Season 9 Episode 5

May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 23, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure
On the way to the Battle Dome, Ash and friends stumble upon a Pokémon Breeding Farm. On the farm, a girl named Nicolette dreams of entering Pokémon Contests, but doesn't want to leave the Farm. May tries to encourage her, but instead she challenges May to a battle and launches attack after attack at Munchlax. Munchlax, using its new attack Focus Punch, wins the battle. This really discourages her. Ash and friends then go into the farm buildings and look at all of the Pokémon Eggs before having dinner. Meanwhile, Team Rocket comes up with a plan to steal all the eggs!moreless

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  • May gets a pokemon egg!

    in this episode Ash, May, Brook and Max comes a cross a farm which takes care of pokemon eggs until they hatch but when they first go to the farm May meets a young girl named Nicolet who wants to enter pokemon contest just like May so Nicolet challenges to a pokemon battle, May battles with Munchlax and then finds out that Munchlax has learnt a new move called focus puch which wins the battle. The evil team rocket try to conduct a plan to steal all the pokemon eggs in the pokemon breeding farm. Also at the end of the episode May recieves a pokemon egg but what will the egg hatch into to.moreless
  • may gets an egg!

    i'm glad that may got an egg. also did you know now the pokemon eggs already look like the pokemon color. you can tell it's an evee. i bet the evee is going to be cute. i love this episode. i'm really excited that may gets an egg. seeing that makes me want a pokemon to bad there are not real is pokemon were real i want to have a pokemon egg just like may.moreless
  • Another fun and functional installment....

    Not too bad of an episode. It did apply a few elements used in numerous other episodes of the series but it allowed May to play the role model for a change. I have to suspect that the egg she recieved at the end is more than likely an Eevee egg since during the opening sequence she is seen with an Eevee along with her regular cadre of Pokemon. It should be interesting to see how this develops.moreless
  • This originally marks the very last new Pokémon ep. I'll ever watch, but even so, this one was pretty good.

    All I can say is that it was cool with the Pokémon eggs and how Munchlax actually won that battle without May really trying. Then Pikachu's new Volt Tackle was a pretty powerful attack and May even gets her own egg, though I'm not quite sure what it'll be. It was cool how I guessed the egg to hatch into a Vulpix and was right about it.

    The past few weeks, I've been unable to wake up in time to see the show. Not only that, when I do get to see it, even if some of the voices do work for me, Ash's voice is the main reason I'm gonna stop watching. We have a long 7-year history and changing voices changes pretty much everything about him in my eye.

    I'll be sure to keep track of what goes on and maybe catch some of the ones with the huge battles for the Frontier symbols, but other than that, I'll keep track of them online.moreless
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