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  • Game is great, but anime got boring

    Ok let's got this straight. Pokemon came out in 1998 and I was born in 2001 so I kind of missed out in the kanto part (although I did watch it later and thought it was great) I never really liked pokemon until I was about 6 and this was when d/p came out I was glued to it. I really enjoyed it because it was so kid friendly for little kids and the older episodes were actually humorous. But when b/w came out I was shocked. I absolutely hated the new characters like cilan and iris. Cilan is like a wannabe Brock and iris is a wannabe misty. I also didn't like how ashs voice was so much more different than the d/p series and how pika uh was even more skinny than d/p. it was like the show completely changed. I also grew up with some of the pokemon games like d/p, but eventhough I grew up with theses games I actually preferred the older games like r/s/e and g/s/e because I already had the game boy. All in all, new episodes suck, old episodes rock, and pretty much all the games are good (especially x and y love that game so much) hope this helped! :P