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    I love pokemon, I'm kinda obsessed with it. I'm 16. I love generation 1-4 (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh) 4th geberation is my favorite. The show is awesome. It always makes me cry the way they always give up their pokemon. Especially James from team rocket. Brock was my favorite character, and in the Unova region (5th generation) They killed him off to become a pokemon doctor. Not only that, but there are no pokemon whatsoever from any of the previous generations in Unova. They made Ash look so different from what we are used to, and he's going to look even different in whatever region X and Y takes place in. They changed it way too much. If Jesse, James, and Meowth are there, then that would be the only thing to connect Unova to the other gen. Also pikachu of course. It breaks my heart to be quite honest. I'm writing fan fiction about pokemon Platnium for my Creative Writing class, and I've beat the game many times, and I've been watching season 10-13 which is the Sinnoh region. And I'm almost done watching and I think I got too emotionally attached to it. That's why it pains me so much to see all these unnessisary changes. I disagree with everyone who says he should age. They purposly made it so he was the age of the target audience. So I guess It's kind of silly for me to have such an attachment to the show, but it's just so amazing seasons 1-13. Which is until it totally crashes and burns in Unova..
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