Season 2 Episode 15

Meowth Rules!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 25, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Meowth Rules!
Team Rocket has engine trouble and lands on an island where the natives are waiting for the "Great Meowth of Bounty" to arrive and fulfill an ancient prophecy. When Meowth gets mistaken for this great creature with special powers, he enjoys the special treatment and decides to play along. But, when he's unable to perform the ancient ritual that's expected of him, the treatment he gets becomes less and less enjoyable.moreless

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  • Team Rocket gets the important role in this episode!!

    Ok, this episode is basically a character development for Team Rocket! Why?? Well, in this episode, Meowth accidently got sent to an island where these WEIRD people actually worship Meowth??? Soon these people start to think that Meowth is actually 'the one'!!! Kinda funny this episode and Meowth gets the more important role actually. Ash and the gang just showed up for a few moments of the episode before being thrown off the island!!! Jessie and James were soon found Meowth betrays them!!! However, James and Jessie helps Meowth by throwing money for the people as if Meowth used Pay Day!! That is soooooooooo nice of them........... Well, this episode is still good to watch with Meowth as the main character and having the important role. Time for other people to get the role, Ash!! Sorry!! Would recommend this episode also to everyone to watch with Team Rocket and Meowth having the roles in this episode!!

    Final Grade:A-moreless
  • Team Rocket's Meowth becomes a big attention on a island.

    After the previous episode, Ash moves on to the next island for his gym battle. But TR comes in and their tricks fail, but with Meowth alone, he is blasted off to an island that has a main focus on Meowth. He is treated like royalty and he competes with tough Pokemon to learn Payday. TR leaveshim alone, but retrieves him back. At the end, they spend time together, Just Like Old Times.moreless
  • When Meowth is taken like a god in an island leave his friends for this new life but when the island poblators forces him to use the Pay Day Jesse and James give all that they have, Meowth knows this and back with his true friends.moreless

    This is one of my favorite personal episodes, after the Team Rocket arrives in an island the poblators takes Meowth and give him all that he want, and doing all his rules, when Ash and his friends go to the island they are expulsed to the sea even when Jesse and James arrive he deny when the poblators ask him if they are friends. Of course this hurts Meowth but he loves so much this life and he wont leave all his privileges for that old team.

    Jesse and James feel that Meowth leave them, they feel that he is a betroyer but they decide return and see what could happen to Meowth.

    The poblators forces Meowth to figth for obtain the Pay Day atack, when Jesse and James see that Meowth is almost die they remember all the good moments that passed with he and from a dark place Jesse throws all her money and James his bottles lips.

    Meowth is saved. Thinking he did all he is ready to stay but when he see the James favorite lip Meowth discovers that Jesse and James gave him all their money.

    When the Team Rocket almost leave the island they hear all the beautyfull things that Meowth says about them, They appear and Meowth returns leaving that incredible island but conserving two true friends.

    An episode with a beautyfull message about the friendship, one of the best episodes of the season and one more excelent episodes of the Team Rocket.


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