke'mon movies so far, it has great animation. Lucario is a character that quickly grows on you, and whom you feel sympathy for throughout the movie, as he believes he was betrayed by his master, Sir Erwin. The ending of the movie, in which Lucario sacrifices himself was sad, and I honestly almost felt like crying. If you stick around to watch the credits, you can see something interesting, which is Sir Erwin trying chocolate for the first time, just like Lucario. A very good Poke'mon movie and a must see for fans of Poke'mon movies, such as myself.
  • This is one of the best Pokemon movies ever.

    I got this movie in a 2 disc collecter's edition and I gotta say say this is a really good movie.It is about this amazing Pokemon that could talk and his name is Lucario.The story is very good and interesting it starts in the past where Lucario was at and his master Sir Aaron sealed him in his staff.Then later on Lucario ends up in the future with Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May, Max, and the others.So when Lucario got to know Ash more he helps him find Pikachu.Later on Ash ended up with Pikachu again and the forest that they were in was going to be destroyed.So Lucario is trying to use his aura to stop the forest from being destroyed.But his aura is not strong enough so Ash found the gloves that Sir Aaron had to help Lucario make the aura bigger and stronger.The forest was returning back how it was, then Lucario found a time flower and touched it and it showed Lucario a time when Sir Aaron dying when Lucario was seeing that he started to cry and he said that he is sorry that he was feeling useless.Ash told Lucario that he is not useless and he is a great pokemon.In the end Lucario ended up dying which really sucked a lot because he was a great pokemon that Ash won't ever forget.Overall this movie is just perfect but it killed it when Lucario died though but the movie was just basically about Lucario.
  • After pretty much leaving what has become a less and less interesting series for this reviewer, Netbug has an accidental encounter with Lucario and the Mystery and Mew and is surprised to find that it's one of the best films in the Pokemon series.

    I love Pokemon. I really do. I play the games. I play the cards. I watch the show... well.... no. I used to watch the show, but lately I feel Pokemon has jumped the shark and become less and less interesting with each passing season.

    Apparently the movies, however, have not fallen victim to this problem. At least you couldn't tell from LATMOM.

    Watching this was a total accident. I wasn't planning to, but there was nothing on and with the recent acquiring of Pokemon Diamond I was in the mood, so I put it on while I was playing. I soon found myself less and less focused on my game and more and more into the events on screen. What a surprise! A Pokemon movie that's actually deep, compelling, fun, and interesting! The back story was strong. The star Pokemon was interesting, and the relationships were well done. And of course, great animation to go with it.

    LATMOM is the first time I've seen something that came close to the first Pokemon movie in a long time. In fact, I think it may have kicked the first movie's butt. I'd have to watch the first movie it again to make a judgment there though.
  • Ash meets the legendary Pokemon Lucario. The gang team up with Lucario to uncover the mystery of Mew, Lucario's past, and find Pikachu. Ash-centric movie.

    I loved it. Most of the movies always center on some OC. I loved this one because it was more Ash-centric. It showed Ash's personality too. He's honest, rash, stubborn and persistant. He gets Lucario to trust and like him because he is forever stating how much Pikachu means to him. It was a tearjerker at the end when Lucario died to go with Aaron.
  • This movie is exciting, but the ending is really sad.

    "Pokemon the Ninth Movie: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" is one of my favorite movies. The movie was exciting, but the ending made me cry. It was so sad.

    In the movie, Ash and his friends meet Lucario. Lucario was trapped in a staff, but Ash released him. Ash and his friends learn that Mew took Pikachu to the Tree of Origin and get Pikachu back. Lucario decided to go with them.

    The problem this movie has is the lack of villains. Usually it is Jessie and James of Team Rocket who tries to kidnapp Pikachu or some other Pokemon. In this movie, their characters were unnecessary for the plot to develop. I don't know if the three Regi's (Registeel, Regice, and Regirock - I hope I spelled it right) were the main villain.
  • This is a good film and a sad tearjerker.

    Pokémon films have been a roller coaster of reviews for me, but this is a good film that is quite moving and sad. The film explores the relationships and bonds people share with Pokémon. These are shared between Lucario and Aaron (Hope I spelled that right.), Ash and Pikachu, and even Meowth's relationship with Jessie and James which just isn't used enough because it should have, yet Team Rocket just become filler characters such as Brock, May, and Max. This is really only what brings it down other than there are no evil villians used. There are however the three Regi's and the tree's immune system which tries to get rid of all human or foreign objects from it. The music is also done well and might even bring a tear to your eye. This is quite a good movie.
  • An mildly interesting movie and an tearjerker.

    In the Pokemon world each has an legend.But the people of Cameron Palace believed in one very special tale the legend of an aura guardian.About an guardian name Sir Aron and the legendary Pokemon Lucario saved the world from destruction.Ash and his friend are taking part of the festival.As Ash,take part of the Competition winner will become guardian of the aura for one day.Ash won and became guardian of the aura.Lucario releases himself out of the staff.When Pikachu goes missing.With Lucario help Ash must find his missing pal.Who is at the the tree of beginning with Mew.Also events of the past of why Sir Aron sealed Lucario in the staff and why he betrayed the kingdom.

    This is was an pretty good movie.Altough it did lack of some vilians.Team Rocket was there.But they didn't do nothing much.I mean if the vilian capture Mew and stuff.But this was an great movie still bit history and everything.