Season 11 Episode 41

Playing the Leveling Field!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Feb 07, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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On the way to Celestic Town, Ash and friends stop in a nearby town for Dawn to train. In town they meet up with Zoey who is in the middle of a battle with a strong trainer. After the trainer defeats Zoey, she reveals that the trainer is Fantina, the Gym Leader of Hearthome City. After talking to her at a restaurant, both Ash and Dawn challenge her to a battle. She agrees to one battle, so Ash and Dawn do a coin toss to see who it will be, and Ash wins. As the battle begins, Fantina quickly proves why she is a Gym Leader and with her Drifloon takes the lead in the battle. Will Ash be able to defeat Fantina and her Ghost Pokémon?moreless

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  • The Hearthome City Gym Leader, Fantina, finally makes her debut in this exciting episode!

    The episode gets off to an intense start with some dramatic music, as we find none other then Zoey facing off against a mysterious trainer with a French accent. The trainer tells her Mismagius to use Psybeam. Zoey tells Glameow to dodge, but the Psybeam still makes a direct hit, confusing Glameow in the process! Our heroes then arrive at the scene, delighted to see Zoey again. Zoey notices them, but then gets right back into the heat of the battle, telling Glameow to use Shock Wave. It pulls off the attack, but doesn't make direct contact due to its confusion. While Mismagius and its trainer calmly watch, Glameow finally snaps out of it, this time pulling off a Shock Wave that's on course for a direct hit. But the trainer then tells Mismagius to use Magical Leaf, completely stopping the Shock Wave in its tracks! She then orders a Psywave from Mismagius, sending psychic, electric, and grass effects into Glameow's face all at once, knocking it out, and ending the battle.

    In the aftermath of the battle, the trainer with the Mismagius introduces herself as Fantina, a Top Coordinator. Zoey also says that she's the Hearthome City Gym Leader! This takes Ash by surprise. Brock then falls in love again, and as usual, gets Poison Jabbed by Croagunk and dragged away. And as Fantina explains that she became a traveling trainer, Team Rocket is watching from the shadows. Jessie immediately decides that she wants to steal Fantina's coordinating skills and give them to her Yanmega, even though James and Meowth aren't sure that this can be done.

    Meanwhile, everyone else is at the Pokemon Center, but Ash is confused as to why Fantina isn't back at her gym. Suddenly, Jessie runs Ash over, disguised as Reporter Jessidia. She asks Fantina for an interview, planing on getting her battling techniques on camera, then showing them to Yanmega. Fantina refuses, however, but both Ash and Dawn are still confused as to why Fantina is away from her gym. So Zoey suggests that she tells them the same story she told her so they can understand it better. Fantina agrees, and starts off by saying that she wanted to become stronger, stronger for every challenger who came to the Hearthome Gym. So she started working on a new battling style, and eventually became a Top Coordinator. She explained that the Hearthome Gym specializes in Ghost Type Pokemon, and she took on every trainer that challenged her, which happened to also include Alan and his Nosepass. But she said that other trainers wouldn't give up, and after more training, came back for a rematch, just like what Alan did after his Nosepass evolved into Probopass. She decided to become a traveling trainer and come up with a new battling style, becoming even stronger. Everyone finally understands, and both Ash and Dawn challenge her to a battle. She accepts, but only to one of them, since her pokemon are worn out. Dawn does a Coin Toss to decide, and Ash ends up winning. They decide on a 3 on 3 battle, with substitutes allowed, and as Team Rocket gets ready to record it, the battle begins!

    Ash starts out with Buizel, while Fantina starts with Drifloon. She tells Drifloon to use Ominous Wind, while Ash has Buizel counter with Water Gun. Drifloon dodges easily, however, and strikes Buizel with Ominous Wind at full power. Ash urges it to hang in there, and orders an Aqua Jet, which hit Drifloon directly! But Fantina is far from finished, and tells Drifloon to use Hypnosis, which puts Buizel to sleep. She then has Drifloon spin Buizel around and around, then use Psychic to send it crashing into Ash. Buizel wakes up after that, but unfortunately, faints right away. After praising Buizel for its hard work, Ash then sends Chimchar into the fray for Round 2!

    With no holding back, Ash tells Chimchar to use Flamethrower. But then Fantina has Drifloon take complete control of it with Psychic. Drifloon breaks the Flamethrower up into separate flames, then transforms it into Will-o-Whisp! Fantina orders Drifloon to attack, and the Will-o-Whisp rains down on Chimchar. She then calls for a Psychic, which puts Chimchar to sleep! Ash returns it to its pokeball, while Dawn is relieved he did so. But Brock reminds her that unlike confusion, sleep continues even inside a pokeball. Ash then calls for Pikachu, as Round 3 begins!

    Sticking with Drifloon, Fantina tells it use Will-o-Whisp, which hits it's mark. But Ash counters with a Thunderbolt from Pikachu, which hits Drifloon at full power! Fantina marvels at Pikachu's power, as Ash then tells it to use Volt Tackle. But Fantina has Drifloon use Ominous Wind, which stops the Volt Tackle in it's tracks. Pikachu tries to hang in there, but is blown backward. Not giving in, Ash orders another Thunderbolt. The attack hits Drifloon once more, but the unexpected then happens: it begins to evolve! Drifloon evolves into Drifblim, and Fantina is as delighted as ever. Not intimidated in the least, As tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt one more time. This time around, though, Drifblim gracefully dodges the move. Fantina then has Drifblim snatch Pikachu up and use Hypnosis, which puts Pikachu to sleep once and for all. With Buizel down for the count, and both Chimchar and Pikachu fast asleep, Ash forfeits the match.

    After the battle, Ash asks Fantina if he could battle her again, while Dawn asks, too. Fantina accepts both of their challenges, but she says that she first has to go back to the Hearthome Gym to do some "homework" with her Drifblim. Meanwhile, Jessie is showing Yanmega footage of when Drifblim dodged Pikachu's Thunderbolt, and tells it to dodge just like that from now on. Yanmega, James, and Meowth insist that a Yanmega can't dodge like a Drifblim no matter what, but Jessie refuses to take that, and announces that it's special training time. Back at the Pokemon Center, Zoey shows Dawn that she now has 3 ribbons, and that she's also not going to be in the Celestic Town Contest. Ash has all of his pokemon out of their pokeballs, and is mulling over his battle with Fantina. With both Ash and Dawn getting ready for their next big challenge, it's back on the road to Celestic Town, and Dawn's next Pokemon Contest!

    This was a pretty good episode, and I liked Fantina's French accent voice, even though it sounded a bit weird and kind of hard to understand. The battles were pretty cool, and I'm definitely looking forward to the Celestic Town Pokemon Contest, and Ash's next battle with Fantina at the Hearthome City Gym!moreless
  • After Zoey loses to a female trainer, Ash finds out that it is the Hearthome Gym Leader Fantina. Ash has a 3 VS 3 battle. Can he prevail?

    Zoey is seen battling Fantina's Mismagius with Glameow. Mismagius manages to defeat Glameow. Ash & Co. witness this battle. Ash soon finds out that this trainer is the Hearthome Gym Leader he has beem looking foward to battling. Ash challenges her to a 3 on 3 battle. Ash chooses Buizel, while Fantina chooses Drifloon. After a hard fought battle, Drifloon proves to be a burden, using Hypnosis to sleep its opponent. Buizel is then defeated by the afterrmath of Omnious Wind. Chimchar is next, but it too faces trouble. After being put to sleep, Ash recalls Chimchar & sends out Pikachu. Pikachu fights with powerful attacks, causing Drifloon to evolve! Drifblim replaces Drifloon & it causes Pikachu to fall asleep from the Hypnosis. Ash is forced to forfeit. Fantina says she will be waiting for Ash to challenge her.moreless

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