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  • Just awesome. But...

    Okay i'm a big fan of pokemon i've watched every single episode (even the banned ones) and i can say it's pretty cool. The story, characters and pokemon are wonderful. But, the worst thing about this series is that It repeats itself with Ash starting a new adventure, all of his skills and pikachu's power erases. 16 seasons and he has only won 1 league. People will pretty much get bored of it... stupid producers!
  • The Pokemon the Best Cartoon ever

    This my friends is Pokemon, its a cartoon which is continued and unlike any other cartoon, this is cartoon is just reality, If u will watch this cartoon from the very start and understand it till the very know what i mean, MAN, this cartoon, I've been watching when i was 3 years old, but, it used to come on in English, that time i didn't knew English, Even tho i remember some scenes {of Pokemon like yesterday} when i used to watch. But things have changed when i came to knew Pokemon is on internet, now that i'm Educated and know English to its known level, i have watched Pokemon's all season from 1 to till PRESENT. I JUST WANT TO TELL U GUYS / FELLOWS / FRIENDS, Pokemon touches my heart very deeply, just as Ash thinks back how much he has traveled to come this far, as the music starts, i go mean, come on guys, u should able to know what i am For Life

    I have created an account at www . pokemonbattlearena . net or u can just search it on Google as 'pokemon crater', believe me guys, if ur a pokemon fan like me, ur gonna love this game. its like your setting up for an adventure just like ASH
  • The original is AWFUL admit it!

    People say that the original series was better, but what people don't realize is that the original was actually one of the worst shows made at the time or in ever. The show is horribly inaccurate to the games it's CLEARLY based off of and contradicts the games, rules and even itself at time and people who are new could assume that what they see on tv they can do in the show. That is nor the worst of it all of the characters in the show seem to have a joke on them and boy does it get old within the first 30 episodes and this show isn't even a comedy. They seemed more focused on making it funny rather than making it accurate to the game and trying to make Ash look like a big sore loser cheater in the show. Think about it is that a good hero, a person who calls everybody a cheater even though he HIMSELF breaks the rules and gets what he wants for free?! Just think about it and trust me this is the kind of show that when you get older and you look back, you realize that this show is so flawed that you almost wonder how this even got aired with all of the mistakes it made. Starting from Johto I would recommend, but the first and second seasons forget it! It just insults the intelligence in the audience with horribly repetitious jokes, plot holes, poor writing and unexplained nonsense. I mean come on Digimon was more true to it's original material, Power Rangers was more true to it's original material even shows like Megaman, Donkey Kong Country and Captain N the Game Master at least shows they researched the games their based off of and weren't THIS badly inaccurate to the original material. Not only that, but this show was actually one of the better cultural shows as the Japanese version taught people about some of Japan's culture and other interesting details, but then 4kids dubbed the series and inserted pop cultural references, Americanization, modern references and terrible puns. Even the Japanese screwed up on this show as this show is one of the most inaccurate shows to be based off the games and 4kids only made it even more unbearable. Trust me look up WTF Pokemon and look for the episodes Youko and Swordhunter made and you will see what was so wrong with the first season of the entire series. You can find their show on .
  • A great show

    Pokemon finally back on good quality levels with the BW series.

    ORIGINAL SERIES:Was the best timely classic..

    AG:okay but not that great due to the show being on a decline here.

    DP:Worst series ever, plus Dawn was ugly.

    BW: A great series with Cilan and a sexy hot looking Iris.
  • I love Pokmon!

    I love Pokemon Black and White. Cilan is hot! And he reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog. I love seeing him shirtless. Even his brothers are cool! I think Iris is ugly. Ash is okay but people are getting tired of him. I disagree with what you people think.
  • redtr

  • Pokemon Series currently sucks !

    This are the messages I got from the Anime -

    -1) An Underdog will always remain an underdog . They can dream big but at the end they will fail no matter how much they work for it !

    -2) Friend held a trainer back ! A lot people complain about Ash no training in Unova But they failed to notice that Ash can't train enough because his friend keep dragging him to some Worthless adventure ! All other trainer who travel alone , Becomed more develop then Ash because they didn't had 2 sidekick holding them back !

    -3) Hard Work & experience is worthless compare to a child prodigy ! Even a rookey Child prodigy will be 5 year ahead of an average hard working person . So if we got a same aged Child Prodigy as our rival then we should give up because we can't compete against a rookie child prodigy ! A Child Prodigy will beat us without even working hard for it .

    -4) We shouldn't dream to becoming anything if we didn't born with the Talent ! Underdog like Ash will always be inferior to child prodigy & they will always fail So Kid shouldn't dream big like Ash without inborn talent Or They will become as pathetic & lame as Ash right now! Only those who born with inborn talent are worthy of Dreaming Big !

    This are Message the Anime gives !

    Ya Pokemon is for Kids

    But Shugo Chara and Sgt Frog are also for Kids and even they has much better plot !

    The only reason Pokemon Survive for up until now because of the Merchandise & Game .

    The Anime stuff are so lazy that they doesn't even try working .

    And They got so angry that People wanted them to be Creative about the Unova League that they purposely created the Worst League ever just to Punish Fans who wanted them to be creative !

    As For selling Merchandise ,

    Digimon Xros War had great Toy Sales even those the New Protagonist was a Child Prodigy and the show had a Mature plot .

    Therefore , Pokemon Merchandise would decrease if The Anime had a Strong ,Smart & Developed Ash , Qualified Superior rival , Good Battle , Better Tournament , Better League and Better Story Plot .

    Because , The best way to advertise Anime Merchandise is to Create the Best Story Plot for the Anime .

    The Mistake is ''Best Wishs'' wasn't accidental !

    Those Mistake were made on Purpose .

    In other World , Pokemon Anime Director/Writer ruined the Whole series on Purpose


  • Pokmon is a fine series and all, but...

    Pokmon is one of the most popular shows in Japan and America. I'm not that old, so I wasn't around when the show premiered. I wasn't really interested in this show until about a year ago. I really liked it. Kanto was one of the greatest times in anime history. Orange Islands was very good, also. Even if it replaced Brock with Tracey, who is not that good. Johto was fine and all, but there was too much filler. But I managed to get all the way through it. I began the Hoenn league, but replacing Misty with May was just not a good idea. I didn't even finish Season 6 when I officially gave up. I took a peek and Sinnoh, however, and it didn't look too good. I tried out a little bit of Best Wishes!/Black and White, and it was Okay, but it just didn't feel like the Pokmon I know and love. Iris is not good, they replaced Brock with Cilan, and Team Rocket is wearing black outfits now. (I heard, however, they switched back to white). But still, I just don't think Pokmon is as good as it used to be.
  • my idea for a new pokemon season/series thing

    I think that ash should travel in a new region but he will once again be tagged along by Dawn (the girl from the diamond and pearl series) but this time they will start to have a relationship with each other.
  • For the love of God, end it already!!!!!!!

    Seriously, this show needs to end. Don't get me wrong, I grew up watching Pokemon, but Black and White really pisses me off and makes me wanna start a massacre. I mean, when is it gonna end? when is Ash gonna become a "pokemon master?" It gets on my nerves how in Black and White, they get rid of Brock. what's next, Ash is gonna abandon Pikachu? I like Pokemon, but Black and White gets on my nerves. he's been traveling for all these years and he's still 10.
  • Love The Games, Hate The Sho

    In my opinion the Pokemon game franchise is the best of all time, But the TV Show is pretty awful. although i would recommend the Kanto seasons everything after that i would stay away from. Misty was awesome but once she left everything went downhill fast, The only Pro i have for this show is the charm of seeing your favorite Pokemon on TV Which saves this from being a rock bottom score
  • What's the purpose of watching a show that relies on the same thing again and again?

    Like many kids in the 90s, I got caught in the Pokemon franchise. I played the games, collected the cards, and watched the show it was based on. The show stars Ash Ketchem, a 10 year old who starts his quest to become a pokemon master. Along the way he gets Pikachu, Misty and Brock and fight against Jesse, James, and Meowth, AKA Team Rocket. Seasons 1 and 2 were well done and had plenty of humor and variety, but in season 3, everything goes way downhill. For one thing, season 3 and beyond uses the same repetitive nonsense, travel, collect a pokemon, fight gym leader, do side quests, fight Team Rocket, repeat that same process and that's the show for you. The acting is not that great, I particularly don't like Ash's or Meowth's voices, Ash sounds like a girl and Meowth has a crummy New York accent for some reason, everyone else ranged from borderline acceptable to bad. The animation is downright repetitive, you can see that Ash and his friends pass the same landscapes again and again and the pokemon battles use the same fight scenes as well constantly. Team Rocket is easily the worst TV villains I have ever seen, they have plans to take pokemon but the plans have more holes in them then all the Swiss cheese in Switzerland and most of the time they rely on robots and their hot air balloon to escape, what they can't get cars? Why don't they get guns to shoot Ash and his friends and then take the pokemon? They also aren't bad guys and instead of actually trying to do something else with their lives, they keep coming back, why? In one episode, James has a mansion with a complete butler and maid staff to serve him and Jesse and Meowth, but he turns it down. Are you kidding me? Even Jesse and Meowth think it's a bad idea to leave, but they do anyway. They end up on easy street and give it up? What idiots. another problem is the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny gag. Are we really supposed to believe that both of them have sisters or cousins? Either they are being clones or there is a group of people who become and act like one of them. Ash is also the stupidest protagonist, because he gives up his pokemon! Why, just why? He has a lot of powerful and good pokemon and he gives them up? Isn't a pokemon master supposed to catch every single pokemon? Speaking of pokemon, while in the first two seasons, the pokemon look cute, after season 3, they look ridiculous and seem to look more like regular animals now, even some of the names are terrible. I also was bothered by how Ash lost the tournament in the first season, he's the hero, he makes it to the big leagues and loses? On top of that, he gets the worst moral lesson, it's ok to lose as long as you're nice. Are you serious?!? What kind of lesson is that? I watched this show to see Ash struggle to the top and he fails and gets told a moral like that? That is one of the worse things in a TV show ever. I also notice that absolutely no one ages at all. Is everyone drinking from the fountain of youth? I also hated the lack of character depth, in one episode we learn the origins of Meowth and that's it. Couldn't they at lest give character backgrounds in Ash as to why he wants to be a pokemon master or why Jesse and James became members of Team Rocket? I could keep going on, but the bottom line is this: Pokemon WAS a good franchise, but now it has turned into a cash cow for businesses and it needs to end. Ash should be a pokemon master and pickachu should be raichu by now. They should at least get new characters and remove Ash and Team Rocket, that would make the show probably more watchable. I urge people out there, please do not watch this show and just play the games instead of watching this. Pokemon was a great show, but it has overstayed its welcome. It just no longer works, the plots are repetitive, the characters are flat, the villains are as threatening as a used tissue, the logic makes no sense, and it uses the same premise over and over again. I am sorry if you like the show, but this show has long lived past its prime and what charm it had long ago, is now in shambles and has no more substance. The only way I could watch this show again is get rid of all the characters and bring in new ones, then maybe I would watch it. Before any of you thumb me down, just take into consideration what I said. This show is dead and buried, so please stop resurrecting it and making it even worse.
  • Goodness, how long has the Pokemon anime been running for? And where are Misty and Brock?


    Like many other kids in the late 90s/early 00s, I got caught up in the Pokemon fad. (Well, technically, my older brother got me into it, but still...) I played the games, collected a few of the cards, and I watched the anime series it was based off. The anime is now a long runner, with 14 seasons as of this review, but... was it really worth carrying on with it in the end?

    The Pokemon anime starts off with a young boy named Ash Ketchum, who leaves his home of Pallet Town, with dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master. Along the way, he meets and befriends many different people and Pokemon, while having to fight Team Rocket, who constantly try to steal his Pikachu and the Pokemon of the week. In the first two seasons (the Kanto and Orange Islands arcs), the premise was executed well, with decent plots each episode, good humour, well-developed characters, well-choreographed battles, and great villains. However, by the third season (the Johto arc), the show entered seasonal rot. Plots became repetitive, with Ash and co. travelling, finding Pokemon, doing some side quests, gettting gym badges, fighting Team Rocket, and rinse-repeat. The sluggishness wore on, until the breaking moment in which Misty left the show, being replaced with May in the Hoenn arc. At this point, I realised that it wasn't worth carrying on with the anime, so I stopped watching it. And when I did watch a new episode, I simply changed the channel after the first part.

    The characters aren't as likable as they used to be. Ash has no personality anymore, and is just your generic shonen anime hero, who for some reason, always gives up his Pokemon before he enters a new region. Brock has now been written out of the show. The female replacements also get annoying, with May being somewhat tolerable, and with Dawn being an utter idiot. They aren't as memorable as Misty. Team Rocket are a shadow of their former selves, and they can't capture Pokemon to save their lives. Why do they still try, even though they fail all the time?

    The voice acting is also now poor. Ash sounds too feminine and Meowth has a rubbish New York accent for some odd reason. The other characters' voices ranged from passable to bad.

    The humour is bland. The gags involving the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, and with Brock falling in love with every pretty girl he met (when he was still in the show) aren't funny anymore. They've been run into the ground.

    The animation and art style are decent, but repetitive. You can tell they're just walking past the same woods and mountains they've passed through before, and sometimes, the animation becomes stiff. The battles also get boring, with almost-similar choreography in every episode.

    Overall, Pokemon was good while it lasted, but it's now stale. Changing the main cast every arc obviously didn't work. I'm sorry to anyone who is still watching the show, but it's way past its prime, and has lost all its original charm. Just watch the Kanto and Orange Islands arcs and forget the rest.

  • I remember this show

    I liked it. Ash is a Pokemon Trainer. His friends are Misty and Brock. I feel sorry for Misty being afraid of bugs. I don't blame her. Brock is a girl crazy. He acts like a ladies man. XD His enemy is Gary Oak. Gary is so jealous with Ash. Because I know Ash is a good Pokemon trainer. My favorite Pokemon is eevee. He or she is so cute.
  • Pokemon: A Part of Our Culture

    In 1996 game designer Satoshi Tajiri created a video-game called "Pocket Monsters," released for Nintendo's Game Boy. The game exploded onto the global market as a series of games under the title of "Pokemon," and a mighty franchise was born. With the enormous success of the game, it was soon adapted into an animated series as well as a trading card game, both of which were released worldwide and were devoured by a generation of kids who could not get enough of Pokemon merchandise. For children of the 90s, Pokemon has become such an integral part of our generation's culture, that we can scarcely think back on our grade-school days without thinking about the series. Pokemon's popularity was like a pandemic that started in Japan, and spread across the globe. How did the Pokemon empire spread so far and become so successful? The answer lies in it's ingenious marketing. One which took a game, and gave it it's own universe, resulting in several different and inseparable divisions of the Pokemon franchise, movies to trading cards, Pokemon's never-ending line of products made kids crave the latest Pokemon merchandise. Much like the show's catchphrase "Gotta catch 'em all," parents found themselves delving into their wallets to buy their kids every Pokemon related product released. What actually made Pokemon such an intrinsic part of our childhoods? How did it captivate us, draw us into it's world, and make us wish we could all have our own Pokemon? What follows is the testimony of several young adults who grew up with the franchise, what they remember about it, why they loved it, and whether it stands the test of time.

    When I was a kid i remember playing Pokemon Blue, and Red. They were a big part of my childhood due to a lot of road trips to my grandparents and these games were always a favorite always trying to beat the next gym or level up a pokemon was always a fun way to pass the time. Pokemon games have been around as long as the show itself as a part of the marketing. Pokemon Blue and Red were amazing for the time and were very fun to play with the many different pokemon to catch and the unique gym leaders and rivals it made it a great game. Some down-sides it had was how overly repetitive it was, leveling and once the game was over that was it, it got a lot harder to go anywhere due to the fact that there were no more enemies to battle with the exception of fighting the elite four again.

    After the huge success of the Pokemon games, the show was obviously heavily marketed starting with an anime adaptation, animated by OLM Incorporated. Aired on April 1, 1997 in Japan and on September 8, 1998 in America. The series spawned sixteen movies, the first five based off the original series were released in theaters. For the rest of the 90's to the early 2000's the series was a huge hit in both countries spawning several merchandise such as cards, toys, manga and even more. It became one of the first big hits for anime in America next to Dragon Ball Z which spread the popularity of anime.

    The series is about Ash Ketchum, based of Red from Pokemon Blue and Red, trying to become a pokemon master with the help of his best friend Pikachu, Brock, and Misty. He does this by catching pokemon, winning battles, getting all the gym badges and trying to beat his rival Gary based of Blue from Pokemon Red and Blue. They must also battle against Jesse, James, two Team Rocket grunts along with their talking, walking, Pokemon sidekick Meowth. Who are always trying to steal Pikachu even though Ash always manages to beat Team Rocket.

    The show still airs in Japan on TV Tokyo and has once aired on Kids WB, various other channels, and now currently airs on Cartoon Network on early mornings. It left a special place in the hearts of people of Generation Y, so many people at the ages of 17-22 still have the memories of the show in their hearts. The show had a lot of good things going for it, even with the stuff that wasn't so great.

    The series had many unique aspects that all together made the show a classic. Since anime wasn't very popular at the time, this japanese animation seemed new to children. The soundtrack includes very catchy songs and some songs were even played at the end of an episode. The Pokemon themselves are full of animalistic and humanoid personality, and the looks of the Pokemon ranged from ugly, scary, or cute which appealed to both boys and girls. Not counting the filler episodes, the series is mostly faithful to the games, having the same characters, getting gym badges, and having Pokemon battles. The show had a lot of crazy, random, japanese humor which was new to American children at the time. Most of the main characters are all diverse, have personality, and develop slightly near the end of the original series. The Pokemon battles are done in an original comic book-like style. All kids shows much have a moral, teaching a kid something important of life and Pokemon is no exception. Each episode while hard to figure out, has it's own moral. While the series has been censored for American audiences, many of the original violence has still been retained just enough to remain kid friendly. As an audio aspect, the voice acting fits for all the characters looks, gender, and personality.

    While the show had a lot of good things for it, there were still a few things that weren't so great. The series gets extremely repetitive due to rehashed episode plots and little to no changes in the plot or format. Some plot holes have been created due to controversial unaired episodes. The english dub includes much unnecessary censorship and americanization such as changing japanese food/names to american food/names. These alterations can make the english dub seem very watered down and unauthentic. Going back to the series' repetition, there are too many filler episodes that don't contribute to the plot and make the series longer than it should be. During most filler episodes, "Characters of the day' are seen who didn't appear in the games and aren't given personality of development since they only show up in one episode. While having the same villains in a cartoon is not common, the series still over uses the same three villains; Jessie, James, and Meowth who never go through any changes in character or style.

    Even with these problems, each episode was like an adventure for all the kids that saw the series. There was very few shows at the time that were entertaining and was full of merchandise to enjoy. So if a child didn't like the series, then they may have enjoyed the cards, toys, games, and the manga. But for many kids, the anime was their first experience into the entire Pokemon franchise. The show was about three different genres; comedy, fantasy, and action. It had the type of world kids dreamed of, where kids traveled wherever they wanted and went on crazy adventures. Even though the series has continued to air and has lost most of it's popularity, it is still considered to be a pure classic in anime.

    Overall pokemon has been a great part of my generation's lives. Whether it's the games, the animated series, and even the cards. I still remember the days where my eyes were glued to the dim lit gameboy screen and the longevity of the game kept our attention. Our minds were wrapped in the series on Saturday mornings took us on whatever adventure Ash and his friends journeyed on. Even though the show had it's cons (repetitive plot, over usage of villains, The action, animation for it's time, and the character personalities caught US by storm. The merchandise flooded children's closets from toys to clothing. It's amazing to think pokemon started in 1996, but everyone born in the late 80's to 90's were affected immensly by it.

    Citations: 2006/09/27/pokemon-10-year-retrospective
  • CN's not even trying anymore.


    As we all know, Pokemon was one of the most famous and best anime out there. It's well developed characters, good action sequences, and good plots brought it up to the big leagues. Even back then Team Rocket were one of the greatestvillainsout there. However, this show started to take a deep turn while driving down to Hoenn region. I enjoyed May's and Max's characters, as they were two of my favorite characters, but other than that, it was pretty much wrong. Team Rocket themselves went from bad boy villains to a messed-up portable freak show. Ash himself has absolutely no character anymore, and comes up with the dumbest excuses ever. Dawn is a major idiot who didn't deserve to replace May, and the new girl is even worse than her. Speaking of the new region, it's somewhat better than Sinnoh, but is still very bad and not good at all. And guess what? Brock is not in it anymore. They wrote him out of the show? Absolute crud. That pretty much leaves with no good characters on this show. Also, what's up with the Jenny cop and the Nurse Joy identical sister gag? It's not funny and pointless. The gag with Brock flirting with girls is not funny at all either. But what the worst part about this show is how the story goes. The same formula goes: Ash meets up with a new Pokemon, Team Rocket shows up to get the pokemon and fails, and the day is saved. And then after the sequence is used after a few episodes, Ash meets up with the Gym Leader. That's it. In fact, the term "Gotta catch 'em all!" is not even relevant in this show anymore. The plots themselves are boring and dumb now. The artwork is OK, but gets repetitive; the animation is sometimes stiff at moments.

    The final verdict: Only watch Kanto and Johto. Those are the good ones. You might as well pass up Hoenn, Sinnoh, and the new one, Unova. They're not worth watching.

    Presentation: 6/10 Idea wise, it sounds good, but the poor plots bring the score down.

    Animation: 6/10 Artwork gets repetitive, and the animation is sometimes stiff.

    Voice: 4/10 Ash's voice is veryscreechingand annoying, and the music gets repetitive. The other characters don't really help either.

    Entertainment: 4/10 Fights get repetitive, and the same formula is used almost all the time.

    Lasting Appeal: 4/10 If you want to see some good anime for everyone, watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Not this.

    FINAL SCORE: 4/10 Crummy

  • My Favorite ...

    I like this when i was little and it is still continued making the video

    and it is my favorite .
  • Another Anime of death! This show is super repetitive.

    This show is so repetitive, that you would rather play the games or the card games than watch this nasty show. The only fun part about this show is the Pokemon. 5/100 Horrible.
  • A pretty good show overall.

    My rating is borderline almost for the Original Series with Ash, Misty, and Brock, but I will review the show as a whole. The original series was great. It had original characters, plotlines, and the Pokemon that we all grew up with. Then once the show started to get into the Advanced Generation with May and Max, I wasn't happy that Misty left, but I just went with it. It turned out that it wasn't that bad. Plus, Gen. III is one of my favorite generation of games. :p The Advanced Generation still remained good and solid throughout the entire thing. Even though Misty left, it was nice to get refreshing new characters. The Battle Frontier would have been good for me if they hadn't changed the voice actors. That bothered me a lot. From Diamond and Pearl, the show went a little downhill. Dawn wasn't really likeable as a character, and Paul was a terrible rival. Plus, it didn't really focus on Ash's journey to become a Pokemon Master. It was really focused on Dawn, and it took him like 50 episodes one time to get from one gym to another. Isn't that the point of the show? It's ASH'S journey right? The plots were sort of getting recycled and repetitive. I mean it was the same thing every episode. (I hate filler episodes that have no point). I also didn't like Team Rocket changing their theme song. Black and White, for me, jumped the shark, completely. Iris and Cilan are horrible characters. Iris keeps Axew in her hair? Cilan is just a Brock copyoff that is just annoying. (A Pokemon Conessiour?) Team Rocket was done at this point, and I was borderline done watching the show. All those years we spent growing up watching Pokemon, were gone. Overall, the Original Series was amazing, Advanced Generation was pretty good, the Battle Frontier was good, Diamond and Pearl was fair, and Black and White is AWFUL. Always remember that Brock used his frying pan as a drying pan. Genius. :p
  • Pokemon was a true classic until the AG/DP sagas ruin it

    I loved the Original pokemon series seasons 1-5 and 6 were the best ....

    Pokemon has went downhill with the shitty AG/DP era Pokemon which are poorly design and Paul sucks really bad as an rival.

    The Original series was perfect, the Advanced Generation was okay not that great, the Battle Frontier was great, Diamond and Pearl series was the jump the shark moment for the show because Dawn/Paul were terrible characters,the Black and White series is great.
  • Pokemon was a great series until it was milked and now has 750+ episodes of Recycling, Repetitive Stuff

    Like many others, I got into the Pokemon series as a child. I grew up playing the games, watching the show, and playing the TCG. I loved the series, but have grown bored of its redundant repetitive nature, and with Ash Ketchum/Satoshi regressing in rank at the Unova League, I see no point in watching the series for much longer as I've lost interest in it at this point. That being said, here's my opinion of the Pokemon anime:

    The Original Series (seasons 1-5) was the best IMO, not because it was the original, but because at the time the Pokemon series kept itself humble, simplistic, lovable, and no characters were put to the sidelines like we see in today's modern Pokemon series. Furthermore, the plot was fresh, the idea was exciting, and the voice acting in both the dub and the sub was top-notch. Like every series of Pokemon, this one had its flaws, but manages to stand the test of time. It had a nice balance of characters like Ash, Misty, Tracey, along with Brock, a good set of rivals including Gary, Ritchie, as well as Harrison, and character development and Pokemon interactions along with plot were well-developed and entertaining. A recommended classic for all to watch and see. This arc features Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Tracey, Jessie, James, and Meowth traveling through the Kanto, Orange Islands (Tracey stays at Oak's Lab at the end of this arc; Brock leaves for a short while at the beginning), and Johto (Brock returns to travel with Ash and Misty) arcs of the anime.

    The Advanced Generation (seasons 6-9) was also really good for the most part, but noticeably the show started to get weaker in terms of the voice acting in the English dub. The voice actors being replaced in the last quarter of this saga really began to signal doom for the English dub of the series as many once knew it. This move by TPCi (The Pokemon Company International) was/has been poorly received by fans of the dub, and as a result, many fans departed the series after Season 8/Advanced Battle. This saga features Ash, May, Max, Brock, Jessie, James, and Meowth traveling through the Hoenn and Battle Frontier arcs of the series.

    We then entered the Diamond and Pearl Saga (Seasons 10-13). This is when I felt the Pokemon anime series began to go down significantly in quality. The DP Saga started the trend of character neglect in Pokemon: meaning where characters were often put to the sidelines and poorly brought to and in the series. A good example of this is Brock/Takeshi, who's lack of screentime ended up severely detracting from his character, and it almost seems like the writers forced him off the series with the premise of becoming a "Pokemon Doctor" after 13 Seasons of him working towards becoming a "Pokemon This fatal flaw of character neglect would then carry on into the BW series. This arc features Ash, Brock, Dawn, Jessie, James, and Meowth traveling through the Sinnoh region.

    Now we are in the Best Wishes or Black and White Series of the Anime (Seasons 14-16?). This series has been met with very mixed reception as a whole. Some are now deeming it the worst series in the entirety of Pokemon, while others feel it is the rebirth of the franchise from the "dark ages" of AG and DP. I find the series very good in BW, and poor in quality in BWS2, and I'm not sure about Episode N. This series features Ash, Iris, Cilan, Jessie, James, and Meowth traveling throughout the Unova Region. Ash has regressed and his maturation lost in this arc, while Jessie, James, and Meowth have grown more competent in the arc but their personalities have become dry, stale, serious, and boring. Similar to the case of Brock in DP, these three characters have been suffering from character neglect/lack of character development. This makes it hard to showcase this serious side of Team Rocket as opposed to the jokers we know them as, thus the second arc of the anime where a character or group of characters suffers from neglect or namely lack of screen time.

    To summarize, the series manages to stay in an endless spiral of redundancy and never manages to go beyond what needs to be done in order to keep the show fresh, inviting, and a new experience for older fans of the franchise. It has lost much of its charm, and has gone downhill. I give it a 5/10 as a whole.
  • the way pokemon should be!!!

    ash,misty and brock were classics but removing them made the show loose it's glory hope to see them again as main characters
  • The Pokemon Ball Rolls Completely Downhill

    I remember the good old years, with enjoyable characters such as the super-perverted Brock and idiotic Team Rocket. While the show rapidly lost its status as an amazing show, it didn't turn horrible UNTIL Black and White showed up. This season, the writers made fatal mistakes. Brock was removed from the storyline COMPLETELY, replacing him with the annoying, food-obsessed Cilan who is probably the worst character. The arguably charming puns for each episode's title were almost completely taken out. WORST OF ALL, Team Rocket became SMART.


    TEAM ROCKET IS SMART?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Yeah....... I don't have to say much more of this.......
  • TV shows, no matter how great, cannot go on forever

    Almost every TV show has at some point in its life became the greatest it could ever become. But since the producers just want more money, or they are just obsessed with the whole Pokemon franchise, they keep going on and on and on and on...

    There is a very dangerous stage that any TV show can be exposed to and this process usually happens after the show has reached its maximum greatness. This process is called "milking".

    This process is notoriously known for degrading any TV show when its producers, and/or even audience, want more. It is a sad road for any TV show to go through - reaching greatness and slowly losing it through the harmful process called "milking".

    Everything in life must come to an end some day. Pokemon has existed for over a decade.

    If it is time for Pokemon to rest after over a decade of hard work, I'd say that enough is enough.
  • The last good CN show

    I think that Pokemon is still good. I love all seasons of Pokemon
  • A show that was a classic but has now become a joke.

    Pokemon (both the show and the games) were a national phenomenon. Millions watched the adventures of Ash and Pikachu while at the same time having their own adventures on their Game Boys. Now, they have lost their touch completely somehow. The show has become annoying and repetitive. Ash wins just about all his battles and with Gary gone it seems that no one can defeat him, he needs a new rival. And I see Ash as selfish at times: all he cares about is going to each town just to get a badge and move on, not caring too much about what his group wants. Ash's little friends are too dependent on Ash, ot seems that without him these guys would be lost. The episodes are SO predictable it is not funny: They visit a place, meet new people, Brock falls for the pretty girl there, Ash has a battle with the new people (and wins), Team Rocket tries to steal Pikachu, they fail, and Ash moves on, with the occasional life-threatening crisis that is never too hard for Ash to single-handedly deal with. I remember the days when Team Rocket was a real threat, now they are useless. Why can’t they win every once and a while? The people at Pokemon need to get their act together, before its too late.
  • A clever title goes here!

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  • pokemon

    i like the kanto johto and hoenn region
  • End it already!

    Every series of Pokemon is the same! Ash has to beat all 8 gym leaders, and take on the Elliet Four! Everytime he takes the Elliet Four on, he loses! That is just sad. They do this every single series. I mean what are they waiting for? An inventation? Just end it already! You want Ash to be a Pokemon master, and you keep making him loses everytime! They better make Ash win the Elliet Four in the Pokemon Black and White seires, because that series sucks! Also, stop changing the cast of Pokemon!

    In the first you have Ash, Brock, and Misty.

    Then, you remove Misty and replace her with May (I like May)

    After that, you replace May with Dawn. (I like Dawn)

    Finally, you replace not only Dawn, but Brock with two new characters, Iris and Cilan.

    Also, those anyone notice Ash's voice in the current series sounds like a...girl?

    Wow, just wow.
  • Pokemon wherefore art thou

    Right seriously what happened? Where is the Pokemon that I used to know and love? Hell! Where's the Pikachu I used to know and love?

    In the past year I have got back into Pokemon. I abandoned Pokemon along with the rest of my childhood around the end of season 3; I was at the time somewhat annoyed that nothing happened with the mysterious GS ball. The original idea is that the ball should have contained Celebi, which would be released by Ash and then would sort of follow him around on his journey, kind of like a pro version of Jigglypuff (another thing I miss; Jigglypuff). But yeah, that's why I left the world of Pokemon.

    Now I am almost 20 and I got back into the anime after many a dedicated hour I spent catching, training, battling and the like in the various Pokemon games. I decided to return to the anime and thought I would start at the beginning and work my way up to the current season.

    The start of my plan went off without a hitch seasons 1-4 were amazing, ok a little repetition but what do you expect from a kids show? Still it was good. I experienced some difficulty in the transition between Misty and May, cause let's face it Misty loved Ash and Ash like Misty as much as a 10 yr old boy can like a girl. I remember the last few minutes of season 4 when they're all parting ways and Ash cries; I admit I was quite choked myself.

    Anyway as season 5 progressed I came to accept May's new place in the gang (I hated Max though). That aside the show was still watchable and the Pokemon still had some originality. As the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald legs of the anime progressed I began to once again enjoy Pokemon.

    Then came the Diamond & Pearl parts to the anime, this is where it started to lose itself a little, repetition had become much more frequent, the intentional use with Dawn's bike obviously evident just didn't work. Although the diamond & Peal series' wasn't great it still held certain "Pokemonic" values. I mean Ash matured some and we saw this, his Chimchar evolved and learned how to control its blaze there was a sense of Pride. Now of course I would have preferred Ash to annihilate Paul to the point of no return but that wasn't going to happen, we all knew they would end up as friends.

    I should also mention that whilst I was watching all the series I also watched the movie in the correct order, now I liked most of the films. however there is one fatal flaw and that is that they never have any impact on the anime, actually that's wrong sometimes they do i.e. the 1st pokemon film has the Mewtwo returns follow up special episode but really there's nothing. Ash is apparently some chosen one saviour of the world type and nobody cares, not even himself or his Mum or Prof. Oak? What the hell? Seriously Ash must be the only 10 yr old who's saved the world or some kingdom from disaster soooo many times that it's not even worth mentioning.

    I could rant for hours about some of the plot holes in Pokemon. But I won't cause we must remember that Pokemon is a kids show, so plot flaws come with the territory. No instead I shall complain about the monstrosity that now holds the Pokemon name, yes I speak of Pokemon Black & White.

    This is where Pokemon has just failed I feel. Both the anime and the games have fallen short of their predecessors here. Practically all the new Pokemon look like they belong on some other show (digimon) or are just bad. Ash is a complete douche and Pikachu (the real star) is a complete weakling. I read in a discussion thread say that they weren't counting any of the previous seasons now except season 1, but this isn't true. Both Ash and Pikachu made it to the top 4 of the Sinnoh league and managed to take out one of the League victor's Pokemon (Darkrai). It just isn't right that Pikachu got beat by some kid and his starter Pokemon in the first episode. Even if they weren't taking season's 2-13 into account Ash was still in top 16 at the Indigo League.

    The Pokemon that we all knew and loved is gone, looks like we'll have to go back to watching reruns or hope that they realise their mistakes and return to the original idea.

    Of course there's some fan made videos that aren't half bad if you know where to look and don't mind subs or poor dubs. Of course search fanmade Pokemon videos and you'll no doubt get porn, not that I have an issue with porn but sometime it's just not what I want.

    My rating being a 1/10 is strictly for Black & White and the utter rape of the Pokemon name before then it would be a solid 8/10

    Oh Pokemon Wherefore art thou Pokemon?!

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