Season 12 Episode 14

Pursuing a Lofty Goal!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Aug 08, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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On the way to Snowpoint City, Ash and friends stop in a town where a Pokéringer competition is to be held. Ash is eager to participate in the contest with Staravia, but he soon finds out that Paul is also entering, with his Honchkrow. Despite this, Ash decides to enjoy the competition. The final match ends up being Ash vs. Paul. Who will win?moreless

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  • PokeRinger Contest Returns!!!(Japanese Version)

    So Ash & Co. arrive in Wind Town. A PokeRinger Contest is being held and Ash enters with Staravia. Paul enters as well, using Honchkrow. James enters with Jessie's Yanmega. But in the end, 2 Trainers remain. Ash & Paul have to battle now. So Staravia battles Honchkrow. Honchkrow seems to have the upper hand throughout the battle. The ring seems to be in Staravia's hold but soon Honchkrow regains it. Staravia once again gets a hold of it but is beaten down by Honchkrow. Ash lets out a yell and Staravia dodges Honchkrow's attack and it evolves into Staraptor. The 2 flying types are evenly matched! Staraptor comes in with a newly learned Close Combat. Honchkrow manages to get the lead but Staravia hits the ring into the goal in the nick of time, winning. Ash gets a ton of food but Mamoswine eats it all. In the end, Paul leaves and Ash & Co. continue onto Snowpoint City.moreless
  • It's another PokeRinger competition and another Flying-type evolution!

    Ash and comp. are continuing onward to Snowpoint City, when they arrive at Squallville, a town famous for its frequent wind gusts. Ash and Brock are pleasantly surprised to find that a PokeRinger competition is to be held in Squallville, and Ash decides to participate with Staravia. James also is going to compete, using Jessie's Yanmega. When the competition gets underway, Ash is up in the first match against a trainer with a Skarmory. He's able to defeat him, and is surprised to find out that in the second match, the trainer going up against the current PokeRinger champion (a macho guy with a Dragonite) is none other than Paul.

    Using tactics and the wind gusts to his advantage, Paul is able to defeat the champion fairly easily by KO'ing his Dragonite with single Sky Attack from Honchkrow and swiftly having the ring tossed around the goal. James' match is up next, but he's humiliated by wrongly reading the wind gusts each time, getting easily defeated by a trainer with a Skiploom.

    Once the finals arrive, it's Ash vs. Paul; Staravia vs. Honchkrow. The two Flying-types go head-to-head, both making a fierce battle. When Honchkrow knocks Staravia down to the ground, it goes in for the kill with Sky Attack. But when Ash shouts words of encouragement, Staravia determinedly leaps into the air, dodging Honchkrow's attack, and begins to glow...

    I've been looking forward to this episode for a while, and my expectations payed off. Not only did Staravia evolve and pwn Paul's Honchkrow, "Advance Adventure" (awesomeness IMO) was played as background music for the first time since the Tag Battle Arc. For once I have to actually agree with Paul; it took Staravia long enough to evolve, especially considering the short time it spent its days as a Starly. But that's the way evolution usually goes for the heroes' Pokemon, and I'm satisfied with the way Staravia evolved. In short: awesome episode.moreless
  • How cool! Th e PokeRinger Contests!

    I really enjoyed this episode, as we viewed a very interesting PokeRinger Contest. The teams of trainer and Pokemon battled to catch a ring and hoist it atop a goalpost before the other team.

    We saw a lota cool flying type Pokemon, and some non-flying types too. We saw Staravia, Honchcrow, TYanmega, Skiploom, Dragonite, Wingull and Swablu, just to mention a few!

    The coolest part of this episode was definitely the evolution of Ash's Staravia into a Staraptor, which is definitely the strongest Normal-and-Flying-type Pokemon in the games! I have used one in both Pearl and Platinum Version, and it is very strong! It also learnt Close Combat in this episode!

    All up, a great episode! I definitely reocommend it! Keep up the great work, and I can't wait for the next episode! Great work!moreless
Billy Regan

Billy Regan


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Sean Schemmel


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Bella Hudson


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Michele Knotz

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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Staraptor learns Close Combat and uses it on Honchkrow, Brock exclaims that a Fighting-type move like that is super effective against Dark-types. While this is true, Honchkrow is part Flying-type as well as part Dark-type, making it receive normal damage from a Fighting-type move (such as Close Combat).

    • In one scene, Staraptor's white plumage vanishes.

    • This is the second episode featuring a PokéRinger competition, the first being in That's Just Swellow. Both of them are quite similar in certain ways; one being that one of Ash's main Flying-type Pokémon evolves in both of them (Taillow in the first one, Staravia in the second), and another being that James enters both of them borrowing one of Jessie's Bug-type Pokémon (Dustox in the first one, Yanmega in the second).

    • Using his newly evolved Staraptor, Ash defeats Paul and his Honchkrow in the finals and wins the PokéRinger Competition.

    • Ash's Staravia evolves into Staraptor and learns Close Combat.

    • The boy with a Skiploom that battles against James looks like Samurai from Challenge of the Samurai, minus his hat.

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