Season 2 Episode 27

Pokémon Double Trouble

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 09, 2000 on Cartoon Network
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Pokémon Double Trouble
Ash and friends finally arrive on Kumquat Island, the location of the final Orange League Gym Battle. Before Ash can go to the gym, Team Rocket attacks the beach in the Robo-Rhydon. However, Luana, the Gym Leader arrives and defeats it for them. Ash challenges her to a battle and she agrees. However, it will be a double battle, a brand new experience for Ash, will he be able to beat Luana and win his final Orange Leage Badge.moreless

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  • On arrival in the town where Ash hopes to earn his entry into the Winner's Cup, he is greeted by a woman who mistakes him for her own son.

    As our heroes reach Kumkuat Island, they encounter a woman who mistakes Ash as his son. As she talks about how Ash looks like her son, TR appears and smokes the town with their MMechaRhydon. Ash challenges them and ends up losing eith Charizard's Flamethrower. During the night, they go to the hot springs and rest for the next day. The Gym Battle is here and the Gym Leader uses Marowak and Alakazam while Ash uses Charizard and Pikachu. As they're not used to Double Battles, they almost lose for not working together. But fro an incredible comeback, they strike Bonemerang to Alakazam, knocking out Marowak as well. He wins the match and can now enter the Orange League. He leaves and TR is stranded on the water asking for help.moreless

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    • Ash: (about Team Rocket) They're probably planning something really rotten, so we'd better handle this.
      Luana: That's very nice of you to offer, Ash, but I think an Orange Crew Gym leader should be able to take care of herself, don't you?
      Ash: You're the...gym leader?!
      Jessie: I don't care if you're the Orange Crew, or the grapefruit league!

    • Ash: Attacking innocent people like this isn't fair!
      Jessie: Of course it isn't fair. If attacking innocent people were fair, it wouldn't be any fun!

    • (Team Rocket is out at sea, on the wreckage of their robot )
      James: A poet once said "No man is an island.
      Jessie: Well, you're no man, James.
      Meowth: Ya think maybe the boss will send somebody out to look for us?
      (Jessie and James freak)
      Meowth: What's the matter?
      Jessie: If the boss finds out we wrecked the robot...
      James:...He'll wreck us!
      Meowth:(whimpering) I never thought of that!
      James: Hey, look. A boat!
      Meowth:(yelling) Help!
      Jessie: Shh!
      James: What if it's the boss's boat?
      Meowth: Oh, right. (whispering) Help.

    • Luana: Sonny boy! Come to mama-wama! (Luana hugs Ash) Oh, my son! My pride! My joy! You're home!
      Ash: Excuse me. Who are you?
      Luana: Travis!? You don't remember your own mommy-wamy?

    • Misty: If you don't know how to defeat a Psychic Pokémon, you're in hot water.
      (Ash sinks in the hot tub)

    • Jessie: Get out of the way Grandma.
      Misty: I wouldn't call her Grandma if I were you, you old witch.
      Jessie Did she call me... old!?
      James: Don't listen to her Jessie. What does she know about aging?
      Jessie: I'm not old! How dare you!?

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