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  • It went down hill from dp...

    I think, that the first 5 series were awesome brilliant, they were funny, the pokemon were cute and the characters were good. Then we hit the series with May and Max, who I also thought were brilliant, team rocket was also good in all of them. I especially favoured their costumes and disguises and the fact that he usually had one of his pokemon (I remember Cacnea and Victreebel mostly) attacking him. Then the dp battle dimensions made an appearance, and it was good but it kind of got tiring, always changing the female characters. I would say the only good thing about that was the running joke of the female companions bikes being broken, but thats about it. It started to annoy me because there were less and less references to other older characters, like misty and tracey. I also didn't get pokemon chronicles, don't get me wrong it was a great season but it has a new trainer, I think he was called Jimmy? We see him for a special feature length episode 'The legend of Thunder' then we never hear him again, wouldn't it be better if they expanded on him and his journey as well? It really ticks me off that they introduce some pretty cool characters, like Jimmy and Ritchie, who was apparently Ashes best friend, then we never hear of see them again. It also tends to do this with his pokemon, for example his pidgeot, primeape and butterfree. Now, I saw a sorta new episode of pokemon that was all about butterfrees and would of been the perfect to make Ash's Butterfree make a brilliant reappearance, I was actually expecting that, but no. So basically whenever he says something along the lines of "We'll meet again sometime/where we can be sure that we'll never see that person or pokemon again. Then the show hit rock bottom, its clear they must be running out of ideas and voice. I absoloutly detest James and Meowths new voices eugh! They just awful, meowth sounds like he's just attempted the cinnamon challenge and failed and james just sounds horrible. It has grown old. Maybe if the drawing hadn't been changed as well, ashes face is bad, they've changed the eyes. Also team rocket don't even use the Meowth hot air balloon anymore or 'blast off' Nurse joy looks horrendous because of the hair and face. Too much changes. I know I was born in 2000 and missed some of it, but I watched them on YouTube and I know a change when I see it. Pikachu is ugly now, not fat fluffy and cute. Overall the changes from 1998-present aren't for the good of the show. The animators really need to think this through and try to make it resemble the brilliant original a little more.
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