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  • pokemon x y the best

    I like pokemon xy amongst all just wanted ash to remember and tell others that he also had a and bulbasaur and laparas when he come across these pokemon in it seemed he forgot abt also would like if ash wins kalos Serena tells ash about her feelings and asg gets mega charlizard....

    I hope the writers don't disappoint this time.... .plz...
  • A glimmer of hope!

    I wrote an old review on how I used to love the anime of Pokemon up until mid Sinnoh. Sicne then, I have finally gotten around to watching all of Sinnoh and my feelings are still the same about it. WAY TOO MANY fillers and the series seemed to center around Dawn despite Ash being the main character. I'm still not a big Dawn fan but she isn't as bad as Iris.

    I completely grew disatisfied with Pokemon Black/White, the anime was atrocious to me. Iris was just flat out annoying, her and her annoying "You're such a kid" catchphrase. Seriously, Pokemon doesn't need catchphrases, I can't stress this enough lol. Cilan wasn't any better either, his constant use of food analogies while talking about practically anything was annoying and way too one dimensional. So as you can see. And I feel that they butchered Ash the most, he was flat out dumb and novice which he shouldn't be considering he's been traveling forever. Team Rocket, I'll admit that I did like their "serious" phase in the beginning, it was a nice change of pace from their Sinnoh appearances. Honestly, they were awful in Sinnoh I think so seeing the more serious Team Rocket was pretty cool.

    Of course, it didn't last and they reverted back to their annoying selves. It's pretty obvious that I hated B/W and I will never sit through it.

    But just when all hope was lost, X/Y came out and while I was skeptical at first, I have to say... It's actually pretty good! Ash isn't all that stupid anymore like he was in B/W so he's easier to take, Clement is a very likable supporting character, I enjoy him a lot. Serena... At first I found her boring and I hated how they shoe-horned her into Ash's back story. It's just stupid how she was "So in love for him" for like years even though they only met once. It's just too unrealistic for my taste. Anyway, I do like Serena a lot more than Iris and I'm hoping that she'll surprise us and won't be known as "the girl who's obsessed with Ash", I feel a good future for her. Bonnie... I could honestly do without but she isn't as in your face/abrasive like Max was so she's okay. And finally Team Rocket, I have to say that I like them a lot here. Sadly, not as much as I did during Kanto, Johto, & the first half of Hoenn but they are a big step up from Sinnoh & Unova. For one, they finally DON'T TALK IN RHYME anymore!! Thank you writers for removing that! Michelle Knotz as Jessie is sounding very good as well. I'm still on the fence with James & Meowth's voice actors though I will say, with the new mature script writing, they sound better.

    All in all, Pokemon X/Y is doing very well I think. It feels like the writers learned from their mistake in Sinnoh & Unova and fixed them in Kalos so I can't wait to see more of it. I am still a big fan of the original seasons with Ash, Misty, & Brock but X/Y is not terrible by any stretch and it's re-sparked my love for the anime again. Here's to a bright future for Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Review

    Pokemon is a great series overall, but has had some ups and downs in its time.

    Kanto was a great starting point, and Ash was made to relate to other young Pokemon fans of the time. This was fine, but if you already knew a lot about Pokemon, there was nothing really there for you - and as we all know, the start is what really hooks viewers. Then we got introduced to other characters with a range if personalities, like Brock, Misty and Team Rocket. As Johto and Hoenn passed, though, I think the writers ran out of ideas for Ash and co and thought of a new star; Dawn. Of course, Ash was still important, but Diamond and Pearl altogether seemed to be centered around Dawn.

    Next, there was Black and White. This series seemed like it tried to revamp the show, but failed miserably. It just changed our favourite characters like Ash and Team Rocket into completely different characters. Oh, and Iris.


    And Cilan.


    X and Y really hooked me again. It made it seem like Unova never happened. It has a balanced focus on all the characters, as well as bringing in more side-characters than ever.

    Let's count: Shauna, Trevor, Tierno, Diantha, Professor Sycamore, Ninja Sanpei, Meyer and that girl with the fennekin who isn't serena and has pink hair I think.
  • X and Y is the best series yet!!!!

    Okay where do i start....

    I always loved pokemon, hell it was my whole world when i was a kid.... Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoen were really good.. Ash's character was improving as his experience increased and things were finally looking up for him.. Then came Diamond and Peral... In some ways this series was good.. Introducing a girl which had a co-star status in the anime was a bold move by the writters... Also Ash improved immensely but lost in the semi-finals... this would have been acceptable if the opponents pokemon werent sooped up legionaries... It just reminded everyone what a looser Ash was....

    Then came Black and White.... There is only one word for it and that is "shit".... Somehow magically Ash lost all of his experience and was converted into a version of his Kanto self ... stupid, implusive, and non experienced.... His travelling companions sucked with the girl being a rehash of misty and the male being a "i-know-how to-do -a-variety-of-things-but-aint-a-master-of-any" person with stupid food puns.... Worst of all was the league where he digresses to top 8 again against a boy who didnt even know how many pokemon are in a full team!!! I vowed to never watch pokemon again!!!

    Finally comes X and Y..... It seems that the writers have realizied the mess they made out of BW and wanted to fix it... They decided to roll out the big guns... Ash is back with the sharpest animation yet... Battles are MINDBLOWING without stock animation and colored backgrounds... The pace is good with each character getting focus... And the girl knows Ash from way back pre series... And the cherry on the top is that she has a crush on him that the writers are pushing heavily.... This group of 4 feels like a family now and given the team the writers have in store for Ash i can say that Ash has a solid chance of winning the league this time... Overall its very refreshing seeing the anime take a step in the right direction...

    I highly recommend it to all the the pokemon lovers out there... Make sure to watch the english subs as the dub removes all the good soundtracks!!!

  • Since the pokemon creater Satoshi everything fall apart

    the pokemon have become worse and worse, less action, less feelings, its not the same, i could probably do a much better exciting story line than that, you guys are ruining what satoshi started shame on you all!

    the heart beating action, is gone, try to look at the start of seasons and the last ones, see the difference there is a huge one, i could do it 1000 times better!

    seriously stop ruin hes show just cuz he is dead, he gave us a huge enjoyment in our lifes, and u guys are killing it right now
  • My view of the series

    My first encounter with Pokemon anime was at Diamond and Pearl, Back than I enjoyed the series and liked the characters and I was quite pleased with got in to Pokemon about a year ago,so I didn't watch it on TV) So after that I watched DP I began watching BW, I loved that saga as well especially Team Rocket. So then X and Y came out. I was really Hyped about X and Y because I was stunned by the my standards back then, i only watched PKMN, lol). But then I started watching other anime (Like DBZ for example) And I realised how much Pokemon lacked. Some examples:

    When you watch an episode, big chances they aren't really doing anything.

    The episodes aren't that have 3 types of episodes: Solve-a-problem-of-the-day-episode, a Battle, or a contest/some random other pkmn competition, were 90% of the episodes are the first category)

    The characters aren't that smart,you might say that's because they are kids, but Clemont is on the level of a University student :] Oh and team rocket should be a lot smarter as well (Black and White!)

    The episodes overall are just boring, I don't know why you shouldn't skip them unless they aren't important to the story(In other words,Filler)

    Oh and it's really repetitve.

    The animation is still pretty good and the battles....... AMAZING, really they are. And the Music is awesome as well.

    I Don't know if I should ask this much from a kids show but still, the majority of the Pokemon fans are people above 13 years old, so maybe they should split it, but I'm going a little of topic now.

    Conclusion: Pokemon XY isn't great if you like fast paced and action packed tv shows because Pokemon is far from that, The battles, animation and music are great and so are the characters, but In my opinion, It's a little too Childish.
  • Pokemon: Black & White Sucked

    Honestly up to the end of Diamond & Pearl i was hooked on the series but after that i just started getting sick of the same of story, ash travels to a new place, earns 8 badges then off to a league he once again loses just so they can keep the story going. Black & White i found really boring and not just because of the same old story, Ash started acting real childish, Cilan was real annoying, I haven't got much problems with Iris but i'm sure someone else does. Honestly i kinda liked the new Team Rocket, they had a reason to stay and there new serious style got me real excited but when they went back to there original dorky selves i just got sick of them and there no real reason for even being on the show anymore, not to mention there new voice actors (Mostly James) drove me nuts. Truthfully Black & White is the Worst Pokemon series to date but XY been okay as of now but i hope it gets more exciting instead of the same of song & dance.
  • I liked it when I was a child, but growing up, I recognize its many faults and the video games are WAY better :(

    Here's what's wrong:

    - Almost Nothing Happens

    - Filler Episodes Galore (ex. Why would I want to see an episode where they help out a beauty parlor owner?)

    - Highly Repetitive

    - Keeps Dragging On And On

    - Mediocre Animation

    - Nothing Makes Any Sense

    - Stupid, Idiotic Characters (especially the main character and the villains)

    - Way Too Kid-Friendly

    There were a tiny bit of funny moments and some good fights. However, they weren't enough to save this anime. This is, more or so, just a commercial to promote the video games being the story is practically non-existent.

    If I could, I would've incorporated social commentary into the anime and gave it a much more realistic tone.

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  • It's really getting boring but it still makes itself watch

    Pokemon is without doubt the best cartoon show for me. I grew up watching indiego season. So, pokemon world holds a great place inside me. I began watching it again when i'm 17 and I was fascinated because it was still great. The pokemon world inside me was awakening. I watched the first 5 season with great pleasure (espacially indiego,orange islands and master quest). But when misty went, i was really devastated. Because i was thinking pokemon world itself was growing with the characteristic development of charecters like Misty and Ash and it was getting mature with misty's romance. But with advanced generation's start, it returned to the beginning. I watched the 6. season but it was kinda boring. However when i say myself i should give up wathcing it, i just can't. There is something that still makes attracting the pokemon. And i think that's why people like me still watches pokemon. Because it's kinda escape from the real world and a childhood world that we never wanna leave. If it wasn't for that, who would want to watch a show whose protagonist never ages for years, and whose characters (like team rocket) says the same motto for years. And yes, i'm among those saying Ash should be 17 or older in the anime and i think there shouldn't be new pokemon. This makes the show much more boring and meaningless. And i think there should be an end season in which ash would win a league and defeat the elite four, and meets old friends like Misty and Brock.

    Well, overall x and y is worth watching, espacially if you are bound to it like me. I actually just watched the first 6 season and planning to watch entire advanced generation. After that i think it's time to give up. Because the show seems endless and for this reason it's getting worthless.
  • Don't listen to ActionAdventure! This show is great!

    My sister loves this show! :p
  • Has Become Atrocious, and is Beyond Overrated

    It was at its best in the OS, for Kanto and OI specifically, though Johto had an excellent English dub: 10/10

    It went slightly downhill when Misty left but was still good in AG: 9/10

    It went completely downhill when TPCi took over and ruined the English dub from BF to XY: 1/10

    I couldn't disagree more with most of what natsulian7 said, by the way.

    There is no stunning animation in the XY Series: Ash's eyes still look goofy, he doesn't even f*cking look his age (he's 10 for life!), and it's very overdone and exaggerated.

    There is zero character development in XY Series apart from Clemont: Ash is as static and bland as ever, Bonnie is annoying and has zero depth to her character whatsoever, Serena has done nothing for 30+ episodes now but be a shallow, vain b*tch, there are no interactions: when do Bonnie and Ash EVER interact? Serena and Clemont? Never.

    Overall: 1/10 because I hate what it's become-- 4Kids dubbed it a lot better over TPCi's garbage, and the older Series are better-- you want a real Pokemon Anime, watch "The Origin" or the OS or AG Series, not this trash.

    If I could give it a lower rating, I WOULD: this is a TERRIBLE show now-- I would not recommend what it has to become to ANYONE.
  • X and Y

    What can I say? First off, the X and Y series has done many things Black and White tried to do but consequently failed correctly. The animation is fluid, colored backgrounds are no longer used but are replaced by the current setting, and overall, X and Y is by far the best animated series in the Pokemon Series so far. Character development is great with the correct amount of screening time for each character although the female protagonist Serena does need more honing than others.


    - Stunning animation

    - Stable character development

    - Character conversion; converting bland characters such as gym leaders, Diantha, and NPC's in the game into fluid, relatable, and stable characters

    - Character interactions

    - Brother and sister interactions

    - Malamar; one of the most intriguing Pokemon in the Series to date

    - Gym Battles; stunning animation but at the same time, shows off Ash's skills as a trainer

    - Character of the day; infectious characters built with the correct mindset

    - Plot structure; main antagonists are not needed to move the Saga forward but will prove an amazing asset if they do debut

    - Mega Acts I and II; animation is even more stunning with in-depth characters, antagonists, goals, and is an overall great side series


    - Too much screening time for some characters

    - Serena's little to no development

    - Pokemon catching rate; this is both a con and pro as it means more for Ash's and co's Pokemon but at the same lacks diversity and entertainment

    - Pokemon development; not as much as Black and White and Diamond and Pearl Sagas but too little, they seem more like props than characters

    In the end, the good outweigh the bad and so far, this series proves one of the best in the Pokemon Series.
  • Awesome

    This is my favorite game and i didnt really watch the show but x and y show is great i love it 10/10
  • pokemon

    great cartoon ever
  • Still alive!

    Back at the end of the 1990s a show was born.

    That became the anime Pokemon.

    The show and movies is fresh after the end of the millennium.

    Ash is a young trainer that are out to fetch Pokemon.

    Now still other young trainers follows him.

    From Viridian City to the beaches and forests.

    You will root for the many different types of Pokemon.

    The villains Jesse and James steals the show.

    And a lot of Pokemon memes was born.

    If you seek some old school animated action and adventure see this.

  • I still enjoy it!

    I still watch Pokemon to this day, and I'm almost 20. I will admit, the first few seasons were amazing, the middle ones not so much. I definitely miss some of the older characters like misty, Gary, may, max, and now Brock. I think that ash's kalos journey has actually started off great, and I really really enjoyed it! Definitely already better than black and white. Besides a few things (like when ash says psyched which I swear nobody says). I know he has to keep stuff like his impulsiveness and other sometimes grudging traits, but hey that makes ash. Back to the whole show though. I thing its xy is more I guess dramatic. The animation is great, and they even brought a different version of the original theme song! Along with that we see many of the same Pokemon from previous seasons in the background. I find it awesome how they mixed the old with the new, its a change with some nostalgia.
  • It went down hill from dp...

    I think, that the first 5 series were awesome brilliant, they were funny, the pokemon were cute and the characters were good. Then we hit the series with May and Max, who I also thought were brilliant, team rocket was also good in all of them. I especially favoured their costumes and disguises and the fact that he usually had one of his pokemon (I remember Cacnea and Victreebel mostly) attacking him. Then the dp battle dimensions made an appearance, and it was good but it kind of got tiring, always changing the female characters. I would say the only good thing about that was the running joke of the female companions bikes being broken, but thats about it. It started to annoy me because there were less and less references to other older characters, like misty and tracey. I also didn't get pokemon chronicles, don't get me wrong it was a great season but it has a new trainer, I think he was called Jimmy? We see him for a special feature length episode 'The legend of Thunder' then we never hear him again, wouldn't it be better if they expanded on him and his journey as well? It really ticks me off that they introduce some pretty cool characters, like Jimmy and Ritchie, who was apparently Ashes best friend, then we never hear of see them again. It also tends to do this with his pokemon, for example his pidgeot, primeape and butterfree. Now, I saw a sorta new episode of pokemon that was all about butterfrees and would of been the perfect to make Ash's Butterfree make a brilliant reappearance, I was actually expecting that, but no. So basically whenever he says something along the lines of "We'll meet again sometime/where we can be sure that we'll never see that person or pokemon again. Then the show hit rock bottom, its clear they must be running out of ideas and voice. I absoloutly detest James and Meowths new voices eugh! They just awful, meowth sounds like he's just attempted the cinnamon challenge and failed and james just sounds horrible. It has grown old. Maybe if the drawing hadn't been changed as well, ashes face is bad, they've changed the eyes. Also team rocket don't even use the Meowth hot air balloon anymore or 'blast off' Nurse joy looks horrendous because of the hair and face. Too much changes. I know I was born in 2000 and missed some of it, but I watched them on YouTube and I know a change when I see it. Pikachu is ugly now, not fat fluffy and cute. Overall the changes from 1998-present aren't for the good of the show. The animators really need to think this through and try to make it resemble the brilliant original a little more.
  • Top Shows

    Most ep til advanced pt. 2 (97-04)
  • Game is great, but anime got boring

    Ok let's got this straight. Pokemon came out in 1998 and I was born in 2001 so I kind of missed out in the kanto part (although I did watch it later and thought it was great) I never really liked pokemon until I was about 6 and this was when d/p came out I was glued to it. I really enjoyed it because it was so kid friendly for little kids and the older episodes were actually humorous. But when b/w came out I was shocked. I absolutely hated the new characters like cilan and iris. Cilan is like a wannabe Brock and iris is a wannabe misty. I also didn't like how ashs voice was so much more different than the d/p series and how pika uh was even more skinny than d/p. it was like the show completely changed. I also grew up with some of the pokemon games like d/p, but eventhough I grew up with theses games I actually preferred the older games like r/s/e and g/s/e because I already had the game boy. All in all, new episodes suck, old episodes rock, and pretty much all the games are good (especially x and y love that game so much) hope this helped! :P
  • Game kicks ass, cartoon sucks it.

    There, I said it.
  • the show got boring

    after seeing misty leave the show got boring misty was the funny one in the show brock would flirt with a girl and misty would just jump in and now that max and may are in the show they aree good but may is fine but to much of a rookie (i dont mean to be rude) and at the start of the season of may she just wanted a pokemon to just explore the world but later she starts caring about pokemons and then later there voices change witch messed up the show and i was reading that now the writers dont care about the characters looks and voice and the reason they took off misty is because of a romantic thing going on with ash and misty but the writers chose to put a love romantic and i read that they want to do a 100 seasons of pokemon and i think its just for the games and i belive that they dont care about the show no more and what the fans want but when brock was gone for a season a bunch of fans wanted him back and now that he is back they dont care much for him and misty is gone and alot of people want misty back but they wont bring her back because of the love romances and now the latest female is dawn (i dont know whats going on there im still watching the beginning of season 6) and now the show keep getting boring because that misty is gone and the voice changed and know one knows whats going to be in the future of pokemon.
  • Just Got Back Into It

    When I first watched this it was around 1998 and was on for a year. After watching one episode, I was hooked and became part of the Pokmon craze. Even to this day I praise the older episodes and am super stoked they are being aired on Cartoon Network. Amazingly, this anime was dubbed by none other than 4Kids, the WORST dubbing company of all time. That's right, 4Kids actually did something right.

    Now after a few years I lost interest in the show, but a small part of me still liked it and started building up and amazingly I started liking again a few months ago, though I am not a fan of the way the show is now. It's not the masterpiece I knew all those years ago.

    Surprisingly, despite being made in 1997, 8 years after The Simpsons first aired, Pokmon has actually surpassed the show in number of episodes, having well over 700 episodes. I think the reason the anime is still surviving is because of the popularity of the games.
  • Greatest show of my childhood

    I was born in 1997 so i dont have a lot of memories from the Kanto region until the very end but every time i hear that theme song it brings back great memories. I have now watched most of the show now online and now i am starting to remember everything.

    Personally i loved seasons 1-5 with misty the most because that is what i grew up early on with and i was devastated when misty left but i thought i should still give it a try.

    Advanced generation i have more memories of because i wasnt as young then and i like may but not max. I also liked the idea of introducing contests to the tv show which added a new dimension to the show with out wrecking it. Season 9 sorta sucked for me not because of ash or brocks voices but because of may's, it got so high and irritating. But all in all i loved the advanced generation.

    Moving on to diamond and pearl, i loved this series also but less than the previous ones. I didnt like the fact that Brock had the most minor of roles and that misty didnt appear and except for one little mention was all but forgotten. Paul was horrible but he added yet another dimension to the series and he ( unlike everyone else in the series) actually developed in like the last few episodes. All in all it was a good series but couldnt hold a candle to the original.

    I didnt even watch black and white because it was such a screw up compared to the originals. I guess the real problem is how they add in so many legendaries and so many crappy characters that have no connection with the original.

    If it were me i would stop following the games so much even if you had to split them. Following the games the way they do leaves no room for character or relationship development because they couldn't continue on the same way. They teased about each girl (especially dawn and misty) liking ash and being such a good match and then they completely cut it off like nothing happened. They should have ash go back to kanto up to sinnoh and travel with his old friends and actually develop as a character and create a relationship with a girl instead of going on like he never ages and never has a clue that every girl likes him. And have him go to different gyms than the originals and have him meet up with some of the other friends he made. If the terminates the show so be it just start off by telling the journeys through another characters point of view like misty's or gary's or brocks.

    Sorry this was so long but i needed to get it out there
  • best tv series ever seen

    pokemon is awesome. the way they take the story is brilliant. i think the ash shud not become younger. he shud always be the same. in each and every season they change the pokemon. for once i thot they are experimenting way too much. but later realised that those new pokemon itself is making it fresh again and again. the creativity they had bring out while team rocket tels their motto was outstanding esp in 3rd season. and if anyone tells that ash shud enter into a relationship, i disagree. for one this is made jus for kids and 2nd let it be for kids. pokemon is all abt friendship, whether its btw human or a human and pokemon. i also don think pokemon is repeating itself again and again but whn it comes to legendary pokemon stuff, i think that shud change. how abt normal thriller story jus like team rocket and the ghost train story. it didn contain legendary pokemon but still was awesome. the 3rd season involving paul was the ultimate. each and every episode was exiting. and the story btw them was shown beautifully. the way they battled out, paul using tactics against ash was worth watching. better than any other tv series. i look forward for further series. i hope they keep this new attacks and creativity moving on.

    i jus wish he becomes the champion once. then he can concentrate both on champions league and other leagues. but sometimes i do feel he shud not bcum champion. that makes him running.

    i also wish ash gets some rare pokemon. someone that noone has. whn i saw meloetta in black and white, i jus wished ash catch that pokemon.

    but the worst of all is black and white series. hey.. what happened to black and white season? til 3rd season all were awesome. the way they showed the attacks were awesome. but in black and white the quick attack was the worst. and in addition the team rocket were shown as evil. in previous seasons in some episodes team rocket though evil are shown as caring each other. but in BW it wasnt. i think in BW they tested out in a whole different way by putting different stories in one season itself. well different from rest of seasons but cud hav done better.

    on the whole i wish best of luck for pokemon. hope to keep this creativity goin
  • Makes no sence

    The show has no direct story line and I dont even think that there is one. Sadly, the show was good but it probally lasted longer than it should have like Phineas and Ferb. The show just is`nt clear at all to me.
  • Its ok but it overstayed its welcome

    Pokemon is a decent show but its just getting to old. The plots are repetitive and characters have no arc. Every season is the same. Travel,get a pokemon, fight the gym leader, and stop team rocket. Its repetitive. Team rocket is the worst villain group ever. The group's plan is always the same, steal the pokemon. Its been 500 episodes and they haven't gotten one. They are idiots. Ash is also an idiot and constantly gives up pokemon. At the end of one episode, he sends tons of his pokemon to professor oak's lab. Why? Shouldn't you have more pokemon if you want to win a battle. Also at the end of every season, he loses. He's the hero. Shouldn't he win at some point. I've also noticed that no one ages at all. Ash is still the same age he was at the beginning of the series and its been 500 episodes . Why hasn't Ash aged yet? Isn't his pikachu at least at level 100 now.

    1/10. I'm sorry. Its just time to move on and end this show

    Make Ash get some interesting and rare pokemon
  • Pokemon

    I love pokemon, I'm kinda obsessed with it. I'm 16. I love generation 1-4 (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh) 4th geberation is my favorite. The show is awesome. It always makes me cry the way they always give up their pokemon. Especially James from team rocket. Brock was my favorite character, and in the Unova region (5th generation) They killed him off to become a pokemon doctor. Not only that, but there are no pokemon whatsoever from any of the previous generations in Unova. They made Ash look so different from what we are used to, and he's going to look even different in whatever region X and Y takes place in. They changed it way too much. If Jesse, James, and Meowth are there, then that would be the only thing to connect Unova to the other gen. Also pikachu of course. It breaks my heart to be quite honest. I'm writing fan fiction about pokemon Platnium for my Creative Writing class, and I've beat the game many times, and I've been watching season 10-13 which is the Sinnoh region. And I'm almost done watching and I think I got too emotionally attached to it. That's why it pains me so much to see all these unnessisary changes. I disagree with everyone who says he should age. They purposly made it so he was the age of the target audience. So I guess It's kind of silly for me to have such an attachment to the show, but it's just so amazing seasons 1-13. Which is until it totally crashes and burns in Unova..
  • what whent wrong with pokemon?

    First of all how is ash still ten he should be in is late teens. Pokemon was always a part of my life 15 and still love it. As the years whent by i watched and saw my childhood go downhill. The show just got lazy. OK yes they had good characters like Brock, Misty, May and Dawn ( am I the only one that thinks May and Dawn look alike. ) but thats about it and now they tooked them out and replaced it with crap. It repeats it self and the part you love are taken away like Butterfree, Primeape, Pigeot ect. Team Rocket needs to stop being stalkers and accept the fact that pikachu is off limits. The pokemon sadly need to stop before its too late. The game was fun all the way up too Soul Silver and Heart Gold, When i played black and white i was like WTF is this shit. They changed it way too much. It was not the classic fun way to play but this totaly new game plus the new pokemon where way too ugly. My heart is broken too know my bigest part of me is breaking apart. I will always love pokemon but they have reach rock bottom another few years and it will be all out of bisness. All this just too say the franchise needs to come to an end