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  • The original is AWFUL admit it!

    People say that the original series was better, but what people don't realize is that the original was actually one of the worst shows made at the time or in ever. The show is horribly inaccurate to the games it's CLEARLY based off of and contradicts the games, rules and even itself at time and people who are new could assume that what they see on tv they can do in the show. That is nor the worst of it all of the characters in the show seem to have a joke on them and boy does it get old within the first 30 episodes and this show isn't even a comedy. They seemed more focused on making it funny rather than making it accurate to the game and trying to make Ash look like a big sore loser cheater in the show. Think about it is that a good hero, a person who calls everybody a cheater even though he HIMSELF breaks the rules and gets what he wants for free?! Just think about it and trust me this is the kind of show that when you get older and you look back, you realize that this show is so flawed that you almost wonder how this even got aired with all of the mistakes it made. Starting from Johto I would recommend, but the first and second seasons forget it! It just insults the intelligence in the audience with horribly repetitious jokes, plot holes, poor writing and unexplained nonsense. I mean come on Digimon was more true to it's original material, Power Rangers was more true to it's original material even shows like Megaman, Donkey Kong Country and Captain N the Game Master at least shows they researched the games their based off of and weren't THIS badly inaccurate to the original material. Not only that, but this show was actually one of the better cultural shows as the Japanese version taught people about some of Japan's culture and other interesting details, but then 4kids dubbed the series and inserted pop cultural references, Americanization, modern references and terrible puns. Even the Japanese screwed up on this show as this show is one of the most inaccurate shows to be based off the games and 4kids only made it even more unbearable. Trust me look up WTF Pokemon and look for the episodes Youko and Swordhunter made and you will see what was so wrong with the first season of the entire series. You can find their show on .