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  • I never relised that there was an anime aimed at children that surrports cock fighting and animal cruelty

    when i watched it as i child i was in love with the program it couldnt go wrong, but with an older look on life i relise that the programs was plain nonsense
    for instance the pokemon could only say there name and yet they can all talk to each other but as i would understand it a charmander talking to a pikachu would be like a chinese man talking to a plane, and the fact that you put animals of all sizes in small balls that shrink (no wonder pikachu didnt want to go into the pokeball) and then at a later day fight against others of your kind for humans pleasure and they thought team rocet was bad.
    pokemon a society of hippocrites and animal abusers
  • poor.

    At a young age, the Pokemon show was one show I would wake up early for. But now, the show has started to get boring.I just love watching those tiny monsters beat the life out of each other,but the story isn't so good any more. It's starting to lose it's touch. I would recomend the game more than the show. I own the diamond,pearl, and platinum games. In my opinion, the game is better than the Pokemon television series. Not that I want to offend any fans, but the game is better. Sorry to any fans. That is my opinion.
  • Mediorce...

    It's all about a boy named Ash Ketchum (Satoshi as its original name) who want's to be a powerful Pokemaster. The current characters in here is Brock, Misty, Max, May and Dawn.

    I give this show 5.5 because, this show is going downhill, the show was great few years ago (yeah, I really mean). Pokemon was used to be a great show, the classic Pokemons like Vulpix, Bulbasaur and Pikachu are poweful and nicely done design, even in the game. I watch this show a hundred times on this too. When I watch this show in HOEEN region version, this is were the show is going downhill, because, why did they put humor in the longest running shows, I hate when they put humor on it. The new Pokemon are ugly, like Luddiculo uhhh..... Poocheyena, Zizagoon they're even weaker than than the Kanto-Jotho Pokemons, the HOEEN Pokemon are powerful in the game.

    Maybe I agree with garfield 800, you should really recommend the game, instead of watching the TV series.
  • Although I'm used to the Dutch version, I love this show.

    Most of the tchnical terms (pokémon names, etc) are not translated, but the attacs are. That is sometimes confusing, since I bet that The Netherlands are one of the few countries that do not translate the games. We just have to play the game in English. Imagine, an average american child playing this game in, for example, French. In the beginning very confusing, but you definately develop our Eiglish. But, this is about the show. I think it is a good show, since it lasts already for so many years. I, too, like the eps in which they are repeating a bit of the begin of the show. For example, Team Rocket is still returning each ep. Brock is also still there. I would like it too when the old characters such as Misty came back and stayed a bit longer. But what I like the most, is the recently, if subtle, change in character of Team Rocket. They start bit by bit to become good guys who earn teir money rather than steal food and pokemon. I like that. They only should not become angels by helping other people out, that would make them too soft.
  • it was OK

    in an anime like this {it counts as anime right?}, having so many episodes and having so many characters {i.e. May leaving, and having Dawn and anyone else} join and leave is not a good move. How many people who watch it now, watched from the beginning? A very small fraction because the show has been on for so many years and has had so many episodes. there have been so many changes to the show, and if you randomly watched an episode from a recent season you would have absolutely no idea what was going on. back when it premiered it was a classic, and maybe it still is considered one now, but it is NOWHERE near as good as it was
  • The life-long journey of Ash Ketchum and his friends on a huge Pokemon quest through 4+ regions

    Watching this since I was 11 years old(am now 22). After watching the famous St. Anne episode(the first episode of Pokemon I've ever watched) I was hooked. That was about 11-12 years ago. I'm still a huge fan in mid 2009.

    Loved the Kanto arc. Thought it was EPIC. The Johto arc was pretty good as well. Brought some new Pokemon. Even though it was littered with filler.

    Hoenn was a bit controversial, with Misty being replaced and the R/S/E game being meh quality. The anime got a little lackluster during parts of Sinnoh, but picked itself up rather nicely around the Battle Frontier.

    The Sinnoh arc has been as good as or better than the first 2 seasons of Pokemon BY FAR. Sinnoh looks the have the best movies as well. Every episode has me just waiting for the next episode to come up and impress me.

    Been the best anime for about 8 years running.
  • it was a pretty good show.

    the show pokemon was pretty good when it came out and its about ash of palit town and his quest to become the greatest pokemon master. and he choses pikichu because he was late and he goes from city to city catching and earning pokemon and it spand from mutlpe bages and caught alot of pokemon and faces his arival gary who is just as confident as ash and most of the time beats ash it was a really good show for anime but most of the time it was predictiable. atlest just as i felt. it was pretty good but it was predictable.
  • First 2 seasons rocked but...

    This show is of course based on the handheld video games about collecting Pokemon. This show actually was really awesome at first, as it had a great storyline, decent humor among others. However, they made way too many changes to the show (May leaves, Dawn comes, etc.) and it leaves many unknown viewers confused, and does not make the show easily accessable, opposite of the games. Also, there were so many episodes that contributed to this unaccessablity. Overall, a show thta could have been awesome and started out awesome, is now nothing but chattered remains of it's former glory. 4.5/10 F-
  • I like the show alot but the main problem is team rocket and there intro they always do. Also they always have the same bad guy in it...they should change it up from time to time to make it more interesting:b/c most of my friends wnt even bother seeing it

    If they just tweaked the show up a bit it might be more interesting like when i was a little kid. Don't get me wrong and think it's a dumb show b/c its a great show but its more for little kids instead of the people who originally watched it.Beside I will guarantee that most of these children haven't even watched it from beginning. I just think it needs some change. Also i wonder how old Ash is. With all the episodes he has been in he must like 15-16 by now. Some things they should change is team rocket, intro's and i think there should be different bad guys besides team rocket all the time...give them a break for a season or 2, and maybe if they could for all the heroes to join up and have the battle of a life time with the worse people that they have ever faced.Don't take me the wrong way its a great show but i believe a little tweaking could make the show a lot better.
  • First 2 seasons were awesome, nuff said...

    Now it's hard for me to rate the Pokemon anime, because I felt that the first 2 seasons of the show were really good (I still watch them from time to time, maybe its nostalgia from watching it when I was a kid) but once they started adding loads and loads of new Pokemon (Johto), I slowly lost interest and realised the show was never going to end. Maybe it was because I was getting older, but I'll give it a 7/10 alone for the first 2 seasons, but Pokemon has ran out of steam, at least for most of the older viewers anyway.
  • I used to like Pokemon a lot more than I do now. The episodes were more original and it used to be funny to watch Team Rocket blasting off again. It's still interesting and the new trainer, Paul, hipes up the show but it's starting to get old.

    Pokemon is still a good T.V. show. I still think that it is fun to watch the new Pokemon play with each other and putting Paul into the mix really made me more interested in the show. Paul is definitely a very unique type of Pokemon trainer. He catches only Pokemon he deems are strong but if they are weak, he lets them go. It will be interesting to see how Ash and Paul's rivalry will take its course and I wonder if it will take until the Sinnoh League before he beats him. That's how long it took to beat Gary. Paul may be a jerk, but he's no joke when it comes to his Pokemon. His Ursaring looks like a pretty tough Pokemon and Chimchar and Elekid are definitely strong as well. I wonder what other Pokemon he will have? But I hope that Ash does beat him in the end because Paul needs to be taught a lesson.

    I'm also getting tired of watching Team Rocket blasting off again. Come on, it's getting old watching the same Pokemon beating Team Rocket over and over and over...! I wouldn't mind if Team Rocket skipped a couple of episodes and only showed up every once in awhile. Ash and co. needs a new enemy and they need to show up more than Team Aqua and Team Magma were.

    I've also noticed that Ash's pattern of catching Pokemon has drastically changed since the beginning. In Hoenn, Ash only caught 5 Pokemon and when he went to the Battle Frontier, he only caught Aipom. I thought it was pretty boring seeing the same Pokemon over and over again. I wish he would have sent one to Professor Oak and then catch a new one. I also thought he was dumb for him not to use any of his other Pokemon in the Hoenn League. If he would have used Charizard, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle, he probably would have went to the finals and won.

    That's the other thing that I can't stand. Ash is always losing the Leagues. Yeah, he won the Orange Island League and the Battle Frontier, but they weren't as important considering he's never returned to the Orange Islands and he turned down the opportunity to become a Frontier Brain. Come on, let Ash win one of the leagues and then he can go back to another one. You can still make a new league if you want but come on, let Ash win the Sinnoh League!
  • a sad day for pokemon

    Let me start by saying that i was one of the thousands who grew up watching the origional pokemon, i was one of those kids eagerly waiting for the saturday morining line up on the WB. In the beginning this show rocked your world! THere was just something so origional and interesting about watching these little creatures fight, and the story line wasn't all that horrid either! However, things began to turn for the worst. A new land called Joto was shown to us and while it had all the previous charateristics that made the origional journy so great, it seemed that something was missing. It was still an awsome show, just taken down a couple of knotches. Then came Hoen. That was the end of it, pokemon was officially out of control. Not only did they take away one of the main charaters (misty) but they replaced her with 2 new characters that were hardly worth careing about. Just when i thought it couldn't get any worse, they come out with yet another new land and another new character! So although it pains me to say it, it's time to say good by to our friend pokemon. You have had a long and successful run but 493 pokemon is over kill and you should have stopped while you were ahead. If you must watch this show, i say stay to the origional adventures. the show by break down: "Kanto adventures": 10/10 "Joto adventures": 8/10 "hoen adventures": 3/10 "Shino adventures" 0/10
  • A kid-oriented classic show

    This is a show I think of as a classic cartoon that everyone loves(and if you don't, then don't waste your time here). Sure, it's about fighting, but it's never bloody or disturbing, and that's fine. It's a very action-packed, complicated(but not too much), funny, cute show for everyone. But some cartoons(FOP, Spongebob, Danny Phantom), include jokes and allusions that only the adults can understand as well as the kid stuff. Pokemon's lack of this could be a reason why it's more popular with the kids than the adults.
  • When Pokemon came out in the Late 90's it was a phenomenon. It was huge, and now in the year's following it it has completely fallen apart.

    This show used to actually be good. I remember that kids were obsessed with the trading cards, I swear they got so out of hand that my school banned them. Then the Pokemon games on gameboy and N64, then the whole merchandising phenomenon. While at the same time the Tv series. I used to love the T.V series in the Late 90's and think this was the coolest show but after a while I thought it got lame and stopped watching it. If you think Pokemon is anime then your wrong, this is basically Sesame Street in Japan. Anime is hardcore and has good storyline. Pokemon is lame and it seems that the journey will never end or never go further. It has no ending, it will go on forever like the Simpsons. The main character of Ash Ketchum why isn't he at school? Why does he always release his pokemon when he is trying to become a Master? I also remember when the 1st movie came out kids all over the country wanted to see it. I was in a huge waiting line to see it. However year's late I realized that movie was just a whole marketing scheme by Nintendo. They just want to cash in on the craze by creating more and more merchandising and movies. It's all crap, this is just an example of corporate greed. Nintendo and 4 kids were in this together to lure as many kids and bank as huge an investment on this big phenomenon. However I guess it backfired in their faces as Pokemon gets weaker and weaker year by year.
  • Now that 4Kids is out of the picture,there may be hope.

    Pokemon still has a long way to go to regain its former glory,but it should'nt be that hard.For one thing,4Kids is out of the Pokemon picture.The show's decline began with 4Kids editing away half the show. Now that another company owns the show,things should get better.Unfortunatley,if Team Rocket continues to appear,things are going to stay the same.Those losers have gone from somewhat formidible bad guys,(way back when),to a really bad running gag.

    It it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it it.

    What?I didn't have enough to talk about.

    It it it it it.
  • I can't believe there are over 500 episodes of this show...

    I watched most of the first season of Pokemon when I was around 10 years old, and I liked it, but even then it had a lot of pretty cheesy moments. I mainly just liked the idea of monsters fighting against each other. When they brought in the second season, I just plain didn't like it. The show was already unpopular in my school by then, and I watched through the first season even when that was unpopular; the second season was just crossing some lines, so I stopped watching the show because I didn't like it, not because other people didn't like it. What really pissed me off was that they went beyond their original 150 total monsters. I mean, seriously, you have people living all over the world and "Whoops, we didn't notice these other dozens of Pokemon! Actually, we've already caught and tamed them, we've just been keeping it a secret from the rest of the world." Just ridiculous...
  • Ok. Either change the characters or just end the show. ash is pushing 30 here

    I know I'm exagerrating but you gotta admit that this show needs to stop. ash and brock have been all over the world but are still only average trainers? pikachu should be godlike, yet it still loses to wimp pokemon. the show has good animation, a great basis, and great potential to carry on for the next generation, but most fans are getting sick of ash. they need to get a new character like with yugioh gx. it worked for that show its doing very well and it has a great fanbase. why? cuz yugioh moved on. its that simple. i thought the japanese would realize that what they're producing is getting old but apparently they dont care. oh and ash needs to get a girl cuz i dont want to see a world where a guy in his teens has never even had a crush on anyone. thats another problem. he never changes. hes still the same pokemon loving, master wannabe that we've all known for like 10 years.
  • pokemon was a good show the first season or two. But after that they just started to make the show look real bad.

    Do you reamember the first 151 pokemon were Mew was the last pokemon there was. ya the first season was one of the best and there were not that many pokemon out there. Now there is like 500+ pokemon and they have look crazy. The new seasons that they show on tv has killed pokemon like no other. whats next? a pokemon game where you need to catch them all and there is l000+ pokemon. get real that would take forever. I went out and got my sister the pokemon game for the DS. Its the same as all the other pokemon games the only thing is that there are more pokemon. when will it stop? Pokemon needs to stop making more season and stop making more movies. what movie are they on? number ten! just stop, pokemon has died and people killed it to much.
  • Like SpongeBob, this show's older seasons rocked a lot more.

    This show is pure genius. I used to watch this show all the time, but sadly, time can wash away lots of things. Pokemon is still my favorite show ever, but the new age episodes look less good an exciting to me. This show was a lot more exciting when it was on like the first 3-4 seasons. Original Pokemon was great (back when there was only 151 pokemon.) So was Pokemon Johto (when there was 251 pokemon.) My favorite pokemon is obviously Lugia. This show stars Ash Ketchum, who is now a master at pokemon battles and other things. His two original friends are Misty and Brock. I love Team Rocket. Unfortunately, after a while with so many episodes, the awesomeness fuel can run out, and that's what happened with this show. TV has turned into crap these days but fortunately this show's recent episodes aren't too too bad and I find that there's a lot more worse garbage on TV than this right now. But I don't consider Pokemon garbage at all, even with its new episodes. This show is still a favorite of mine. How i wish I cold soar in space along wiht Mew and be as smart as Mewtwo! (Not evil like him though.) Pokemon... so much to say about this show... but that could take all night. My favorite type of Pokemon is psychic.
  • It is OK, but there is something really missing to it.

    Pokemon is all about an annoying person named Ash Kethum (get it?) training his Pokemon to beat his rivals. He also protects his Pokemon from the ever failing Team Rocket, and others. One question to this show is "Why do the stupid Gym Leaders follow HIM?!?!?". Another question is "Why don't they put Team Rocket on there anymore?!?!". Anyway, here are the scores. Graphics: 7.8/10 (adequate) I like the graphics for this show. But, it is nothing compared to one of my favorite shows,"Spongebob Squarepants". Sound and voice:5.4/10 (middling) Now THIS is something missing. The annoying voices for the creepy trainers, ugh... But, the Pokemon voices are something to listen to then the trainers. Plots: 6.5/10 (average) Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad (all the movies for this show execpt the first one are all bad). Dialouge and Voice Casting: 5.4/10 (middling) And what they say is whimpy, too. Humor: 6/10 (average) A little bit, but not enough to laugh my head off. Grossness Factor 3/10 (not that bad) -0.4 off the original grade. Pokemon Animae Series: 6.5/10 (average) Cartoon Network needs enhancements to this show. Well, looks like my work here is done, stay tuned for my next review!
  • Gotten real old real fast.

    Pokemon is truly one of the best shows produced so far. When I was young, I really enjoyed watching Pokemon. I kept watching it up until midway through season 7. I stopped watching because it had gotten preatty boring. i started watching it again when the 9th season aired. I admit, it took a while to get used to the new voice actors of the series. I still watch Pokemon, and I also have several of the pokemon games. I am really excited about the upcoming pokemon movie The Rise of Darkrai. I will be sad when pokemon finally ends, but it would have had a long run. My favorite character is currently Dawn. Pokemon is a really good show. That was few months ago. To be honest, now it is just really getting old. Almost every episode is filler and is just boring. The only times things actually happen are in the movies, and even those are getting old. I know it'd be saying goodbye to a huge part of my childhood, but maybe it's time Pokemon ended.
  • A little downhill, but still a long time fan :)

    Ok. I loved this show as a kid. I really enjoyed ash's adventures in Kanto and Johto, especially Kanto. Call me what you want, but to me, nothing will EVER be better than the original 150. Johto isn't bad either. It's just that... well when the Hoenn region came, the show went a little... downhill (the bad voice actors don't help this fact). It's like when Misty, my favorite character left, the show kinda lost its glamour (if thats how ya spell it) Her replacement May was ok, a little annoying, but not bad. The one who really annoyed me was her little brother Max. Is it me or is it something about this kid that made you want to punch him in the face. Also, Team Rocket. They were my other favorite characters. They were funny and actually served a purpose to the show. Now there just comic relief. And on a side note, james' new voice actor makes him sound like a... i'm not even gonna finish that. Now the Sinnoh region, even worse. I hate Dawn. There's something about that girl I just don't like. All in all, if you're new to the series, I suggest you watch the first 5 seasons. They were funny and had great plots. Random note: My favorite pokemon are pikachu, charmander, and jynx. (random much i know...)
  • This show used to be awesome, but when they took away misty this show went down hill. But I still love the classic episodes when there was only 150 pokemon.

    An eleven year old boy name Ash, sets out on a quest with his Pickachu, to find and catch other pokemon. with him are Brock and Misty. Misty is following him because he ruined her bike and she wants him to pay for it. Brock is following him because he was getting tired of being a gym leader. Misty likes water pokemon, Brock likes rock pokemon, and Ash likes whatever pokemon he can get his hands on. Brock likes girls, Misty tends to steer clear of boys, and Ash is indifferent. Together they fight battles, catch pokemon, and this is the greatest cartoon ever!
  • A franchise that deserves to be remembered.

    Pokemon is basically about a show that stars young Pokemon trainer, Ash Kethum. Ash's life dream is to become the greatest Pokemon trainer ever. This show follows Ash on his journeys where he meets new friends and achieves his goals. This franchise is purely amazing for me. I began to watch the Kanto series when I was about seven years old. I quickly became obsessed with Pokemon, and I even started to make up my own imaginary Pokemon adventures. This may be going a little too far, but I honestly believe that pokemon made me who I am today. Watching Ash being so determined and straight foward, made me wanna work harder towards specific goals. Many people today will tell you that Pokemon has become stale throughout the years. Well, this is true in some ways. I mean the storyline is incredibly predictable and there isn't much character devolpment now. Ash started out as a cocky, young, and naive Pokemon trainer. As the show progressed, he started to become much more mature. I have to admit, the highlight of this show for me was always the gym battles. The gym battles had the most action and excitement of the show. Currently, Pokemon is comprised of 4 generations. Each of these generations has their own unique Pokemon. Personally I find Kanto the best one, but it may just be because of it was when I was first introduced to Pokemon. One of the problems for me with the show was when they got rid of Misty. I don't care for any of the other female trainers, as I find them bland and generic. I still watch the show today. Maybe it's just for nostalgia but this is one of my favorite shows. Of course like many other franchises, it's not as great as it once was but there's a legacy to Pokemon. From the games, to the show, to the comics, it's certainly been a signifigant part of my childhood and many others.
  • pokemon is a very good show. But even better tcg and video games.

    Pokemon is a very good show.About Ash Ketchem, their have been many characters like brock, misty, may, max, tracy and dawn. Boo dawn. Dawn has to be the worst pokemon character ever.But misty is the best overall character on pokemon. Overall a very good show But slowly declineing since the voices changed. But still watch able. Butt the trading card game is even better i have over 800 cards and still collecting them. I got 4 ex cards and 12 lv. x cards. Thats my reveiw on the overall show and tcg on pokemon. from , aidan and ethan kunka
  • okemon is The best animated series ever. it is on it's 12 season!

    Pokemon orignated in 1998. it's first season was about a boy named ash who starts his journey with a sparky Pikachu. he meets Misti and Brock who go along with him on his journey. he meets more friends on the way but thye go there seperate ways. there is also bad guys named Team Rocket (jesse James and Meowth). Ash has to get 8 badges. all seasons have ash in them but some seasons feature other "stable" freinds of ash including Trcy, May and Dawn. Team rocket is always there. Pokemon must is a good show for kids seven and up, teens, and adults and seniors. It recently started it's 12th season. If i were new to this how i would say that being on it's 12th season that it is a really good show.
  • A young trainer named Ash Ketchum, along with several friends he meets on the way, works to become a master trainer of creatures known as "Pokemon", capturing and, of course, training Pokemon to make them the strongest they can be.

    I can't understand why people flame the new show.
    Is it nostalgia? Or do they seriously think the old show is better? I couldn't disagree more.
    Since the day I first saw it (about age 5), this show was destined to be my favorite for the rest of my life. Why shouldn't it be? It was funny, had a real plot (although I didn't care as much for that then as I do now), and all the while managed to stay clean: no cuss words, no gore, nothing inappropriate, provided you weren't a nit-picker that could see the bad in everything. One problem remained back then: the show, in many ways, was pretty corny. The jokes, some of the lines...I didn't mind then, and I still like the old show now, but I still have to say that.
    The new show is a major improvement in my opinion. They managed to stay away from all the disgusting things many Japanese anime writers consider a necessity, while still keeping the jokes funny and the characters surprisingly realistic. I can still find myself wishing it was all real (a lot).
    In short, the haters can keep on jawing about how the show is "messed up". This fan can't wait for the next episode.
  • Great!

    I think Pokemon is a genius creation. Whoever thought of it should be highly praised. I don't actually watch Pokemon much, and I haven't see a recent episode yet, but what I have watched I have loved dearly. Team Rocket are absoloute legends - what would Pokemon be without them? Boring! They are so funny, they always leave me laughing with their mottos 'prepare for trouble - make it double'. Classic! And Ash Ketchum, the series main protogonist, and a brave kid whose relationship with Pikachu is just adorable (I always hoped he and Misty would get together!). My fave film that I have seen is the second one (Ash gets his first kiss!) Pokemon rules - Gotta Catch 'em all!
  • Some of the most positive memories of my childhood came from my obsession with this series. I love everything from the interesting stories to the memorable characters to the

    Pokémon is one of those shows that seems corny and unoriginal in the eyes of your typical animation critic, but in my opinion, this show is one of the best out there because of its colorful art design, its captivating stories, its lovable characters, and its stunning emotional moments. As a child growing up, I was taken in by a show that kept my attention longer than most shows at the time. The stories and characters are just so interesting. You get involved with everything. Over the course of the journey, you really come to care about the characters. You actually wish Ash would win, but in the first few seasons, he is what many people would call a "loser." I'm sure everyone can relate to Ash in one way or another at some point in their lives; deperately trying to tackle their obstacles and often failing, but then getting back up on their feet, learning from their mistakes, and attaining an emotional victory. You come to really love the conventions in the show, including the sinister, yet comical antics of Team Rocket, the flashing backgrounds popping up behind released Pokemon, and the "Who's That Pokemon?" screens before and after commercials. Yeah, sometimes these conventions are corny, but you gotta love 'em after a while. While some may argue with me when I say this, a lot of the events in the stories are unpredictable and keep you addicted to the series. On top of that, there's a Pokémon for almost every kind of person. Something that really adds to the show is the bright, colorful, creative art design that is unique to this series. One of my favorite aspects of the show is those emotional moments that you can't help but shed a tear at- that's either a couple or a lot of tears in my case! The love among both human and Pokémon characters alike really makes my heart warm and fuzzy. This show will never leave from my heart or my soul, and it will always be a lasting reminder of the positive moments of my childhood.
  • A very great shows for the years It has been on.

    every since I was a little, I have been a fan of pokemon. Now That I'm older, the show has stayed in my heart for years. The Characters were great to see and the show used a lot of classic anime that got my eyes. The pokemon, the storylines, and the movies I seen so many times, that I'll never get bored of it. Even with the current voices and lot of people doen't like them, I have to get used to it and any enjoy it. In the end, Pokemon with a memory that will live on foreever more.
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