Season 1 Episode 39

Pikachu's Goodbye

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Nov 20, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Pikachu's Goodbye
Ash and the group stop by a river to have a quick lunch. Pikachu hears something and notices another Pikachu nearby. The other Pikachu is younger, and accidentally falls in the river. Pikachu jumps in to save it, and the two are quickly overpowered by the river. Ash tries to help, but cannot reach the two in time. Just before the two fall off a waterfall, a whole group of Pikachu arrives and pulls the two from the river. Ash's Pikachu is quickly accepted in this group. As Ash witnesses all the fun Pikachu is having, he begins to think that maybe this I where Pikachu really belongs. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to steal all the Pikachu instead of just Ash's in hopes they will get on Giovanni's good side.moreless

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  • Probably the most memorable and biggest tear-jerker episode of the series.

    This episode is the one episode of the show that remember the clearest. I remember everything from them discovering the Pikachu's, to the leaving of Pikachu, to the cheesy cheering Pikachu's and victory music as Pikachu and Ash get together again.

    For the longest time after I saw this episode for the first time, my favourite song was 'The Time Has Come'. Later when I introduced my sister to the series, it became her favourite song too. This was a very touching episode and it shows how far the relationship between Ash and Pikachu has come in a short amount of time. They went from Pikachu hating Ash to being inseperable.moreless
  • it was an amazing episode and i really like pikachu it made me cry a lot and it deserves perfect so much

    i really like episode it was awesome and i really hope pikachu can excel in future it made me cry a lot. I don't know if there are any more episodes like this one this is surely the greatest episode in pokemon history i hope everyone watched this and makes it 10 perfect score so everyone can make this as high as possible this i really awesome i like this episode and i hope everyone else likes it too thanky ou very much for reading my review i am grateful for all who read it thankyou again bye bye for nowmoreless
  • Pikachu gone forever?

    It was painful, and silly. Why? Ash had to release his very own Pikachu because he thought that it would be happy with the other flock there than being with him. But it came back and decided to stay with him. Why would you release your best friend without a good reason? Never do it unless you feel like your best friend needs you.
  • Ash leaves Pikachu?

    "Pikachu's Goodbye"

    Grade: A*

    Wow! An episode of Pokemon which can actually make people shed a tear or more. Pikachu's Goodbye was a key important episode in which Ash tries to understand what is best for Pikachu and how difficult it is/would be to get rid of his first Pokemon. A touching and well written episode with appropriate music, Pikachu's Goodbye is one of the best episodes as a result.

    Ash, Brock, and Misty bump into a forest full of wild Pikachus. Ash's Pikachu starts to enjoy being with them, while it makes Ash think that Pikachu may be better off with them than following him. Team Rocket try to capture all the wild Pikachus but fail. After blasting off, Ash makes his decision of leaving Pikachu for good by running as far away from him as he can. He tells Pikachu not to follow him and has flashbacks of all the good times they had in the past. Misty and Brock catch up and ask why Ash is doing this, he simply says its for the best. Pikachu's shadow appears and the wild Pikachus cheer for Ash and his Pikachu. Pikachu runs up and jumps in Ash's arms and he starts crying and the narrator concludes that friendships never die and that both of them will be facing every challenge together.

    As mentioned before. Pikachu's Goodbye would have been an even harder episode to watch if Pikachu actually left Ash, but it can still give people a tear or so due to their friendship. Pikachu's Goodbye was a prime episode demonstrating this, and worked so well as a result in many places.moreless
  • omg, my most favorite season 1 ep of all time!.....

    "Pikachu's Goodbye" starts off with Ash, Misty, & Brock resting in the forest. When Pikachu notices something in the bushes, it goes & checks it out. Then, Ash & co. follow Pikachu. They then discover many Pikachus. When Misty says that this is the perfect place for the pikachu, Ash starts to think that maybe Pikachu would be better off staying inthe forest with all the other pikachu. this ep is so awsome! i almost cried when Ash was running & remembering when he first got Pikachu. i absolutely love the song that played during that scene. i almost cried at the end, too. Truly the best ep of season 1.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Misty says the local vegetables must be responsible for the good taste of Brock's food. They are eating out of cans.

    • When Ash is watching Pikachu having a good time with the others, Brock says that it's best for Pikachu be with it's own kind. But when Ash says he is going to leave Pikachu with the others, Brock says he can't.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Meowth: It's a Pika-palooza!
      Jessie: We're at the Pika of our powers!
      James: Chu can say that again, Jess!

    • Pikachus: (raising their paws up) Pika-chu! Pika-chu! Pika-chu!

    • "The Time Has Come" Lyrics

      I close my eyes and I can see the day we met
      Just one moment and I knew
      You're my best friend, do anything for you
      We've gone so far, and done so much
      And I feel like we've always been together
      Right by my side, through thick and thin
      You're the part of my life I'll always remember

      The time has come
      It's for the best, I know it
      Who could have guessed that you and I...
      Somehow, someday, we'd have to say goodbye

      You've helped me find the strength inside
      And the courage to make my dreams come true
      How will I find another friend like you?
      Two of a kind, that's what we are
      And it seemed like we were always winning
      But as our team is torn apart
      I wish I could go back to the beginning

      The time has come
      It's for the best, I know it
      Who could have guessed that you and I...
      Somehow, some way, we'd have to say goodbye

      Somehow today... We have to say goodbye

  • NOTES (5)


    • Misty: Ash, look out for that tree!

      This is a reference to the 1997 movie "George of the Jungle". George will be swinging on a vine when someone yells "Watch out for that tree!" right before George smacks into it, much like Ash does in the beginning of this episode.

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