Episode Movie 9

Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Mar 23, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Prince of the Sea.

    In the long list of Pokemon movies, this is not the worst nor the best.

    There were many elements I thought were very computer game-ish; I could see that if they wanted to turn the movie straight into a game, there would be many scenes directly translated to that with all the jumping, fighting and moving around.

    Our main character Ash, Brock, May and Max are joined by a Marina Group, who put on a beautiful show with water and psychic Pokemon. None of the new characters stay as strangers and they become part of the story very nicely.

    Although the Pokemon Ranger Jack Walker is kind of annoying, he remains fairly professional and doesn't ruin the whole thing. Pokemon Rangers as a whole are not explored all that much, when Ash - and especially May - end up being the big heroes.

    The music in the film was kind of disappointing. You could listen to it for a bit, but then it just seemed to repeat itself instead of remaining entertaining. The art was top notch again, although I'm not a fan of computer animation being mixed into the usual animation style - they just don't fit together that well.

    The plot was short, making the movie feel slightly too long. It wasn't boring, though, and remained quite well balanced. It also captured some good, strong emotions of taking care of someone and then having to let them go.

    I wouldn't resist watching this again, but the story was a bit weaker than in the best of Pokemon movies I've already seen.
  • Cool

    This pokemon movie is showing yet another legendary pokemon in the pokemon world. The pokemon, Manaphy, is a pokemon that is wanted by a group of pirates. Their leader, Phantom, unfortunately loses the retireved Manaphy egg to Pokemon Ranger Jack Walker. Well, this show is like Jirachi Movie, as the closest to Manaphy is May, and not main character Ash. Another species is the People of the Water, who built the Sea Temple, as the residence of Manaphy. Manaphy is said to have the instinct of knowing where the Sea Temple is, after the Sea Temple has started floating on in the oceans, and the extraordinary thing is that the Temple is INVISIBLE!!!!! But it will become visible after every thousand years (i think). Phantom then follows the Ash and Firends, to the Sea Temple, and steal parts of the Sea Crown. Luckily, Ash and Friends put back the parts, but there is one part missing. Because of that one part, water starts to flow out of the walls of the temple. Ash spots the final piece and swims to get it. Meanwhile, the Sea Temple is sinking. Ash finally puts back the final piece of the Sea Crown, stopping the Sea Crown from sinking. Although May is the best friend of Manaphy, but Ash plays a part in helping Manaphy revive the Sea Crown, and save Manaphy at the end, when Phantom snatches Manaphy away. In all shows, the protangnist wins while the antogonist loses. The Phantom is defeated and Manaphy leaves May, to be a 'grown-uped' pokemon, as he needs to be independent
  • Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea

    A pokemon ranger named Jackie is trying to take back a very special egg that was stloen by the evil Phantom through out the movie the evil Phantom is trying to retrieve the mystical egg in the dark depths of the ocean. Ash and the gang meet up with Jackie and helps in the mission to get the egg back to the sea temple, May grows attacted to the egg so when the eeg hatches the newly hatched Manphy thinks that May is its mother. Finally when they arrive at the sea temple Phatom manages to steal the legendary sea crown to become king of the sea. But will Ash and the gang be able to save not only the sea crown but also the sea temple its self.
  • This movie is more about drama than battling.

    I haven't seen a single Pokemon battle in this movie. This movie would have made my classmate cry.

    This was a great movie, although some parts it can get boring, but it is an enjoyable movie. This movie made me used to Ash's new voice. He was about to die until Manaphy let him hear May's begging, and he sprung to action and put back the last shard. At the end, Phantom returned and stole Manaphy for future use. Ash pursues him, but couldn't have done it without Kyogre's help. Then the people of the water celebrated.

    As I said, this movie was more on drama.
  • "Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea" is one of my favorite movies. Great storyline with great animation. The new voices are getting better.

    Pokemon USA did a really good job with "Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea". I was impressed with the movie. I loved the storyline for the movie. It was exciting and new. The ending was really sad and it was my favorite scene from the movie. I thought the animation for the movie was great. I love how they start to use computer animation in the Pokemon movies. The new voice actors are improving greatly. I thought the new voice actors sound like the original voice actors from season one to eight, but it was not perfect.

    I thought the music was good. I love the music used for several scenes in the movie.
  • As good and as moving as the last film.

    This movie was was very well written and is quite a moving experience. However if you're one of those people who hate the new voices you won't want to give this a chance which is sad. Sure I hate the new voices, but I'm not joining SOVA any time soon. However the secondary voices of Phantom, Jack Walker, and Lizabeth are actually good. Also the voice actors have really improved. I really liked the relationship between May and Manaphy and how she nurtures Manaphy as a mother would. The action and suspense are also done well and the animation is wonderful. You might think for a second that the sea temple is like a pokémon version of Atlantis. There is also some good character development with Jack and Ash and I loved how sinister Phantom was. This is a good film and although Manaphy can't carry a tune and Ash sounds like Rosie O' Donnel with laryngitis who just started smoking. This is a good film.
  • This was probably the best Pokemon episode/movie ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, this was an awesome movie. The last time we see May (my FAVORITE character of all time!!!!!!). Ok, Manaphy thinks May is it's mother, and May discovers she is one of the people of the Water. Then Phantom, an evil pirate with 'unlimited desires', wants Manaphy so that he can find the Sea Crown, a rare treasure in the Temple of the Sea, which only Manaphy can find. Kyogre, my 3rd favorite Pokemon, appears in this movie. Kyogre, the Lord of the Sea, and Manaphy, the Prince of the Sea. An awesome movie which I now own on DVD, and will watch 5 times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the movie was great,featuring 4 new pokemon such as manaphy,buoysel,chatchot,and mantyke. The return of kyogre back from the pokemon 8th season was a cool turn of events,all and all a great pokemon movie.

    This movie was entertaining and featured 4 new pokemon such as buoysel,manaphy,chatchot,and mantyke,the idea of meowth,jessie,and james switching bodies was clever,and so was revealing why the phantom was strong because he had a mech suit on.

    It was cool to see ash's sceptile,donphan,and may's munchlax in this movie too,also seeing brock's marshtomp and may's combusken was cool.

    Too bad may and max are out of the series,but at least we get to see dawn and ash and brock in new clothes,and the pokemon movie on april 20th "pokemon diamond and pearl",am sure it's just a mini movie or the 1st episode of pokemon diamond and pearl
  • I think this was the best movie so far.

    This is the best pokemon movie released so far in my eyes it's animation is awsome the setting is perfect the charcter are kool and jacky was kool kinda like a super being but more real.This movies about when Ash and the gang get lost and find the people of the water and join together to help Manaphy find his way to the sea temple and crown Manaphy king of the sea but when a greedy pirate named Phantom trys to steal the sea crown and Manaphy Jack,Ash and the gang try to help while Manaphy thinking may is his mother.
  • another great pokemon movie.i've always liked watching pokemon movies and lately they've been making really good ones.the ones with fourth gen pokemon seem to be the best.

    this movie was just as great as lucario and the mystery of mew. i watched the whole movie without getting until commercial's. manaphy looks like a cool pokemon and this movie will probably make people think about using it on the diamond or pearl team. sometimes it takes an episode or movie to make you look at pokemon diffrently and temple of the sea makes me want to train my own manaphy.the fourth gen pokemon just have something really oringinal about them and make movies and episodes better. after watching this movie i can hardly wait for the next.
  • finally a decent pokemon movie.and it didn't suck.

    I think this pokemon movie was fantastic. I like all of those DP region pokemon. well this pokemon movie was about manafi. this kind of pokemon is a water type pokemon.at the begining manafi was a egg. then the pokemon ranger finds it and takes it from that pirate. then they had it and ran into may gets it and it hatches. and may is a mom. then the pokemon ranger took manafi with the crew who deals with water pokemon and does shows. they also saved the sea palace from falling deep into the water. well best pokemon movie so far.
  • When the gang meets a Pokémon Ranger, they find out about a Pokémon named Manaphy. However, a pirate named the Phantom wants Manaphy to lead him to the Sea Crown so he can be the king of the sea. Can the gang stop the Phantom? Can May let go of Manaphy?

    This movie was wonderful! Simply amazing! The designs of the temple were awesome, and so was the animation! The plot of the movie was also totally original and it really drew you in. What I also liked about it was that it centered on May and finally not on Ash. Sure, Ash got a major scene but I was happy that the moive was mostly about May. This movie was also really emotional, and it was so sad to see May let go of Manaphy. What I also liked about it was the story of the temple. It was interesting to see Lizabeth and the rest of the people of the Water and how the temple came to be. Not only that, but Manaphy is so cute!!!! This movie kept you wanting to watch more because it wasn't like many other Pokémon movies. It had suspense and action, but usually thats what other movies always have. This movie had fun, action, and suspense all into one! What I liked about this movie was how the writers were able to show how May and Manaphy grew so close. Although their relationship was shown over a few days, I really liked how they were able to show it. I also liked the Phantom as a villain. He was pretty eccentric but he was also in a way very evil. I liked the character of Jackie, too. He could be smart and suave sometimes, but he could also be serious. It was also nice to see Kyogre have an appearance in the movie, but I'm mad that the ending song was changed from Mamoru Beki Mono by Sowelu. Overall, this movie was truly great! I loved it!
  • Best Pokemon movie so far!

    This movie surely stands out among the rest of them. About 2 hours long, this movie didn't get boring through any part of it. The relationship between May and Manaphy was very touching, even though Manaphy and May were seprerated at the end. And for once, Team Rocket weren't their usual annoying selves, sticking their two-sense into everything. As for the voice actors, I can't even complain about that because I've already gotten used to them. Some new Pokemon were shown also, such as Buizel, Mantyke and of course, Manaphy. The story was excellent, the characters were good, and I'm glad May's last appearance wasn't bad!
  • Best Pokemon movie so far. Ash, May, Max, and Brock meet up with a Pokemon Ranger named Jack Walker, but when an evil pirate named Phantom shows up and wants Manaphy, can our heroes stop him before it's too late and he claims the sea crown?!

    This is probably the most interesting movie since the last movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and Pokemon the Movie 2000. This, being Pokemon Movie 9, is probably the best. It is the Battle Frontier movie. And Battle Frontier is also my favorite season of Pokemon. It's got the most interesting things in it. But when we see Dawn in the next season, I think my minor crush on May will fade, and then a new crush will rise when Season 10 arrives in the US. I really just can't wait for this to come out DVD. I will trasure this as one of the classic Pokemon movies of all time. I vote this 10/10.
  • I loved this movie, I just watched it an hour ago and it kept my interest just like the first episode! The makers of the series have certainly not lost their touch at all.

    Even at 16 years old this movie kept me on the couch with my little brother and sister, I watched it start to finish and this movie wonderful, the best element is probably the fact that they had a great story line, and of course like in every movie Ash saves the day as usual, and in any other show that would grow old but I have to admit, Pokomon pulls it off very nicely. I also loved the fact that they made the ending a surprise that could not be guessed, except for the fact that the good guys one, and so it made watching the whole movie worth while. And of course the bumbling Team Rocket as always added their input all through the movie!
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