Season 4 Episode 47

Right On, Rhydon!

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Jun 22, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • great episode

    The episode begins with Ash and others having a good sleep inside a tent. Then, Togepi wakes up and comes outside. Pikachu follows it and when it stops, it sees weird horn moving on the surface of the lake. Pikachu calls Ash. When half-sleeping Ash comes on the shore, there happens a big splash. And who made this splash: it's Rhydon! Ash tries to explain to Brock and Misty that he really saw a Rhydon in the lake, but they don't believe him because they know that rock Pokemon can't swim. But their arguing interrupts girl named Pietra and her Marrill. Pietra explains that Rhydon is one of Pokemon that can learn Surf. But she needs to capture that Rhydon to clear the cave blocking the way to town. Other Rock and Ground Pokemon can do it,but there's water coming from rocks at the top,and these Pokemon afraid of water. Even Brock's Onix ran away like a chicken. So Ash and co. try to help Pietra to catch that Rhydon. Meanwhile Team Rocket heard in the bushes about their talking and tried to catch that Rhydon too. Pietra said that these woods are full of apples that Rhydon likes. So it may be somewhere in there. Team Rocket where walking trying to find Rhydon, and then they heard chomping coming out of the bushes. They ran there to see if it's Rhydon, but it was just Wobbuffet eating apples! Of course there were plenty of them. Then Ash, Pietra and others walk and see apple leftovers falling from the bushes and when run to see who it is, they find out that it's Team Rocket! Then Team Rocket start their motto with mumbling. But then they see that Rhydon walking near them. Rhydon got angry that Team Rocket were eating these apples and blasted them off! Pietra asked Rhydon to battle and capture it, but Rhydon ran away and dived into water. But she had an idea. The island in the middle of the lake is full of these apples. Maybe Rhydon swam there. Everybody called out their water Pokemon including Marrill and the set on Pietra's boat. Then all Pokemon dived in and saw Rhydon there. But they were no match for it. Rhydon's Horn Drill created whirlpool and all Pokemon got fainted. Pietra dived in and grabbed Rhydon's head. Rhydon trying to get her off, dived very deep into the lake, but Pietra still didn't let it go. Rhydon, seeing her running out of the air, swam to the surface and onto the shore. She asked it again id it can battle, and Rhydon hardly agreed. While then Team Rocket set the trap for Rhydon and fell asleep .After a few minutes they woke up by hearing someone falling ito the trap. But when the came there, they saw Wobbuffet! OK, it's all for Team Rocket. Marrill started with Watergun, but Rhydon's Horn Drill protected. Rhydon the used the Stomp attack, and Marrill dodged it. Then Marrill used Tackle, and then it got pushed itself. Rhydon was ready for Body Slam, and Pietra commanded Marrill to use its Bubblebeam. Rhydon fell down. After Marrill use Watergun again, and Pietra used Poke-ball. But Rhydon came out. Marrill's Watergun and Bubblebeam were no match for Rhydon. But finally Marrill used Iron Tail attack, and Rhydon got beaten. Pietra captured Rhydon and with its help the cave blocking to town was cleared.And once again our heroes continue to Olivine City.
  • A swimming Rhydon!?

    After a few analysis watching this episode several times, I came to a coclusion that I enjoyed it once more! It got me thinking: I saw that a Rhydon can actually swim even it's a pure ground and rock type! What gives? I can relate to other Pokemon who hates water. Let's use Brock's Onix as an example. Back in the Pewter City gym battle, it was poured down with water when Pikachu launched Thundershock on the sprinklers on the ceiling. That got Onix on a wet dilemma. Let's go back to Rhydon: It swam with no problem! The final thing I'll say is that even if it does sound scary, it can learn surf in the games. Surprise, isn't it?