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Season 1 Episode 28

Pokémon Fashion Flash

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 14, 1998 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Pokémon Fashion Flash
Ash and the others arrive at the world famous Scissor Street, where you can find almost anything. They see a salon where the owners, who are really Team Rocket in disguise, say that pokémon beauty is all that matters, which excites Misty. They then find what they came to look for, the salon of the world famous pokémon breeder Susie. Susie then begins a class to show off some of her techniques. After Ash and Brock insult Team Rocket's salon, Misty decides to bring Psyduck there for a makeover. However this turns out to be a lure by Team Rocket, who want to use Misty as "bait" for Ash.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • I love Salon Roquet...

    This is a priceless episode. between Misty's "makeover" Jessie and James's motto outfits (really, what does James have against Men's clothes?) and two episodes out of three with Jessie thinking she has fashion sense (contests ahoy) leaves this as a very good episode, with a chance to be one of the very best.

    Grade A+
  • Team Rocket's first scam for money. YES!

    A well written episode, that FINALLY focuses on Team Rocket's bad talents. Opening up a Salon for beautifying a Pokemon by making them flashy was really a great scam for money. It's too bad that the trainer's Pokemon were really dissatisfied on how they looked like.

    A new Pokemon Breeder shows up, and it could be one of Brock's rivals and lovers named Suzie. (I do find the breeder cute though) Though she's a little bit unexperienced, Brock was nice enough to teach her a little on how to make the best food for a specific Pokemon, mainly her Vulpix. He even started a lecture on how to massage a tired Pokemon. (really formal!)

    Back in Team Rocket's salon, Misty becomes the victim as they try to beautify her, until Meowth ruins their plans by "talking in front of the customer". By beating Meowth up, their disguises are shredded into pieces when Meowth scratches them. Misty threatened to look like Frankenstein was one of the best threats ever from, James.

    The battle emerges after Meowth had to spill out the real plan of their said salon. They should've ran away and left Misty there! (though that would've been cruel) At least Team Rocket WAS close to winning for once, until Suzie's Vulpix manages to Fire-Spin them away so they can learn next time. Such a shame, as Misty was burned as well.

    At the end, Brock manages to keep Suzie's Vulpix since she thought it'll be happy with him. I would've refused to keep it since Suzie DID learn some things from him. All she had to do is be herself and never give up.

    A great episode that shouldn't be missed out,moreless
  • Another episode of another series,

    Seriously, Pokémon was not one of those series that tech you about the lessons of life and thos things ans with those things I mean "The important is what is inside and what is outside is not imortant".

    Well, at that time pokémon did not intended to do so this is one of those episodes that focus in this. Vulpix it was a good pokémon but I always thinked that I didn´t fitted to Brock since he was only seen training rock-type pokémon and a zubat. Things like this is why the series goes crazy later when you don´t keep things like they need to be, after all vulpix didn´t anything after this episode, sometimes it will help to do this and that but that´s not important. The poor vulpix was a good pokémon but the spotlight of brock's pokémon never was shown and its personalities were left out. Goos episode anyway.moreless
  • Pokemon Beauty salon!

    I think this is one of the greatest episodes ever because TR has created the biggest plots ever to scam the people into beauty fashion for their Pokemon so they can steal it. Thanks to quick action by the heroes, their plot seems to fail at ease. Why not sue them for fraud?

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (13)

    • Mr. Narrator: So long, Salon Roquet!

    • (Ash sees Misty's makeover and starts laughing)
      Misty: Hey, what are you laughing for? This make-up is very fashionable!

    • Jessie: A Pokémon is a fashion model! All that matters is a pretty face!
      Meowth: Like mine!

    • James: You better not take another step or we'll give you a face like Frankenstein!
      Misty: Do I want a face like Frankenstein? No, I don't!

    • (Ash and Misty are arguing over beauty of a pokémon)
      Suzy: Shouldn't we stop them?
      Brock: That's like trying to stop the tide.

    • Misty: Ha! Anyway, Psyduck and I are so cute, we'll look good whatever fashion we wear!
      Ash: (chuckles) I'm sure Psyduck will.
      Misty: What do you know about fashion!

    • Ash: If you think fashion's so great, how about taking your Psyduck to the salon?
      Misty: Hey, what a great idea! Let's go Psyduck!
      (Psyduck comes out of the Pokéball)
      Ash: Hahahahaha! Now we'll see who gets the last quack!

    • Misty: I can just imagine it. (Picture of Pikachu in a dress)
      Pikachu: Pika? (A question mark pops out of his head)

    • Brock: Susie, I'm begging you to accept me as your pupil.
      Ash & Misty: Huh?!

    • Ash: What makes her such a great breeder anyway?
      Brock: How dare you! The sensational Susie of Scissor Street has been awarded the trophy for excellence at the World Pokémon Breeder's Contest for three consecutive years! Wait, there's more! Lights! In addition to that, the readers of Pokémon Friends Magazine named her the most popular breeder four years running! And her hugely popular website records over 10,000 hits per day!
      Misty: Now that's what I call a great breeder!
      Brock: You'd better believe it!
      Ash: Okay, Brock. We heard you clear and loud!

    • Brock: Now what?
      Susie: Vulpix and I will take care of them!
      Jessie: We'll give your Vulpix a makeover when we get rid of its tails!
      Susie: Time to give you a lesson in breeding! If all you worry about is your Pokémon's outer beauty, its inner strength will be lost!
      Vulpix: Vul!
      Jessie: A Pokémon is like a fashion model! All that counts is a pretty face!
      Meowth: Like mine!

    • Jessie: And now Salon Roquet presents a fashion extravaganza and Pokémon battle song. To protect the world from boring fashion.
      James: To dress all people with flash and passion.
      Jessie: To give all Pokémon pretty faces.
      James: To extend our art to outer spaces.
      Jessie: Jessie.
      James: James.
      Jessie: Salon Roquet: when it comes to chic, we know what's right.
      James: Surrender your taste or prepare to fight.

    • Ash: (about Misty) What happened to her face?
      (holds back uncontrollable chuckling)
      Misty: Dumb boys.

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